New cars at Frankfurt Motor Show are the first to see: Mercedes-Benz and BMW cooperate to push new cars.

    Known as the "Olympic Games" of the world automobile industry, the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany will be staged brilliantly from September 13th to 23rd. As the largest and longest-running auto show in the world, Frankfurt Motor Show, Paris Motor Show, Geneva Motor Show, Detroit Motor Show and Tokyo Motor Show are also called the five most famous auto shows today. Let’s preview what new cars will be seen at Frankfurt Motor Show.


    This concept car is quite energy-saving. In addition to its cool appearance, foreign media also praised its fuel economy, saying that its excellent performance gave people a glimpse of the future car. The car weighs less than 1,000 pounds, uses a 1.5-liter twin-cylinder turbodiesel engine, and can travel an astonishing 117 miles on a gallon of gasoline. What’s more exciting is that it is expected to sell for less than $15,000 after mass production.

    09 Audi A4

    The new Audi A4, code-named B8, is 4703mm in length and 1826mm in width, which is 117mm and 54mm more than the current one, and the wheelbase is increased to 2808 mm.. On the engine side, A4 North American version will be equipped with three different versions, namely 2.0LTFSI version, 3.2LV6 version and 4.2LFSIV8 version, and the European version will be expected to be equipped with a brand-new 1.8LTFSI engine. Transmission also has a variety of options, including 6-speed manual version, stepless transmission and Audi’s latest manual/automatic integrated version.

    New generation mazda 6

    The new generation Ma 6 adopts Ford’s new CD3-2 platform, equipped with brand-new 2.5L and 3.5L engines. Among them, the 3.5LV6 engine comes from Ford, with a maximum power of 250 HP; The 2.5L inline four-cylinder engine is developed by Mazda itself, with a maximum power of 180 HP. Matching the engine will be a 6-speed manual transmission and a 5-speed automatic manual transmission, and the new horse 6 will also include four models: four-door sedan, hatchback hatchback, station wagon and coupe. In addition, all-wheel drive systems will be provided on all models.

    Ferrari F430Scuderia

    The new Ferrari F430Scuderia will be another V8 series sports car after F430Coupe and F430Spider. It will be a pure high-performance two-seater berlinetta, and advanced F1 technology can be seen everywhere in berlinetta production cars. It has an ultra-low weight-power ratio: 2.45 kg/horsepower, which is mainly due to the weight reduction: only 1250 kg, 100 kg less than the standard Ferrari F430; In addition, it is equipped with a naturally aspirated V8 with a displacement of 4308 ml and an engine with an output of 510 HP.

    Ford VerveConcept

    This is Ford’s small hatchback concept car "VerveConcept", which shows the future design direction of Ford’s small car. The front of the "VerveConcept" features a large trapezoidal grille, equipped with a panoramic glass roof and 18-inch aluminum wheels. In order to enable the driver to operate the navigator and AV system quickly and simply, a man-machine interface called "Convers+system" composed of a large display and a large operation switch is adopted in the center console.

    Citroen C5Airscape

    C5Airscape is a convertible sports car with lightweight, high strength and expensive carbon fiber folding hardtop. Positioning as "senior executive convertible car", it is a four-seat hardtop convertible car with beautiful appearance. It is equipped with 19-inch tires, a 2.7LHDiV6 engine with a maximum power of 208hp, and an "urban hybrid" system called by Citroen.

    Bentley SUV

    Apart from Volkswagen Touareg, Cayenne and Audi’s new Q7, Bentley suv will become the fourth vehicle with the same platform and technology. There are two possibilities for its engine: 6.75-liter V8 of Bentley Arnage and 6-liter twin-turbo W12 of Continental GT. Bentley’s 4×4SUV may be powered by a 6.0-liter W12 twin-turbo engine from Continental GT with a maximum power of 560 HP. The estimated price may exceed 120,000 pounds, or about 1.77 million yuan.

    2009 Astor Martin V8VantageRS

    We will see a lighter Astor Martin sports car, which is expected to provide more power, but the car will be lighter, and it will become a strong competitor of Porsche 911GT3.

    Mercedes-Benz New C-Class Travel Edition

    Mercedes-Benz will launch a successor to the C-Class Travel Edition. The new car will be equipped with two supercharged four-cylinder gasoline engines, namely C180 with 156bhp and C200; with 184bhp. Two V6 naturally aspirated gasoline engines are C230 with 204bhp output and C280 with 231bhp output and C350; with 272bhp output respectively. Three diesel engines are C200CDI with output of 136bhp, C220CDI with output of 170bhp and C320 with output of 224bhp.

    Volkswagen Tiguan

    This latest work, which continues Volkswagen Touareg’s SUV product line, has attracted considerable attention in the global car world, both in the concept car and prototype car stage. The TSI and TDI engine power compilation carried by Tiguan will also be unveiled at the same time, so that fans can see in advance the environmental protection power that Tiguan has all passed the fifth European emission standard. Tiguan takes into account the different car considerations of urban and off-road, but the setting of small sports recreational vehicles makes Tiguan more compact than big brother Touareg.

    Mercedes-Benz BMW cooperates to push new cars.

    BMW and Mercedes, the world’s two major competitors, will jointly develop small cars, which means that the replacement models of the next-generation Mini and Mercedes-Benz A-Class cars will become brothers, and both models will be produced on the same production platform and adopt front-wheel drive technology. The first alternative is to build a brand-new production platform for small cars, which adopts the mode of transverse and front engine, all-wheel drive technology and torsion beam rear axle. The second scheme is to keep the current Mini car and A-class car and develop a production platform with rear engine mode and rear wheel drive.

    2008 Lamborghini


    The design of this super sports car is inspired by the world’s most advanced jet fighter F22 Raptor. It will be a super star of Lamborghini, and only 20 cars are expected to be produced. Its price is astronomical, and it is expected to be 1.5 million dollars! The deposit alone costs $300,000! At this price, you can buy a bunch of famous cars: a BMW M5+ Audi RS4+ Porsche CaymanS+ Lotus Elise, plus a MiniCooperS.

    New focus

    Martin Smith, the designer of Ford’s new Mondeo and S-MAX, brought sharper design elements to the brand-new third-generation Focus, which borrowed a lot from the line styles of the new Mondeo and S-MAX. The more important changes of this new Focus come from the inside, such as the quality of materials in the car and the control system in the car, and the human-computer interaction system (HMI) used on the new Mondeo may also be assembled on the Focus.

    2008 Mini Hybrid Smart Edition

    This is a super car, which can only take two people. It belongs to a mini-hybrid vehicle with both oil and electricity. Its most wonderful feature lies in the automatic opening and closing function of the engine when driving at a low speed-in the traffic jam state, it will automatically stop the engine when it senses that the owner steps on the brake and the speed of the car is less than 5 miles per hour, and when it senses that the brake pedal is released, the engine will restart within 1 second. This function can save 8% of fuel consumption.

