8.3 points, hot search first! Why does "Little Joy" become another explosion

Special feature of 1905 film network At the beginning of the year, a film "Everything’s Fine" wrote all about China’s family’s pension problem and family of origin’s injury, and accurately hit the "pain point" of the audience.Now, a film "Little Joy" takes the "College Entrance Examination" as an incision to show another cross-section of China’s family to the audience.

Since its launch at the end of July, the popularity of the TV series "Little Joy" has increased all the way. Not only has it been frequently searched, but the Douban score has been countered from 8.0 to 8.3.


Just like the popularity of Everything’s Fine at the beginning, Little Joy has also set off a wave of national discussions on educational topics with the help of the "authenticity" of realistic themes.

"Little Joy" revolves around the preparation process for the "College Entrance Examination" of three ordinary families: Fang, Qiao and Ji.In the process of sprinting towards the most important exam in China’s life with the family as the unit, parents and children are also experiencing countless "quizzes" from life.


If the first few episodes are still filled with a relaxed and happy atmosphere, the recent plot has turned sharply, and every family has encountered intractable troubles and crises.


Huang Lei and Christina’s Fang couple are both facing unemployment crisis, and their parents have been cheated into debts of 800,000 yuan.


Qiao Yingzi, the "schoolmaster", is gradually out of breath under the bondage of "maternal love" full of control desire. Even in the latest episode, she had a fierce argument with her parents and was impulsive to jump into the sea.


Ji Jia’s parent-child relationship had just eased, and Yongmei’s mother liujing was diagnosed with breast cancer.


It’s true that every family has a hard book to read.


"Why Little Joy" was once ranked first in Weibo’s hot search, with a reading volume of over 400 million.


Some netizens explained in the comments: "It is precisely because there are too many helpless trifles that it seems how important it is to be’ small joy’. Just like looking for diamonds in glass slag, it is worth discovering again. "


Similar to the irony of "everything is fine", behind "little joy" is also "little anxiety" that can’t be avoided in ordinary family life.

Three typical China families

Who poked your "pain point"

One of the reasons why Little Joy is highly praised is the "realism" of the plot and details. Whether it is the intimate details of husband and wife getting along or the parents’ every move when they "teach" their son, people often exclaim: "Director, why do you want to spy on my life?"

Christina’s mad drama made many netizens exclaim and saw the "mother mother"

Three families with different painting styles in the play also constitute a ukiyo-e painting of Chinese college entrance examination families. Through their mode of getting along with each other and their educational ideas, we can always see the shadow of ourselves or our families, and let the audience reflect on what family education should look like. 

"Lover Style": You are everything to your mother.


The "lover-like" parent-child relationship between Song Qian and his daughter Qiao Yingzi played by Tao Hong is the most controversial.


As a single mother, the frustration of marriage made her pour all her "love" into her daughter, and her daughter’s success became her goal in life and the way to prove herself.


As Song Qian often said, "Eiko, you are everything to your mother."


From childhood to adulthood, her daughter’s food, clothing, housing and transportation were all arranged by her, and the study plan must be strictly completed according to the timetable set by her.


The daughter’s room is equipped with an observation window, so that her mother can keep an eye on her every move at any time. The mother and daughter are like "conjoined twins" and have no private space.


No wonder Eiko once quietly told his father that he was at home every day as if he were in a prison.


This kind of maternal love may be meticulous in material, but it is extremely lacking in spirit. A mother imposes her will on her daughter, but never listens to her real needs.


All the voices of opposition are labeled as "love" and politely but ruthlessly rejected.


Song Qian once said to Eiko, "Mom has already arranged the road behind you." This road is entirely wishful thinking of my mother, and I have never asked my daughter for advice.


To put it bluntly, she treats her daughter as her private property, not as an independent individual.


In the play, this heavy maternal love has made Eiko gradually breathless. She began to rebel against her mother by playing truant and lying in disguise, and her personality became depressed and depressed.


In the name of mother’s love, we should "control". Behind this suffocating maternal love, both mother and daughter lost themselves.


"Airborne": Late Love


If Song Qian’s maternal love for Eiko is too much, Ji Jia’s parents’ love for Ji Yangyang is seriously lacking and late.


