The 2024 BYD Han exposure is equipped with the fifth-generation DM hybrid technology based on e3.0+ new chassis.

Recently, the company released 2024 BYD Han models, which adopted a brand-new design concept and manufacturing technology, leaving a deep impression on people. First of all, this model is equipped with the fifth-generation DM hybrid technology, which is BYD’s latest hybrid technology with higher energy efficiency and longer cruising range. Compared with previous generations, the fifth-generation DM hybrid technology is more intelligent and refined, and the chassis is upgraded to a double wishbone five-bar linkage. It can better adapt to different driving scenes and road conditions.

This technology adopts a brand-new engine and motor, which has stronger power and lower fuel consumption. The fifth-generation DM hybrid technology is more intelligent and refined. Through advanced control algorithms and sensor data, it can perceive driving scenes and road conditions in real time and automatically adjust the output of engines and motors to achieve the best energy efficiency and driving performance.

Secondly, this model is based on the new e3.0+ chassis, which is BYD’s latest chassis technology. Compared with the traditional chassis, the new e3.0+ chassis is more intelligent and refined, and can better adapt to different driving needs and road conditions. The chassis adopts brand-new suspension system and braking system, which has stronger performance and higher safety. Through the optimization of these systems, this model has excellent performance in handling stability, ride comfort and braking performance.

In terms of appearance, the 2024 BYD Han has adopted a brand-new design style, and the front face has not changed much. The light group still maintains the design of the dragon beard, but only adjusts the front bumper, and the vents on both sides become more slender, making the front face look fuller. More concise and smooth. The overall shape and waistline of its car side have not been adjusted, but the taillights have been greatly changed, which is a bit interesting from the side perspective. Make it more scientific and fashionable. The improvement of these design details makes the vehicle more attractive visually and improves the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle.

In terms of interior, this model adopts a more luxurious and comfortable design style. The brand-new center console and seats provide passengers with a more humanized driving experience. With a 12.8-inch large central control panel, the display effect is beautiful and delicate. In addition, the new car also uses softer color matching, including gray, brown, beige and other colors to create a more comfortable driving atmosphere. It is also worth mentioning that the Di Link 4.0(5G) operating system will appear on all models. The improvement of these design details makes this model reach a new height in interior quality and comfort.

In terms of pricing, it is estimated that it is 20,000 yuan cheaper than the old models, but the configuration has increased.Such as suspension soft and hard adjustment, electric trunk, etc.It can be said that it is a very intimate configuration. Power is not only equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine, but also a hybrid version will be launched, according to official sources.There will be four options for battery life.Among them, the cruising range of the hybrid version can reach more than 1380 kgari. The self-developed electric drive system makes the engine performance of this vehicle very eye-catching.

In short, the 2024 BYD Han is an excellent model with advanced technology and design concept. Its fifth-generation DM hybrid technology and e3.0+ new chassis technology make it outstanding in energy efficiency, driving performance and handling stability. The brand-new exterior design and interior design make this model more scientific, fashionable and luxurious. It is believed that this model will become one of the important competitors in the future, meeting consumers’ demand for high-quality and high-performance cars.

Directly hit Chengdu Auto Show | BYD 2021 Tang officially opened for pre-sale.

Beijing News Shell Finance (Reporter Mo Wei) On July 24th, BYD’s 2021 Tang was officially unveiled at the Chengdu Auto Show and the pre-sale was started. Among them, the pre-sale price of 2021 Tang fuel is less than 170,000, the pre-sale price of 2021 Tang DM four-wheel drive high-performance version is less than 300,000, and the pre-sale price of four-wheel drive performance version is less than 250,000. According to official sources, Tang EV will also be listed and delivered in the second half of this year.

The appearance of the 2021 Tang Dynasty continues the family-style design language of "Dragon Face", which is domineering and dynamic, with extraordinary momentum. The interior was personally designed by Michele Paganetti, the global interior design director of BYD, to create a luxurious flagship cockpit surrounded by luxury atmosphere.

In addition, the 2021 Tang DM motor adopts a brand-new technology, which greatly improves the rotor strength and light weight of the whole vehicle. In the furious mode, the double motors and the engine work together, and the fastest acceleration of 100 meters can reach 4.3s, and the braking distance of 100 meters can reach 36m, ranking the leading level in the same class.

Beijing News reporter Mo Wei Editor Xu Chao proofreads Junyan Zhang

Pricing and proofing Xiaomi SU7: 159,600 scissors doors in 3.9 seconds.

New cars that dare to be listed on Valentine’s Day are sorry for the hard work of the staff during the Spring Festival without ordering hard goods. Looking at the price, I really don’t want to say, at least let Xiaomi car people have a restless holiday.

Dongfeng Yipai eπ007, a brand-new medium-sized new energy car with a very complicated name, is expected to make Xiaomi Automobile firmly remember that the full price of the whole system is 159,600-199,600, and the top compartment does not exceed 200,000.

You may say that the hardware of Dongfeng Yipai eπ007 can be compared with Xiaomi SU7? Then let’s count the difference between the two cars in detail.


First of all, the body data, Xiaomi su7 is 4997*1963*1455, while Dongfeng Yipai eπ007 is 4880*1895*1460.


From the data point of view, Xiaomi SU7 is indeed a big circle, but if you look at the shape, the big circle of Xiaomi SU7 should be an appearance kit.

Because the wheelbase of the two cars is 3 meters and the wheelbase is 2.915 meters, the actual use space is almost the same.

Then look at the wind resistance coefficient. The wind resistance coefficient of millet SU7 is 1.95, and that of eπ007 is 2.09. This difference only exists in the data.

Because of the acceleration of 100 kilometers, the ordinary version of Xiaomi SU7 is 5.28 seconds, while the acceleration of eπ007 is 3.9 seconds.

If it’s unfair, it’s that I used the performance of the entry-level millet SU7 to compare the acceleration performance of the top eπ007 four-wheel drive.

However, it is fair that Xiaomi has repeatedly stressed that he will not sell at such a low price of 199,000, while the price of the top eπ007 is 199,600.


If the entry-level price of Xiaomi SU7 is higher than eπ007 and the acceleration is not as good as the latter, then the 100-kilometer acceleration selling point of Xiaomi SU7 can’t support its price of over 200,000.

If we have to compare the top models of Xiaomi SU7, the data of 2.78 seconds is indeed far more than 3.9 seconds. According to Xiaomi Auto’s suggestion, the price of more than 360,000 yuan is cost-effective to support the acceleration of 1 second that users will never use.


Of course, Xiaomi SU7 has other technological selling points, but if we open the configuration table, none of the user-perceived configurations of Xiaomi SU7 exceeds eπ007.

For example, the number of cameras is 11 to 12, ultrasonic radar is 12 to 12, and millimeter wave radar is 3 to 5. Consumers can’t understand the cost gap behind the data, and they don’t want to know the specific brand models provided by suppliers. Anyway, in terms of quantity, Xiaomi SU7 is not dominant.

Such as other visible and tangible configurations, eπ007 is standard in all departments. From the extended range version of 159,600 to the four-wheel drive version of 199,600, there is little difference in the configuration table. Compared with Xiaomi SU7, consumers can’t see who has the advantage from the configuration table.


Of course, I believe that a good car can not be piled up by stacking configuration. The manufacturing cost and driving experience of Xiaomi SU7 should be higher than that of eπ007.

But for most users, this feeling is better than 2.78 seconds and 3.9 seconds of 100 kilometers acceleration. Do you want to enjoy this one-second pleasure at the cost of 360,000?

Is 3.9 seconds slow? Most traditional fuel vehicles have achieved this result without modification and weight reduction.

I’m afraid what consumers really need is the entry threshold.


In particular, the 159,600 extended range version of Dongfeng Yipai eπ007, although its acceleration is slower, has a long battery life of 1,200 kilometers, and all configurations are the same as 199,600. This is almost the positioning of Redmi automobile in rice noodle’s mind.

The live broadcast platform digs people to investigate: the anchor signing fee is millions "common"

  Our reporter Zhao Li.

  Since the rise of webcasting, major live broadcast platforms have been favored by capital. After several years of development, the pattern of webcasting industry has been formed. Several head platforms, led by Betta and Tiger Tooth, firmly occupy most of the market. With the successful listing of Tiger Tooth, the birth of "the first live game in China" has made Tiger Tooth have unlimited scenery.

  However, behind the carnival of listing on platforms such as Yingke and Betta, some live broadcast practitioners seem to have forgotten the chaos in the live broadcast industry. Recently, a news that the network anchor was detained for refusing to pay liquidated damages triggered a controversy about the webcast industry.

  Digging each other’s feet into the normal state of competition

  According to media reports, the detained female anchor "Shining into the River" was originally a popular anchor of Tentacle TV. After leaving the old club, "Into the River Shiny" jumped to Huya to become its platform anchor. With the detention of the anchor "Shining into the River", online public opinion is everywhere.

