Glorious moment, wonderful flash

  Report group in front of this newspaper

  First, "awesome"! China sports delegation

  On September 22nd, the China sports delegation announced that male swimmer Qin Haiyang and female basketball player Yang Liwei were the standard bearers of the China sports delegation at the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games. On September 23rd, the opening ceremony of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou was held grandly. Under the leadership of two flag-bearers, the China sports delegation entered the stadium to the music of "Singing the Motherland". They were confident and calm, and their spirits were flying, spelling first and fighting for their country!

  China athletes are full of youth, showing the new look of China!

  Second, the first gold at the "doorstep" must be won.

  On September 24th, in the women’s lightweight sculls final of the Hangzhou Asian Games, China’s Zou Jiaqi and Qiu Xiuping joined forces to take the lead in crossing the line and won the first gold medal of the China sports delegation in this Asian Games! This is the first time that rowing has won the first gold medal in the Asian Games, and it is also a historic moment for China sports delegation to win the first gold medal in the six consecutive Asian Games since 2002! Be diligent and prosperous, and be glorious!

  The first gold is an important task and an incentive, which is the most meaningful "opening door" at home!

  Third, a gold medal is full of calluses.

  On the first competition day after the opening of Hangzhou Asian Games, a photo of rowers Sun Man and Fan Junjie with calluses on their hands touched hundreds of millions of netizens. In rowing events, athletes’ hands rub against the paddles for a long time, foaming, bleeding and festering … … Form calluses. Some netizens commented: "The original champions are all broken ‘ Cocoon ’ Out. " In fact, more than rowing, gymnasts’ elbows, volleyball players’ knees, marathon runners’ feet, divers’ eyes, etc., weightlifters iron hard every day, and their fingerprints are almost worn away … … After long-term hard training, each athlete has his own special "symbol".

  These are the hands of the champion, but also the indomitable medal of educating people in the hard work!

  Fourth, the swimming pool peak confrontation, friendship crosses national boundaries

  On September 29th, after the awarding ceremony of women’s 50m butterfly in Hangzhou Asian Games, Zhang Yufei, the gold medalist, and Hanako Chijiang, the Japanese player who won the bronze medal, hugged each other and wept. Zhang Yufei won six gold medals in this Asian Games, and Chijiang Lihuazi also won six gold medals in the last Asian Games. Earlier, Chijiang Rihuazi left back in the game due to illness. For this old rival and friend, Zhang Yufei expressed her respect and encouragement many times. This scene touched the scene and the world.

  Is an opponent, but also a friend. In the swimming pool, there are also appreciate each other surging.

  Five, the champion is young, there is no limit in the future.

  On September 27th, Cui Chenxi, the 13-year-old youngest skater of China Sports Delegation, won the championship in the women’s street skate final of Hangzhou Asian Games. In addition to talent, this "skateboarding girl" has a "vicious" and "hard work". Just as her father explained that the name "Chenxi" implied the rising sun, China sports showed a gratifying new force in emerging projects.

  15-year-old Chen Ye won the skateboarding men’s bowl pool championship for the first time in the Asian Games. After the game, he said that he was very excited to win the championship, and he was even more excited to win the championship on behalf of China. "It was such a feeling to win glory for our country.".

  Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, and our heroes are teenagers!

  Sixth, the dream of "three consecutive championships" is worthwhile.

  On September 24th, Sun Peiyuan, a player from China, won the men’s long boxing championship in Hangzhou Asian Games with a high score of 9.840, realizing the dream of "three consecutive championships" in the Asian Games. At the award ceremony after the game, Sun Peiyuan, wearing a national flag, had tears in his eyes. He said, "It’s worthwhile to spend 10,000 days fighting for a moment with tears in your eyes". In the Asian Games, Malone, Gong Lixiao and Sean … … Many athletes have played in the Asian Games for four times. Because of their love, they persist, and because of their dreams, they constantly surpass them.

  Competitive sports are not flat, and talents are not as good as being tempered!

  Seven, the daughter fingers the national flag, and loves to inherit in persistence.

  On September 29th, Lin Chaopan of China won the runner-up in the men’s horizontal bar final of competitive gymnastics in Hangzhou Asian Games. Lin Chaopan’s three-year-old daughter also came to the scene to cheer for him, and learned the national flag on her father’s finger. At this moment, a seed of love and inheritance is sprouting.

  Parents are the best role models for children, and sports is the best patriotic education!

  Eight, China speed, "shock" exciting.

  On September 30th, Xie Zhenye won the men’s 100m final in Hangzhou Asian Games with a score of 9.97 seconds. On the eve of National Day, he presented a gold medal with great gold content. This is the third time that China has reached the top of the 100-meter Asian Games, and Xie Zhenye took over the baton from Su Bingtian.

  A flash of lightning broke through the night sky, once again lighting up China’s dream of sprinting and rushing forward!

  The legend has no end in the ninth and fourth Asian Games.

  On September 26th, with China winning the men’s table tennis team championship in Hangzhou Asian Games, Malone ended his trip to the Asian Games. After the game, he said that this should be his last Asian Games. From "Anshan Pony" to "Iron Blood Dragon Team" and "Made in China", as a veteran of four Asian Games and three Olympic gold medals, Malone led his teammates to achieve eight consecutive championships in the men’s team of the National Table Tennis Asian Games in Hangzhou. In this interview of mixed mining area after the game, Malone always answered questions from reporters, and teammates Fan Zhendong and Wang Chuqin nodded. Netizen commented: "This family can’t do without Malone!" It’s teasing, but also giving up. The young main force is four beams and eight pillars, and the veteran is the anchor of the sea, which is the secret of the long-lasting advantages of table tennis and other events.

  Love can last for a long time, and suddenly looking back, it is already a legend!

  X. "After 00" sharpshooters join forces.

  In the shooting event of Hangzhou Asian Games, Huang Yuting, a junior high school student, was crowned the "Three Golden Kings", and 18-year-old Sheng Lihao won two gold medals and one bronze medal, breaking the world record. Among them, the two joined hands to win the 10-meter air rifle mixed team final. The rise of teenagers, the future can be expected! The "post-00" and even "post-05" teenagers who dare to fight and fight stand out and shine brilliantly in this Asian Games. They are confident in sunshine, full of youth and love the motherland, which is impressive. I believe that after constant tempering, they will eventually become the backbone of sports in China.

  Towards the direction of hard work, to the bravest youth!

  Eleven, shocking reversal, blood positive energy

  On October 1st, after five fierce battles in the men’s badminton team final of Hangzhou Asian Games, China reversed the defeat of Indian team to win the championship and presented the best birthday present for the motherland. "Never give up until the ball hits the ground" is not an oath in prosperity, but a "belief" flowing in the blood of every player in Guoyu in despair. Being cornered is a common scene in sports competitions. China women’s volleyball team lost two games in the final of Athens Olympic Games. If you meet the brave in the narrow road, you will win, and the Jedi will fight back, which will show your true colors as a hero. From the China Women’s Volleyball Team in Athens Olympic Games to the men’s badminton team and men’s 4× 100m relay in Hangzhou Asian Games, China athletes constantly staged a shocking reversal of tenacious struggle and never giving up.

  A victory can bring people forward strength, which is the charm of competitive sports!

  Twelve, far ahead, "seven perfect scores" reappear in Hangzhou

  On October 3rd, Quan Hongchan and Chen Yuxi swept the women’s 10m platform in the Hangzhou Asian Games. All Red Chan’s second jump is a reappearance of the "water spray disappearing technique", which conquered the audience and the referee with seven perfect performances, without letting and a moment that ought to have lasted for ever show amazing skills and stable mentality at an early age. China’s diving "dream team" is "far ahead" in Asia, and China’s final score can be nearly 300 points higher than the eighth place.

  In the face of absolute strength, there is no dark horse!

  Thirteen, hard work will eventually pay off, although the Olympic medals are late,

  The ceremony of China track and field athletes’ replacement of Olympic medals was held in Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium on October 4th. Qieyang Shijie, Liu Hong and Lv Xiuzhi won the gold, silver and bronze medals in the women’s 20km walk in London Olympic Games, while Tang Xingqiang, Xie Zhenye, Su Bingtian and Wu Zhiqiang won the bronze medals in the men’s 4x100m relay in Tokyo Olympic Games. This is not only a positive praise for their past efforts, but also a spur to their future journey. At this moment, veteran Qieyang Shijie burst into tears; At this moment, glory belongs to the perseverer and the dreamer!

  There is nothing to take for granted, only to be fearless of the years and forge ahead!

  14, three times off the bar, insist on finishing the game is not a loss.

  On September 27th, Zhang Jin fell off the uneven bars three times in the hope of hitting the individual all-around champion. With the cheers of the audience, she got on the bar again three times, and finally completed all the movements and landed steadily. Two days later, Zhang Jin proved her strength with a gold medal in women’s floor exercise. The arena is cruel, but it is often full of warmth. On September 24th, in the women’s 1500m freestyle final, after all the other swimmers reached the finish line, the last Vietnamese swimmer still sprinted in the lane and won applause from the audience. On September 30th, in the men’s 10000-meter final of track and field, the last runner finished the race with shouts and encouragement from the audience. As long as you work hard, the first place and the last place deserve respect and applause.

  Don’t talk about heroes by winning or losing. If you struggle, you will succeed!

  Fifteen, fight to the end, don’t drop the chain at the critical moment.

  On the evening of October 5th, there were 9 seconds left in the women’s basketball final of Hangzhou Asian Games. On the 5th, Wang Siyu scored two points to finish the lore. The women’s basketball team in China narrowly beat the Japanese women’s basketball team 74-72, winning the 7th Asian Games title in the team’s history. It was very difficult to win the women’s basketball game in China. The Chinese and Japanese women’s basketball teams are old rivals for many years. Both teams sent all their main forces to play, and the outcome was decided at the last moment. At the beginning of July this year, the China women’s basketball team also narrowly beat the Japanese women’s basketball team by 2 points, and regained the Asian Cup title after 12 years. After the game, coach Zheng Wei said that China’s belief in winning the women’s basketball team has never wavered, and the key moment has never been lost. The next goal is to enter the Olympic Games. China Women’s Basketball Team, See you at the Paris Olympics!

