How far is L3 autopilot from us?

As we all know, the "second half" of the new energy vehicle market will be an intelligent competition. Near the end of the year, the domestic city NOA Kaicheng War intensified, and L3 test policy boots officially landed. On December 22nd, Changan Automobile announced that it had successfully obtained L3-level self-driving road test licenses for 17 expressways on November 17th, becoming the earliest enterprise to obtain such licenses at most in a single batch. How far is L3 automatic assisted driving?

"Made in Chongqing" car starts L3 road test.

A few days ago, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other four ministries and commissions jointly issued the "Notice on Launching the Pilot Work of Intelligent Networked Vehicle Access and Road Access", which formally set specific requirements for L3/L4 autopilot access specifications and improved relevant rules. This means that China’s advanced autonomous driving has a clear policy support and responsibility definition.

The introduction of the new policy has opened the floodgate of mass production for the long-awaited smart car industry.

As of December 21st, 17 L3 self-driving vehicles of Changan Automobile have passed the 34-day road test. The L3 self-driving road test was carried out in Chongqing Inner Ring Expressway. The total length of this section is 74.1km, which is very mountainous, covering complex scenes such as construction, long slopes, continuous bends, bridges, tunnels, ramp entrances, etc. The traffic volume is large, with the maximum one-way cross-section traffic of 94,000 vehicles/day and the maximum peak traffic of 7,300 vehicles/hour. The whole section has normal traffic jams in the morning and evening peaks.

According to relevant sources of Changan Automobile, the traffic jam autopilot function of Changan Automobile has undergone a severe test in this road test.

At the same time, a number of "Chongqing-made" cars have also made great efforts in high-speed and urban NOA(Navigate On Autopilot). It is generally believed in the industry that the urban NOA is approaching L3, which is a crucial step from L2 to L3. In short, if you want to go from place A to place B, you only need to enter place B in the navigation, and you can hold the steering wheel to supervise how the vehicle waits for the traffic lights, changes lanes and gives way in the covered area.

On October 9th, Aouita Science and Technology announced that it would gradually open the NCA without map, and intensively carry out large-scale actual road test and user experience. As the core capability of Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving system ADS 2.0, Aouita has taken the lead in covering six cities, namely Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, and the second batch of functions will cover another 16 core cities, with full coverage in China within this year.

The world under the banner of Celestial Automobile was the first to open the push of the city NOA. In July this year, the urban NCA function of the M5 Zhijia version was opened in five cities: Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Chongqing. In December, the new M7 in Wenjie was equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system, and the high-speed NCA intelligent driving navigation auxiliary function of the vehicle can be used nationwide without relying on high-precision maps.

Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of terminal BG, and chairman of smart car solutions, mentioned in the latest order "Battle Report" published on social media in October that the selection rate of high-end packages of M7 five-seat Max version ADS was 70%, and that of six-seat Max version ADS was 68%.

The NOA timetable of car companies has been released one after another.

The competition for the city NOA is not limited to "Made in Chongqing".

On March 31st, 2023, Tucki fully promoted XNGP (Full Scene Assisted Driving) version 4.2.0, and all users of G9 MAX and P7i MAX can get this software version.

He Xiaopeng, CEO of Xpeng Motors, said, "We promise that the first city in China will drive Kaicheng &hellip in 25 cities by the end of November; …”

Subsequently, brands such as Ideal, Weilai and Zhiji have also announced the specific timetable of the city NOA. This means that it has completed 50% of the progress bar of the goal of opening a city in 50 cities.

In addition, Xpeng Motors has publicly stated that the Max version of Tucki G6 has an optional rate of over 80%, and the Max version of Tucki G9 has an optional rate of over 80%.

Recently, Li Xiang, CEO of LI, said on the social platform that the official version of NOA in December covers the national expressway and ring road and 100 cities, and the LCC function will be available worldwide.

Weilai also officially opened the test of NOA function in Shanghai in June.

On December 16th, Zhiji Automobile announced that its vehicles equipped with L3-level automatic driving function have officially obtained the high-speed highway automatic driving test license in Shanghai. At the same time, Zhiji is applying for the L3 announcement access pilot of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and it is expected to be the first vehicle to enter the L3 autopilot access pilot.

On December 12, Gu Huinan, general manager of Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an, revealed: "Ai ‘an is applying for L3 autopilot together with Ruqi Travel, and strives to be the first to launch truly operational L4 autopilot in 2025."

On December 16th, Mercedes-Benz became one of the first enterprises to obtain the road test license of Beijing Conditional Autopilot (L3) Expressway. Two days ago, China’s first L3 test license was spent on BMW — — BMW announced that it has obtained the L3-class self-driving high-speed road test license in Shanghai.

Mercedes-Benz has made it clear that after Germany and the United States, it will promote L3-class autopilot system Drive Pilot in China market, and BMW Group plans to officially launch L3-class autopilot function in late 2023 or early 2024.

In August this year, Tesla CEO Musk revealed that Tesla is developing the last puzzle "Vehicle Control" of the FSD V12. The automatic driving system adopts an end-to-end solution. In November, Tesla has pushed the FSD V12 to employees.

The ideal NOA, NGP of Tucki or NCA of Huawei, under the influence of a dazzling array of technical terms, the "second half" of intelligent driving is really coming.

How far is L3 autopilot from us?

At the end of 2023, L2′ s driving function was gradually optimized. How far is L3 from us?

At the 5th China Automobile and Travel Future Forum, data show that at present, the penetration rate of intelligent driving above L2 will exceed 40%.

Many domestic progressive autonomous driving companies are also realizing data closed loop through mass production and high-order assisted driving scenes, and promoting the rapid maturity of autonomous driving technology; In addition, many key cities in China are also accelerating the construction of "smart cities", delineating pilot areas and promoting the coordinated construction of vehicles and roads.

It is understood that in terms of chips, NVIDIA leads the iteration of smart driving chips, Mobileye and TI technologies are mature, and the distance between domestic players Horizon and Black Sesame is gradually shortened. In terms of domain controllers and solutions, domestic players Desai Siwei, Jingwei Hengrun, Zongmu Technology, Zhixing Technology, etc. have all got on the bus on a large scale, and their technical maturity has been continuously improved. Laser radar: domestic suppliers such as Wo Sai, Tu Datong and Sagitar have a faster pace of mass production.

