The stolen car was stolen and sold repeatedly, which led to the "Zhengdian Gang" of the evil forces.

  Cctv news (Reporter Li Wenliang) Selling a car and then having it stolen, even a car was sold for three times. Recently, the police in Jinan, Shandong Province lasted for half a year, starting with a car theft case, and destroyed a 30-member criminal group headed by Wang.

  Wu Yanbing, deputy head of the Criminal Police Brigade of Lixia Branch of Jinan Public Security Bureau, said that during his 10 years in Jinan, the suspect Wang gradually evolved from an ordinary taxi driver into the chief criminal of a criminal group involved in black and evil. They formed a stable organizational system "Zhengdian Gang" by wooing fellow villagers, fighting, picking fights, extortion, theft and robbery, which greatly damaged the legitimate interests of the masses and had extremely bad social impact.

  Selling cars and stealing cars, another case, the fugitive suspect is now in the air.

  On January 22, 2018, Lixia police received a report from the victim Li Moumou that a black Magotan sedan mortgaged by a bank was previously purchased from Wang and others at a low price of 105,000 yuan, but the car could not be used normally due to incomplete procedures. Later, Li Moumou entrusted Wang and others to help sell the car, and the car was stolen during the sale.

  After receiving the case, the First Squadron of Lixia Interpol quickly launched an investigation. On July 2, 2018, the car appeared in Tianjin, and the police immediately rushed to Tianjin and found that the actual user of the vehicle was Mu Mouhui, who was a cousin of Wang, both of whom were from Zhengdian, Laoling, Shandong Province. The police comprehensively analyzed and judged that the suspicion that Wang and others sold cars first and then stole them rose rapidly.

  Subsequently, the police conducted an investigation around Wang and the people around him, and determined that the theft of the black Magotan car was the work of Zhang Mouzhi. Following this clue, it was found that Zhang Mouzhi was one of the fugitives who sought trouble with Wang and others in the police station area of Keyuan Road. On July 25, 2018, the police arrested Zhang Mouzhi.

The picture shows the police arresting the scene. (Photo courtesy of Lixia Public Security Bureau of Jinan City)

The picture shows the police arresting the scene. (Photo courtesy of Lixia Public Security Bureau of Jinan City)

  Uncover the curtain of criminal groups

  After in-depth investigation, the police found that this was not a simple car theft case, but a criminal gang involving more than 30 people headed by Wang, with Zhang Mowen, Zhang Mozhi, Zhang Mobin, Sun Moudong and Xia Mouyun as the backbone.

  Wu Yanbing introduced that Wang, the leader of the gang, drove a taxi from Zhengdian, Laoling, to Jinan in 2008. He operated well and earned a lot of money. Later, Zhengdian’s fellow villagers all came to him. Wang anchored more than 20 cars in a taxi company. The fellow villagers who defected first took driving taxis as their main business, and formed an influential "Zhengdian Gang" in the taxi industry in Jinan, with a stable organizational system.

  Through long-term covert development, the criminal gang gradually completed primitive accumulation of capital by operating hotels, business hotels and taxi companies as economic sources, and formed an enterprise management and business model. In the meantime, in the name of recruiting hotel waiters and taxi drivers, more than 30 members were developed.

  In the daily management, the members of the gang use WeChat group, QQ group and taxi radio as contact methods, and contact in real time. Once people are needed to commit illegal crimes, people will be gathered immediately, which will have a quick response, many members and great social harm.

  During his hotel management in Jinan, Wang bullied the city and competed viciously. In order to monopolize the regional market, he organized and implemented a large-scale affray. In April 2017, Wang, Zhang Mowen and Sun Moudong jointly invested to run a hotel in Heping Road, Lixia District. Because of the competition for tourists, they repeatedly had conflicts with the owner of an adjacent hotel. On May 11, 2017, there was a conflict between the two sides. Wang gathered more than 20 people at the entrance of the other hotel, and the two sides confronted each other, with more than 60 participants, and the social impact was extremely bad.

  In addition, on April 19, 2017, the criminal gang was in a hotel on Huanshan Road, which also disturbed public order and caused trouble because of competition.

The picture shows the suspect being interrogated. (Photo courtesy of Lixia Public Security Bureau of Jinan City)

The picture shows the suspect being interrogated. (Photo courtesy of Lixia Public Security Bureau of Jinan City)

  The gang "transformed" and falsely sold mortgage cars.

  In the early days, the gang mainly disturbed public order and made troubles. In the past year, it gradually developed into crimes such as robbery, extortion and theft. In order to achieve the purpose of illegally accumulating wealth and obtaining benefits, the gang committed crimes continuously and repeatedly.

  From September 2017 to January 2018, the criminal suspects Wang, Zhang Mouwen, Zhang Mobin, Xia Mouyun and others discussed together, and Wang invested to buy a bank-mortgaged vehicle. After buying the car, he assembled a locator and reserved a car key. After selling the car, he stole the vehicle back; Or, Xia Mouyun posted the information about selling mortgage cars on the Internet, and forged the relevant procedures of the car. When the buyer came to Jinan to trade, he defrauded the car purchase money and then gathered people to grab the car back.

  In the name of falsely selling the mortgage car, the gang snatched, stole and cheated the mortgage car back by means of theft, robbery and fraud after selling the car or during the transaction. The car was sold six times, and one of the Volkswagen Tiguan cars was repeatedly sold three times.

  At present, the criminal group headed by Wang has been smashed by the police. Since July 25, 2018, the police have arrested 28 illegal and criminal members of the group, including 21 people arrested and 7 people released on bail pending trial. It was initially verified that there were 9 criminal cases involving robbery, affray, theft, etc., and the property involved was worth more than 2 million yuan. What was waiting for them would be legal sanctions. (This article thanks Zhao Yang for providing the material)

Li Keqiang: The renovation of shanty towns is not only a livelihood project, but also promotes the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.