  Master confrontation, the outcome is only a millimeter. Starlight lives up to those who are on the road, and goes to the ideal without fear or regret!

  Sixteen, Hercules holds "sweet pier" and dreams "grand slam"

  On October 1st, holding his daughter "Sweet Dun Dun", he stood on the highest podium of the men’s 67kg weightlifting class in the Asian Games, and Chen Lijun achieved the "Grand Slam" of Olympic champion, World Championship champion, Asian Championship and Asian Games champion. Chen Lijun had previously said that he only lacked a gold medal in the Asian Games, hoping to win the gold medal in the Hangzhou Asian Games. In the Incheon Asian Games in 2014, the patent army won the silver medal, and he regretted his absence from the Jakarta Asian Games. On the day of National Day, I realized my dream at the Asian Games in Hangzhou. Chen Lijun said that this is a perfect moment for my weightlifting career.

  When man of iron also has tenderness, the challenge to the limit is to "be short of one cannot"!

  Seventeen, spinning and jumping, through to Paris

  On October 6th, Liu Qingyi, a teenager from China, won the gold medal in the women’s break dance group of Hangzhou Asian Games. She is known as "671". After winning the championship, many people are asking "What is the name of the champion?" This is just like the young man’s favorite sport, which has just entered the elegant hall. At the end of 2020, the International Olympic Committee agreed to add break dancing as an official event of the Paris Olympic Games. In just a few years, China’s break dance has developed rapidly and is entering its best era. Break dancing, skateboarding, e-sports and so on, a number of emerging projects are entering the sports arena, waiting to shine and lead the future.

  Youth dance steps fly, and every rhythm exudes confidence and courage!

  Eighteen, Ding Xia cried, and the victory was hard-won.

  On October 7th, China women’s volleyball team defeated Japanese women’s volleyball team in Hangzhou Asian Games and successfully defended its title. The topic of "Ding Xia is crying" once reached the top of Weibo Hot Search. The veteran of the three-time Asian Games couldn’t hold back at this moment, and netizens also broke through the defense. Those who accompanied China women’s volleyball team all the way knew how many ups and downs and hardships this glorious division had along the way. However, regardless of adversity or prosperity, they never give up, the veteran sticks to it, the teenager grows up, and the "women’s volleyball spirit" passed down from generation to generation shines.

  Not afraid of hardships, she will always be our "China girl"!

  Nineteen, the most beautiful China red, deep love for national conditions.

  On the tennis court, Zheng Qinwen said after winning the women’s singles championship that honor belongs to the country; After Zhang Zhizhen won the men’s singles championship, he waved the national flag to celebrate. In this Asian Games, bright China red can be seen everywhere inside and outside the stadium, and songs such as "Singing the Motherland" and My People,My Country resounded through the Asian Games venues, and the deep love for the country was always felt. Qiu Xiuping, the rowing girl who won the first gold medal, helped the staff to fold the national flag before leaving. After the victory, the athletes cheered with the national flag, sang along with the national anthem, fingered the national flag on their chests, and ran hard and bravely pursued their dreams, vividly showing the spirit of China athletes in the new era, which was touching and inspiring.

  Five-star red flag, you are my pride; Five-star red flag, I bless you and I am proud of you.

  Thank you for Hangzhou. It’s hard to say goodbye. I’ll see you in Paris.

  In the Hangzhou Asian Games, the China sports delegation won 201 gold, 111 silver and 71 bronze, which achieved the goal of double harvest of competition results and spiritual civilization. Looking back on the Asian Games, what impressed us was not only the moment when China athletes challenged their limits and surpassed themselves to win gold medals, but also the touching moment when they went all out for the honor of the motherland, fought hard for their love, made selfless contributions to the team and burst into tears for their friendship. Those glittering characteristics and qualities inside and outside the stadium are the best interpretation of Chinese sportsmanship.

  On the occasion of departure, the Asian Games family was reluctant to part with Hangzhou, where a sports event with "China characteristics, Asian elegance and splendor" was presented to the world.

  Based on Asia, bid for the Olympic Games. Thank you, Hangzhou, for your hard work. See you in Paris!

  (Hangzhou, October 8 th)

The most sad "subject three dances" from Haidilao: How difficult is it for adults with stable emotions?

Host of the Media Center in Huli District, Yan Manlu


The saddest "subject three dances" from Haidilao;

How difficult is it to be an emotionally stable adult?

Recently, Haidilao’s "Subject Three Dances" became popular.

When many people go to Haidilao for dinner, they follow the trend and light up the "subject three dances" for the waiters. I thought it was quite interesting to watch dancing while eating.

But when I brushed the video of a girl with glasses dancing "subject three", I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable. Compared with others’ silky "small tricks", her dance can be described as stiff and lifeless. Although the body is swinging with the rhythm and the movements of the hands are not falling, there is still no spirituality. So that you can feel her helplessness and reluctance across the screen. It was not until the music was finished that she breathed a sigh of relief and showed a relieved smile. Obviously not good at dancing, but still have to perform in front of customers, the little girl’s helplessness and embarrassment, we all know, have also experienced.

When we walk out of the campus, we will inevitably run around the world and bend our backs for five buckets of rice. Whatever emotions you have, you have to put them away and hide them.

Seeing a row of salesmen in the car, he was afraid of society and was not good at dealing with people. He has a prepared manuscript in his hand, but the words that have just arrived at his mouth are still very difficult to jump. The passenger next to him wanted to guide him, but he was even more embarrassed. Every time you shiver, you should wipe the sweat on your forehead. But even so, he still endured discomfort and continued to introduce products to passengers.

This is life and the world that every adult must face.

We often say: after 00, we will come to rectify the workplace. "If the leader scolds me, he will leave" and "If he feels uncomfortable, he will leave". But on the contrary, you can scold middle-aged people, especially those who have cars, houses and babies. Because at this age, they are burdened with thousands of weights, and life will not allow them to fall.

When a friend first started working, he worked in an advertising company. The project leader at that time was a middle-aged man in his forties. Once, because of the mistakes of team members, there was a typo in the corporate slogan designed for customers. After the customer received it, he came to the company to find fault. In front of dozens of people in the office, he was criticized and scolded, and the boss even scolded him like a dog.

"This is your boast of professional? Can’t you see such a short slogan and such an obvious typo? Does the company feed you for nothing every day? If you want to do it, do it. If you don’t want to do it, roll! " The middle-aged man bowed and bowed all the time, fearful and fearful, until the customer and boss were angry. And vowed that it would never happen again.

My friend thought at that time: What a shame! He must be leaving his job. But what I didn’t expect was that he was doing what he should do like nothing happened, as if the scene had never happened just now. Later, my friend learned from others that there was a paralyzed father in the man’s family, and now my mother-in-law has cancer. Everyone in the family needs money, no matter how hard the leader scolds, he has to suffer. If you knock out your teeth, you should swallow them in your stomach.

In the world of adults, it’s always a big job to make a living and a small job to save face.

I remember a line in "Please Answer 1988": "People really become strong, not because they guard their self-esteem, but when they put aside their self-esteem."

Lao Wang, who had to be a Buddhist since the media big V@, was the boss of a bankrupt private equity company and had to change careers and become a drip driver.

His former partners felt that he had no dignity, was too wronged, and sneered at him. He smiled and said nothing. Wonderful passengers, bossing him around and losing his temper, he also bowed and smiled and apologized.

He said that when people reach middle age, they can only be pragmatic, because at this age, there are old and young, and you can’t stop. If you can’t survive, you can only turn around and go on. Yes, no matter how hard and humble it is to make money, it can’t compete with the snow, rain and frost brought by reality.

Hide grievances, quit affectation and move on.

I saw a video the other day. In the hotel, the store manager prepared a program for customers to ride camels. As a result, a closer look revealed that the camel was actually played by a person. He has been bending over and hunching his back, with a man on his back. I am wearing a heavy camel suit, and I have holes in my face, but I don’t know where the air in my nostrils is going. Let the sweat cover your eyes and be dragged away by the person in front.

This camel is like you and me in reality. Our goal is the same: to shoulder the responsibility of the family and shoulder our own future. Live a good life.

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Man Lu said

Today, Manlu recommended the song "I really want to love this world" from Hua Chenyu in 2019. The sudden blank seconds in the middle of this song became a very deep memory point. Some people say that they have heard their own heartbeat, their own snorts, their own existence, and those who are falling apart. The song comment area is a large collection of tears. Listeners make wishes, bless and cheer up, and heal others and themselves.

Survived the narration.

Those gestures, those injuries

When your smile opens

The world suddenly fills with color.

I am Manlu. I wish you all the best.

Good night

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Chery cooperates with Huawei to deepen the intellectual S7′ s first launch with Huawei’s visual intelligent driving scheme.

  On April 11th, at the ecological spring communication meeting in HarmonyOS, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, BG CEO, chairman of BU, a Huawei smart car solution, and Yin Tongyue, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Chery Holding Group Co., Ltd., released the first smart car, Zhijie S7. Yu Chengdong said: "Zhijie S7 has now started mass delivery."

  It is understood that Zhijie S7 is positioned as a medium-sized and large-sized pure electric car, which is the only car model currently on sale in HarmonyOS Zhixing, and it is also the first smart car model jointly selected by Chery and Huawei.

  The reporter observed that one of the main competitiveness of Zhijie S7 is reflected in intelligent driving. The new car is equipped with Huawei’s technologies or functions such as Huawei ADS2.0 advanced intelligent driving system, a new generation of HUAWEI DriveONE power platform, Huawei Turing intelligent chassis and HUAWEI xMotion intelligent body collaborative control system.

