Huawei Mate50 series is equipped with five new products that break the sky.

Yesterday, Huawei released a warm-up video of the press conference. Yu Chengdong said: "Coming soonHuaweiThe series marks the ten-year milestone of Mate series, and will definitely bring you unexpected surprises. Regarding the Mate series, my colleagues collected nine questions that everyone is very concerned about for me to answer. Give you a spoiler, and you will be revealed at the press conference on September 6.Huawei will release a new technology that will pierce the sky.Look forward to it together!"

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According to Huawei’s warm-up these days, I summarized it for you.Huawei officially held the autumn launch conference of Huawei Mate50 series and new products in the whole scene. After a week’s warm-up, Huawei announced five new products of HarmonyOS Ecology, namely: Huawei Mate50 Series, SE Cat’s Eye Edition, Huawei Home Storage, AITO World M5 EV and Huawei MateBook E Go.

Huawei Mate50 series

The protagonist of this conference-Huawei Mate50 series has four models:HuaweiMate50E, Huawei mate 50, and Huawei Mate50 RS.

HuaweiMate50E is equipped with Snapdragon 778G.Huawei Mate50, Huawei Mate50 Pro and Huawei Mate50 RS (Porsche Edition) are equipped with a new generation of Snapdragon 8. Besides,These three machinesEquipped with a brand new self-developed image XMAGE brand,Equipped with a variable aperture,There will be great progress in the image.

According to media speculation, Huawei will join hands with Beidou-3 system to realize the popularization of satellite communication technology, which will be of great significance to the development of global mobile communication.

Huawei Intelligent SE Cat Eye Edition

Huawei’s smart door lock SE Cat’s Eye Edition is a regular upgrade product of Huawei’s ecological chain. SE means that the price is not high, and the camera has become a visual access control with fingerprints unlocked.

Huawei home storage

Huawei home storageIt can be used as a database for the whole family, and photos and videos can be stored in this storage device, which is equivalent to a family version. More privacy, faster storage and speed.

AITO bound M5 EV

According to the picture in the poster, it not only implies the design of Huawei Mate50 Porsche Edition, but also AITO asks M5 EV to have it.I hope to make an appearance at this conference, and the new version of HarmonyOS Car Machine will also be announced at this conference.

Huawei MateBook E Go

Huawei MateBook E Go will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen3 processor. According to the poster, MateBook E Go is a two-in-one device.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen3 processor, which is a 5G chip built by Qualcomm for PC platform. This chip is made by 5nm process, and it is the first 5nm chip on Windows platform. It adopts Armv8 architecture, and its performance is enough for office work.

After 40 years of agitation, 30 scientific and technological workers were awarded the title of "pioneer of reform"

  Editor’s Note: In the past 40 years, with profound patriotic feelings and superb academic attainments, generations of scientists have made outstanding contributions to the innovation and development of the motherland, and together they have formed a brilliant star in the era of reform and opening up, leaving a trail of struggling dreams in the historical wave.

  On the 18th, at the celebration meeting of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up, 30 scientific and technological workers were awarded the title of "Pioneer of Reform". Let’s get to know them together and feel the spiritual pursuit of diligently seeking and bravely climbing new heights in science and technology.

  Yu Min, an important promoter of the reform and development of national defense science and technology.

  He is a key figure in the research of hydrogen bombs in New China, and he has put forward an idea that the principle and configuration are basically complete. In October 1965, under his personal organization and deployment, the hydrogen bomb theory was broken. At present, there are only two hydrogen bomb configurations in the world: the T-U configuration in the United States and the Yu-sensitive configuration in China. With his outstanding contributions to the country, he was awarded the "Two Bombs and One Satellite" Meritorious Medal and won the highest national science and technology award in 2014. Looking back on his 50 years of scientific research, Yu Min always said indifferently that everything is for the needs of the country.

  Jack Ma, the Innovator of Digital Economy

  He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alibaba (China) Co., Ltd. Alibaba Group, founded by him, has built the world’s largest e-commerce platform, with an annual transaction volume of several trillion yuan, which has become a huge driving force for stimulating domestic demand; Establish Internet payment and logistics systems to build commercial infrastructure for small and medium-sized enterprises; Establish the world’s leading mobile payment network and establish a new social credit system through big data technology; Independent research and development of Feitian operating system, laying the foundation of cloud computing in China; Initiate the World Electronic Trading Platform (eWTP) and promote its inclusion in the communiqué of the G20 Summit, becoming an important non-governmental force to practice the Belt and Road Initiative. Under his leadership, Alibaba Group ranks among the top ten global enterprises in terms of market value, which makes China at the leading level in the international competition in the fields of e-commerce, internet finance and cloud computing, and drives a large number of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial youths to reform, innovate and forge ahead. Won the title of "Zhejiang Excellent Socialism with Chinese characteristics Career Builder".

  Ma Huateng, Explorer of "internet plus" Action

  Benefiting from the reform and opening-up environment, he founded and led Tencent to grow from a small enterprise with only five people to one of the most influential Internet companies in the world. Put forward the concept of "internet plus", vigorously promote Internet applications such as WeChat, QQ and online payment, and promote digital transformation and upgrading from the aspects of people’s livelihood and government affairs, daily consumption, production services, life and health, and ecological environment protection, which has played an important role in the integration and development of real economy and digital economy, traditional industries and scientific and technological innovation. Build the platform of Tencent Foundation, advocate the concept of public welfare for all, and create a new pattern of public welfare with extensive participation, transparency and credibility through information technology. He was awarded the title of "China Excellent Private Sci-tech Entrepreneur" and "South Guangdong Outstanding Contribution Award".

  Wang Daheng, the main advocate of the "863" project.

  He is a famous applied optician in China. He established the Institute of Optical Precision Mechanical Instruments, and together with many scientists, he proposed the implementation of the "863" plan to the country. He also participated in the China Academy of Engineering in propose to create, and worked hard for many major national projects such as "Big Aircraft". Until he was lying in a hospital bed in his later years, he was still concerned about the development of national science and technology. He once wrote: "The highest pursuit of us old science and technology workers is to take more responsibilities and do more obligations for the country and the nation.

  Wang Yongmin, the inventor of "Wangma Wubi Font" to promote the informatization of Chinese characters.

  He founded the three principles and mathematical model of Chinese keyboard design, invented the Chinese character input method of "Wang code five strokes font" and pioneered the "Chinese character radical periodic table", which effectively solved the problem of Chinese character input in the information age. In 1998, the "98 standard Wang code" was invented, which is a Chinese character input method that conforms to the national language and character standards and passed the appraisal earlier, and promoted the popularization of computers in China. Its invention technology has won more than 40 patents in China, the United States, Britain and other countries, and won the title of "National Model Worker" and "National May 1st Labor Medal".

  Wang Youde, a pathfinder of scientific sand control

  He is the former secretary and director of the Party Committee of Baijitan National Nature Reserve Administration in Lingwu, Ningxia. He once led the staff to vigorously promote sand prevention and control, build 600,000 mu of windbreak and sand fixation forest, and control nearly one million mu of quicksand, effectively preventing the Mu Us Desert from moving southward and expanding westward, showing a gratifying situation in which people enter the sand and retreat. Explore the formation of "wide forest belt, multi-network, multi-tree species, high density, mixed trees and shrubs" to prevent and control desertification, achieve the goal of "desert green, lively field, rich workers", and provide valuable experience for national desertification control.

  Wang Qimin, the "new iron man" of Daqing who promotes oil production and ensures stable production through science and technology.

  He is an assistant to the former general manager of Daqing Oilfield Co., Ltd., and has always engaged in scientific research with the spirit of "Daqing" and "Iron Man" and dared to challenge the limits of oilfield development; Adhere to the belief that "I would rather work hard than make the oil field stable and high-yield", overcome technical difficulties and create a number of world records. He presided over the research and put forward the theory of "multi-stage development and adjustment of wells", in which the development and utilization of off-balance-sheet reservoirs broke the forbidden zone that was considered impossible to be exploited at home and abroad; He presided over the research on the project of "stabilizing oil production and controlling water" in the late stage of high water cut in the oilfield, which made an important contribution to the realization of high-yield and efficient sustainable development of Daqing Oilfield over 50 million tons in 27 years. He is an outstanding representative of a generation of oil people, and endowed the "Iron Man Spirit" with a new era connotation.

  Wang Xuan, the practical explorer of scientific and technological system reform

  He is the founder of computer Chinese character laser phototypesetting technology and is called "the father of Chinese character laser phototypesetting system". The technology he created completely changed the spreading mode and speed of Chinese character culture, initiated a brand-new era of Chinese character printing, promoted the formation of Chinese character laser phototypesetting industry, triggered a revolution of "farewell to lead and fire, stepping into light and electricity" in China printing industry, and created huge economic and social benefits.

