The most sad "subject three dances" from Haidilao: How difficult is it for adults with stable emotions?

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The saddest "subject three dances" from Haidilao;

How difficult is it to be an emotionally stable adult?

Recently, Haidilao’s "Subject Three Dances" became popular.

When many people go to Haidilao for dinner, they follow the trend and light up the "subject three dances" for the waiters. I thought it was quite interesting to watch dancing while eating.

But when I brushed the video of a girl with glasses dancing "subject three", I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable. Compared with others’ silky "small tricks", her dance can be described as stiff and lifeless. Although the body is swinging with the rhythm and the movements of the hands are not falling, there is still no spirituality. So that you can feel her helplessness and reluctance across the screen. It was not until the music was finished that she breathed a sigh of relief and showed a relieved smile. Obviously not good at dancing, but still have to perform in front of customers, the little girl’s helplessness and embarrassment, we all know, have also experienced.

When we walk out of the campus, we will inevitably run around the world and bend our backs for five buckets of rice. Whatever emotions you have, you have to put them away and hide them.

Seeing a row of salesmen in the car, he was afraid of society and was not good at dealing with people. He has a prepared manuscript in his hand, but the words that have just arrived at his mouth are still very difficult to jump. The passenger next to him wanted to guide him, but he was even more embarrassed. Every time you shiver, you should wipe the sweat on your forehead. But even so, he still endured discomfort and continued to introduce products to passengers.

This is life and the world that every adult must face.

We often say: after 00, we will come to rectify the workplace. "If the leader scolds me, he will leave" and "If he feels uncomfortable, he will leave". But on the contrary, you can scold middle-aged people, especially those who have cars, houses and babies. Because at this age, they are burdened with thousands of weights, and life will not allow them to fall.

When a friend first started working, he worked in an advertising company. The project leader at that time was a middle-aged man in his forties. Once, because of the mistakes of team members, there was a typo in the corporate slogan designed for customers. After the customer received it, he came to the company to find fault. In front of dozens of people in the office, he was criticized and scolded, and the boss even scolded him like a dog.

"This is your boast of professional? Can’t you see such a short slogan and such an obvious typo? Does the company feed you for nothing every day? If you want to do it, do it. If you don’t want to do it, roll! " The middle-aged man bowed and bowed all the time, fearful and fearful, until the customer and boss were angry. And vowed that it would never happen again.

My friend thought at that time: What a shame! He must be leaving his job. But what I didn’t expect was that he was doing what he should do like nothing happened, as if the scene had never happened just now. Later, my friend learned from others that there was a paralyzed father in the man’s family, and now my mother-in-law has cancer. Everyone in the family needs money, no matter how hard the leader scolds, he has to suffer. If you knock out your teeth, you should swallow them in your stomach.

In the world of adults, it’s always a big job to make a living and a small job to save face.

I remember a line in "Please Answer 1988": "People really become strong, not because they guard their self-esteem, but when they put aside their self-esteem."

Lao Wang, who had to be a Buddhist since the media big V@, was the boss of a bankrupt private equity company and had to change careers and become a drip driver.

His former partners felt that he had no dignity, was too wronged, and sneered at him. He smiled and said nothing. Wonderful passengers, bossing him around and losing his temper, he also bowed and smiled and apologized.

He said that when people reach middle age, they can only be pragmatic, because at this age, there are old and young, and you can’t stop. If you can’t survive, you can only turn around and go on. Yes, no matter how hard and humble it is to make money, it can’t compete with the snow, rain and frost brought by reality.

Hide grievances, quit affectation and move on.

I saw a video the other day. In the hotel, the store manager prepared a program for customers to ride camels. As a result, a closer look revealed that the camel was actually played by a person. He has been bending over and hunching his back, with a man on his back. I am wearing a heavy camel suit, and I have holes in my face, but I don’t know where the air in my nostrils is going. Let the sweat cover your eyes and be dragged away by the person in front.

This camel is like you and me in reality. Our goal is the same: to shoulder the responsibility of the family and shoulder our own future. Live a good life.

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Man Lu said

Today, Manlu recommended the song "I really want to love this world" from Hua Chenyu in 2019. The sudden blank seconds in the middle of this song became a very deep memory point. Some people say that they have heard their own heartbeat, their own snorts, their own existence, and those who are falling apart. The song comment area is a large collection of tears. Listeners make wishes, bless and cheer up, and heal others and themselves.

Survived the narration.

Those gestures, those injuries

When your smile opens

The world suddenly fills with color.

I am Manlu. I wish you all the best.

Good night

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