BYD launches the new "Tang EV", starting from 279,800 yuan.

On June 1st, BYD’s 2022 Tang EV was officially listed, and the price was 279,800 yuan-339,800 yuan after comprehensive subsidies. At the same time, four car rights and interests of "2 worry-free car purchase policies, 1 worry-free car protection, 5 exclusive VIP services and 5 online services of Zhilian" were launched simultaneously, which can be described as full of sincerity.

As the leader of pure electric SUV, the flagship strength of 2022 Tang EV has evolved in all dimensions, and with the three leading factors of "battery life, safety and technology" and the brand-new luxury quality such as six seats, it has set a new benchmark for the value of high-end pure electric SUV. Previously, the 2022 Tang EV also achieved an amazing record of only pre-selling 8505 units in 24 hours, and its strength rewritten the market structure of 300,000 pure electric SUVs.

The longest battery life is 730km, widening the user’s travel radius.

In terms of endurance performance, the 2022 Tang EV far exceeds users’ expectations, and the two-wheel drive version of CLTC can last up to 730km under comprehensive working conditions, showing the king’s posture that continues to lead. At the same time, the new car also offers 600KM exclusive type and 635KM four-wheel drive flagship type.

The 2022 Tang EV is equipped with a 108.8kWh large-capacity blade battery, which has the deepest power reserve of all BYD models, ensuring the industry benchmark endurance performance. In addition, thanks to the world’s first battery pack direct cooling and direct heating technology and wide temperature range high-efficiency heat pump air conditioning, the thermal efficiency is increased by 20%, and the energy consumption of air conditioning at low temperature is reduced by about 40%, which continues to help long battery life. Coupled with the new EV Dragon Face low wind resistance front face, AGS active air intake grille and 21-inch low wind resistance wheels and other wind resistance reduction technologies of the whole vehicle, it finally makes its battery life up to 730km, making it difficult for its rivals at the same level.

Zero acceleration only 4.4s performance is superior to the same level.

Long battery life sets an industry benchmark, and subversive performance is also the same! The 2022 Tang EV 635KM four-wheel drive flagship is equipped with dual motors with the maximum power of 180kW and 200kW, and the fastest acceleration of 100 km is only 4.4s, which continues to lead the pure electric SUV to a new height.

The 2022 Tang EV not only accelerates quickly, but also can stop. It is equipped with Brembo racing-grade matte grey six-piston fixed pliers (front), which can effectively shorten the braking distance, realize the braking distance of 36.8 meters, and allow users to brake safely under intense driving conditions.

In terms of chassis training, the 2022 Tang EV also demonstrated the chassis quality of the German luxury SUV. Its super intelligent electric four-wheel drive can intelligently adjust the power distribution ratio of front and rear wheels according to the road conditions instantly, bringing users a more flexible and smooth control experience. In addition, thanks to the newly added DiSus-C intelligent electronically controlled active suspension, the 2022 Tang EV also has stronger road adaptability, and can ride on the ground in a variety of complex road conditions, satisfying the driver’s arbitrary "control".

Two pioneers’ technological blessings reshape the future life of people and cars.

The 2022 Tang EV will reshape the future life of people and cars with two pioneering technologies. Among them, the upgraded DiLink 4.0(5G) intelligent network connection system supports 5G fast connection, which can satisfy users’ fast connection with the world. In addition, its 15.6-inch self-adaptive rotating floating Pad has built-in mass customization APP and supports voice interaction function, just saying "Hello, Xiao Di! You can easily open various services, and the convenient experience is under control.

The DiPilot intelligent driver assistance system equipped on the 2022 Tang EV has been upgraded to the L2.5 intelligent driver assistance mode, and has a variety of pioneering functions. Among them, thanks to ACC-S&G stop-and-go full-speed adaptive cruise system and ICC intelligent navigation system, 2022 Tang EV can realize automatic car-following cruise and do "subtraction" for users’ driving. The 3D holographic transparent image system and APA visual fusion full-scene automatic parking function can also help drivers monitor the surrounding conditions of vehicles in real time, making parking easier. 

SSix-seat luxury flagship opens a new realm of luxury travel

In order to satisfy consumers’ pursuit of high-quality travel, BYD also launched a six-seat enjoyment combination suit for the 2022 Tang EV. Consumers only need to increase 10,000 yuan to choose and install six S-class luxury flagship seats worth 24,000 yuan. Among them, the 2+2+2 seat layout, each seat is an independent comfortable space, and the second row of independent seats also supports 4-way electric adjustment, and has functions such as ventilation and heating. In addition, the front middle row seat is also equipped with a 10-point SPA-level massage function, with 5 massage modes and 3 massage intensities, which can help users effectively alleviate driving fatigue.

In addition to refreshing the user’s cognition with a sense of comfort and luxury, the 2022 Tang EV will also upgrade the car experience to a new level from the sense of touch, hearing and smell. The interior material is made of microfiber high-grade suede and equipped with NAPPA leather seats, and the luxury texture is within reach. In addition, HiFi-level custom-made Dana audio can awaken users’ auditory nerves with the quality of palace-level music, and the addition of intelligent fragrance can also make users enjoy the sense of smell.