Glorious moment, wonderful flash

  Report group in front of this newspaper

  First, "awesome"! China sports delegation

  On September 22nd, the China sports delegation announced that male swimmer Qin Haiyang and female basketball player Yang Liwei were the standard bearers of the China sports delegation at the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games. On September 23rd, the opening ceremony of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou was held grandly. Under the leadership of two flag-bearers, the China sports delegation entered the stadium to the music of "Singing the Motherland". They were confident and calm, and their spirits were flying, spelling first and fighting for their country!

  China athletes are full of youth, showing the new look of China!

  Second, the first gold at the "doorstep" must be won.

  On September 24th, in the women’s lightweight sculls final of the Hangzhou Asian Games, China’s Zou Jiaqi and Qiu Xiuping joined forces to take the lead in crossing the line and won the first gold medal of the China sports delegation in this Asian Games! This is the first time that rowing has won the first gold medal in the Asian Games, and it is also a historic moment for China sports delegation to win the first gold medal in the six consecutive Asian Games since 2002! Be diligent and prosperous, and be glorious!

  The first gold is an important task and an incentive, which is the most meaningful "opening door" at home!

  Third, a gold medal is full of calluses.

  On the first competition day after the opening of Hangzhou Asian Games, a photo of rowers Sun Man and Fan Junjie with calluses on their hands touched hundreds of millions of netizens. In rowing events, athletes’ hands rub against the paddles for a long time, foaming, bleeding and festering … … Form calluses. Some netizens commented: "The original champions are all broken ‘ Cocoon ’ Out. " In fact, more than rowing, gymnasts’ elbows, volleyball players’ knees, marathon runners’ feet, divers’ eyes, etc., weightlifters iron hard every day, and their fingerprints are almost worn away … … After long-term hard training, each athlete has his own special "symbol".

  These are the hands of the champion, but also the indomitable medal of educating people in the hard work!

  Fourth, the swimming pool peak confrontation, friendship crosses national boundaries

  On September 29th, after the awarding ceremony of women’s 50m butterfly in Hangzhou Asian Games, Zhang Yufei, the gold medalist, and Hanako Chijiang, the Japanese player who won the bronze medal, hugged each other and wept. Zhang Yufei won six gold medals in this Asian Games, and Chijiang Lihuazi also won six gold medals in the last Asian Games. Earlier, Chijiang Rihuazi left back in the game due to illness. For this old rival and friend, Zhang Yufei expressed her respect and encouragement many times. This scene touched the scene and the world.

  Is an opponent, but also a friend. In the swimming pool, there are also appreciate each other surging.

  Five, the champion is young, there is no limit in the future.

  On September 27th, Cui Chenxi, the 13-year-old youngest skater of China Sports Delegation, won the championship in the women’s street skate final of Hangzhou Asian Games. In addition to talent, this "skateboarding girl" has a "vicious" and "hard work". Just as her father explained that the name "Chenxi" implied the rising sun, China sports showed a gratifying new force in emerging projects.

  15-year-old Chen Ye won the skateboarding men’s bowl pool championship for the first time in the Asian Games. After the game, he said that he was very excited to win the championship, and he was even more excited to win the championship on behalf of China. "It was such a feeling to win glory for our country.".

  Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, and our heroes are teenagers!

  Sixth, the dream of "three consecutive championships" is worthwhile.

  On September 24th, Sun Peiyuan, a player from China, won the men’s long boxing championship in Hangzhou Asian Games with a high score of 9.840, realizing the dream of "three consecutive championships" in the Asian Games. At the award ceremony after the game, Sun Peiyuan, wearing a national flag, had tears in his eyes. He said, "It’s worthwhile to spend 10,000 days fighting for a moment with tears in your eyes". In the Asian Games, Malone, Gong Lixiao and Sean … … Many athletes have played in the Asian Games for four times. Because of their love, they persist, and because of their dreams, they constantly surpass them.

  Competitive sports are not flat, and talents are not as good as being tempered!

  Seven, the daughter fingers the national flag, and loves to inherit in persistence.

  On September 29th, Lin Chaopan of China won the runner-up in the men’s horizontal bar final of competitive gymnastics in Hangzhou Asian Games. Lin Chaopan’s three-year-old daughter also came to the scene to cheer for him, and learned the national flag on her father’s finger. At this moment, a seed of love and inheritance is sprouting.

  Parents are the best role models for children, and sports is the best patriotic education!

  Eight, China speed, "shock" exciting.

  On September 30th, Xie Zhenye won the men’s 100m final in Hangzhou Asian Games with a score of 9.97 seconds. On the eve of National Day, he presented a gold medal with great gold content. This is the third time that China has reached the top of the 100-meter Asian Games, and Xie Zhenye took over the baton from Su Bingtian.

  A flash of lightning broke through the night sky, once again lighting up China’s dream of sprinting and rushing forward!