  [Li Keqiang: shantytown renovation is not only a livelihood project, but also can promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market] On the 21st, Li Keqiang visited the shanty town of Jingyi Road in Huaiyin District of Jinan. The area has been included in the 2017 Jinan shed reform plan, involving about 4,760 households. The Prime Minister told local officials that the shantytown renovation is not only a livelihood project to make up for historical debts, but also an important way to promote new urbanization and promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.

  [What is this shack with three quilts to cover in winter? The Prime Minister walked in] Li Keqiang walked into the home of Zhang Shirong, a shanty town of Jingshiyi Road in Jinan on the 21st. The old man lived in this low-rise bungalow for 42 years, and kept warm by charcoal stove in winter. Because I have had four or five gas poisoning experiences, I dare not make a fire at night, and I need to cover three quilts in the coldest winter. After listening to the Prime Minister, can I have a look in the back room? He opened the door of the wardrobe, which was stuffed with bedding.

  [Li Keqiang: shanty towns are "depressions" in the city, so this depression must be raised] Li Keqiang walked into the shanty towns of Jingshiyi Road in the center of Jinan on the 21st. Surrounded by high-rise buildings, the low bungalows here are in ruins. There is neither heating nor water in the room. The Prime Minister said with a dignified expression that shanty towns are "depressions" in the city. We must raise this depression and do our best to let you live in new buildings and lead a new life as soon as possible.

  [Li Keqiang: This is your promise to the residents of shanty towns. You must do it! 】 Li Keqiang visited 87-year-old Wang Guilan’s home in the shanty town of Jingshiyi Road in Jinan on 21st. She and her wife have lived here for 56 years. The old man took the prime minister’s hand and asked, when can we live in a new home? The Prime Minister told the local leaders that you should specify the time limit. After getting an answer next year, the prime minister said, this is your promise to the residents of shanty towns, and you must do it!

Investigation report on love bill: 80% of men and women’s patience in pursuing love is less than half a year.

Investigation report on love bill: 80% of men and women's patience in pursuing love is less than half a year.

  Xinhai, China, May 18 (Reporter Li Jiajia) The "520 Love Bill Survey Report" released by zhenai on the 18 th shows that over 7 adults spend less than 2,000 a month on love; 80% of women want the other half to earn more than twice; The economic pressure of men’s marriage and love in first-tier cities is great; Eighty percent of men and women have less than half a year of patience in pursuing love; Shanghai Shenyang has a high-yield "crazy wife"; Love is easy to meet for 3 years; Wuhan has become the city with the most cross-regional marriage and love.

  This report is an online sample survey of zhenai’s 100 million members, with a total of 6,289 valid samples for data analysis.

Investigation report on love bill: 80% of men and women's patience in pursuing love is less than half a year.

  In the sweet time of love, all expenses are indispensable. According to the survey, 72.64% of single men and women think that it is reasonable to spend 1,000 to 2,000 yuan a month on love, which accounts for a quarter of salary income. As far as consumption is concerned, 32.6% of men think that shopping is the biggest expense in love, and "buy buy shopping" which women love is regarded as the number one enemy of wallets, followed by tourism and entertainment; Women, on the other hand, think that tourism is the biggest expense, followed by shopping and entertainment.

  People who have talked about marriage have also passed the age of being full of affection and drinking water, and their economic income has always been concerned. The report shows that half of men think that the ideal economic state is equal to that of men and women, and 36.3% of men think that "men earn twice as much as women"; Only 15.2% of women think that the income of men and women is equal in an ideal economic state. More than 50% of women hope that men’s income is twice that of women, and 30.3% of women hope that men’s income is three times or more than that of women.

  It can be seen that the economic pressure of men on the level of marriage and love is increasing day by day. From the data point of view, men in first-tier central cities are still "far ahead" in the face of economic pressure from marriage and love. Among the cities with high demands from women, Beijing ranks first, followed by Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan and Xi’ an.

Investigation report on love bill: 80% of men and women's patience in pursuing love is less than half a year.

  In this regard, Zhang Shasha, an emotional expert in zhenai, believes that from the traditional culture of China, men are endowed with the important task of supporting their families. However, in contemporary society, the situation has changed a lot, and women’s ability and value have been greatly improved, even surpassing men in many aspects, so it is unnecessary to rely too much on men economically. At the same time, it is pointed out that it is not worth the loss if you miss the object of good character and sincere treatment with harsh economic requirements.

  The fast pace of modern society makes all kinds of fast food cultures and quick concepts popular, which also changes people’s emotional concepts and emotional patience, and makes single men and women in reality seize the day emotionally. According to the report, 79% of men and women said that they are willing to spend no more than six months in pursuing their feelings, and 35% of men and 44.4% of women spend less than one month. Only 21% people are willing to spend more than half a year to pursue their favorite object. Interestingly, the post-90s generation accounts for the most of this group, which shows that the post-90s generation is more persistent in the process of pursuing love.

Investigation report on love bill: 80% of men and women's patience in pursuing love is less than half a year.

  80% of men and women’s patience in pursuing love is less than half a year.

  Once the confession is rejected, 51.09% of men and women will choose to give up directly, 31.86% are still willing to spend a month fighting for opportunities, and only 17.05% will choose to impress each other with persistence for more than half a year.

  Love is a process of mutual attraction. Zhang Shasha, an emotional expert in zhenai, said that in pursuit, the time is too short, and the other party may not know you well enough. Therefore, if the frequency of contact between the two parties is high (including telephone or network contact), it can be judged whether they can attract each other in more than three months. If the frequency is low, the pursuit period can be extended to six months.

  Couples are small enemies, and quarrels and bumps are inevitable. The survey found that 54.6% of men said they would compromise immediately when they quarreled, and they were full of tolerance, thoughtfulness and warmth, and 37% of men would compromise in 1-2 days. In-depth investigation shows that men in Shanghai, Shenyang and Beijing admit their mistakes the fastest. For men in these cities, they are likely to become "crazy wives" in the future, and they know how to tolerate and understand best in love. Relatively speaking, men in Chongqing, Suzhou and Guangzhou are more "proud", and it takes 1-2 days to compromise for love. However, it takes more than half of women an average of 1-2 days (50.2%) to compromise.

