The live broadcast platform digs people to investigate: the anchor signing fee is millions "common"

  Our reporter Zhao Li.

  Since the rise of webcasting, major live broadcast platforms have been favored by capital. After several years of development, the pattern of webcasting industry has been formed. Several head platforms, led by Betta and Tiger Tooth, firmly occupy most of the market. With the successful listing of Tiger Tooth, the birth of "the first live game in China" has made Tiger Tooth have unlimited scenery.

  However, behind the carnival of listing on platforms such as Yingke and Betta, some live broadcast practitioners seem to have forgotten the chaos in the live broadcast industry. Recently, a news that the network anchor was detained for refusing to pay liquidated damages triggered a controversy about the webcast industry.

  Digging each other’s feet into the normal state of competition

  According to media reports, the detained female anchor "Shining into the River" was originally a popular anchor of Tentacle TV. After leaving the old club, "Into the River Shiny" jumped to Huya to become its platform anchor. With the detention of the anchor "Shining into the River", online public opinion is everywhere.

  "In fact, in the webcasting industry, it is nothing new for anchors to jump ship and platforms to help anchors pay liquidated damages. However, being detained because of liquidated damages is indeed the first case in the webcast industry. " Bai Xun (pseudonym), who is engaged in the network anchor broker industry, told reporters that it is not clear whether Huya has paid for the liquidated damages of "sparkling into the river".

  According to the interviewed insiders, this incident has sounded the alarm for the entire webcast industry. If the long-standing high-priced poaching phenomenon is not solved, it will become the biggest obstacle to the future development of the webcast industry and affect the subsequent development of the mainstream webcast platform.

  Why do you say that? Bai Xun told reporters that with the development of the webcast industry, the relationship between the anchor and the platform is undergoing some subtle changes. "Although the anchor is still the best asset of the live broadcast platform, the platform needs to balance the relationship between the platform and the anchor, and it will be difficult to sustain the way of blindly raising the anchor."

  The live broadcast platform has always relied heavily on the head anchor, because it can bring rich profits to the platform, which is undoubtedly the reason why the live broadcast platform digs people from each other.

  In the daily poaching battle of the live broadcast platform, the most controversial topic is the sky-high liquidated damages after the anchor job-hopping, which is also the problem of "Shining into the River" being detained.

  "Under normal circumstances, fans don’t necessarily watch live broadcasts on a fixed platform, but more often switch platforms with their favorite anchors, so that digging anchors means digging users, which brings gorgeous performance to the platform." Hu Yun Xiao, who currently runs anchor brokerage training business in Beijing, said, "The stay or absence of an anchor may bring 3 to 4 million downloads or uninstallations. And these users and downloads are the most important things for major live broadcast platforms. Compared with such huge traffic and downloads, it seems that the signing fee of the anchor is millions or even tens of millions of yuan. "

  However, things that once seemed logical began to change under the crazy poaching of major platforms.

  Bai Xun told reporters that in the past, an influential anchor was dug from other platforms, and the live broadcast platform would soon get a large number of users, which directly induced the platform to dig people at high prices. However, due to the increasingly frequent poaching behavior of major platforms, the value of anchors will only increase and it is difficult to decrease, and the cost of digging anchors on platforms will also increase rapidly. As a result, the value of many anchors is not proportional to the effect. "In this way, high-priced poaching has become a cancer in the industry, which not only increases the operating cost of the platform, but also has a very bad impact on the anchor. Because the malicious job-hopping behavior of the anchor is not worth promoting. "

  The scenery fades but it is full of development crisis.

  A senior insider once revealed: "A live broadcast platform wants to train a good head anchor only by spending several million yuan on the market. In contrast, it is definitely impossible to dig a competitor’s head anchor without 8 digits."

  "Such frequent poaching is not a good thing for the platform or the whole industry, just like drinking poison to quench thirst." Bai Xun said.

  "This chaos must be solved. In the future, the live broadcast industry will really compete with healthy competitiveness. It is necessary to retain active users through some good content and anchors." Hu Yun Xiao said.

  In addition to the big platform, various webcast studios (some are also called families or guilds — — Reporter’s note) is also trying to share the webcast market in various ways.

  "There are two kinds, one online and one offline. Online studios are characterized by small initial investment and low personnel cost, and adopt the mode of light assets and heavy quantity. More often, they need to rely on a little flicker to gain a foothold. The initial investment of this studio is very small. Basically, it is equipped with a mobile phone and a computer, so that a few friends who know a little about live broadcast or like to watch live broadcast can help forward the circle of friends. The main source of business depends on the circle of friends, similar to the model of Wechat business. " Bai Xun said that the advantages of this model are low cost, rapid dissemination and no geographical division. However, the disadvantages are also very obvious. The studio’s control over the anchor or broker is weak. "Unless there is someone who is willing to follow you, it is easy to push the wall down."

  As for the offline studio, it has a lot of initial investment because it involves office space, broadband cost, decoration of live broadcast room and personnel expenses. According to Baixun’s experience, the cheapest one needs about 300,000 yuan. However, the advantage of the offline studio is that it is conducive to the interview of local anchors and increases the confidence and sense of belonging of applying for anchors. "It is also conducive to the visitors of the platform to visit and inspect, and get more favorable resources of the platform. The shortcoming is that when the usual expenses are large and the capital chain is not sufficient, there will be the possibility of losing the anchor. In the case of poor management, there will be intrigues between the anchors to grab the room. " Bai Xun said.

  In the eyes of the industry, if these small platforms want to survive, they must also rely on various routines.

  For example, people who watch live broadcasts will almost always find that only a small number of anchors are particularly prominent in traffic, while 80% of anchor traffic is average or even bleak.

  "There is an unknown secret, that is, many platforms are bundled by several big guilds. Under normal circumstances, when the guild is bigger and the anchor is well trained, it will naturally hug the thigh of a platform. The platform also needs such a guild to help with content output and anchor management, so it will naturally give these guilds more exposure and preferential treatment. Even some guilds have reached a cooperative relationship at the beginning of the establishment of the platform, starting from the public beta of the platform and gradually growing with the growth of the platform. " Hu Yunxiao told reporters that making a platform is a job of burning money, especially for those small platforms. Small platforms refer to those platforms that have no self-research and development ability, and then make a mobile phone live App by purchasing a complete set of codes. In order to attract popularity, these small platforms will attract guilds and individual anchors in the form of paying high basic salaries to anchors. However, the platform is not stupid. It takes money to attract the anchor, and the anchor needs to reach a certain length of time to get the agreed basic salary at the end of the month. This can also explain a phenomenon at present — — Some small platforms have low traffic, but there are still families, and the live broadcast of the anchors is very long.