On November 26th, Hu Yang of Huaxi Securities pointed out that as of August, 2023, the country had opened more than 20,000 kilometers of test roads, and a large number of intelligent networked automobile products were developed, tested and verified. The opening of this pilot will help the intelligent networked vehicles to accelerate the technical level, and also accelerate the industrialization process of the smart car industry. L3/L4 smart driving will also accelerate its landing next year.

As a watershed between assisted driving and driverless driving, L3 autopilot needs not only technical support, but also coordinated support from policies, legislation, infrastructure and other aspects.

Last August, the first domestic regulation on intelligent networked vehicle management — — The Regulations of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on the Management of Intelligent Networked Vehicles was officially implemented. This legislation is the first official management document in China to divide in detail important issues such as the rights and responsibilities of L3 and above automatic driving, and provides a policy basis for self-driving vehicles to legally go on the road. Although it is only exclusive to Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, its significance to the national intelligent networked automobile management legislation is self-evident.

The promulgation of the "Notice on Launching the Pilot Work of Intelligent Networked Vehicle Access and Road Access" has further accelerated the landing of high-level automatic driving.

In the current upgrade war of autonomous driving, mass production capacity is the "key" to cross L2 to L3. According to the above-mentioned Notice, the emphasis on mass production capacity again means that players without mass production capacity can’t even get "admission tickets".

Changan Automobile said that it will continue to pay close attention to the requirements of China regulations and, with the support of policies and regulations, will introduce L3-class autopilot function to the market at an appropriate time.

According to the data released by the Industrial Research Institute, it is estimated that the penetration rate of L3, a new car on sale, will reach 20% in 2023.

According to the agency’s forecast, in 2024, the urban NOA layout process will rapidly expand to 100 cities across the country, and the sales volume of NOA models will reach more than one million.

Upstream journalist Yan Wei

Reading: Tik Tok’s hottest online celebrity inventory to see if you like Tik Tok’s hottest online celebrity inventory to see if you like it.

  There are many online celebrities in Tik Tok, and many friends want to know who are the hottest online celebrity in Tik Tok. The following PConline Xiaobian brings you the inventory of the hottest online celebrity in Tik Tok. Come and have a look!

  Tik Tok’s hottest online celebrity inventory

  1. Degula K.

  Her real name is Dai Jiali, a young lady born in 1996. She should be from the northeast. Judging from her usual dress and daily life, her family conditions should be good. At present, when it comes to the hottest people in Tik Tok, one of them must be Degula K. Even if you don’t know the name, I believe you must have seen her hip-hop dance. At present, it has won tens of millions of praises and played more than 100 million times. It can be said that it is very popular in Tik Tok!

  2. Lige o2o

  The girl’s version of "singing in a different way" was sung by "Lige o3o", and many people took her song to make BGM, which was very popular. Then I also sent a video like this, and now it has millions of likes.

  3. Fei Qiming

  At the beginning, it was broadcast live on Yingke, and there was a wave of fans at that time. Later, it moved to Tik Tok to rely on a "If your ex-boyfriend and your current boyfriend fell into the water at the same time, would you like me to be your boyfriend?" "The frequency of visual annoyance quickly became popular. He is now developing from online celebrity to a star and has received a TV series. Do you expect it?

  4: Liu Erdou

  A talking cat often "sings" and "talks". Watching its video is like watching an interesting film. It is almost perfect. Because it is the image of a cat, it also attracts the attention of many cat lovers.

  5. Little brother selling Turkish ice cream

  The flexible technique makes you puzzled, and it is difficult to eat an ice cream. Some netizens teased: I took his ice cream for 10 minutes and he took my money for half an hour. Some netizens ridiculed: I open a knife seller next to this store, and the business is definitely good!

  6. Ren Qing ‘an

  An old man detonated Tik Tok. He was Ren Qing ‘an, a handsome old man. Originally, vibrato video was one of the popular short video softwares, but the appearance of Ren Qing ‘an made fans crazy. Many fans would pay attention to who Ren Qing ‘an had paid attention to, and they were happy and showed special unity.

  7. Tik Tok is gentle

  On Tik Tok, there is a young lady named Wen Wan, who has both talents and looks. She made a video that reminds her that she is not spicy. It is used as dynamic wallpaper by many people. 17-year-old Wen Wan looks quite mature, temperamental and charming, and she feels beautiful and unreal from the video.

[Brics Story Charm Xiamen] The "living fossil" of music culture glows with a new "sound" machine.

  Cctv news(Reporter Wang Xiaoying) Nanyin, also known as "Xianguan", is one of the oldest existing kinds of music in China. It came from the Central Plains to southern Fujian, and has preserved the traditional and ancient folk singing methods before the Tang Dynasty, singing classics in Minnan, and is called the "living fossil" of music culture.

  Founded in 1954, Xiamen South Orchestra is one of the only two professional performing groups of Nanyin in China. In recent years, Nanyin has made great efforts to innovate and cultivate talents, and a group of post-90 s and even post-95 s students have participated, which has given Nanyin a new "voice" machine.

Nanyin oratorio "Jin Shi Yin"

Nanyin oratorio "Jin Shi Yin"

  Compilation of reference books and promotion of Nanyin’s first computer-generated scale edition published at the end of the year.

The score of Nanyin Gongchi Score, which was independently developed by the South Orchestra, was played by computer scoring software.

The score of Nanyin Gongchi Score, which was independently developed by the South Orchestra, was played by computer scoring software.

  Xiamen South Orchestra is located in the west gate of Sun Yat-sen Park, a historic building with southern Fujian classical garden style — — — In "Nanyin Pavilion", its predecessor was Xiamen Jinfengnan Orchestra.

  Mr. Ji Jingmu, the first head of the Southern Orchestra, was highly accomplished and was praised as a "great master" and a "master of southern music" by the southern music circles at home and abroad. During his lifetime, he compiled more than 500 pieces of traditional southern music and created many new pieces, among which the instrumental music "Fishing Songs in the Bohai Sea" jointly created by colleagues in the music industry was praised as the fourteenth set of southern music.

  Thanks to the guidance of Ji Jingmu, Bai Hou, Ren Qingshui, Bai Lihua, Lin Yuyan and other famous teachers, Nanle Troupe not only abides by the previous law, but also dares to innovate, forming a unique artistic style. In terms of instrumental performance, Xiamen South Orchestra pays attention to the tacit cooperation between musicians, especially the skill of playing the flute string in the cave, which is highly respected in the southern music circle; In singing, it pays attention to "emphasizing rhyme over lightness" and "clear pronunciation and mellow voice", which has been praised by southern music circles at home and abroad for decades.