  "At present, Zhijie S7 can enjoy the full upgrade of NCA in Huawei’s high-level intelligent driving city." Yu Chengdong bluntly said that Zhijie S7 is equipped with 192 lines of the same paragraph as Wenjie M9., with the longest detection distance of 250m, which is 20% higher than the industry average.

  It is worth mentioning that, together with the new intelligent S7, there is the basic version of Huawei Visual Intelligent Driving HUAWEI ADS. This also means that Huawei has adopted a pure visual autopilot scheme for the first time, that is, it does not rely on it and lowers the threshold for intelligent driving.

  As we all know,As a unique existence in the global automobile factory, it has always adhered to the pure vision autopilot scheme. Yu Chengdong said that HUAWEI ADS equipped with Zhijie S7 has realized "driving with a road", and compared with the pure vision scheme, the coverage rate of Huawei’s vision intelligent driving scheme reached 99.5%. This also means that Huawei has become the first intelligent driving manufacturer in China to adopt a pure vision scheme, which has challenged the new FSD autopilot scheme.

  In fact, as early as November 9 last year, Zhijie S7 was listed for the first time. By November 28, the booking volume exceeded 20,000, and the sales volume once triggered market expectations. However, due to the rhythm of mass production, the monthly delivery volume of this model was less than 1,000 vehicles after it was launched, and HarmonyOS Zhixing subsequently introduced the compensation scheme of delayed delivery of Zhijie S7 to maintain the order. At the same time, in view of the delay in the delivery of the intellectual community and the slow opening of intelligence, the market has also aroused doubts about the cooperation between Chery and Huawei.

  In this regard, at the China Electric Vehicle committee of 100 Forum held in March this year, Yu Chengdong responded for the first time, because the shortage of chips and the relocation of factories delayed mass production and listing. "It is expected to return to normal in April."

  At the press conference, Yin Tongyue also said that Zhijie is Chery’s "most important project", with an independent business department and an exclusive intelligent manufacturing industrial park. Chery also provided special resources for Zhijie project. Huawei’s technology and standards deeply empower intelligent manufacturing, and Zhijie S7 has passed nearly 10,000 tests. "We regard the cooperation with Huawei as the first strategy and the intellectual community as the first priority project."

  "Huawei has always been more than just changing lanes and overtaking. It is also good at launching a frontal attack against the peak technology of the industry." Gao Chao, a researcher of China Autopilot Industry Innovation Alliance, believes that every core functional section is leading in today’s industry, from Turing intelligent chassis to advanced intelligent driving and then to HarmonyOS 4 intelligent cockpit. Under the model of HarmonyOS Zhixing, Huawei is gradually achieving the goal of empowering car companies to build good cars by virtue of its accumulation in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) for more than 30 years and rich ecological advantages.

[Newsweek] This Week’s Viewpoint: Fishermen ashore (20130601)

  CCTV News: In recent years, there have been more and more news about China fishermen being bullied and unlucky at sea. The latest news is that our fishing boat was detained by North Korea, and the Taiwan Province fishing boat was shot by a Philippine official ship at sea. So far, the matter has not been settled. When we condemn the Philippine civil servants for being cold-blooded and not talking about law and humanity, another question is often overlooked by us. Why do our fishermen go fishing so far away these years? Is there not much fish on our shore? Yes, the answer is sad. The geography textbook tells us that there are four major fishing grounds in the offshore area, namely Bohai Fishing Ground, Zhoushan Fishing Ground, South China Sea Coastal Fishing Ground and Beibu Gulf Fishing Ground. Unfortunately, they still exist in the geography textbook, but in reality these four fishing grounds are almost in name only. In this context, quite a few fishermen’s identities have begun to blur, and fishermen will go ashore if they can’t, but who they are when they come ashore, whether they are farmers or workers, or what? Newsweek focuses on fishermen this week, from going out to shore.

  Scene: things in the net fall out.

  Commentary: This is what the reporter picked up with Guo Wenbiao, the boatman, at a fishing point 50 nautical miles away from Shitang Town, Wenling. Among a pile of red seaweed, stone crabs and some small shrimps, there are only a few small fish. The fishermen picked it up for half an hour and only picked out less than 10 Jin of fish. After more than five hours at sea, this is all their harvest. Guo Wenbiao, the boatman, said that this is the status quo of the East China Sea, and there is basically no fishing to catch.

  Commentary: The same situation happened not only in Wenling City, but also in Linhai City. The reporter took a trawler and sailed for offshore operation, but only a small bucket of shrimps was harvested when the two nets were dragged down. Fishermen told us that it should be the fishing season for plum fish, but now it is hard to find a fish.

  Fisherman: I can’t make any money. I can’t do this. I basically lost money this year.

  Commentary: This phenomenon not only appears in Taizhou waters, but also in Zhoushan, Ningbo and other fishing grounds in the East China Sea. Even if the fishing boat goes out for seven or eight hours, it can only catch some small yellow croaker. Fish like this is less than 10 yuan a catty in the market, and the value of a net is only more than 1000 yuan, while the cost of diesel oil for fishing boats is more than 1000 yuan per hour.

  Lin Dongyong, deputy director of Zhejiang Ocean and Fisheries Bureau: In recent years, the overall situation of fishery resources has shown a downward trend. Basically, there are no fish to catch in most areas in the late spring flood.

  Commentary: The East China Sea was originally the fishing area with the richest fishery resources and the highest output in China. Now "fishing in the sea" has become like "looking for a needle in a haystack". In order to avoid losses, thousands of fishing boats have returned to Hong Kong in Wenling since mid-March this year. Not long ago, a proposal was jointly signed by more than 100 fishermen in Shitang Town, Wenling City, Zhejiang Province. In this proposal of less than 300 words, the main proposal is to extend the fishing ban period of light purse seine from the current two months to three months.

  On-site: The scene of the lighting fence photographed by fishermen.

  Commentary: This is the picture of light purse seine fishing. Rows of high-power incandescent lamps emit dazzling light. Each of these lamps has more than 3 kilowatts, and the irradiation depth of seawater can reach 50 meters, which can instantly turn the seabed into day. Fish have phototaxis, and large and small fish chase the light and are caught in the net. This is a picture of fisherman Luo Rihua catching his net with the light of his mobile phone. More than ten tons of fish covered the deck of the whole ship. It looks like a bumper harvest, but Man Cang green fish and yellow fish are only the size of a child’s palm, and each fish weighs no more than one or two.

  Fisherman Luo Rihua: The fish is too small, and I feel a little sad myself.

  Commentary: At present, there is no clear regulation on the power of light bulbs in our country. In order to catch more fish, fishermen keep increasing the power of light bulbs. When you start fishing, 100 lights are turned on together, which can make the fish around you blind in an instant.

  Guo Wenbiao Fisherman: We don’t have to suffer like this. Everyone will use it with me. Everyone will die together and die together. Without fish, all the fish in the future will die.

  Commentary: With the development of science and technology, the fishing boats are getting bigger and bigger, the power is getting higher and higher, and the fishing methods are constantly innovating. Not only light purse seine, electric pulse fishing and so on are extremely destructive, but even traditional fishing nets are becoming more and more woven under the competition of interests.

  Scene: Just a needle can come over, and nothing can escape here, poor little fish. 

  Fisherman 3423: How much is a catty of small fish? One yuan a catty, what can small fish do, fish meal. 

  Commentary: At present, there are more than 30,000 registered fishing boats in Zhejiang. These fishing boats comb the East China Sea over and over again like a grate. Many young fish have no chance to grow up at all, so they can only be turned into fish meal and turned into feed. Among the four major economic fish in the East China Sea, yellow croaker, small yellow croaker and cuttlefish were on the verge of extinction due to frequent overfishing in the early years, and the only hairtail with the strongest reproductive ability remained, which also suffered the same bad luck in the past two years. The research results of Zhejiang Institute of Marine Fisheries show that the output of hairtail in the East China Sea dropped by 40% last year alone.

  Fisherman Zhang Wenlai: The fishing moratorium is very important to us, and it must be delayed. If it is not delayed, the fry will be lost after being arrested, and we will have no choice in the second half of the year.

  Commentary: The fishermen who make a living by fishing actually took the initiative to ask for an extension of the fishing ban, which was also a decision that the fishermen had to make. Because these fishermen who have been fishing for a living all their lives know that if the current fishing methods continue, their fishing career will soon come to an end.

  Guo Wenbiao Fisherman: If we go on like this, we will die. The fishermen will really die. How many fishing boats and how many descendants have been raised by the sea? Now we don’t know if we can raise them or not.

  Bai Yansong: If you have the opportunity to come to Ningbo, a big city which is very close to Zhoushan, and study the top ten famous dishes in this city, you will find that most of them are related to seafood. There are several famous dishes in which yellow croaker actually plays the leading role, but now if the word "wild" is marked next to the yellow croaker, the price will go up, and most people dare not order it because you can’t afford it. It can be seen that it is extremely difficult to eat wild yellow croaker, because it is not easier to catch wild yellow croaker in the sea than to find giant pandas in the mountains of Sichuan and Shaanxi. No wonder the local people said with anxiety, don’t talk about yellow croaker. It won’t be long before hairtail will sell the price of yellow croaker. Now it’s not easy to catch anything. When the fish is gone, the identity of fishermen begins to be embarrassed. There is no way out in the sea. Is there one on the shore?

  Site: sailing at sea

  Commentary: On the sea surface about 50 nautical miles away from Shitang Town, Wenling City, groups of maroon floating objects can be seen from time to time, and the color of the sea has also changed obviously. Fishermen say that this is a red tide.

  Fisherman Guo Wenbiao: Coupled with industrial pollution on land, it must be discharged into the sea. 