  Ye Cong, a practitioner of manned deep diving

  He is the deputy director of the 702nd Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, the director of the underwater engineering research and development department, the chief submariner of the "Jiaolong" deep-sea manned submersible, and the chief designer of the all-sea deep-sea manned submersible. He has been engaged in the research, design and research and development of manned submersible for a long time, and through unremitting efforts, the "Jiaolong" will eventually become a reality from drawings. Out of love for manned deep diving, he took the initiative to shoulder the burden of pilot, and participated in the deep diving operation of "Jiaolong" for 50 times as the main pilot, with the maximum diving depth reaching 7062 meters. As a representative of manned deep diving since the reform and opening up, he is an example for young people to make contributions to their posts and serve the motherland.

  Sun Yongcai, the host of the development of Fuxing high-speed train

  He is the main organizer and academic leader of technical innovation and product upgrading of rail transit equipment in China. In 2004, he began to develop high-power locomotives and high-speed EMU trains. Through independent innovation, he mastered nine key technologies and ten supporting technologies of EMU. "Fuxing high-speed train took a key step from catching up to leading" and made Fuxing a "national business card" in the new era. Participated in the overall implementation of the reorganization and integration of North-South vehicles, created a precedent for the reorganization of two domestic "A+H" listed companies, and explored a new model for the reorganization, reform and development of central enterprises. Won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award.

  Sun Jiadong, an important promoter of the innovation and development of aerospace science and technology.

  He is the chief designer of China’s lunar exploration project, and also the technical director and chief designer of many "firsts" such as China’s first missile and the first artificial earth satellite. The satellites launched by the leader account for one-third of China’s spacecraft, and he once wrote down his lofty ambition of "bearing in mind the mission and responsibility and escorting the road to a strong country"!

  Li Shufu, an outstanding representative of the open development of private automobile industry

  With the ideal of "being a good car that ordinary people can afford", he entered the automobile industry in 1997 and founded the first private automobile enterprise in China. Led Geely to successfully complete a series of international strategic layouts, which not only promoted Volvo Car to achieve brand revival and sustainable development, but also became the largest shareholder of Volvo Group and Daimler Company, and actively promoted China’s automobile industry to "go global". After more than 20 years of vigorous development, Geely Group has been ranked among the top 500 companies in the world for seven consecutive years, with more than 100,000 employees worldwide. Won the title of "Zhejiang Non-public Economic Person Excellent Socialism with Chinese characteristics Career Builder in the New Era".

  Li Dongsheng, the pioneer of electronic industry to open the international market.

  He led TCL to carry out major cross-border mergers and acquisitions, creating a precedent for China enterprises to operate internationally. He has 28 R&D institutions and 22 manufacturing bases around the world, and his products are sold in 160 countries and regions, with annual operating income exceeding 100 billion yuan. The sales volume of color TV sets has been in the forefront of the country and the world for many years, setting a number of firsts in manufacturing China’s first push-button hands-free phone and the first generation of large-screen color TV sets. Leading the team to build a high-generation panel line that depends entirely on independent innovation, independent team and independent construction, and achieving a historic breakthrough in display technology in China’s video industry. After Japan and South Korea, China has become a country that has mastered independent research and development of high-end display technology. Won the title of "National Model Worker".

  海归创业报国推动科技创新的优秀代表 李彦宏


  人居环境科学的创建者 吴良镛


  "One Belt, One Road" Health Cooperation Promoter Chen Fengfuzhen

  She has worked in the Hong Kong government for a long time. She is the 13th member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the chief consultant of the leading group for deepening the reform of the medical and health system in the State Council, and the first China person to serve as the Director-General of the World Health Organization. She actively promoted the reform of the World Health Organization, led the organization and its member States to successfully respond to public health emergencies such as Ebola and Zika, and made important contributions to global health security and human health. Actively promote the extensive and in-depth cooperation between the World Health Organization and China, support China’s two emergency medical teams to become the first batch of international emergency medical teams certified by the World Health Organization, promote the gradual integration of traditional Chinese medicine and other traditional medicines into the medical and health systems of various countries, and facilitate the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the World Health Organization on the "Belt and Road" cooperation in the health field, which has won wide acclaim from the international community. Won the title of "honorary director-general of the World Health Organization".

  Chen Jingrun, a model to inspire young people to climb the peak of science.

  He is a world-famous mathematician and is called "Frankenstein". He devoted himself to studying in adversity and devoted himself to studying, and made many important achievements in the research field of analytic number theory. In 1973, the detailed proof of "1+2" was published in China Science, which caused a great sensation in the world. It was recognized as a great contribution to the study of Goldbach’s conjecture and a brilliant culmination of the screening theory. The international mathematics community called it "Chen’s Theorem", and it still maintains the world leading level in the study of Goldbach’s conjecture. His advanced deeds and spirit of struggle have inspired generations of young people to make great efforts and climb the peak of science bravely.

  Luo Yang, an outstanding representative who practices aviation to serve the country with his life.

  As the "helm" of Shen Fei, an aviation industry, he creatively put forward the development idea of "ten overall plans", promoted management innovation, technological development and institutional mechanism reform, promoted the transformation of business model, enhanced the comprehensive strength of enterprises, and led Shen Fei into the fast lane of sustainable development. During the term of office, the main indicators such as business income and total industrial output value jumped by 39.5% and profits jumped by 61.8%. As the chief commander of several models development sites, he led Shen Fei to complete the J-&mdash; 15 carrier-based aircraft and other key models have been developed and successfully achieved the first flight and design finalization, which has promoted the development of military fighters and made outstanding contributions to the development of national aviation weapons and equipment. He was posthumously awarded the honorary title of "Aviation Industry Model" and the title of "National Excellent Communist party member".

  Nan Rendong, the main initiator and founder of "Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST)"

  He is the former chief scientist and chief engineer of the 500-meter spherical radio telescope (FAST) project of the National Astronomical Observatory of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He devoted himself to astronomical research, insisted on independent innovation, and led the proposal to use karst depression in Guizhou Province as the telescope site. It took 22 years from the demonstration project to the site selection construction, and he presided over and solved a series of technical problems, which played a key role in the major scientific project construction of FAST, realized China’s dream of having a world-class telescope, and promoted economic development and social progress. His patriotic feelings, scientific spirit and courage to take responsibility are exemplary, inspiring the vast number of scientific and technological workers to carry forward the past and make unremitting efforts. Won the national innovation first prize and was posthumously awarded the title of "model of the times".

  Liu Chuanzhi, the forerunner of science and technology industrialization

  As an outstanding representative of the first generation of scientific and technological entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the reform and opening up, he based himself on China’s local market, vigorously developed national brands, and constantly reformed and innovated. In 1984, he founded Lenovo, which won the competition with international personal computer giants and promoted the innovative development of national information technology enterprises. Formulating and implementing the international development strategy of enterprises and leading Lenovo to acquire the personal computer business of International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) have accumulated valuable experience for Chinese enterprises to "go global". Organize the implementation of the company’s shareholding system reform, support the innovation and development of enterprises, promote the transformation of a series of scientific and technological achievements and cultivate management talents of many scientific and technological enterprises. Won the title of "National Model Worker".

  Zhong Nanshan, an important promoter of public health emergency system construction.

  He is the former director of the National Clinical Medical Research Center for Respiratory Diseases in the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University and an academician of China Academy of Engineering. In the fight against SARS in 2003, he treated critically ill patients regardless of his life, went to epidemic areas to guide medical treatment, advocated cooperation with the international health organization, and presided over the formulation of guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of acute infectious diseases such as SARS in China, making important contributions to defeating the SARS epidemic. Taking the initiative to assume the role of spokesperson for public health emergencies, popularizing health knowledge to the public, and actively making suggestions and suggestions to promote the construction of public health emergency system have played an important role in winning the victory in dealing with public health emergencies such as influenza A and H7N9 avian influenza. Won the title of "National Advanced Worker" twice and the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award.

  Yuan Longping, the pioneer of hybrid rice research.

  He is the former director of Hunan Hybrid Rice Research Center, the former vice chairman of Hunan Provincial Political Consultative Conference, an academician of China Academy of Engineering, and a member of the Standing Committee of the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. He devoted himself to the research of hybrid rice, invented the "three-line method" indica hybrid rice, successfully developed the "two-line method" hybrid rice, and established the technical system of super hybrid rice, which made the research of hybrid rice in China always occupy the leading level in the world. By 2017, hybrid rice has been popularized in China for more than 9 billion mu, with a total increase of more than 600 billion kilograms of rice. He went to India, Vietnam and other countries many times to teach hybrid rice technology to help overcome food shortage and hunger. It has made outstanding contributions to ensuring China’s food security and world food supply. Won the national highest science and technology award, the national science and technology progress award and other honors.

