Huawei asks whether the new M7 will "cripple" the ideal when it comes back to life.

If anyone can continue to move bricks with enthusiasm after the Mid-Autumn National Day holiday, it must be Huawei’s smart car selection team.

On the evening of October 6th, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of terminal BG and chairman of smart car solutions, announced the pre-sale record of the holiday on social platforms. Among them, only two days before the end of the Eleventh Holiday, the new M7 has a large quantity (a deposit of 5,000 yuan is required in advance, and the deposit cannot be refunded if the car purchase intention is changed), and it has accumulated more than 10,000 units.

You know, even on a monthly basis, regardless of the delivery volume or sales volume, the number can exceed 10,000 units, which is already a proper best-selling model. There are also most brands, and together with several models on sale, they can only achieve a monthly achievement of breaking 10,000.

Yu Chengdong announced in the circle of friends that the sales volume of the new M7 holiday was bursting | Network

And if you start counting from September 12 th,24 days after the release, ask the worldnew The number of M7 has exceeded 50,000.. Judging from the feedback from consumers, Yu Chengdong’s new M7, which was rebuilt at a cost of 500 million yuan, is indeed far ahead.

Of course, the excitement is only the appearance, and each manufacturer will continue to roll up for a long time. You must compete with yourself — — — — Sales are just the beginning, as well as the capacity climbing at the hardware level, the intelligent upgrade of OTA at the software level, and so on; We must continue to compete with our opponents — — Keep a steady pace of playing cards, and try to launch new products without making mistakes in the long development cycle.

Intelligent electric vehicles are entering a fierce halftime stage.What new variables does the new M7, which is set to break 50,000 yuan in a single month, bring to this game??


The sales of the new M7 in the world are mainly determined by two factors: product and market.

In the product itself, first of all, the most intuitive embodiment of the new M7, which is known as "spending 500 million to upgrade", is the release of a brand-new two-row big five-seat model, which greatly makes up for the lack of space in the back row of the old three-row six-seat model.

After the change, the big five-seat models also reunited the target users in a family of two or three. From the current point of view, the effect of the change is immediate.According to a chat conversation of Yu Chengdong obtained by Geek Park,,As of 10: 00 a.m. on October 7, five-seat models accounted for 81% of the total, contributing more than 45,000 orders.

Secondly, in the invisible place, the new M7 has also been upgraded in the intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving.

Relying on Huawei’s ecology, the brand-new HarmonyOS smart cockpit can realize multi-device linkage with Huawei’s mobile phones and tablets through "touch-and-touch" and MagLink, which is an ecological advantage that most smart car products do not have. In addition, Huawei’s intelligent driving team reduced the investment of relying on high-precision maps in the high-level intelligent driving system of ADS 2.0, thus shouting the goal of "opening all over the country" by the end of the year when the new products were released, and also making the brand image of the new intellectual leader further strengthened.

On September 12th, at the new M7 press conference, Yu Chengdong promised that Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving would be promoted to the national Geek Park by the end of the year.

Some Huawei terminal people told Geek Park that before the Mid-Autumn National Day holiday, they asked the world.newThe order proportion of M7 intelligent driving version (i.e. top matching) has exceeded 50%. According to the chat information from Yu Chengdong Internet, as of October 7th, the optional rate of five Max ADS premium packages reached 70%.

On the market side, Geek Park also experienced the new M7 model in a shopping mall in Chengdu during the 11th period. From the offline experience, since ADS 2.0 will not officially land in Chengdu until the end of October, it is actually very difficult for users to actually experience the actual effects of functions such as smart driving and parking service during the test drive at this stage.

Therefore,The current sales results can be considered as users’ trust in the brand, and can also be simply understood as users being attracted by lower prices..

Compared with the direct competitor’s ideal, even the top-of-the-line intelligent driving version of the new M7 is cheaper than the entry-level version of the ideal L7 by 10,000 yuan. The same is the top version, which is 70,000 yuan lower. Moreover, because the pre-sale in the first month caught up with the time of the two festivals and superimposed various car purchase rights (up to 33,000 yuan in total), the price advantage of the new M7 will continue to be enlarged.

Huawei’s offline stores have also brought a lot of traffic to car sales..

Huawei Mate 60 Pro 120Hz’s high screen will stand out when browsing the web | Geek Park

In the store experienced by the author, many consumers who came to the store for the new Huawei Mate 60 series mobile phones began to try out the new models because of their "watching the excitement" mentality.

In the author’s personal offline experience, we can also feel the user’s enthusiasm for the test drive of the new M7.

Vehicles such as Weilai and Ideality in the same shopping center do not need to queue up, and the test drive+explanation time is generally 30-60 minutes. However, the test drive of the new M7 needs to be registered in advance. After a test drive of about 20 minutes, the sales staff can’t leave too much time to continue communication. They just remind the next potential consumer to get on the bus after "the right to buy a car expires on October 7".