  In recent years, the Southern Orchestra has adhered to the road of attaching equal importance to inheritance and innovation. On the one hand, it has continuously excavated and sorted out traditional tracks, on the other hand, it has actively created Nanyin masterpieces and actively participated in various national art competitions, winning awards frequently.

  In 2010, Nanyin’s Gathering in Baodao won the program award of "Peony Award, the highest award of China Quyi", becoming the only play in Fujian Province and one of the five in China that won this honor.

  Yang Xueli, head of Xiamen Nanyin Orchestra, introduced that since 2015, Nanyin Orchestra has started the data rescue and protection plan, and edited and published the Selected Works of Nanyin Ancient Music by using the self-developed Nanyin Gongchi notation computer scoring software. This selection is the first in Xiamen Nanyin community and the first Nanyin score in Xiamen, which has become an indispensable reference book for Nanyin lovers, providing a more detailed Nanyin reference book for Nanyin practitioners and enthusiasts, and standardizing the singing scores of Xiamen schools. At present, they are editing and proofreading Xiamen’s first computer-generated version of the Complete Works of Nanyin Finger Spectrum, which is expected to be published by the end of this year.

  After 90, students joined the new "sound" machine that glowed with Nanyin.

Xu Dani on the stage

Xu Dani on the stage

  Born in 1996, Xu Dani was influenced by her aunt who sang Nanyin. She entered Xiamen Art School at the age of 15 in 2011 and began to try to learn Nanyin.

  "Although Nanyin is sung in Minnan, she can speak Minnan and may not be able to sing Nanyin." Xu Dani said that it was difficult to learn at first, and the pronunciation and articulation were very demanding, especially it was difficult to adapt to the slow rhythm of Nanyin.

  Yang Xueli introduced that Nanyin really pays attention to articulation, and its tunes are euphemistic, simple and elegant.

  Many gestures and movements of Nanyin are delicate and exquisite. The longer the contact, the more beautiful it feels, and the slow performance rhythm of Nanyin as a whole is easy to calm people down. After studying, Xu Dani fell in love with Nanyin. In 2014, she began to perform on stage.

  In order to cultivate talents, Nanle Orchestra and Xiamen Art School jointly run a school, and sent old masters and top teachers to participate in Nanyin professional teaching. There were 17 students studying with Xu Dani, and these post-90 s students also injected new vitality into Nanle Orchestra.

  "In the past, the performance form of Nanyin was relatively simple, such as four stations and one singing." Xu Dani said that their new students, on the basis of the original, asked the master to innovate. At present, many popular elements have been added to the repertoire, such as accompaniment chorus, percussion and other Chinese and Western instruments.

  Although she excels in some tracks, Xu Dani still feels that compared with the old masters, she has only learned a little, especially the most difficult part of Nanyin’s singing.

  Yang Xueli told reporters that the new batch of post-90s or even post-90s students is actually very surprising. They have excellent skills and stick to the tradition. Many of them have made their mark in national, provincial and municipal events and made great achievements.

  Go out of "Nanyin Pavilion" and fly overseas.

Nanyin's performance "Gathering in Treasure Island" won the program award of the sixth China Quyi "Peony Award".

Nanyin’s performance "Gathering in Treasure Island" won the program award of the sixth China Quyi "Peony Award".

  In order to let more people know about Nanyin, the Southern Orchestra took the initiative to perform in the campus and community, and will perform free of charge at Nanyin Pavilion on Sunday for the public to watch.

  Yang Xueli introduced that the Southern Orchestra regularly organizes Nanyin training classes and Nanyin summer camps jointly with Nanyin Society and primary and secondary schools in Xiamen, or sends outstanding Nanyin performers into schools and communities to give lectures, and holds a session of Xiamen Nanyin Singing Competition every year, which has been held for 19 times so far, cultivating a group of new people, creating and producing a number of new works, and reviving Nanyin.

  Nanyin is widely spread in Hongkong, Macau and Southeast Asian countries where Minnan people live, especially in Taiwan Province. Because of this, Nanyin is endowed with a special historical mission and will play an irreplaceable role in promoting cross-strait artistic exchanges, enhancing cross-strait cultural identity and maintaining cross-strait emotional ties.

  On behalf of Xiamen City, Xiamen South Orchestra went to Taiwan to participate in the "Fujian Cultural Treasure Island Campus Tour — — Nanyin enters the campus "activity, and enters 11 colleges and universities in Taiwan Province to promote performances.

  In recent years, the Southern Orchestra has been invited to visit the Philippines, Singapore, Japan, France, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and other countries and regions, actively carrying out foreign art exchange performances, and promoting China’s excellent traditional culture to the world through the international stage, so that people can further understand the value and charm of Nanyin, a world heritage.

Xpeng Motors Zhijia team lost another general.

Today, it is reported that Liu Yilin, senior director of Xpeng Motors Autopilot Products, will leave his post. At the same time, it is said that he will join NVIDIA and join Wu Xinzhou, former vice president of Tucki Autopilot.

In this regard, Liu Yilin himself wrote that any "joining other enterprises" at present is false information.

In August, 2023, Wu Xinzhou, the former vice president of autonomous driving in Tucki, left Tucki and joined NVIDIA as the "global vice president", reporting to Huang Renxun. According to media reports, after Wu Xinzhou left his post, the responsible persons of autonomous driving, including perception, decision-making and lidar, also left one after another.

It is understood that Wu Xinzhou is the core figure of Xpeng Motors’s autonomous driving business and once served as the vice president of Xpeng Motors’s intelligent driving business. He joined Xpeng Motors in March 2019 and was fully responsible for the autonomous driving business and team management. Wu Xinzhou graduated from Tsinghua University and received his master’s and doctor’s degrees in electronic engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Before joining Tucki, he was the head of the autonomous driving R&D team in Qualcomm.

According to Wu Xinzhou himself, he left his job because of family and various reasons, and he said that he would return to the United States. He Xiaopeng also mentioned that Wu Xinzhou expressed this intention in the second half of last year.

Wu Xinzhou’s departure is an important change for Xpeng Motors. During his stay in Xpeng Motors, he promoted the rapid development of the company’s autonomous driving technology, including self-developed intelligent driving software algorithms, and promoted Xpeng Motors to become a leading domestic autonomous driving technology enterprise. His departure may have a certain impact on Xpeng Motors’s autonomous driving business.


"Love Evolution" Zhejiang Wei conference Ruoyun Zhang scene anti-string female No.1, Crystal domineering leave.

