The weather in Fujian will be fine in the future and cold in the morning and evening.

Yesterday, the whole province was cloudy to cloudy.
There is some light rain.
Next three days
The weather in the province is fine
It will be mainly cloudy to sunny weather.
What about the temperature?
Let’s take a look ~
Today and tomorrow.
With the influence of cold air going south
Temperatures in various places will also drop.
The highest temperature in all parts of the province is 14-22℃
Low temperature aspect
Southern and coastal areas
The lowest temperature is between 5-11℃
The lowest temperature in central and northern China is 0-5℃
Some mountainous counties and cities will also be below 0℃
Recently, the temperature difference between day and night is large
The body feels colder in the morning and evening.
Please pay attention to the latest weather forecast in time.
Increase clothes according to the temperature
Beware of catching a cold ~
Coastal wind forecast
Today, the northeast wind, the northern coastal 5-6 gusts 7-8, the south-central coastal 6-7 gusts 8-9, and the Taiwan Province Strait 7-8 gusts 9.
On the 11th, there was a northeast wind, with a gust of 4-5 in the northern coastal area at level 6, a gust of 5-6 in the south-central coastal area at level 7 and a gust of 4-5 at level 6-7, and a gust of 6-7 in the Taiwan Province Strait at level 8-9 and 5-6 at level 7.
On the 12th, the northeast wind, the coastal gust of 4-5 in the whole province was 6, and the gust of 4-5 in Taiwan Province Strait changed from 6-7 to 5-6 and 7.