Because of work reasons, parents have been absent from their son’s growth all the year round, and suddenly "airborne" in the third year of high school. Naturally, it is difficult to get children’s acceptance and recognition.

Faced with this sense of estrangement and alienation, Ji Jia’s parents’ handling methods are worth learning.


They can try to understand and experience children’s hobbies from their sons’ point of view, such as playing video games and practicing karting. Taking interest as a breakthrough, Ji Yangyang’s heart is opened step by step.


When their son’s exam results are not ideal, they can also be reasonable and positive, telling him that exam results are a stepping stone to realize his dreams.

From this point of view, Ji Jia’s educational philosophy is superior to Qiao Jia’s, but there is a saying that "the best love is companionship", and it is often difficult to make up for the harm caused by the absence of parents in the process of growing up.


From the source, less "left-behind children" in cities like Ji Yangyang may be the best fatherly love and maternal love.

"Open": both father and son and friends.


Among the three families, Fang’s family atmosphere and parent-child relationship are undoubtedly the most enviable.


Fiona Fang and Tong Wenjie, played by Huang Lei and Christina, respectively played the roles of "tiger mother" and "cat father" at home.Mother is very strict with the "skin monkey" son, and sometimes she will use "force", but fortunately, her father with high emotional intelligence has always intervened, so that the whole family can operate in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.


As a screenwriter, Huang Lei has obviously incorporated many of his own educational ideas into Fiona Fang’s personal design. The so-called "cat dad" is not blindly compromising and spoiling, but is sensible and emotional to his son from the perspective of equality.


For example, when a conflict broke out between Tong Wenjie and Fang Yifan because of their poor grades, Fiona Fang used a set of "theory" to explain the truth and resolve the contradiction.

On the one hand, Fiona Fang advised his son to look sideways, not only to see his own shortcomings in learning compared with other students, but also to see his mother better than other parents.

On the other hand, he also advised his wife not only to compare her son "horizontally" with other people’s children, but also to learn to "look vertically" to help children find their own life goals and directions.


In the play, another line of Fiona Fang is actually said to all parents in and out of the play: "Children’s lives are their own, and they have to take a detour. They have to hit the south wall one by one, and we have stumbled all the way. No one can replace it."

We can’t choose our family, and the three "family of origin" in the play also have their own shortcomings and imperfections, but the loveliness of Little Joy is that neither parents nor children refuse to change, and they are constantly reflecting and improving themselves in the process of running in.


Just like the classic line in the middle school says, "Dad is also a father for the first time." After the quarrel and disagreement, the sincere apology and communication between the two sides has become the most touching paragraph in Little Joy.


Refuse to "suspend"

Grasp the realistic theme from the truth of details

Some viewers said: "Little Joy" is like a mirror, in which both parents and children can see themselves. This is the charm of realistic works.


Director Wang Jun once concluded at the press conference that the key to the creation of realistic works is "truth". "For example, changing slippers when entering the door is realism. If you grasp the truth of the details, you will grasp the true meaning of realism."

Director Wang Jun


In his view, in the film and television works with realistic themes, the creator and the audience should maintain an equal relationship. "The creator should not always be condescending and want to lead or teach something. What we want to express is in reality. First of all, we should be faithful to our own feelings and experiences of reality and don’t fake the real play."


In the early discussion of the script, screenwriter Huang Lei also said that the characters must "sink down and stick to the ground" and "don’t talk too much". He also exposed himself in Weibo. Most of the characters in the play are based on the real experiences of friends around him. "The screenwriter doesn’t have to edit it, because it’s all around you."


From "Little Separation", "My First Half Life" and "Big Rivers" to "Everything is Fine" and "Little Joy" this year, with the birth of one explosion after another, realistic film and television works have really ushered in a blowout period.

It is the significance and charm of realistic works to integrate the real insight and perception of life into the creation, so that the audience can empathize and trigger a wide range of social discussions.


As director Wang Jun said, "Little Joy" is not made to accuse or solve any problems. After all, education is a matter of thousands of people. What the creative team wants to do is to present the reality to the audience. "We don’t want to give the audience a ready-made answer, just want to give everyone a grasp, so that everyone can deeply discuss the Chinese parent-child relationship and intergenerational relationship."

