Before signing the contract, Mo Mo’s sister A Leng’s ultra-luxury anchor lineup gathered in Betta.

On June 24th, a Weibo by A Leng, the former anchor of Mo Mo, caused quite a stir in the live broadcast field. After a two-month hiatus, A Leng announced his return to his fans and will join DouYu.

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heavely sound+Versatile and sweet girl with huge fans

As one of the most popular anchors of Momo, A Leng earned an annual income of 16 million yuan in 2016, and even created a miracle in the live broadcast industry that was rewarded with 30 million yuan in eight months. She is comparable to a first-line star and is a well-deserved sister of Momo. After graduating from a famous university, she also went to teach at the Confucius Institute in the United States in 2014. Not only did she get excellent grades, but A Leng also had an unusual talent in playing musical instruments. Both erhu and guitar won prizes in the competition.

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A Leng looks sweet and has a voice that surprises people. In the colorful metropolis, she did not choose to go with the flow, refused to rely on her face value, and attracted a large number of diehard fans with her hard work and sincere singing. In the live broadcast world, A Leng is known as "online celebrity Clean Stream" and "talented female anchor". Compared with other female anchors in online celebrity, A Leng’s route is obviously different from theirs, with outstanding temperament, elegant clothes, cordial communication with fans, and singing one song after another. Just like this, A Leng’s live broadcast received a flood of praise, and more and more people began to pay attention to it.

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High-quality platform holds hands with popular anchor DouYu and adds the top singer.

It is understood that A Leng’s first test of water in Betta attracted people to watch. On the day of registration, there were even more local tyrants who brushed gifts with black screens, which once made A Leng advance to the fourth place in the Betta anchor’s earnings weekly list before broadcasting. Interestingly, the area where A Leng lives in Betta is actually the League of Legends game area. A Leng’s strong joining will pose no small threat to Ti mo Feng, a betta sister in the League of Legends area, and Chen Yifa, a sweet singer.

It is understood that Ti mo Feng and Chen Yifa have 3.6 million and 2.3 million fans in Weibo, respectively, but there is still a certain distance between Alang’s 120,000 Weibo fans and the two major anchors. From this set of data, we can easily see that betta fish plays an important role in it, and the platform with wider coverage and stronger influence will greatly enhance the popularity of the anchor. I believe that the growth rate of the number of fans in Weibo will also become one of the concerns after Alang enters Betta.

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The anchor camp shuffled and reorganizedBetting platform becomes the biggest winner

With the rapid development of the live broadcast industry, the participation of the whole people has become an indisputable fact. Under the hot situation of live broadcast, serious homogenization is rampant. If we want to fight our way out in the homogeneous industry, we must develop the platform competitiveness in an all-round way from multiple dimensions. For the live broadcast platform, it has become the core competitiveness to build a live broadcast platform by leading users and content anchors. The strong joining of Alun this time, its own strong flow will definitely bring a new round of "bombing" to Betta.

Ah Leng’s joining may not come as a surprise to the water lovers of fighting fish. Before Ah Leng, there was a girl named "Natto", a secondary oxygen girl, who was called bilibili’s first sister, who settled in fighting fish. With the birth of online celebrity’s economy, the competition of platforms for anchors is becoming increasingly fierce, but more and more anchors pay more attention to the platform quality and development prospects. Known by the industry as "the Whampoa Military Academy in the anchor field", after a group of anchors, such as Fu, Ti mo Feng and Yifa Chen, have grown into first-line online celebrity, the addition of A Leng has also started a new round of reshuffle and reorganization of the anchor camp in the industry, and Betta has gradually become the biggest winner in the live broadcast field with its strong anchor lineup and high-quality content. Today, with the rapid development of live broadcast platforms, more and more anchors will choose platforms with better user base and broader development prospects. It is not surprising that fighting fish will have more fresh blood injected.

It is reported that A Leng will start broadcasting in Betta at 21:00 on the evening of 27th, and we will wait and see what surprises she will bring us.

[The 6th world internet conference] Shen Xiangyang, global executive vice president of Microsoft: Let the computer "see, think, listen and talk".

Shen Xiangyang, global executive vice president of Microsoft.

Shen Xiangyang, global executive vice president of Microsoft.

  Cctv news(Reporter Luo Chuan, Li Wenxue, Tang Shiying and Li Wenliang) On the afternoon of October 20th, the 6th world internet conference "World Internet Leading Scientific and Technological Achievements Release Event" was held in Wuzhen. Shen Xiangyang, global executive vice president of Microsoft Corporation, released "Unified Natural Language Pre-training Model and Machine Reading Comprehension".

  Shen Xiangyang said that technological breakthroughs have enabled computers to communicate in a natural way like humans. Taking machine reading comprehension as an example, computers can understand the meaning of texts and organize detailed answers to complex questions. Through conversational artificial intelligence, computers can now handle multiple topics and multiple conversations. This technological breakthrough will create many new opportunities, such as intelligent assistant and intelligent search.

  Shen Xiangyang showed breakthrough technologies such as conversational artificial intelligence and machine translation through a video, as well as a case combined with Microsoft HoloLens holographic glasses, indicating that the current innovative technology has turned scientific fantasy into reality — — Let the computer "see, think, listen and speak". "Of course, we still have a long way to go to make artificial intelligence truly reach the level of human beings."

"May 1" online celebrity City Hotel is hard to find a room, and the price of this place has skyrocketed by 112%!

  Zhongxin Jingwei Client May 1 ST (Zhang Yanzheng Intern Liu Yi) "Recently, I have always brushed Changsha food videos on Tik Tok, just ‘ May Day ’ During the small holiday, I plan to take my family to orange island to have a look, and try authentic Hunan cuisine by the way. As a result, I opened the booking platform and found that even the cheap hotel chain has risen from the original early 100 s to the price of six or seven hundred yuan, and the middle and high-end hotels have even started at 1,000 yuan, which is really unaffordable. " Ms. Li from Liaocheng City, Shandong Province told the client of Zhongxin Jingwei.

  During the May Day holiday, many people chose to "punch in" in popular tourist cities. According to the data of Qunar. com, the number of domestic hotel reservations during the May 1 holiday in 2021 has exceeded 40% in the same period in 2019, a surge of 8.1 times compared with the same period in 2020. Hotel prices have been rising with the booking volume, with an average price of 458 yuan per night, which is higher than that of 85 yuan in the same period of 2019. The price has increased by 22.79%, and the price of some popular online celebrity city hotels has even increased by 112%. Are you still going to look for poetry and distance?

  Online celebrity City Hotel "City Price Increase"

  Recently, as a consumer, Zhongxin Jingwei client learned that the prices of hotels and homestays in some popular online celebrity cities, such as Changsha, Xi ‘an, Hangzhou and Chengdu, have skyrocketed, and it is hard to find a unique room.

  The staff of Days Hotel Changsha Jiasheng said that the prices of almost all hotels have increased during the May 1 ST period, while in Changsha, hotels will adjust their prices every May 1 ST, 11 th and Spring Festival. “‘ May Day ’ Most of the rooms have been booked during the period, leaving only a few rooms. " The staff member said. The staff of Changsha Pinpin Hotel also said that most of the hotel rooms have been booked in March, and the price of Pinzhi twin room, which usually costs 619 yuan/night, is now 998 yuan/night.

  The Zhongxin Jingwei client looked at the third-party booking platform and found that during the "May 1" period, many hotels and homestays in Changsha were full or only two or three rooms were left. Among them, Changsha Exotic Impression W Hotel has only one room with a 180-degree deluxe river view big bed room. Among the hotel’s characteristic rooms, the Xiangjiang River modern river view twin room with a price of 1320 yuan/night and the 270-degree full river view executive suite-the supreme package with a price of 1329 yuan/night have all been booked.

  Room reservation of a hotel in Changsha and Xi ‘an Source: Ctrip

  According to the "May Day" popular destinations published by, Changsha is the most "online celebrity" city in 2021 according to the current hotel reservations during the "May Day" holiday. Up to now, the hotel reservation in Changsha ranks second in China, with an average price of 385 yuan per night. The number of reservations increased by 1.5 times compared with the same period in 2019, and the growth rate led the new first-tier cities.

  The report also shows that the prices of hotels in Changsha, a popular city in online celebrity, rose by 34%, Xi ‘an by 112%, Chengdu by 23%, Hangzhou by 20% and Zhuhai by 32%.

  The staff of Xi ‘an Yunhe Night Park Hotel said that the price of the hotel room was relatively high during the May Day period, and the price of the elegant big bed room at night park was around 400-500 yuan at ordinary times, and now the price is 887 yuan/night. The Sino-Singapore Jingwei client inquired about the third-party booking platform and found that the hotel’s executive luxury parent-child room with a price of 3,212 yuan/night and the cloud and luxury twin room with a price of 2,908 yuan/night have all been booked. The staff of Hangzhou Weiyuan Hotel said that the only courtyard projection big bed room in the hotel is now priced at 1387 yuan/night, and the pre-holiday price of this room is around 700 yuan.

  Netizen: The price is "outrageous"

  "Some time ago, I unpacked the ticket blind box and got a ticket to Shanghai. I originally wanted to take advantage of ‘ May Day ’ Go to Disney on vacation, once ‘ Princess at large ’ However, the price of the hotel is really a bit discouraged. It is too close to live and it is a waste of time. " Ms. Zhang from Bayannaoer City, Inner Mongolia, told the client of Zhongxin Jingwei that she didn’t intend to travel too far, but just in time for the blind box activity of air tickets to be drawn to Shanghai, she temporarily decided on the travel itinerary. I didn’t expect hotels around Disney to be expensive and difficult to book. "It’s also my fault that I didn’t make plans early, so I have no choice but to consider shortening my itinerary and playing less for a few days."

  Ms. Wu of Chongqing said to the client of Zhongxin Jingwei: "Express hotels are going to look like I can’t afford to live. It was originally a cheap and convenient plan to stay in the seven-day chain next to the scenic spot. When I searched the price, the big bed room would cost nearly 500 yuan a night."

  On the social media platform, many netizens said that the price of hotels during this year’s "May 1" holiday rose significantly, and the price was "outrageous".

  The south wind has not yet started-:Take Xiamen, where I live, for example, there are more than 200 hotels, and it will take 2,000 to get to May Day. It is understandable for hotels to raise prices appropriately during holidays. After all, business is not good at ordinary times, and holidays can make a wave, but this increase is too outrageous. Most of the money spent on accommodation when going out for a visit.

  @ Shh, don’t say anything: it’s outrageous for more than one hundred to rise to seven or eight hundred, and it’s outrageous for small hotels to rise to two or three hundred.

  @ Xiang kaixin: I have been planning the May Day trip for a long time, but it’s outrageous to be turned away by the hotel price of 3 times the scenic spot …

  @ Learn good Xinyi sauce: During the "May Day" period, the price of this hotel is outrageous, and the usual room type of 180 is "May Day" 899.

  According to Ctrip’s report data, during the May Day holiday in 2021, the order volume of Ctrip platform hotels increased by 43% compared with the same period in 2019. Many high-star hotels have been hard to find a room, and the price of hotel orders has risen, surpassing the average price in 2019. Judging from the hotel booking trend of the platform, during the "May 1" period, orders for 4 and 5 diamond high-star hotels accounted for over 50%, and more tourists were willing to buy high-quality travel services in high-star hotels.