  "In fact, in the webcasting industry, it is nothing new for anchors to jump ship and platforms to help anchors pay liquidated damages. However, being detained because of liquidated damages is indeed the first case in the webcast industry. " Bai Xun (pseudonym), who is engaged in the network anchor broker industry, told reporters that it is not clear whether Huya has paid for the liquidated damages of "sparkling into the river".

  According to the interviewed insiders, this incident has sounded the alarm for the entire webcast industry. If the long-standing high-priced poaching phenomenon is not solved, it will become the biggest obstacle to the future development of the webcast industry and affect the subsequent development of the mainstream webcast platform.

  Why do you say that? Bai Xun told reporters that with the development of the webcast industry, the relationship between the anchor and the platform is undergoing some subtle changes. "Although the anchor is still the best asset of the live broadcast platform, the platform needs to balance the relationship between the platform and the anchor, and it will be difficult to sustain the way of blindly raising the anchor."

  The live broadcast platform has always relied heavily on the head anchor, because it can bring rich profits to the platform, which is undoubtedly the reason why the live broadcast platform digs people from each other.

  In the daily poaching battle of the live broadcast platform, the most controversial topic is the sky-high liquidated damages after the anchor job-hopping, which is also the problem of "Shining into the River" being detained.

  "Under normal circumstances, fans don’t necessarily watch live broadcasts on a fixed platform, but more often switch platforms with their favorite anchors, so that digging anchors means digging users, which brings gorgeous performance to the platform." Hu Yun Xiao, who currently runs anchor brokerage training business in Beijing, said, "The stay or absence of an anchor may bring 3 to 4 million downloads or uninstallations. And these users and downloads are the most important things for major live broadcast platforms. Compared with such huge traffic and downloads, it seems that the signing fee of the anchor is millions or even tens of millions of yuan. "

  However, things that once seemed logical began to change under the crazy poaching of major platforms.

  Bai Xun told reporters that in the past, an influential anchor was dug from other platforms, and the live broadcast platform would soon get a large number of users, which directly induced the platform to dig people at high prices. However, due to the increasingly frequent poaching behavior of major platforms, the value of anchors will only increase and it is difficult to decrease, and the cost of digging anchors on platforms will also increase rapidly. As a result, the value of many anchors is not proportional to the effect. "In this way, high-priced poaching has become a cancer in the industry, which not only increases the operating cost of the platform, but also has a very bad impact on the anchor. Because the malicious job-hopping behavior of the anchor is not worth promoting. "

  The scenery fades but it is full of development crisis.

  A senior insider once revealed: "A live broadcast platform wants to train a good head anchor only by spending several million yuan on the market. In contrast, it is definitely impossible to dig a competitor’s head anchor without 8 digits."

  "Such frequent poaching is not a good thing for the platform or the whole industry, just like drinking poison to quench thirst." Bai Xun said.

  "This chaos must be solved. In the future, the live broadcast industry will really compete with healthy competitiveness. It is necessary to retain active users through some good content and anchors." Hu Yun Xiao said.

  In addition to the big platform, various webcast studios (some are also called families or guilds — — Reporter’s note) is also trying to share the webcast market in various ways.

  "There are two kinds, one online and one offline. Online studios are characterized by small initial investment and low personnel cost, and adopt the mode of light assets and heavy quantity. More often, they need to rely on a little flicker to gain a foothold. The initial investment of this studio is very small. Basically, it is equipped with a mobile phone and a computer, so that a few friends who know a little about live broadcast or like to watch live broadcast can help forward the circle of friends. The main source of business depends on the circle of friends, similar to the model of Wechat business. " Bai Xun said that the advantages of this model are low cost, rapid dissemination and no geographical division. However, the disadvantages are also very obvious. The studio’s control over the anchor or broker is weak. "Unless there is someone who is willing to follow you, it is easy to push the wall down."

  As for the offline studio, it has a lot of initial investment because it involves office space, broadband cost, decoration of live broadcast room and personnel expenses. According to Baixun’s experience, the cheapest one needs about 300,000 yuan. However, the advantage of the offline studio is that it is conducive to the interview of local anchors and increases the confidence and sense of belonging of applying for anchors. "It is also conducive to the visitors of the platform to visit and inspect, and get more favorable resources of the platform. The shortcoming is that when the usual expenses are large and the capital chain is not sufficient, there will be the possibility of losing the anchor. In the case of poor management, there will be intrigues between the anchors to grab the room. " Bai Xun said.

  In the eyes of the industry, if these small platforms want to survive, they must also rely on various routines.

  For example, people who watch live broadcasts will almost always find that only a small number of anchors are particularly prominent in traffic, while 80% of anchor traffic is average or even bleak.

  "There is an unknown secret, that is, many platforms are bundled by several big guilds. Under normal circumstances, when the guild is bigger and the anchor is well trained, it will naturally hug the thigh of a platform. The platform also needs such a guild to help with content output and anchor management, so it will naturally give these guilds more exposure and preferential treatment. Even some guilds have reached a cooperative relationship at the beginning of the establishment of the platform, starting from the public beta of the platform and gradually growing with the growth of the platform. " Hu Yunxiao told reporters that making a platform is a job of burning money, especially for those small platforms. Small platforms refer to those platforms that have no self-research and development ability, and then make a mobile phone live App by purchasing a complete set of codes. In order to attract popularity, these small platforms will attract guilds and individual anchors in the form of paying high basic salaries to anchors. However, the platform is not stupid. It takes money to attract the anchor, and the anchor needs to reach a certain length of time to get the agreed basic salary at the end of the month. This can also explain a phenomenon at present — — Some small platforms have low traffic, but there are still families, and the live broadcast of the anchors is very long.

Xiaomi executives responded that the price of SU7 was 361,400: the news was not true.

[Original news of Aika automobile industry]

Recently, a picture of the premium price of Xiaomi SU7 was exposed on the Internet. According to the picture information, a model of BJ7000MBEVA1 Xiaomi pure electric car has been licensed, and the insurance cost is 361,400 yuan. In response to this news, Wang Hua, general manager of the public relations department of Xiaomi Group, said that the licensing of internal vehicles in recent days is also to test all the processes of selling and delivering services. Everyone knows that the process of selling and delivering services includes licensing and buying insurance. There must be a pricing for buying insurance, so this price is only internal. Of course, this person who is not in the industry may not know much about it.

The front face design of Xiaomi SU7 is very sporty. The headlights are in the shape of rounded corners and polygons, and the interior is in the shape of a meter, which enhances the recognition of vehicles. In addition, there is a real air duct under the vehicle to help the brake system dissipate heat. The lower enclosure and hood emphasize the sense of movement of the vehicle and exude a strong sports car style.

The body lines of the SU7 are very smooth, presenting a feeling similar to a coupe. The slip-back tail design and the extended wheel eyebrows are reminiscent of the elements of a German sports car brand. The tail of the vehicle adopts the popular through taillight design, and the logo of xiaomi is marked on the top, which enhances the recognition. In addition, the new car is also equipped with an electric spoiler function. It is worth mentioning that the official has adjusted and completed the declaration in time to solve the problem that the font of the LOGO of XIAOMI brand at the tail of the official map vehicle was too large.

In the car system, Xiaomi 澎湃 OS will be applied to the car system of SU7. The car is equipped with Snapdragon 8295 chip and supports five-screen linkage. Its application ecology covers mainstream vehicle applications, tablet applications and mobile phone applications. In addition, the new car also supports CarPlay and airplay functions, and is compatible with the Apple iPad boarding function.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of Xiaomi SU7 are 4997/1963 /1440mm, respectively, and the wheelbase is 3000mm. In terms of power, the car offers two options: dual-motor version and single-motor version. Among them, the maximum power of the dual-motor model is 673 horsepower, the acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h is 2.78 seconds, and it is equipped with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited ternary lithium battery with a capacity of 101kWh, and the CLTC cruising range is 800km. The maximum power of the single-motor version is 299 HP, and the acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h is 5.28 seconds. It is equipped with a 73.6kWh Freddie lithium iron phosphate battery, and the CLTC cruising range is 668km.

Wonderful content review:

Xiaomi automobile SU7 power parameter exposure battery life is 800km.

Xiaomi SU7 is exposed without camouflage or released on December 28th.

Chuan Xiaomi SU7 will release an official response on December 28th.

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Officially released on April 23! The new M5 will be unveiled at Beijing Auto Show.


On April 11th, 2024, Huawei held the HarmonyOS Ecological Spring Communication Meeting. At the meeting, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG and chairman of BU, a smart car solution, solemnly announced that the new M5 series will be officially released on April 23rd. According to the pictures disclosed at the scene, the new M5 series in Wenjie has been refreshed in the front face design, which makes people shine. The Beijing Auto Show is coming, and the new M5 will be exhibited in HarmonyOS Zhixing booth. Interested friends can go to the booth to enjoy the car.