Huawei asks whether the new M7 will "cripple" the ideal when it comes back to life.

If anyone can continue to move bricks with enthusiasm after the Mid-Autumn National Day holiday, it must be Huawei’s smart car selection team.

On the evening of October 6th, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of terminal BG and chairman of smart car solutions, announced the pre-sale record of the holiday on social platforms. Among them, only two days before the end of the Eleventh Holiday, the new M7 has a large quantity (a deposit of 5,000 yuan is required in advance, and the deposit cannot be refunded if the car purchase intention is changed), and it has accumulated more than 10,000 units.

You know, even on a monthly basis, regardless of the delivery volume or sales volume, the number can exceed 10,000 units, which is already a proper best-selling model. There are also most brands, and together with several models on sale, they can only achieve a monthly achievement of breaking 10,000.

Yu Chengdong announced in the circle of friends that the sales volume of the new M7 holiday was bursting | Network

And if you start counting from September 12 th,24 days after the release, ask the worldnew The number of M7 has exceeded 50,000.. Judging from the feedback from consumers, Yu Chengdong’s new M7, which was rebuilt at a cost of 500 million yuan, is indeed far ahead.

Of course, the excitement is only the appearance, and each manufacturer will continue to roll up for a long time. You must compete with yourself — — — — Sales are just the beginning, as well as the capacity climbing at the hardware level, the intelligent upgrade of OTA at the software level, and so on; We must continue to compete with our opponents — — Keep a steady pace of playing cards, and try to launch new products without making mistakes in the long development cycle.

Intelligent electric vehicles are entering a fierce halftime stage.What new variables does the new M7, which is set to break 50,000 yuan in a single month, bring to this game??


The sales of the new M7 in the world are mainly determined by two factors: product and market.

In the product itself, first of all, the most intuitive embodiment of the new M7, which is known as "spending 500 million to upgrade", is the release of a brand-new two-row big five-seat model, which greatly makes up for the lack of space in the back row of the old three-row six-seat model.

After the change, the big five-seat models also reunited the target users in a family of two or three. From the current point of view, the effect of the change is immediate.According to a chat conversation of Yu Chengdong obtained by Geek Park,,As of 10: 00 a.m. on October 7, five-seat models accounted for 81% of the total, contributing more than 45,000 orders.

Secondly, in the invisible place, the new M7 has also been upgraded in the intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving.

Relying on Huawei’s ecology, the brand-new HarmonyOS smart cockpit can realize multi-device linkage with Huawei’s mobile phones and tablets through "touch-and-touch" and MagLink, which is an ecological advantage that most smart car products do not have. In addition, Huawei’s intelligent driving team reduced the investment of relying on high-precision maps in the high-level intelligent driving system of ADS 2.0, thus shouting the goal of "opening all over the country" by the end of the year when the new products were released, and also making the brand image of the new intellectual leader further strengthened.

On September 12th, at the new M7 press conference, Yu Chengdong promised that Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving would be promoted to the national Geek Park by the end of the year.

Some Huawei terminal people told Geek Park that before the Mid-Autumn National Day holiday, they asked the world.newThe order proportion of M7 intelligent driving version (i.e. top matching) has exceeded 50%. According to the chat information from Yu Chengdong Internet, as of October 7th, the optional rate of five Max ADS premium packages reached 70%.

On the market side, Geek Park also experienced the new M7 model in a shopping mall in Chengdu during the 11th period. From the offline experience, since ADS 2.0 will not officially land in Chengdu until the end of October, it is actually very difficult for users to actually experience the actual effects of functions such as smart driving and parking service during the test drive at this stage.

Therefore,The current sales results can be considered as users’ trust in the brand, and can also be simply understood as users being attracted by lower prices..

Compared with the direct competitor’s ideal, even the top-of-the-line intelligent driving version of the new M7 is cheaper than the entry-level version of the ideal L7 by 10,000 yuan. The same is the top version, which is 70,000 yuan lower. Moreover, because the pre-sale in the first month caught up with the time of the two festivals and superimposed various car purchase rights (up to 33,000 yuan in total), the price advantage of the new M7 will continue to be enlarged.