  Lan Xiang, dean of the Qunar Big Data Research Institute, believes that as early as this year’s Spring Festival, the "May 1" hotel reservations have increased significantly because a large number of suppressed travel needs have not been released. Lan Xiang said, "Although many tourists visited relatives and traveled during the just-concluded Qingming holiday, due to the length of the holiday, most of them will still choose ‘ May Day ’ Travel on holiday. "

  Expert: it is not appropriate to interfere excessively with the price increase.

  Zhang Yuhao, a lawyer of Beijing Weiheng Law Firm, said in an interview with Zhongxin Jingwei client that as the festival approaches, some homestay hotels balance the profit ratio of the whole year by appropriately raising prices, and such business practices may not constitute an illegal act of "driving up prices". "If the relevant operators join hands with neighboring operators in order to achieve violent profits within a certain period of time, and the price is greatly raised beyond a reasonable range; Or fabricate or disseminate false or related information, deliberately causing the price in this area to increase significantly beyond the reasonable range. If the above two situations occur, it may constitute ‘ Drive up prices ’ Illegal behavior. "

  Zhou Mingxi, founder of Jingjian think tank, believes that the price increase of hotels or homestays is a market behavior that reflects the relationship between supply and demand. "In the period of oversupply, such as when the epidemic is serious, and in the traditional off-season of tourist cities, many five-star hotels sell for only three or four hundred yuan per night, which will definitely lose money from the perspective of operating costs. And the same room, in the peak season and holidays, the price of the room can reach several thousand yuan per night, the difference is multiplied. In the off-season, no one guarantees the income of the operators, and it is not appropriate to interfere excessively with the price increase in the peak season. "

  "It should be noted that the market supervision department should focus on monitoring whether the hotel price is transparent, whether the room is hygienic and safe, whether it is suspected of exaggerating false propaganda, etc., to avoid the situation that the quality is not proportional to the price." Zhou Mingxi said.

New research says Covid-19 can attack testicles and kidneys; Summary of infection cases and anti-epidemic policies in enterprises that have resumed work in many places (February 17)

On February 17th, titanium media compiled a summary of relevant national policies to deal with the epidemic.

Titanium Media February 17th news, February 16th 0— At 2400 hours, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 2048 new confirmed cases, 105 new deaths (100 in Hubei, 3 in Henan and 2 in Guangdong) and 1563 new suspected cases.

On that day, 1,425 new cases were cured and discharged, 28,179 close contacts were released from medical observation, and 628 severe cases were reduced.

By 24: 00 on February 16th, according to reports from 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, there were 57,934 confirmed cases (including 10,644 severe cases), 10,844 discharged cases were cured, 1,770 died, 70,548 confirmed cases were reported and 7,264 suspected cases were reported. A total of 546,016 close contacts were tracked, and 150,539 close contacts were still under medical observation.

Executor of the first autopsy of the deceased in COVID-19:It is expected that the pathological report will be available within 10 days.

Titanium media reported on February 17th that the autopsy of two cases of COVID-19 deceased was completed in Jinyintan Hospital on February 16th, with the permission of legal policies and the consent of patients’ families. On the evening of the same day, Liu Liang, a forensic pathologist who participated in the autopsy and the president of Hubei Judicial Appraisal Association, told the China News Service that each case took nearly three hours, and the anatomy and pathology had been sent for inspection. It is expected that a conclusion can be drawn within 10 days. He introduced that through pathological anatomy and follow-up examination, the distribution of the virus in the human body can be observed most intuitively under the microscope, which organs, tissues and cells suffer the most damage, and where are the weaknesses of the "enemy", thus providing clues for the diagnosis and treatment of clinicians.

New research:Covid-19 can attack kidneys and testicles, so we should pay attention to the fertility of young male patients.

According to The Paper, in addition to pneumonia, some new studies have pointed out that novel coronavirus infection may also attack intestines, liver and other organs. However, a paper recently uploaded by Fan Caibin, a urologist in Suzhou Hospital affiliated to Nanjing Medical University, on the preprinted platform medRxiv puts forward two potential targets: kidney and testis. In view of the fact that some antiviral drugs have some nephrotoxicity, and the virus may target the kidney, the team suggested that renal function evaluation and special care should be carried out during the clinical treatment of COVID-19 patients. In addition, doctors should pay attention to the possible risk of testicular tissue and make appropriate assessment and intervention on the fertility of young patients.





Chen Quanjiao of Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences stated:Never released any relevant report information.

On February 17th, researcher Chen Quanjiao of Wuhan Institute of Virology, China Academy of Sciences declared: Regarding the so-called report published in my name on the Internet today, I solemnly declare that I have never published any relevant report information, and I am extremely indignant at the act of fabricating report information by using my identity. I will investigate the legal responsibility of the rumor maker according to law. Recently, a series of rumors have had an impact on our front-line researchers’ scientific research. Please guard against related conspiracy and sabotage activities.

Foreign Ministry talks about Japanese COVID-19 epidemic;Willing to share information experience and provide support and help.

On February 17th, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Geng Shuang said that China is paying close attention to the development of COVID-19 epidemic in Japan, and we feel the same way. The Japanese government and all walks of life have so far provided sincere and friendly support and assistance to China in fighting the epidemic, and China is deeply grateful for this. Although the current epidemic situation in China is still grim, we are willing to further share information and experience with Japan while striving to fight the epidemic in our country, and actively provide support and help to Japan according to its needs. In fact, the two sides have already started to carry out specific work in this regard.

National Health Commission:The proportion of severe cases in Wuhan has dropped to 18%

On February 17th, the titanium media reported that the joint prevention and control mechanism in the State Council held a press conference on the progress of medical treatment. Guo Yanhong, inspector of the Medical Administration and Hospital Authority of the National Health and Wellness Commission, said that the situation in Wuhan has changed a lot. Through early diagnosis and treatment, and through continuous observation of mild patients after admission, it can be seen that the proportion of severe cases has dropped from 38% in the initial stage to 18% at present.

Ministry of Science and Technology:It can be confirmed that chloroquine phosphate has a curative effect on COVID-19. 

On February 17th, Sun Yanrong, deputy director of the Biological Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, said at the meeting that after careful discussion, the curative effect expert group finally reached an agreement that chloroquine phosphate is an old drug that has been on the market for many years, and the safety of treatment for a wide range of people is controllable. Based on the clinical research carried out by the previous clinical institutions, the results show that chloroquine phosphate is effective in treating COVID-19. Based on the urgent need of clinical treatment, experts unanimously recommend that chloroquine phosphate should be included in the new edition of the diagnosis and treatment guidelines as soon as possible to expand the scope of clinical application.

Hubei requires suspected patients to be cleared on the same day of nucleic acid testing:Hubei province’s residential areas are strictly closed 24 hours a day.

Titanium Media reported on February 17th that yesterday, Hubei Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and Hubei Provincial People’s Government issued opinions, demanding that the two key links of treatment and isolation should be grasped around the goal of improving the admission rate and cure rate, and reducing the infection rate and death rate, and three "full coverage" should be implemented, namely, screening, closed management of communities (villages) and control of public areas, and efforts should be made to promote the formation of "two closed loops" of data information and admission work, so as to ensure that every separation should be made. Accelerate nucleic acid detection, so that the confirmed patients are admitted and the suspected patients are cleared on the same day. All villages, communities, communities and residential areas in the province implement the strictest 24-hour closure measures, resolutely cut off the source of infection and block the route of transmission.

The United States informed:40 Americans aboard the "Diamond Princess" were diagnosed with Covid-19.

On February 17th, AFP reported that Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), revealed on February 16th that 40 American passengers on the cruise ship "Diamond Princess" who were being quarantined in Yokohama Port were diagnosed with novel coronavirus. According to the report, Fauci told CBS on Sunday that Americans who have developed symptoms will be treated in hospitals in Japan and will not return to China with American charter flights. "They won’t go anywhere," he said. "They will stay in hospitals in Japan."

Supreme law:Suspend the implementation measures for the units undertaking epidemic prevention and control.

Titanium Media reported on February 17th that CCTV reporter learned from the Supreme People’s Court that a few days ago, the Supreme People’s Court issued the Notice on Conscientiously Implementing the Spirit of the Third Session of the Central Committee for Comprehensively Administering the Country according to Law and Doing a Good Job in Trial Execution during the Prevention and Control of the Pneumonia Epidemic in novel coronavirus, requiring local courts to suspend the implementation measures for the units, personnel, places, equipment, materials and funds that undertake the epidemic prevention and control tasks, and not to seal up, freeze, detain or transfer the funds and materials specifically dedicated to the epidemic prevention and control.

Two departments:During the epidemic prevention period, the wages and benefits of public institutions are inclined to front-line staff.

On February 17th, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Ministry of Finance issued a notice on the salary and treatment of public institutions during the epidemic prevention and control in novel coronavirus. The circular requires that during the epidemic prevention and control period, human resources, social security and financial departments at all levels should, under the leadership of the local Party committee and government, increase the total performance pay to medical and health institutions with heavy prevention and control tasks and high risk according to local conditions, which will not be used as the base of the total performance pay. The required funds will be arranged through existing channels and will not be implemented after the epidemic ends. It is necessary to promptly guide the relevant units to tilt towards the frontline staff who dare to take responsibility, shoulder heavy burdens and work overtime to participate in epidemic prevention and control, especially those who have made outstanding achievements.

Hubei adjusts the members of the provincial prevention and control headquarters, and should be the commander.

On February 17th, according to Hubei Daily, on the afternoon of February 16th, Ying Yong, secretary of the provincial party committee and commander of the epidemic prevention and control headquarters in COVID-19 Province, presided over a meeting of the commanders of the provincial prevention and control headquarters, adjusted the composition of the provincial prevention and control headquarters and the division of responsibilities, and optimized the functions of overall coordination, supervision and inspection, and implementation of the headquarters to ensure decisive and rapid response, efficient and orderly operation and firm implementation. Wang Xiaodong, deputy secretary of the provincial party Committee, governor and commander of the provincial prevention and control headquarters, attended the meeting. Entrusted by the Central Steering Group, Gao Yu, Deputy Secretary-General of the State Council and Director of the Supervision Office of the General Office of the State Council, attended the meeting.

According to the report, Ying Yong, the new secretary of Hubei Provincial Party Committee, has served as the commander of the epidemic prevention and control headquarters in COVID-19, Hubei Province. The working group under the provincial prevention and control headquarters has also been adjusted. After the adjustment, the provincial prevention and control headquarters has five working groups, including office and comprehensive group, medical treatment and disease control group, material and market security group, publicity group and social stability group.

The central bank lowered the one-year MLF interest rate to 3.15%

On February 17th, the People’s Bank of China announced that on February 17th, 2020, the People’s Bank of China launched a medium-term loan facility (MLF) operation of 200 billion yuan and a seven-day reverse repurchase operation of 100 billion yuan, in order to hedge against the influence of factors such as the expiration of the reverse repurchase by the central bank and maintain liquidity in the banking system’s reasonable abundance. The winning bid rate for one-year MLF operation is 3.15%, compared with 3.25% last time.