  The legend has no end in the ninth and fourth Asian Games.

  On September 26th, with China winning the men’s table tennis team championship in Hangzhou Asian Games, Malone ended his trip to the Asian Games. After the game, he said that this should be his last Asian Games. From "Anshan Pony" to "Iron Blood Dragon Team" and "Made in China", as a veteran of four Asian Games and three Olympic gold medals, Malone led his teammates to achieve eight consecutive championships in the men’s team of the National Table Tennis Asian Games in Hangzhou. In this interview of mixed mining area after the game, Malone always answered questions from reporters, and teammates Fan Zhendong and Wang Chuqin nodded. Netizen commented: "This family can’t do without Malone!" It’s teasing, but also giving up. The young main force is four beams and eight pillars, and the veteran is the anchor of the sea, which is the secret of the long-lasting advantages of table tennis and other events.

  Love can last for a long time, and suddenly looking back, it is already a legend!

  X. "After 00" sharpshooters join forces.

  In the shooting event of Hangzhou Asian Games, Huang Yuting, a junior high school student, was crowned the "Three Golden Kings", and 18-year-old Sheng Lihao won two gold medals and one bronze medal, breaking the world record. Among them, the two joined hands to win the 10-meter air rifle mixed team final. The rise of teenagers, the future can be expected! The "post-00" and even "post-05" teenagers who dare to fight and fight stand out and shine brilliantly in this Asian Games. They are confident in sunshine, full of youth and love the motherland, which is impressive. I believe that after constant tempering, they will eventually become the backbone of sports in China.

  Towards the direction of hard work, to the bravest youth!

  Eleven, shocking reversal, blood positive energy

  On October 1st, after five fierce battles in the men’s badminton team final of Hangzhou Asian Games, China reversed the defeat of Indian team to win the championship and presented the best birthday present for the motherland. "Never give up until the ball hits the ground" is not an oath in prosperity, but a "belief" flowing in the blood of every player in Guoyu in despair. Being cornered is a common scene in sports competitions. China women’s volleyball team lost two games in the final of Athens Olympic Games. If you meet the brave in the narrow road, you will win, and the Jedi will fight back, which will show your true colors as a hero. From the China Women’s Volleyball Team in Athens Olympic Games to the men’s badminton team and men’s 4× 100m relay in Hangzhou Asian Games, China athletes constantly staged a shocking reversal of tenacious struggle and never giving up.

  A victory can bring people forward strength, which is the charm of competitive sports!

  Twelve, far ahead, "seven perfect scores" reappear in Hangzhou

  On October 3rd, Quan Hongchan and Chen Yuxi swept the women’s 10m platform in the Hangzhou Asian Games. All Red Chan’s second jump is a reappearance of the "water spray disappearing technique", which conquered the audience and the referee with seven perfect performances, without letting and a moment that ought to have lasted for ever show amazing skills and stable mentality at an early age. China’s diving "dream team" is "far ahead" in Asia, and China’s final score can be nearly 300 points higher than the eighth place.

  In the face of absolute strength, there is no dark horse!

  Thirteen, hard work will eventually pay off, although the Olympic medals are late,

  The ceremony of China track and field athletes’ replacement of Olympic medals was held in Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium on October 4th. Qieyang Shijie, Liu Hong and Lv Xiuzhi won the gold, silver and bronze medals in the women’s 20km walk in London Olympic Games, while Tang Xingqiang, Xie Zhenye, Su Bingtian and Wu Zhiqiang won the bronze medals in the men’s 4x100m relay in Tokyo Olympic Games. This is not only a positive praise for their past efforts, but also a spur to their future journey. At this moment, veteran Qieyang Shijie burst into tears; At this moment, glory belongs to the perseverer and the dreamer!

  There is nothing to take for granted, only to be fearless of the years and forge ahead!

  14, three times off the bar, insist on finishing the game is not a loss.

  On September 27th, Zhang Jin fell off the uneven bars three times in the hope of hitting the individual all-around champion. With the cheers of the audience, she got on the bar again three times, and finally completed all the movements and landed steadily. Two days later, Zhang Jin proved her strength with a gold medal in women’s floor exercise. The arena is cruel, but it is often full of warmth. On September 24th, in the women’s 1500m freestyle final, after all the other swimmers reached the finish line, the last Vietnamese swimmer still sprinted in the lane and won applause from the audience. On September 30th, in the men’s 10000-meter final of track and field, the last runner finished the race with shouts and encouragement from the audience. As long as you work hard, the first place and the last place deserve respect and applause.

  Don’t talk about heroes by winning or losing. If you struggle, you will succeed!

  Fifteen, fight to the end, don’t drop the chain at the critical moment.