Huawei’s offline stores have also brought a lot of traffic to car sales..

Huawei Mate 60 Pro 120Hz’s high screen will stand out when browsing the web | Geek Park

In the store experienced by the author, many consumers who came to the store for the new Huawei Mate 60 series mobile phones began to try out the new models because of their "watching the excitement" mentality.

In the author’s personal offline experience, we can also feel the user’s enthusiasm for the test drive of the new M7.

Vehicles such as Weilai and Ideality in the same shopping center do not need to queue up, and the test drive+explanation time is generally 30-60 minutes. However, the test drive of the new M7 needs to be registered in advance. After a test drive of about 20 minutes, the sales staff can’t leave too much time to continue communication. They just remind the next potential consumer to get on the bus after "the right to buy a car expires on October 7".

"No way, this car is too hot now," said a store worker.


Now that we have talked about ideals, we can’t avoid a comeback in Weibo by founder Li Xiang in June this year. In that long article, the "King of Weibo" rarely recognized the cowardice, saying that in the third quarter of last year, it was directly "crippled" by the release and trading of the old model M7, and that Huawei’s super ability "directly caused the sales in Li ONE to collapse and stop production in advance".

Does the new M7 fire in the world pose a great threat to the ideal again?

Look at the sales data first. According to the official data released by LI, in September, the delivery volume and order volume of the three ideal models on sale continued to hit a new high, and the delivery volume of each model continued to exceed 10,000. Among them,The ideal L7, M7′ s direct rival, has sold more than 10,000 yuan a month for six consecutive months..

Since the pre-sale was released on September 12, as of September 30, the cumulative number of new M7 has exceeded 30,000. The ideal L7 has also started to grow rapidly in the same period.

So you see, the new M7 seems to grow harmoniously with the ideal L7 at this stage … …

In fact, from the product dimension, last summer, Li ONE not only faced the pressure of M7, but also faced the impact of its own L series new model (ideal L9 released in June last year). As a brand represented by low SKU, the ideal stage should be in the stage of thinking about different products matching different users.Therefore, back to the public resumption before Li Xiang, Li ONE was not necessarily "beaten" by the old model M7 simply from the product level to stop production in advance.

Ask M7′ s direct competitor ideal L7 | LI.

So this time, in the face of the new M7 with a low-cost and intelligent upgraded arsenal, will Li think that he will be "powerless for a long time" as he knew last year? Will he make short-term adjustments in terms of prices and products according to this strongest competitor?

The author’s answer is no, at least not before the end of the year. There are three reasons:

First, LI now has three models, L7, L8 and L9, and has enough moats at the product end. Among them, the positioning of the latter two is still a "daddy car" for a two-child family, which does not completely coincide with the new M7 five-seat version aimed at a family of three.

Second, Li wants to have his own methodology about pricing.In the recent online course, Li Xiang himself shared this pricing formula, namely: product value = product strength ÷ product price × product quality.— — All variables are their own product factors, and are calculated in combination with the gross profit target required by the enterprise.

At the same time, Li Xiang also pointed out in that course that from the perceptual level, commodity prices will also have an impact on the identity of car owners. He thinks that if you pay nearly 300 thousand yuan, but only buy a car worth more than 200 thousand yuan, the user "feels wronged." Therefore, even if the new M7 in the world shows a large price advantage at present, Li Xiang will not take the initiative to change in the near future with the same sales volume.

Third,In Li Xiang’s logic, product iteration is not used to solve problems, but to "provide more functions". This point was mentioned when he was interviewed by Xiang Li, editor-in-chief of App in 2018. Therefore, the real contest in the next stage may focus on the smart driving service that still stays in the demonstration video and internal testing stage. Huawei put forward the promise of "opening all over the country", and the ideal also shouted the goal of realizing the 100-city commuting mode by the end of the year.


It can be predicted that in the fourth quarter, the competition between the world and the ideal will be more intense.