Two cases of unconventional cases in Xinyang, Henan Province, the source of infection is not clear.

Titanium media reported on February 17th that 15 new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in Henan yesterday. Xinyang County, Henan Province reported two confirmed cases yesterday: two confirmed cases have long latent time, unclear source of infection, difficult diagnosis and strong infectivity.

The confirmed case Wu Moumou has been tested for nucleic acid three times, and the first two times were negative; It lasted for 19 days from January 28 to diagnosis. It took 34 days from returning to Xinxian County from Wuhan on January 14th to being diagnosed. After Wu returned to Xinxian County, he attended family dinners twice, with 10 people attending, 2 of whom were diagnosed and 3 were identified as suspected cases or hospitalized for observation.

The confirmed case Ning Moumou has been living in his father-in-law’s home in Baiguoshu Neighborhood Committee of Jinlanshan Street in Xinxian County since November 13, 2019, taking care of his father-in-law Zhang Moumou who returned from Wuhan for treatment; After Zhang Moumou died on November 30th, Ning Moumou continued to live in his father-in-law’s home until January 31st, 2020, when he and his wife and son returned to the family hospital of Chendian Township Government, which is opposite to the county vocational high school. After that, Ning Moumou only went out to buy food twice and medicine once, and had no other outdoor activities. He developed fever symptoms on February 12th, and was admitted to the county people’s hospital for observation on February 14th. Ning Moumou has been taking care of his father-in-law for 94 days since he was diagnosed. After tracking its infection trajectory, it is difficult to determine the source of infection so far.

Supreme law:Severely punish the manufacture and sale of fake and shoddy epidemic prevention articles.

Titanium Media reported on February 17th that a few days ago, the Supreme People’s Court issued the Notice on Conscientiously Implementing the Spirit of the Third Session of the Central Committee for Comprehensively Governing the Country according to Law and Doing a Good Job in Trial Execution during the Prevention and Control of novel coronavirus’s Pneumonia Epidemic, and strengthened the guidance on trial execution of epidemic-related cases in people’s courts at all levels. The Notice covers criminal, civil, administrative, enforcement and litigation procedures. In view of the problems widely concerned by the society, such as contract performance, medical disputes, product quality, labor disputes and other civil cases, this paper puts forward guiding opinions, and highlights the requirements of paying equal attention to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of workers and maintaining the healthy development of enterprises, strengthening the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of medical personnel, and severely punishing the manufacture and sale of counterfeit and shoddy epidemic prevention articles. In terms of implementation, local courts are required to suspend the implementation measures for units, personnel, places, equipment, materials and funds that undertake the task of epidemic prevention and control, and not to take property preservation measures and enforcement measures such as sealing up, freezing, detaining and transferring funds and materials that are specifically used for epidemic prevention and control, so as to fully guarantee the epidemic prevention and control work.

Wuhan’s prevention and control measures are upgraded again:Scan code in and out of public places that must be opened.

Titanium Media reported on February 17th that yesterday, the epidemic prevention and control headquarters of COVID-19 issued a notice, saying that it would further strengthen the epidemic prevention and control work in public places. Measures include: public places such as culture, sports and tourism in the city are temporarily closed, and religious places are temporarily closed to the outside world; Public places that must be opened shall be managed by scanning code in and out; Implement the registration system of drug purchase in retail pharmacies; Strict hygiene management in public places; Strict handling of epidemic situations in public places.

The cumulative number of cured and discharged cases nationwide has exceeded 10,000.

Titanium Media February 17th news, February 16th 0— At 2400 hours, 1,425 new cases were cured and discharged on the same day, and more than 1,000 people were cured and discharged for five consecutive days. Up to today, 10,844 cases have been cured and discharged nationwide.

The army supported Hubei medical team members and materials to set off for Hubei for the fourth time.

According to CCTV news, today (February 17th), the Air Force dispatched several transport planes to take off from seven airports, including Shanghai Hongqiao, and urgently airlifted troops to support Hubei medical team members and materials to Wuhan Tianhe Airport. Previously, the army had sent medical teams to Hubei three times. The CCTV reporter at the general station followed the Yun -20 plane to record the night of the soldiers’ expedition.

Wuhan Fangcang Hospital will open 13,001 beds in the next three days.

According to CCTV news, it was learned from the epidemic prevention and control headquarters of COVID-19, Wuhan City, that Wuhan City has made use of the existing resources of various districts and universities in China to speed up preparations for the construction of various "shelter hospitals" for treating patients diagnosed with mild diseases. At present, 11 "shelter hospitals" have been built. There are 20,461 planned beds, 7,566 beds have been opened, 6,971 beds have been used and 595 beds are available. It is planned to open 761 cards today (16th) and 6,801, 5,500 and 700 cards respectively in the next three days.

After the epidemic, the first city encouraged automobile consumption, and Foshan subsidized bicycle buyers by 2000-5000 yuan.

Titanium Media reported on February 17 that Foshan became the first city to introduce an automobile consumption incentive policy in 2020. Recently, the official website of the Foshan Municipal People’s Government issued the Notice of the Office of the Foshan Municipal People’s Government on Printing and Distributing Several Measures for Promoting the Consumption Upgrade of Foshan’s Automobile Market, proposing to encourage the consumption of "National Six" standard displacement vehicles and give each vehicle a subsidy ranging from 2,000 to 5,000 yuan. The incentive policy will be officially implemented on March 1.

Investigation report on epidemic impact:Seventy percent of the cash flow of enterprises can last for more than three months.

On February 17th, the International Business School of the University of International Business and Economics released a survey report entitled "The Way for Enterprises to Survive and Develop under the novel coronavirus Epidemic", which showed that 70% of enterprises can maintain their cash flow for more than three months. It is suggested that enterprises make good use of the supporting policies given by the government, reduce costs, broaden financing channels, encourage entities to open online business channels, re-examine their business models, and better integrate smart internet technologies into them.

Dangdang confirmed that an employee’s family was infected with COVID-19.

Titanium Media reported on February 17th, yesterday, according to Weibo netizens, COVID-19 was diagnosed by "Dangdang employee’s mother". As a close contact, the employee still went to work for many days, and Dangdang "did not insist on requiring employees to go to work according to the national 14-day isolation regulations."

In response, Dangdang confirmed the fact that the employee’s mother was diagnosed as COVID-19. At present, the Dangdang employee’s nucleic acid test is negative, and he will continue to pay attention to the physical condition of his office colleagues, the employee and his family. At the same time, Dangdang said that the situation reflected in Weibo was "untrue".

Dangdang said: "After learning the news, we were divided into several ways. Some colleagues assisted her and her children in the quarantine area. Some people contacted the CDC in several districts to cross-check whether our measures were in place. Some people arranged for multiple disinfection in the office area."

Dangdang said that before going to work according to the requirements of Beijing’s return to work on February 10, Dangdang counted the whereabouts of people leaving Beijing and the date, method and contact history of returning to Beijing; Arrange some colleagues to be isolated at home.

Dangdang said that it was ready to purchase protective materials such as masks and disinfectant on February 10; In the office area, the office epidemic prevention measures such as colleagues entering the office area, non-contact punching, non-contact work, meeting, and reducing the seat density of personnel were arranged. And a lot of work has been done to prevent and control the ventilation, disinfection and disposal of masks after use in office areas. On Friday, February 14th, Beijing issued a new quarantine requirement after returning to Beijing, and we immediately updated it accordingly.

Gree Electric:A driver who picks up employees is a close contact of COVID-19, and once had dinner with colleagues.

On February 17th, Gree Electric Trade Union announced through Guanwei that on February 15th, the company’s leading group for epidemic prevention and control received feedback from the transportation company, and the bus driver Feng was a close contact of COVID-19’s confirmed case. After receiving this feedback, the company immediately arranged for the driver and his colleagues in the team to stop work and isolate, and simultaneously investigated and implemented isolation measures on the line that the driver was driving. Up to now, the investigation and isolation work is still under intense development.

During the investigation, it was also found that on February 12th, Feng and his colleagues Hu, Sun and Zhang had a dinner together at Hu’s home, which was a serious violation of the company’s requirements of "no visiting relatives and friends, no gathering for meals during the epidemic prevention and control period", and its nature was bad. Moreover, because this group was engaged in the shuttle service for employees to and from work and had a wide contact area, it further expanded the company’s potential epidemic prevention risks and had a serious impact on the company’s production and operation.

The leading group for epidemic prevention and control in Gree Electric said that four people, including Feng Mou, a transportation company, ignored the relevant laws and regulations and let themselves go, which caused great epidemic prevention risks to the company. According to Article 3.3.2 of the Company’s Management Measures for Resignation and Dismissal of Employees QG0205 16-02, the transportation company was required to dismiss the four people, and this case was taken as a typical example to educate all the staff. Wu Zhenhua, the person in charge of the passenger transport section of the transportation company, was dismissed; Management responsibilities involving other personnel shall be reported to the company for study after the epidemic situation, and then punished; If this behavior causes serious consequences to the company’s epidemic prevention and control work, it will be reported to the relevant government departments for further legal responsibility. The circular requires leading cadres and all employees at all levels in the whole group to take this as a guide, implement the principle of "joint prevention and control, prevention and treatment by groups", and strictly implement the disciplinary requirements such as "four mornings, four more, four fewer, and four prohibitions" in the company’s "Guidelines for returning to work for epidemic prevention". If there is any violation, the responsible leaders and responsible personnel at all levels will be held accountable strictly and severely.

Yushi Technology:An employee has a fever, and now he is in a designated hospital for observation and treatment.

Titanium Media reported on February 17th that the President’s Office of Zhejiang Yushi Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yushi Technology"), a technology company in Binjiang District of Hangzhou, recently issued an internal notice saying that a research and development colleague of the company’s Binjiang Wanlun Science and Technology Park had a fever, and now the designated hospital is observing and treating, and this colleague has not left Hangzhou since the end of 2019. The information has confirmed that he has not been exposed to confirmed cases and suspected cases.

It is understood that Yushi Technology began to resume work on a small scale on February 10, and February 12 was the first day for the above-mentioned R&D colleague to go to work. During the Spring Festival, he had no contact with other employees. This colleague was sent to the designated fever hospital by ambulance at 18: 00 on February 12, and in order to take measures, the company disinfected the R&D 4 floor and isolated the personnel on the corresponding floor.

At 23: 55 pm on February 14th, good news came. According to Hangzhou Daily, the feverish employee was diagnosed by a designated hospital and tested by a laboratory, and COVID-19 infection was ruled out. In addition, on the morning of February 15th, Binjiang Publishing, the authoritative information publishing platform in Binjiang District of Hangzhou, also reported that there were no confirmed cases of new epidemic in Binjiang.

Cluster infection after returning to work in Beijing

According to CCTV news reports, on the afternoon of 16th, Beijing held the 22nd press conference on epidemic prevention and control, at which the Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention informed the public of recent infection cases.

A confirmed case drove by car years ago, and the family returned to their hometown for the New Year. During the Chinese New Year, get together with relatives and friends for dinner. Although some relatives had cold symptoms at that time, they didn’t care, and they didn’t wear masks at dinners and parties. On the Lunar New Year’s Day, my family returned to Beijing. Just after the Lantern Festival, I heard that a relative of my hometown party was diagnosed.