  "If you quarrel with your girlfriend, you will win, and you will be single in the end," said Mr. Chen, 27, from Haidian District, Beijing. "Although this is an online joke, I agree that love is not a place to make sense. Boys should have let girls talk slowly and never be angry. It is also good for yourself to admit your mistake in time and marry your girlfriend. "

Investigation report on love bill: 80% of men and women's patience in pursuing love is less than half a year.

  "Giving" is a word that appears frequently in love. The report shows that such behaviors as "spending time with each other", "following each other’s city life", "filial piety to each other’s parents", "giving all the money to each other for safekeeping" and "working hard for each other’s dreams" are all on the list, which are the main giving behaviors of people in love.

  As for the in-depth study of "following the other city life", it will be found that the more floating people in first-tier cities, the more marriage and love in different places they face. Whether to choose the other city life for love is also a problem that young people have to face. The survey found that 50% of post-80s people are willing to follow each other’s city life for love, which accounts for the most than other age groups. The data shows that Wuhan, Nanjing, Chengdu, Shenzhen and Hangzhou are cities where couples are more willing to move for each other. It can be seen that these cities have the most foreign daughters-in-law and foreign sons-in-law.

Australian studies reveal the mechanism behind "love is blind"

  According to Xinhua News Agency, Canberra (Reporter Zhang Jianhua), some people joked that "love is blind". Australian researchers try to find out by scientific means. Their research found that when a person falls in love, the related brain reaction will make people put the lover at the center of their life.

  Researchers from Australian National University and other institutions recently published a paper in the journal Behavioral Science, exploring the connection between the behavioral activation system of human brain and romantic love.

  The researchers surveyed 1,556 young people who were in love. The survey questions mainly focused on their emotional reactions to their partners and related behaviors, as well as their attention to their lovers. It turns out that when a person is in love, his brain will make an unusual reaction and put the lover at the center of life.

  Researchers say that researchers know the role of oxytocin in love, that is, when someone communicates with their lover, oxytocin circulates in their nervous system and blood. Oxytocin, known as "love hormone", is a neurohormone secreted by hypothalamus, which can be secreted by both men and women.

  The researchers further explained that the reason why lovers become particularly important is because of the combination of oxytocin and dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter secreted by the brain, which is responsible for transmitting feelings of excitement and happiness. Therefore, it can be said that love activates the pathways related to positive emotions in the brain.

On the chain of skiing contempt, spending 10 thousand yuan can only be regarded as "poor sliding"