Since its listing, with its outstanding all-round strength, the M5 in the world of inquiry has been deeply favored by users, quickly emerged from the market, and achieved Qi Fei in word-of-mouth and sales. This time, in addition to the stunning visual effect brought by the appearance, the new M5 in the world will bring more surprises to users in terms of internal strength.

The appearance design is renewed and evolved, and the new M5 in the world fits the young and new aesthetics.

According to the pictures released at the communication meeting, the new M5 in Wenjie added a bright red appearance, and the feeling of enthusiasm and vitality came to the fore, making the whole vehicle more sporty and meeting the needs of young people for vehicle personality expression. In addition, according to the information previously published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the new M5 in Wenjie has added a blackened logo and sports kit, as well as blackened double five sports wheels with red sports calipers, which visually strengthens its sports atmosphere and can instantly stimulate driving desire. It can be said that the new M5 in Wenjie has undergone a rejuvenation and evolution in terms of appearance design and color matching, which is more in line with the aesthetic value of young people.

Smart and safe! Commuting and driving is more secure.

As we all know, Wujie M5 is equipped with HUAWEI ADS2.0 advanced intelligent driving system. In terms of intelligent safety, it has an omni-directional anti-collision system, so that the safety of vehicles is not limited to the front, and it can achieve full-dimensional protection.

In daily travel, in the high-speed driving scene, some novice drivers may suddenly panic if they encounter road side construction. At this time, M5 will monitor the lateral direction in real time. When it is detected that the obstacles on the side of the road have collision risk, the system will automatically trigger the lateral obstacle collision prevention (LOCP) and intervene in the direction, thus ensuring the driving safety, relieving the driver’s nervousness and bringing a relaxed travel experience.

At the same time, the forward AEB (automatic emergency braking) braking response ability of the Wujie M5 has been further improved, and its maximum braking speed can reach 120km/h, which is beneficial to further improving the travel safety. Many people may have encountered stationary vehicles and staff maintaining green belts on high speed. When the driver found the danger, he missed the reaction time and there was a safety hazard. Fortunately, the improvement of AEB response ability of M5 will greatly improve the safety and accompany you to get home safely.

High-level intelligent driving that can be opened all over the country, and a smarter travel experience.

As the first model in the Wenjie family equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system, Wenjie M5 series brings an advanced intelligent driving experience infinitely close to L3, which is highly praised by the industry and users and has the reputation of "double intelligent ceiling". Based on cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas, opening up a new high-level intelligent driving track is changing the development pattern of smart car industry in China.

In addition to high-level intelligent driving, Wenjie M5 continues to bring smarter travel experience to users through OTA upgrade. Wenjie M5 has realized the function of high-order intelligent driving in urban areas without relying on high-precision maps, covering almost all roads in cities across the country, and the available sections of public roads such as national roads, county roads, township roads and counties and townships are as high as 99%. Whether driving on unfamiliar roads in cities, suburban go on road trip, or even on some country lanes, you can start the NCA intelligent pilot to reach your destination quickly and accurately, and truly "the whole country can drive, and the more you drive, the better you drive".

At the same time, the lane cruise assist (LCC) of the M5 has also evolved into LCC Plus. When people are driving at urban intersections, they can "observe" the red street lights by themselves through the vehicle perception system. When they encounter red lights, they will slow down and stop, and when the green lights up, they will pass steadily. This function further improves the driving convenience and safety, and makes commuting easier.

Gold and silver cups are not as good as users’ reputation. Up to now, the strong product hard strength of the M5 series in Wenjie has been recognized by more than 130,000 users, and it has also won many industry awards including "the first quality of new energy medium-sized SUV in 2023". The new M5, which will be released on April 23rd, not only has a more fashionable design, but also believes that the new car will continue its multi-dimensional active safety, excellent intelligent driving ability and solid materials. Let’s wait and see.

The investigation report on the fire that killed three people in Fengtai, Beijing was published, suggesting that eight public officials should be held accountable.

  On November 22nd, the official website of Beijing Emergency Management Bureau released the investigation report on the fire and explosion accident of Fengtai District Energy Storage Power Station.

  At about 11: 50 on April 16th, a fire broke out in the light storage and charging integration project of Beijing Fuweisi Oil&Gas Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fuweisi Oil&Gas Company) located at No.14 Ximachang, Fengtai District. One person was killed, two firefighters were killed and one firefighter was injured, and the direct property loss caused by the fire was 16.6081 million yuan.

  According to the report, the direct cause of the fire in the south building is the internal short circuit fault of the lithium iron phosphate battery in the west battery room, which caused the battery to get out of control and catch fire. The direct cause of the explosion in the North Building was the internal short circuit fault of the single lithium iron phosphate battery in the battery room of the South Building, which caused the battery and battery module to spread out of control and catch fire. The flammable and explosive components generated by the accident entered the energy storage room of the North Building through the cable trench and spread, and mixed with air to form explosive gas, which exploded when it met with electric sparks.

  According to the suggestion of accident accountability, the owner unit responsible for the project investment and construction, and the procurement and installation of photovoltaic, energy storage and charging facilities — — The legal representative, logistics supervisor, operation and maintenance staff of Fuweisi Oil&Gas Company are directly responsible for the accident, and have been arrested by Fengtai District People’s Procuratorate for being suspected of serious accident.

  The main contents of the investigation report on the "4 16" major fire accident in Fengtai District are as follows:

  I. Basic information

  (I) The incident occurred at No.14, Ximachang, Fengtai District. The land use right owner and the property owner were Beijing Shoudai Baoli Industry & Trade Co., Ltd., which obtained the property ownership certificate in April 2004, with a construction area of 56,950.3 square meters; In March 2009, the state-owned land use right certificate was obtained. The land type is industrial land, the type of use right is allocation, and the land use right area is 200,363.92 square meters.

  In January 2004, Beijing Dinghuiqiao Jimei Furniture City Market Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Beijing Jimei Home Market Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jimei Home Company), successively rented all the buildings and venues in the courtyard of No.14 Ximachang in Fengtai District to operate Jimei Home Dahong Store. Before the incident, the construction area was increased to 208,102.55 square meters after renovation and expansion. There are 8 venues and other supporting buildings in the courtyard of Jimei Home Dahongmen Store. The incident building is located in the east courtyard of Hall 1, which mainly includes two brick-concrete structures, the North Building and the South Building, and an outdoor underground cable trench is built between the North Building and the South Building.

  The North Building is a two-story building with a building area of about 1060 square meters. The first floor is the energy storage room and equipment room of the optical storage and charging integration project, the 35kV transformer room, 6kV power distribution room and power distribution duty room used by Jimei Home Company, and the second floor is the 35kV control cabinet room of Jimei Home Company. Among them: the 6 kV distribution room has an east-west main cable trench and a distribution cabinet; There are two east-west cable ducts and four battery cabinets (56 battery clusters in total, using cylindrical lithium iron phosphate batteries) in the energy storage room.

  The South Building is a first-floor building with a building area of about 245.6 square meters, including the control room, lobby and maintenance room, west battery room, east battery room and equipment room. The control room is partially equipped with two floors. Twelve groups of battery cabinets (48 rows of battery clusters, using square lithium iron phosphate batteries) are installed in the west battery room, and 12 groups of battery cabinets (48 rows of battery clusters, using cylindrical lithium iron phosphate batteries) are installed in the east battery room. The cables at the bottom of the battery cabinets are gathered in the cable interlayer and enter the outdoor underground cable trench.

  The outdoor underground cable trench between the north and south buildings is 24 meters long and 1 meter wide, with the bottom 1.6 meters from the ground and the top 0.4 meters from the ground. 29 cables are laid in the trench; There is a ventilation shaft 3.7 meters away from the North Building. The cable trench enters the underground of the north building under the fifth window from the west to the east of the south wall of the north building, and enters the cable interlayer of the south building on the east side of the north gate of the south building.

  (II) Working principle of the electrical system of the incident project The electrical system of the incident project is divided into DC side and AC side, and the bidirectional conversion between AC and DC is realized through the power conversion system (PCS). On the AC side, there are mainly commercial power and merchants of Jimei Home Dahongmen Store. The DC side mainly includes photovoltaic power generation equipment, energy storage equipment and charging piles.

  During the day, photovoltaic power generation equipment gives priority to the merchants of Jimei Home Dahongmen Store, and the excess electricity can supply power to energy storage equipment and charging piles, and the energy storage equipment can also supply power to merchants; When the photovoltaic and energy storage equipment can’t meet the power demand, the commercial power can also be directly used. At night, energy storage batteries and charging piles are charged with trough electricity price.