    New BMW 1 Series

    The BMW 1 Series 128ior135i will be launched in the United States next spring. The 128i is equipped with a 6-cylinder engine equipped on the 328i, while the 135i is equipped with a 3.0-liter 6-cylinder engine, with a maximum power of 300 horsepower and a speed of 100 kilometers from standstill in 5.3 seconds. It is reported that the BMW 1 Series will include 3-door and 5-door hatchback models, and the convertible will be available soon. (Xu Fanghua, Sardonar Lee)

Editor: Tian Shijia

How to prevent and treat children’s respiratory diseases? How to combine traditional Chinese and western medicine? -National Health Commission press conference responded to the focus of prevention and

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 2nd Question: How to prevent and treat children’s respiratory diseases? How to combine traditional Chinese and western medicine? — — National Health Commission press conference responds to the focus of prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases in winter.

  Xinhua News Agency reporters Xu Penghang and Li Heng

  Recently, the flu has entered the high season. How to prevent respiratory diseases in daily life? How to treat children with respiratory diseases? How does the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine play a role in treatment? The National Health and Wellness Commission held a press conference on December 2 to respond to the focus of prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases in winter.

  No new infectious diseases caused by new viruses or bacteria were found.

  Mi Feng, spokesperson of the National Health and Wellness Commission and deputy director of the Propaganda Department, said that at present, the National Health and Wellness Commission, state administration of traditional chinese medicine and the National Bureau for Disease Control and Prevention continue to carry out monitoring and judgment of respiratory diseases in winter, and make arrangements for adjusting medical resources, optimizing medical treatment procedures and giving full play to the role of traditional Chinese medicine.

  Mi Feng said that according to the monitoring, all the current acute respiratory diseases are caused by known pathogens, and all of them have corresponding mature treatment methods, and no new infectious diseases caused by new viruses or bacteria have been found.

  "We have been conducting mutation monitoring." Wang Dayan, director of the National Influenza Center of the Institute of Virology, China CDC, said that the monitoring results show that influenza viruses are sensitive to several current anti-influenza drugs, which means that anti-influenza drugs are effective against influenza viruses.

  Vaccination against influenza can effectively reduce infection.

  At present, the flu has entered the high season. Is it too late to get vaccinated now? Wang Dayan said that influenza vaccination is still effective for people who have not been vaccinated before, and it is recommended that you get the flu vaccine as soon as possible.

  "Practice at home and abroad has proved that using vaccines is one of the most economical and effective preventive measures." Wang Dayan said that as long as it is vaccinated in professional institutions as required, it will have good results, especially for the elderly and children. They should actively vaccinate against influenza to ensure a normal pace of life and study.

  Wang Dayan suggested that in daily life, we should wear masks scientifically, develop good personal hygiene habits, develop a healthy lifestyle, actively vaccinate and do a good job in self-health monitoring. If there are symptoms of respiratory infection such as fever, cough and sore throat, it is recommended to stay at home as much as possible and avoid going to crowded places. If you really need to travel, pay attention to wearing a mask to prevent the disease from spreading to others.

  Give full play to the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine and take many measures to strengthen the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases in children

  Recently, state administration of traditional chinese medicine issued the Notice on Further Strengthening the Construction of Pediatrics in Chinese Medicine Hospitals to promote the expansion and hierarchical development of pediatric medical resources in Chinese medicine as a whole.

  Xing Chao, deputy director of the Department of Medical Administration of state administration of traditional chinese medicine, said that state administration of traditional chinese medicine is guiding Chinese medical institutions at all levels to strengthen resource coordination and strengthen the staffing of fever clinics, emergency departments, pediatrics and respiratory departments, and to meet children’s medical needs to the greatest extent by opening more clinics, extending outpatient hours, opening night clinics and weekend clinics, and providing "internet plus" diagnosis and treatment services.

  Liu Qingquan, president of Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that some Chinese medicine hospitals began to adjust the layout of pediatrics, increase the area of pediatrics and extend the duration of consultation. In view of children’s fever, cough, expectoration, diarrhea, etc., Chinese medicine hospitals at all levels have launched standardized and scientific videos through websites for parents and guardians to learn from.

  Recently, in some places, the number of cases of children’s respiratory infection has increased significantly, and some children will develop bronchitis and pneumonia. In this regard, Wu Liqun, director of the Pediatrics Department of Oriental Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, said that children’s acute respiratory infections belong to the category of colds, coughs and pneumonia. Chinese medicine believes that such diseases are caused by exogenous pathogens invading the human body, resulting in dysfunction of viscera and lung damage. Symptoms such as fever, stuffy nose, runny nose, sore throat, cough and expectoration occur.

  Wu Liqun said that in the treatment of such diseases, Chinese medicine will differentiate syndromes and treat them accurately according to the different causes, symptoms and physical characteristics of children. For the early stage of respiratory tract infection, children mainly show symptoms such as fever, runny nose, sore throat and cough. The treatment methods of dispersing lung, relieving exterior syndrome and relieving sore throat are mainly adopted, and at the same time, according to the characteristics of children, the appropriate external treatment methods of traditional Chinese medicine are combined. In the recovery period of the disease, some children have symptoms such as cough, fatigue, poor appetite, etc. Traditional Chinese medicine adopts the treatment methods of invigorating spleen and resolving phlegm, tonifying deficiency and strengthening body resistance.

[CCTV Review] Where does the real-name report of car violations come from? Is it reasonable and legal?

  CCTV News:Outside a hospital, vehicles are parked on both sides of the road, and there is only one lane in the middle of the road that is not wide. Near a school, vehicles waiting for children occupy two lanes in the same direction, and other vehicles can only bypass them to drive normally … …

△ Wuhan City’s vehicle illegal parking in August. The picture is from Ping An Wuhan

  I believe many people have experienced similar scenes. In order to manage illegal parking, many cities have carried out special rectification of illegal parking of motor vehicles. The Wuhan Traffic Management Bureau recently released,From now until December 31st, there will be a reward for reporting illegal parking on roads in the central city of the city, with a maximum reward of 5,000 yuan.

  Award criteria:

  According to the circular, the traffic control department will conduct monthly statistical ranking on the number of effective illegal parking reports to the public, and give classified rewards to the top 150.

  Number of top 10 and effective reportsMore than 600Per person5,000 yuanReward

  Number of effective reports ranked 11th to 50th.More than 400Per person2000 yuanReward

  Number of effective reports ranked from 51 to 150Over 200 casesPer person1000 yuanGive a reward.

  Informants need real-name authentication.

  Informants need real-name authentication, and the photos provided (three photos that meet the requirements)., should be able to clearly display the illegal vehicle type, license plate number, appearance characteristics, illegal behavior, illegal location, illegal time and other effective information.For the same illegal act reported by many people, the first whistleblower will be rewarded according to the time sequence of reporting registration.

  Not only Wuhan, but also some cities have launched a reward report on traffic violations before. 


  Shenzhen traffic police issued a report bonus of 1.36 million yuan in two years.

  In December 2013, the Shenzhen Traffic Police officially launched a prize-winning report on road traffic violations in the city. As of December 2015,A total of 35,630 reports of various traffic violations were received, and bonuses of 1.36 million yuan were issued. 