What is more noteworthy is that this patient did not wear a mask when chatting with colleagues who lined up together during the process of handling plates after meals in the unit canteen. Results This colleague (at that time) was also identified as a close contact. Yesterday (15th), he was tested positive, and dozens of people in his unit were isolated.

Company-wide isolation of COVID-19 cases in an office building in Guangzhou:A family of three was diagnosed.

Titanium media reported on February 17th that according to the official WeChat released by Guangzhou Tianhe in the early morning of February 16th, a staff member of the East Tower of Tianhe Tianying Plaza near Liede Bridge was diagnosed with COVID-19.

According to the circular, the Guangzhou Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that two close contacts of COVID-19 in Tianhe District were asymptomatic. After verification, the two asymptomatic infected persons were the wife and son of Zhu Moumou, a confirmed case on February 14, and they worked in Tianying Square from February 10 to 13.

According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, the above two asymptomatic infected people work on the 13th and 32nd floors of the East Tower of Tianying Plaza respectively. At present, both companies are closed.

Guangzhou Tianhe announced that after Zhu was reported as a suspected case at 23: 00 on the 13th, his wife and son, as close contacts, were sent to the centralized medical observation place in Tianhe District for medical observation, and their living place had been strictly disinfected. Zhu’s wife and son worked in Tianying Square from February 10 to 13, and Tianying Square and its workplace have implemented epidemic prevention and control measures for resuming work and production.

The District Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that the close contacts of these two asymptomatic infected people have been isolated to the centralized medical observation place for the first time, and their workplaces have been strictly disinfected.

Earlier, on the morning of February 15th, Southern Reporter saw from a notice letter headed Guangzhou Qisheng Property Management Co., Ltd. that an employee of one unit on the 13th floor of East Tower of Tianhe Tianying Plaza was diagnosed with COVID-19. It is pointed out that all the staff of the company have stopped working in isolation on February 14, 2020, and at the same time, the management office and the CDC have come to the door to carry out comprehensive disinfection work on floors and units.

Beijing police:From now on, the on-site processing of the Beijing Pass for passenger cars from other places will be suspended.

According to Weibo, the official of the Public Security Traffic Management Bureau of Beijing Public Security Bureau on February 17th, in order to effectively strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic situation and ensure people’s life safety and health, from now until the end of the epidemic, the on-site handling of passenger cars from other places will be suspended, and all will be changed to online application. Drivers and friends who plan to drive a minibus from other places to Beijing are requested to understand and strictly abide by the requirements of the Beijing epidemic control notice in time, and APPly for a permit to enter Beijing online through the "Beijing Traffic Police" app in advance, and then drive to Beijing after being approved. At the same time, the traffic control department will open up a green channel to ensure the timely transportation of people’s livelihood and emergency materials.

Civil Aviation Administration:As of February 16th, during the civil aviation period in Spring Festival travel rush, 38.061 million passengers were transported.

According to China Civil Aviation Network, as of February 16th, the cumulative passenger traffic in Spring Festival travel rush was 38.061 million, a decrease of 45.1% compared with the same period in Spring Festival travel rush last year. Among them, on February 16th, 215,000 passengers were transported in a single day, which was 88.1% lower than that in Spring Festival travel rush last year, and was higher than that on February 15th. The passenger load factor was only 46.74%, which was 38.78 percentage points lower than that of Spring Festival travel rush last year.

From now on, you must wear a mask when taking buses and taxis in Shanghai.

According to the news of February 17th, according to the release of Shanghai, the Shanghai Road Transportation Bureau issued the Notice on Further Strengthening the Epidemic Prevention Measures for the Bus, Tram and Taxi Industries in this city this morning. From now on, ① passengers who do not wear masks are not allowed to take buses or taxis; ② Encourage passengers to use non-contact payment methods; ③ Taxis are not allowed to provide all cross-city travel services.

Guizhou has fully restored traffic in the province.

Titanium media February 17 news,,According to the Guizhou Provincial Department of Transportation, as of 18: 00 today, 1,976 urban and rural traffic quarantine points have been removed in Guizhou, including 467 high-speed quarantine points, and no card points have been set between cities, counties and villages, thus fully restoring traffic in the province. At present, the quarantine points leading to the airport and high-speed railway station in Guizhou Province are operating normally, but the inter-provincial long-distance line has not been restored yet. The next step will be to further open road transportation to promote the resumption of work and production.

The network car industry jointly launched a safe travel initiative and launched a temperature-measuring disinfection car.

On February 17th, titanium media reported that China Communications and Transportation Association’s Shared Travel Branch, together with Gaode Map and 47 online car-sharing platforms, jointly issued the initiative of "Travel with Peace of Mind in Fighting Diseases with One Heart" and launched the "Travel with Peace of Mind Month", promising to disinfect the operating vehicles every day, take the temperature of the drivers on duty every day, wear masks throughout the operation, and post a notice of disinfection and temperature measurement in the vehicles.

Ministry of Education:It is strictly forbidden to set up charging items without authorization in the name of online teaching.

Titanium Media reported on February 17th that according to the announcement of the Ministry of Education in official website, the Office of the National Joint Conference on the Control of Arbitrary Charges in Education recently issued an "Early Warning on the Prevention and Control of Online Charges Fraud in the Name of Online Teaching during the Epidemic Prevention and Control Period". It is mentioned that it is strictly forbidden to set up charging items and illegal charges without authorization in the name of online teaching during the epidemic prevention and control period.

The "Early Warning" pointed out that during the extension of the school term, the Ministry of Education integrated the high-quality teaching resources of the country, relevant provinces and schools, and opened the national primary and secondary school network cloud platform, the China Education TV air classroom and some provincial online learning platforms, all of which were provided free of charge.

Education departments and schools at all levels should earnestly safeguard the vital interests of teachers, students and parents. For WeChat groups and QQ groups established in schools and classes, it is necessary to strictly implement the management responsibility of group owners, strictly verify the identity of all members, strictly implement the real-name system, strictly approve and verify the group entry, put an end to the phenomenon that strangers join the group at will, and clear out the group as soon as possible if they have doubts about their identity. For compliance fees that really need to be paid online, students and parents are advised to confirm with schools and teachers, and online payment is not allowed blindly.

The office of the joint meeting of governance and education at all levels should seriously investigate and deal with arbitrary charges during the epidemic prevention and control period; Once the charging behavior involving fraud is found, the relevant clues should be handed over to the public security organs in time.

Ningbo issued opinions to promote enterprises to resume work and production, and enterprises can get a subsidy of up to 300,000 yuan for recruitment.

Titanium Media reported on February 17 that the Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government jointly issued "Several Opinions on Promoting Enterprises to Resume Work and Production" on the 16th, and the opinions rewarded enterprises for recruitment. Encourage enterprises to expand the scale of recruitment in various ways. After the outbreak is lifted, the number of enterprises participating in social insurance in the month will be increased by one person compared with the same period of last year, and enterprises will be subsidized according to the 500 yuan standard per person. The total amount of subsidies for each enterprise will not exceed 300,000 yuan. If the human resources institution transports 50 or more employees to the enterprises in this city and has been employed for more than 3 months, it will be subsidized according to the standard of 500 yuan per person, and the total subsidy of each institution shall not exceed 500,000 yuan.

Commuting and returning to work in Shanghai will gradually return to normal.

On February 17th, a press conference was held in Shanghai to introduce the situation of epidemic prevention and control in COVID-19. "Today, 21 COVID-19 patients were discharged from the hospital. At present, the number of discharged patients has reached 161, and the cure rate is nearly 50%, which further enhances our confidence in preventing and controlling the epidemic." Zheng Jin, spokesman of the Municipal Health and Wellness Commission, stressed, "But we should be soberly aware that in the coming week, the traffic at the crossing, commuting in the city, and returning to work will gradually return to normal. The situation of preventing import and non-proliferation is still grim. We still have to adhere to full prevention and control, scientific prevention and control, and precise prevention and control, and do our utmost to ensure urban public health safety and citizens’ lives and health. "

Heilongjiang:From March 2nd, each class will not exceed 30 minutes.

On February 17th, according to CCTV news, it was learned from the Education Department of Heilongjiang Province that in view of the situation of epidemic prevention and control in COVID-19, Heilongjiang Province proposed that all primary and secondary schools should tentatively start school on March 2nd, and those primary and secondary schools that do not have the conditions to start school after March 2nd should integrate education and teaching resources to carry out online courses, and each class should last no more than 30 minutes.

Jiangsu’s return to work has reached 65%

On February 17th, the press office of the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province released a message in the morning: As of February 16th, 29,230 industrial enterprises above designated size in Jiangsu had resumed work, with a resumption rate of 65%, which was 15 percentage points higher than the national average, ranking among the top provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China. In particular, the number of industrial enterprises above designated size resumed work accounted for about 17%, ranking first in the country.

Shandong will launch a health pass card for people returning to work, valid for 5 days.

On February 17th, the titanium media learned from the Shandong Provincial Health and Wellness Committee that in order to further prevent and control pneumonia in novel coronavirus, promote the resumption of work in an orderly manner, and ensure the smooth travel of people in Shandong Province, Shandong Province will launch a health pass card for those who have resumed work. Eligible applicants declare their own personal health-related information, which will take effect after being audited by the community (village) prevention and control team and stamped with the official seal of the community (village). The validity period is 5 days. All localities and units will pass all cardholders, and will no longer implement isolated observation. After the outbreak in COVID-19 was lifted, the health pass card stopped being used.

Guangzhou issues guidelines for real estate agents to return to work;No more than 3 brokers arrive at the store every day.

Titanium Media reported on February 17 that recently, Guangzhou Housing Transaction Supervision Center issued the Notice on Guidelines for Real Estate Intermediary Industry to Do a Good Job in Safe and Orderly Resumption of Work (hereinafter referred to as the Guidelines), clarifying that enterprises should regard epidemic prevention and control as the primary task related to social stability and industry development, so enterprises can resume work only if they meet the five conditions of prevention, control and investigation.

Specifically, the conditions for enterprises to resume work include: prevention and control mechanism in place, staff investigation in place, facilities and materials in place, internal management in place and publicity and education in place.

Chongqing:Enterprises that return to work and resume production can use government reserves to build temporary facilities free of charge to prevent and control the epidemic.

On February 17th, Titanium Media reported that in order to reduce the burden on enterprises and give priority to ensuring the land for epidemic prevention and control, Chongqing introduced measures to clarify that enterprises that have resumed work and production can use the land reserved by the government for free to build temporary facilities to implement the requirements for epidemic prevention and control, and the construction projects of epidemic prevention emergency support can be "built first and then reported".

Hangzhou opened the first customized train for returning workers in China, and it started in Chengdu today.

According to the news of Titanium Media on February 17th, at 22: 07 last night, the G4138 train with nearly 300 Guizhou passengers arrived in hangzhou east railway station from Guiyang North Station, which was the first customized train for people returning to work in China. The reporter of Cailian Association learned from an interview with Hangzhou Economic and Information Bureau that the bureau issued the "Emergency Notice on Opening a Special Train to Organize Employees to Come to Hangzhou". The first batch of special trains were set in the direction of Guizhou and Chengdu, with the first train starting from Guiyang and the second train starting from Chengdu today. The subsequent flights were optimized according to the needs of enterprises. The opening of the special train was coordinated and borne by the Hangzhou Municipal Government, and the transportation expenses of passengers were free.

