Xiaomi officially released the thirteenth episode of Xiaomi SU7 Question Answer.

  [car home Information] On April 11th, we learned from WeChat official account, the official WeChat of Xiaomi Automobile, that it gave a "13th round" centralized answer to recent questions from netizens, including (|) Pro models with optional electric spoilers, why can’t physical buttons be installed, does Xiaomi SU7 have an in-car camera, can it be turned off to protect privacy, can it be safely handed over to the vehicle for operation during automatic parking, and the driver is completely indifferent, as follows:

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1. Xiaomi SU7 Pro model can be equipped with electric spoiler (tail wing). Why can’t it be equipped with physical buttons?

Xiaomi Auto Xiaomi SU7 2024 800km four-wheel drive with long battery life and high-order intelligent driving Max version.

  Xiaomi SU7 Pro is not equipped with electric spoiler (tail wing) and air suspension by default. In the initial product design, only two physical buttons for air conditioning temperature and air volume adjustment were reserved in the center console. Recently, we learned that users of Xiaomi SU7 Pro want to add physical buttons to adjust the electric spoiler (tail) after installing the electric spoiler (tail). After several rounds of careful discussion and production scheduling verification, Xiaomi Automobile Product Team has made the following adjustments: Xiaomi SU7 Pro model, optional electric spoiler (tail wing), and four physical buttons on the center console to support the adjustment of electric spoiler (tail wing). This product adjustment can be cashed in the first delivery of Xiaomi SU7 Pro. At the same time, users who have made the SU7 Pro version of Xiaomi before April 30th will be given an electric spoiler (tail wing) for free, and four physical buttons will be provided at the time of delivery. Since the establishment of Xiaomi Company, we have been firmly making friends with users and adhering to the creed of "sense of participation". "Building a car behind closed doors" can’t create a perfect product that users are satisfied with. We look forward to your continuous advice and we will listen carefully.

2. Can you adjust the steering feedback of the steering wheel independently, or can you only follow the driving mode?

  In "comfort", "sport" and "sport+",these fixed driving modes have factory preset steering feel and do not support independent adjustment; In the "M1" and "M2" custom driving mode menu, drivers can flexibly choose light, medium and heavy steering feel according to their own preferences.

3. Does Xiaomi SU7 have an in-car camera? Can it be turned off to protect privacy?

  There is a camera between the steering wheel and the instrument panel to detect the driver’s state. When drivers are detected to be tired or distracted, such as closing their eyes, turning their heads, yawning, and using mobile phones to answer calls, the system will remind drivers to pay attention to safe driving through voice broadcast, central control screen pop-up window and other forms. The system only judges and reminds the behavior locally, and the image data will not be recorded or transmitted externally, thus fully protecting the privacy and safety of users. Of course, if you don’t need the driver fatigue/distraction reminder function, you can turn it off in the "Settings-Driving Preferences" menu of the central control panel. Even you can directly turn off the camera in the permission management of the car.

4. What is the specific function of the super power saving mode in the setting, and when will it be triggered?

  Super power saving mode means that the vehicle can reduce the vehicle power consumption and increase more cruising range by turning off the intelligent driving assistance function, turning off or limiting the comfort functions such as air conditioning and seat heating, and limiting the maximum speed and vehicle acceleration performance. When the estimated cruising range of the vehicle is less than 50km, the pop-up window and explanation of relevant settings will pop up on the central control screen. At this time, you can choose whether to turn on the super power saving mode. At the same time, you can also actively turn on or off the super power saving mode at any time during driving. Please open the settings in the control bar below the central control panel, enter the driving preference > super power saving mode, and click to turn this function on or off. After the super power saving mode is turned on, the following vehicle functions will be restricted: the maximum speed limit is 90 km/h; The system sets a separate economic dynamic response to control a more gentle torque output; Limited air conditioning performance (reduced air volume and power); Turn off the steering wheel heating function; Turn off the comfort functions such as seat heating and seat ventilation; Turn off the ambient light; Turn off the outside rearview mirror heating and the rear windshield heating; Intelligent auxiliary driving function and intelligent auxiliary parking function are turned off; Turn off entertainment, ecological service functions, and turn off sentry mode; The vehicle-mounted 12V DC power take-off port is disconnected; Turn off the electric flow board (tail wing) control; Turn off the car smart refrigerator. When the vehicle starts the super power-saving mode through the pop-up window of the central control panel, it will automatically exit the super power-saving mode after the estimated charging mileage of the vehicle is more than 300km. After turning on the super power saving mode, you can still step on the accelerator pedal for a short time when overtaking in a short time.