  General violations are included in the scope of reward reporting.

  Shenzhen traffic police recently said that they decided to include general illegal acts in the scope of reward reporting.100 yuan will be rewarded for reporting traffic accidents or traffic jams caused by illegal parking.


  The highest reward 100 yuan does not include violations.

  In March 2016, Hangzhou Traffic Police launched a reward mechanism for reporting key traffic violations and clues. Mainly aimed at 18 kinds of dynamic and hidden traffic violations in three categories, The highest reward is 100 yuan.. It should be noted that the scope of the trial reward report is the road within the main urban area of Hangzhou. At the same time,18 kinds of illegal acts do not include violations.

△ Hangzhou tries to report traffic violations with prizes. Citizens can be electronic policemen themselves.

  How effective is the "reward report"?

  Wuhan: Only 40 of the 1,800 photos and video traffic violation reports passed the preliminary examination.

  Since August 15th, Wuhan has reported four types of traffic violations with prizes. By the beginning of September,The citizens submitted 1839 pictures and videos reflecting four types of traffic violations. After preliminary examination, only 40 reports were "qualified".Most of them lack the elements needed for punishment.

  Will the reward for reporting traffic violations make the chaos of illegal parking better? Is it a perfect solution to report illegal parking with real name? Where does the reward for reporting come from? Is it reasonable and legal? Is there any legal risk?

Cctv review

  For a long time, illegal parking is a difficult problem in the management of many cities in China. According to official data, the number of private cars in China reached 86.5 million in 2012.There are 20 cars per 100 families.It has become an "automobile society" in the sense of international standards. However, the rapid growth of private cars has also brought serious congestion, disorderly parking and other quite headache problems. If we want to solve the problem, we really need to "enlarge the trick".

  There can be prizes for reporting, so you should use them with caution.

  In daily management, the traffic police departments in many cities are faced with the problem of insufficient manpower.Wuhan adopts the method of mobilizing the masses, so that every citizen can become a supervisor of civilized parking and a whistleblower of illegal parking, which can not only assist the police in law enforcement, but also give play to the spirit of urban ownership of the general public. In fact, some violations also hinder the normal life of many citizens, and it is reasonable to report them.

  From this perspective, reporting traffic violations is conducive to people’s participation in law enforcement. There can be, butOnce the report is involved with the "prize", it will increase the utilitarian color and easily lead to new problems.. Reward reporting is a double-edged sword and should be used with caution.

  First of all, according to the rules of Wuhan, the traffic control department will give classified rewards to the top 150 people who report illegal parking with real names, whichWhether the implementation will lead to a large number of people complaining and reporting in the first few days of each month, and the rest of the time will make the public lack the motivation to report.

  In addition, members of the public are encouraged to report crimes in order to assist law enforcement. However, in the process of reporting, each whistleblower also needs to provide corresponding photos and evidence.For such reporting materials, it is also necessary to arrange manpower for verification and verification, so that the punishment is justified.This also brings new manpower demand and work pressure. Whether the cost of law enforcement has dropped is unknown.

  More importantly, rewarding citizens for reporting will inevitably breed "reporting professionals".If the reward report is abused, the whistleblower will bet all his money on the prize, and the result may lead to the prevalence of "fishing".There have been cases where a professional photographer deliberately violated the rules, and on the difference between reporting bonuses and simple violations, he started an illegal farce of "one willing to fight and one willing to suffer" to deceive the traffic control department.This kind of behavior undermines the due process of law enforcement and distorts the original intention of law enforcement. In addition, the problems brought by professional counterfeiting are also a lesson from the past.

  Encourage the reporting of traffic violations and prevent legal risks.

  The law cannot be done without authorization. In a modern society ruled by law, any force participating in social governance must take legitimacy as the basic premise.According to Article 47 of the Procedures for Handling Administrative Cases by Public Security Organs: "Public security organs shall promptly accept cases of reporting, accusing, reporting, being turned over by the masses or surrendering illegal suspects, and cases transferred by other administrative departments and judicial organs … …” .Informants subjectively report illegal acts and objectively provide the illegal information to law enforcement agencies. If it is not used for other purposes and is not disseminated in public media,Even if the reported person is punished by law enforcement agencies for the relevant reporting clues, it does not constitute infringement in the sense of civil law.

  But in reality, the introduction of every policy will have certain risks. In the process of reporting traffic violations, people face some legal risks.For example, will it cause information leakage (there are countless problems of personal information leakage now), will there be informants using mobile phones to shoot evidence while driving, or will they be in danger when shooting evidence, and so on.This requires law enforcement agencies to design in advance when formulating policies.

△ data map

  Bonus distribution should be open, objective and fair.

  Once the issue of bonus payment is involved, utilitarian chips are added. Where does the money to reward the people come from? How to distribute it?For example, who was rewarded for reporting what kind of violations? All these should be done.Information is open, objective and fair, and black-box operation is prevented.Moreover, in this process, how to protect the information of the whistleblower and how to effectively protect the whistleblower’s information while making it public need to be carefully arranged.Practically there are laws to follow and rules to follow.

  In addition, what is the effect of the reward-reporting measures? The masses took a lot of photos to report traffic violations, but what was the adoption rate? Can it effectively alleviate road traffic problems? These problems are worth thinking about.If, after the report, the violation of the regulations does not improve, but the resulting fines increase, this may cause the public to question the real purpose of this move.After all, there is basically no public account of where a large number of traffic violation fines go every year.

  Traffic management is a big project, which also includes the management of static traffic. It is of course necessary to punish illegal parking effectively, but at the same time, it should be effectively diverted. How to make a better plan, how to increase the effective supply of parking spaces, and whether the use efficiency of parking spaces can be gradually improved are all related to the effect of our control of parking and misplacing.Reward reporting is not a normal law enforcement, and a society ruled by law needs normal law enforcement. It is expected that a series of combination boxing will be introduced, supplemented by rigid punishment and law enforcement, and the phenomenon of parking will finally be effectively controlled.

  Wen Yi, a special contributor to CCTV commentary, Lin Zhi.

  Yue Shenshan, an expert on legal issues

Yam Tat-wah: It took two years for unrequited love to know that Sophia Kao was going to send her daughter to Beijing to study.


Yam Tat-wah; Simon Yam

  In the face of a "gangster" who has acted in more than 160 movies and more than 2,000 TV series, and can still eat with charm and eyes at the age of 52, you can’t help but feel awe. In the early morning of the 6th, Yam Tat-wah, who just got off the plane, accepted an exclusive interview with this newspaper in a suite of 8,000 yuan a night. During the nearly two-hour chat, except for a "violent" lock breaking incident because she forgot the suitcase password, Yam Tat-wah was so gentle. Just like when he spoke for Zhonglong International Royal Seal Real Estate at the press conference the next day, the host mistook him for Andy Lau (listening to music), and he didn’t take out a gun from the inside pocket of his suit. And when you see him take out a schedule filled out by himself, accurate to the hour, you may even think that he is so old-fashioned in life, but this is Yam Tat-wah’s real off-stage life.