  Reporter: Do you often see red tides?

  Guo Wenbiao: Often, in recent months, it seems to be coming again now.

  Commentary: Not many fish can be caught in the first place. Coupled with the eutrophication of seawater caused by industrial waste water, red tides that threaten the survival of fish are induced from time to time. The fishermen’s already difficult livelihood naturally has an uncontrollable risk. Eating by the sea, fishermen are most sensitive to the changes in the ocean. In fact, the problems that appear in Wenling today have long been experienced in other regions.

  Scene: Fishermen at the seaside of Dagang, Tianjin are packing fishing nets on board.

  Commentary: In March this year, we visited Mapengkou Village in Dagang District, Tianjin, which borders Hebei and is close to Bohai Sea. Similarly, because of offshore pollution, villagers in Mapengkou Village have gained less and less from offshore operations in recent ten years. Except for such sporadic boats, most villagers have gone ashore to find another way out.

  Zhu Zhiying, a villager in Mapengkou Village: At first, it was individual farming, and the village committee also collectively developed a part. Later, all of them were transformed and finally transformed into salt plants.

  Commentary: Zhu Zhiying, 66, was also an orthodox fisherman in his early years. He used to work at sea, but now he looks no different from ordinary farmers. They can’t go out to sea to fish. When they first landed, they only relied on tidal flats for their livelihood.

  Zhu Zhiying: The income is that whoever develops will benefit.

  Q: How much can you earn from this beach?

  Zhu Zhiying: The income is about 70,000 to 80,000 yuan per person every year, and at least 30,000 to 50,000 yuan per person.

  Commentary: This fishing village with a population of more than 1,700 owns nearly 90,000 mu of beach land allocated by the state, which is used for drying salt and raising shrimps. Some villagers with flexible brains can still maintain their lives at a good level by relying on the income they get from the beach land every year. However, in recent years, the beach land on which they depend has been transferred.

  Zhu Zhiying: The purpose is to attract investment, attract investment, solve the problem of re-employment for Mapengkou (a village), and recruit investors with environmental protection and greening to develop here, so as to solve the employment problem of Mapengkou (a village) and the problem of future generations.

  Commentary: In April 2011, the village committee of Mapengkou No.1 Village officially signed a transfer agreement with Dagang Harmonious Fishing Ground to outsource 70,000 mu of tidal flat land in the village for 60 years, with a total contract fee of 150 million yuan. At the same time, an indefinite contract was signed, and the right to use 16,700 mu of sea area was transferred to an individual’s name, with a transfer fee of 160 million yuan. But up to now, the villagers have not received the corresponding transfer compensation from the village.

  Zhu Zhiying: Now it means that from a tourist area to four chemical plants, it has not been built, and it has been transformed into a salt plant, which still accounts for 35% of the shares. So far, in the past seven years, the villagers in Mapengkou Village have not seen a penny.

  Commentary: According to Zhu Zhiying, the villagers agreed to transfer the beach land. First, they took a fancy to the contractor’s promise to build a chemical plant and a tourist area to create employment opportunities for the village. Second, the village owns 35% of the equity dividends of contracted projects, which is a long-term income. Finally, there is a land transfer fee totaling more than 300 million yuan, and each person can share about 170,000 yuan. However, it was a happy thing, but it didn’t yield good results. The villagers failed to wait for the promised factories and tourist areas, but lost their original income from aquaculture and fishery.

  Zhu Zhiying: If it is said that it is beneficial to build factories and tourist areas according to the original plan, the salt flats will be owned by outsiders, which will definitely do great harm and loss to our farmers and have no source of livelihood.

  Commentary: In desperation, most of the young and middle-aged people who have the ability to work in the village went to Tianjin Binhai New Area to make a living by working, and became a relatively different kind of migrant workers. Those who stay in the village are old people or people who have lost their ability to work. Zhang Jingui, 69, once worked as a helper in a collective shrimp pond in the village, and now he has no job.

  Q: How big is this pool?

  Zhang Jingui: This pool covers an area of 3,000 mu.

  Q: So what is kept in this pool?

  Zhang Jingui: Raising shrimps.

  Q: How many shrimps can you produce each year?

  Zhang Jingui: Every year, anyway, more than 50 people get more than one million yuan.

  Commentary: Just two years ago, this shrimp pond with an area of 3,000 mu has also been contracted to individuals. Every day, the old man Zhang Jingui will still go around this pool, because it was originally the lifeblood of more than 50 old, weak, sick and disabled people in the village. He still remembers that this pool once brought him hope, but now the old man doesn’t know what else to do to improve his life except the 70 yuan pension he receives every month.

  Bai Yansong: Fisherman, fisherman, look at these two words carefully. If you want to be a fisherman, you must first get close to the water, and then there must be fish in the water. At this time, a fisherman will be established. If the water is polluted, or the intensity of salvage is too high, and the fish in the water is gone, then the fisherman will only have the word "people". If you want to be a good "citizen", you have to make a living, and you have to think about ways to make a living. Raising a family is a big deal. For those fishermen who have to go ashore or want to go ashore, what is the way out? Let’s think about the word "shore" carefully. Maybe it’s just like a reminder that I have to have a new backer first, and this backer is just going to work in the factory. Add it up.

  Video 3: Go ashore, OK?

  Commentary: Since 2002, the Ministry of Agriculture has started to implement the policy of changing jobs for fishermen. The goal is to reduce the number of boats by 30,000 in five years, and about 300,000 fishermen will change jobs. However, the implementation was not smooth. Most of the eliminated ships were boats and sunken ships, and only 80,000 fishermen switched to production. Many fishermen returned to the sea after switching production for several years because of difficulties in making a living.

  zhejiang university school of economicsteachaward Wang Zhikai: It is very difficult for fishermen to change their production and transfer by themselves. One is his own knowledge structure, his employment value habits and living habits, which he is not easy to change. The second one is a key factor, and it has a great precipitation cost.

  Guo Xianfa, a fisherman in Shitang Town, Wenling City, Zhejiang Province: I didn’t study, I could only fish, and there was no other income, that’s all. Change careers, fishermen can’t do it, and no one wants to change careers. That’s it. If there is no supply, we will definitely change careers, change careers, he will change careers, and the boat is thrown away for nothing, just like this.

  Commentary: Guo Xianfa is a fisherman in Shitang Town, Wenling City, Zhejiang Province. He has two boats at home and earned a solid family business by fishing. Now, his children are no longer engaged in fishing, but Guo Xianfa himself has no idea of changing careers. It is unrealistic for fishermen of his generation to go ashore.

  zhejiang university school of economicsprofessor Wang Zhikai: You said that we would switch to shipbuilding and petrochemical industry in our present coastal areas, and this is called marine biology and marine medicine. Obviously, there are farmers who can’t move in, right?

  Commentary: Now, Wenling, Zhejiang Province is also exploring a new way out. Conditional fishermen buy big boats in partnership to go to the distant sea, and some fishermen have started fishermen’s music to take tourists to the sea for experience.

  Guo Wenbiao Fisherman: Now that the fisherman is happy to come, I will tell him that there is no fish now, and it is still possible for you to experience the life of fishermen.

  Commentary: While encouraging fishermen to change jobs and production, since 2006, the state has provided diesel subsidies for each kilowatt of fishing boat engines. Fishing boats that meet the standards can get subsidies ranging from 400,000 yuan to 700,000 yuan per year. This policy aimed at increasing fishermen’s income has stimulated the surge in the number and horsepower of fishing boats from the side.

  Lin Dongyong, deputy director of Zhejiang Ocean and Fisheries Bureau: The biggest contradiction in our current marine fishery is the contradiction between the increasingly powerful fishing capacity and the increasingly depleted fishery resources.

  Ding Lifa, Chief of Fishery Department of Wenling Ocean and Fisheries Bureau: Since the introduction of diesel subsidies by the state in 2006, the income of fishermen has increased obviously, but it has boosted the shipbuilding industry. If there is no diesel subsidy, the amount of national diesel subsidies is not so large, and fishermen’s shipbuilding enthusiasm is not so high.

  zhejiang university school of economicsprofessor Wang Zhikai: Let’s take Zhoushan in Zhejiang as an example. From 2000 to 2010, Zhoushan’s fishermen’s team remained at more than 300,000, and by 2010 it was more than 400,000. The reason why the fishermen’s team will increase is that they can’t move and have no choice. Plus, after all, Zhejiang’s coastal areas are still developed provinces, and there are foreign migrant workers to join, so the fishermen’s team will increase.

  Commentary: On May 20th, Zhejiang Ocean and Fisheries Bureau held a press conference to inform about the specific situation of fishery in the East China Sea. At present, there are more than 30,000 registered fishing boats in Zhejiang alone, and the fishing technology is also developing constantly. Now, the fishing capacity of one boat is equivalent to that of ten boats in the past. In addition, the current diesel and shipbuilding subsidy policies have also stimulated the crazy development of the fishing industry to some extent. Experts from Zhejiang Ocean and Fisheries Bureau are discussing relevant policies such as extending the fishing moratorium and introducing the fishing boat withdrawal mechanism. Specific measures will be introduced in early June.

  Ding Lifa, Chief of Fishery Department, Ocean and Fisheries Bureau, Wenling City, Zhejiang Province: Can you cut out a piece of diesel subsidies for fishermen’s old-age insurance and social security, or improve the basic facilities in fishing areas, so that fishermen can enjoy it, which is good for fishermen to engage in other production and leisure fishing?

  zhejiang university school of economicsprofessor Wang Zhikai: If we want to get fishermen ashore to recuperate in this sea, then we must also guarantee this basic social security for fishermen. Compared with fishermen, the farmer owns the sea area, so the farmer still has a few acres of land that he can see, so if the farmer uses this land as a guarantee after you leave, once the fisherman loses the sea, it may really be nothing. Then you can only let him go ashore if you bring him into the social security system.