  On the evening of October 5th, there were 9 seconds left in the women’s basketball final of Hangzhou Asian Games. On the 5th, Wang Siyu scored two points to finish the lore. The women’s basketball team in China narrowly beat the Japanese women’s basketball team 74-72, winning the 7th Asian Games title in the team’s history. It was very difficult to win the women’s basketball game in China. The Chinese and Japanese women’s basketball teams are old rivals for many years. Both teams sent all their main forces to play, and the outcome was decided at the last moment. At the beginning of July this year, the China women’s basketball team also narrowly beat the Japanese women’s basketball team by 2 points, and regained the Asian Cup title after 12 years. After the game, coach Zheng Wei said that China’s belief in winning the women’s basketball team has never wavered, and the key moment has never been lost. The next goal is to enter the Olympic Games. China Women’s Basketball Team, See you at the Paris Olympics!

  Master confrontation, the outcome is only a millimeter. Starlight lives up to those who are on the road, and goes to the ideal without fear or regret!

  Sixteen, Hercules holds "sweet pier" and dreams "grand slam"

  On October 1st, holding his daughter "Sweet Dun Dun", he stood on the highest podium of the men’s 67kg weightlifting class in the Asian Games, and Chen Lijun achieved the "Grand Slam" of Olympic champion, World Championship champion, Asian Championship and Asian Games champion. Chen Lijun had previously said that he only lacked a gold medal in the Asian Games, hoping to win the gold medal in the Hangzhou Asian Games. In the Incheon Asian Games in 2014, the patent army won the silver medal, and he regretted his absence from the Jakarta Asian Games. On the day of National Day, I realized my dream at the Asian Games in Hangzhou. Chen Lijun said that this is a perfect moment for my weightlifting career.

  When man of iron also has tenderness, the challenge to the limit is to "be short of one cannot"!

  Seventeen, spinning and jumping, through to Paris

  On October 6th, Liu Qingyi, a teenager from China, won the gold medal in the women’s break dance group of Hangzhou Asian Games. She is known as "671". After winning the championship, many people are asking "What is the name of the champion?" This is just like the young man’s favorite sport, which has just entered the elegant hall. At the end of 2020, the International Olympic Committee agreed to add break dancing as an official event of the Paris Olympic Games. In just a few years, China’s break dance has developed rapidly and is entering its best era. Break dancing, skateboarding, e-sports and so on, a number of emerging projects are entering the sports arena, waiting to shine and lead the future.

  Youth dance steps fly, and every rhythm exudes confidence and courage!

  Eighteen, Ding Xia cried, and the victory was hard-won.

  On October 7th, China women’s volleyball team defeated Japanese women’s volleyball team in Hangzhou Asian Games and successfully defended its title. The topic of "Ding Xia is crying" once reached the top of Weibo Hot Search. The veteran of the three-time Asian Games couldn’t hold back at this moment, and netizens also broke through the defense. Those who accompanied China women’s volleyball team all the way knew how many ups and downs and hardships this glorious division had along the way. However, regardless of adversity or prosperity, they never give up, the veteran sticks to it, the teenager grows up, and the "women’s volleyball spirit" passed down from generation to generation shines.

  Not afraid of hardships, she will always be our "China girl"!

  Nineteen, the most beautiful China red, deep love for national conditions.

  On the tennis court, Zheng Qinwen said after winning the women’s singles championship that honor belongs to the country; After Zhang Zhizhen won the men’s singles championship, he waved the national flag to celebrate. In this Asian Games, bright China red can be seen everywhere inside and outside the stadium, and songs such as "Singing the Motherland" and My People,My Country resounded through the Asian Games venues, and the deep love for the country was always felt. Qiu Xiuping, the rowing girl who won the first gold medal, helped the staff to fold the national flag before leaving. After the victory, the athletes cheered with the national flag, sang along with the national anthem, fingered the national flag on their chests, and ran hard and bravely pursued their dreams, vividly showing the spirit of China athletes in the new era, which was touching and inspiring.

  Five-star red flag, you are my pride; Five-star red flag, I bless you and I am proud of you.

  Thank you for Hangzhou. It’s hard to say goodbye. I’ll see you in Paris.

  In the Hangzhou Asian Games, the China sports delegation won 201 gold, 111 silver and 71 bronze, which achieved the goal of double harvest of competition results and spiritual civilization. Looking back on the Asian Games, what impressed us was not only the moment when China athletes challenged their limits and surpassed themselves to win gold medals, but also the touching moment when they went all out for the honor of the motherland, fought hard for their love, made selfless contributions to the team and burst into tears for their friendship. Those glittering characteristics and qualities inside and outside the stadium are the best interpretation of Chinese sportsmanship.

  On the occasion of departure, the Asian Games family was reluctant to part with Hangzhou, where a sports event with "China characteristics, Asian elegance and splendor" was presented to the world.

  Based on Asia, bid for the Olympic Games. Thank you, Hangzhou, for your hard work. See you in Paris!

  (Hangzhou, October 8 th)