The 2020 Beijing Auto Show will be postponed, and the organizers said that the final time is "still being carefully evaluated"

On February 17th, titanium media reported that beijing international automotive exhibition officially announced that the 2020 (16th) beijing international automotive exhibition, originally scheduled to be held in the new and old exhibition halls of Beijing China International Exhibition Center from April 21st to April 30th, will be postponed according to the needs of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control, and the specific time after the postponement will be announced separately.

The national primary and secondary school network cloud platform was opened today.

On February 17th, Titanium Media reported that in order to support the all-round victory in epidemic prevention and blocking war and serve nearly 180 million primary and secondary school students in the country to study and use at home, after close preparation, the Ministry of Education integrated the high-quality teaching resources of the country, relevant provinces and cities and schools, and the national primary and secondary school network cloud platform was officially opened today, which is free for all localities to choose and use. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology deployed Baidu, Ali, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, NetScience, Huawei and other enterprises to provide comprehensive technical support and coordinate 7,000 servers with 90T bandwidth, which can be used by 50 million students online at the same time.

Guangzhou Automobile Group’s vehicle companies will resume production tomorrow. 

According to the Securities Times, following the resumption of work on February 10, today’s factories of Guangzhou Automobile Group’s complete vehicle enterprises: Guangzhou Automobile Honda, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota, Guangzhou Automobile Passenger Car, Guangzhou Automobile New Energy and Guangzhou Automobile Fick will also resume production one after another, contributing to the gradual restoration of economic order.

Nanjing introduced measures to encourage enterprises to return to work in an orderly manner. 

According to the website of Nanjing Municipal People’s Government, Nanjing issued a notice of "supporting enterprises to organize migrant workers to return to work in Nanjing in an orderly manner", and introduced a number of measures to encourage enterprises to resume work in an orderly manner. Nanjing also provides travel convenience for migrant workers returning to Nanjing. Enterprises can contact Nanjing Public Transport Company or Yunmanman Customer Service Hotline to solve the problem of migrant workers’ travel by means of customized public transport and chartered commuting.

A number of joint venture car companies will resume work and production.

Titanium media reported on February 17 that following the large-scale resumption of work on February 10, joint venture car companies will also usher in a "resumption of work tide" on February 17, and the automobile industry is accelerating its return to normal operation. According to the statistics of China Automobile Association, as of February 12th, 59 of the 183 vehicle production bases in China have started to resume production. With another batch of joint venture car companies welcoming the resumption of work on the 17th, the proportion of the whole auto industry will be further improved. 

Korean media:Samsung’s TV factory in Tianjin, China will resume production.

Titanium media reported on February 17 that the Korea Economic Daily quoted unnamed sources in the industry as saying that Samsung may be allowed to resume production in Tianjin TV Factory this week. It is estimated that production may resume as early as February 19th. Most Korean factories in China resumed production on February 10, including Samsung’s power plant in Suzhou.

TOCOG:The Olympic Games will be held as scheduled, and we have no plan B.

Titanium Media reported on February 17th that the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee and the International Olympic Committee said that although there are still more than five months before the opening of the 2020 Summer Tokyo Olympic Games, "but we don’t have ‘ Plan B ’ 。” The number of people diagnosed with Covid-19 infection in Japan has exceeded 400. Among them, the number of patients diagnosed on the cruise ship "Diamond Princess" has increased by 70 to 355, and the number of patients diagnosed in Japan is currently 55.

(This article is the first titanium media App, written by Wang Wei)

*The whole country has entered a state of emergency epidemic prevention in novel coronavirus, and everyone should pay attention to washing hands frequently, ventilation and less gathering.For more epidemic prevention information and popular science, you can pay attention.Special topic of titanium media direct attack, downloadTitanium media App24-hour real-time update of global hotspots.

Hot search first! Young people should also pay attention to this disease after "Yang" →

  "Today, my heart suddenly beats faster.

  It is easy to get flustered when you move. "

  "My heart is beating a little fast. Do you want to go to the hospital?"

  … …

  Recently, various statements circulated on the Internet.

  Arouse a new round of worries of "Yangkang people"

  The topic of "Beware of viral myocarditis after yang"

  Once rushed to the top of the hot search list.

  Jin Dongyan, a virologist and professor at the School of Biomedicine, Li Ka-shing Medical College of the University of Hong Kong, told the reporter that acute myocarditis really needs attention among the complications of COVID-19.

  What disease is myocarditis?

  According to Beijing Daily, myocarditis is an inflammatory lesion of myocardium, which can be caused by infection (such as viruses, bacteria or fungi) or non-infection factors (such as autoimmune diseases), among which various viruses causing intestinal and upper respiratory tract infections are the most common.

  Clinically, myocarditis is mostly caused by virus infection, and the common cold can also be induced.

  Myocarditis can launch an "indiscriminate attack" on people of all ages and sexes, but young people aged 20-40 are more likely to be recruited than the elderly and children.

  After the virus enters the blood, it reaches the heart with the blood circulation. If the patient’s resistance is weak, it may cause myocarditis. Viral myocarditis refers to acute or chronic inflammatory pathological changes caused by viral infection, which belongs to infectious myocardial diseases.

  Viral myocarditis has the following manifestations according to the severity:

  Early myocarditis: manifested as fatigue, chest tightness, shortness of breath, palpitation, dizziness, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, dyspnea, chest pain, etc.

  Mild viral myocarditis: symptoms such as arrhythmia, tachycardia or bradycardia appear, and myocardial ischemic changes can generally be found by ECG;

  Severe viral myocarditis: the condition is dangerous, and the mortality rate is extremely high, which can reach 70%~80%, and death or sudden death occurs within hours or days.

  Is the heartbeat accelerated after "yang" because of myocarditis?

  Why do many people’s hearts beat faster after "yang"? There are eight possibilities:

  1. fever

  Every time the body temperature rises by one degree, the heart rate increases about 10 times/minute. If accompanied by symptoms such as chills and shivering, the heart rate may increase even more. After the body temperature drops, the heart rate will slowly return to normal.

  2. All kinds of drugs taken

  Some of the drugs used to relieve symptoms may cause the heart rate to increase. For example, caffeine and aminophylline in cough medicine, antiasthmatic medicine, some drugs inhaled by atomization, etc. These drugs can relieve symptoms, but they can’t kill the virus. Therefore, you should take medicine when there are obvious symptoms, otherwise taking medicine will not help much.

  3. Physical reaction of hypovolemia

  After infection, due to insufficient food, diarrhea, vomiting, infection or gastrointestinal reaction caused by drugs, it may lead to a certain degree of hypovolemia, and the heart rate will be compensated and increased.

  Therefore, during the period of infection, we should appropriately increase drinking water, eat less and eat more meals, and even drink oral rehydration salts. Be alert to dehydration and seek medical advice in case of thirst and oliguria.

  4. All kinds of pain may also cause the heart rate to increase.

  Many people have experienced various pains after being infected with COVID-19, such as "craniotomy above, leg sawing below, waist cutting behind, laparotomy in front, and throat cutting with a knife", which is enough to stimulate the heart rate to increase.

  5. Body’s stress response to virus infection

  After being infected with the virus, the human immune system is activated, and the immune activation itself may be accompanied by an increase in basal heart rate.

  6. Severe hypoxia

  This is a relatively serious cause of rapid heart rate increase, usually accompanied by shortness of breath, severe cough, lung image changes, etc., commonly known as severe infection. According to the national diagnosis and treatment standards, if the respiratory rate exceeds 30 beats/min and the blood oxygen saturation continues to be lower than 93%, you should be careful of severe infection.

  7. Accelerated heart rate induced by aggravation of basic diseases.

  For example, patients with basic chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (commonly known as emphysema) and patients with basic heart disease (especially chronic heart failure) should be paid attention to if there is sustained increase in heart rate in these patients. The more obvious the heart rate increases, the more dangerous the condition may be. You should go to the hospital for examination and evaluation as soon as possible.

  8. Myocarditis

  Like other viral infections, Omicron has a certain probability of inducing myocarditis after infection. However, myocarditis usually occurs in the late stage of virus infection or 1-2 weeks later, which is related to virus-related immune response. In addition to the increase of heart rate, ECG will change and myocardial markers will increase significantly.

  What circumstances should be suspected of viral myocarditis?

  Pan Hongying, director of the Infectious Diseases Department of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital, said that the course of myocarditis may last for hours to months, and serious complications such as cardiac arrest caused by dilated cardiomyopathy or heart failure.

  If you have discomfort such as palpitation, chest tightness and shortness of breath, you need to be vigilant. It is recommended to seek medical advice in time, have an electrocardiogram and blood test. Generally, young people who love to stay up late are more likely to get fulminant myocarditis. If not found early, it will easily lead to cardiac arrest and multiple organ failure. It is suggested to rest, sleep more and not do strenuous activities within two weeks after infection.

  Zhang Lei, deputy director of the Respiratory Department of Shanghai Children’s Medical Center affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, said that it is necessary for the recovered people in COVID-19 to rest in 1-2 weeks. Zhang Lei said that after Covid-19’s infection, human immune function will appear obvious disorder, that is, the number and function of lymphocytes will decrease in the acute stage of infection, and then slowly return to normal with the recovery of the disease. Most people will have this "immune disorder period" lasting for 1-2 weeks. During the period, other viruses, bacteria, etc. are very easy to take advantage of.

  If you are isolated at home alone, it is best to keep in touch with friends and relatives around you at any time, so as to avoid discomfort and go to the hospital in time.

  Can you get myocarditis immediately after Yangkang?

  According to the Life Times, the online saying that "it is easy to get myocarditis after recovering from yang kang" is actually exaggerated.

  Even if you suffer from myocarditis after "Yangkang", the more direct reason is that Covid-19 has invaded the myocardium, and exercise is a fuse. In other words, the virus can only cause myocarditis if it invades the myocardium.

  Li Dong, the chief physician of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Beijing You ‘an Hospital, once said that after COVID-19 recovered, it would take a week or two for many people to return to their previous physical condition, and it was suggested not to take strenuous exercise in the early stage of recovery.

  China Youth Daily (finishing: Chen Yishan) Source: Beijing Daily WeChat WeChat official account, People’s Daily, Health Times, Life Times, and Metropolitan Express.

How to prevent and treat children’s respiratory diseases? How to combine traditional Chinese and western medicine? -National Health Commission press conference responded to the focus of prevention and

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 2nd Question: How to prevent and treat children’s respiratory diseases? How to combine traditional Chinese and western medicine? — — National Health Commission press conference responds to the focus of prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases in winter.

  Xinhua News Agency reporters Xu Penghang and Li Heng

  Recently, the flu has entered the high season. How to prevent respiratory diseases in daily life? How to treat children with respiratory diseases? How does the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine play a role in treatment? The National Health and Wellness Commission held a press conference on December 2 to respond to the focus of prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases in winter.

  No new infectious diseases caused by new viruses or bacteria were found.