  Bai Yansong: In the reporter’s interview, in fact, another new term was revealed, which is called nearshore dead zone. Due to the pollution brought by land, there are no signs of life and no fish and shrimp in the large sea area near the shore. Think about it. If there are no fish on the shore, fishermen will go further and further. If they want to go far, they will invest more and more money to buy big boats and go out to sea, and then they may take big risks. The result is still unknown. But beyond that, there are not many roads, unless you change production and go ashore, you will face the embarrassment of identity and various challenges of ability, financial resources and environment. In this case, it is very important to treat the symptoms, such as helping fishermen who have changed their production, escorting fishermen who have been fishing for a long time, and protecting their fishing. But what is really important is to cure the problem, so that the sea around us can recuperate, fish and shrimp can grow, and the offshore ecological environment can be improved, otherwise the fishermen will eventually become a protected business with cultural relics.


Haoyue L compares Tiggo 8 PLUS! Two domestic medium-sized SUVs, who is the car?

At the same price and level, is "L" better this time or "PLUS" more worth starting with?

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managing editorMANGO


Many Chinese people pay attention to "doing great things with small money", which is very applicable in the domestic SUV market. Isn’t it beautiful to buy more satisfactory products at a lower price? In the 150,000-class SUV market, consumers have many products to choose from, but at the same time, they should give consideration to configuration, space and power. Chery Tiggo 8 PLUS and Geely Haoyue L, which have just been listed, are one of the few products worth starting with.

These two models are attractive to family consumers. Then, we might as well compare the strength of the two from the triangle of space, configuration and car cost to see who is more outstanding. We choose Geely Haoyue L 2.0T DCT flagship model (guide price: 147,900 yuan) and Chery Tiggo 8 PLUS Kunpeng Edition 390TGDI DCT Luxury Edition (guide price: 149,900 yuan) for comparison.

Haoyue L size is better than Tiggo 8 PLUS.

In appearance, both models give people a good sense of atmosphere and luxury, and each has its own advantages in design. However, Geely Haoyue L has just been listed, and it adopts the latest design language of Geely family, which will be stronger than Tiggo 8 PLUS in freshness.

Both models are positioned as medium-sized SUVs, and both adopt a seven-seat layout, and their bodies are not small. However, the overall size and wheelbase of Geely Haoyue L are more prominent than that of Tiggo 8 PLUS, which can be said to be larger than that of Tiggo 8 Plus. In contrast, the weight is improved. The curb weight of Geely Haoyue L is 1710kg, while that of Tiggo 8 PLUS is only 1587kg.

In terms of the actual ride experience, the experiencer with a height of 180cm can get a good head space in the first two rows of Geely Haoyue L. After adjusting the second row of seats to the legroom of about one punch, the third row of seats still has legroom for two fingers. It is worth mentioning that there is still about one punch in the head space of the third row.

Similarly, the experiencer with a height of 180cm also has a good space experience in the first two rows of the Tiggo 8 PLUS, but the leg space of the third row of seats is about one punch, and the head is about two fingers away from the roof.

For storage space, Geely Haoyue L and Tiggo 8 PLUS can get trunk volumes of 2,360 L and 1,930 L respectively when the second and third rows of seats are all laid down. It can be seen that if we pay attention to the storage capacity in the car, the longer and taller Geely Haoyue L is more worthy of choice. If we pay more attention to the space, the first two rows of the two cars perform better, and the third row has its own advantages and disadvantages, but there is no big problem in short-distance travel.

Haoyue L has richer comfort configuration, and Tiggo 8 PLUS has stronger power.

The performance of the 150,000-class domestic SUV in terms of configuration will not be too far behind. The basic active and passive safety configurations of the two models are satisfactory, including lane departure warning system, lane keeping auxiliary system, lane centering and active braking. However, the parallel assistance, DOW door opening warning, rear collision warning, front parking radar and reversing vehicle side warning system provided by Haoyue L are not provided by Tiggo 8 PLUS, while the latter provides fatigue driving tips, and the rear airbag and knee airbag functions are optional, but Haoyue L is not equipped.

In terms of other configurations, the front row ventilation, lumbar adjustment/position memory of the main driver’s seat, front and rear adjustment of the second row, wireless charging of mobile phones, Bluetooth keys and other configurations owned by Haoyue L are not equipped on the Tiggo 8 PLUS. Tiggo 8 PLUS provides boss key, rear central armrest with cup holder, induction trunk and other configurations.

The configuration levels of the two are very close, but in contrast, the advantages of Geely Haoyue L are mainly concentrated in the front row, while the Tiggo 8 PLUS is concentrated in the back row.

In terms of power, both models provide 2.0T engines, but there are some differences in data. Geely Haoyue L gave up the 1.8T of the same model of Haoyue L, and its 2.0T engine can produce 160 kW/325 N m book data in generate, while the 2.0T engine of Tiggo 8 PLUS is more powerful, and the book data of 187 kW/390 N m is even stronger than that of Geely Haoyue L. It is worth mentioning that the comprehensive fuel consumption of Tiggo 8 PLUS under WLTC is 7.49L/100km, which is 0.13L/100km less than that of Geely Haoyue L. The higher fuel consumption level of Geely Haoyue L is related to its larger body size and higher kerb quality.

The fuel cost of Haoyue L is higher.

Finally, Brother Gu analyzed the car cost of the two cars according to their fuel costs. The comprehensive fuel consumption of Geely Haoyue L under WLTC working condition is 7.62L/100km, and only 95 # gasoline is supported. At present, the oil price of 95 # gasoline in Guangzhou is 8.65 yuan/L.. According to the calculation of driving 20 thousand kilometers a year, we can calculate that the fuel cost of Geely Haoyue L is about 13,182.6 yuan a year.

The comprehensive fuel consumption of Tiggo 8 PLUS under WLTC condition is 7.49L/100km, and 92 # gasoline can be filled. At present, the oil price of 92 # gasoline in Guangzhou is 7.99 yuan/L.. Using the same calculation method, we can calculate that the annual fuel cost of Tiggo 8 PLUS is about 11,969.02 yuan, which is 1,213.58 yuan less than that of Geely Haoyue L.

Of course, the cost of car use also includes insurance costs and maintenance costs. The displacement and positioning of the two models are similar, so there will not be much difference in insurance costs. As for the maintenance cost, Tiggo 8 PLUS supports a three-year or 100,000-kilometer vehicle warranty, and Haoyue L supports a four-year or 100,000-kilometer vehicle warranty. Parts with non-human damage can be repaired free of charge during the warranty period, so the maintenance cost of the two will not be much different, except that Haoyue L’s warranty scheme is longer and there will be more protection in the later car use process.

It must be said that the comprehensive performance of Geely Haoyue L and Tiggo 8 PLUS is close to the level of 200,000-class SUV. However, in terms of space performance, Geely Haoyue L is indeed more prominent, while in terms of power performance and fuel economy, Tiggo 8 PLUS is better, and it is indeed more friendly in the era of high oil prices.

Up to 60,000 Yuan Price Reduction Information of 2021 Volvo XC40

[car home Information] A few days ago, we learned from dealers that the 2021 Volvo XC40 (parameter picture) has discounts in different regions, and the maximum price reduction can reach about 60,000 yuan. Please consult local dealers for specific price reduction information. In addition, the sales volume of Volvo XC40 reached 3,205 vehicles in December 2020.

In terms of appearance, the appearance of the new domestic Volvo XC40 continues the previous design, which is consistent with the appearance of imported models and is still a simple Nordic style.

The familiar polygonal front grille, Raytheon Hammer daytime running lights and L-shaped taillights are all Volvo’s family designs, which also make the new car highly recognizable. In terms of dimensions, the length, width and height of the new car are 4425/1863/1652mm and the wheelbase is 2702mm respectively.

In terms of interior, the domestic Volvo XC40 continues the configuration of some imported models, such as 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel, panoramic sunroof, keyless entry and one-button start. In addition, the new car is also equipped with an advanced driver assistance system, and the City Safety urban safety system will further enhance the active safety of the new car and reduce the driver’s pressure.

In terms of power, the new domestic XC40 continues the previous power, and introduces models with two different engines and three power outputs. Among them, the T3 model is equipped with a 1.5T three-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 163 HP and a peak torque of 265 Nm. The T4 model is equipped with a low-power adjustment version of the 2.0T engine, with a maximum power of 190 HP and a peak torque of 300 Nm. The most powerful T5 model is equipped with a high-power adjustment version of 2.0T engine, with a maximum power of 252 HP and a peak torque of 350 Nm. In terms of transmission, the new car will be equipped with an 8-speed automatic manual transmission as standard, and two models of two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive will be introduced.

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Urumqi Volvo S60 New Energy Price Reduction! The latest offer is 333,900, and the quantity is limited.

Recently, the preferential promotion channel in Urumqi, car home has brought heavy benefits to riders! As a new energy vehicle that has attracted much attention, it is carrying out limited-time preferential activities in Urumqi. According to our understanding, the maximum discount can reach 79,000 yuan, and the minimum starting price is 333,900 yuan. Want to know more details about Volvo S60 new energy and strive for higher discount, please click the "Check Car Price" button in the quotation form and act quickly!

Volvo S60 New Energy is a luxury car full of modernity. Its front face design is exquisite and dynamic, and the air intake grille adopts a unique hexagonal design, which shows the brand characteristics. The overall style is simple and elegant, and the lines are smooth, showing Volvo’s consistent high quality and exquisite craftsmanship. This car system adopts a unique Raytheon hammer headlight group, which not only has a unique shape, but also provides excellent lighting effect when driving at night. The side lines of the car body are smooth, showing an elegant curve, and the roof lines are inclined downward, creating a sense of movement and movement. The overall design is fashionable and steady, showing the elegance and exquisiteness of Volvo brand.