Chifeng Meilin Valley Ski Resort, which has been in operation for ten years, has ushered in the hottest winter.
At 7 o’clock in the morning, 26-year-old Yu Yang got up from the bed of Meilin Valley Hotel, skillfully dressed a whole set of skiing equipment, picked up a snowboard about the same height, passed through Meilin Valley Visitor Center, put down the snowboard and slowly slid to the snow field 500 meters away from the hotel.
Meilin Valley Ski Resort is located in Meilin Town, Harqin Banner, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, and it is also the second closest ski resort to Yujia. The average temperature in winter reaches-20℃. According to the White Paper of China Ski Industry in 2020, at least 80,000 people will visit this ski resort in recent winter.
Especially this year, the number of skiers has obviously increased. Under the atmosphere of Beijing Winter Olympics, especially China’s Gu Ailing won the gold medal of freestyle skiing platform in Beijing Winter Olympics, which inspired more and more people’s skiing enthusiasm.
In the past Spring Festival holiday, young people no longer went to Sanya for a holiday, but went to major ski resorts in the north. Skiing is attracting more and more young people to enter the field. In the circle of friends, they are either skiing or on their way to the snow field.
Merchants are also using the atmosphere of the Winter Olympics to dig gold, and the accommodation, catering and ski equipment businesses around the snow field are constantly emerging. As a result, the competition and involution of venues, equipment and technology are also escalating. The equipment of 10,000 yuan is only the basic threshold for skiers. On top of this, the professional training of 15,000 yuan and the coaching qualification of 45,000 yuan are not the highest, but only higher.
Those who ask coaches look down on their own games, those who play with single boards look down on those who play with double boards, those who ski look down on those who take photos and punch cards, and those who run snow resorts are not as good as those who sell equipment and open hotels. On the ski resort, watersheds and chains of contempt are everywhere, and every step of the skier shows his net worth in this circle.
Spending nearly 10,000 yuan in the snow field for the New Year.
On the day before New Year’s Eve, Yu Yang set off from Dalian, arrived in Chifeng by car for seven hours, and directly stayed at Meilin Valley Hotel in the scenic spot.
"During the Spring Festival in Meilin Valley Ski Resort, the price of self-contained ski equipment is one day in 290 yuan, and the hotel accommodation is 615 yuan a day including breakfast. For seven days during the Spring Festival, it will cost 6,335 yuan for accommodation and snow tickets. If the meal is calculated at 100 yuan a day, the most basic travel expenses, accommodation and snow tickets for this skiing will exceed 8,000 yuan together. In addition, there are fuel costs and tolls from Dalian to Chifeng, totaling more than 1,400 yuan. " Yu Yang told the reporter of Phoenix WEEKLY Finance that he had spent nearly 10,000 yuan on a seven-day skiing trip.
Born in the northeast, Yu Yang was a skier in college. Living in Dalian, he has been to Chongli in Hebei and Yongji in Jilin to satisfy his skiing desire, in addition to the ordinary leisure ski resorts in the city.
"The snow season is too short and precious. I am on the snow field every weekend. During the Winter Olympics, I must find a better snow field to have an addiction."
According to the official WeChat introduction of Meilin Valley Ski Club, during the Spring Festival, the price of accommodation and skiing for two people is 1,400 yuan a day, with an average person in 700 yuan. If two people travel together, the cost performance will be higher than that of going alone.
Nevertheless, as the Meilin Valley Ski Resort, the price is much cheaper than Chongli.
According to the official platform of Chongli Wanlong Ski Resort, the snow ticket for two days on weekdays and weekends in the 2021-2022 snow season is 1,050 yuan, and the price for two days and one night of Shuanglong Hotel plus skiing ranges from 1,880 yuan to 3,350 yuan.
According to the pictures shared by consumers before, the price of snow tickets for two days on weekdays and weekends at Chongli Wanlong Ski Resort in the snow season of 2020-2021 is about 680 yuan, and the price for two days and one night at Shuanglong Hotel ranges from 1,269 yuan to 2,269 yuan. According to this price comparison, in the snow season of 2021-2022, the snow ticket price of Chongli Wanlong Ski Resort rose by about 54%, and the accommodation price rose by about 44%.
Although skiing is not a cheap sport, under the influence of the winter Olympic atmosphere, many areas have sought to take advantage of ice and snow to go out. In December, 2021, the advertisement of Changchun Ice and Snow Festival has reached the gate of Beijing Jianguomen subway station, and there have been many advertisements and publicity activities with the theme of ice and snow sports in Sanlitun.
The configuration of the snow field is also trying to upgrade. For example, Chifeng Meilin Valley, Chongli Taiwu Ski Resort and so on, hotels, restaurants, hot springs, cinemas and other supporting facilities are readily available, which has changed from a sports ground to a holiday resort.
The live video shot by Yu Yang to reporters shows that there are still many skiers who shuttle back and forth on the snow field on the third day of the New Year’s Day. You can even see some children.
At Chongli Taiwu Ski Resort, Ms. Zhou from Beijing is having a good time with her two sons. She and her eldest son skied on the advanced track in tandem, while the younger son was being taught the primary skills by the coach on the primary track.
"Taiwu has Marriott, Hyatt, and a family multi-bedroom apartment. The accommodation is the best among several snow resorts. There are also hot springs, relaxing in a hot spring after skiing, and watching movies. There are many choices for leisure activities. " Ms. Zhou said.
Single board looks down on double board, and skiers look down on punch cards.
The temperature of the Meilin Valley Ski Resort in Chifeng keeps between -10℃ and -20℃ all the year round. However, Yu Yang, who has just galloped down the advanced snow trail, looks radiant and ruddy.
"I’m sure it’s not cold. It won’t be cold to ski. Moreover, I wore three layers inside and outside. First, the quick-drying clothes are very tight and close to the body, which can lock the body temperature. This set of quick-drying clothes costs 3,000 yuan. I put a thermal underwear on the outside of the quick-drying clothes, and then I put a shin warmer and a warm baby in the ski suit, fully armed. "
Yu Yang said that he is a "poor skater" in the purchase of ski equipment. Based on the principle of ensuring professionalism and saving money, he did not excessively pursue famous brands. He showed his annual bill for ski equipment to reporters.
"ATOMIC snowshoes are almost 3,000 yuan, BURTON snowboard is about 3,500 yuan, snow goggles is 1,200 yuan, second-hand Bern helmet 500 yuan, a set of X-bionic quick-drying clothes is 3,000 yuan, BURTON’s second-hand board fixer was found at that time, more than 1,000 yuan, ski suit 800 yuan and protective gear 800 yuan. Overall, these basic equipments add up to almost 13,000 yuan. "
This is obviously not the poorest way to play. Mu Zi, a college student in Beijing, shared the raiders on Little Red Book. It shows that with the full-time college student ID card of Chinese mainland, you can make an appointment for free skiing through the Wanlong Holiday Paradise service number. You only need to pay 20 yuan insurance, and you can even make an appointment for several days, and you can make an appointment twice a month. In addition, the round-trip toll from Beijing to Prince Edward City only needs 190 yuan, college students only need 100 yuan for one day to rent ski gear, and the average person in the surrounding homestays is 80-100 yuan. The student party with limited living expenses can also experience the joy of skiing with a budget of 500.
In terms of input cost, skiing seems to be a sport of "no cap on the top and no limit on the bottom".
At the top of the ski circle, it is natural to go abroad to the ski resort under the Swiss Alps, where there is unparalleled pure beauty and the best powder snow in the Alps. Britain’s Prince Charles, Prince William and Princess Kate are all frequent visitors here.
In China, Yabuli in Northeast China is a resort frequented by entrepreneurs. With the opportunity of the annual Yabuli Forum, many business tycoons have competed on the resort, and their momentum and influence are no less than the dinner during the Wuzhen Internet Conference.
Among them, Wang Shi, the founder of Vanke, experienced skiing for the first time in 1996 at Yabuli Snow Resort. According to a "Yabuli Forum Skiing List" circulating on the Internet, during a recent Yabuli Forum, Ma Yun, Lei Jun, Li Yanhong, Wang Shi, Li Guoqing and other business tycoons all appeared on the skiing list.
Distinguish between high-end and low-end, the price of ski resort and ski equipment is the first watershed, followed by gameplay.
