Pricing and proofing Xiaomi SU7: 159,600 scissors doors in 3.9 seconds.

New cars that dare to be listed on Valentine’s Day are sorry for the hard work of the staff during the Spring Festival without ordering hard goods. Looking at the price, I really don’t want to say, at least let Xiaomi car people have a restless holiday.

Dongfeng Yipai eπ007, a brand-new medium-sized new energy car with a very complicated name, is expected to make Xiaomi Automobile firmly remember that the full price of the whole system is 159,600-199,600, and the top compartment does not exceed 200,000.

You may say that the hardware of Dongfeng Yipai eπ007 can be compared with Xiaomi SU7? Then let’s count the difference between the two cars in detail.


First of all, the body data, Xiaomi su7 is 4997*1963*1455, while Dongfeng Yipai eπ007 is 4880*1895*1460.


From the data point of view, Xiaomi SU7 is indeed a big circle, but if you look at the shape, the big circle of Xiaomi SU7 should be an appearance kit.

Because the wheelbase of the two cars is 3 meters and the wheelbase is 2.915 meters, the actual use space is almost the same.

Then look at the wind resistance coefficient. The wind resistance coefficient of millet SU7 is 1.95, and that of eπ007 is 2.09. This difference only exists in the data.

Because of the acceleration of 100 kilometers, the ordinary version of Xiaomi SU7 is 5.28 seconds, while the acceleration of eπ007 is 3.9 seconds.

If it’s unfair, it’s that I used the performance of the entry-level millet SU7 to compare the acceleration performance of the top eπ007 four-wheel drive.

However, it is fair that Xiaomi has repeatedly stressed that he will not sell at such a low price of 199,000, while the price of the top eπ007 is 199,600.


If the entry-level price of Xiaomi SU7 is higher than eπ007 and the acceleration is not as good as the latter, then the 100-kilometer acceleration selling point of Xiaomi SU7 can’t support its price of over 200,000.

If we have to compare the top models of Xiaomi SU7, the data of 2.78 seconds is indeed far more than 3.9 seconds. According to Xiaomi Auto’s suggestion, the price of more than 360,000 yuan is cost-effective to support the acceleration of 1 second that users will never use.


Of course, Xiaomi SU7 has other technological selling points, but if we open the configuration table, none of the user-perceived configurations of Xiaomi SU7 exceeds eπ007.

For example, the number of cameras is 11 to 12, ultrasonic radar is 12 to 12, and millimeter wave radar is 3 to 5. Consumers can’t understand the cost gap behind the data, and they don’t want to know the specific brand models provided by suppliers. Anyway, in terms of quantity, Xiaomi SU7 is not dominant.

Such as other visible and tangible configurations, eπ007 is standard in all departments. From the extended range version of 159,600 to the four-wheel drive version of 199,600, there is little difference in the configuration table. Compared with Xiaomi SU7, consumers can’t see who has the advantage from the configuration table.


Of course, I believe that a good car can not be piled up by stacking configuration. The manufacturing cost and driving experience of Xiaomi SU7 should be higher than that of eπ007.

But for most users, this feeling is better than 2.78 seconds and 3.9 seconds of 100 kilometers acceleration. Do you want to enjoy this one-second pleasure at the cost of 360,000?

Is 3.9 seconds slow? Most traditional fuel vehicles have achieved this result without modification and weight reduction.

I’m afraid what consumers really need is the entry threshold.


In particular, the 159,600 extended range version of Dongfeng Yipai eπ007, although its acceleration is slower, has a long battery life of 1,200 kilometers, and all configurations are the same as 199,600. This is almost the positioning of Redmi automobile in rice noodle’s mind.