Sales ranking of car companies in November: Geely overtook FAW-Volkswagen and Chery became the biggest dark horse?

According to the data released by the Association, the retail sales volume of the passenger car market in November 2023 was 2.08 million, up 26.0% year-on-year and 2.4% quarter-on-quarter. In the first 11 months, the cumulative retail sales volume was 19.345 million units, up 5.3% year-on-year.

Specifically, look at the sales performance of major car companies:

In November, BYD was still the top seller of passenger cars in China, leading a number of independent joint venture brands with a sales volume of 263,000 vehicles. So far, BYD’s annual sales volume is 2.672 million vehicles. So, the annual sales target of 3 million vehicles is not a big problem.

Among the top ten rankings, Geely Automobile has a great change in ranking, with a retail volume of 170,000, up 34.4% year-on-year, surpassing FAW-Volkswagen in one fell swoop, ranking second in the list. Among them, it is closely related to new energy vehicles represented by Yinhe L6 and L7. Similarly, Changan Automobile is also the same, and the deep blue series has been formed, and Qiyuan series is making efforts, which are all important reasons.

Among domestic manufacturers, there is also a dark horse, Chery. Although it is only ranked sixth, the retail sales of Chery Automobile reached 94,000 vehicles in November, up 74% year-on-year, which is the fastest growth among the top 10 automobile companies. And unlike Changan and Geely, Chery’s new growth point is mainly the fuel vehicles such as Arrizo 8 and Jetway Traveler, and the proper dark horse drivers. Coupled with the next new energy, Chery’s future performance is very worth looking forward to.

In the joint venture model, although FAW-Volkswagen was overtaken by Geely, its monthly sales volume of 167,000, with a growth rate of 43.3%, still held the "number one" position in the joint venture brand, while SAIC-Volkswagen ranked fifth, with a sales volume of 116,000, a year-on-year increase of 24.9%. The sales volume finally stopped falling, but it was still difficult to make a breakthrough.

Other joint venture brands are not so good, especially Japanese brands. Among the top ten, only GAC Toyota entered the top ten, and it was the only car company that declined. In November, the sales volume was 77,000 units, down 1.9% year-on-year, while Guangqi Honda, Dongfeng Honda and Dongfeng Nissan all fell out of the top ten.