  Become famous and never forget your roots. Never eat abalone or bird’s nest.

  Yam Tat-wah told reporters openly that his family was poor in childhood and adolescence. He lost his father when he was 11 years old. His mother took three children to live in a crowded corridor, and 30 families shared five bathrooms. In addition to studying, Yam Tat-wah also helps her mother string beads and make plastic flowers to subsidize her family. "The only entertainment is to watch a black-and-white TV at home. At that time, I really want to become a TV person." But the opportunity came at once. In the first year of middle school, Yam Tat-wah saw an advertisement for a model in the newspaper. He usually loves sports and has a strong figure. He signed up and was lucky to be selected. "I remember it was an advertisement for soda. I drank three bottles and passed, and the reward was only 200 yuan. Although it is a supporting role, so many models are popular with me, so happy. " Since then, more and more businesses have started to find Yam Tat-wah, and he can afford his own tuition. Yam Tat-wah’s life today has always been influenced by his childhood. For example, he never eats abalone and bird’s nest. "I tell people around me that it’s useless to eat those every day. I am a person with rice feelings. I must eat a dish every day-tofu, which is nutritious and cheap. I like vegetables and eggs, which is cheap and beautiful." The "boss" who is very affectionate has not been alienated from the friends who lived in the corridor in the past. "We have to get together several times a year."

  When you are popular, you still insist on sacrificing yourself to achieve various roles.

  Yam Tat-wah said several times in the interview that he was very lucky. In 1979, he got a leading role to play the police. "I have always respected the police in my life, and as long as I put on my uniform, the feeling of the police will come out, and I don’t have to play. You can never play like Stephen Chow, even if you play a funny policeman. " Asked repeatedly why there was such a strong police complex, Yam Tat-wah revealed that his father and brother were both policemen, and that "the death of my father was also an accident on business". And his brother Ren Darong is now a senior official of the Hong Kong Police Force. However, Yam Tat-wah said that his brother never commented on his gangster films. Yam Tat-wah also said that in fact, he is more looking forward to playing the police than the murderous gangster boss. "There is no way, I am like a fruit in a fruit bowl, and I will sacrifice myself to achieve various roles." Some people say that Hong Kong’s entertainment industry is now in an era of neglect, and the new generation of Nicholas Tse (listening to music) and Daniel Wu always give people the feeling that they can’t take over. Yam Tat-wah said that this will happen everywhere. "It’s not that they are not good, but that they don’t stick to it well. For example, some of my friends who were very popular more than 20 years ago don’t know where they are now, but look, Du Qifeng and Chow Yun Fat (listening to music) are all insisting, and there are young actors who want to make good movies, so don’t overdo it. Some things come too fast, so we should know how to cherish and enjoy them. "

  Happy family will send her daughter to Beijing to study in the future.

  Yam Tat-wah and his wife, Sophia Kao, one is an actor and the other is a supermodel, who are playing the romantic myth like a fairy couple in the entertainment circle. Yam Tat-wah said with a smile that he had been unrequited for two years before pursuing Sophia Kao. "Love at first sight, hard to chase. I saw Sophia Kao’s photo in a magazine, and I had the idea of making her my wife. But asking questions, no one knows where she is. I looked at the photos for two years, but I finally met her in an Austrian hotel. At that time, I invited her to have dinner with her parents. How do you make it clear about fate? " Now they have a lovely three-year-old daughter, Ren Qingjia. "Being a father is different. I am tired every day, and I smile at my daughter when I get home." He likes buying houses all over the country, and even bought a suite in her name when her daughter was one year old, and planned to use it as her residence when she was studying in Beijing in the future. Yam Tat-wah said that he would never send his daughter abroad to study: "The capital has a cultural atmosphere and historical sites, so why should it be sent out? My Mandarin is still not standard, please ask the teacher to teach, but my daughter’s first language is Mandarin and she speaks Mandarin. " Yam Tat-wah, who is eager to love her daughter, also said that children should not go their own way. "It is too hard to be an actor, and the EQ is very high to perform the trick well. Of course, if she likes it when she grows up, there is no way. I can only teach it by myself."

  Link will personally decorate his home in Changsha.

  This time, Yam Tat-wah made a special trip to Changsha, mainly to speak for Zhonglong International Royal Seal in the real estate project. Yam Tat-wah said that he has invested in properties all over the world, such as Manhattan 58th Street in new york, the second district in Paris, Central in Hong Kong and New World Business District in Beijing, totaling more than 20 places. Yam Tat-wah, who has become a real estate expert, said that he pays great attention to the grade and taste of real estate, and will never speak casually. "This endorsement of Zhonglong International Royal Seal, in addition to my satisfaction with the remuneration, I also bought a house myself. I have learned in detail that the central lake is 6000 square meters, and specially designed elevator buttons, smart cards for the elderly and children, spacious apartment space of 180 square meters to more than 500 square meters and perfect educational configuration. No matter the structure, texture, taste or humanistic environment of the house, it is very humanized. To be honest, this kind of property may not be possible even in Hong Kong. " Yam Tat-wah also said that this is also his first house in Changsha, and he likes to design and decorate his own mansion himself. In addition, Yam Tat-wah, who has been fascinated by photography for many years, said that he will come to Changsha again in a few months, and hold an exhibition of his own photography works in the newly-built clubhouse of Zhonglong International Royal Seal to communicate with fans in Changsha.

Our reporter Wang Lu Changsha reports.


Editor: Liu Liyan

There are many football powers, and there will always be only one football kingdom.

After Brazil reached the World Cup quarter-finals, I believe all Brazilian fans around the world share my feelings: it’s been 20 years, and it’s finally dawn.

Don’t think that abusing South Korea is nothing. Now the South Korean team is no longer Amon. Looking at today’s football, no team except Brazil can win so brutally, thoroughly and heartily against South Korea. France can’t, England can’t, and Argentina can’t, but Brazil, which vowed to win for Pele, who is seriously ill, can.

Being a Brazilian fan is a very unique experience. On the one hand, it is very cool. Every World Cup is a favorite to win the championship, and there are warm expectations every four years. On the other hand, it’s very painful, because Brazil always fails if it doesn’t win the World Cup, but winning the World Cup requires not only strength, but also various coincidences, so more often, Brazilian fans will end their mental journey of the World Cup in disappointment.

Brazil has not won the championship for 20 years. What happened to the Brazilian team in these 20 years? Let me give you a brief stroke.

In 2006, Brazil claimed to be the strongest in nearly 40 years. However, arrogant soldiers are bound to lose. Please go back to the iron coach Pereira, who can’t relax put in order’s tactical discipline. When Henry beat Brazil, Carlos, the world’s number one left-back, was tying his shoelaces. Let us remember this little bald head that makes people love and hate.

In 2010, Brazil, with dim stars but strong integrity, was the only team that ever beat Spain in the Confederations Cup. In the knockout against the Netherlands, it not only took the lead, but also completely controlled the situation. However, a guy named Melo suddenly went crazy, making an own goal before a red card. Let’s remember the name Melo.