  Mi Feng, spokesperson of the National Health and Wellness Commission and deputy director of the Propaganda Department, said that at present, the National Health and Wellness Commission, state administration of traditional chinese medicine and the National Bureau for Disease Control and Prevention continue to carry out monitoring and judgment of respiratory diseases in winter, and make arrangements for adjusting medical resources, optimizing medical treatment procedures and giving full play to the role of traditional Chinese medicine.

  Mi Feng said that according to the monitoring, all the current acute respiratory diseases are caused by known pathogens, and all of them have corresponding mature treatment methods, and no new infectious diseases caused by new viruses or bacteria have been found.

  "We have been conducting mutation monitoring." Wang Dayan, director of the National Influenza Center of the Institute of Virology, China CDC, said that the monitoring results show that influenza viruses are sensitive to several current anti-influenza drugs, which means that anti-influenza drugs are effective against influenza viruses.

  Vaccination against influenza can effectively reduce infection.

  At present, the flu has entered the high season. Is it too late to get vaccinated now? Wang Dayan said that influenza vaccination is still effective for people who have not been vaccinated before, and it is recommended that you get the flu vaccine as soon as possible.

  "Practice at home and abroad has proved that using vaccines is one of the most economical and effective preventive measures." Wang Dayan said that as long as it is vaccinated in professional institutions as required, it will have good results, especially for the elderly and children. They should actively vaccinate against influenza to ensure a normal pace of life and study.

  Wang Dayan suggested that in daily life, we should wear masks scientifically, develop good personal hygiene habits, develop a healthy lifestyle, actively vaccinate and do a good job in self-health monitoring. If there are symptoms of respiratory infection such as fever, cough and sore throat, it is recommended to stay at home as much as possible and avoid going to crowded places. If you really need to travel, pay attention to wearing a mask to prevent the disease from spreading to others.

  Give full play to the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine and take many measures to strengthen the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases in children

  Recently, state administration of traditional chinese medicine issued the Notice on Further Strengthening the Construction of Pediatrics in Chinese Medicine Hospitals to promote the expansion and hierarchical development of pediatric medical resources in Chinese medicine as a whole.

  Xing Chao, deputy director of the Department of Medical Administration of state administration of traditional chinese medicine, said that state administration of traditional chinese medicine is guiding Chinese medical institutions at all levels to strengthen resource coordination and strengthen the staffing of fever clinics, emergency departments, pediatrics and respiratory departments, and to meet children’s medical needs to the greatest extent by opening more clinics, extending outpatient hours, opening night clinics and weekend clinics, and providing "internet plus" diagnosis and treatment services.

  Liu Qingquan, president of Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that some Chinese medicine hospitals began to adjust the layout of pediatrics, increase the area of pediatrics and extend the duration of consultation. In view of children’s fever, cough, expectoration, diarrhea, etc., Chinese medicine hospitals at all levels have launched standardized and scientific videos through websites for parents and guardians to learn from.

  Recently, in some places, the number of cases of children’s respiratory infection has increased significantly, and some children will develop bronchitis and pneumonia. In this regard, Wu Liqun, director of the Pediatrics Department of Oriental Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, said that children’s acute respiratory infections belong to the category of colds, coughs and pneumonia. Chinese medicine believes that such diseases are caused by exogenous pathogens invading the human body, resulting in dysfunction of viscera and lung damage. Symptoms such as fever, stuffy nose, runny nose, sore throat, cough and expectoration occur.

  Wu Liqun said that in the treatment of such diseases, Chinese medicine will differentiate syndromes and treat them accurately according to the different causes, symptoms and physical characteristics of children. For the early stage of respiratory tract infection, children mainly show symptoms such as fever, runny nose, sore throat and cough. The treatment methods of dispersing lung, relieving exterior syndrome and relieving sore throat are mainly adopted, and at the same time, according to the characteristics of children, the appropriate external treatment methods of traditional Chinese medicine are combined. In the recovery period of the disease, some children have symptoms such as cough, fatigue, poor appetite, etc. Traditional Chinese medicine adopts the treatment methods of invigorating spleen and resolving phlegm, tonifying deficiency and strengthening body resistance.



The prisoners organized a small band to play songs (Source: Beijing Evening News)

The prisoners are feeding rabbits (Source: Beijing Evening News)

    It is located at the foot of the Great Wall and beside the Guishui River, where the vegetation is lush and the flowers are delicate and charming. However, the unique symbols of the sentry standing guard and the high-wall power grid make all the plants and trees here wear solemn and mysterious veils. As a special prison in Beijing’s prison system, Yanqing Prison specializes in holding old, sick and disabled criminals. Among them, more than 100 male psychopaths in Beijing are concentrated here. Manic, depressed, paranoid … almost all kinds of mental disorders exist. They are prisoners and patients, so it is difficult to manage and treat them. How can these special prisoners reform and cure their mental and spiritual diseases? With all kinds of questions, the reporter walked into the 11 th section of Yanqing Prison yesterday.

  Psychopaths are afraid of boredom and trouble.

    There is a classic mental hospital scene in the Chinese New Year blockbuster "Big shot", in which patients are either rolling around or shooting with their mouths full, which makes people laugh and cry. However, as soon as he entered the gate of the sub-prison, the reporter was surprised that not only did he not see the noisy and noisy scenes in the movie and imagination, but it was so quiet that people questioned whether there were really more than 100 mental prisoners living here. Prisoners look no different from normal people. Six people live in a cell, reading, resting, tidying up the house or strolling in the tunnel.

    The reporters were greeted by Shen Bingyu and Zhu Kuncheng, two district heads of sub-prisons, who worked together in the psychiatric ward for five years. Many people don’t understand that mental illness can be exempted from criminal responsibility, and how can it be put in prison? Shen Jian’s introduction first explained this problem to the reporter: "The mental patients here are mainly intermittent mental illness, and they belong to people with limited capacity. They are prisoners who are given a lighter or mitigated punishment according to law, and 70% are heavy criminals with no life and suspended death. The remaining part is mentally ill after entering prison because it can’t adapt to the life of losing freedom. "

    "These more than 100 mental patients are divided into three types: treatment period, rehabilitation period and stable period. For us, prisoners who are getting sick and noisy are the easiest to manage." Shen Jian’s words were very unexpected to the reporter. He explained: "For example, we have a prisoner here who is schizophrenic. After he was in prison, he was transferred to prison four times and committed suicide four times. He hit his head anytime, anywhere and unconditionally, and he was transferred to our prison area with a helmet. Diagnosed by the doctor, he suffers from schizophrenia and bipolar affective psychosis of mania and depression. In a situation like this, we can only give him medicine first and restrain him with medical measures. It is those who are silent and can’t see the signs that make people nervous. "

    Zhu Jian said that a prisoner was very normal when talking with the police. After talking, he got up and bowed to the police and said thank you. But at this moment, he turned and started to run outside, and the captain chased after him, running away with his shoes. Finally, he caught him at the gate of the prison area. "Psychiatric prisoners have strong concealment, so in addition to full-time psychiatrists who are responsible for treating them here, we have also set up a system of nurses on duty. Let healthy, well-behaved prisoners be caregivers, patrol the tunnel with the police for 24 hours, report any abnormality immediately, stop and control the situation in time for suicides, injuries and other diseases, or double-monitor. In order to ensure the safety of prisoners, the heating in the cell is wrapped, and the windows and doors are pasted with stickers to prevent them from breaking into sharp weapons after impact.

  Let "dumb" criminals speak

    Because of their special diseases and crimes, some mental prisoners are not tolerated by society and some are despised by their families, but it is precisely in prison that no one is abandoned. I wish the warden gave an example to the reporter: Wang, a prisoner, was already suffering from schizophrenia when he was transferred to Yanqing prison. He was very withdrawn and never spoke. Every time his father came to the prison to meet, the two men held the phone face to face, and his father kept talking. Wang never said a word. When the father finished speaking, the two men put down the receiver and sat opposite each other until the end of the meeting time. Many people think that he is a mute.

    After asking Wang’s family, the police learned that Wang had been able to speak before, and he had not spoken for three years since he got sick. The affirmation of family members gave the police motivation. Later, the police consciously approached him, cared about his life, talked to him every day, and asked the prisoners in the same group to talk to him. Although they didn’t hear Wang say a word, the police always felt that they could make him speak like a normal person.

    During his time in prison, Wang was also observing the police. He found that he was not bullied, and no one looked down on him. The concern of the captain also made him feel very warm. But after all, I haven’t spoken for three years, and I have to use a special method to make him speak. When the captain was on a patrol, he suddenly called his name in front of Wang, and Wang actually subconsciously answered "to". This word is not only an inspiration to the police work, but also breaks the barrier of Wang’s autism. Although the language function has been seriously degraded, Wang gradually resumed his desire to communicate. For example, knocking on the table is called "Captain Mu", and drinking water represents "Captain He". When he saw his father again, Wang first called "Dad" and then reported his life in prison to his father. The father who hadn’t heard his son talk for more than three years suddenly burst into tears.

  The courage to let the sick man regain his life.

    Shen Jian said that because these prisoners have long prison terms and suffer from mental illness, many people are prone to suicidal thoughts because they hurt their families. Therefore, while treating their diseases, the police should also help them find the courage to live again.

    The prisoner Liang once participated in the theft and escaped. After committing the crime, he "flew" outside for more than a year. During his escape, he panicked every time he heard the siren. The fear of fleeing eventually made him suffer from mental illness. After being reported, Liang was arrested and sentenced to 15 years. After entering the psychiatric ward, Liang secretly picked up a piece of broken glass from the ground when he released the wind, which was discovered by the police in time. The police asked him what he was going to do, and Liang said that he wanted to cut his pulse and commit suicide at an appropriate time. During the conversation, the police learned that he liked sports and "excited" him to say, "Do you dare to compete with me in basketball?" At first, Liang felt that the police were joking with him. Who knows that he was really recruited into the basketball team in the prison area and often participated in some sports activities. Through physical exercise, Liang’s spirit is getting better and better day by day, and people are much more excited, restoring the vitality of young people, and he has never been ill until now.

    Appreciation and encouragement is a principle of reforming prisoners in psychiatric ward. Zhao, who is working as a nurse for sick people in the prison area, was sentenced to death with a suspended sentence for robbery. He always felt that he could not walk out of the prison door alive, and every day he clamored to pull him back and shoot him. The police and paramedics watched him for 24 hours. In contact again and again, the police realized that Zhao did not really want to die, but was desperate for the prison life in the second half of his life. "He has the skill of haircut and has to give him a chance to restore his life." The police asked him to use his skills to give haircuts to other prisoners every Saturday. Zhao not only felt that life had hope, but also became a nurse for sick people after two years.

  Enjoy beautiful scenery, listen to music, raise small animals and cultivate healthy personality

    It is not the purpose of the prison to just watch over the accident. The prison for mental patients is to restore the healthy personality and self-control of mental patients on the basis of stability and by means of correction, and then put them into reform after self-restraint. For this reason, the police have not tried to find a way.

