Huawei Watch GT 3/Runner watches have added support for the M5, BYD car keys and door key functions.

On August 29th, Huawei WATCH GT 3 and Watch GT Runner watches were gradually introduced recently, which mainly added the functions of car key and door key, and optimized the accuracy of swimming distance and stroke recognition.


1. Add the car key function, the watch can unlock the car door, and can also remotely control the car.

2. Add the NFC car key function, and the watch can open the door when touched.

3. Watches can also be pawned. Touch the door lock and easily open the door (Huawei Smart Door Lock and Huawei Smart Door Lock Pro are currently supported).

4. SMS supports receiving and replying emoji expressions.


1. Do not disturb mode can set multiple time periods.

2. Optimize the swimming mode interface of the swimming pool. You can select the default swimming pool length or user-defined length by rotating the crown in the swimming preparation interface of the swimming pool, which is more convenient to operate.

3. Optimize the accuracy of swimming distance and swimming gesture recognition.

4. You can enter and execute a custom running course or an intelligent running plan by rotating the crown and pressing the key.

5. User-defined running course and intelligent running plan add intensity interval indication, which is convenient for observing and adjusting training status at any time.

Precautions for updating:

1. The functions of car key and intelligent door lock key are limited, and they need to be opened in the "wallet" function in the "Sports Health" application (only mobile phones with EMUI, HarmonyOS and Android systems support this function), and the remote car control function of the watch needs to be downloaded and used together with the AITO application.

2. In order to get a better experience, it is suggested to update the "Sports Health" application to the latest version through the application market before updating.

3. Please keep the Bluetooth connection during the update. If the update fails, please try again.

4. The updating process of wearable devices may take a long time. Please wait patiently for the progress bar on the device side to be completed, and the device will automatically restart after the system is updated.

If you encounter any problems during use, please call Huawei’s service hotline or go to Huawei’s customer service center for support.

At present, the update has been pushed to some users. If the IT home partner can’t receive the update, you can try to wait for a while and then check the update.

Standard skylight+triple screen, larger than Song PLUS, is Xiaolong MAX worth waiting for?

For Haval, the H6 product continued to sell well in China a few years ago, allowing consumers to buy a more cost-effective SUV. However, with the continuous promotion of new energy vehicles in recent years, all kinds of plug-in and hybrid vehicles are constantly updated, and consumers gradually raise their recognition of new energy vehicles. At present, Harvard’s new energy vehicles are not abundant. In order to maintain the previous sales, it is necessary to introduce more new energy vehicles to meet the needs of consumers. The recently unveiled Haval Xiaolong MAX is a brand-new compact plug-in SUV. This product has a brand-new upgrade in terms of shape design and power system, and it is also the first to take the new hybrid architecture of the Great Wall Hi4. So what is the strength of new car products? Can consumers recognize it? Let’s get to know each other.

Triple screen+skylight is standard in the whole system, which is larger than Song PLUS?

About Haval Xiaolong MAX, there have been a lot of appearance information maps exposed before, and I think everyone has a better understanding of this. Let’s talk briefly about the appearance here. As one of the latest new energy vehicles in the family, the front face of Haval Xiaolong MAX adopts a gradual mesh and a "boomerang" style headlight group. The logo of "PHEV" below can obviously make people recognize its identity. The side and tail designs are similar to those of traditional models, and the split taillights used by most models are also used. Generally speaking, although Xiaolong MAX is a brand-new new energy vehicle, its appearance can bring a certain freshness, but at the same time, it also retains some designs similar to Haval’s traditional models.

As an SUV model, what do you want to know most? Of course, in terms of size, Haval Xiaolong MAX locates a compact SUV. In terms of body size, its length, width and height are 4758/1895/1725mm, and its wheelbase is 2800mm, which is larger than its own Haval H6. In addition, we refer to BYD Song PLUS DM-i, which is also a compact SUV. Its length, width and height dimensions are 4705/1890/1680mm and its wheelbase is 2765mm respectively. Obviously, the size of Xiaolong MAX should be dominant in all aspects, even if it is placed in the same class, it will have a good performance. Because the side of the car body does not adopt the shape of the Haval beast or the Haval F series model, but adopts the D-pillar design with a larger inclination angle and a larger spoiler, it is expected that its internal seating space will be more spacious. In addition, Haval Xiaolong MAX not only has a large body size, but also has rich and flexible storage space, such as the upper and lower front door panels, the lower floor of the center console, the front and rear row of cup holders and a number of storage slots specially for mobile phones. Temporary small items can be stored almost everywhere, and the design is more intimate in terms of function and practicality.