In the 14th and 18th World Cups, Brazil really can’t do it. Neymar is the only one who makes waves in the attack line. In 2014, Neymar and Tiago were absent, and in 2018, the two main full-backs were absent. However, these are not the main reasons for being eliminated, because from beginning to end, the Brazilian team did not show the dominance that the champions should have. The midfielder who wore the No.10 jersey in the 14th World Cup was Oscar, the one who later joined the Super League. He was a typical diligent organizer at Chelsea, diligent? What is the difference between this and swearing? Let’s remember the name Oscar, the worst midfield organizer in Brazilian history. The striker arrow of the 18th World Cup is Jesus, the one who just retired due to injury. His retirement is definitely good for Brazil. He may be an excellent striker in other teams, but he can only be regarded as a loser in Brazil. Let us remember the name Jesus, the worst striker arrow in Brazilian history.

Brazil’s group match was 2 wins and 1 loss, and it didn’t sweep all the way, but why is Brazil considered the biggest favourite to win the championship? Because Brazil only played Serbia in the first game and South Korea in the fourth game, not only the top star Neymar was absent due to injury, but even other players left half their strength.

Playing Serbia, Brazil showed the ability to control the field, basically did not let Serbia have any strength to fight back, and finally defeated this potential dark horse in many people’s hearts 3-0; Facing South Korea in the first match of the knockout, it is an all-round display of offensive firepower. I can say responsibly that this Brazilian team is stronger than the champion team led by 3R in 2002. Brazil beat China 4-0, but now this Brazilian team only needs half time to beat South Korea 4-0. If it doesn’t take the initiative to stop, a bloody case may happen at any time.

How strong is this Brazilian team? So strong that they don’t need full-back assists anymore. As we all know, the Brazilian team has never lacked epic full-backs. At present, the main full-backs in Brazil are Danilo and Sandro, which are not the top players in the world and far from the ability of Carlos and Cafu. The substitutes behind them are Alves, who spent nearly forty years brushing data with soy sauce, and Telles, who went home because of injury. In recent decades, looking around the world, we have almost never seen such a "greedy" full-back. When Brazil played offensive football, these two full-backs never forgot their responsibilities as defenders, and they managed the defense wholeheartedly. Wang Shenchao and Wang Gang of the national football team were more active in attacking than Brazil.

Why do Brazilian full-backs seldom take part in the attack? Because of three words: no need. There are as many as nine strikers in Brazil this time. Except for Jesus and Richarlyson, the other seven have winger attributes, and even Richarlyson made his debut as a winger. The winger is almost the answer to the version of football in this era. Brazil has so many wingers and all of them are excellent. The last guy is Anthony, and Manchester United spent 100 million yuan to buy him. You said, why do you need a full-back assist?

In fact, Brazil has not won the championship for 20 years, largely because Brazil has been short of excellent attackers since Ronaldinho retired. I don’t know when Brazil’s most sought-after players in Europe are divided into three categories, the first category is goalkeepers, the second category is central defenders, and the third category is engineers’ midfielders who do dirty work. The homogenization of Brazil’s talents is similar to that of Spain and Germany, which can’t find a center, so they have been tossing the ball around in the middle and back court.

This phenomenon has a lot to do with the tactical changes brought about by the last 24-year World Cup in Brazil. During those 24 years, Brazilian attack experts emerged one after another, attacking beautifully and defending bean curd dregs. After learning from a painful experience, Brazil began to focus on cultivating defensive engineers and redefining tactical discipline.

Brazil won the championship in 1994 and in 2002, which are essentially the same. The first time was a big shovel with romario and Bei Beituo in front and dirty work behind it, and the last time was a big shovel with 3R in front and dirty work behind it. The reason why this match can be established is that the big shovel for doing dirty work in Brazil is different from that in other countries. The big shovel in other countries is a pure engineer, and all Brazilian players have excellent ball-throwing ability, ball control ability and organization ability. Brazil’s big shovel, which won the championship twice, is more capable of threading the needle than English epic midfielder Steven Gerrard, such as gilberto silva.

However, no matter how offensive and defensive the back is, it is absolutely impossible without the arrow of the front line. In recent ten years, except for Neymar, other attackers in Brazil are really bad. Until this World Cup cycle, Brazil finally ushered in a blowout of attacking talents. Today, the reserve of Brazilian attackers is second only to the quintet of Ronaldinho, Kaka, Robinho and Adriano in 2006. However, that Brazilian team was eliminated by France long ago. When it beat Ghana 3-0 in the first round of the knockout round, there was no whole, and the tactical content was extremely poor. Now the overall cohesion of the Brazilian team is extremely tight.

Of course, Brazil also has rivals in winning the World Cup. The strongest opponent this year is still France, which not only plays well, but also is the natural enemy of Brazil.

Since the 1980s, Brazil has been defeated by France in the World Cup, and fell to France in 1986, 1998 and 2006. The French team has a solid footwork, tight defense in the center and backcourt, and at the same time, there is no shortage of skills and attack experts at the foot, which really beats Brazil in style. However, due to the absence of Kantor and Bogba, the French team changed its attack route. Although Mbappé was in a state of explosion and Gleizman became an excellent organizer, Brazil really didn’t like this type of France, and the two sides were still 60% sure of playing Brazil.

Thankfully, after a lapse of 20 years, the World Cup has returned to Asia. As the only "football kingdom" in the world, Brazil has also seen the possibility of returning to the top. By the way, do you remember those names just now? Melo, Oscar and Jesus, if you are not an Arsenal fan this season, you may have forgotten these names again, because although these players once represented Brazil in the World Cup, they never shocked people from their achievements to their playing methods. Even if they wore Brazil’s bright yellow shirts, they would not leave too many memories in the hearts of fans.

Football fans support a team and want nothing more than two things: excellent results and beautiful games, which are exactly what Brazil must have at the same time when it wins the World Cup.

That’s why we can remember the gorgeous representatives of Brazil: Ronaldo with a lucky head, Ronaldinho who cheated the English goalkeeper Seaman, Roberto Carlos whose thigh circumference is thicker than anyone else, and of course, Brazil’s eukaryotic Neymar now;

That’s why, I will also remember those tough backbones of Brazil: Taffarel, who is not well known, Dunga, who is not handsome, and thiago silva, who is now an old and strong captain.

There is only one Brazilian team in the world, but Brazil has more than one kind of football content. In 2022, Brazil in Qatar may not present the world wave that Ronaldinho did at the beginning, but they will always have a wonderful volley side hook like Richarlyson, and at the same time defend their own goal with tough defense and tough confrontation.

So 20 years later, when the World Cup returns to Asia, we seem to see the excellent hope that the World Cup will return to Brazil. Especially when they pull out the banner of "Fight for Bailey", so that more people are willing to stand behind them. There is already a king in heaven, so let another one stay with us for a while on earth.

The World Cup needs Brazilian football, and the world needs Brazilian football more.