In the long-term automobile industry, many moves are predicted early. For example, when asking about the M9, a brand-new car that will be launched soon, Yu Chengdong called out "the best SUV within 10 million" at Huawei’s new product launch conference in autumn at the end of September. According to the information released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the M9 will once again launch an impact on three rows and six seats, and provide two types of power: pure electricity and extended range, which will directly compete with the ideal L8 and L9. According to the aforementioned chat records of Yu Chengdong, as of October 7th, the number of M9 blind selection orders has exceeded 8,000.

At the press conference, Yu Chengdong once again warmed up M9 | Huawei.

In the field of intelligence in a shorter period, the two smart driving services will officially debut at the end of the year. Whether for existing smart car owners or potential car owners, the actual performance of Huawei ADS, known as the "first echelon in the industry", will attract key attention.

Of course, the ideal will also launch its own new moat. According to the plan,Fourth quarteridealThe first pure electric vehicle MEGA will also be released.. At this stage, in order to cooperate with the launch of pure electric vehicles, it is ideal to launch 5C Kirin battery, 800V high-voltage platform and 5C super-filled pile solution. It is foreseeable that the first pure electric vehicle will be an ideal and important battle.

MEGA spy photos of ideal pure electric MPV model | network

In the circle of friends in Yu Chengdong, the market feedback of the new M7 was described as "coming back to life".

In the complicated and long competition of smart electric vehicles, after ordering, it will continue to experience many tests such as capacity climbing and software iteration. For Li Xiang and LI, facing an opponent with sufficient cash and strong intelligence research and development strength, they must not stay in the achievements at this stage.

If the previous battlefield was focused on price and product positioning, then the second half of the battle about intelligence and software will officially enter a new stage.

Bo Yue L’s world premiere: to inherit, but also to innovate.

August 5, Beilun, Ningbo.

In the "place where dreams begin" of Geely Bo Yue, FX11 ushered in the world’s first show, and has a formal name-Bo Yue L. As Gan Jia, CEO of Geely Automobile Group, said: "Innovation is the gene flowing in Geely’s blood." Geely positioned Bo Yue L as an "innovator of intelligent SUV".

As an innovator, Bo Yue L aims to create a landmark work of China intelligent SUV, and "L" stands for Larger, Luxury and Legend. This time, how does Geely interpret comprehensive innovation?

Bo Yue Family: Innovators in Automobile Industry

In 2016, Ningbo Beilun and Bo Yue went public, and the phrase "Hello, Bo Yue" created a new era of intelligent connected SUV.

Today, people still talk about this "the most beautiful China SUV", and Bo Yue is the benchmark of independent compact high-end SUV in terms of design and quality. Bo Yue is Geely’s pioneering work to open a new era of SUV strategic development, and it is also a key product to help Geely become the global leader of China brand.

"Innovating technology and popularizing the public" is the mission of every generation of Bo Yue to innovate the industry, and the global market has also given a warm response to Bo Yue family: in six years, the cumulative global sales of Bo Yue family has exceeded 1.4 million. It is worth mentioning that, as the first SUV of China brand to fully export products, technology and management, Bo Yue has achieved localized production in Belarus, Malaysia and other places, and sold well in 30 countries and regions, ranking first in many cities, setting a benchmark for China brand globalization.

On August 5th, Ningbo Beilun, the first generation of Bo Yue listed in 2016, was the origin of Bo Yue’s takeoff. Bo Yue L starts from the innovation here, with five smart technologies and ten hard cores as standard, and once again comprehensively innovates the smart SUV standard.

Innovation: Redefining the new standard of intelligent SUV

Bigger, flagship, and the return of the king, Bo Yue L bears multiple missions.

According to the data, Bo Yue L, as the flagship strategic product of "Smart Geely 2025" and "Building a Car with Comprehensive Architecture", has innovated the five world-class intelligent technologies of intelligent architecture, intelligent hybrid, intelligent driving, intelligent space and intelligent safety while inheriting the five global genes of CMA architecture.

Taking the intelligent architecture as an example, in the words of Fan Junyi, general manager of Geely Automobile Sales Company, building a car is no longer as simple as color TV+refrigerator+sofa. Therefore, the comprehensive and innovative CMA architecture gives Bo Yue L the mechanical quality of a luxury brand.