  Tu Youyou, an outstanding representative of scientific and technological innovation of traditional Chinese medicine

  She devoted herself to the research and practice of traditional Chinese medicine, led the team to overcome difficulties, and discovered artemisinin, which brought a new antimalarial drug with a brand-new structure to mankind, solved the long-standing problem of the failure of antimalarial treatment, and marked the beginning of a new era of human antimalarial treatment. Combined drug therapy (ACT) based on dihydroartemisinin, artesunate and other derivatives is the first antimalarial drug in the world, which has saved the lives of millions of people in the world, especially in developing countries, produced enormous economic and social benefits, and made important contributions to the scientific and technological innovation of traditional Chinese medicine and human health. Won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine and the highest national science and technology award.

  Jing Haipeng, a heroic astronaut who toured the sky three times.

  He is a special astronaut of the China People’s Liberation Army Astronaut Brigade. In 2008, the Shenzhou VII manned mission was carried out to realize the first spacewalk of China people. In 2012, he carried out a manned mission and served as the commander, successfully completing the manned rendezvous and docking mission between Tiangong-1 and Shenzhou-9. In 2016, he served as the commander-in-chief, carried out the manned missions of Tiangong-2 and Shenzhou-11, successfully completed the rendezvous and docking with Tiangong-2 Space Laboratory, and carried out a number of space science and application tasks that reflected the international scientific frontier and high-tech development direction, realizing the mid-term in-orbit presence of Chinese astronauts for the first time, and achieving the China miracle of three rounds of the sky. Won the honorary titles of "August 1st Medal" and "Hero Astronaut".

  Cheng Kaijia, the pioneer of nuclear weapons.

  He remained anonymous for 40 years, casting a nuclear shield for his country all his life, and successively participated in and presided over the first atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb tests, as well as many nuclear tests including the "two bombs" combined with flight tests, making outstanding contributions to the establishment of a scientific and technological system for nuclear tests with China characteristics. He is the founder of "two bombs and one satellite", has made great contributions to forging the security barrier of reform and opening up and promoting the cause of strengthening the country through science and technology, and is a model of the times to lead the party and the country by example. Won the "August 1st Medal", "Two Bombs and One Satellite" Meritorious Medal and the highest national science and technology award.

  Pan Jianwei, an innovator of quantum information research.

  As one of the pioneers in the field of quantum information experimental research in the world, his systematic innovation work has won high praise from international academic circles. Take the lead in breaking through the key technologies of quantum information processing, and comprehensively solve the security problem of quantum secure communication under realistic conditions. Leading the development of Mozi, the first experimental satellite of quantum science in the world, building the first backbone network of quantum secure communication in the world "Beijing-Shanghai trunk line", and building the first prototype of wide-area quantum secure communication network integrating air and ground, making the experimental research and applied research of quantum secure communication in China at the international leading level.

  Li Baoguo, the "Taihang Mountain Yugong" who pioneered a new road to poverty alleviation in mountainous areas

  He is a professor at Hebei Agricultural University. He cares about the masses, works hard, works hard and makes selfless dedication to realize his own value in serving the people. Always fighting in the front line of developing agriculture through science and technology, helping the poor and teaching and educating people, we have successively achieved 28 research results, won 18 awards at or above the provincial and ministerial level, and the technology promotion area is 18.26 million mu, which has cultivated 16 advanced models of mountain development and management, created a series of national famous brands, and driven farmers in 100,000 mountain areas inside and outside the province to increase their income by 5.85 billion yuan. The theory of "two-aggregation" of soil aggregation and runoff aggregation, which participated in the development, has made the forest coverage rate of Qiannanyu in Xingtai reach 90.7% and the vegetation coverage rate reach 94.6%, and is known as "Yugong in Taihang Mountain". He was awarded the title of "National Advanced Worker" and was posthumously awarded the title of "National Excellent Communist party member" and "National Model for Poverty Alleviation".

  Xu Zhenchao, an outstanding representative of practicing "artisan spirit"

  Based on his job, he did his job, loved his job, perfected his job, taught himself, and practiced his skills hard. He trained his unique skills such as "one hook is accurate", "one hook is clean" and "silent operation", and set a new world record for container loading and unloading seven times, making "vibration super efficiency" famous all over the world. Dare to innovate, dare to explore, lead the team to actively carry out scientific and technological research, continue to solve the problem of safe production, fill the gap in international technology, and save huge costs for the country. In the work, the "vibration overload work method" was created, which provided valuable experience for the accelerated construction and development of Qingdao Port. Inspired by him, the vast number of young workers across the country set off an upsurge of learning skills based on their posts. Won the title of "National Model Worker" and "National Excellent Communist party member".

  Ju Xiaolin, an outstanding representative of workers in knowledge-based enterprises

  He is a technician of a company of China Railway Electrification Bureau and vice chairman of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions (part-time). Since he joined the work in 1987, he has studied hard, studied hard and been brave in innovation, and mastered a lot of new knowledge and skills needed for the construction of railway catenary. He has participated in the construction of more than 10 national key railway projects such as Daqin Line, Jingzheng Line, Harbin-Dalian Line and Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, innovated 114 construction methods, edited the OCS Construction Experience and Methods, and distributed them to thousands of OCS staff as reference books. He grew from an ordinary migrant worker to a knowledge worker, and sang the main theme of the reform and opening up era of "glorious labor, lofty knowledge, precious talents and great creation". Won the title of "National Model Worker" and "Chinese Skills Award" and "National May 1st Labor Medal".

  Bao Qifan, an innovator of port loading and unloading automation.

  He is the epitome of China workers who grew up with the reform and opening up. The research and development of new grab and process system has promoted the mechanization of port loading and unloading, and is known as the "king of grab". Participated in the opening of the first domestic standard container route in Shanghai Port, participated in the construction of the first automated unmanned container yard in China, actively promoted the research and development of the first set of bulk ore loading and unloading equipment system with the highest degree of automation in China, and led the formulation of containers &mdash; International standard of RFID freight label system. Over the past 40 years, he has led the team in technological innovation, won 3 national invention awards, 3 national science and technology progress awards, and won 36 gold medals in international invention exhibitions such as Paris and Geneva. He was awarded the title of "National Model Worker" and "National Excellent Communist party member" for five consecutive years.

Xpeng Motors Zhijia team lost another general.

Today, it is reported that Liu Yilin, senior director of Xpeng Motors Autopilot Products, will leave his post. At the same time, it is said that he will join NVIDIA and join Wu Xinzhou, former vice president of Tucki Autopilot.

In this regard, Liu Yilin himself wrote that any "joining other enterprises" at present is false information.

In August, 2023, Wu Xinzhou, the former vice president of autonomous driving in Tucki, left Tucki and joined NVIDIA as the "global vice president", reporting to Huang Renxun. According to media reports, after Wu Xinzhou left his post, the responsible persons of autonomous driving, including perception, decision-making and lidar, also left one after another.

It is understood that Wu Xinzhou is the core figure of Xpeng Motors’s autonomous driving business and once served as the vice president of Xpeng Motors’s intelligent driving business. He joined Xpeng Motors in March 2019 and was fully responsible for the autonomous driving business and team management. Wu Xinzhou graduated from Tsinghua University and received his master’s and doctor’s degrees in electronic engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Before joining Tucki, he was the head of the autonomous driving R&D team in Qualcomm.

According to Wu Xinzhou himself, he left his job because of family and various reasons, and he said that he would return to the United States. He Xiaopeng also mentioned that Wu Xinzhou expressed this intention in the second half of last year.

Wu Xinzhou’s departure is an important change for Xpeng Motors. During his stay in Xpeng Motors, he promoted the rapid development of the company’s autonomous driving technology, including self-developed intelligent driving software algorithms, and promoted Xpeng Motors to become a leading domestic autonomous driving technology enterprise. His departure may have a certain impact on Xpeng Motors’s autonomous driving business.


Countdown to 2023 Chengdu Auto Show: Nearly 1,600 vehicles from 129 brands participated in the exhibition and set up a new energy "special hall".

&ensp; &ensp; &ensp; &ensp; Our reporter Gong Mengze

&ensp; &ensp; &ensp; &ensp; On August 15th, the press conference of the 26th Chengdu International Automobile Exhibition was held in Beijing. At the press conference, Liu Guoliang, managing director of Hannover Milan Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said that this year’s Chengdu International Auto Show will be held in West China International Expo City on August 25th. By then, 129 automobile brands, including German, American, legal, Japanese, Korean, joint venture and independent, and nearly 1,600 world premiere, debut and hot-selling explosive models will gather in Chengdu.