A hundred years’ experience of football in China 142

Chapter one hundred and forty-two: Robert in his hometown was kicked out by the Brazilian Football Association.

After the 2014 World Cup, the Brazilian Football Association office

"Your hometown Robert, you are fired. What’s the matter with you? Twelve years ago, you performed very well. This year, your performance is so disappointing that you have humiliated our Brazilian football."

"David Genk, how did I lose the face of Brazilian football? I admit that my performance this year is a little poor, but I also led the team to complete the goal of securing four titles."

"I haven’t lost face, and my face has been thrown into the Pacific Ocean by you. I was defeated by Germany 0: 7 and the Netherlands 0: 5. You told me that I didn’t lose face, and I was so angry with you, you know?"

"These two games were accidents. It won’t happen again in the future. Don’t worry, but then again, my contract has expired anyway. It doesn’t matter."

"It doesn’t matter, haha, it’s killing me."

"Chairman Genk, what are you laughing at?"

"I tell you, your coaching career is over, hometown."

"What do you mean, make it clear?"

"I don’t know on other continents, at least in Europe and America, you can’t be the head coach of any national team, including the club team, and your home has been closed, which means you have no place in Brazil."

"What, who gave you the power, you are just the president of the Football Association?"

"President Barkson, he said to let me punish you, but he kicked you out of Brazil so that you could not coach in any team in Europe, America or even the world. I think it is the best punishment for you, Robert."

"What you said is true? I don’t believe it. "

"No, you don’t. Well, I’ll put President Barkson on the phone with you now."

After that, the phone was connected, and Barkson’s voice came: "Robert, leave Brazil now, or the consequences will be unimaginable."

"President Barkson, is it true what President Genk said?"

"Yes, it’s true, and Genk has reported it to me, and I agree with his decision to punish you."

"President Barkson, I didn’t break the law. Why confiscate my property?"

"You are not breaking the law, but it is similar to breaking the law, which is equivalent to breaking the law. Think about it, Brazil is a football kingdom and hosts the World Cup at home. As a result, you led the team to lose 12 goals in the semi-finals and the third and fourth finals, and lost the face of our country. " After that, Buckson hung up the phone.

"Did you hear that? You know, fans are scratching everywhere in China now, and many people have died. Do you think it’s your responsibility?"

"Well, I’ll leave. I’ll go. You’re too hard. As a player, I won the World Cup for my country. You didn’t mention my merits. This time, I did. You did this to me. I’m not reconciled."

"It’s because of your past contributions that your merits and demerits are at the end, or you may have to go to jail according to President Barkson’s meaning, understand?"

Robert slammed the door angrily in his hometown. Later, he found many national teams and clubs that were turned away, and he ran into a wall everywhere. He had no choice but to take a good trip and relax himself, and his chosen destination was China, an ancient oriental country.

Walking on the street in Sioux City, China, Robert of his hometown was ecstatic and shouted, "What a beautiful city. No wonder people say that there is Suzhou and Hangzhou under heaven, so it is really unnecessary to spread his name."

How to solve the problem of foot sand after playing on the beach? Xiamen seaside shower raiders attack

[News Page-Taihai Net]

  ■ A footbath is set up near the beach in the waters around the East China Sea, which is convenient for citizens and tourists to wash off the sand on their feet after playing.

  ■ Foot bath pool near Haiyuntai.

  ■ Foot-washing pool in front of public toilets in Binhai Romantic Line.

  ■ The footbath beside Huangcuo Beach.

  According to the Xiamen Evening News, the most annoying thing about going to the seaside is that you are covered with gravel but have nowhere to wash. Two years ago, the reporter visited many beaches in our city, and found that some of them had shower places, while others did not. Recently, the reporter visited again and found many changes. I will sort them out in detail today to provide you with service reference.

  Baicheng sandy beach

  Public toilets are hard to find.

  Paid shower advertisements can be seen everywhere.

  Recently, the reporter came to Baicheng Beach, which has convenient transportation and good sunset scenery, and has always been one of the attractions that many tourists must punch in. On the way from the parking lot of Hulishan to the beach, billboards of "washing feet and taking a shower" can be seen everywhere, which are basically clearly marked: washing feet once in 2 yuan and bathing in 10 yuan. The reporter observed that these operators basically pulled out a water pipe and opened their business to provide services. A service point near the beach, foot washing business is very hot, and it also sells drinks business.

  There is a public toilet between Baicheng Beach and Hulishan Fort, but it is hard to find. You need to go through the small door and walk through multiple steps. You can only find it after passing through several paid shower points. Only a very small sign is seen along the way, indicating that the public toilet needs to go 30 meters ahead. The public toilet is adjacent to Hulishan Battery Bus Station, with the words Tourist Toilet in Hulishan Battery Scenic Area written on the side. It is open to the public from 7: 00 am to 7: 00 pm. In previous years, when reporters came here for an interview, there were three hand-washing pools and two foot-washing pools outside the door. This time, I found that the foot-washing pools and hand-washing pools were gone and replaced by several pots of green plants.

  When the reporter arrived, it was 7: 02 pm. At this time, the public toilet was closed, and several tourists at the door seemed very helpless. Mr. Zheng, a tourist, said: "The setting of this public toilet is too unreasonable. It took me a long time to find it, but it was closed after I found it. I just wanted to wash my hands. Isn’t this driving people to the business?" Ms. He, a tourist, said, "I’ve been holding back for a long time, but it’s such a situation that I can’t hold back."

  Mr. Li, a citizen, lives nearby. He said that there were indeed several footbath pools with unlimited time in the past, but people often come here to take a bath naked at night, which is really unsightly. In addition, some people carry buckets to steal water, which may be because of this. It was demolished. "But managers can’t dismantle things at once, and should consider the actual use needs of citizens and tourists. It should be changed to a managed public toilet, and the service should be humanized. "

  Yefengzhai area

  Easy to wash, there is a public toilet every few hundred meters.

  Go along the road around the island, and you can see the public toilet sign indicating the distance on the roadside every walk. Generally, there is a public toilet every five or six hundred meters. In some areas where tourists are concentrated, such as Yefengzhai, there are two public toilets within 200 meters. Every public toilet is kept clean and maintained by the administrator, and there are free footbath pools at the door, ranging from 4 faucets to more than 10 faucets. The reporter turned on one of the faucets at random and found that they all worked normally, and the water was quite large, which could easily wash away the sediment on the body.

  Mr. Li’s family is from Longyan. They are very happy while washing the sand and watching the scenery by the sea. Mr. Li said: "Going out to play is to choose a place with complete infrastructure, especially go on road trip, where parking is convenient and facilities are complete, and playing is really enjoyable."

  Next to the public toilet of Yefengzhai Ocean Science Park, there is also a privately contracted shower equipment. The reporter saw that there were five independent shower rooms in the shower room, equipped with water heaters, air conditioners and other equipment. Ms. Chen, the administrator, said: "The price of washing is 10 yuan, an adult and a child in 15 yuan. People often come here to take a shower after swimming on holidays."