Let’s talk with numbers: Bo Yue L has a braking distance of 35.8 meters in 100 kilometers, and the limit speed of Elk test is 78 kilometers per hour, which is comparable to the performance of racing car, which is the "talent" brought by CMA architecture.

In addition, in terms of intelligent driving, Bo Yue L has achieved "leapfrog", and the new car is equipped with NOA lane-level automatic driving navigation system initiated by Geely. According to reports, this system has centimeter-level high-precision positioning, man-machine co-driving VR navigation and full lane dynamic monitoring technology. Under the blessing, it can achieve full coverage of more than 100 high-speed driving scenes. It is estimated that the price range of Bo Yue L is between 140,000 and 180,000. It is indeed a subversive innovation to be equipped with such an advanced intelligent driving assistance system.

Bo Yue L didn’t stop there. While realizing the innovation and popularization in five core areas, it started with Geely Galaxy OSAir version, 13.2-inch central control vertical screen, 10.25-inch digital LCD instrument, L2 intelligent driving assistance system, 540 transparent chassis of God’s eye, remote control of mobile APP, aerospace 7-series aluminum alloy crash beam, 178LX digital rhythmic LED headlights, racing brake system and integrated boron steel thermoformed door knocker.

Redefining the access standard of smart SUV market-Bo Yue L is serious.

Chinese aesthetics: the blending and innovation of traditional culture

In the digital age, how to inherit Chinese aesthetic expression? How to integrate the sense of intelligence, technology, futurism and oriental aesthetics to interpret the spirit of blending and innovation in China traditional culture?

As the first mass-produced car based on the "Vision Starburst" concept car, Bo Yue L has adopted a brand-new design concept of "Digital Symphony Technology Aesthetics", retaining the dynamic and cool design style and strong sense of digital technology of the concept car. It not only inherits the product design style of "Technology Geely 4.0", but also integrates intelligent technology, futuristic sense and digital concept.

Bo Yue L adopts mainstream designs such as two-color body and suspended roof. The body size is 4670×1900×1705mm, and it has a leading wheelbase of 2777 mm. Combined with the short front and rear suspension design, it forms a leading axle length ratio of 59.5%, achieving a win-win situation of stable handling and ample practical space.

What is striking is Bo Yue L’s sharp and slender arrow modeling design. The digital arrow LED runs through the taillight and consists of 290 LED light-emitting units. The ultra-red LED with a wavelength of 633nm echoes the headlight group at a distance. It is full of digital sense of science and technology and is very tense. I believe it will be welcomed by the younger generation who pursue individuality.

In terms of power, the Bo Yue L fuel version will be equipped with 1.5T and 2.0T turbocharged engines respectively, matching the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

The hybrid version of the car is also divided into two versions: oil-electric hybrid and plug-in hybrid, and is equipped with the Geely Lei Shenqing Hi·X hybrid system. Full-oil and full-charge comprehensive battery life reaches 1300 kilometers, and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is as low as 4.2 liters.

In addition, draw a key point: Bo Yue L is intimately equipped with an antiviral door handle with a sterilization rate of over 99%, which can inhibit the growth of bacterial viruses for a long time, which can be described as intimate and practical at present.

Write at the end:

Gan Jiayu, CEO of Geely Automobile Group, said at the press conference: "Innovation is the gene flowing in Geely’s blood. Bo Yue L has benefited users from the latest, most popular and best-used intelligent technologies, injecting ever-evolving vitality into smart cars. "

This can’t help but remind people of the song "Life in Full Bloom" brought by Teacher Wang Feng at the press conference:

I want a life in full bloom, just like flying in the vast sky, just like walking through the boundless wilderness, with the power to break away from everything.

Evolution brings vitality, which is innovation.

Hello, innovator Bo Yue L!

"Youth is only a few World Cups" Pickup national team played.

As a four-year football event, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 has finally arrived! A grand opening ceremony opened the curtain of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. During this half month, people gathered by football enjoyed the happiness and passion of "once every four years" and felt the charm of the World Cup. "Now is All" is the slogan of this World Cup. Every four years, the whole world will enjoy the happiness that belongs to football because of the empathy of football.