"Please ask the coach to look down on his own play, and those who play single board look down on playing double board." Yu Yang told the reporter of Phoenix WEEKLY Finance that the skiing circle has such an unwritten ranking. Comparatively speaking, it’s easier to get started with double boards, while it’s more exciting with single boards.
However, skiers living abroad believe that the advancement of double boards can better reflect the technical level. "Many foreigners who go skiing in the Alps abroad are more popular with skateboarding." In the snow season of 2020-2021, Ms. Wang and her friends signed up for a ski course of a famous ski instructor in London, and she studied snowboarding. "When I went skiing in Switzerland, only old people skated on the single board, or the double board was fast."
Whether it’s a single board or a double board, everyone will feel the excitement brought by the sudden surge of adrenaline when they sprint down from the top of the high-grade road.
As for technology, skiers who have reached a certain stage can take the CASI coaching certificate in the Canadian skiing system. Level 1 is the most elementary coaching level. You can teach skiers at the elementary level by winning the Level 1 certificate.
Yu Yang said that the process of textual research and driving test is similar, and both need to receive training for a period of time. CASI coaching certificate includes four levels, first study and then test.
According to the official WeChat of Maple Ski Industry, the CASI coaching certificate training institution, the certification fee for Level 1 coaching is 7,200 yuan for 5 days, and the training place is Wanlong and Fulong Ski Resort in Chongli. According to preliminary estimates, the prices of snow tickets in these two places are already above average in China. Coupled with transportation, tickets and accommodation costs, the cost of obtaining this ski instructor certificate is at least 15,000 yuan.
Such a price is still "someone outside the person." Ms. Wang and her friends signed up for another skiing course in Britain. The whole course has ten lessons, and the price is 5,000 pounds (about 45,000 yuan). The coach promised to reach the L1 level of junior coach after the whole course. However, when asked if she has reached such a technical level now, Ms. Wang said with a wry smile: "I only went to class two or three times, and I don’t have time to go there again." But I will feel that I have taken a class, and I am confident when I go skiing with my friends in Switzerland. "
Different ski resorts, different consumption levels and technical levels have formed different classes of skiing. But there is a class that all skiers despise, that is, the "online celebrity" posing in the snow field.
Zhang Yiqing (pseudonym) is a self-media anchor in Hangzhou. This winter, her company specially arranged for her to go on a business trip to Wanda Ski Resort in Changbai Mountain, Jilin Province to shoot short videos on skiing-related topics.
"I never liked outdoor sports before. I couldn’t run 800 meters in college, but I went to work." Zhang Yiqing said. According to the work arrangement, she stayed at Park Hyatt Hotel in Changbai Mountain all the time, mainly learning a few simple moves, wearing brand ski clothes and taking some beautiful photos with sports bra. "I have to say that the snow field is really out, and later the short video works are also a little hot."
But in Yu Yang’s view, such behavior is unsafe on the one hand, and misleading ordinary skiers on the other.
"These people are not serious about skiing, and it is very dangerous to pose on the snowy road; There are still many beautiful women wearing cool clothes. Taking such photos on social platforms will mislead people who don’t understand skiing, thinking that skiing doesn’t need to wear a lot. In fact, it is very important to keep warm during skiing. "
It is difficult to make a profit on the ski resort, and the equipment sells well.
The skiing atmosphere didn’t just rise this year. Foreign media quoted domestic data in China, showing that in 2015, when Beijing won the bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, the number of skiers in China had reached 12.5 million, and since then, it has doubled to 26 million.
According to the data of the State Sports General Administration, by 2025, the total scale of China’s ice and snow industry will reach 1 trillion yuan.
Enterprise survey data show that by the end of November 2020, there were 5,008 ski-related enterprises in China, including 1,684 ski-related enterprises. Harbin has become the largest city with 416 ski-related enterprises, while Zhangjiakou and Beijing rank second and third. Judging from the ranking of provinces, Hebei, Heilongjiang and Guangdong rank in the top three, and the three northeastern provinces account for 27% of the country.
Despite this, in the past few years, the key word around large snow resorts has always been "loss".
According to public reports, Wanlong Ski Resort in Zhangjiakou has been losing money for ten years since it opened in the 2004-2005 snow season. In the meantime, only in the 2014-2015 snow season, influenced by Beijing’s bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, it made a profit for the first time. After 2017, Wanlong lost money again.
Zhang Litao, general manager of Chongli Fulong Ski Resort, once worked in Taiwu Town. He told the reporter of Phoenix WEEKLY Finance that the ski resort is a means to attract guests, and the profit point is not by selling snow tickets, but by consumer behavior other than skiing. As a complex of lifestyles, the ski resort wants to attract not all skiers, but skiers, junior high school skiers and middle-class families with children, and turn skiing into a holiday habit for middle-class families, which is as popular as playing golf.
"According to this goal, the design of the ski resort must emphasize fun and fashion." Zhang Litao said, "Advanced trails only account for 30%, and snowy trails pay attention to visual and entertainment effects. There is a theme sculpture on the mountain, which will change every year. A DJ square is built in the middle of the snow field to render the snow field with music. The town’s fun park is divided into four difficult areas: black, pink, blue and orange, which not only improves skiing skills, but also allows more people to experience skiing fun. "
Indeed, outside the snow field, what is really hot is the business of equipment sales, accommodation and catering, and even the surrounding housing prices. After the successful bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics, the house price of Chongli in Zhangjiakou generally soared to more than 10,000 yuan/m 2, and even individual projects reached 30,000 yuan/m 2.
"In 2015, the number of guests with their own skis did not exceed 20% of the total number," a coach of Dalian Happy Snow World told the reporter of Phoenix WEEKLY Finance. "Now more than half of the guests enter the ski resort with their own equipment, and the number of single boards has exceeded that of double boards. Snowsuit helmets are basically self-contained, and there are many fashionable and big-name figures. There are more and more young people, the market is rich, and the new generation of consumption power has also risen. "
According to the data of Tmall platform, during the "Double Eleven" period in 2021, the sales of ski products increased by 120% year-on-year. The data recently released by AliExpress, a cross-border e-commerce platform, also shows that in the fourth quarter of 2021, the overseas sales of ski products in China increased by over 60% year-on-year.
"Most experienced skiers start by renting equipment. Generally, the ski resort package includes the cost of renting clothes and ski gear. However, after having certain skiing experience, they usually choose to buy it themselves. "
Fashion luxury brands and high-end sports brands are striving to seize this market opportunity. Luxury brands such as LVMH, Gucci, Prada, Dior, etc. have also spared no effort in the huge white market, and rushed to launch joint-name ski suits, snowboards and other equipment. A snowboard in LV costs 40,000 yuan, which is 10 times that of ordinary professional ski brands.
The financing of the ice and snow industry is also reflected in related industries. In 2021, social APP Slippery received a 40 million yuan A round investment from Gaochun, and Aoxue Culture, which owns two ski equipment brands of "Zero Summer" and "NOBADAY", completed the A round financing in October 2021, with an amount of tens of millions of yuan; SNOW 51 also completed the A and A+ rounds of financing in the same year, with an amount exceeding 100 million yuan.
In fact, under the hot atmosphere, the snow field is not worried about passenger flow. However, the profitability of the ski resort depends on the construction of hardware facilities and the improvement of basic service capabilities.
For families with children, Taiwu team set up a children’s ski service center. When parents ski, they entrust their children to the service center, where there will be children’s instructors to teach skiing.
"In the future, these children from middle-class families who were brought to ski vacations will be the backbone of China’s ski market in the next two decades." Zhang Litao said.