  Wuyuanwan beach

  Demand exceeds supply. Tourists huddle in front of the sink.

  There are several public toilets around Wuyuan Bay Beach. The reporter found that, like two or three years ago, these public toilets were still not equipped with flushing equipment, and some green belt water pipes that had been used by tourists for flushing were also blocked.

  The public toilet B064 is the closest to the beach, between the beach and the parking lot, between the footbridge and the bus stop, with a superior geographical position, and there are many citizens and tourists coming in and out. There is not much space in this public toilet, and there is only a sink. In order to use water, tourists huddle together. There is a sign standing beside it, which says: Please don’t wash your feet in the sink. Someone turned a blind eye and still put his feet in the sink to wash. Some people are more gentle and use mineral water bottles to catch water and wash their feet, but the ground is covered with sand and water.

  Mr. Chen, a citizen, often exercises nearby. He said that this public toilet has a good location and receives hundreds of people almost every day. It is estimated that there are thousands of people on weekends. "Some people even carry their children to the table for cleaning, and the sediment rushes into the pool, which is easy to cause blockage, and the ground is often dirty."

  Master Wang, the administrator, said: "Even if you keep mopping the floor, you can’t keep up with the speed of dirt. I hope to set up a foot bath as soon as possible, otherwise this situation will be difficult to improve. "

  Binhai romantic line

  Well-equipped, washing feet, showering and changing clothes are not a problem

  The coastal romantic line around the East China Sea has been popular among citizens and tourists in recent years. Walking all the way along the seaside, the reporter found that you can find a public toilet every few hundred meters here. Some public toilets use gender-free toilet seats, some are single-family rooms, and the design is quite innovative. Some toilets are also equipped with spraying equipment. Because of the large area of a single room, it is not a problem to simply shower and change clothes. There are foot-washing pools and hand-washing pools outside the toilet, so visitors can get what they need.

  Mr. Wu, a citizen, said: "The facilities of Binhai Romantic Line are complete, but there is still a lack of washing facilities at the seaside from Jimei Qiaotou to Langhua Gate of Romantic Line, hoping to increase the construction."

  Rainbow Beach on the Romantic Line of Binhai is one of the popular places to visit. When the reporter came here in the evening, the beach was full of people playing with the sea. The reporter noticed that in this area, in addition to the public toilets, there is a foot bath pool. In addition, there is a foot bath pool every two or three hundred meters between the two public toilets, and there is also a direct water dispenser next to the foot bath pool. According to the reporter’s observation, the foot bath pool and the public toilet cooperate with each other, which relieves the dense flow of people on the beach and reduces the pressure on the public toilet.


  Orderly queuing and civilized flushing

  The administrator of Wuyuanwan shower facilities told the reporter that the quality of citizens and tourists who use washing equipment has improved a lot compared with the past, and some people are not very civilized. It is hoped that citizens and tourists will be able to do civilized washing and orderly queuing when using washing facilities; Turn off the faucet in time after use to reduce the waste of water resources; Turn down the water flow to avoid splashing on others; Take good care of the facilities.

(Text/Photo Reporter Chen Pengcheng Intern Zeng Wenshan)


After the peak of mycoplasma pneumonia in children, adults started again? Special reminder from experts

At the specialist clinic of respiratory and critical care medicine in Shanghai Tenth People’s Hospital, Aunt Zheng, who is over 60 years old, just walked for a while, her face turned slightly red and she was a little wheezing. "I came back from a trip a few days ago and started to have a fever and cough." Three days ago, she went to the emergency room and was diagnosed with mycoplasma pneumonia.
In the outpatient department of the hospital, there are still many patients whose families have been "recruited", with fever and cough, and in serious cases, they have been hospitalized because of pneumonia. After the peak of mycoplasma pneumonia in children, adults also started?
Song Xiaolian, chief physician of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine of Shanghai Tenth Hospital, said that the infection situation of adults and children is basically synchronous, and the data of both of them have declined slightly at present. The temperature has plummeted these days, so keep warm and beware of a possible new round of respiratory diseases.
Elderly patients have fever, cough and pneumonia after returning from tourism.
On November 14th, an "old patient" came into Song Xiaolian’s expert clinic. Three days ago, Aunt Zheng went to the emergency room because of fever and cough. The examination showed that it was mycoplasma pneumoniae infection, which caused lobular pneumonia and asthma.
After two or three days of infusion treatment, her fever has gone down, but the symptoms of cough and asthma have not been effectively alleviated. Worried about the aggravation of asthma, she quickly hung up the expert clinic she had seen before.
Aunt Zheng had asthma since she was a child. She wanted to travel, but she was afraid of asthma attack. She never dared to leave Shanghai. Seven or eight years ago, after minimally invasive interventional surgery under bronchoscope, her asthma has been well controlled and her overall physical quality has been greatly improved. So she often goes out to visit great rivers and mountains and has not been hospitalized for asthma for several years.
Some time ago, she went out for another trip, but she didn’t expect to be "recruited" when she came back. At first, I had a slight fever, and then I kept coughing, and I even gasped when I walked a little faster. After a detailed examination by the doctor, she was hospitalized for a period of time.
Among the patients who came to see a doctor in the near future, many families have been "recruited" and found to be mycoplasma pneumonia after examination.
In the outpatient clinic, as soon as Ms. Liu came in, she told the doctor, "My old man and children coughed and had a fever a few days ago, and they just happened, so I started again."
Song Xiaolian introduced that, generally speaking, Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection is not as severe as the systemic symptoms of influenza, and the symptoms of upper respiratory tract are not as obvious as the common cold, especially cough and sore throat. In the early stage, it is irritating dry cough, and in the later stage, it will appear white sticky phlegm, which will develop into mycoplasma pneumonia in severe cases, especially for the elderly and children who have difficulty in expectoration, and it is easy to cause lobar pneumonia due to phlegm embolism blocking the airway.
After the peak of mycoplasma pneumonia in children, adults started again?
Not long ago, the topic of "mycoplasma pneumonia in children" frequently appeared in hot search. Affected by mycoplasma pneumoniae, influenza virus, adenovirus and other common pathogens in autumn and winter, in the past two months, the pediatrics of various children’s specialized hospitals and general hospitals in Shencheng continued to explode, especially children with mycoplasma pneumonia occupied more than 80% of the beds in the children’s respiratory ward.
Recently, the number of fever clinics and emergency departments in major children’s specialized hospitals in Shanghai began to decline. The number of fever clinics and emergency departments in Shanghai Children’s Medical Center affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine has dropped by 40% compared with the peak at the beginning of the month.
After the peak of mycoplasma pneumonia in children, the concern about adult’s "recruitment" has been increasing. Have adults also begun to enter the peak of infection?
Song Xiaolian said that in fact, the infection situation of adults and children is basically synchronized. Many adult patients have children at home. After the children are infected, they are transmitted to other people in the family, and some are infected after going out to play.
"At present, both adults and children have declined slightly. According to the data, when there was no respiratory epidemic, our daily average number of general outpatients was about 180, which was more than 300 at the peak some time ago, and now it is more than 260 after the peak falls. Generally speaking, compared with adults, children have a higher proportion of pneumonia and have more severe symptoms of high fever. Of course, some patients may have negative mycoplasma antigen antibody test, but the symptoms and images are typical and can still be treated empirically. "
Mycoplasma pneumoniae is a very common pathogen of respiratory tract infection, which exists all the year round, with a small fluctuation every few years, and there are also sporadic cases. Like other respiratory diseases, autumn and winter and seasonal weather changes are high season. Recently, in addition to the prominent mycoplasma pneumonia, there are also many patients with influenza and common cold in outpatient and emergency departments.
Beware of the new peak of respiratory diseases after the sudden drop of temperature.
These days, the temperature in Shencheng has plummeted, will there be a new round of peak medical treatment? According to Song Xiaolian’s experience, it is indeed possible to see a new peak of respiratory diseases.
Under normal circumstances, there are not many patients who come to see a doctor when the temperature drops, but the number of patients who come to see a doctor after a week of cooling will increase significantly. However, the weather forecast shows that the temperature in Shencheng will increase later this week, and the situation will be relatively better.
"It is expected that patients who come to see a doctor later will have mycoplasma pneumoniae infection, flu, common cold, etc., and may also be complicated with infection, so keep warm when cooling down and don’t catch cold. For the elderly, especially those with chronic bronchitis, asthma or bronchiectasis, cooling often leads to sudden aggravation of diseases, and even respiratory failure in severe cases. Therefore, we don’t advocate that the elderly go out to exercise early in the winter. We suggest going out after eight or nine in the morning. It’s too cold in the morning. If there is air pollution, it is recommended to switch to indoor exercise, and you can do aerobic exercise, breathing exercises, and playing Tai Ji Chuan. "
How to prevent the high-incidence season? Song Xiaolian introduced that Mycoplasma pneumoniae is mainly transmitted by droplets, so wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, and ventilate frequently. Don’t go to crowded places, and don’t have close contact with patients with respiratory diseases to enhance their resistance and keep warm. At present, there is no vaccine against mycoplasma, but other respiratory diseases are also high in autumn and winter. It is recommended to vaccinate against swine flu and pneumonia vaccine.
If you are accidentally "recruited", there is no need to panic. She especially reminded that mycoplasma infection is a self-limited disease. For adults with good resistance, take a good rest, even if they are not treated, they will recover after a while. People with poor immunity and severe symptoms should be treated in time.
It is important to pay special attention to that if people are allergic diseases, such as allergies, asthma, etc., mycoplasma pneumoniae infection is easy to induce intractable cough, so it is necessary to see a doctor in time. In addition, the symptoms of pneumonia in the elderly are often atypical, but the more silent they are, the more serious they are. If the elderly have drowsiness, listlessness, or complications, they should see a doctor in time. (Note: All patients in the text are pseudonyms)
(News Morning News Thoughtful APP)