Although our national football team failed to participate in this World Cup, many China elements are shining in Qatar. With divergent thinking, if pickup products from various countries are organized into a "pickup world cup", what kind of lineup can our country send to be more competitive? Let me, an amateur fan, make a selection for all riders!


A striker is the player in the front position and closest to the opponent’s goal in a team. There are many different ways to score goals, so there will be many different types of strikers. However, forwards have some physical and psychological characteristics in common. A striker must be extremely fast (at least in a short distance), show outstanding courage and have the instinct of a shooter. Outstanding shooting ability is the first priority, but the skills of heading, passing and passing are also very important when creating scoring opportunities in the frontcourt and mobilizing the opposing defender. At present, the more common lineup in football is 433, and the striker will appear in the form of a trident. Like the former Barcelona attacking trident Messi, Suarez and Neymar.

In recent years, because there are many excellent pickup truck models in China, it is really difficult to choose the best among them. Therefore, this striker selection is not limited to the number of traditional rules.

List of strikers: SAIC Chase T90, Great Wall Gun Pickup Global Edition, Radar RD6, China Heavy Duty Truck VX7.

  Speed and explosiveness are the essential attributes of strikers, and SAIC Chase MAXUS T90 can be said to be remarkable in explosiveness. Torque refers to the average torque output from the crankshaft when the engine is running, commonly known as the "turning strength" of the engine, which is an important parameter of the engine performance. The greater the torque, the greater the "strength" of the engine output, the faster the change of crankshaft speed, and the better the climbing ability, starting speed and acceleration of the automobile. The biggest highlight of SAIC MAXUS T90 is the 2.0T twin-turbo diesel engine. The overall parameter level of this engine has reached the top level in the same displacement level, with a maximum power of 160kW and a maximum torque of 500N·m, both at home and abroad.

The popularity of the Great Wall Gun in China in recent years can be said to be unparalleled, and it should also be a "Mero" superstar in the center and front court. The reason for choosing the global version of the passenger pickup truck is that it is extremely balanced, not only has a relatively high level of configuration, but also has the attributes of high-end products for passengers, with front and rear seat heating and L2 automatic driving. The interior of the vehicle has also been upgraded, and you can feel the ingenuity of the Great Wall pickup truck at your fingertips.

  Radar RD6 is the first new energy pickup truck based on pure electric platform in China, which is synonymous with intelligence and comfort, and it also supports high-power external discharge mode. As a synonym for domestic new energy pickup trucks, RD6 is a product connecting tradition and future. On the court, it can be responsible for the position of the middle and front court in series, with both ability and technology.

  China Heavy Duty Truck VX7, as the representative of the new brand of pickup truck in China, China Heavy Duty Truck VGV VX7 is a load-bearing body pickup truck and also an SUV-class pickup truck. Both hard core configuration and power capability can be said to be excellent. In last year’s annual pickup truck model test, China Heavy Duty Truck VVVX7 had an advantage in acceleration. The average starting acceleration time of 40km/h was more than 0.3 seconds, and the fastest starting acceleration time had reached 2.96 seconds. Such speed is a necessary ability for a striker.


As the saying goes, the midfielder wins the world. The midfield is a very important and complicated position in the football match. Midfielders have more responsibilities. They are left midfield, right midfield and midfield. If the division is fine, there will be defensive midfield and offensive midfield. The defensive midfield is called the back. The attacking midfielder is called the front waist. Midfielders need more wise minds and the ability to attack. More famous players, Zidane, Harvey, Makelele, etc.

  Midfielders’ list: Great Wall Gun Off-road Pickup Mount Everest Edition, Jiangxi Isuzu D-MAX, Jiangling Domain Tiger 9, General Futian, Huanghai Mengniu (N7), Ruiqi 7, Jianghuai Hantu Bobcat Edition.

The Everest Edition of the Great Wall Gun Off-road pickup truck can be regarded as an advanced version or a second-generation upgraded version of the Great Wall Gun Off-road pickup truck. It has all the hard-core configurations of off-road guns, and the four-wheel drive system has been upgraded, including three modes: two-wheel drive, high-speed four-wheel drive and low-speed four-wheel drive, and it has front and rear differential locks, and the overall configuration is very powerful. Both software and hardware have obvious advantages in domestic pickup products, and it has all the potential of offensive midfield.