The traditional dashboard plus central control has been difficult to attract consumers’ attention. In order to cater to the more scientific and comfortable interior trend style, Haval Xiaolong MAX adopts a triple screen design, with a 12.3-inch LCD central control screen+a 12.3-inch LCD driver’s screen+a 12.3-inch LCD instrument and HUD head-up digital display, which can make drivers more focused and greatly improve the entertainment function in the car. Moreover, you will find that among the models of this level, there are not many models with triple screens, which are generally used in models with a price of more than 200,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan. In addition, according to the previous application information, the skylight will also be standard in the whole department. It can be seen that Haval Xiaolong MAX is still sincere in the interior materials. Due to the design of the arms, it is more convenient for the center console to set aside more space to store items such as mobile phones. In addition, the rear seats can be laid down independently, which has good flatness, thus further expanding the storage space at the rear, which is very practical for some users to occasionally carry large items.

Pure electric battery life exceeds 100km, and the Great Wall new technology is equipped with two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive options?

In terms of power, according to the existing information, the new car is expected to adopt a plug-in hybrid system composed of 1.5L/1.5T engine and motor, which is matched with a multi-gear DHT gearbox. Among them, the entry-level model uses a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 85kW, while the middle and high-end models provide a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 113kW. As for batteries, lithium ternary battery and Ferrous lithium phosphate battery will be provided according to different configurations. It is expected that the version of lithium iron phosphate battery will further lower the price threshold.

According to the previous statement, the new car of Haval Xiaolong MAX will use the Hi4 hybrid system of Great Wall. Comparatively speaking, what is really worth looking forward to is this system, that is, the four-wheel drive function is realized through the structural cost of the two-wheel drive. So how does it achieve the four-wheel drive function? To put it simply, the Great Wall Hi4 is a two-axis and two-motor hybrid system. Under the original hybrid two-drive structure, a rear axle motor is added at P4 of the rear axle, which is equivalent to adding a drive system to provide power, thus realizing the function of four-wheel drive with the two-drive structure. In addition, the Hi4 hybrid special engine of Great Wall will have more than 40% engineering thermal efficiency, and the battery also has fast charging ability, which will be helpful for the improvement of battery life. The cruising range of pure electricity is expected to reach more than 100km. If you use pure electric mode for short-distance daily transportation, you basically don’t need to refuel frequently.

In general, Haval Xiaolong MAX has enriched consumers’ purchasing demand while providing various power versions. The most important thing is the blessing of the new technology of the Great Wall Hi4. This hybrid system will find the corresponding best working mode according to different scenarios used by users. For example, when the urban road conditions need to be accelerated or climbed rapidly, the vehicle will switch between pure electric four-wheel drive and one-speed direct drive mode according to the urban road conditions; Or when encountering high-speed cruise road conditions, the vehicle will adopt a higher 2-speed direct drive mode, which can effectively reduce the engine speed range and thus reduce the energy consumption of the system. In a word, the vehicle will intelligently switch different working conditions according to different scenarios, thus avoiding the high-energy consumption or low-efficiency operation interval.


Nowadays, new energy vehicles are becoming more and more common. Even without the inclination of the license policy, everyone is willing to choose it, especially plug-in hybrid vehicles. The main reason is that the plug-in and hybrid models can not only use pure electricity in cities, but also burn oil to solve the mileage anxiety caused by long-distance driving.

As a long-awaited plug-in hybrid model, the appearance of Haval Xiaolong MAX gives people a certain freshness different from family-style design, and the materials used in interior configuration are also kind enough, and it also uses its own Hi4 hybrid new technology in power, which is expected to help and improve power and battery life. If the pricing is reasonable, Harvard Xiaolong MAX is expected to attract a lot of consumers with these good products in the future.