The body dimensions of Volvo S60 new energy vehicle series are 4778mm long, 1850mm wide and 1430mm high, with a wheelbase of 2872mm, and a front and rear track of 1600 mm.. This model uses 235/45 R18 front and rear tires and is equipped with fashionable rim design. The body lines are smooth and the shape is simple and atmospheric, showing the style of modern luxury cars. At the same time, the side design of the car also highlights its new energy identity, such as details such as the charging port on the car body and the openable rear spoiler, which shows its sense of environmental protection and technology. Generally speaking, the Volvo S60 new energy car has both a sense of movement and elegance in design, and it is a luxury car with both performance and practicality.

The interior design of Volvo S60 New Energy focuses on comfort and luxury, and adopts the design concept of simple Nordic style. The steering wheel is made of genuine leather and feels comfortable. The position adjustment mode is manual up and down+front and rear adjustment. The central control screen has a size of 9 inches, supports voice recognition control system, and can control multimedia system, navigation, telephone, air conditioning and other functions. The front seat is made of imitation leather. The main seat supports various adjustment modes such as front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment (4-way) and lumbar support (2-way), and the auxiliary seat also supports similar adjustment modes. The front seats also have heating function to provide a more comfortable driving experience. In addition, the model is also equipped with USB and Type-C interfaces, 2 in the front row/2 in the rear row, which is convenient for users to charge.

Volvo S60 New Energy is equipped with a 2.0T 310 HP L4 engine with a maximum power of 228 kW and a maximum torque of 400 N m.. This engine has excellent dynamic performance, which can provide strong acceleration and stability at high speed. At the same time, the addition of the 8-speed automatic transmission also brings a smoother shift experience to the driver. As a new energy vehicle, Volvo S60 New Energy is also equipped with an advanced electric drive system, which can provide drivers with a more environmentally friendly and energy-saving driving experience.

In the evaluation of the owner of car home, he was full of praise for the adjustment of the turbocharged engine of Volvo S60 New Energy. He said that this engine is completely self-priming with a large displacement, and it responds when the throttle is stepped down, and the output is linear, which makes him very admired. This is undoubtedly a highlight of Volvo S60 new energy, and it also proves Volvo’s strength in engine adjustment. Volvo S60 new energy not only performs well in power performance, but also has many advantages in other aspects. For example, its luxurious interior, excellent handling performance and efficient hybrid system all make it an excellent model. Generally speaking, the performance of Volvo S60 new energy is impressive, and its strength should not be underestimated.

Direct attack on northeast economy: how Daqing breaks through the tight encirclement

  The world economy continues to be in a downturn, with domestic "three-phase superposition" and crude oil "double decline in volume and price"; The support of continuing industries is weak, and the contradictions of structural resources and institutions are concentrated &hellip; &hellip; There are endless discussions about the economic recession in Northeast China. Daqing, as an important economic support of Heilongjiang Province, has been on the cusp of discussion in the last five years. How to overcome the existing difficulties and achieve a breakthrough, Daqing tries from various angles.

  Daqing High-tech Zone started construction in April 1992, and was approved as a national high-tech zone in November of the same year. At present, it has formed a development pattern of "one zone and three parks" with the main area, Hongwei, Xinghua and Lin Yuan, with a total area of 251.26 square kilometers. At present, the built-up area is 65.4 square kilometers, and the resident population in the area is 190,000.

  According to the development idea of "industrial development park, industrial park development cluster and industrial cluster chain", based on resource endowment and industrial base, a number of leading industrial projects such as Volvo, Zhongwang, Furuibang, 150,000 tons of propylene and Shenwu have been introduced and built, forming petrochemical, automobile and equipment manufacturing, new materials and modern emerging industrial clusters.

  There are 3 universities in the jurisdiction, including Northeast Petroleum University, Bayi Agricultural University and Daqing Campus of Harbin Medical University, 11 scientific research institutes including Daqing Branch of Provincial Academy of Sciences and Institute of Biotechnology of Northeast Linda University, 22 enterprise engineering technology research centers above the provincial level, 4 national-level creative spaces, 18 innovative and entrepreneurial carriers, and the area of incubators and amplifiers is more than 1 million square meters.

  At present, the total number of enterprises has grown to 4,650, including 94 industrial enterprises above designated size, 94 state-level high-tech enterprises, 52 enterprises with incomes exceeding 100 million yuan, 12 enterprises exceeding 1 billion yuan, and 19 enterprises listed at home and abroad and on the New Third Board. The total investment in R&D accounts for 3.68% of sales revenue, and the contribution rate of scientific and technological progress to economic growth exceeds 53%.

  In 2016, it is estimated that the region will achieve a GDP of 68.5 billion yuan, industrial added value of 56.7 billion yuan and fiscal revenue of 2.6 billion yuan; In the comprehensive evaluation of 115 national high-tech zones, anniversary High-tech Zone ranks 33rd and 29th in comprehensive strength, industrial upgrading and structural optimization respectively, and 3rd among 15 national high-tech zones in Northeast China.

  Petrochemical industry: building a million-ton ethylene production base

  Petrochemical industry is one of the important pillar industries in China, and ethylene industry is the core of petrochemical industry, and its ethylene, propylene, butadiene and aromatic hydrocarbons are the most basic raw materials of all chemical products. Daqing No.1 Chemical Plant is affiliated to Daqing Petrochemical Company of China Petroleum and Natural Gas Co., Ltd., with a history of more than 30 years. It is the "cradle" of China’s ethylene industry and has an annual production capacity of 1.2 million tons of ethylene. Since its establishment, it has produced more than 13 million tons of ethylene.

  Daqing Petrochemical Company’s new 600,000-ton/a ethylene plant construction project broke ground in September 2009. The project includes 9 sets of production devices, auxiliary and public works facilities, with 23 main items and 76 sub-items. This project adopts domestic technology, which is the first domestic "large-scale domestic ethylene technology package design" jointly developed by Daqing Petrochemical Company and Global Engineering Company. It has been listed as a demonstration project to accelerate the pace of independent innovation by PetroChina, and also included in the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" as a national 863 key scientific and technological research project. This is the project of Daqing Petrochemical Company, which opens a new chapter in Daqing chemical production.

  Daqing Petrochemical Company deeply embedded its own production experience with the contractor’s project management system, fully participated in the whole process of development, design, procurement and construction, explored the "Daqing mode" for the start-up of large-scale ethylene plant construction, and successfully completed the project construction task in only 19 months. On June 30th, 2012, China’s first domestic process package, the first 600,000-ton/year Daqing Petrochemical ethylene plant designed and built by China people, was successfully delivered to China. On October 5th of the same year, qualified ethylene was produced, setting an impressive record of the shortest construction period and successful start-up of the ethylene plant in the northern alpine region.

  The ethylene plant is mainly composed of raw material pretreatment, cracking, quenching, compression, separation, refrigeration and public engineering units. The cracking system adopts USC tubular cracking furnace; The separation system adopts five-stage compression and hydrogenation separation process before depropanization in double towers, which is safe and reliable in operation, low in investment and energy consumption.

  On July 25th, 2013, the device successfully passed the heavy-load operation calibration, and the device was safe, stable and efficient, and all the indexes reached or exceeded the 3A working condition standard. In 2016, the annual ethylene output will be 768,000 tons. In the past four years, the company has made full use of the geographical advantages of Longjiang’s rich resources to adjust the raw materials and product structure in real time. The annual ethylene production capacity is 75 tons, the annual operation hours of the plant are 8,000 hours, and the annual ethylene production capacity exceeds 600,000 tons. The million-ton ethylene production base is well-deserved, which has made outstanding contributions to the development of China’s petrochemical industry.

  Automobile manufacturing: Volvo vehicle manufacturing, technology leading production.

  Volvo’s new S90 long wheelbase limousine is Volvo’s first SPA (Extensible Vehicle Platform Architecture) factory only outside Sweden &mdash; &mdash; The first global model and flagship product produced by Daqing Volvo Car Manufacturing Co., Ltd. adopts Volvo’s global unified technology, unified procurement, unified manufacturing and unified quality. It won the "2016 Red Dot Design Award" and the "2015 Production Car Design Award" at the Geneva Motor Show, winning unanimous praise from the world’s most critical industry experts.

  The project was undertaken by Daqing Volvo Car Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which is a vehicle production enterprise jointly established by Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd. (50%) and Volvo Car (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (50%) in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province. The registered capital of the company is RMB 1,666.52 million. The project adopts the most advanced automobile manufacturing and safety technology in the world today to produce luxury Volvo brand passenger cars and new energy vehicles. The planned production capacity is 300,000 vehicles per year, with a total area of 830,000 square meters. The first phase plans to invest 11.5 billion yuan, including 6 billion yuan in fixed assets, mainly producing Volvo 90 series products.

  The board of directors of Volvo Car Group put the newly developed extensible vehicle platform architecture-SPA platform, which consists of shared modules, extensible systems and components, into Daqing construction. The first product of this platform is Volvo S90L. After the completion of the SPA platform in July 2016, it will achieve an annual production capacity of 150,000 vehicles, and more new Volvo models will be put into Daqing factory in the future. On December 15th, 2016, the brand-new S90 long-wheelbase luxury sedan made by Volvo in Daqing was officially launched. Volvo’s brand-new S90 long-wheelbase luxury sedan is the first luxury sedan built by Volvo Daqing Factory based on SPA platform. Daqing Factory strictly implements Volvo’s global manufacturing standard system, and the brand-new S90 long-wheelbase luxury sedan will be sold simultaneously to global markets including the United States and Europe.

  Internet service: Huawei cloud computing, providing data support to the whole world.