  (3) Information of accident-related units

  1. Fuweisi Oil and Gas Company, with unified social credit code of 911101096843614396, legal representative Liu Bo, and other limited liability companies, was established on January 13, 2009, and its registered address is Room 389, No.3 Binhe South Road, Mentougou District, Beijing; The business scope includes electrical automation system, energy storage charging system, AC/DC hybrid microgrid system design, etc. Hefei Guoxuan Hi-Tech Power Energy Co., Ltd., Liu Bo (individual), Beijing Fuweisi Investment Management Center (Liu Bo Holdings) and other individuals hold about 40%, 33%, 24% and 3% respectively. In August 2018, Fuweisi Oil&Gas Company and Hefei Xuanyi Investment Management Co., Ltd. jointly established Beijing Guoxuan Fuweisi Optical Storage and Charging Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guoxuan Fuweisi Company), which holds some assets of the project, and the legal representative is Liu Bo, with no organization and personnel.

  2. Beijing Jingfeng Guowei Comprehensive Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jingfeng Guowei Company), with unified social credit code of 91110106MA01TA0N1B, legal representative Cui Lipei, and other limited liability companies, was established on July 1, 2020, and its registered address is BK003, 1st floor, Building 155, No.14, Dahongmen West Racecourse, Yongwai, Fengtai District, Beijing; The business scope includes power supply, solar power generation, centralized fast charging station, solar power generation technical services, etc. The company is jointly established by Beijing Jingtong Guoyou New Energy Co., Ltd. and Forvis Oil and Gas Company.

  3. Beijing Fengxin Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fengxin Electric Company), with the unified social credit code of 91110106102173826J, legal representative wang pu, is a limited liability company (invested or controlled by natural persons), and was established on January 19, 1988 with the registered address of Building 22, No.28, Lugouqiao Farm Road, Fengtai District, Beijing. Its business scope includes professional contracting, etc. The company has the qualifications of building decoration engineering professional contracting level 2 and power transmission and transformation engineering professional contracting level 3.

  (4) Construction of the incident project

  The incident project is constructed in two phases, and the main equipment includes photovoltaic modules, energy storage battery clusters, energy storage containers and charging piles.

  1. Construction of the first phase of the project

  In October 2017, Fuweisi Oil&Gas Company and Beijing Pinggaoqing Great Technology Development Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with Jimei Home Furnishing Company, which is responsible for providing installation and operation sites and enjoying preferential electricity prices for the project; Fuweisi Oil&Gas Company is responsible for the investment and construction of the project and the procurement and installation of photovoltaic, energy storage and charging facilities, and the ownership of related facilities belongs to the company; Beijing Pinggaoqing Great Technology Development Co., Ltd. (withdrawn from the project in August 2020) is responsible for the renovation of the 6 kV distribution room, purchasing and installing the energy storage control system and equipment, assisting in the project filing, photovoltaic grid connection and leading the application for relevant subsidies.

  In March 2018, Beijing Jingdian Xunjie Power Technology Co., Ltd. issued the design drawings of the 6 kV distribution room reconstruction project of Jimei Home Dahongmen Store, and Fengxin Electric Company carried out civil and electrical construction.

  In April 2019, the first phase of the project was officially put into operation. The equipment mainly includes 1.4 MW roof distributed photovoltaic, 4 MW /12 MW energy storage and charging piles.

  2. Construction of the second phase of the project

  In May 2020, Fengxin Electric Company upgraded the energy storage in the second phase of the incident project, which involved the battery room, equipment room and outdoor underground cable trench in the south building. Before the incident, 2 MW /28 MWh energy storage has been built. In July, Fuweisi Oil and Gas Company and Beijing Jingtong Guoyou New Energy Co., Ltd. registered and established Jingfeng Guowei Company, which was responsible for the photovoltaic construction of the second phase of the incident project and the acquisition of the assets of the incident project held by Fuweisi Oil and Gas Company and Guoxuan Fuweisi Company; Jingfeng Guowei Company signed energy use agreement and site use agreement with Jimei Home Furnishing Company and other units. In November, Jingfeng Guowei Company entrusted Sichuan Hualun Power Engineering Co., Ltd. to arrange a 1.6 MW distributed photovoltaic power generation system on part of the roof of Jimei Home Dahongmen Store; In January 2021, the photovoltaic module was installed and was being debugged before the incident.

  After investigation, the batteries used in the incident project were all produced by Hefei Guoxuan Hi-Tech Power Energy Co., Ltd., and battery testing materials were provided. Before the incident, Jingfeng Guowei Company had carried out the asset evaluation work related to the incident project, and had not yet completed the asset acquisition and delivery.

  As of the time of the incident, the electricity generated by the project was used by Jimei Home Dahongmen Store; From March 2019 to March 2021, Jimei Home Furvis Company remitted about 9,329,900 yuan of electricity to its account.

  (five) the project record.

  In April 2018, Forvis Oil and Gas Company filed with Fengtai District Development and Reform Commission "Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation Project of Jimei Home Dahongmen DC Photovoltaic Storage and Charging Integration Project" and "New Electric Vehicle Charging Pile Project of Jimei Home Dahongmen DC Photovoltaic Storage and Charging Integration Project" to build a 1.4 MW roof photovoltaic and carport photovoltaic system and a large-capacity DC charging pile.

  In September 2020, Jingfeng Guowei Company filed the "Jingfeng Guowei Integrated Smart Energy Jimei Dahongmen Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation Project" with Fengtai District Development and Reform Commission to build a distributed photovoltaic power generation system with a capacity of 40,000 square meters and 4 MW.

  In December 2020, Jingfeng Guowei Company filed the "Jingfeng Guowei Integrated Smart Energy Jimei Dahongmen Energy Storage Project" with Fengtai District Development and Reform Commission, and built a 10 MW /40 MWh energy storage power station system. After verification by Fengtai District Development and Reform Commission, the project was not implemented. On July 19th, 2021, Jingfeng Guowei Company has voluntarily cancelled the project filing through the online filing management system of Beijing enterprise investment projects.

  In addition, after verification by Fengtai District Development and Reform Commission, the built energy storage projects involved in the accident belong to unprepared projects.

  Second, the accident and emergency rescue situation

  (a) the accident.

  At about 11: 50 on April 16th, 2021, five people, including Xie Xialing of Sichuan Hualun Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd., went to the South Building to check the renovation progress of the control room, and found that the battery cabinet on the south side of the west battery room of the South Building caught fire and smoked, and immediately used the on-site fire extinguisher to dispose of it. Xie Xialing telephoned Liu Bo, the person in charge of Fuweisi Oil and Gas Company.

  At about 12: 13, Liu Bo led Chen Yuanzhong and others to the scene and took fire extinguishers from the South Building and the North Building to participate in the fire fighting. Because the open flame was extinguished and continued to rekindle, Liu Bo assigned Chen Yuanzhong to the energy storage room of the North Building to cut off the AC side. Connect with the energy storage system and disable the photovoltaic system. At 12: 17, Liu Bo called the police. At about 12: 20, Liu Bo entered the North Building and told Luo Guangjun, the electrician on duty in Jimei Home Furnishing Company, to turn off the switch between the 6 kV distribution cabinet and the energy storage equipment.

  At about 13: 40, Liu Zhange, an electrician of Jimei Home Furnishing Company, arrived at the duty room of the North Building and went to the 6 kV distribution room with Luo Guangjun to confirm that the switch between the distribution cabinet and the energy storage equipment had been disconnected. During the period, a large amount of smoke emerged from the south building, accompanied by deflagration from time to time.

  At about 13: 45, Liu Zhange went to the hospital to check and found that Liu Bo and firefighters were injecting water into the outdoor underground cable trench, and then went to the 6 kV distribution room in the north building to check and found that the cable trench was full of white smoke, no accumulated water and a pungent smell. At about 14: 13, an explosion occurred in the North Building.

  (2) Emergency rescue situation

  After receiving the alarm, the 119 Combat Command Center of the Municipal Fire and Rescue Corps dispatched 47 fire engines and 235 officers and men to the scene for disposal. City, district public security organs and emergency management, electric power, sanitation, ecological environment, health and other departments were present for collaborative disposal.

  At 12: 24, firefighters arrived at the scene and found that the battery in the west battery room of the South Building was on fire, accompanied by explosions from time to time. No open fire was found in the east battery room, and there were no trapped people at the scene. Immediately, fire fighting and rescue were carried out, and water guns were deployed in the periphery to prevent the fire from spreading.

  At 14: 13: 16, an explosion occurred in the North Building, causing one electrician on duty to die, two firefighters to die and one firefighter to be injured. At 23: 40, the open flame was completely extinguished and the site was continuously cooled for 40 hours. At 16: 21 on April 18th, the site was cleared.

  (3) Direct property losses caused by fire

  The price was confirmed by Beijing Fengtai District Price Certification Center, and the statistics of Fengtai District Fire Rescue Agency confirmed that the direct property loss of this fire was 16,608,100 yuan.