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The Spring Festival is approaching. How do you celebrate the Spring Festival this year? Recently, Banan District launched the "Family Style and American Family Annual Meeting" activity, and it became a new folk custom of Banan people during the Spring Festival to establish family training, talk about dreams, talk about gains and losses, and send blessings.

The relevant staff in Banan District said: "We advocate the citizens to celebrate the New Year on the spot. We hope that through this activity, Banan people will inherit the family style and carry forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation while feeling the taste of the year, so that the year 2021 will be full of atmosphere and connotation."

Anti-epidemic advanced families: the dream of family reunion and Spring Festival group.

During the Spring Festival of 2020, Yang Jifan and Li Chunmei, who live in Lijiatuo, Banan District, failed to go home for the New Year because they struggled in the forefront of hospital epidemic prevention and control.

"A virus epidemic destroyed all my dreams of the Spring Festival." Yang Jifan’s son, Yang Herui, said, "But please rest assured, Mom and Dad, I won’t cry. I’m proud of you. I’m the doctor’s son …"

According to reports, Yang Yurui’s parents and grandfather are both medical staff. "Doctors are kind-hearted" is what Yang Herui’s grandfather often talks about. Slowly, it has become the family motto of Yang Herui.

Wechat picture _20210205223411.png

It is under the influence of such family precepts that Yang Herui understands that mom and dad can’t go home on time, "attend" the group dinner and have a group dinner together because of "saving lives".

Today (5th), under the call of the activity of "Family Style and Annual Meeting of American Family during the Festival" in Banan District, Yang Herui’s family realized their dream of group year.

Picture 2.png

 In a small window of Lijiatuo Ronghui Jiangshan Community in Banan District, Yang Herui’s family is enjoying a reunion dinner. Prior to this, Yang Herui gave a handwritten newspaper named "I am proud, I am the doctor’s son" to my parents; Grandpa started to write down the family motto of "the doctor is kind" and taught Yang Herui the "connotation" in these four words with one stroke; Yang Herui’s family also pinched the "Mariko" symbolizing reunion together. ……

Picture 3.png

 "In the past, Yang Heli’s grandfather told me about the’ doctor’s kindness’ and later told Yang Heli. I hope that I can also tell this sentence to my younger generations in the future, so that these four words can be passed down from generation to generation in our family. " Yang Jifan, the father of Yang Herui, said.

Five Good Families in China: "Cloud Reunion" Inheriting Family Style

In Lijiatuo Street, Banan District, there is another family holding a special annual family meeting.

Picture 4.png

 "I hope you can be people with goals, and I hope you can develop in an all-round way by practicing martial arts …" Facing the two little daughters in the video, Zhao Sikuo wrote the family instructions with a brush while explaining them.

Zhao Sikuo and Dong Tingting both work in the health system of Banan District. Affected by the epidemic, Zhao Sikuo and Dong Tingting will continue to stick to their posts during the Spring Festival. Because they are separated from their parents and daughters, this year’s Spring Festival, their family can only have a "cloud reunion" by video phone.

Picture 5.png

 "Today, we will eat some sauerkraut jiaozi." Zhao Sikuo said, in my hometown in Northeast China, I will eat jiaozi on holidays. Plus, two people can’t eat much, and eating jiaozi can respond to the call of "eating civilization" and has a taste of the year. Facing the camera, Zhao Sikuo did not forget to teach children to cherish food and develop a good habit of thrift.

Zhao Sikuo’s family motto is "Set a lofty ambition, cultivate a strong body, be loyal, filial and righteous, and be single-minded". In 2020, this family motto was rated as one of the top ten most beautiful family precepts in Banan District in 2020, and Zhao Sikuo’s family was also rated as one of the five best families in China and the most beautiful family in Chongqing.

According to reports, in 2021, 2,152 party branches were launched in Banan district to publicize the annual family meeting before the festival, 121 primary and secondary schools took the annual family meeting home as a special winter vacation homework, and 200,000 families held annual family meeting activities during the Spring Festival according to their own conditions.

This activity will last until March. After the start of the new semester, schools will continue to carry out activities such as class meeting, team day, dream salon sharing meeting, etc., which will fully show the achievements of students’ participation in the annual meeting. After the holiday, various government agencies and units will also take advantage of theme party days and cadres’ and workers’ unions to organize cadres and workers to share the feelings of the annual meeting in time in the form of dream salons, so as to find out a group of families with stories, traditions and representatives, dig deep into the touching stories and beautiful sentiments of family style education, and enhance the new connotation and new image of family style construction in Banan District.

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Bus conductor who sticks to his post: If he can’t catch the New Year’s dinner, he will eat the "New Year’s supper".

