Produced by iQiyi and starring Nick Cheung Ehan Juan Darren Wang, the dark reality crime action movie "Anger Tide" was shown nationwide.

On December 19th, the data of Cat’s Eye Professional Edition showed that the criminal action movie Rage, which was produced by iQiyi, directed and written by Ma Yuke and starring Nick Cheung, Ehan Juan and Darren Wang, had exceeded 100 million yuan at the box office in four days! Up to now, Angry Tide has become the second movie of iQiyi with a box office of over 100 million in December after Crossing the Sea.


Since the release of the film’s information, it has attracted a lot of attention from netizens, and the total box office of pre-screening and pre-sale broke 30 million yuan. After the official release, the box office of Angry Tide reached 57.051 million yuan on the first day, and the number of people watching movies broke 1 million. As of December 18th, "Angry Tide" was on the list of mainland box office of domestic action films in 2023, movie attendance of domestic action films in 2023, box office of Chinese New Year’s Eve in 2023 and so on, and won the top spot in the mainland box office of action films in December 2023.

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The box office was in full swing, and Angry Tide also received rave reviews, achieving a good score of 9.4 points for the cat’s eye painting. In terms of social platforms, # The movie Anger is too daring to shoot # # Nick Cheung is a vengeful brain in the anger # # The new notice of Anger is gnashing his teeth # # Nick Cheung, do you know how I spent this decade # and other related topics have climbed to the top of the social platforms for many times. Many netizens commented emotionally after reading it: "I really have no resistance to this kind of master confrontation. I feel that this movie is really worth a movie ticket for everyone. "Every character is vicious, decent or villain." "The ending is really wonderful. I was caught off guard by the anti-transfer, but there are many details in front. It can be seen that the director is really careful!" "The most explosive revenge movie of the year, after the hustle and bustle, what is left is the endless sea of sunflowers."


At the same time, the film also gained recognition from many professionals and colleagues in the industry. At the Beijing premiere, director Huang Jianxin commented that the film Angry Tide formed a particularly complicated emotional system in the story, which showed strong hormonal tension through intense struggle. Director Frant Gwo praised, "This film is a very rare type in China at present, and its style is particularly fierce". Director Lu Yang said that he was deeply impressed by the hand-held camera used in the film. "Hand-held camera is a very difficult thing, which is a very powerful and exploratory thing." The director of the Olympic bid enthusiastically call for the film. "This play has movie-level performances, delicate emotions, hot topics and bursting scenes, cheering for China movies!"

Under the high-burning, fierce and exciting action melee and breathtaking story, the film Rage reveals the dark side of the criminal industry chain, and at the same time, it makes the audience have a more intuitive understanding of crime. Director Ma Yuke said frankly, "I want to tell a story that I think is good.". Talking about the original intention of creation, Ma Yuke said, "I like reading martial arts novels very much and hope to have something different to try to show you." Nick Cheung, the founder, expressed the rebellious spirit of his role Chen An. "Chen An’s revenge process is very bloody, but in his bones he cherishes his family and guards justice." Ehan Juan said that the role he played has undergone great changes before and after, "decadent, sloppy, looked down upon by everyone, and there was no emotional moment until the end."

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Black eat black eat black three-way melee, who can win this bloody battle?

Rebuild the new order and restore the world to its true colors! The story of Angry Tide continues, so stay tuned!


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