  Third, the cause and nature of the accident

  (A) the direct cause

  The public security organs combined with the analysis of on-the-spot investigation, investigation and interrogation,Exclude the suspicion of intentional criminal offence.

  1. On-site inspection

  After on-site inspection by fire rescue agencies, the battery cabinet in the west battery room of the South Building was over-fired, and the roof directly above the battery cabinet in the fifth group from west to east on the south side was burned and cracked, and the concrete part of the top floor was missing. The battery cabinet area had the characteristics of initial fire. Combined with the testimony of relevant witnesses, it is determined that the fire site of the South Building is located at the battery cluster at the north end of the fifth battery cabinet, from the south side of the west battery room to the east, at the battery modules on the 8 th to 10 th floors from bottom to top.

  The walls on the east and west sides of the energy storage room in the north building were blown up and flew out, all the window glasses on the south side were destroyed, and the upper floor partially collapsed; The indoor energy storage converter, control cabinet and battery cabinet are dumped to the south as a whole; The deformation of the lower end of the battery cabinet in the second group from west to east is the most serious, and the steel beam between the battery cabinet base and the cable trench (the connection is not blocked) is more bent upward than the other three groups of battery cabinets. In the battery management system of 7 clusters of battery cabinets in this area, the components in the battery management system of the third cluster from west to east are scattered and displaced, the positive and negative relays have fallen off and the cover plate is missing, which is more serious than the other 6 clusters. It is determined that this is the initial ignition source position.

  There is a small amount of water at the bottom of the outdoor underground cable trench between the north and south buildings, and there are traces of smoke in the trench, and oily residues are deposited at the bottom; Some cables in the cable trench have traces of fire on their surfaces; The cable trench between the northern end of the cable trench and the cable trench in the north building is not tightly sealed, and there is a gap. There is no seal between the cable interlayer in the southern end and the south building.

  2. Detection and identification

  Appraised by Tianjin Fire Material Evidence Appraisal Center of Fire and Rescue Bureau of Emergency Management Department, the negative terminal of battery module on the 9th floor at the fire site of South Building has an internal short circuit fault in the innermost battery cell in the fifth row. The battery is a square battery, and the electrode material conforms to the characteristics of lithium iron phosphate battery.

  Tested by Beijing Physical and Chemical Analysis and Testing Center, the main components of the battery electrolyte of the same model in Nanlou provided by the battery supplier are a mixture of methyl ethyl carbonate, ethylene carbonate and phosphorus-containing inorganic salts; Methyl ethyl carbonate was detected in soil (muddy) and volatile organic compounds such as methyl ethyl carbonate and benzene series were detected in gas in outdoor underground cable trench.

  3. Experimental analysis and simulation.

  The battery safety laboratory of Tsinghua University Institute of Vehicles and Transportation conducted an experimental analysis on the square battery which was the first to break down in the South Building. The out-of-control battery will produce ejecta, mainly methyl ethyl carbonate vapor, hydrogen, methane, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and so on.

  The smoke simulation conducted by the Institute of Building Fire Prevention of China Academy of Building Research shows that after the south building caught fire, the smoke mixture (including the thermal runaway injection product of the lithium iron phosphate battery which was not fully burned) generated at the scene can enter the indoor cable trench of the north building through the outdoor underground cable trench. Before the explosion of the North Building, the concentration of flammable and explosive gas was about 31%, and the total amount was not less than 280 cubic meters.

  The explosion process was simulated by the State Key Laboratory of Explosion Science and Technology of Beijing Institute of Technology: when the flammable and explosive components (hydrogen, methane, carbon monoxide, methyl ethyl carbonate, etc.) in the North Building reached 200 cubic meters and were detonated by the ignition source in the energy storage room of the North Building, the explosion damage scene obtained by simulation was consistent with the accident scene, and the explosion equivalent was 26 kg TNT.

  4. Experts demonstrate and analyze the situation

  Based on the analysis of investigation, on-site inspection and physical evidence identification, it is found that the battery thermal runaway fire in the South Building is caused by the internal short circuit fault of lithium iron phosphate battery in the west battery room.

  Combined with the analysis of on-site video, on-site inspection and material evidence identification, the explosion of the North Building conforms to the characteristics of volume explosion, and it is determined that the explosion is gas explosion. The explosive substance in the North Building is the explosive gas formed by the mixture of flammable and explosive components in the thermal runaway injection product of the lithium iron phosphate battery in the South Building and air. The initiation point is located in the energy storage room of the North Building, excluding the factors of fire source caused by personnel activities and uncontrolled ignition of the battery, and it is determined that the ignition source is the electrical spark generated in the energy storage room.

  After analysis, the smoke containing the thermal runaway injection product of lithium iron phosphate battery diffused from the outdoor underground cable trench into the north building, and entered the battery system with high voltage (nominal 720 volts) DC charged state, which led to the action of the relay (located at the bottom of the battery cabinet) to generate electrical sparks.

  5. The direct cause of the accident

  According to the on-site inspection, testing and identification, experimental analysis, simulation and expert argumentation of fire rescue institutions, the investigation team comprehensively analyzed the direct causes of the accident as follows:

  The direct cause of the fire in the south building is the internal short circuit fault of the lithium iron phosphate battery in the west battery room, which caused the battery to get out of control and catch fire.

  The direct cause of the explosion in the North Building was the internal short circuit fault of the single lithium iron phosphate battery in the battery room of the South Building, which caused the battery and battery module to spread out of control and catch fire. The flammable and explosive components generated by the accident entered the energy storage room of the North Building through the cable trench and spread, and mixed with air to form explosive gas, which exploded when it met with electric sparks.

  (2) Indirect causes

  1. The responsibility of the safety subject of the enterprise involved is not implemented, and there is a problem of construction before filing in the construction process; Continue to operate in the event that the battery pack leaks, heats up and smokes many times in the incident area, but the safety hazards are not completely eliminated; The two ends of the outdoor underground cable trench between the north and south buildings were not effectively separated and blocked, and the accident emergency response plan was not formulated according to the actual risk of the site.

  2. It is not enough for the relevant units to study and deploy and supervise the implementation of safety supervision and inspection; The research on the high-quality development of new energy projects under the premise of ensuring safety is not deep; The investigation of safety hazards is not comprehensive and thorough, and the safety risks existing in the construction, operation and maintenance of the incident project are neglected and out of control.

  (3) Nature of the accident

  In view of the above analysis, according to the relevant national laws and regulations, the investigation team determined that the "4 16" large fire in Fengtai District was a liability accident.

  Iv. Suggestions on handling the responsible personnel and units of the accident.

  (1) Persons who propose to be investigated for criminal responsibility.

  1. Liu Bo, the legal representative of Forvis Oil&Gas Company, is directly responsible for the accident and is suspected of the crime of major liability accident. On May 24, 2021, Fengtai District People’s Procuratorate approved the arrest.

  2. Shuai Changsheng, the logistics supervisor of Forvis Oil and Gas Company, is directly responsible for the accident and is suspected of major liability accident. On May 24, 2021, Fengtai District People’s Procuratorate approved the arrest.

  3. Chen Yuanzhong, an employee of the operation and maintenance post of Forvis Oil and Gas Company, is directly responsible for the accident and is suspected of major liability accident. On May 24, 2021, Fengtai District People’s Procuratorate approved the arrest.

  (two) personnel and units that suggest accountability.

  1. Wang Xiaoli, Deputy Secretary and Office Director of Dahongmen Street Working Committee in Fengtai District. It is recommended to give a warning.

  2. Pang Xuming, member of the Working Committee of Dahongmen Street, Fengtai District, Minister of Armed Forces and Director of Ping An Construction Office. It is recommended to give administrative warning.

  3. Lu Yanbo, the chief of the Ping ‘an Construction Office of Dahongmen Street in Fengtai District, is also the captain of the full-time security officer inspection team of Dahongmen Street. It is recommended to give administrative records.

  4. Yi Pan, executive vice-captain and head of the first group of full-time security officer inspection team in Dahongmen Street, Fengtai District. It is suggested to give greater punishment to government affairs.

  5. Liu Lei, director of the Regulation Department of Fengtai District Development and Reform Commission, is the actual person in charge of work safety. It is recommended to give a warning.

  6. Du Mingyang, safety officer and captain of production safety inspection team of Regulation Section and Resource Conservation Section of Fengtai District Development and Reform Commission. It is recommended to give administrative warning.

  7. Zhou Fangming, Chief of Fire Prevention Supervision Section I of Fengtai District Fire Rescue Detachment (Chief of Law Enforcement Team I). It is recommended to give a warning.

  8. Li Chunliang, Deputy Chief of Fire Supervision Section I of Fengtai District Fire Rescue Detachment (Deputy Chief of Law Enforcement Team I). It is recommended to give administrative warning.