He is not good at words, which always makes him blush when he speaks in public, but he works unequivocally and always rushes to the front line in his work. During the Spring Festival in 2022, he stuck to his post as always, escorting the passengers with professional driving skills and thoughtful service. He was the conductor of line 527 of Guangzhou Bus Group No.2 Branch.
Leave the opportunity to go home for reunion to colleagues farther away.
Since becoming a bus conductor in 2003, Mi Zhifeng has never been back to his hometown Qingyuan during the Spring Festival. He said, "During the Spring Festival, leave the opportunity to go home to colleagues who are far away from home."
Captain Michael is a warm-hearted man. He always smiles and never mind doing more work. Near the Spring Festival, the workers had something to ask for leave at home and could not go to work. Mi Zhifeng, who had been resting, took the initiative to apply for the shift of the top workers. There are also temporary chartered buses in the line and volunteers who need to be temporarily arranged to guide the passenger flow in the line. Mi Zhifeng always takes the lead in expressing his participation. Under his leadership, other workers have joined in.
On New Year’s Eve this year, party member Mi Zhifeng will stick to his position as a driver and provide safe travel services for the passengers. He plans to go home after work and have a "group night snack" with his wife and children. "My family understands my work very well and they are very supportive. I can’t have a group dinner with them, so they said to me,’ Then we will have a group night snack and be equally happy.’ "Mi Zhifeng said this with a smile and tenderness in his eyes.
"gentle" driving, love to study.
Mi Zhifeng is an old party member. He drives the "party member Pioneer" vehicle, which is always polished by him. Before every train leaves, he carefully checks and debugs the vehicle. When driving the vehicle, he is always very "gentle", and passengers can hardly feel the start and braking of the vehicle. Line 527 passes through Haizhu District, Yuexiu District and Baiyun District, with many stops. Aunt Huang, who often takes the 527 line vehicle, said.
In the eyes of colleagues, Mi Zhifeng is still a technical "great god". Mi Zhifeng became the conductor of Line 527 in 2013. "Safe driving is inseparable from being familiar with vehicles." Mi Zhifeng likes to study the characteristics and driving skills of different types of buses and loves to share them with his colleagues. Some workers told reporters that when the line was just replaced with a new car, a conductor debugged the vehicle before leaving the car, always feeling that there was something wrong with the brakes, so he quickly called Mi Zhifeng to help see what was going on. After sitting in the driver’s seat for a while, Mi Zhifeng solved the problem. It turns out that because the braking operation of the new model is slightly different from that of the old model, it is easy to misunderstand that it is a braking problem. As long as a little skill is used, driving will be smooth. Mi Zhifeng can solve problems confidently and freely, because he usually loves to study vehicle professional technology.
During the Spring Festival, in order to ensure the city’s public transportation, many "bus people" still stick to their jobs, and "Mi Zhifeng" use their post responsibilities and responsibilities to escort passengers to travel safely; With the time to stick to the job, more citizens, passengers and their families will be reunited.
Text/Guangzhou Daily Xinhua City Reporter: Lu Mengqian Correspondent: Chen YunyingFigure/Guangzhou Daily Xinhua City Reporter: Gao Hetao Correspondent: Chen YunyingGuangzhou Daily Xinhua City Editor: Zhang Ying

Hainan Meteorological Bureau issued a three-level rainstorm warning, and there was continuous heavy precipitation from the 22nd to the 24th.

  Cctv newsAt 06: 50 on October 22, 2023, Hainan Meteorological Bureau issued a three-level rainstorm warning: due to the easterly jet, in the past 24 hours, some towns and villages in Qionghai, Wanning, Qiongzhong and other cities and counties experienced precipitation of more than 100 mm, and it is estimated that in the next 24 hours, most towns and villages in Qionghai, Wanning, Qiongzhong, Tunchang and Ding ‘an will experience precipitation of 80-150 mm and local area of more than 220 mm. In addition, some towns and villages such as Baoting, Lingshui, Wenchang, Danzhou, Baisha and Sanya will have precipitation of 50-80 mm. Please take precautions.

  The Department of Natural Resources and Planning of Hainan Province and the Meteorological Bureau of Hainan Province jointly issued the meteorological risk warning of geological disasters at 10: 00 on October 22, 2023: According to the previous rainfall situation of Hainan Meteorological Observatory and the rainfall forecast for the next 24 hours, it is estimated that in the next 24 hours (from 12:00 on October 22, 2023 to 12: 00 on October 23, 2023), the whole territory of qionghai city will be in Longgun Town, Sangerluo Town, Beida Town and Qiongzhong County of Wanning City. Please ask the above-mentioned cities, counties, township governments and relevant departments to do a good job in geological disaster prevention.

  Weather reality

  Affected by the easterly jet, from 08: 00 on October 21 to 08: 00 on October 22, heavy rain to heavy rain occurred in some parts of eastern, central and northern Hainan Island, while moderate rain and local heavy rain occurred in other areas. The rainfall in 61 townships (districts) in 12 cities and counties of Qionghai, Ding ‘an, Wanning, Qiongzhong, Tunchang, Haikou, Wenchang, Lingao, Sanya, Sansha, Chengmai and Ledong exceeds 50 mm, and the rainfall in 31 townships (districts) in 7 cities and counties of Qionghai, Ding ‘an, Wanning, Qiongzhong, Tunchang, Haikou and Wenchang exceeds 100 mm.

  weather forecast

  Hainan Provincial Meteorological Observatory predicts that,From 22nd to 24th, due to the influence of easterly jet, there was persistent heavy precipitation in Hainan Island. On the 25th, the easterly airflow weakened and the whole island turned into scattered shower weather.The specific forecast is as follows:

  Land aspect

  From 22nd to 24th, affected by the easterly jet, there were heavy rains to heavy rains and local heavy rains in the eastern and central parts of Hainan Island, heavy rains and local heavy rains in the northern and southern parts, showers and local moderate to heavy rains in the western part. The highest temperature in the eastern half of Hainan Island is 23 ~ 27℃, and the lowest temperature is 19 ~ 23℃. The highest temperature in the western half is 26 ~ 30℃, and the lowest temperature is 18 ~ 25℃.

  It is estimated that the accumulated rainfall in Wenchang, Qionghai, Qiongzhong, Tunchang and Wanning will be 200-300mm from 08: 00 on October 22nd to 08: 00 on October 25th, the local area will be 450mm, Haikou, Chengmai, Ding ‘an, Baoting, Lingshui and Sanya will be 100-180mm, and the rest cities and counties will be 50-80mm.