5. What is the impact of Xiaomi SU7 standard tire pressure bar being lower or higher than the standard value?

  Xiaomi SU7 comprehensively considered the needs of driving energy consumption, performance and other aspects, and formulated the design tire pressure of 2.9bar, and recommended users to adjust the tire pressure according to the cold inflation pressure of 2.9bar on a regular basis (for example, one month). Insufficient or excessive tire pressure will also have a certain impact on vehicle driving. For example, if the tire pressure is too high, it will reduce the rolling resistance of the tire and improve the bearing capacity and impact resistance of the tire; In addition, it will also lead to the overall hardening of the tire and a stronger sense of road when driving. On the contrary, if the tire pressure is too low, the rolling resistance of the tire will increase, and the bearing capacity and impact resistance of the tire will weaken; At the same time, it will make the whole tire soft and make the whole vehicle ride more comfortable.

6. There is no physical connection between Xiaomi SU7 brake pedal and caliper piston. What is the reason for this design and what are its advantages?

  Xiaomi SU7 is equipped with the fully decoupled braking system of DPB+ESP10.0, which was launched by Bosch in the world. It has the following four advantages: Compared with the traditional mechanical vacuum braking system, the fully decoupled braking system of DPB can achieve faster pressure building speed, effectively shorten the braking distance, and help Xiaomi SU7 Max version to brake 33.3m at 100km/h-0.

  The design of DPB and ESP dual-pressure-building modules can be mutually redundant. Combined with kinetic energy recovery, the function of quadruple braking redundancy can be realized, and the risk of brake failure can be eliminated to the maximum extent, which can meet the safety redundancy of L4-level automatic driving and lay the foundation for the upgrade of the assisted driving system in the future. Under extreme working conditions (such as emergency braking) of DPB fully decoupled braking system, there will be no pedal feedback fluctuation caused by ABS operation or brake master cylinder pressure fluctuation, which can provide drivers with stronger braking confidence and ensure safety. DPB fully decoupled braking system can combine motor kinetic energy recovery and mechanical hydraulic braking more effectively. Even if kinetic energy recovery is turned off in daily driving, when the driver steps on the brake pedal, the vehicle still uses kinetic energy recovery first to slow down, which can effectively improve the cruising range of the vehicle.

7. Can you give it to the vehicle with complete confidence in the process of automatic parking, and the driver doesn’t pay attention at all?

  At present, intelligent driving is all assisted driving. When using the functions of intelligent parking assisted APA and parking service assisted AVP, the driver still needs to observe the surrounding environment and take over at any time in case of special circumstances.

8. Can I set the speed limit for automatic parking and AVP parking service?

  At present, it is not supported to set the upper speed limit of intelligent parking auxiliary APA and parking service auxiliary AVP.

9. Is there any way for emergency machinery to open the trunk inside?

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  In case of emergency, you can open the trunk mechanically from the inside, as follows: fold the back of the rear seat and enter the trunk; Remove the decorative cover of the trunk emergency switch; Turn the trunk emergency switch counterclockwise and push it outward to open the trunk.

10. If the unlocking function of the charging gun fails, how to unplug the cable urgently?

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  If the user’s charging gun has an unlocking fault, you can use the emergency unlocking cable to unlock it. The operation is as follows: First, click "Stop Charging" in the car, and then open the trunk; Use a suitable tool (by hand) to remove the trunk maintenance cover and find the unlock cable switch; Pull the emergency unlocking cable of the charging gun towards the front of the car to unlock the charging gun and take it out normally. (Compile/car home Zhouyi)