&ensp; &ensp; &ensp; &ensp; According to Wu Wenzhen, deputy general manager of Hannover Milan Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., this year’s Chengdu International Auto Show will be held for 10 days with the theme of "Enjoying Rongcheng with Wisdom and Seeing the Future". Among them, August 25th is Media Day, and August 26th & mdash; The 27th is Professional Audience Day, and August 28th-September 3rd is General Audience Day. This auto show is jointly sponsored by Chengdu Municipal People’s Government and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Automobile Industry Branch, and jointly undertaken by Chengdu Expo Bureau, Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee, Chengdu Century City Exhibition Group Co., Ltd., Hannover Milan Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Provincial Committee of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade.

&ensp; &ensp; &ensp; &ensp; As the "wind vane" of the central and western auto markets, Chengdu International Auto Show will bring a "profit-making" combination boxing to all auto brand manufacturers and dealers this year, so as to speed up recovery and boost consumption and stimulate market vitality. In order to create a good car buying atmosphere at the exhibition, promote on-site sales and release consumption kinetic energy, brand manufacturers participating in this year’s Chengdu International Auto Show will bring exclusive car buying discounts at the auto show; On this basis, major dealers will also carry out activities such as cash deduction, purchase tax reduction and exemption, high-value oil cards, free mileage, and worry-free maintenance and warranty to help upgrade consumption.

&ensp; &ensp; &ensp; &ensp; In the face of increasingly fierce competition, the popularity of new energy vehicles remains high. According to the data of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, as of July this year, the cumulative production of new energy vehicles in China has exceeded 20 million. As one of the protagonists of this year’s Chengdu International Auto Show, Hall 10 and Hall 11, where new energy brands are concentrated, will become "special pavilions" for new energy, and new energy vehicle enterprises headed by new forces of building cars will start a competition between technology and strength. Ideality, Weilai, Tucki, Zero Run, Lantu, Gaohe, Extreme Krypton, Zhiji, Aouita, Euler, Extreme Fox, Nezha, AITO, Ai ‘an, Deep Blue, Haobo, Yuanhang and other brands will bring their heavy models to this auto show.

&ensp; &ensp; &ensp; &ensp; According to incomplete statistics, at this year’s Chengdu International Auto Show, Zhiji’s brand-new pure electric medium and large SUV and LS6 equipped with 800V fast charging system will usher in the first launch; The polar fox will build the first "parent-child paradise" with the theme of car brand scene, and the koala of smart parent-child car will start pre-sale; Yuanhang Y6 and Yuanhang H8 were officially listed; The whole system comes standard with the second-generation NT intelligent wing door and the high-speed HiPhiY with full-speed active rear wheel steering, which is unveiled as an open-top spacecraft. Extreme Krypton and Song Art Museum jointly build the "Extreme Krypton Art Museum", and the whole product lineup includes extreme Krypton 001-009 and the brand-new X model.

&ensp; &ensp; &ensp; &ensp; At the same time, luxury brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Lexus, Lincoln, Jaguar Land Rover, Cadillac, Volvo, Janice and finidi will also gather at this year’s Chengdu International Auto Show. Among them, the JYNISES G90 will be listed during the Chengdu International Auto Show; Mercedes-Benz will launch a fierce offensive with the product matrix of "two lines of oil and electricity" to maintain its competitiveness in the high-end luxury market; Jidu Automobile will display automobile robots equipped with high-order intelligent assisted driving in urban scenes; As a luxury electric off-road brand launched by Dongfeng Group, the warrior who participated in the exhibition for the first time will "kick the pavilion" with a powerful and domineering style and a strong mecha style.

&ensp; &ensp; &ensp; &ensp; "Made in China" car companies at home &mdash; &mdash; China FAW, Dongfeng Motor, Changan Automobile, SAIC, Guangzhou Automobile Group, Chery Automobile, Geely Group, Great Wall Motor, BYD, Universiade Automobile, etc. will also show their muscles. The new BJ40 of BAIC will be pre-sold at the auto show; Chery Group will bring its four brands of Chery, Xingtu, Jietu and iCAR to the stage.

&ensp; &ensp; &ensp; &ensp; In terms of joint venture car companies, Volkswagen, Peugeot, Citroen, Buick, Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Jiangling, Hyundai, Kia and other brands are constantly increasing the China market behind the fiercely competitive market, and actively speeding up the pace of "electric shock" in addition to traditional oil cars to boost the competitiveness of the track.

(Editor Zhang Mingfu)

"Love Evolution" Zhejiang Wei conference Ruoyun Zhang scene anti-string female No.1, Crystal domineering leave.

At 14: 00 on July 26th, producer Huang Lan and screenwriter Baoqing joined hands with Crystal, Ruoyun Zhang, Timmy Xu and Viva to attend the release conference of Zhejiang Satellite TV’s light comedy "Love Evolution". The founders dressed in school uniforms returned to high school, and attended a unique open class of love evolution. From the initial stage, to the rebellious stage, to the formative stage, they returned to their initial heart with the audience and explored the true meaning of love in the place where love sprouted.

For the first time, Crystal challenged to play a high school student, and the anti-string role and Ruoyun Zhang exchanged acting skills.

At the press conference, the masters in school uniforms talked about shooting high school scenes, and everyone was moved. Recalling his youth, Crystal revealed that he was not as gentle as his appearance, and once became famous for "bullying" his male deskmate and overbearing personality every day. Ruoyun Zhang always remembers the feeling of the deer bumping into each other at that time, but he couldn’t help blushing when he was over 30 years old. Timmy Xu laughed easily. Although he was not like a school grass in the play in high school, the shooting process seemed to be 17 years old again, and his face was full of happiness and excitement. Viva, a baby face, said that he often did "bad things" behind his teacher’s back, and fans shouted: "Never imagined that you were like this outside the play!"

At the same time, the audience received a lot of big benefits. Crystal and Ruoyun Zhang "exchanged acting skills" on the same stage, recreating the classic fragments of high school acquaintance. Crystal tapped Ruoyun Zhang on the forehead, but he was cute in naughty. The audience said in succession, "Crystal is really skin-deep." Later, Crystal plays the role of Android in the cross-talk plot, and Ruoyun Zhang in the cross-talk plot restores the scene in the play, only to see the sofa Ruoyun Zhang shyly waiting for Crystal to kiss. Crystal, who is ignorant of interest, replied coldly, "It’s getting late, so I’ll go first." He casually picked up the clothes next to him and turned around and left, leaving only a daze in the Ruoyun Zhang wind. The audience shouted, "Mr. Zhang, please take me away." The atmosphere at the scene reached a climax.

Timmy Xu was ridiculed by Crystal, and the screenwriter Baoqing explained the meaning of the play.

The creators did not forget to talk about the roles in the play and the relationship between them. Crystal said excitedly that he was very grateful to Ruoyun Zhang. They were not familiar with each other before shooting. In order to get to know each other quickly, Ruoyun Zhang offered to get along with each other outside the play, which was very helpful for them to get into the play quickly. Viva said that although she and Crystal are "rivals in love" in the play, she has always admired Crystal outside the play. "Outside the play, she is often seen studying the plot and discussing it with the crew until late at night. Seeing her hard work and seriousness, she has found a role model for herself, which has great motivation for filming." The founders did not forget to tease each other all the time. When Timmy Xu talked about Ding Yuyang as a senior in the play, Crystal added in time: In high school, Lu Fei was the first friend of Ai Ruoman. "Friendship is precious, and love is more expensive." She asked Lu Fei to help her pursue Ding Yuyang. The students thought that Lu Fei liked Ding Yuyang, only to see a surprised Timmy Xu shouting: Are we playing a play? The audience burst into laughter, and they appeared in this drama with high value and humor, which made the audience look forward to it.

At the press conference, producer Huang Lan talked about his "indissoluble love" with this drama. He was first attracted by Baoqing’s drama style: delicate emotions and humorous lines. With the in-depth understanding, he thought that many people lacked a love lesson when they grew up, but they wanted to fall in love in their beautiful youth, leaving many regrets. I hope to use this drama to talk about the love of adults. When talking about why we chose this drama, screenwriter Baoqing said readily, "We have always taken a fancy to this kind of theme, inspired by" I may not love you ",and finally chose to create such a story to present to the audience". In addition, producer Huang Lan explained the moral of this drama "Love Evolution". This drama shows the emotional anxiety of mature young men and women in modern cities, hoping to bring you relaxed and happy feelings, share life philosophy with you, and believe in yourself and embrace love more.