"No way, this car is too hot now," said a store worker.


Now that we have talked about ideals, we can’t avoid a comeback in Weibo by founder Li Xiang in June this year. In that long article, the "King of Weibo" rarely recognized the cowardice, saying that in the third quarter of last year, it was directly "crippled" by the release and trading of the old model M7, and that Huawei’s super ability "directly caused the sales in Li ONE to collapse and stop production in advance".

Does the new M7 fire in the world pose a great threat to the ideal again?

Look at the sales data first. According to the official data released by LI, in September, the delivery volume and order volume of the three ideal models on sale continued to hit a new high, and the delivery volume of each model continued to exceed 10,000. Among them,The ideal L7, M7′ s direct rival, has sold more than 10,000 yuan a month for six consecutive months..

Since the pre-sale was released on September 12, as of September 30, the cumulative number of new M7 has exceeded 30,000. The ideal L7 has also started to grow rapidly in the same period.

So you see, the new M7 seems to grow harmoniously with the ideal L7 at this stage … …

In fact, from the product dimension, last summer, Li ONE not only faced the pressure of M7, but also faced the impact of its own L series new model (ideal L9 released in June last year). As a brand represented by low SKU, the ideal stage should be in the stage of thinking about different products matching different users.Therefore, back to the public resumption before Li Xiang, Li ONE was not necessarily "beaten" by the old model M7 simply from the product level to stop production in advance.

Ask M7′ s direct competitor ideal L7 | LI.

So this time, in the face of the new M7 with a low-cost and intelligent upgraded arsenal, will Li think that he will be "powerless for a long time" as he knew last year? Will he make short-term adjustments in terms of prices and products according to this strongest competitor?

The author’s answer is no, at least not before the end of the year. There are three reasons:

First, LI now has three models, L7, L8 and L9, and has enough moats at the product end. Among them, the positioning of the latter two is still a "daddy car" for a two-child family, which does not completely coincide with the new M7 five-seat version aimed at a family of three.

Second, Li wants to have his own methodology about pricing.In the recent online course, Li Xiang himself shared this pricing formula, namely: product value = product strength ÷ product price × product quality.— — All variables are their own product factors, and are calculated in combination with the gross profit target required by the enterprise.

At the same time, Li Xiang also pointed out in that course that from the perceptual level, commodity prices will also have an impact on the identity of car owners. He thinks that if you pay nearly 300 thousand yuan, but only buy a car worth more than 200 thousand yuan, the user "feels wronged." Therefore, even if the new M7 in the world shows a large price advantage at present, Li Xiang will not take the initiative to change in the near future with the same sales volume.

Third,In Li Xiang’s logic, product iteration is not used to solve problems, but to "provide more functions". This point was mentioned when he was interviewed by Xiang Li, editor-in-chief of App in 2018. Therefore, the real contest in the next stage may focus on the smart driving service that still stays in the demonstration video and internal testing stage. Huawei put forward the promise of "opening all over the country", and the ideal also shouted the goal of realizing the 100-city commuting mode by the end of the year.


It can be predicted that in the fourth quarter, the competition between the world and the ideal will be more intense.

In the long-term automobile industry, many moves are predicted early. For example, when asking about the M9, a brand-new car that will be launched soon, Yu Chengdong called out "the best SUV within 10 million" at Huawei’s new product launch conference in autumn at the end of September. According to the information released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the M9 will once again launch an impact on three rows and six seats, and provide two types of power: pure electricity and extended range, which will directly compete with the ideal L8 and L9. According to the aforementioned chat records of Yu Chengdong, as of October 7th, the number of M9 blind selection orders has exceeded 8,000.

At the press conference, Yu Chengdong once again warmed up M9 | Huawei.

In the field of intelligence in a shorter period, the two smart driving services will officially debut at the end of the year. Whether for existing smart car owners or potential car owners, the actual performance of Huawei ADS, known as the "first echelon in the industry", will attract key attention.

Of course, the ideal will also launch its own new moat. According to the plan,Fourth quarteridealThe first pure electric vehicle MEGA will also be released.. At this stage, in order to cooperate with the launch of pure electric vehicles, it is ideal to launch 5C Kirin battery, 800V high-voltage platform and 5C super-filled pile solution. It is foreseeable that the first pure electric vehicle will be an ideal and important battle.

MEGA spy photos of ideal pure electric MPV model | network

In the circle of friends in Yu Chengdong, the market feedback of the new M7 was described as "coming back to life".

In the complicated and long competition of smart electric vehicles, after ordering, it will continue to experience many tests such as capacity climbing and software iteration. For Li Xiang and LI, facing an opponent with sufficient cash and strong intelligence research and development strength, they must not stay in the achievements at this stage.

If the previous battlefield was focused on price and product positioning, then the second half of the battle about intelligence and software will officially enter a new stage.