  Daqing cloud computing data center project is jointly built by Huawei Software Technology Co., Ltd. and Daqing E-commerce Industrial Park Co., Ltd. Daqing E-commerce Industrial Park Co., Ltd. is responsible for building the computer room environment. Huawei Software Technology Co., Ltd. is responsible for building and installing 2,000 cabinets and internal network equipment, servers, integrated wiring, and deploying cloud series software and solutions, and is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of the data center. After completion, it will provide cloud computing infrastructure support such as data storage, mining, analysis and application to the whole world, and provide related services such as government cloud, business cloud and enterprise cloud to the region.

  The total investment of the project is 1 billion yuan, of which Huawei Software Technology Co., Ltd. plans to invest 700 million yuan according to the project cooperation agreement, which will be used to build and install 2,000 cabinets and internal network equipment, servers, integrated wiring, and deploy cloud series software and solutions, and be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the data center. Daqing E-commerce Industrial Park Co., Ltd. plans to invest 300 million yuan to build basic special equipment such as computer room, electric power, air conditioner, oil engine and UPS. The project construction period is 2016-2018. In 2016, it is planned to invest 400 million yuan to realize the operation of 200 cabinets; By the end of 2017, it is planned to put 1000 cabinets into use; By the end of 2018, it is planned that all 2000 cabinets will be put into use.

  At present, 173 cabinets, servers, storage, switches and other equipment and cloud platform software have been installed and put into use in the outsourcing park and Xinhua 08 computer room. government cloud has been officially launched, and portals and business systems of more than 30 units including the Municipal Industry and Information Commission and the National Development and Reform Commission have been migrated to the cloud platform. The cloud computing exhibition hall has been completed and put into use, and the 14,000-square-meter cloud computing data center is under review. In 2017, it is planned to complete an investment of 400 million yuan to realize the commissioning of 1,000 cabinets. After all the projects are put into use, the annual sales income will be 700 million yuan, the profit will be 50 million yuan, the tax will be 35 million yuan, and 150 new employees will be created.

8.3 points, hot search first! Why does "Little Joy" become another explosion

Special feature of 1905 film network At the beginning of the year, a film "Everything’s Fine" wrote all about China’s family’s pension problem and family of origin’s injury, and accurately hit the "pain point" of the audience.Now, a film "Little Joy" takes the "College Entrance Examination" as an incision to show another cross-section of China’s family to the audience.

Since its launch at the end of July, the popularity of the TV series "Little Joy" has increased all the way. Not only has it been frequently searched, but the Douban score has been countered from 8.0 to 8.3.


Just like the popularity of Everything’s Fine at the beginning, Little Joy has also set off a wave of national discussions on educational topics with the help of the "authenticity" of realistic themes.

"Little Joy" revolves around the preparation process for the "College Entrance Examination" of three ordinary families: Fang, Qiao and Ji.In the process of sprinting towards the most important exam in China’s life with the family as the unit, parents and children are also experiencing countless "quizzes" from life.


If the first few episodes are still filled with a relaxed and happy atmosphere, the recent plot has turned sharply, and every family has encountered intractable troubles and crises.


Huang Lei and Christina’s Fang couple are both facing unemployment crisis, and their parents have been cheated into debts of 800,000 yuan.


Qiao Yingzi, the "schoolmaster", is gradually out of breath under the bondage of "maternal love" full of control desire. Even in the latest episode, she had a fierce argument with her parents and was impulsive to jump into the sea.


Ji Jia’s parent-child relationship had just eased, and Yongmei’s mother liujing was diagnosed with breast cancer.


It’s true that every family has a hard book to read.


"Why Little Joy" was once ranked first in Weibo’s hot search, with a reading volume of over 400 million.


Some netizens explained in the comments: "It is precisely because there are too many helpless trifles that it seems how important it is to be’ small joy’. Just like looking for diamonds in glass slag, it is worth discovering again. "


Similar to the irony of "everything is fine", behind "little joy" is also "little anxiety" that can’t be avoided in ordinary family life.

Three typical China families

Who poked your "pain point"

One of the reasons why Little Joy is highly praised is the "realism" of the plot and details. Whether it is the intimate details of husband and wife getting along or the parents’ every move when they "teach" their son, people often exclaim: "Director, why do you want to spy on my life?"

Christina’s mad drama made many netizens exclaim and saw the "mother mother"

Three families with different painting styles in the play also constitute a ukiyo-e painting of Chinese college entrance examination families. Through their mode of getting along with each other and their educational ideas, we can always see the shadow of ourselves or our families, and let the audience reflect on what family education should look like. 

"Lover Style": You are everything to your mother.


The "lover-like" parent-child relationship between Song Qian and his daughter Qiao Yingzi played by Tao Hong is the most controversial.


As a single mother, the frustration of marriage made her pour all her "love" into her daughter, and her daughter’s success became her goal in life and the way to prove herself.


As Song Qian often said, "Eiko, you are everything to your mother."


From childhood to adulthood, her daughter’s food, clothing, housing and transportation were all arranged by her, and the study plan must be strictly completed according to the timetable set by her.


The daughter’s room is equipped with an observation window, so that her mother can keep an eye on her every move at any time. The mother and daughter are like "conjoined twins" and have no private space.


No wonder Eiko once quietly told his father that he was at home every day as if he were in a prison.


This kind of maternal love may be meticulous in material, but it is extremely lacking in spirit. A mother imposes her will on her daughter, but never listens to her real needs.


All the voices of opposition are labeled as "love" and politely but ruthlessly rejected.


Song Qian once said to Eiko, "Mom has already arranged the road behind you." This road is entirely wishful thinking of my mother, and I have never asked my daughter for advice.


To put it bluntly, she treats her daughter as her private property, not as an independent individual.


In the play, this heavy maternal love has made Eiko gradually breathless. She began to rebel against her mother by playing truant and lying in disguise, and her personality became depressed and depressed.


In the name of mother’s love, we should "control". Behind this suffocating maternal love, both mother and daughter lost themselves.


"Airborne": Late Love


If Song Qian’s maternal love for Eiko is too much, Ji Jia’s parents’ love for Ji Yangyang is seriously lacking and late.


Because of work reasons, parents have been absent from their son’s growth all the year round, and suddenly "airborne" in the third year of high school. Naturally, it is difficult to get children’s acceptance and recognition.

Faced with this sense of estrangement and alienation, Ji Jia’s parents’ handling methods are worth learning.


They can try to understand and experience children’s hobbies from their sons’ point of view, such as playing video games and practicing karting. Taking interest as a breakthrough, Ji Yangyang’s heart is opened step by step.


When their son’s exam results are not ideal, they can also be reasonable and positive, telling him that exam results are a stepping stone to realize his dreams.

From this point of view, Ji Jia’s educational philosophy is superior to Qiao Jia’s, but there is a saying that "the best love is companionship", and it is often difficult to make up for the harm caused by the absence of parents in the process of growing up.


From the source, less "left-behind children" in cities like Ji Yangyang may be the best fatherly love and maternal love.

"Open": both father and son and friends.


Among the three families, Fang’s family atmosphere and parent-child relationship are undoubtedly the most enviable.


Fiona Fang and Tong Wenjie, played by Huang Lei and Christina, respectively played the roles of "tiger mother" and "cat father" at home.Mother is very strict with the "skin monkey" son, and sometimes she will use "force", but fortunately, her father with high emotional intelligence has always intervened, so that the whole family can operate in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.


As a screenwriter, Huang Lei has obviously incorporated many of his own educational ideas into Fiona Fang’s personal design. The so-called "cat dad" is not blindly compromising and spoiling, but is sensible and emotional to his son from the perspective of equality.


For example, when a conflict broke out between Tong Wenjie and Fang Yifan because of their poor grades, Fiona Fang used a set of "theory" to explain the truth and resolve the contradiction.

On the one hand, Fiona Fang advised his son to look sideways, not only to see his own shortcomings in learning compared with other students, but also to see his mother better than other parents.

On the other hand, he also advised his wife not only to compare her son "horizontally" with other people’s children, but also to learn to "look vertically" to help children find their own life goals and directions.


In the play, another line of Fiona Fang is actually said to all parents in and out of the play: "Children’s lives are their own, and they have to take a detour. They have to hit the south wall one by one, and we have stumbled all the way. No one can replace it."

We can’t choose our family, and the three "family of origin" in the play also have their own shortcomings and imperfections, but the loveliness of Little Joy is that neither parents nor children refuse to change, and they are constantly reflecting and improving themselves in the process of running in.


Just like the classic line in the middle school says, "Dad is also a father for the first time." After the quarrel and disagreement, the sincere apology and communication between the two sides has become the most touching paragraph in Little Joy.


Refuse to "suspend"

Grasp the realistic theme from the truth of details

Some viewers said: "Little Joy" is like a mirror, in which both parents and children can see themselves. This is the charm of realistic works.


Director Wang Jun once concluded at the press conference that the key to the creation of realistic works is "truth". "For example, changing slippers when entering the door is realism. If you grasp the truth of the details, you will grasp the true meaning of realism."

Director Wang Jun


In his view, in the film and television works with realistic themes, the creator and the audience should maintain an equal relationship. "The creator should not always be condescending and want to lead or teach something. What we want to express is in reality. First of all, we should be faithful to our own feelings and experiences of reality and don’t fake the real play."


In the early discussion of the script, screenwriter Huang Lei also said that the characters must "sink down and stick to the ground" and "don’t talk too much". He also exposed himself in Weibo. Most of the characters in the play are based on the real experiences of friends around him. "The screenwriter doesn’t have to edit it, because it’s all around you."


From "Little Separation", "My First Half Life" and "Big Rivers" to "Everything is Fine" and "Little Joy" this year, with the birth of one explosion after another, realistic film and television works have really ushered in a blowout period.

It is the significance and charm of realistic works to integrate the real insight and perception of life into the creation, so that the audience can empathize and trigger a wide range of social discussions.