At 14: 00 on July 26th, producer Huang Lan and screenwriter Baoqing joined hands with Crystal, Ruoyun Zhang, Timmy Xu and Viva to attend the release conference of Zhejiang Satellite TV’s light comedy "Love Evolution". The founders dressed in school uniforms returned to high school, and attended a unique open class of love evolution. From the initial stage, to the rebellious stage, to the formative stage, they returned to their initial heart with the audience and explored the true meaning of love in the place where love sprouted.

For the first time, Crystal challenged to play a high school student, and the anti-string role and Ruoyun Zhang exchanged acting skills.

At the press conference, the masters in school uniforms talked about shooting high school scenes, and everyone was moved. Recalling his youth, Crystal revealed that he was not as gentle as his appearance, and once became famous for "bullying" his male deskmate and overbearing personality every day. Ruoyun Zhang always remembers the feeling of the deer bumping into each other at that time, but he couldn’t help blushing when he was over 30 years old. Timmy Xu laughed easily. Although he was not like a school grass in the play in high school, the shooting process seemed to be 17 years old again, and his face was full of happiness and excitement. Viva, a baby face, said that he often did "bad things" behind his teacher’s back, and fans shouted: "Never imagined that you were like this outside the play!"

At the same time, the audience received a lot of big benefits. Crystal and Ruoyun Zhang "exchanged acting skills" on the same stage, recreating the classic fragments of high school acquaintance. Crystal tapped Ruoyun Zhang on the forehead, but he was cute in naughty. The audience said in succession, "Crystal is really skin-deep." Later, Crystal plays the role of Android in the cross-talk plot, and Ruoyun Zhang in the cross-talk plot restores the scene in the play, only to see the sofa Ruoyun Zhang shyly waiting for Crystal to kiss. Crystal, who is ignorant of interest, replied coldly, "It’s getting late, so I’ll go first." He casually picked up the clothes next to him and turned around and left, leaving only a daze in the Ruoyun Zhang wind. The audience shouted, "Mr. Zhang, please take me away." The atmosphere at the scene reached a climax.

Timmy Xu was ridiculed by Crystal, and the screenwriter Baoqing explained the meaning of the play.

The creators did not forget to talk about the roles in the play and the relationship between them. Crystal said excitedly that he was very grateful to Ruoyun Zhang. They were not familiar with each other before shooting. In order to get to know each other quickly, Ruoyun Zhang offered to get along with each other outside the play, which was very helpful for them to get into the play quickly. Viva said that although she and Crystal are "rivals in love" in the play, she has always admired Crystal outside the play. "Outside the play, she is often seen studying the plot and discussing it with the crew until late at night. Seeing her hard work and seriousness, she has found a role model for herself, which has great motivation for filming." The founders did not forget to tease each other all the time. When Timmy Xu talked about Ding Yuyang as a senior in the play, Crystal added in time: In high school, Lu Fei was the first friend of Ai Ruoman. "Friendship is precious, and love is more expensive." She asked Lu Fei to help her pursue Ding Yuyang. The students thought that Lu Fei liked Ding Yuyang, only to see a surprised Timmy Xu shouting: Are we playing a play? The audience burst into laughter, and they appeared in this drama with high value and humor, which made the audience look forward to it.

At the press conference, producer Huang Lan talked about his "indissoluble love" with this drama. He was first attracted by Baoqing’s drama style: delicate emotions and humorous lines. With the in-depth understanding, he thought that many people lacked a love lesson when they grew up, but they wanted to fall in love in their beautiful youth, leaving many regrets. I hope to use this drama to talk about the love of adults. When talking about why we chose this drama, screenwriter Baoqing said readily, "We have always taken a fancy to this kind of theme, inspired by" I may not love you ",and finally chose to create such a story to present to the audience". In addition, producer Huang Lan explained the moral of this drama "Love Evolution". This drama shows the emotional anxiety of mature young men and women in modern cities, hoping to bring you relaxed and happy feelings, share life philosophy with you, and believe in yourself and embrace love more.

The drama is delicate and lively, and the inner monologues of each character in the drama dare not be said at the moment. The audience can feel the ups and downs of the plot more intuitively and explore the mystery behind the emotional choices with them. With the sharing of love experience and emotional expression in the play, the puzzle of love will be gradually solved, and the play will be produced by the famous Xinli Media team, with Huang Lan, the gold medal producer, and Xu Di, the best supporting actress in Hundred Flowers Award, joining in, full of expectations! This summer, "Love Evolution" will land on Zhejiang Satellite TV’s "China Blue Theater" on August 2, and it will be updated at 19:30 every day! Love, let us become better people!

Detailed accounts are exposed! This new film with a total cost of 220 million yuan, Xú Zhēng took 87 million yuan alone.

Every reporter Bi Yuanyuan Wen Menghua every editor Zheng Zhi    

Image source: vision china

The pay of stars has always been the focus of people’s attention.

In the past, star pay was not transparent, and people could only guess by the "pay list" circulating on the Internet. Now, with the announcement of Joy Media, Xú Zhēng’s income in the film has been "hammered".

Huanxi Media announced that its subsidiary Huanxi Premiere had reached a film production agreement with Beijing Zhenledao, which is controlled by Xú Zhēng and his wife. The film production cost totaled 217 million yuan. Among them, the director’s fee, producer’s fee, screenwriter’s fee and actor’s fee earned by Xú Zhēng alone amounted to 87 million yuan, accounting for 40% of the total film cost.

It is understood that Lost in Russia is the third work of the "Embarrassing Series" directed by Xú Zhēng, and the Spring Festival in 2020 has been booked in advance. After Dying to Survive’s great success, Joy Media and Xú Zhēng obviously expected a lot from this film.

In addition to the four positions of director, producer, screenwriter and actor, Xú Zhēng’s personal company will also charge film production fees. In addition, another major identity of Xú Zhēng is the shareholder and signing director of Joy Media, and he will also get a share of the profits after the film is released.

Off-screen, Xú Zhēng’s "Business Classics" is also well read. No matter what the final box office of this film is, Xu Zheng, who earned a lot of money, will be the biggest winner.

According to an announcement made by Joy Media on the evening of February 26th, Joy Media’s wholly-owned subsidiary Joy Premiere signed a film production agreement with Beijing Zhenle Road, and Xú Zhēng is qualified to be a director, producer, screenwriter and starring.

