Wang Feng’s "Thirteen" music live special song "Thank you" goes back 30 years of creative process.

Recently, a series of music specials recorded by Wang Feng and the band at the same time were officially launched. One of the songs, "Thank you", released in 2015, was rearranged as the first song.

"Thirteen" music live special is a collection of nearly 200 works published by Wang Feng in his 30-year creative career, and 13 works are carefully selected by his band partners. These works are all his true feelings and life expressions at this moment, and they are reinterpreted by telling.

Join hands with music partners who have been with each other for 20 years, and record the live version with the whole band lineup at the same time. For example, the same movie plot timeline goes back to the past and reproduces the "good heart" in the creative process. These 13 works, some of which are familiar "explosions" and some of which have not been sung for many years, are "heavy works", and they are a true silhouette of musician Wang Feng.

Listening carefully and thinking about the music special "Thirteen" and the song "Thank you" as the first song is actually more like a record of life. The first "Thank you" is to thank the life experience, to thank the past pain, and actually to reconcile with yourself. It is a great enlightenment, and I have to say that Wang Feng lived a lot more thoroughly than all of us.

Wang Feng has really given us a lot of courage, inspiration, strength and so on through his music works in the past 30 years, but his previous works are mostly emotional expressions or records combined with the times. But in this special edition, it is the singer who really analyzes his heart, no matter from arrangement, performance or singing. It is not easy to summon up such great courage. Therefore, this album, whether judged from artistry, musicality or even emotion, is undoubtedly a success.