Past Review: The trend of the 2023 Fashion Festival has stirred up.

In 2022, Shanghai Newspaper Group | Interface News focused on the theme of new changes and trends in the fashion field in the new era, and once again launched the "Fashion Power Festival". At the event site, Insightful keynote speeches, intense thinking sparks in front of the round table, and the release of the two authoritative lists [New Face List] and [In Potential List] won rave reviews online and offline.

Looking back at the second forum in 2022, the online and offline two-dimensional space runs through influential and practical propaganda: in the early and late stages of the project, the organizers published nearly 40 special articles, and the cumulative number of special visits reached more than 34 million; In terms of all-media platform, the forum has also received high attention: there are more than 200 manuscript reports, 16 live online media, and the total online population exceeds 30 million.

Relive the scene of the ceremony-

Pan Ming, president of Shenzhen Clothing Association, shared the theme of "Value Resonance and Brand Power", pointing out that every enterprise is striving to build its own brand power, and constantly create new values and stimulate brand power in the new changes of science and technology, culture and sustainability.

Lan Zhenzhen, Chief Corporate Affairs and Public Linkage Officer of L ‘Oré al North Asia and China, shared the theme of "Beauty-Shaping Personality and Carrying Forward Commonality". Beauty makes fashion more diverse, more responsible and more open, enters daily life, realizes the sharing of fashion among all, and promotes the beauty and beauty of all.

Hosted by Huang Shan, an interface fashion reporter, Zhao Jiayi, the head of visual creativity of Perfect Diary, PiPiJuiCe, the fashion critic, Huo Wei, the general manager of Xiangmi Guixiu brand, and other heavy guests, published the round table forum 1 "How to capture new opportunities after aesthetic changes in the times". Distinguished guests around the aesthetic changes of the times, changes in the field of beauty, product update iteration and other aspects, jointly explore the new trend of the fashion industry.

Zhou Fangying, an interface fashion reporter, Yin Bo, vice president of Yinger Fashion Group and general manager of song of song brand, Andy Zhang, CEO of Watchbox China, Hu Shiqi, director of YAYA Duck and Duck brand, and other fashion industry practitioners and researchers discussed the interaction between reality and virtuality-how to satisfy multiple retail experiences? The theme was shared in Roundtable Forum 2. Several guests highlighted that under the empowerment of science and technology, multi-channel operation broke time and space, created more opportunities to reach consumers, and actively embraced the new changes brought by omni-channel.

In addition, the outstanding enterprise cases and brand innovation practices collected in the 2022 [New Face List] and [In Potential List] list show us some representative images of China fashion, and also become a glorious history for major fashion brands to actively embrace the new changes of the times and help their own growth with technological empowerment, cultural blessing and other aspects, helping the development of social fashion industry in China to be more flexible, concrete and comprehensive.

2022 [New Beauty List]

INTO YOU yearns for you.

KUYURA can be carefree


Perfect Diary

SISLEY France Sisley




A leaf


——SEPHORA, an annual sustainable high-end beauty retail enterprise

Brand management service provider of the year-Liren Lizhuang

Personal Care Group of the Year-Shanghai Feitingsi Cosmetics Management Co., Ltd.

Annual Tough Essence Product ——fresh Freudian Volcanic Tea Essence

Annual Quality Skin Care Award-Eve Lom

2022 [In Potential List]


Canada Goose Canada goose

EP YAYING yaying

LILY business fashion

Lululemon Lulu Lemmon

PEACEBIRD Taiping bird

urban beauties/Cosmo Lady

Hailan home

Li ning ying er fashion group

Those glories and glories were preserved in the precious images of 2022. Now, in 2023, the Fashion Festival officially set sail again to explore new fashion achievements.

Chinese and western cultures are constantly being cleansed. When cultural self-confidence is constantly rising, what possibility will the secret "East Rising and West Falling" bring to the fashion industry? Facing the continuous upgrading of consumption, how to keep up with the transformation of consumption and establish adhesion with brands? How will the changes with the characteristics of the times guide the future development of China’s fashion industry? This year, Interface News will set off again, and jointly host the 2023 Fashion Festival with the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. This grand ceremony will, as always, uphold the responsibility of discussing and discussing the future healthy and sustainable development model of the fashion industry, and combine the upgraded new consumption patterns and scenarios to conduct a panoramic analysis of the trends and prospects of the fashion market. Let’s work together to draw new ideas for the development of fashion industry in China and explore new possibilities for the development of fashion industry!

Enterprises and individuals who are eager to work in the fashion industry and are curious about the future development of the fashion industry actively participate-2023 [Fashion Power Festival], looking forward to meeting you!

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