Huanxi Media will pay Xú Zhēng’s company Zhenledao 30 million yuan for production, Xú Zhēng 27 million yuan for directing, 10 million yuan for producer, 10 million yuan for screenwriter and 40 million yuan for actor, totaling 117 million yuan. In addition, Joy Media will give another 100 million yuan to Xú Zhēng for third-party payment. The above fees are all tax-included.

To put it simply, of the total cost of this film of 217 million yuan, Xú Zhēng’s remuneration accounts for 18.4%, while Xú Zhēng’s personal income accounts for about 40%.

National business daily (micro-signal: nbdnews) reporter noted that in August 2018, the video website and a number of film and television production companies proposed that the total pay of actors and guests should not exceed 40% of the total production cost, and the pay of main actors should not exceed 70% of the total pay.

Taking this as a reference, every reporter has roughly calculated an account, which is calculated according to the total production cost of Lost in Russia, totaling 217 million yuan, that is, the total remuneration of actors cannot exceed 86.8 million yuan; The main actor’s salary can’t exceed 60.76 million. Xú Zhēng’s actor fee in the film is 40 million yuan, not more than 60.76 million yuan.

The above announcement pointed out that as the largest investor in Lost in Russia, Joy Premiere has the right to enjoy all the benefits of film copyright in the world, including the box office, the benefits from distribution and sale, and the exclusive rights of third-party new media, etc., and Joy Premiere can transfer the exclusive rights of new media to other third parties at its sole discretion.

It is worth mentioning that Qixinbao data shows that Xú Zhēng is the actual controller of Beijing True Music Road, and he and his wife Tao Hong own 51% and 25% of the rights and interests of True Music Road respectively. At the same time, Xú Zhēng is also a non-executive director of Joy Media and the only ultimate beneficial owner of Tairong Holdings, the company’s major shareholder (holding about 15.03% of the company’s issued share capital).

The media company with its own share in the stock market gave the film production contract to the cultural company with its own holding, which can be described as "the rich water does not flow outside the field". Therefore, Xú Zhēng personally locked in a considerable profit in advance before the film was released.

Generally speaking, Xú Zhēng will not only receive 87 million yuan before tax, but also receive 30 million yuan for the production of Beijing Zhenle Road, which is controlled by him and his wife. At the same time, Xú Zhēng, as a shareholder and signing director of Joy Media, will also get a share of the profits after the film is released.

Letting shareholders become directors is the core competitiveness of Joy Media, which is also called "director partner system" internally. It is reported that Huanxi Media, which was established less than four years ago, has owned shareholder directors such as Ning Hao, Wong Kar-wai, Xú Zhēng, Chen Kexin, Gu Changwei and Zhang Yibai, and has established close cooperation with well-known directors including Jia Zhangke, Wen Juan, Li Yang and Daming Chen.

This year’s Spring Festival film "Crazy Alien" directed by Ning Hao was produced by Joy Media, with a production cost of over 400 million yuan, and it was also guaranteed by Le Kaihua Film in Wang Baoqiang. On the evening of February 25th, Joy Media announced that the company had fully collected 700 million yuan of guaranteed income brought by Crazy Alien.

As an actor, Xú Zhēng was addicted to drama in 2018.

Stars attend the film "Crazy Alien" conference. Image source: vision china

According to public information, the films released in 2018, Players Behind the Scenes and Living Together in Time and Space, were both starred by Xú Zhēng and acted as a producer, and he also acted as an actor in The Island and Jianghu Children.

According to the data of the Cat’s Eye Professional Shadow List, as of 2019, in the total box office score of the male leading actor in China film history, Xú Zhēng ranked seventh with 13 films with a total box office score of 8.264 billion yuan. According to the data, up to now, Xú Zhēng has participated in more than 100 film and television works.

Over the years, Xú Zhēng has experienced various roles from a drama actor to a TV play, film actor, director, producer and boss. As a businessman, Xú Zhēng’s business map is getting bigger and bigger.

National business daily (micro-signal: nbdnews) reporter inquired about Qixinbao and found that Xú Zhēng is not only the legal representative of Shanghai Zhenledao Film and Television Culture Studio and Shanghai Xú Zhēng Film and Television Culture Studio, with a shareholding ratio of 100% respectively; At the same time, he is also a shareholder of Beijing Zhenledao Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhenledao Investment Management Co., Ltd., Jiaxing Zhenledao Investment Management Partnership, and a listed company, Joy Media.

In 2018, the movie "Behind the scenes player" produced by Zhenledao Culture finally earned 358 million yuan at the box office; In the same period, "Later Us" was a film invested by Joy Media, and the final box office of the film was 1.361 billion yuan. True music culture and happy media also appeared in the Dying to Survive producers who subsequently won the box office of 3.1 billion yuan; In the Spring Festival of 2019, the "Crazy Alien" produced by Joy Media has accumulated a box office of 2.179 billion yuan.

In addition, the low-cost film "Living Together in Time and Space" created by True Music Culture as the first producer earned 898 million yuan at the box office.

Zhongguancun Digital Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance was formally established.

  Zhongguancun, as a concrete and important carrier of high-tech enterprises in China, has gathered a large number of leading enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence, and has shown good technology-driven ability in promoting the deep integration of artificial intelligence with various fields of economy and society and accelerating the digital transformation of traditional industries. In order to give full play to the leading and radiating role of advanced technology enterprises and cultivate a good artificial intelligence industry ecology, the Zhongguancun Digital Intelligence Industry Alliance was formally established under the guidance and support of the Zhongguancun Science Park Management Committee.

  On April 9, 2020, Zhongguancun Digital Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance (hereinafter referred to as "Alliance") held its first general meeting in Shougang Park, Beijing. Bai Weichang, Deputy Director of Industrial Development Promotion Department of Zhongguancun Science Park Management Committee, Cui Baoqiu, Vice President of Xiaomi Group and Chairman of the Group’s Technical Committee, Sun Mingjun, Director of Artificial Intelligence Department of Yunda Institute of China Information and Communication Research Institute, and representatives of more than 30 first-time members attended the conference.

  At the meeting, Bai Weichang, deputy director of the Industrial Development Promotion Department of the Zhongguancun Science Park Management Committee, said that the Zhongguancun Management Committee attached great importance to the establishment of the alliance and supported and encouraged the alliance to carry out industry-related research, exchanges and support. At the same time, he put forward three hopes for the future work of the alliance: first, he hoped that the alliance would build a sharing platform for the government and enterprises, effectively connect the development needs of the government and enterprises, and form an industrial innovation ecology with rich resources, active innovation and efficient coordination; Second, actively carry out various exchange activities in the industry to promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence with the real economy and traditional industries; The third is to continuously explore international cooperation, provide services for overseas business development of innovative enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence, and support enterprises to accelerate their growth into leading enterprises with international influence.