  At the same time, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Municipal Supervision Committee issued a work reminder letter to the Fengtai District Government for the illegal construction of houses on the plot where the incident occurred; Criticize, educate or talk to relevant public officials to solve the problem that the research on high-quality development of new energy projects is not deep under the premise of ensuring safety; The Fengtai District Commission for Discipline Inspection ordered the Dahongmen Street Working Committee and the Fengtai District Development and Reform Commission Party Group to make a written inspection.

  In addition, the superior unit of Jingfeng Guowei Company removed Cui Lipei from the post of executive director and legal representative of Jingfeng Guowei Company, gave Li Jingling an administrative warning, and dealt with two people accordingly.

  (three) units that suggest administrative punishment.

  1. Forvis Oil&Gas Company failed to find and eliminate fire hazards, and the fire rescue agency shall give administrative punishment according to relevant regulations.

  2. Jingfeng Guowei Company failed to formulate and implement fire safety management measures and fire safety operation procedures, and the fire rescue agency shall give administrative punishment according to relevant regulations.

  3. In view of the problems existing in the built energy storage projects involved in the accident, the development and reform department ordered Forvis Oil and Gas Company to rectify and deal with them according to the law and regulations.

  4. In view of the clues that the energy storage upgrading and reconstruction project of the incident project is suspected of being implemented without the design of a professional unit, the municipal planning and natural resources department will investigate and verify it and investigate and deal with relevant illegal acts according to law.

  In addition, the extended investigation by the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee found that Fengxin Electric Company was suspected of having problems such as imperfect safety production responsibility system, failure to set up independent safety production management institutions and insufficient full-time safety production management personnel, and it was planned to temporarily suspend its safety production license for 60 days; Some of the company’s qualifications no longer meet the requirements of the corresponding standards, and it is planned to order it to make corrections within a time limit. During the rectification period, it is not allowed to apply for qualification upgrades or additions, and it is not allowed to undertake new projects.

  V. Suggestions on accident rectification and preventive measures

  In order to draw a profound lesson from the accident, earnestly practice the concept of life first and safe development, and effectively prevent and resolutely curb similar accidents, the following suggestions and measures are put forward:

  (1) Strictly implement safety responsibilities. Jimei Home Furnishing Company should build and use leased premises and buildings according to laws and regulations, strengthen safety management, strengthen safety inspection and hidden dangers investigation and rectification. Forvis Oil and Gas Company should implement the fire safety responsibility system, improve the emergency response plan, strengthen safety education and safety inspection, and eliminate hidden dangers in time. Jingfeng Guowei Company should improve the company’s safety management system, strengthen distributed energy management, and carry out safety evaluation and inspection for installed roof photovoltaic.

  (two) improve the construction and operation management of electric energy storage facilities and places. The Municipal Emergency Bureau takes the lead, and gives guidance jointly with the departments of development and reform, urban management, planning of natural resources, housing and urban-rural construction, economy and informatization, market supervision, fire fighting and rescue, etc. The relevant district governments rely on professional institutions to conduct safety risk assessment of suspended energy storage power stations in this area, evaluate the risk level of suspended energy storage power stations, and put forward work opinions. The Municipal Development and Reform Commission takes the lead, and the Municipal Emergency Bureau cooperates with it to organize experts and professional institutions to re-examine the construction plan for all projects under construction and projects that have not been put into construction of energy storage power stations. Only after passing the assessment can the construction be carried out. The Municipal Urban Management Committee shall, together with relevant departments, formulate technical standards to standardize the design, construction, acceptance and operation management of electric energy storage facilities in this Municipality. The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and the Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology shall establish and improve the quality management system of batteries and their energy management systems in energy storage power stations.

  (3) Strengthen safety supervision and management. Fengtai District Government carried out a comprehensive survey of energy storage facilities in the whole region, established and dynamically updated basic accounts, and organized relevant departments to carry out comprehensive safety inspection and safety risk assessment. The Municipal Fire and Rescue Corps strengthened the fire supervision and inspection of electric energy storage places, formulated and improved the accident handling norms of energy storage power stations, strengthened the handling drills, and further improved the emergency rescue and handling work level of energy storage power stations.

  (4) Continue to promote safe development. Urban management, development and reform, fire rescue, emergency management and other departments and Fengtai District Government should firmly establish the concept of safe development, put the prevention and resolution of safety risks in an important position, standardize the location and layout of new energy storage, establish and improve the working mechanism of overall coordination and management of photovoltaic power generation applications, and strengthen the quality management and safety supervision of related projects; For the electric energy storage facilities that have been built and are under construction, strengthen comprehensive analysis and judgment, find problems in time, solve problems, and prevent accidents caused by out-of-control pipe leakage. Fengtai District Government should plan the planning and construction of Dahongmen area as a whole, promote the regional wholesale market in an orderly manner, and promote functional remodeling, industrial upgrading and quality improvement.

Wen Jie’s face made Ren Zhengfei swollen.

Produced by Tiger Sniffing Automobile Group

Author | Li Wenbo

Editor | thoughtful

Headshot | Screenshot of the M5 conference

The joy of asking car owners to consciously be promoted to "Huawei car owners" has not passed, and Ren Zhengfei’s big mouth is ruthlessly drawn in their faces.

Today (March 31st), according to Cailian Comprehensive 36Kr, Huawei once again issued a decision announcement on the automobile business. The announcement was signed by Ren Zhengfei, founder and chairman of Huawei, and once again stressed that "Huawei does not build cars" and "valid for 5 years". In addition, Ren Zhengfei also put forward strict requirements for the exposure of Huawei logo in automobile design. "Emphasize that Huawei /HUAWEI cannot be used in vehicle promotion and appearance." The source said, and emphatically pointed out, "you can’t use’ Huawei asking the world’ and ‘HUAWEI AITO’. "

On the 8th of this month, AITO was still on its official Weibo."Openly" turned the familiar "AITO asking the world" into "HUAWEI asking the world".What is even more imaginative is that the Weibo was forwarded by the official account of "HUAWEI Terminal": "Where you want to go, Huawei asks about the car and always accompanies you!"

A small change in the name, in addition to causing the carnival of sales in the world that "Huawei cars can finally be called aboveboard", has once again aroused the N-degree conjecture of "Huawei makes cars":Is this time, Huawei really going to build a car by itself?

In fact, this name change is just a standardized adjustment of the marketing port between Huawei and Cyrus Auto, and it does not involve the adjustment of the cooperative relationship between the two parties.

Contrary to the outside world’s speculation that the relationship between the two parties is "broken", on February 25 this year, Huawei and Celestial Automobile also signed an agreement to deepen joint business in Shenzhen: Huawei terminals play a leading role in market and user demand insight and define new products; Sailis continues to do a good job in the iterative evolution of existing models, enhance the product experience, and launch a new platform for the future. The first flagship model under the new platform is scheduled to be released in 2023, which will be equipped with a high-level intelligent driving system, and a number of new models will be launched in succession.

At the signing ceremony, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, consumer BG CEO and smart car solution BU CEO, said:"Sailis is the earliest car company with the deepest investment and the most product models in Huawei".On other public occasions, Yu Chengdong has repeatedly stated that the cooperation between Huawei and Celeste will not decrease, but will increase instead of decrease.

The person who can have the first voice in Huawei is Ren Zhengfei’s father after all.

No matter how much Yu Dazui scampered, before a paper announcement signed and signed by the boss, he only sounded the golden bell and retired. Speaking of it, Yu Dazui’s psychology is better than that. Go back to headquarters to calm down a few words.Just watch Tesla reverse the car and hit the stone pier several times.

Source: Little Red Book

However, users who have only been "Huawei car owners" for 23 days may not be able to psychologically accept Huawei’s announcement with such a firm attitude and such a blunt tone. As soon as the gang put the "HUAWEI”logo purchased from a third party on the car’s ass, the" April Fool’s joke "was played on themselves, which was like" Wolf Warriors only has myself ".

Build a car and get stuck in Huawei’s neck

Is it difficult to build a car smoothly in China?

Ask the three electric brothers: Li Bin, Li Xiang and He Xiaopeng, and the answer is definitely "difficult, too difficult". However, everyone did not expect that this matter was not simple for HUAWEI, who had "Huawei before the day". According to incomplete statistics, in the past five years, Huawei has said nine times that it will not build cars through Ren Zhengfei, rotating chairman and internal documents.

For example, in January 2019, Ren Zhengfei publicly stated that Huawei will never build a car. In May of the same year, Ren Zhengfei also said that "Huawei will not switch tracks casually"; In 2020, Wang Jun, president of Huawei BU, said at the mobile phone new product launch conference that "Huawei does not build cars, but helps car companies build good cars"; In November, 2020, Ren Zhengfei said sternly: Whoever makes suggestions to build a car and interfere with the company in the future can be transferred from his post and look for another post; In May 2021, the official account of Huawei Group issued the "Statement on Huawei not making cars"; At the end of 2021, Yu Chengdong reiterated that "Huawei does not build cars" at Huawei’s winter flagship conference; At the 2021 financial report conference, Guo Ping, the rotating chairman, reiterated that Huawei does not build cars.