The drama is delicate and lively, and the inner monologues of each character in the drama dare not be said at the moment. The audience can feel the ups and downs of the plot more intuitively and explore the mystery behind the emotional choices with them. With the sharing of love experience and emotional expression in the play, the puzzle of love will be gradually solved, and the play will be produced by the famous Xinli Media team, with Huang Lan, the gold medal producer, and Xu Di, the best supporting actress in Hundred Flowers Award, joining in, full of expectations! This summer, "Love Evolution" will land on Zhejiang Satellite TV’s "China Blue Theater" on August 2, and it will be updated at 19:30 every day! Love, let us become better people!

Reveal the daily limit

  On March 13, the three major stock indexes of A shares closed down, closing at a daily limit of 62 shares (including 5)); 30 strands failed to seal the board, and the overall sealing rate was 67%.

Battlefield of daily limit: over 700,000 hands pay the bill to raise money.

  According to the statistics of Times and DataBao, from the closing daily limit, the number of closed orders was the highest, with 717,200 lots; Followed byThe daily limit orders were 568,800 lots and 311,000 lots respectively.

  Calculated by the amount of the seal,The amount of 5-share seal exceeds 100 million yuan,The amount of sealing orders was the highest, with 362 million yuan, 293 million yuan and 199 million yuan respectively.

  Judging from the number of consecutive daily limit days,7 boards,, 4 connecting plates,,3 even the board,,Equal to 9 strands and 2 boards.

  Besides,6 th, 4 boards,5 th, 3 boards,2 boards on the 4th,3 rd, 2 boards.

Leading the finishing touch:Multi-share daily limit of automobile industry chain

  1. Automobile industry chain

  Daily limit stocks:,

  March 12 th news,It is officially announced that Xiaomi SU7 will be officially listed on March 28th, 2024. On March 11th, the director of the State Financial Supervision and Administration said that he was studying to reduce the down payment ratio of passenger car loans and further optimize the pricing mechanism of auto insurance.

  : On March 13th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the 381st batch of "Announcement of Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products", which included the brand-new smart choice vehicle Enjoying S9 jointly built by Huawei and Beiqi Blue Valley, and the production place was Beiqi Factory in Caiyu Town, Daxing, Beijing.

  : wholly-owned subsidiaries Wuxi, Xu Xuehai and Xinneng.The establishment of Wuxi Huateng Xinneng will focus on the early stage of Huateng Xinneng.Technical reserve and research and development of automobile drive system, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle drive system (including extended range) and new energy marine drive system.

  : The company has obtainedThe passenger car thermal management project cooperated with Huawei is still in the development stage, and the production has not been actually scheduled, which will generate sales revenue after mass production.


  Daily limit stocks:、、

  In the news, the Global Developers Conference will be held in San Francisco from March 18th to March 22nd, Beijing time.

  : Two companies under the company belong to game developers, and independently research and develop well-known IP such as "Chivalrous Road".The product line covers mobile games, page games and end games.

  : AI Xinghe is a project that the company explores the field of "game+medical care" by combining AI and VR technologies.


  Daily limit stocks:, Rongji software,

  In the news, Huawei ShengsiThe framework summit will be held on March 22, 2024.

  : The company’s position in the operating system industry of Galaxy Kirin continued to consolidate, and its market position remained ahead.

  Rongji software: the company undertakes government affairs.Platform, engineering, information security and other major national information projects, as well as core business support systems and key common technology platforms in many industries.

  The company is mainly engaged in the research and development of report management software, e-government software, ERP software and business intelligence software, and its product line mainly covers government reports and statistics. existThe application field introduces industry solutions focusing on finance and taxation.

Dragon and Tiger Stand: Net Buy of Dragon and Tiger ListOver 80 million yuan

  In today’s dragon and tiger list,、、, American new technology,,, Lanhai Huateng and others are on the list.

  Among them,,, were the top three net purchases in the Dragon and Tiger List that day, with 82.7471 million yuan, 69.0448 million yuan and 41.9992 million yuan respectively.

  Among the stocks on the list of institutional seats, the top three net purchases are, 4.0402 million yuan, 1.3746 million yuan and 166,000 yuan respectively.

  Net selling of dedicated seats56.8152 million yuan, 55.1538 million yuan.Net purchase of dedicated seats23.7335 million yuan,20.2571 million yuan.

  In terms of hot money, Huaxin Xi ‘an Branch bought a net amount of 73.0073 million yuan from CITIC Haizhi;The sales department of Qinghe East Road in Guangzhou sold century huatong 71,291,700 yuan.

  Disclaimer: All information in DataBao does not constitute investment advice, and the stock market is risky, so investment should be cautious.

Football preview: leicester city is in a hot state, Atletico Madrid is in good shape, and Paris VS Montpellier.

Leicester city VS Leeds United

Leicester City defeated the Rangers away from home, and the league won 9 consecutive victories. The team’s recent performance is still hot, and it currently ranks first in the league with 39 points. Leicester city’s offensive end is active, and the stability of defense line is extremely strong. Leeds United beat Hadders at home in the last league. Although the team has experienced some ups and downs recently, it still wins more and loses less overall. At present, it ranks third in the league with 25 points. Leeds United’s offensive output is equally strong, but the defense strength is really insufficient in the near future.

Leicester city’s recent performance is still strong, and the team is currently at the top of the league. At the same time, the team’s home performance is also very strong. Leeds United is still winning more and losing less in the near future, but its overall stability is still insufficient compared with its opponents, especially the team’s recent defensive line is unstable. This time, leicester city is sitting at a strong home, and I believe there is still a chance to win the opponent’s winning streak.

Las palmas VS Atletico Madrid

Las palmas defeated Alme, the underdog in the last league, and the team has won many victories in the underdog recently. At present, it is chasing the 10th place in the league with 14 points. Las palmas’s offensive output has been strengthened, but the stability of the defense line is still insufficient. Atletico Madrid defeated Alaves at home in the last league, and the league won six consecutive victories. The overall state and stability continued to rise, and it is currently ranked third in the league with 25 points. Atletico Madrid’s offensive output has been continuously improved, and its defensive performance is acceptable, but the situation of zero sealing has been reduced.

Las palmas’s recent achievements have indeed warmed up, but the opponents are mostly weak teams in the league, and the gold content is really not high. The team’s performance at both ends of attack and defense is still obviously insufficient in the face of strong teams. Atletico Madrid’s recent performance is still strong, and the front line output is still very stable, but the defensive strength needs to be improved. This time, Atletico Madrid is a guest to challenge the opponent. I believe it is still a cinch to take away three points.

Paris saint-germain VS Montpellier

Paris Saint-Germain beat brest away from home in the last league, and the league won three consecutive victories and five unbeaten rounds. The team’s recent performance has been getting stronger and stronger, and the difference between the team and Nice at the top has narrowed to one point. The offensive output of Paris Saint-Germain has been strengthened again, but the defensive strength needs to be strengthened. Montpellier beat Toulouse at home in the last league. Although the team lost away from home before, its overall performance is still strong in the near future. At present, the team ranks sixth in the league with 15 points. Montpellier’s offensive output is still significantly strengthened, but the defensive end is also not stable enough.

The overall strength of Paris Saint-Germain is very secure, and the team’s recent achievements and performance are also worthy of recognition. In addition, the team has also found the home court advantage. The overall performance of Montpellier has also improved recently, winning several victories, but it is still difficult to compete with Paris in terms of strength. Montpellier’s visit to challenge Paris this time, I believe it is still a situation of losing less and winning.

Porto VS Lille, esto

Porto defeated Visala away from home in the last league, and won two consecutive victories in the league. Although the team suffered defeat in the face of traditional powerful teams, it still had no pressure in the face of other opponents. At present, the team ranks third in the league with 22 points. Porto’s offensive output is very secure, and the stability of the defense line has also improved. Lille, esto, lost to Polti in the last league, and the league suffered another three-game losing streak and seven rounds. At present, it only ranks at the bottom with four points. Esto Lille’s offensive performance is also relatively active, but the defense loopholes are also huge.

Porto’s overall strength is very secure, and the team is still able to face other opponents in the league, and the performance at home is also very safe. Rival esto Lille’s recent performance is still sluggish, although the offensive output is still guaranteed, but the defense loopholes are too large. This time, Porto sat at home to meet the challenge of the vice squad leader. I believe the team still has the ability to beat the opponent and win three points.

Bologna VS lazio

Bologna drew with Sassuolo in the last league. Although the team’s winning ability is not strong, it can still guarantee the unbeaten game in nine rounds, and the overall stability is acceptable. At present, the team ranks eighth in the league with 15 points. Bologna’s offensive output has strengthened, but the stability of the defense line has declined. Lazio beat Florence at home in the last league, and the league won three consecutive victories. The team has been in a strong state in the near future, and it can also win battles in a row. At present, it ranks seventh in the league with 16 points. Lazio’s offensive efficiency has improved, and the stability of the defense line has improved.