    There is a warm name-"Love Paradise" in an open space surrounded by iron nets in the center of the prison area. More than a dozen "big mushrooms" of various colors are Bunny’s dormitory, where prisoners raise small animals, enjoy beautiful scenery and listen to music, so as to resolve bad emotions, cultivate normal thinking and restore healthy personality. In addition, the prison has invested a lot of equipment to establish a chess room, a reading room, an audio-visual room, a physical therapy room, an arts training room and an agricultural therapy base. These five rooms, one park and one base have become the most distinctive places for the rehabilitation of mental patients. "Prisoners are now playing bridge, and the level of Go is also the highest in Yanqing Prison. Healthy chess activities are helpful to their thinking and intelligence; They have also formed a small band, which is practicing songs these two days and will tour in various prison areas next month; The vegetables in the agricultural treatment base should also be mature. Although the output is small, giving each of them a tomato can be regarded as the fruit of their labor. Through a variety of corrective methods, the proportion and incidence of unstable conditions of mentally ill prisoners have dropped significantly in recent years. " Shen warden said with a big smile.

    Looking at their healthy and active lives, it is really hard to imagine that these are all mental patients. They lost their freedom here and secretly repented for their irreparable mistakes; But it is also here to regain dignity and find a healthy life in the people-oriented management mode of prisons. Although the reality that the reporter saw was not as exciting as expected, but calm and serene, and the police were not imposing but amiable, this is the image of a modern prison and the best evidence that this special prison area has not had an accident for more than ten years. Author: Sun Ying

Editor: Wang Xi

Tianjin University: The Fashion Password of the Centennial Mechanical Discipline

  Tianjin University Beiyang Power Team participated in the Formula Car Competition for Chinese College Students. Photo courtesy of Tianjin University

  If you ask a candidate who has just finished the college entrance examination, what is "machinery"? Perhaps the answers will be "gear", "lathe in the factory" and "robot", and at the same time, we should think of the impressions of "wide application" and "everywhere in production and life".

  Before learning machinery, Zhuang Zheming’s concept of machinery came from the cartoon "Transformers" he saw when he was a child. He chose the major of mechanical design, manufacturing and automation in the School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University with a vision for robots. He graduated this year and fulfilled his dream of "robot" with a graduation design work of "snake robot". This work also won him the first prize in the 13th Graduation Design Competition.

  Let the students who have just entered the school gate and are still a little ignorant about the concept of mechanical discipline know more about the connotation of machinery when they leave the school gate, and plant a seed of "big machinery" that is "new and new" through "professional blending and advantage integration", and have the ability and experience of innovation and entrepreneurship, which is the concept and practice of "3 integration and 4 behavior" talent training exploration in the School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University.

  "Three-in-one and four-in-one" means to further emphasize and attach importance to the cultivation of compound and innovative talents on the basis of the traditional training objectives of knowledge, ability and quality, put forward the reform concept of integration, sharing and innovation, construct the "three-in-one" guarantee system of professional integration, resource integration and teacher integration, and explore the "four-in-one" training mode with team as the body, scientific research as the source, innovation as the foundation and entrepreneurship as the purpose.

  The dilemma of "3A College"

  In Tianjin University, as a discipline established at the beginning of the school in 1895, machinery is an "old discipline" of the same age as the school. In the view of Wang Tianyou, president of the School of Mechanical Engineering, the development history of mechanical discipline in modern China has always stood at the forefront of history, but compared with a hundred years ago, "machinery" has undergone earth-shaking changes from the outside to the inside.

  The three first-level disciplines of the School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University: mechanical engineering, mechanics and power engineering and engineering thermophysics, were all rated as "A" in the fourth round of national discipline evaluation, so the School of Mechanical Engineering is also called "3A College" of Tianjin University. The college has four undergraduate majors: mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, engineering mechanics, energy and power engineering and industrial design. Each major has a unique historical advantage and a strong disciplinary advantage. "Just like the four brothers in a big family, they are all wonderful and all ‘ Take care of each other ’ Live happily. Daily teaching and student defense, including teachers, are very independent. " Talking about the situation of three disciplines in the college more than ten years ago, Cao Shuqian, vice president of the college in charge of teaching, said that this has caused some problems in student training, the most obvious of which is that students’ knowledge and ability are single, and their ability to cross and cross borders is not strong; The superior teaching resources are scattered, and the students’ innovation platform is poorly shared. However, due to the prevailing atmosphere of emphasizing scientific research over teaching in domestic universities at that time, teachers’ investment in teaching was relatively insufficient and they lacked initiative in teaching reform.

  At that time, the speed of knowledge updating and interdisciplinary research in the international scope was accelerating, the coverage of major in mechanical engineering was getting wider and wider, and the development of new economy and new industry was changing with each passing day. There was an urgent need for compound and innovative engineering talents with cross-border and innovative ability. Obviously, the compartmentalized education and teaching organization model can’t meet the requirements of talent training.

  Tear off the "label"

  On the one hand, under the baton of scores, students’ enthusiasm for participating in innovative and entrepreneurial projects is not fully encouraged; On the other hand, the habitual identity consciousness of "you are mechanical", "I am dynamic" and "he is mechanical" has become an invisible "label" attached to teachers’ hearts, and teachers’ motivation for interdisciplinary teaching to cultivate talents is not recognized.

  In order for teachers to devote more energy to undergraduate teaching and students to devote more energy to innovation, it is necessary to change the meaning of grades and tear off the inherent identity "label" in teachers’ hearts.

  "The first thing to change is the meaning of the score." Cao Shuqian said that when there were only 2 credits in innovative courses at that time, the college increased the weight of scientific and technological innovation in students’ total scores, so that students’ scores were not only the exam results of the courses, whether in the evaluation of Excellence or in the insurance research. For example, the College issued the Implementation Measures of School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University to Encourage Students to Participate in Extracurricular Science and Technology Competition (Trial), which clearly stipulates that undergraduates who won the top three awards in Class A projects during their studies (the weighted scores in the first three years were in the top 60% of their majors), undergraduates who won the top two awards in Class B projects and special group projects in Class C will be given extra points on the basis of the average weighting of students when they are exempted from graduate students. Award-winning for different projects can be accumulated separately. At the same time, the determination of the workload of competition instructors and the recognition and reward of competition award-winning instructors (coaching staff) have also been clearly defined.

  "All courses are open and teachers are open. Which course do you want to talk about, after passing a series of processes such as training, assessment, class assistance, collective lesson preparation and trial class, you can join the teaching team of the course and walk onto the podium. " Cao Shuqian said, teachers of public courses in disciplines get through, teachers of cross-disciplines in colleges get through, and the professional/disciplinary boundaries are broken … … At the beginning of the reform, the college has set up 17 teaching teams, 35 responsible posts and backbone posts, and teaching posts in several disciplines. Teachers’ performance and promotion are directly linked to teaching. This kind of teacher team integration and curriculum integration, on the one hand, has realized the adjustment and optimization of teaching teachers according to students’ needs, on the other hand, has promoted teachers’ investment in teaching, guaranteed the construction of important teaching projects, and improved the teaching effect as a whole.

  Blend and create new things.

  The team of teachers in the college has been opened, and the problem of sharing teaching resources and innovation platforms has been solved. The scattered 19 teaching laboratories were integrated into 4 experimental teaching centers, of which 3 were approved as national experimental teaching demonstration centers; Establish two national engineering education practice centers; Six national excellent courses and resource sharing courses have been built, and a group of innovation and entrepreneurship platforms has been built. The integration of platform and resources provides students with a broader platform for innovation and entrepreneurship, and also allows students to feel the struggle of youth in the initial experience of innovation and entrepreneurship and find the future direction.

  Liu Songtao, the founder of Chenxing (Tianjin) Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., founded Astro Boy, a high-end parallel robot brand, after studying in the School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University for 7 years, and won the gold medal in the final of the 4th China "internet plus" University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Looking back on his own road of innovation and entrepreneurship, Liu Songtao believes that the experience of participating in the "Beiyang Power" team as an undergraduate made him experience the process of "entrepreneurship" for the first time. When he entered the laboratory in his junior year, he cooperated with his classmates to complete the research and development of a prototype of a new four-degree-of-freedom parallel robot product and won the first prize in the graduation design competition, which encouraged him to embark on the road of innovation and entrepreneurship.

  Compared with the seniors, Zhuang Zheming, who won the first prize in the graduation design competition this year, has the same rich experience in innovation and entrepreneurship: IEEE China Robot Design Competition, National Mobile Internet Innovation Competition (University Group), First Prize of National Renewable Energy Science and Technology Competition for College Students and National Youth Environmental Protection Competition & HELIP; … For Zhuang Zheming, the process of participating in the innovation and entrepreneurship competition is a process of teamwork, continuous learning and self-enrichment.

  "4 for" promising

  "Students’ bi-design comes from scientific research, innovation (college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship training program) comes from scientific research, competition comes from scientific research, students’ cross-disciplinary team cooperation and teachers’ cross-disciplinary guidance run through the whole process of students’ innovative training, and students’ innovative thinking and ability as well as their ability to solve complex engineering problems are fully exercised." In Wang Tianyou’s view, the "four-for-one" training mode with team as the body, scientific research as the source, innovation as the foundation and entrepreneurship as the purpose provides an effective path for the training of compound and innovative talents of traditional engineering majors.

  Today, as the first mechanical undergraduate graduation design competition in China, it has been held for 13 consecutive sessions, expanding from the original college to 14 universities in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and Central and East China. The entries involved more than 10 major mechanical engineering majors, including mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, industrial design, energy and power engineering, engineering mechanics, process equipment and control engineering, and thousands of students participated.

  All students realize the cultivation of basic innovation by participating in teachers’ scientific research projects and carrying out graduation projects; Teachers extract innovation projects and discipline competitions from scientific research projects, and more than half of the students realize the promotion and innovation training by participating in innovation and competition projects; Some students extract entrepreneurial projects from big innovation and competition projects to create technology companies. Student innovation projects have increased from 37 in 2012 to more than 100 projects every year; Students independently set up scientific and technological entrepreneurial teams from scratch, and now there are 14 and 12 registered scientific and technological companies.

  In the eyes of teachers and students, the training mode of "three in one and four in one" promotes the ability and level, and it is also the enthusiasm and passion for continuous innovation and entrepreneurship, which is the fashion password of century-old machinery. (Correspondent Liu Xiaoyan)

Reveal the daily limit

  On March 13, the three major stock indexes of A shares closed down, closing at a daily limit of 62 shares (including 5)); 30 strands failed to seal the board, and the overall sealing rate was 67%.

Battlefield of daily limit: over 700,000 hands pay the bill to raise money.

  According to the statistics of Times and DataBao, from the closing daily limit, the number of closed orders was the highest, with 717,200 lots; Followed byThe daily limit orders were 568,800 lots and 311,000 lots respectively.

  Calculated by the amount of the seal,The amount of 5-share seal exceeds 100 million yuan,The amount of sealing orders was the highest, with 362 million yuan, 293 million yuan and 199 million yuan respectively.

  Judging from the number of consecutive daily limit days,7 boards,, 4 connecting plates,,3 even the board,,Equal to 9 strands and 2 boards.

  Besides,6 th, 4 boards,5 th, 3 boards,2 boards on the 4th,3 rd, 2 boards.

Leading the finishing touch:Multi-share daily limit of automobile industry chain

  1. Automobile industry chain

  Daily limit stocks:,

  March 12 th news,It is officially announced that Xiaomi SU7 will be officially listed on March 28th, 2024. On March 11th, the director of the State Financial Supervision and Administration said that he was studying to reduce the down payment ratio of passenger car loans and further optimize the pricing mechanism of auto insurance.