This time today, it happened to be the 10th time that Huawei said "no cars".

Is it difficult to build a 5G mobile phone? It is very difficult when the chip is stuck in the neck by Americans. However, Huawei has never said "no 5G mobile phones". Although we can use the 4G+ HarmonyOS system to provide a practical experience beyond 5G, we finally broke through many blockade lines and completed the landing of 5G mobile phones equipped with 5G chips.

But in the car-building track, Huawei gives people the impression that it is uncharacteristically evasive, often rushing to put the hat of "a first-class retired performance artist" on its head.

Why? Because you build your own car, there are too many links to be stuck: qualification, factory, production line, supply chain and so on. But if you don’t build a car, when you are a supplier, you can turn around and get stuck in the neck of the car company. Instead of paying money out of your own pocket and laying out design, production, channels, marketing and services from 0 to 1, it is better to empower cars and be a porter of money in the pockets of car companies.

After all, it is well known that people who make cars have money.

In fact, Huawei did this long before asking the world. From 2013 to 2015, Huawei launched the in-vehicle communication module ME909T, which was quickly installed on the production models of world-renowned automobile brands such as Audi and Mercedes-Benz. In 2014, Huawei’s car networking division developed the MirrorLink App based on Huawei’s mobile phone, and German Volkswagen immediately announced that the system would be used by domestic and imported people. In 2018, Huawei heavily modified a Porsche Panamera at the Mobile World Congress, enabling it to automatically identify the surrounding environment and make the most appropriate driving actions. For example, it was once boasted by the new forces of China, but it has not been thoroughly studied until today. "Emergency avoidance"; In 2019, Huawei released HiCar and HarmonyOS OS at the developer conference;

In 2020, Huawei released the smart car solution brand Hi: Huawei Inside; In 2021, Huawei Inside debuted on the Huawei HI version of Beiqi Extreme Fox Alpha S. In the same year, Aouita 11, another model in Huawei Inside mode, appeared. This year, the Celestial SF5 was not cold, and the new brand AITO Wenjie appeared with the latest HarmonyOS smart cockpit model M5, which is a production car that Huawei deeply participated in defining the whole process of design, production and manufacturing, and it is also the model with the highest "Chinese content" on the market so far.

The three paths for Huawei to build cars were also recognized by the public after the specific models landed:

1. Parts supply mode: traditional Tier 1 provides standardized parts, such as communication modules, motors, T-boxes, etc.

Second, the solution integration HI mode: traditional Tier 0.5, providing smart car full-stack solutions, MDC computing platform, intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving, intelligent Che Yun, etc.;

Third, intelligent car selection mode: traditional Tier 0, providing parts and solutions support, deeply participating in the whole process of product design, quality management, brand marketing and terminal sales.

Yu Chengdong is the leading intelligent car selection mode, while BAIC Polar Fox and Aouita are the HI modes at Wang Jun’s helm.

Different modes mean different "Chinese content". The level of "Chinese content" directly determines the brand’s position in the hearts of users and its sales performance in the market.

In the case that the complete delivery time is less than one year, the industry has made a cumulative sales of 78,000 units. Also in the first year, Weilai delivered 1.13 sets, Tucki delivered 16,600 sets, and the ideal delivered 32,600 sets, all of which didn’t ask much.

Behind the "explosion at birth", Yu Chengdong hosted a mysterious closed-door meeting. At the meeting, Yu Chengdong said: Huawei should not only help enterprises "build good cars", but also help them "sell good cars". "Not only help the horse, send a ride, but also participate in the whole process and deeply empower."

What do you mean by "full participation and deep empowerment"? Simply put, Huawei rolled up its sleeves and did everything, and Cyrus stepped back and became a mascot.

Appearance, cockpit, chassis, Sandian, car, audio, the core parts of these smart electric vehicles are all decided by Huawei. It’s not finished when the car is off the assembly line. Huawei directly drives the asking world to its own stores, let Huawei sell it in the first line, and endorse the asking world with Huawei’s brand power and sales channels.Where you can buy Huawei’s 4G mobile phone, you can buy the world.

BAIC Polar Fox and Aouita, which adopt HI mode, don’t have this treatment. In May, 2022, Beiqi Extreme Fox Alpha S HI version came by. Except for a "stunning" driver’s assistance test image, the reputation and sales of this car soon cooled down. A senior executive of BAIC Polar Fox also complained bitterly: After working with Huawei for so many years, people have gained a lot of voice. What have we got from BAIC?

BAIC got nothing, and Huawei got nothing. Wang Jun’s exit dealt a heavy blow to HI mode. At this stage, Huawei can maximize the empowerment of car companies and continue to make big money from the pockets of car companies, leaving only one smart car selection model.

Don’t let the car companies get away

On the road of smart car selection, Huawei has not gone smoothly this year. The most intuitive reaction is that the sales of the world have come down.

In January this year, the sales volume of the industry was 4,475 units, and in February, the sales volume fell to 3,505 units, which has been declining for two consecutive months. The pot in January can be thrown to the Spring Festival, but in February, the passenger car market rose both month-on-month and the "far ahead" sector fell against the market, which is somewhat unreasonable. What’s more, this is still the result handed over by the industry after the highest price reduction of 30,000 in January.

Source: Snow Leopard Finance and Economics

In the third week of March, the total sales volume of the industry was only 730 units. According to this estimate, the sales volume of the industry in March may have just climbed over 3,000 units, which was 500 units lower than that in February.It can be said that "last year’s sales were as fierce as a tiger, and this year’s look is in place."

After a short year of glory, the hometown of the literary circle has been almost stolen by all the effective forces that have been madly reducing prices. Go on, even the Volkswagen ID can’t be sold.

Everyone knows that Cyrus can’t carry it, and Huawei can’t be unaware of it, let alone put the "eggs" of making cars in the basket of the world. Jianghuai, Chery and Polar Fox have all joined the smart car selection model, which means that Celes is no longer Huawei’s "only child" in terms of product definition, core parts, supplier system, quality standards and sales service channels.

In the past, everyone said that they would buy a "Huawei car", but in fact they were going to buy a car. But after that, everyone said to buy a "Huawei car", and it is possible to buy Chery, Jianghuai, Extreme Fox or other brands.

You know, the more diluted the public awareness of "Huawei’s pro-son" in the world, the better the solution of smart car selection. It is Ren Zhengfei’s spring and autumn dream to live into Bosch in the era of smart cars, not Tesla.

By cooperating with more mainstream automobile brands, Huawei’s status as a top industrial chain supplier will be more recognized by the industry, and the bargaining power of large automobile companies and even international automobile companies will become stronger and stronger. This is the next big move that Huawei wants most.

Especially after falling out with Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an, Huawei is afraid that there will be another car company running away in the short term.

On the evening of March 27th, Guangzhou Automobile Group announced that the Ai ‘an AH8 project was changed from joint development with Huawei to independent development. Huawei will continue to participate in the development and cooperation of the company’s own brand models as an important supplier.The joint development mode between the two sides officially ended.

At the 19th China Automobile Marketing Summit in 2022, Xiao Yong, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an, publicly spoke out: "Huawei is a big-name supplier, and its price is relatively high and uncontrolled. We want to cooperate with Huawei, and we will find that there is basically no bargaining power."

Xiao Yong, Deputy General Manager of Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an

Huawei’s strength is evident in its ability to make large state-owned car companies accustomed to suppliers lose their bargaining power. However, such a powerful magic can only work in front of weak chicken car companies. After all, these car companies are counting on Cyrus’ story of Jedi rebound to reappear on themselves. Once faced with a BOSS-class car company with a large volume, a long history, a deep foundation and a tougher stance, Huawei may not dare to show its teeth too much.

These big car companies are not the first day to build and sell cars. In the past years, Huawei has not been "empowered" without you. Have I done it right?

Write it at the end

In the cooperation with Cyrus, Huawei has mastered the initiative in three aspects: first, all automobile data; Second, the calibration of vehicle core parameters; Third, the main sales channels.

To tell the truth, except for companies like Cyrus, few car companies are willing to give up their right to speak without reservation. Huawei is responsible for the calibration of car data and parameters, which is basically equivalent to handing over the soul and body of a car together, leaving only a few scattered skeletons to piece together.

Let Huawei sit in the living room for a while, show it to passers-by, and attract more people into the house. Car companies can’t be happier. But after sitting for a while, Huawei wants to be the owner of the house, and car companies will not agree as long as they are not stupid.

Car companies are willing to accept "the immortal of HarmonyOS car racing", but they will never accept "Huawei comes first, then there will be days".

Huawei hopes to stop the behavior of "asking for cars" to become "Huawei cars" and let car companies put their hearts back into their stomachs: we don’t build cars, we want to be good waiters for car companies.