  Bai Weichang, Deputy Director of Industrial Development Promotion Department of Zhongguancun Science Park Management Committee 

  At the meeting, the Report on the Preparatory Work of Zhongguancun Digital Intelligence Industry Alliance, the Articles of Association of Zhongguancun Digital Intelligence Industry Alliance (Draft) and the Election Method of the First General Meeting of Zhongguancun Digital Intelligence Industry Alliance were adopted by a show of hands. By secret ballot, the "Administrative Measures for the Collection of Membership Fees of Zhongguancun Digital Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance" and the "Candidates for the First Council and Supervisory Board of Zhongguancun Digital Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance" were adopted.

  Member of the Board of Directors of Zhongguancun Digital Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance:


  Cui Baoqiu, Vice President of Xiaomi Group and Chairman of Technical Committee of Xiaomi Group

  Executive vice president:

  Sun Mingjun, Director of Artificial Intelligence Department of Yunda Institute, China Information and Communication Research Institute

  Vice chairman:

  Yuan Jinhui, CEO of Beijing First Class Technology Co., Ltd.

  Fu Xiaoming, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd. 

  Wang Yanfeng, Vice President of Beijing sogou Information Service Co., Ltd.

  Chi Qiang, Chairman of Beijing Hayek Technology Co., Ltd.


  Wilson, Deputy General Manager of CTV Kehua Co., Ltd.

  Secretary General (full-time):

  Jia Hao

  Cui Baoqiu, Vice President of Xiaomi Group and Chairman of Technical Committee of Xiaomi Group

  On behalf of the Council, Cui Baoqiu, the new chairman of the Alliance, introduced the overall situation of the Alliance and future work ideas to the enterprise representatives, and put forward relevant requirements for future work. First, the alliance will fully support the government’s decision-making and put forward high-quality targeted and operational policy suggestions around the implementation of the national, Beijing and Zhongguancun strategic plans; Second, work together to expand industrial space, give full play to the bridge role of the alliance, and enhance the international discourse power of China’s artificial intelligence industry; Third, efforts should be made to form brand effect, strengthen the self-construction of the alliance, pay attention to the use of innovative thinking and spirit in system construction and activity planning, and form characteristics and create brands nationwide; Fourth, strengthen exploration in the innovation and application of artificial intelligence technology, support the development of artificial intelligence industry in Beijing and Zhongguancun, and accelerate the application of artificial intelligence technology in various real economic fields; The fifth is to play a good role as an industry link, focus on artificial intelligence products in key areas, and build a platform for the cooperation and development of artificial intelligence in Beijing and Zhongguancun.

  Since the formal establishment of the alliance, it has actively carried out various tasks in a normal and orderly manner. In the next step, the alliance will build a public service platform for the development of artificial intelligence industry in accordance with the relevant requirements and deployment of the country, Beijing and Zhongguancun, relying on a sound operating mechanism, focusing on key areas, rapidly promoting the application of artificial intelligence technology in manufacturing, health care, life service, urban governance and other scenarios, and enhancing the ability and level of industrial development. In view of the lack of talents in the industry, relevant personnel training will be promoted. At the same time, it will integrate Zhongguancun enterprise resources, promote the accumulation and transformation of artificial intelligence scientific and technological achievements and resources, build a platform for display, publicity and exchange, create an excellent industrial ecology, and accelerate the healthy and rapid development of China’s artificial intelligence industry.

  At the same time, the alliance invites leading enterprises, universities and research institutions of artificial intelligence nationwide to actively join in and join hands with the alliance to contribute to the development of China’s artificial intelligence industry.

What is it that makes the US military win the treasure! This technology makes everything possible?

       CCTV News:"The U.S. military regards quantum computing as a key weapon in the space war", which is the title of a report of the U.S. Space Network on July 15th. A few weeks ago, senior Pentagon officials began to discuss with scientists the future of quantum computing in the US military. What is quantum computing? Why is the United States waiting for it?

       On June 27th, 2018, the Committee on Science, Space and Technology of the U.S. House of Representatives passed the National quantum scheme Act, announcing that it will invest 1.3 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 -2023 to conduct state-level quantum technology research.

source map

source map

       On November 10th, 2017, IMB announced that it had successfully developed a quantum computer with 20 qubits. In addition, IBM has successfully developed the world’s first 50-bit qubit prototype.

       If the superpowers mastered nuclear technology in the 20th century, they would gain global hegemony. Then in the 21st century, a big country that has mastered quantum technology is called "quantum hegemony" by Preskill, a theoretical physicist at California Institute of Technology.

       In 1936, alan turing, the "father of computer science", submitted a paper entitled "On the Application of Digital Computing in Solving Difficult Problems" to the authoritative mathematical magazine in London. In the paper, an idealized computing model which can assist mathematical research was proposed, and it was later called Turing Machine. By using the permutation and combination of pure digital symbols 0 and 1, the connection with the physical world was established, and later this concept was applied to computers and became the core of modern computers.



       Over the past 80 years, although computers have become smaller and faster, and the memory has become larger and larger, the basic core has remained unchanged. Until 2010, D-Wave, a company located in Vancouver, Canada, launched the world’s first commercial quantum computer, D-Wave One, which won the title of "revolution".

       Traditional computers use the smallest unit "bit" of binary data to process information. Each bit represents a binary digit, which can represent 0 or 1. These 0′ s and 1′ s, like switches, finally constitute calculation data for a simple operation. For example, to solve a maze, the traditional computer will try every possible route one at a time and finally find the right one. The method of quantum computing is completely different. Quantum computers use quantum bits and make use of the two principles of quantum superposition and quantum entanglement in quantum physics. Compared with electronic bits, quantum bits are fuzzy. That is, a thought experiment "Schrodinger’s cat" often mentioned in physics.

       To better understand how quantum computers work, let’s give an example from life. Imagine a library. We choose a book in the library, put a cross on one page of the book, and then close the book. Then we asked the traditional computer to find this fork in the book. Traditional computers will look at page by page, and they will soon find the page with the cross. But if the computer doesn’t know which book the fork is in, it must look at every page of every book, which will take a long time. If it is to find the fork on that page in all the millions of books in the world, it will take centuries for traditional computers and it is almost impossible to achieve it. But if there is a quantum computer, it is completely different. Because it can search all pages in all books at the same time, it can find this fork in a few seconds.

