The 2024 BYD Han exposure is equipped with the fifth-generation DM hybrid technology based on e3.0+ new chassis.

Recently, the company released 2024 BYD Han models, which adopted a brand-new design concept and manufacturing technology, leaving a deep impression on people. First of all, this model is equipped with the fifth-generation DM hybrid technology, which is BYD’s latest hybrid technology with higher energy efficiency and longer cruising range. Compared with previous generations, the fifth-generation DM hybrid technology is more intelligent and refined, and the chassis is upgraded to a double wishbone five-bar linkage. It can better adapt to different driving scenes and road conditions.

This technology adopts a brand-new engine and motor, which has stronger power and lower fuel consumption. The fifth-generation DM hybrid technology is more intelligent and refined. Through advanced control algorithms and sensor data, it can perceive driving scenes and road conditions in real time and automatically adjust the output of engines and motors to achieve the best energy efficiency and driving performance.

Secondly, this model is based on the new e3.0+ chassis, which is BYD’s latest chassis technology. Compared with the traditional chassis, the new e3.0+ chassis is more intelligent and refined, and can better adapt to different driving needs and road conditions. The chassis adopts brand-new suspension system and braking system, which has stronger performance and higher safety. Through the optimization of these systems, this model has excellent performance in handling stability, ride comfort and braking performance.

In terms of appearance, the 2024 BYD Han has adopted a brand-new design style, and the front face has not changed much. The light group still maintains the design of the dragon beard, but only adjusts the front bumper, and the vents on both sides become more slender, making the front face look fuller. More concise and smooth. The overall shape and waistline of its car side have not been adjusted, but the taillights have been greatly changed, which is a bit interesting from the side perspective. Make it more scientific and fashionable. The improvement of these design details makes the vehicle more attractive visually and improves the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle.

In terms of interior, this model adopts a more luxurious and comfortable design style. The brand-new center console and seats provide passengers with a more humanized driving experience. With a 12.8-inch large central control panel, the display effect is beautiful and delicate. In addition, the new car also uses softer color matching, including gray, brown, beige and other colors to create a more comfortable driving atmosphere. It is also worth mentioning that the Di Link 4.0(5G) operating system will appear on all models. The improvement of these design details makes this model reach a new height in interior quality and comfort.

In terms of pricing, it is estimated that it is 20,000 yuan cheaper than the old models, but the configuration has increased.Such as suspension soft and hard adjustment, electric trunk, etc.It can be said that it is a very intimate configuration. Power is not only equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine, but also a hybrid version will be launched, according to official sources.There will be four options for battery life.Among them, the cruising range of the hybrid version can reach more than 1380 kgari. The self-developed electric drive system makes the engine performance of this vehicle very eye-catching.

In short, the 2024 BYD Han is an excellent model with advanced technology and design concept. Its fifth-generation DM hybrid technology and e3.0+ new chassis technology make it outstanding in energy efficiency, driving performance and handling stability. The brand-new exterior design and interior design make this model more scientific, fashionable and luxurious. It is believed that this model will become one of the important competitors in the future, meeting consumers’ demand for high-quality and high-performance cars.