As director Wang Jun said, "Little Joy" is not made to accuse or solve any problems. After all, education is a matter of thousands of people. What the creative team wants to do is to present the reality to the audience. "We don’t want to give the audience a ready-made answer, just want to give everyone a grasp, so that everyone can deeply discuss the Chinese parent-child relationship and intergenerational relationship."

Huawei asks whether the new M7 will "cripple" the ideal when it comes back to life.

If anyone can continue to move bricks with enthusiasm after the Mid-Autumn National Day holiday, it must be Huawei’s smart car selection team.

On the evening of October 6th, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of terminal BG and chairman of smart car solutions, announced the pre-sale record of the holiday on social platforms. Among them, only two days before the end of the Eleventh Holiday, the new M7 has a large quantity (a deposit of 5,000 yuan is required in advance, and the deposit cannot be refunded if the car purchase intention is changed), and it has accumulated more than 10,000 units.

You know, even on a monthly basis, regardless of the delivery volume or sales volume, the number can exceed 10,000 units, which is already a proper best-selling model. There are also most brands, and together with several models on sale, they can only achieve a monthly achievement of breaking 10,000.

Yu Chengdong announced in the circle of friends that the sales volume of the new M7 holiday was bursting | Network

And if you start counting from September 12 th,24 days after the release, ask the worldnew The number of M7 has exceeded 50,000.. Judging from the feedback from consumers, Yu Chengdong’s new M7, which was rebuilt at a cost of 500 million yuan, is indeed far ahead.

Of course, the excitement is only the appearance, and each manufacturer will continue to roll up for a long time. You must compete with yourself &mdash; &mdash; &mdash; &mdash; Sales are just the beginning, as well as the capacity climbing at the hardware level, the intelligent upgrade of OTA at the software level, and so on; We must continue to compete with our opponents &mdash; &mdash; Keep a steady pace of playing cards, and try to launch new products without making mistakes in the long development cycle.

Intelligent electric vehicles are entering a fierce halftime stage.What new variables does the new M7, which is set to break 50,000 yuan in a single month, bring to this game??


The sales of the new M7 in the world are mainly determined by two factors: product and market.

In the product itself, first of all, the most intuitive embodiment of the new M7, which is known as "spending 500 million to upgrade", is the release of a brand-new two-row big five-seat model, which greatly makes up for the lack of space in the back row of the old three-row six-seat model.

After the change, the big five-seat models also reunited the target users in a family of two or three. From the current point of view, the effect of the change is immediate.According to a chat conversation of Yu Chengdong obtained by Geek Park,,As of 10: 00 a.m. on October 7, five-seat models accounted for 81% of the total, contributing more than 45,000 orders.

Secondly, in the invisible place, the new M7 has also been upgraded in the intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving.

Relying on Huawei’s ecology, the brand-new HarmonyOS smart cockpit can realize multi-device linkage with Huawei’s mobile phones and tablets through "touch-and-touch" and MagLink, which is an ecological advantage that most smart car products do not have. In addition, Huawei’s intelligent driving team reduced the investment of relying on high-precision maps in the high-level intelligent driving system of ADS 2.0, thus shouting the goal of "opening all over the country" by the end of the year when the new products were released, and also making the brand image of the new intellectual leader further strengthened.

On September 12th, at the new M7 press conference, Yu Chengdong promised that Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving would be promoted to the national Geek Park by the end of the year.

Some Huawei terminal people told Geek Park that before the Mid-Autumn National Day holiday, they asked the world.newThe order proportion of M7 intelligent driving version (i.e. top matching) has exceeded 50%. According to the chat information from Yu Chengdong Internet, as of October 7th, the optional rate of five Max ADS premium packages reached 70%.

On the market side, Geek Park also experienced the new M7 model in a shopping mall in Chengdu during the 11th period. From the offline experience, since ADS 2.0 will not officially land in Chengdu until the end of October, it is actually very difficult for users to actually experience the actual effects of functions such as smart driving and parking service during the test drive at this stage.

Therefore,The current sales results can be considered as users’ trust in the brand, and can also be simply understood as users being attracted by lower prices..

Compared with the direct competitor’s ideal, even the top-of-the-line intelligent driving version of the new M7 is cheaper than the entry-level version of the ideal L7 by 10,000 yuan. The same is the top version, which is 70,000 yuan lower. Moreover, because the pre-sale in the first month caught up with the time of the two festivals and superimposed various car purchase rights (up to 33,000 yuan in total), the price advantage of the new M7 will continue to be enlarged.

Huawei’s offline stores have also brought a lot of traffic to car sales..

Huawei Mate 60 Pro 120Hz’s high screen will stand out when browsing the web | Geek Park

In the store experienced by the author, many consumers who came to the store for the new Huawei Mate 60 series mobile phones began to try out the new models because of their "watching the excitement" mentality.

In the author’s personal offline experience, we can also feel the user’s enthusiasm for the test drive of the new M7.

Vehicles such as Weilai and Ideality in the same shopping center do not need to queue up, and the test drive+explanation time is generally 30-60 minutes. However, the test drive of the new M7 needs to be registered in advance. After a test drive of about 20 minutes, the sales staff can’t leave too much time to continue communication. They just remind the next potential consumer to get on the bus after "the right to buy a car expires on October 7".

"No way, this car is too hot now," said a store worker.


Now that we have talked about ideals, we can’t avoid a comeback in Weibo by founder Li Xiang in June this year. In that long article, the "King of Weibo" rarely recognized the cowardice, saying that in the third quarter of last year, it was directly "crippled" by the release and trading of the old model M7, and that Huawei’s super ability "directly caused the sales in Li ONE to collapse and stop production in advance".

Does the new M7 fire in the world pose a great threat to the ideal again?

Look at the sales data first. According to the official data released by LI, in September, the delivery volume and order volume of the three ideal models on sale continued to hit a new high, and the delivery volume of each model continued to exceed 10,000. Among them,The ideal L7, M7′ s direct rival, has sold more than 10,000 yuan a month for six consecutive months..

Since the pre-sale was released on September 12, as of September 30, the cumulative number of new M7 has exceeded 30,000. The ideal L7 has also started to grow rapidly in the same period.

So you see, the new M7 seems to grow harmoniously with the ideal L7 at this stage &hellip; &hellip;

In fact, from the product dimension, last summer, Li ONE not only faced the pressure of M7, but also faced the impact of its own L series new model (ideal L9 released in June last year). As a brand represented by low SKU, the ideal stage should be in the stage of thinking about different products matching different users.Therefore, back to the public resumption before Li Xiang, Li ONE was not necessarily "beaten" by the old model M7 simply from the product level to stop production in advance.

Ask M7′ s direct competitor ideal L7 | LI.

So this time, in the face of the new M7 with a low-cost and intelligent upgraded arsenal, will Li think that he will be "powerless for a long time" as he knew last year? Will he make short-term adjustments in terms of prices and products according to this strongest competitor?

The author’s answer is no, at least not before the end of the year. There are three reasons:

First, LI now has three models, L7, L8 and L9, and has enough moats at the product end. Among them, the positioning of the latter two is still a "daddy car" for a two-child family, which does not completely coincide with the new M7 five-seat version aimed at a family of three.

Second, Li wants to have his own methodology about pricing.In the recent online course, Li Xiang himself shared this pricing formula, namely: product value = product strength ÷ product price × product quality.&mdash; &mdash; All variables are their own product factors, and are calculated in combination with the gross profit target required by the enterprise.

At the same time, Li Xiang also pointed out in that course that from the perceptual level, commodity prices will also have an impact on the identity of car owners. He thinks that if you pay nearly 300 thousand yuan, but only buy a car worth more than 200 thousand yuan, the user "feels wronged." Therefore, even if the new M7 in the world shows a large price advantage at present, Li Xiang will not take the initiative to change in the near future with the same sales volume.

Third,In Li Xiang’s logic, product iteration is not used to solve problems, but to "provide more functions". This point was mentioned when he was interviewed by Xiang Li, editor-in-chief of App in 2018. Therefore, the real contest in the next stage may focus on the smart driving service that still stays in the demonstration video and internal testing stage. Huawei put forward the promise of "opening all over the country", and the ideal also shouted the goal of realizing the 100-city commuting mode by the end of the year.


It can be predicted that in the fourth quarter, the competition between the world and the ideal will be more intense.

In the long-term automobile industry, many moves are predicted early. For example, when asking about the M9, a brand-new car that will be launched soon, Yu Chengdong called out "the best SUV within 10 million" at Huawei’s new product launch conference in autumn at the end of September. According to the information released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the M9 will once again launch an impact on three rows and six seats, and provide two types of power: pure electricity and extended range, which will directly compete with the ideal L8 and L9. According to the aforementioned chat records of Yu Chengdong, as of October 7th, the number of M9 blind selection orders has exceeded 8,000.

At the press conference, Yu Chengdong once again warmed up M9 | Huawei.

In the field of intelligence in a shorter period, the two smart driving services will officially debut at the end of the year. Whether for existing smart car owners or potential car owners, the actual performance of Huawei ADS, known as the "first echelon in the industry", will attract key attention.

Of course, the ideal will also launch its own new moat. According to the plan,Fourth quarteridealThe first pure electric vehicle MEGA will also be released.. At this stage, in order to cooperate with the launch of pure electric vehicles, it is ideal to launch 5C Kirin battery, 800V high-voltage platform and 5C super-filled pile solution. It is foreseeable that the first pure electric vehicle will be an ideal and important battle.

MEGA spy photos of ideal pure electric MPV model | network

In the circle of friends in Yu Chengdong, the market feedback of the new M7 was described as "coming back to life".

In the complicated and long competition of smart electric vehicles, after ordering, it will continue to experience many tests such as capacity climbing and software iteration. For Li Xiang and LI, facing an opponent with sufficient cash and strong intelligence research and development strength, they must not stay in the achievements at this stage.

If the previous battlefield was focused on price and product positioning, then the second half of the battle about intelligence and software will officially enter a new stage.