  : On March 13th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the 381st batch of "Announcement of Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products", which included the brand-new smart choice vehicle Enjoying S9 jointly built by Huawei and Beiqi Blue Valley, and the production place was Beiqi Factory in Caiyu Town, Daxing, Beijing.

  : wholly-owned subsidiaries Wuxi, Xu Xuehai and Xinneng.The establishment of Wuxi Huateng Xinneng will focus on the early stage of Huateng Xinneng.Technical reserve and research and development of automobile drive system, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle drive system (including extended range) and new energy marine drive system.

  : The company has obtainedThe passenger car thermal management project cooperated with Huawei is still in the development stage, and the production has not been actually scheduled, which will generate sales revenue after mass production.


  Daily limit stocks:、、

  In the news, the Global Developers Conference will be held in San Francisco from March 18th to March 22nd, Beijing time.

  : Two companies under the company belong to game developers, and independently research and develop well-known IP such as "Chivalrous Road".The product line covers mobile games, page games and end games.

  : AI Xinghe is a project that the company explores the field of "game+medical care" by combining AI and VR technologies.


  Daily limit stocks:, Rongji software,

  In the news, Huawei ShengsiThe framework summit will be held on March 22, 2024.

  : The company’s position in the operating system industry of Galaxy Kirin continued to consolidate, and its market position remained ahead.

  Rongji software: the company undertakes government affairs.Platform, engineering, information security and other major national information projects, as well as core business support systems and key common technology platforms in many industries.

  The company is mainly engaged in the research and development of report management software, e-government software, ERP software and business intelligence software, and its product line mainly covers government reports and statistics. existThe application field introduces industry solutions focusing on finance and taxation.

Dragon and Tiger Stand: Net Buy of Dragon and Tiger ListOver 80 million yuan

  In today’s dragon and tiger list,、、, American new technology,,, Lanhai Huateng and others are on the list.

  Among them,,, were the top three net purchases in the Dragon and Tiger List that day, with 82.7471 million yuan, 69.0448 million yuan and 41.9992 million yuan respectively.

  Among the stocks on the list of institutional seats, the top three net purchases are, 4.0402 million yuan, 1.3746 million yuan and 166,000 yuan respectively.

  Net selling of dedicated seats56.8152 million yuan, 55.1538 million yuan.Net purchase of dedicated seats23.7335 million yuan,20.2571 million yuan.

  In terms of hot money, Huaxin Xi ‘an Branch bought a net amount of 73.0073 million yuan from CITIC Haizhi;The sales department of Qinghe East Road in Guangzhou sold century huatong 71,291,700 yuan.

  Disclaimer: All information in DataBao does not constitute investment advice, and the stock market is risky, so investment should be cautious.

There are many football powers, and there will always be only one football kingdom.

After Brazil reached the World Cup quarter-finals, I believe all Brazilian fans around the world share my feelings: it’s been 20 years, and it’s finally dawn.

Don’t think that abusing South Korea is nothing. Now the South Korean team is no longer Amon. Looking at today’s football, no team except Brazil can win so brutally, thoroughly and heartily against South Korea. France can’t, England can’t, and Argentina can’t, but Brazil, which vowed to win for Pele, who is seriously ill, can.

Being a Brazilian fan is a very unique experience. On the one hand, it is very cool. Every World Cup is a favorite to win the championship, and there are warm expectations every four years. On the other hand, it’s very painful, because Brazil always fails if it doesn’t win the World Cup, but winning the World Cup requires not only strength, but also various coincidences, so more often, Brazilian fans will end their mental journey of the World Cup in disappointment.

Brazil has not won the championship for 20 years. What happened to the Brazilian team in these 20 years? Let me give you a brief stroke.

In 2006, Brazil claimed to be the strongest in nearly 40 years. However, arrogant soldiers are bound to lose. Please go back to the iron coach Pereira, who can’t relax put in order’s tactical discipline. When Henry beat Brazil, Carlos, the world’s number one left-back, was tying his shoelaces. Let us remember this little bald head that makes people love and hate.

In 2010, Brazil, with dim stars but strong integrity, was the only team that ever beat Spain in the Confederations Cup. In the knockout against the Netherlands, it not only took the lead, but also completely controlled the situation. However, a guy named Melo suddenly went crazy, making an own goal before a red card. Let’s remember the name Melo.

In the 14th and 18th World Cups, Brazil really can’t do it. Neymar is the only one who makes waves in the attack line. In 2014, Neymar and Tiago were absent, and in 2018, the two main full-backs were absent. However, these are not the main reasons for being eliminated, because from beginning to end, the Brazilian team did not show the dominance that the champions should have. The midfielder who wore the No.10 jersey in the 14th World Cup was Oscar, the one who later joined the Super League. He was a typical diligent organizer at Chelsea, diligent? What is the difference between this and swearing? Let’s remember the name Oscar, the worst midfield organizer in Brazilian history. The striker arrow of the 18th World Cup is Jesus, the one who just retired due to injury. His retirement is definitely good for Brazil. He may be an excellent striker in other teams, but he can only be regarded as a loser in Brazil. Let us remember the name Jesus, the worst striker arrow in Brazilian history.

Brazil’s group match was 2 wins and 1 loss, and it didn’t sweep all the way, but why is Brazil considered the biggest favourite to win the championship? Because Brazil only played Serbia in the first game and South Korea in the fourth game, not only the top star Neymar was absent due to injury, but even other players left half their strength.

Playing Serbia, Brazil showed the ability to control the field, basically did not let Serbia have any strength to fight back, and finally defeated this potential dark horse in many people’s hearts 3-0; Facing South Korea in the first match of the knockout, it is an all-round display of offensive firepower. I can say responsibly that this Brazilian team is stronger than the champion team led by 3R in 2002. Brazil beat China 4-0, but now this Brazilian team only needs half time to beat South Korea 4-0. If it doesn’t take the initiative to stop, a bloody case may happen at any time.

How strong is this Brazilian team? So strong that they don’t need full-back assists anymore. As we all know, the Brazilian team has never lacked epic full-backs. At present, the main full-backs in Brazil are Danilo and Sandro, which are not the top players in the world and far from the ability of Carlos and Cafu. The substitutes behind them are Alves, who spent nearly forty years brushing data with soy sauce, and Telles, who went home because of injury. In recent decades, looking around the world, we have almost never seen such a "greedy" full-back. When Brazil played offensive football, these two full-backs never forgot their responsibilities as defenders, and they managed the defense wholeheartedly. Wang Shenchao and Wang Gang of the national football team were more active in attacking than Brazil.

Why do Brazilian full-backs seldom take part in the attack? Because of three words: no need. There are as many as nine strikers in Brazil this time. Except for Jesus and Richarlyson, the other seven have winger attributes, and even Richarlyson made his debut as a winger. The winger is almost the answer to the version of football in this era. Brazil has so many wingers and all of them are excellent. The last guy is Anthony, and Manchester United spent 100 million yuan to buy him. You said, why do you need a full-back assist?

In fact, Brazil has not won the championship for 20 years, largely because Brazil has been short of excellent attackers since Ronaldinho retired. I don’t know when Brazil’s most sought-after players in Europe are divided into three categories, the first category is goalkeepers, the second category is central defenders, and the third category is engineers’ midfielders who do dirty work. The homogenization of Brazil’s talents is similar to that of Spain and Germany, which can’t find a center, so they have been tossing the ball around in the middle and back court.

This phenomenon has a lot to do with the tactical changes brought about by the last 24-year World Cup in Brazil. During those 24 years, Brazilian attack experts emerged one after another, attacking beautifully and defending bean curd dregs. After learning from a painful experience, Brazil began to focus on cultivating defensive engineers and redefining tactical discipline.

Brazil won the championship in 1994 and in 2002, which are essentially the same. The first time was a big shovel with romario and Bei Beituo in front and dirty work behind it, and the last time was a big shovel with 3R in front and dirty work behind it. The reason why this match can be established is that the big shovel for doing dirty work in Brazil is different from that in other countries. The big shovel in other countries is a pure engineer, and all Brazilian players have excellent ball-throwing ability, ball control ability and organization ability. Brazil’s big shovel, which won the championship twice, is more capable of threading the needle than English epic midfielder Steven Gerrard, such as gilberto silva.

However, no matter how offensive and defensive the back is, it is absolutely impossible without the arrow of the front line. In recent ten years, except for Neymar, other attackers in Brazil are really bad. Until this World Cup cycle, Brazil finally ushered in a blowout of attacking talents. Today, the reserve of Brazilian attackers is second only to the quintet of Ronaldinho, Kaka, Robinho and Adriano in 2006. However, that Brazilian team was eliminated by France long ago. When it beat Ghana 3-0 in the first round of the knockout round, there was no whole, and the tactical content was extremely poor. Now the overall cohesion of the Brazilian team is extremely tight.

Of course, Brazil also has rivals in winning the World Cup. The strongest opponent this year is still France, which not only plays well, but also is the natural enemy of Brazil.

Since the 1980s, Brazil has been defeated by France in the World Cup, and fell to France in 1986, 1998 and 2006. The French team has a solid footwork, tight defense in the center and backcourt, and at the same time, there is no shortage of skills and attack experts at the foot, which really beats Brazil in style. However, due to the absence of Kantor and Bogba, the French team changed its attack route. Although Mbappé was in a state of explosion and Gleizman became an excellent organizer, Brazil really didn’t like this type of France, and the two sides were still 60% sure of playing Brazil.

Thankfully, after a lapse of 20 years, the World Cup has returned to Asia. As the only "football kingdom" in the world, Brazil has also seen the possibility of returning to the top. By the way, do you remember those names just now? Melo, Oscar and Jesus, if you are not an Arsenal fan this season, you may have forgotten these names again, because although these players once represented Brazil in the World Cup, they never shocked people from their achievements to their playing methods. Even if they wore Brazil’s bright yellow shirts, they would not leave too many memories in the hearts of fans.

Football fans support a team and want nothing more than two things: excellent results and beautiful games, which are exactly what Brazil must have at the same time when it wins the World Cup.

That’s why we can remember the gorgeous representatives of Brazil: Ronaldo with a lucky head, Ronaldinho who cheated the English goalkeeper Seaman, Roberto Carlos whose thigh circumference is thicker than anyone else, and of course, Brazil’s eukaryotic Neymar now;

That’s why, I will also remember those tough backbones of Brazil: Taffarel, who is not well known, Dunga, who is not handsome, and thiago silva, who is now an old and strong captain.

There is only one Brazilian team in the world, but Brazil has more than one kind of football content. In 2022, Brazil in Qatar may not present the world wave that Ronaldinho did at the beginning, but they will always have a wonderful volley side hook like Richarlyson, and at the same time defend their own goal with tough defense and tough confrontation.

So 20 years later, when the World Cup returns to Asia, we seem to see the excellent hope that the World Cup will return to Brazil. Especially when they pull out the banner of "Fight for Bailey", so that more people are willing to stand behind them. There is already a king in heaven, so let another one stay with us for a while on earth.

The World Cup needs Brazilian football, and the world needs Brazilian football more.