Bologna’s overall performance is quite stable. It has previously drawn against strong teams such as Juventus, Inter Milan and Naples, and it has a strong ability to score points in the main battle. Lazio, the opponent, has been strengthening in recent days, and it is also in a winning streak. Although the team’s performance in the away game is not good, most of its opponents are league teams, and they also have the ability to score points away from home. This time, the two teams collided, and Bologna, who performed very steadily, still had a chance to defend the unbeaten home, and the possibility of a draw between the two sides was not small.

"Post-90s" wildlife photographer Chu Wenwen: Their real destination is nature.

Nature is selfless, and she shows everything to human beings unabashedly. On April 22nd, Chu Wenwen, a wildlife photographer born after 1990s, and Wang Yuheng, a water brother, visited Sisyphus Bookstore with their new book "Chu Tong: My Wild Animal Friends and I" and accepted an exclusive interview with a reporter from The Paper.
On April 22nd, Chu Wenwen (right), a wildlife photographer born after 1990s, and Wang Yuheng (left), a "water brother", visited Sisyphus Bookstore with their new book "Chu Tong: My Wildlife Friends and I". Photography Huang mingrui
"The real situation is even more cruel than in the movie."
Chu Wenwen, who was born in Altay, is 25 years old. Because of an animal protection scientist’s father, she was taken to the wild at the age of 2; At the age of 7, I began to pack my bags, climb mountains and mountains, cross rivers and wear forests; When I was in my teens, I went to the disaster relief with the team, carrying frozen wild animals all the way in the snow. While other children were busy reciting ancient poems, Chu Wenwen tried hard to remember the names of each plant on the plains of Karamay.
At the age of 7, my father gave Chu Wenwen her first camera and took her to take the first photo of wild animals, which was also an important page in the history of wildlife protection in China-the wild horse of Platts in 2001. From then on, Wenwen often walked in the wild with her camera. At the age of 23, she and her partner also set up the Pupil’s Beginning Nature Image Studio and developed it into Pupil’s Beginning Nature Conservation Association.
Chu Wenwen and the early Red Army. Photography: Zhang Qi
At the beginning of the pupil, the Nature Conservation Association has a fixed team of about 10 people. The team based in Altay includes rangers who monitor and rescue wild animals and professional video teams who shoot wild animals. "We are not only doing imaging now, but also doing nature education and endangered species protection."
"I have been telling my team an idea. Whether the film is good or not is not the most important thing. The bottom line and principle you have to respect is to ensure that the animal’s body and mind can’t be hurt. You have to keep it in a complete and normal state, so that what you shoot is a photographic work." Chu Wenwen told The Paper that there are too many pictures similar to "a bird standing on a straw" in the photography circle.
In the story of Wulin owl in Inner Mongolia, Chu Wenwen mentioned that some bird-patting grandfathers did whatever it took to get an ideal picture. Two of them got the GPS positioning point of Wulin owl’s nest privately and went straight to the owl’s nest without saying hello. They wanted to take pictures of a blackbird flying, so they tried their best to drive away a blackbird resting in its nest, and even threw branches, plastic bags and stones at it. One of the stones also hit the owl’s eyes, and finally the owl flew away with a moan.
What happened to this black owl later? At the beginning, Wenwen heard that a friend found it in a forest far away-although one eye had stopped bleeding, the broken wound was visible, and the eyeball could not be seen, and it was obviously blind.
"When shooting wild animals, you can’t force them to look like you want. You should give them more time and patience, waiting for them to show the most harmonious side in nature, not those things that attract people’s attention."
"These photos of Wenwen that everyone saw, for a moment, she may have stayed in water or even ice for more than ten days." At the event site, Wang Yuheng specifically mentioned Chu Wenwen’s father, the animal protection scientist Chu Hongjun. "Have you seen Hoh Xil? Many real situations are even more cruel than in movies. To protect a protected area, we must struggle with many aspects. Mr. Chu Hongjun is a particularly respectable person. "
Platts mustang. Wang Yuheng, a painter
"Any part that is peeled off is just blood-stained pain."
The stories behind those photos written by Chu Wenwen are warm-hearted and shocking. What she lets people see is not only the brilliance of nature, but also the scars left by nature after being hurt by human beings.
For example, because of eating "breath-holding pills" (a poison invented by a dog dealer in China) by mistake, the big wolf in Inner Mongolia fell in the snow ten centimeters thick, and his claws and toenails were covered with blood scabs. For example, because it is to be made into "chicken wine", Hainan brown-winged Jay can only struggle in the hunter’s bag.
It takes at least 30 such lovely minks to make a mink coat-a painful number.
The beginning of photography
White shoulder carving. The beginning of photography
Maybe someone will say, doesn’t that person always eat fish and meat? In response to this, Wen Wen responded: "In order to survive, human beings need enough food sources, so they are already raising animals. But domestic animals can already satisfy their food and clothing needs, so why should they consume wild animals? Domestic animals are far away from the native land and can multiply indefinitely, and their survival will not be endangered. Wild animals are different. "
At first, Wenwen felt that, what’s more, the "consumption" of wild animals by human beings is also dangerous. "Parasites on wild animals, except in the digestive tract, will also be under the skin, and then you can see the worms, but you can’t see the eggs, and it can’t be killed by high temperature. The so-called medicated wine and medicated diet have no scientific basis, but the idea of always playing wild animals is actually harmful to people’s health. "
As for some places, people believe that spike, wolf’s mustache and wolf’s skin can ward off evil spirits. At first, Wenwen thought it was nonsense.
"In fact, those are only a small part of the body. The real soul of the wolf has disappeared from the moment it died. How can these two bones protect you?" Chu Wenwen said, "once any wild animal loses its integrity, then any part that is stripped off is just a pain covered with blood, which has no meaning."
Wolves. Wang Yuheng, a painter
"Humans and wild animals have the possibility of coexistence."
According to the latest data, there are 162 Mengxin beaver families in China, with an estimated population of 500. The above figures represent Mengxin beavers in Altay, Xinjiang, and even in China-less than the national treasure panda.
Chu Wenwen said that at present, the beaver population is stable, and more shrub willows are needed to further grow. In addition to beavers, cattle, sheep, camels and other domestic animals in the valley wetlands also eat shrub willows. So, is it possible for humans and wild animals to coexist?
Beaver is in the Ulungu River Valley, the only hometown in China. The beginning of photography
"I think there is." Chu Wenwen told reporters in The Paper that this is exactly what they are helping the local government to explore. Because the shrub willow is the main food for the beaver in Mengxin, their team wants to solve the food shortage problem of the beaver in Mengxin by replanting the shrub willow, so they have a "beaver canteen" public welfare project. Through the joint efforts of caring people, 50,000 shrubbery willows provided by the local forestry department were planted near about 10 beaver families in Mengxin to provide enough food for beavers.
"The place where we want to plant trees is the pasture of herders. Therefore, the project launched this year is that we will distribute saplings to herders, let herders plant them, and we will give subsidies. Herdsmen can choose to plant or choose not to plant. "
Chu Wenwen told The Paper that this subsidy involves two inspections. The first inspection was in autumn to see if the cattle and sheep raised by herders had eaten the trees planted in spring and summer. The second acceptance was when we went to plant trees in the following spring. "If you can guarantee that the tree is still there these two times, I will send you all the subsidies."
"This is tantamount to giving herders a choice-choosing to plant this tree will not let cattle and sheep go in to eat, and the subsidies they get are enough for herders to buy grass for cattle and sheep to eat. Or herders don’t want this subsidy and let their own cattle and sheep eat it. In short, there are many ways to guide positively. "
For another example, at the beginning of this year, Wenwen and her team will do a nature education project, and they will also take many children to the wild and really participate in wildlife protection. "In this process, we will let them eat and live in herders’ homes, which will also increase the income of herders and let them know that wild animals can bring them real benefits in this place. Because sometimes herders are not wrong, after all, they have lived in this place for generations, and most people can still communicate, which is very kind. "
Chu Wenwen said: "You let them get something, and they are willing to pay. It is more reliable to let him spontaneously have the awareness of protecting wild animals through this method. "
That’s how beavers build dams. The beginning of photography
"You don’t know if the next person who comes into contact with it has good intentions."
When it comes to the coexistence of human beings and wild animals, many people will think of the animated film "How to Train Your Dragon"-Vikings live with dragons, and people can provide food, accommodation and even companionship for dragons.
"But this is not the case." Chu Wenwen said that for wild animals, the real destination is nature. "What you think is’ good for it’ is not really good for it."
"In my eyes, the animals in zoos and wildlife parks are already domestic animals, because they can never go back (to nature)." Chu Wenwen told The Paper that under normal circumstances, they don’t want wild animals to contact people. "Because you don’t know whether the next person who comes into contact with it has good intentions."
But there are always some "abnormal situations", such as what should I do if I meet an injured wild animal? Chu Wenwen said: "Wild animals are injured, so don’t raise them yourself, but hand them over to the right institutions. For wild animals, reproduction and survival are the most important, rather than staying with their parents all the time. Even if you do get it back, the fetters will have adverse effects. Therefore, we will avoid too much contact with them during the rescue process. "
In Altay, Chu Wenwen is known as the "chairman of the Wildlife Disabled Persons’ Federation" because she has saved many "orphans of nature", such as the white-shouldered sculpture with broken wings because of bumping into the barbed wire fence of herders, the flamingo without half a flipper and the jerboa with amputated limbs. Chu Wenwen said with emotion: "The best hope to save them is to let them eventually return to nature."
At the event site, a student reader asked, "What can college students do for wildlife protection?" Wang Yuheng responded that everyone can actually do it. At present, there are also good protection organizations, but it is a bit mixed. "Many students don’t lack knowledge, what they lack is judgment. Sometimes our kindness will be taken advantage of. The most terrible thing is that once they are found to be used, some people may never want to do good again. "
Wang Yuheng donated all the royalties of "First Pupil" to "Beaver Canteen". At the scene, readers also asked questions about stray cats and dogs. Wang Hao responded: "For stray cats and dogs, I personally suggest not to feed them. Either take it home or send it back to the professional center after sterilization. If you want to choose an animal, it’s like choosing an object. Throughout his life. " Photography Huang mingrui