  On the 25th, the easterly airflow weakened, and the whole island was cloudy with scattered showers. The highest temperature rose slightly, and the lowest temperature changed little.

  Ocean aspect

 From 22nd to 24th, the winds were 6-7 and the gusts were 8 in the Beibu Gulf, around Hainan Island, and near Xisha and zhongsha islands. Near the Nansha Islands, the wind is 5 ~ 6 and the gust is 7.

  On the 25th, the winds in the Beibu Gulf, the sea around Hainan Island, and the sea near Xisha, Zhongsha and Nansha Islands weakened to 5-6, and the gust was 7.

  The meteorological department of Hainan Province reminded

  (1) Due to the heavy accumulated rainfall in the early stage in the eastern half of Hainan Island, the soil moisture in some areas was close to saturation, and there was continuous heavy precipitation in the eastern half of Hainan Island from 22nd to 24th. Relevant departments need to continue to take precautions against secondary disasters such as farmland waterlogging, mountain torrents, floods in small and medium-sized rivers and geological disasters in this area, and strengthen risk prevention such as floodbridges, floodways and mountain roads.

  (II) Cities are prone to waterlogging risk, so it is necessary to pay special attention to the safety of underground facilities such as underground garages and underpasses, strengthen risk prevention in high-risk areas such as dangerous houses, slopes, simple sheds, rivers and hidden danger points of geological disasters, and strengthen supervision and hidden danger investigation in key places such as tourist attractions and construction sites.

  (3) It is necessary to strengthen the inspection of reservoirs, pay attention to the limited water level of reservoirs in flood season, and pre-discharge measures can be taken in time for high-level reservoirs.

  (4) Harvest mature late rice in time to prevent grain germination and rot caused by precipitation. After the rainstorm, the fields that plan to plant melons and vegetables will be drained in time to prepare for cultivation. Early-maturing litchi is easy to shoot autumn shoots after multiple rounds of precipitation, so fruit farmers should do a good job in controlling the shoots.

The weather in Fujian will be fine in the future and cold in the morning and evening.

Yesterday, the whole province was cloudy to cloudy.
There is some light rain.
Next three days
The weather in the province is fine
It will be mainly cloudy to sunny weather.
What about the temperature?
Let’s take a look ~
Today and tomorrow.
With the influence of cold air going south
Temperatures in various places will also drop.
The highest temperature in all parts of the province is 14-22℃
Low temperature aspect
Southern and coastal areas
The lowest temperature is between 5-11℃
The lowest temperature in central and northern China is 0-5℃
Some mountainous counties and cities will also be below 0℃
Recently, the temperature difference between day and night is large
The body feels colder in the morning and evening.
Please pay attention to the latest weather forecast in time.
Increase clothes according to the temperature
Beware of catching a cold ~
Coastal wind forecast
Today, the northeast wind, the northern coastal 5-6 gusts 7-8, the south-central coastal 6-7 gusts 8-9, and the Taiwan Province Strait 7-8 gusts 9.
On the 11th, there was a northeast wind, with a gust of 4-5 in the northern coastal area at level 6, a gust of 5-6 in the south-central coastal area at level 7 and a gust of 4-5 at level 6-7, and a gust of 6-7 in the Taiwan Province Strait at level 8-9 and 5-6 at level 7.
On the 12th, the northeast wind, the coastal gust of 4-5 in the whole province was 6, and the gust of 4-5 in Taiwan Province Strait changed from 6-7 to 5-6 and 7.

Sunshine works hard until the weekend, and Guangzhou will turn rainy again.

The temperature dropped a little this morning compared with yesterday, but the sunshine was good, and everyone’s somatosensory temperature remained in a relatively comfortable range. It will continue to be online on sunny days in the next two days, and it will gradually turn rainy in Guangzhou on weekends.

Despite the cold air, with the help of sunshine, the weather in Guangzhou is warm during the day. At 13: 25, Baishui Village Scenic Spot in Zengcheng District of Guangzhou recorded 25.1℃, the highest in the city.

The Meteorological Observatory predicts that most of Guangdong will be cloudy and sunny from January 10 to 13, with cold weather and dry weather in the morning and evening. Affected by the weak cold air, on January 10-11, there was a gust of 6-7 from the northeast to the east wind in central and eastern Guangdong. It’s cold in the morning and evening, pay attention to adding clothes in time; The wind is strong on the sea surface, so pay attention to offshore operation and traffic safety.

In the next three days, the humidity in the lower level is low and the north wind blows. Although there are clouds in Guangzhou, the clouds in the middle and upper levels are the main ones, and the sunshine is abundant. The low temperature is stable, and the maximum temperature fluctuates slightly. At the weekend, the humidity over Guangzhou became higher, and the clouds began to increase, accompanied by weak precipitation.

Guangdong specific forecast:

From January 11th to 12th, the western cities and counties were cloudy with sporadic light rain, while the rest were cloudy and sunny. The lowest temperature in the morning: 8 ~ 12℃ in northern and eastern Guangdong, 14 ~ 19℃ near the Pearl River Estuary and western Guangdong, and 12 ~ 14℃ in other cities and counties.

On January 13th, it was cloudy with scattered light rain in Shaoguan, Qingyuan, western Pearl River Delta and western Guangdong, and the rest cities and counties were cloudy. There is light fog in the western cities and counties in the morning. The lowest temperature in the morning: 10 ~ 13℃ in northern and eastern Guangdong, 15 ~ 20℃ near the Pearl River Estuary and western Guangdong, and 13 ~ 15℃ in other cities and counties.

Guangzhou weather forecast:

It was cloudy at 12 ~ 21℃ on January 11th.

It was cloudy at 13 ~ 23℃ on January 12th.

On January 13th, it was cloudy to cloudy at 14 ~ 22℃, with scattered light rain.

Text/Guangzhou Daily Xinhua City Reporter: Yekas

Figure/Guangzhou Daily Xinhua City Reporter: Gao Hetao