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The Spring Festival is approaching. How do you celebrate the Spring Festival this year? Recently, Banan District launched the "Family Style and American Family Annual Meeting" activity, and it became a new folk custom of Banan people during the Spring Festival to establish family training, talk about dreams, talk about gains and losses, and send blessings.

The relevant staff in Banan District said: "We advocate the citizens to celebrate the New Year on the spot. We hope that through this activity, Banan people will inherit the family style and carry forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation while feeling the taste of the year, so that the year 2021 will be full of atmosphere and connotation."

Anti-epidemic advanced families: the dream of family reunion and Spring Festival group.

During the Spring Festival of 2020, Yang Jifan and Li Chunmei, who live in Lijiatuo, Banan District, failed to go home for the New Year because they struggled in the forefront of hospital epidemic prevention and control.

"A virus epidemic destroyed all my dreams of the Spring Festival." Yang Jifan’s son, Yang Herui, said, "But please rest assured, Mom and Dad, I won’t cry. I’m proud of you. I’m the doctor’s son …"

According to reports, Yang Yurui’s parents and grandfather are both medical staff. "Doctors are kind-hearted" is what Yang Herui’s grandfather often talks about. Slowly, it has become the family motto of Yang Herui.

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It is under the influence of such family precepts that Yang Herui understands that mom and dad can’t go home on time, "attend" the group dinner and have a group dinner together because of "saving lives".

Today (5th), under the call of the activity of "Family Style and Annual Meeting of American Family during the Festival" in Banan District, Yang Herui’s family realized their dream of group year.

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 In a small window of Lijiatuo Ronghui Jiangshan Community in Banan District, Yang Herui’s family is enjoying a reunion dinner. Prior to this, Yang Herui gave a handwritten newspaper named "I am proud, I am the doctor’s son" to my parents; Grandpa started to write down the family motto of "the doctor is kind" and taught Yang Herui the "connotation" in these four words with one stroke; Yang Herui’s family also pinched the "Mariko" symbolizing reunion together. ……

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 "In the past, Yang Heli’s grandfather told me about the’ doctor’s kindness’ and later told Yang Heli. I hope that I can also tell this sentence to my younger generations in the future, so that these four words can be passed down from generation to generation in our family. " Yang Jifan, the father of Yang Herui, said.

Five Good Families in China: "Cloud Reunion" Inheriting Family Style

In Lijiatuo Street, Banan District, there is another family holding a special annual family meeting.

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 "I hope you can be people with goals, and I hope you can develop in an all-round way by practicing martial arts …" Facing the two little daughters in the video, Zhao Sikuo wrote the family instructions with a brush while explaining them.

Zhao Sikuo and Dong Tingting both work in the health system of Banan District. Affected by the epidemic, Zhao Sikuo and Dong Tingting will continue to stick to their posts during the Spring Festival. Because they are separated from their parents and daughters, this year’s Spring Festival, their family can only have a "cloud reunion" by video phone.

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 "Today, we will eat some sauerkraut jiaozi." Zhao Sikuo said, in my hometown in Northeast China, I will eat jiaozi on holidays. Plus, two people can’t eat much, and eating jiaozi can respond to the call of "eating civilization" and has a taste of the year. Facing the camera, Zhao Sikuo did not forget to teach children to cherish food and develop a good habit of thrift.

Zhao Sikuo’s family motto is "Set a lofty ambition, cultivate a strong body, be loyal, filial and righteous, and be single-minded". In 2020, this family motto was rated as one of the top ten most beautiful family precepts in Banan District in 2020, and Zhao Sikuo’s family was also rated as one of the five best families in China and the most beautiful family in Chongqing.

According to reports, in 2021, 2,152 party branches were launched in Banan district to publicize the annual family meeting before the festival, 121 primary and secondary schools took the annual family meeting home as a special winter vacation homework, and 200,000 families held annual family meeting activities during the Spring Festival according to their own conditions.

This activity will last until March. After the start of the new semester, schools will continue to carry out activities such as class meeting, team day, dream salon sharing meeting, etc., which will fully show the achievements of students’ participation in the annual meeting. After the holiday, various government agencies and units will also take advantage of theme party days and cadres’ and workers’ unions to organize cadres and workers to share the feelings of the annual meeting in time in the form of dream salons, so as to find out a group of families with stories, traditions and representatives, dig deep into the touching stories and beautiful sentiments of family style education, and enhance the new connotation and new image of family style construction in Banan District.

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