Students who implement running App in a university in Wuhan can pass only after running for 30 times.

  Zhongxin. com, Wuhan, November 2 (Wang Youzhe, Lin Xinyi, Fu Chengcheng) Recently, Hubei University of Economics launched a running App among freshmen to juniors. According to the regulations, students who have run for 30 times will pass. For each additional time, the effective score will be added with 3 points until 100 points. If the substitute runner is found, it will be treated as cheating and the file will be recorded.

  Cui Gaoyuan, vice president of the School’s Sports school of economics and management, said that the scores of freshmen and sophomores using App for running and punching cards accounted for 30% of this semester’s sports scores, and juniors can only participate in the physical fitness test if their scores using App for running and punching cards reach the standard of passing or above. Students have at most one exercise record every day, which is related to sports achievements, and the excess part is only recorded but not related to achievements.

  Cui Gaoyuan said that the purpose of linking the punch card score with the final sports score is to encourage students to get out of the dormitory, strengthen exercise, cultivate students’ healthy concept of loving sports and advocating sports, form good exercise habits and improve their physical fitness.

  Students can check the map and choose the best route to the distribution point according to the site conditions. Photo by Huang Siqi

  "I used to exercise very little. Since the school implemented the running APP, everyone is running and unconsciously wants to run two steps." Huang Ziwei, a freshman at the school, said that he insisted on punching cards every day and his running enthusiasm was much stronger than before.

  It is worth noting that the school has also formulated an effective standard for single exercise. Boys should run for 1 km at a time, and the running pace should be within the range of 3-9min/km. If a girl’s running mileage reaches 0.8 km at a time and her running pace is within the range of 3-9min/km, her performance will be effective. Cui Gaoyuan said that the introduction of this regulation is mainly to ensure the safety of students, and secondly to achieve sports effects.

  Huang Siqi, a sophomore in the school of finance, said that under this sports standard, you can complete punching as long as you walk faster. However, she also said that this punching APP has a task nature and may affect the quality of sports.

  In this regard, Cui Plateau said that in the background, every time the APP is used to run and punch in, it is set to "random allocation", in order to reduce or even avoid the phenomenon of running on behalf of others. In addition, the school will also conduct supervision through inspection teams, student reports, and big data comparison analysis. If students are found to have "violation of discipline" such as running on behalf of others, once verified, they will be dealt with as cheating in the exam and recorded. (End)

Gudong outdoor running APP

Gudong outdoor running is a sports mobile phone software, which can track your sports data in real time, provide you with the most reasonable, healthy and effective sports plan, and monitor your sports speed and sports data in real time, so that you can have one more partner on your sports road. Interested friends come and download it ~ ~ ~

The most popular sports fitness and weight loss app in China has been upgraded! Let you experience happiness, technology and fashion, and easily get a bodybuilding figure! Glug exercise to create a revolutionary mobile phone exercise fitness and weight loss system. Not only can you accurately record all kinds of sports, but you can also watch your sports achievements through Weibo, WeChat and other "show" friends, and you can also ask friends around you to exercise, PK and challenge your limits! Chase your dreams! Three major functions set off a wave of overall exercise, fitness and weight loss!

Gudong outdoor running APP 1

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2, sports achievement sharing, running track creation, star big coffee, network red man … You are not the only one on the road to sports.

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5. How can sports be so professional without equipment? Recommended by elite runners and carefully selected by officials, the quality is guaranteed.

6. Join a suitable running group, keep exercising with the coach, and it is more fun to run together.

7. Professional coaches set courses and make training plans scientifically, and there is always a suitable exercise intensity for you.

8, sports can receive red envelopes for gifts, rewards belong to you who are persistent, and you can also withdraw cash.

9, the introduction of sports grade title system, measure the level of sports, witness the growth of future athletes.

1, the movement is more worry-free, the movement route is tracked intelligently, the movement data is monitored in real time, and various movement types are supported.

2, it is more convenient to get together and run with millions of sports enthusiasts, and sports are no longer difficult to persist.

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"Data Record" is an accurate record of running, riding and walking and an analysis of sports data to accompany you in your exercise.

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