A number of new regulations will be implemented in July: full implementation of ID card acceptance in different places.

  Zhongxin. com, July 1 ST, a number of tax reduction and fee reduction policies were implemented, car dealers were not allowed to increase the price of cars, and the acceptance of ID cards in different places was fully implemented &hellip; &hellip; A number of new regulations will be implemented today, which will soon affect all aspects of people’s lives.

  A number of tax reduction and fee reduction policies will be implemented today.

  According to the decision of the the State Council executive meeting, a number of tax reduction and fee reduction policies will be implemented today. In terms of tax reduction, the value-added tax rate was reduced from four to three, and the 13% tax rate band was abolished, forming a three-band structure of 17%, 11% and 6%. The pilot policy of pre-tax deduction of personal income tax for commercial health insurance will be extended to the whole country, and the expenses of individuals purchasing qualified commercial health insurance products are allowed to be deducted before tax according to the maximum annual limit of 2,400 yuan.

  In terms of fee reduction, we will further clean up and standardize the deposit in the field of engineering construction, clean up and standardize the government’s non-tax revenue surcharge in the field of energy, temporarily exempt the two supervision fees of banking and insurance, and reduce the radio frequency occupation fee.

  Simplify the handling of tax administrative licensing matters

  The Announcement on Simplifying the Procedures for Handling Tax Administrative Licensing Matters will come into effect today. The "Announcement" clarifies five measures to degenerate and optimize the procedures for handling tax administrative licensing matters, including simplifying the acceptance of documents, providing agency forwarding services, simplifying application materials, realizing the appointment of consulting services, and improving the delivery methods of documents.

  81 airports opened the "military priority according to law" channel.

  The Civil Aviation Administration and the Logistics Support Department of the Central Military Commission jointly issued a notice to open the "military priority according to law" channel at 81 civil aviation airports nationwide from now on, and encouraged other airports to open as appropriate according to their own conditions, so as to provide thoughtful and efficient services for military personnel in check-in, security inspection and boarding.

  All coal mine safety production work in China will implement the new standards.

  The State Administration of Work Safety and other departments jointly issued the Notice on Vigorously Promoting the Standardization of Coal Mine Safety Production. The "Notice" puts forward a number of requirements, including organizing new standards publicity training, creating an incentive mechanism for standardization work, and coordinating and promoting standardization construction.

  Full implementation of ID card acceptance in different places.

  From now on, the Ministry of Public Security has fully implemented the "three systems" of accepting resident identity cards in different places, reporting the loss and claiming them for loss. The Ministry of Public Security pointed out that public security organs should issue resident identity cards within 60 days from the date when citizens submit the Registration Form for Acceptance of Resident Identity Cards in Different Places. In areas with inconvenient transportation, the processing time may be appropriately extended, but the extension time shall not exceed 30 days; Where conditions permit, the period of making and issuing certificates can be shortened according to the actual situation.

  Handling ordinary passports and underpaying 40 yuan.

  The National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance issued a notice to reduce some administrative fees, which is expected to reduce the burden on enterprises and society by 2.6 billion yuan. The "Notice" stipulates that starting from today, the fees for citizens’ entry and exit documents, the cost of motor vehicle driving license, the cost of temporary entry motor vehicle number plate and driving license, the compensation fee for soil and water conservation, the actual (trial) inspection fee for pesticides, and the protection fee for integrated circuit layout design will be reduced. According to relevant standards, ordinary passports are reduced from 200 yuan to 160 yuan.

  Since July, the new regulations on automobile sales have been implemented, and it is clear that dealers are not allowed to sell cars at a higher price. The picture shows the data map. Photo by Zhang Yun, a reporter from China News Service

  Car dealers are not allowed to sell cars at a higher price.

  The Measures for the Administration of Automobile Sales promulgated by the Ministry of Commerce will be implemented today. The measures have made clear provisions and requirements for increasing the price of automobile sales, providing three-guarantee certificates, and indicating the source of accessories. It stipulates that dealers are prohibited from raising the price of cars in all forms, and dealers must clearly indicate the prices of cars and accessories, and must attach certificates with the car when picking up the car.

  According to the "Measures", it is no longer necessary for automobile brands to authorize the sale of automobiles, and two modes of authorized sales and unauthorized sales are allowed to be parallel, and new automobile sales forms such as automobile supermarkets, automobile stores and automobile e-commerce will blossom.

  Travel tax increases

  The tax ceiling for various types of vehicles has generally increased since today. The annual tax standard for large buses will be adjusted from 480 yuan to 660 yuan, for medium buses from 420 yuan to 660 yuan, for small buses from 360 yuan to 660 yuan, and for ordinary cars from 180 yuan to 360 yuan. At the same time, the tax targets have also been adjusted, and all kinds of buses that were originally tax-free will also pay taxes at the same standard as private cars.

  Strengthen the "seller’s responsibility" for securities operating institutions

  The Measures for the Administration of the Suitability of Securities and Futures Investors will be implemented from now on. The core requirement of the Measures is to strengthen the requirement of "the seller is responsible" for securities, funds and futures operating institutions, so that the operating institutions must bear the obligations stipulated by law while obtaining operating income, ensure the equality and unity of rights and obligations, effectively prevent one-sided pursuit of economic interests, and promote high-risk securities and futures products to investors with insufficient risk tolerance, resulting in damage and influence on the legitimate rights and interests of investors.

  Increase penalties for illegal acts of traditional Chinese medicine.

  The "People’s Republic of China (PRC) Chinese Medicine Law" has been implemented today, with five highlights: (1) the important position and development policy of Chinese medicine are clarified; Establish a management system that conforms to the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine; Increase support for the cause of Chinese medicine; Adhere to both support and standardization, and strengthen the supervision of Chinese medicine; Increase penalties for illegal acts of traditional Chinese medicine.

  50,000 domestic cash transactions need to be reported.

  The Measures for the Administration of Reports on Large-value Transactions and Suspicious Transactions of Financial Institutions issued by the Central Bank will be implemented today. The Administrative Measures adjusted the RMB reporting standard for large cash transactions from "200,000 yuan" to "50,000 yuan", and the reporting standard for large cross-border transactions denominated in RMB was "200,000 yuan", and for the first time, non-bank payment institutions were included in the scope of responsibility.

  New invoice regulations: only the name of the enterprise can be filled in for office invoicing, and it cannot be reimbursed.

  According to the announcement of State Taxation Administration of The People’s Republic of China, starting from today, the purchaser must provide the corporate taxpayer identification number (i.e. "tax number") or the unified social credit code when issuing corporate invoices, otherwise it will not be used as a tax voucher to handle tax-related business. The announcement also requires that when the seller issues an invoice, it should truthfully issue an invoice that is consistent with the actual business; When the buyer obtains the invoice, it shall not request to change the name and amount.

  Mobile phone pre-installed software must be uninstalled.

  The Interim Provisions on the Administration of Preset and Distribution of Application Software for Mobile Intelligent Terminals will be implemented today. According to the regulations, production enterprises should restrict the sales channels, and should not install application software in mobile intelligent terminals without the consent of users, and all software except basic functions can be uninstalled. The application software of mobile intelligent terminal involved in charging shall strictly abide by the relevant provisions such as clearly marked price, express the charging standard and charging method, and express that the content is true, accurate and eye-catching, and the fee can be deducted only after being confirmed by the user.