       The running technology on the traditional computer can skillfully find the rules buried in the massive information, but the quantum computer can give the answer when there is not enough information or too many solutions to find the rules.

       The huge difference between quantum computer and traditional computer in operation enables it to perform operations that traditional computers can’t do, and it can even solve some complex problems that the most advanced supercomputers can’t solve.

       Andrew Foresman and Langdon Downs founded the 1Qbit startup company six years ago, and convened the global "super brain" to build quantum software. This idea is being realized step by step. Foresman said that quantum computers may simulate the human world in the future.

       In the American sci-fi drama westworld, by copying and simulating people’s thinking, bionic people are created to continue their lives. More subtly, this kind of simulation and replication is not fixed, but slight defects may occur randomly. The origin and evolution of species are also due to unpredictable "defects" in the genetic process. This is also the key difference between machines and humans.

       With quantum technology, everything is possible.

       However, the conditions of quantum effect are very strict, and it is necessary to cool the quantum chip to near absolute zero with liquid helium, which is about equal to MINUS 273.15 degrees Celsius to run stably.

       In the future, the convenience brought by quantum computing technology will not only be reflected in life, but also contribute to the military.

       Canada’s Super Invisible Biotechnology Company claims to have developed a "quantum invisibility cloak", just like the invisibility cloak worn by Harry Potter, which can make the wearer "disappear" in people’s sight instantly. This kind of camouflage materials can bend the light, which can not only "cheat" the naked eye, but also be invisible under the detection of military night vision goggles, infrared rays and thermal imaging technology. Camouflage materials, a Canadian super stealth biotechnology company, was quickly recognized by the US military and gave the company a lot of financial support for subsequent research and development.


       At present, many countries have begun to study quantum computing technology.

       On August 16th, 2016, China successfully launched the "Mozi" quantum science experimental satellite. The US Space Network reported that the satellite adopted quantum secure communication technology and became an "invulnerable" satellite.

       Britain is planning a $400 million sensing and timing project based on quantum technology; A similar project in the EU is expected to invest $1 billion in 10 years; Canada, Australia and Israel also have considerable plans.

       In the early 1990s, Elizabeth Berman, a physics professor at Wichita State University, began to study the combination of quantum physics and artificial intelligence. But at that time, most people questioned this. Nowadays, artificial neural network and machine learning have become the most subversive technologies. They not only appear in tasks that humans are not good at, such as data mining, but also begin to appear in tasks that humans are good at, such as facial recognition. This means the personification of artificial intelligence. If quantum computing is used, it will completely solve all kinds of problems faced by artificial intelligence, and the future quantum war will really challenge the human brain.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the "Mid-stream Hit the Water" produced by the reception desk premiered tonight!

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), a major revolutionary historical TV series "Midstream Hit the Water" produced by the Central Radio and Television General Station, filmed by the TV Drama Documentary Center of the General Station, and contracted by the China TV Drama Production Center Co., Ltd. landed on CCTV-1 for its prime-time premiere tonight!

Guided by the "Red Boat Spirit", the TV series Hit the Water in the Middle Stream tells the historical process of the birth, development and growth of the Communist Party of China (CPC) during the ten years from the May 4th Movement in 1919 to the victory in Jinggangshan in 1928.

An epoch-making road-finding journey

With the theme of "Finding the Way" and narrative from Mao Zedong’s perspective, Midstream Hit the Water portrays more than 100 historical figures with distinct personalities and different fates, vividly shows their thinking and enterprising, ups and downs and choices in a specific historical period, and highlights the great initiative, struggle and dedication of communist party people.

Everything is for the country and everything is for the people. The TV series "Hit the Water in the Middle Stream" focuses on the "initial heart" and "mission" that the Communist Party of China (CPC) kept at the beginning of the founding of the Party.

For this "initial heart" and "mission", the older generation of communist party people threw their heads and shed their blood, pioneered the world, dared to be the first, stood firm in their ideals and persevered, and finally found the correct path of the China revolution.

  If you don’t forget where you came from, you can open up the future. Only by being good at inheritance can we innovate better.Tonight, follow the TV series "Hit the Water in the Middle Stream" produced by the main station.Tread on the waves and trace this path-finding journey together!

  The dream glory of a generation of revolutionary pioneers

In order to reproduce the history of the Communist Party of China (CPC) from 1919 to 1928 in a panoramic view and deeply interpret the "Red Boat Spirit", the main creators of the crew uphold the craftsman spirit, adhere to the standards of profound thinking, exquisite art and excellent production, reproduce major historical events with artistic creations of the new era, and strive to hand over an answer sheet that satisfies the audience.

  Yeming Song, the general director of the play, has directed masterpieces such as Diplomatic Storm, Marshal Peng Dehuai and Ode to Yan ‘an. Screenwriter Huang Yazhou is a national first-class screenwriter, who is good at creating major revolutionary historical themes. His representative works include Deng Xiaoping at a turning point in history, Creation of the World, Sunrise in the East and so on.

In addition, young actors such as Wang Renjun, jeremy, Xi Wang, Kevin Yan, jungle, Qi Kui, Liu Mengke and Terry joined hands with powerful actors such as Wang Zhifei, Dong Yong, Song Jialun, Ma Shaohua, Sun Qian, Liu Zhibing, Xu Yongge, Ding Liuyuan and Yu Yang to explain the revolution for you.The pioneer’s purity of initial heart, truth of doctrine, firmness of belief and beauty of personality.

"Do you remember that when you hit the water in the middle stream, the waves stopped the flying boat!"Lock in the prime time of CCTV-1. Tonight, the TV series "Mid-stream Hit the Water", a major revolutionary historical theme produced by the main station, premiered heavily!                  

How should humans and wild animals get along?

  Author: Zhang Wenjuan (Senior Director of China Ecological Civilization Research and Promotion Association)

  The severity and complexity of the COVID-19 epidemic far exceeded people’s expectations. Today, the host or intermediate host in novel coronavirus is considered to be related to wild animals such as bats or pangolins. Throughout the world’s major epidemics in human history, almost every time is related to wild animals, which further forces us to reflect: how do humans and wild animals coexist and coexist?

  On November 16, 2019, at the Daqinghe Bird Rescue Station of Laoting County Wildlife Conservation Association in Hebei Province, the staff released an ordinary horseshoe crab. Xinhua news agency

  Wild hosts of deadly viruses or bacteria.