As for whether car companies believe it or not, it’s hard to say. Anyway, SAIC Chen Hong certainly doesn’t believe it.

China’s second generation of new forces | Those girls dancing at the Parisian ladies’ ball.

  Article source: TheBund on the Bund

  The Paris Ladies’ Ball, where the world’s famous ladies broke their heads.

  Three China girls were selected this year.

  Not only beauty.

  Their brains and talents are more outstanding.

  Not long ago, three girls from China made their appearance at the 25th Le Bal des Débutantes.

  They are Shen Yue, the eldest daughter of Shen Jiawei, president of Chingmy Yau and Hongkong I T Group.

  Jane Li, the eldest daughter of famous movie stars Jet Li and Nina Li Chi.

  And Liao Minchong, the daughter of China’s famous baritone singer Liao Changyong.

  The Paris Celebrity Ball can be said to be the most prestigious social admission ticket for the upper class. It was founded by a Frenchman, Ms. Ophélie Renouard, and only the top celebrities in the world can be invited.

  Only the wealth of the family can not be favored by the organizing Committee. Girls must have their own talents, connotations and accomplishments, or be enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings.

  Trump’s two daughters, despite their prominent family background, were repeatedly rejected by the organizing Committee.

  The three China girls selected this year are all "the second generation of stars". Their parents have accumulated fame and wealth, and they have enough economic strength to give girls a good education and let them go their own way.

  Today, let’s get to know these three "second generation" celebrities with both talent and brains.


   Sweet and clever: Shen Yue

  With Chingmy Yau, the mother of the goddess star, Shen Yue’s popularity can be said to be the highest among the three China girls this year. Dad, as the president of I.T. Group, need not say much about her fashion resources.

  When Shen Yue was still in middle school, she was photographed when she attended Ku Kui Kei’s wedding with her mother Chingmy Yau, and was praised as "the most beautiful second generation" by the Hong Kong media. It was also rumored that she would enter the entertainment circle and take over the golden age of her mother.

  However, these remarks were quickly refuted by Chingmy Yau, who said that she didn’t want her daughter to enter the entertainment circle. Now she still focuses on her studies and doesn’t want her to grow up surrounded by the media.

  When Shen Yue was dressed in red, she could vaguely see the shadow of her mother, Chingmy Yau, dressed in red in Gambling God 2 when she was young. She also laughed off the comparison between her and her mother in the media, and said that her mother was the most beautiful in her heart, and no one could compare with her.

  Being a "second generation of stars" since childhood, Shen Yue said that he had to learn to avoid the paparazzi cameras since childhood, so he was afraid to go out with his friends because he didn’t want to be photographed. She also revealed in an interview that when she was a child, she wanted to go to South Korea to form a women’s group, but now she has no such idea at all.

  Before the dance began, she frequently posted her own fitting photos on Instagram and took a sweet and lovely route as a whole.

  At the dance, she wore Georges Hobeika pink haute couture dress and walked into the venue with British boyfriend Timon Greaves.

  Timon Greaves also gave a deep kiss on one knee, which is the princess dream of many little girls.

  Mother Chingmy Yau has been filming and recording the important moments of her daughter’s life.

  Shen Yue was very interested in fashion when he was a child. He read countless fashion magazines and loved to match clothes for himself and his sister. With this gift, father Shen Jiawei intends to let his daughter take over his own business, but he still insists that she must finish college.

  Shen Yue, who is slim now, is studying in Vancouver’s UBC, majoring in innovative writing and psychology. In her spare time, she has walked the show for her own brand izzue and frequently appeared in the front row of the show.

  Not long ago, she also appeared on the cover of the Hong Kong version of ELLE. Although she is still studying, she has already seen her ambition for the fashion circle.

  Being a star in the spotlight or going behind the scenes to "inherit the family business", I believe Shen Yue will have the choice to follow her heart after graduation.


  Learn to dominate the mind: Jane Li

  Jane Li, who has a healthy wheat complexion, is the eldest daughter of Jet Li and Nina Li Chi. She is a proper schoolmaster at Harvard University. She once had dinner with Ma Yun with her father, and the dinner was natural and graceful.

  Jane was born and raised abroad. Not only is her English comparable to her mother tongue, but Mr. and Mrs. Jet Li also ask her to speak Chinese fluently and remember her roots.

  As a famous star in the Chinese world, Jet Li and his children’s lives are naturally concerned. He has always encouraged his daughter to do what she wants, but he also told her to be brave and not care about the comments of netizens.

  On Jet Li’s 50th birthday, Jane painted 999 roses for him. He was particularly moved at that time, and this painting is still set in a frame for collection.

  He said that he and Jane get along more like friends, and the role of "tiger mother" is played by Nina Li Chi. However, he also told his daughters that not touching drugs and not looking down on life, let alone getting pregnant before graduating from college, is the principle of a father’s life for his daughters.

  At the dance, Jane wore a Christian Dior high-definition dress, and the wine red made her look mysterious and noble.

  In all the photos of celebrities, she still stands in position C.

  At the dance scene, dad Jet Li was so happy that he kept taking pictures of his daughter and danced together.

  Jane’s life with her father Jet Li is closely related to public welfare, which is a stepping stone for her to win the favor of the ladies’ ball.

  After the Indonesian tsunami in 2004, Jet Li set up the One Foundation on Jane’s birthday, and the LOGO of the One Foundation was also selected by Jane, who was 4 years old at that time.

  Before attending the celebrity dance, Jet Li and Ma Yun went to Africa to make a charity plan. Jane also took the initiative to ask her peers. She said that she had to go there to understand the actual situation before she could help others in a planned way.

  Looking through Jane’s Instagram, she looks like an ordinary international student, often posting photos with classmates and friends.

  In the future, Jane said that she would help others as much as possible like her father and continue to carry forward charity. Bund Jun likes Jane’s confident and sunny smile best. Please keep smiling like this.


  Touching voice: Liao Minchong

  Before this celebrity dance, you probably didn’t know Liao Minchong’s name, but you must have heard the song of her father, Liao Changyong, the "world’s first Chinese baritone". Since this year, Liao Changyong has also been the dean of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music.

  From an early age, Liao Minchong showed his extraordinary musical talent. At the age of 10, he began to perform on CCTV with his father, and often "grabbed" his father’s limelight in activities.

  When celebrating the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Party, Liao Changyong and Liao Minchong sang "Sing a Folk Song for the Party" with their father and daughter, which surprised the audience.

  The family background of a musical family and the experience of performing frequently when she was young made Liao Minchong pay attention to the celebrity dance. Because her father was busy with work, she went to Paris with her mother.

  Like many celebrity families, Liao Changyong and his wife want to live an ordinary life, but they have always protected their daughter well and kept her from doing anything other than going to school and singing.

  Liao Minchong, who is still a bit childish, may be the girl who came to Paris in the cheapest outfit. Her mother said that what she usually wears most is sportswear bought online for tens of dollars. She thinks that clothes just cover her body, so there is no need to be so extravagant.

  At the dance, she wore Guo Pei’s gray-purple high-cut dress and pretended to be serious with her partner for another second.

  Liao Minchong is only 17 years old this year, the youngest of the three girls in China. She is still in a high school in Shanghai, and you can even meet her in the iapm shopping mall-just like meeting an ordinary high school student.

  As of press time, there are only 209 fans on her Instagram, and a total of 5 pictures have been sent. Bund Jun only confirmed that this is not a counterfeiter by interacting with her message from Shen Yue.

  Liao Minchong is still in high school. In the future, she is likely to use her expertise to study music, and she is looking forward to her future development.

  In recent years, more and more China/Chinese celebrities have been invited to the Parisian Celebrity Ball.

  Last year, I.M. Pei’s granddaughter Anna Pei attended the dance.

  Yao Anna, daughter of Ren Zhengfei, president of Huawei Group.

  Angel Lee, daughter of Li Zhikang, general manager of PCG Group in Hong Kong.

  These Chinese girls are entrepreneurs or the "second generation of stars". They let the world see the brains and talents of the younger generation of women in China, and they also tell the world that although they have a prominent family background and outstanding appearance, good resources and education give them a smart and sexy mind, which others can never imitate.

  We can’t help but look forward to it. Which China celebrities will attend this dance next year?

The M9 has started nationwide scale delivery, and new customers are expected to start delivery in late May.

Beijing News Shell Financial News (Reporter Lin Zi) On February 26th, WeChat official account, the official WeChat of AITO, announced that M9 had started nationwide delivery.

(Question M9 Source: Photo courtesy of the enterprise)

It is understood that the delivery will be made according to the scheduled and confirmed delivery plan time. For example, users who book before the press conference and deliver the intention money before December 26, 2023 will start to deliver the vehicles as early as February 26. Xindading users are expected to start delivering vehicles in late May.

Editor Pan Yichun

Proofread Jia Ning