  Encourage and support the provision of disability prevention and rehabilitation services for the disabled.

  The Regulations on Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons will come into effect today. The regulations clearly stipulate that the state shall take measures to provide basic rehabilitation services for the disabled and support and help them integrate into society; Prohibition of discrimination on the basis of disability; The state encourages and supports organizations and individuals to provide disability prevention and rehabilitation services for the disabled, donate to the cause of disability prevention and rehabilitation for the disabled, and build relevant public welfare facilities; The provision of rehabilitation services for the disabled shall protect the privacy of the disabled and shall not discriminate against or insult them.

  The lifelong responsibility system is implemented for soil pollution control and remediation.

  The Measures for the Management of Soil Environment in Polluted Plots (Trial) will be implemented today. The method points out that according to the principle of "whoever pollutes will treat it", the unit or individual that caused soil pollution should bear the main responsibility for treatment and restoration. In principle, the treatment and restoration project should be carried out at the original site. During the treatment and restoration, measures should be taken to prevent secondary pollution to the plot and its surrounding environment. The lifelong responsibility system is implemented for soil pollution control and remediation.

Why do people get sleepy easily in spring? What is the way to eliminate the spring sleep?

This article is transferred from: Southern PLUS
As the saying goes: "Sleepy in spring, sleepy in autumn and sleepy in winter", there are sleepy periods in a year, but sleepy in spring is a common phenomenon, and it also has the unique seasonal characteristics of spring.
Professor Wang Qinghai, a famous Chinese medicine practitioner in Guangdong Province and director of the Second Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Guangdong Province, said: "Spring is the main source of growth, and everything grows. After beginning of spring, the yang in the human body began to rise. In summer, the yang reached its peak, while in autumn it converged, and in winter it stored essence and yang. "
Why does spring make people sleepy? "It’s mainly because in the winter and spring seasons, the human body’s yang changes from Tibet to hair, and blood gas increases. If people who are full of qi and blood can better adapt to this change, there is no feeling. If the human body is insufficient blood gas, it is prone to symptoms of spring sleepiness, mainly because the yang in the human body can’t keep up with the rising pace of the yang outside. ".
Warm and humid areas are more prone to spring sleepiness.
Residents in Guangdong are more likely to fall asleep in spring, because it rains gradually in spring, especially in Lingnan area, where the ocean monsoon blows, making this area wet and rainy, with more water in the air and high relative humidity, so the human body is also prone to signs of dampness and heat. Water is wet and trapped in the spleen, and yang in the body cannot rise, which is similar to hypoxia in the brain, so people will be sleepy easily.
Specifically, the yang in a day is also divided into five stages: "being born, growing up, being strong, being old and being exhausted", and 9-10 am is the moment when the yang rises, and at this time, the original balance of yin and yang is broken due to the dampness of the spleen. Therefore, 9-10 am is a very difficult hour for people who are wet and sleepy.
Spleen deficiency, dampness and hyperactivity of liver fire are easy to fatigue.
Yang can melt moisture, just like when the sun comes out, the moisture disappears. Therefore, people with heavy yang are full of qi and blood, energetic, ruddy and quick-witted. There will be no dampness in such people, and spring sleep is unlikely to occur generally. But there are two kinds of people who are particularly prone to spring sleep.
The first type: spleen deficiency
This kind is relatively troublesome, mainly manifested as fatigue, drowsiness, heavy head, dizziness, and some even have nausea and loss of appetite. Generally, the tongue coating is thick and greasy, and the tongue quality is light, and tooth marks can be seen. "Spleen deficiency can’t transport water and dampness, and water and dampness in turn aggravate the symptoms of spleen deficiency. The combination of external dampness and internal dampness aggravates the symptoms of spring sleepiness." Wang Qinghai said, "In Guangdong, there are many people with spleen deficiency and phlegm-dampness constitution."
The second type: hyperactive liver.
It is advisable to soothe the liver in spring, but if the liver fire is on the high side at ordinary times, such as impatience, palpitation, insomnia, dizziness, headache and other symptoms, it is also easy to feel sleepy due to physical weakness at this time.
It is worth noting that it is particularly easy to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases for patients with hypertension due to damp-heat in the liver and gallbladder and hyperactivity of liver fire. Wang Qinghai said that in the last 1-2 weeks, the hospital has treated more than a dozen stroke patients, three of whom are only 30-40 years old. Experts remind that patients with high blood pressure who have symptoms such as listlessness, laziness, dizziness, fatigue and heavy limbs should not just think that they are sleepy in spring, but may have a stroke.
Jianpi Qushi Diet Conditioning
Spring sleepiness was originally just a physiological reaction of the body. If the situation is not too bad, you can use diet first.
spleen asthenia
You can use lean meat, pig bones, Beiqi, Radix Codonopsis, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Poria and other medicinal materials to make soup. This medicated diet is mainly for strengthening the spleen.
Examples of medicated diet: Dangshen Huangqi ribs soup
Ingredients: 30g of Codonopsis pilosula, 30g of Astragalus membranaceus, 5g of dried ginger and 250g of ribs. (2 persons)
Practice: Wash the above Chinese medicines, blanch the ribs, put the above ingredients into the pot together, cook for about 1 hour, and add salt.
Efficacy: Warming yang, dispelling cold, invigorating qi and warming.
Suitable for people: people with yang deficiency.
Codonopsis pilosula and Astragalus membranaceus are warm, which can tonify yang, dry ginger is pungent and hot, and can warm the middle and dispel cold. The three together have the effects of warming yang, dispelling cold, invigorating qi and warming warmth, and are suitable for people with cold hands and feet in summer who are weak in yang.
clear dampness
If you are sleepy, sleepy and heavy, you can use Pogostemon, Cardamom, Coicis Semen, Euryale Semen, Lentils, Red Bean, etc. to make soup for drinking. This medicated diet is mainly based on dampness.
Example of medicated diet: Qushi Sidou drink
Ingredients: 30g of adzuki bean, 30g of coix seed, 15g of lentil and 30g of eyebrow bean.
Practice: the above four flavors can be boiled as tea or rice porridge.
Liver fire flourishing
Food for clearing liver and purging fire can be edible wax gourd, Chinese cabbage, white radish, cold melon, etc.
Examples of medicated diet: cold melon and crucian carp soup
Ingredients: 2 melons, 50g soybeans, 1 crucian carp, 10 dried oysters, 1 candied date and 3 slices of ginger.
Practice: Cut the melon into large pieces, and wash and fry the fish. Wash all the ingredients and put them into the soup pot, add appropriate amount of water, boil for 5 minutes on high fire, then simmer for 30 minutes, and season with salt.
Efficacy: Cold melon tastes bitter, cold in nature, clearing heart fire and relieving liver heat. Soybean promotes digestion, lowers blood sugar and lipid, and regulates cholesterol. Carassius auratus can tonify deficiency by harmonizing middle energizer, removing dampness and promoting diuresis, warming stomach and tonifying deficiency. Dried oysters can reduce blood fat, protect liver, tonify spleen and adjust umami flavor. This soup has the functions of clearing away heart fire, liver heat and removing dampness, and at the same time, it does not hurt vital qi when clearing away heat, and has the functions of invigorating spleen, tonifying deficiency, reducing blood fat and eliminating sugar and protecting liver. It is edible for people with hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol, and it tastes delicious. It is suggested that people with seafood allergy and deficiency-cold constitution should eat less.
Exercise health
Besides diet, the second trick is exercise. Wang Qinghai said: "In spring and March, the earth’s atmosphere rises and the weather drops. At this time, people’s yang gradually tends to the epidermis and is on the rise. It is most suitable for going out for an outing, absorbing the essence of heaven and earth and adapting to the growth of spring."
In this season, the more lazy you are, the more sleepy you will be, and the more sleepy you will be. Being lazy is not conducive to the rising of yang. Therefore, in order to adapt to the climate change, you should go to bed late and get up early in your daily life, and often go for a walk and outing outdoors in the Woods to integrate with nature.
The temperature changes greatly, so it is best to wear clothes with a thick bottom and a thin top.
In spring, the temperature changes greatly, and there are often cold waves, and there are more cold and warm weather. In addition, the skin of the human body has begun to drain, and the resistance to cold evil has weakened. Attention should be paid to adding clothes in time.
The ancient people’s experience in keeping in good health is that it is best to wear clothes "with a thick bottom and a thin top". "Thick at the bottom" is beneficial to the rising of the qi of the spring sun, and "thin at the top" is to prevent the yang from rising too much. ■
[Source: Guangdong Second Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, medical guidance: Director Wang Qinghai]