  The struggle between human beings and viruses or pathogenic bacteria has never stopped.

  Plague is caused by a microorganism named Yersinia pestis. Besides mice, there are other common rodents and wild carnivores as the host animals. Besides these animals, there are fleas parasitic on them. The first recorded plague pandemic in human history occurred in the 6th century A.D., originated in the Middle East, and spread to North Africa and Europe through Egypt, killing nearly 100 million people. At that time, the total population of the world was only over 200 million. The second plague began in the mid-14th century, and in 300 years, the European continent lost 1/3 to 1/2 of its population. The third plague pandemic began in the second half of the 19th century, and it first broke out in Yunnan, China, and then broke out in South China, North China, Northeast China and other countries such as Europe, Asia and Africa.

  Macaque Guangming Daily reporter living in Qianling Mountain Park, Guiyang City Xu Tanshe/Guangming Picture

  In 1976, a terrible disease broke out in Sudan and Zaire in West Africa, and the patient died quickly after high fever and systemic bleeding. Scientists found a new virus in the body of the deceased and named it after Ebola, a beautiful river in West Africa. This is a typical zoonotic infectious disease, and mammals such as humans, apes, porcupines, antelopes, monkeys and fruit bats may be infected. Scientific research suggests that fruit bats may be the natural reservoir of Ebola virus.

  Marburg virus is a close relative of Ebola virus. The virus first appeared in Germany in 1967, 31 people were infected and 7 people died. The source of infection was traced back to a group of African green monkeys from Uganda. The largest Marburg virus epidemic on record occurred in Angola, Africa in 2005, when the mortality rate was as high as 90%. At present, there are 12 outbreaks of Marburg virus, the most recent of which was in Uganda in 2017.

  SARS, a disaster that is still fresh in our memory, has a mortality rate of 11%. SARS coronavirus is the same as novel coronavirus coronavirus. At first, some people thought civet cats were the host of the virus, but after more than ten years of follow-up research, scientists detected the gene residue of SARS virus in the body of Jutoubat, and thought that Jutoubat might be the real culprit of SARS virus.

  For thousands of years, as the oldest enemy of human beings, viruses have been coexisting with human beings. Viruses are always threatening human beings, and human beings are constantly developing medicine to conquer viruses. Nowadays, plague has become less attractive, mainly due to the advent of plague vaccine in 1908 and the development of modern biomedicine. However, new viruses are still emerging one after another, and some old viruses are also making a comeback in a mutated way. We have to be on our guard at all times.

  Pandora’s Box was opened.

  The deadly virus or bacteria infected by human beings are actually permanent residents of other species. For example, bats carry a variety of viruses, including hundreds of coronaviruses; Wild snakes carry a variety of parasites in the body. If humans are infected, they can cause peritonitis, septicemia, pericarditis, iriditis and other diseases. In severe cases, they will damage many organs and even endanger their lives. Raccoon is the natural host of rabies virus, and many parasites carried in it can cause damage to human intestines and stomach. The wild groundhog, which became popular on the Internet because of the "expression pack", also carries Yersinia pestis and other germs that can cause intestinal, liver and brain damage.

  Generally speaking, without human intervention, these viruses or bacteria only exist in wild animals. One of the unique qualities of bats is that they are more tolerant of viruses than other mammals. As the only mammal that can fly, bats have a special immune system. In this regard, there is a popular expression on the Internet: "Bats have a high fever of 40 degrees for a long time, and they have sealed the virus for thousands of years by themselves, staying up all night and trying to play a lonely Pandora’s box, so that the virus can coexist peacefully with itself."

  However, as human beings at the top of the biological chain, they sometimes do the opposite, attacking and hunting wild animals for their own selfish desires, and causing many innocent creatures to suffer.

  In some people’s eyes, bats, mice, snakes, pangolins, monkeys and other wild animals are all edible and delicious. Wild animals such as Chinese sturgeon, civet cats and pangolins are on the verge of extinction in many areas due to human overfishing and eating. The populations of giant salamander (giant salamander), wild sea cucumber, wild frogs, wild birds, muntjac, musk deer, gecko and other species have declined sharply.

  Human’s aggression against animals is not only manifested as appetite. In the documentary "The Secret of the Billionaire’s Wardrobe", there is a pair of shoes, only ten pairs are sold worldwide, and the valuation is 20,000 US dollars. The special feature of this pair of shoes is that they are made from the skins of nine kinds of animals, except ostrich skin, crocodile skin, snake skin, and even lizard skin and elephant skin. Luxury brand Hermes has a white platinum bag of Himalayan crocodile, and its flawless leather is actually peeled off from the crocodile.

  In addition, in the process of rapid industrialization and urbanization, forests are cut down, wetlands are squeezed out, and the habitats of wild animals are artificially occupied and separated … … Human activities increase the probability and speed of viruses or pathogenic bacteria in wild animals spreading to human bodies, especially in cities with high population density, which are more prone to epidemic diseases.

  It can be seen that we humans have crossed the border of peaceful coexistence with wild animals, destroyed the original balance of nature, and opened the Pandora’s Box for the spread of epidemics, so that viruses or pathogenic bacteria that originally lived in a closed loop can invade the human body, and constantly mutate and recombine, weaving new strains of viruses or bacteria with stronger toxicity and tolerance, which will inevitably give human beings a painful lesson.





  The principle of not disturbing is to keep a scientific and reasonable distance. Just when novel coronavirus was raging, wildlife management stations in some places drove away wintering bats on a large scale; In some places, the dogs in the whole village have been killed, and the number of stray cats and dogs in the city has increased in an instant … … It is our human fault to simply and rudely transfer the blame to other animals. From a painful experience, we should think deeply: what kind of distance should we keep between human beings and wild animals? Wild animals grow freely in their own territory. If it is not human intrusion, how can viruses or pathogenic bacteria invade and endanger human health and even life?

  The root of not disturbing is to establish a correct value concept. With the continuous expansion of human greed and the increasing ability to capture nature, when what is claimed exceeds the output of nature, the ecological balance will be broken and human beings will face the crisis of losing their survival safety. The rapid development of industrial civilization for hundreds of years has degraded the earth’s biosphere to the brink of collapse. We must establish correct values, take the idea of ecological civilization as the guide, accelerate the formation of green production methods and lifestyles, consciously protect wild animals, maintain ecological balance, and realize friendly symbiosis and harmonious coexistence between human beings and wild animals.