  The new D-MAX adopts a brand-new dynamic driving platform "ISUZU DYNAMIC DRIVE PLATFORM", which changes the design concept of the previous non-loaded body pickup truck, integrates the engine and the frame for R&D design, and moves the position of the engine backward, so that the weight distribution of the whole vehicle can reach an excellent balance. The new frame is designed with 8 beams and made of steel with higher strength and torsion resistance. In the actual driving process, good road riding comfort can be guaranteed. In the face of some bumpy off-road sections, the toughness and stability of the overall vehicle are also worthy of recognition. The position of defensive midfield is none other than it.

  Jiangling Domain Tiger 9, General Futian, Huanghai Mengniu (N7), Ruiqi 7, and Jianghuai Hantu Bobcat Edition are the best pickup trucks in China. Their greatest feature is their balance, that is, their ability to fight tough battles and their delicate technology. Pass and control, prevent counter-attacks, and put them on the court, they can perfectly execute any tactics.


  The defense line is collectively called the defender and is located in the backcourt. There are full-backs and central defenders. The main task is to defend, grab and stop the opponent’s attack. When changing from defense to attack, we should organize the attack and pass the first pass. In total football’s kicking method, it is an offensive force hidden behind, so we should wait for an opportunity to intervene and directly participate in the attack of the forward line.

  List of defenders: Great Wall King Kong Gun, Jiangxi Fifty Rinrin Tuo, Domain Tiger 7.

King Kong Gun is a brand-new pickup truck model built by Great Wall Gun, which is oriented to fashion and commerce. It is young at the same time. Putting it in the middle and back court can not only play an active role in series, but also play a great leap-forward advantage.

  Jiangling Domain Tiger 7 is currently positioned between Domain Tiger 9 and New Collection, but the overall style is closer to "Big Brother" Domain Tiger 9. Jiangling Domain Tiger 7 is a pickup truck product with high cost performance and a wide range of functions, which can perfectly take care of both home and business. The defender is the most comprehensive position on the court, and Domain Tiger 7 is more like a seasoned "defender", rushing around to help on the road to wealth creation.

  As a mid-market product of Jiangxi Isuzu brand, Lingtuo is the first choice for many Isuzu fans. With the iteration of product technology, Jiangxi Isuzu continued to broaden its product ideas and officially launched a brand-new Lingtuo gasoline version. Since then, Jiangxi Isuzu has realized the product layout of "diesel and gasoline dual standby". Connecting the preceding with the following, Yishang IKEA is synonymous with Lingtuo, which can give consideration to both offensive and defensive ends when placed on the court.


  The goalkeeper is located in front of the goal and is the last line of defense of the team. The main task is to guard the goal and prevent the ball from entering. When the defense turns to attack, the attack is organized with fast and accurate passing. He is a team member who can handle the ball by hand in the penalty area, plays the role of the third central defender in the competition for the high-altitude ball in the penalty area, and is also an indispensable backbone of the whole team’s defense and counterattack.

  Goalkeeper: Shanhaipao

The goalkeeper is the most critical presence on the court, and its necessity is better than all the positions on the court. To say that the most popular medium and large pickup truck in China at present is the Great Wall Shanhai Cannon which has not yet been listed. The car was officially unveiled at this year’s Chengdu Auto Show. The new car was built on the platform of intelligent professional off-road tank, equipped with 3.0T V6+9AT power system, and equipped with Borgwarner 4A+LOCK four-wheel drive system as standard, and it has a lot of fresh inspiration in container design. 3.0T V6+9AT power system, Shanhai Gun pioneered the domestic pickup truck, and its existence is irreplaceable.

  Conclusion:The above content is a small joke, please forgive me if there is anything wrong. "Youth is only a few World Cups" is a very popular phrase these days. The opening of the World Cup has increased the attention of domestic fans to football, and we also hope that our national team can appear on the stage of the World Cup as soon as possible.

8 new cars are exposed! Chery "Tiggo 8Pro sedan edition", BYD luxury MPV, 40,000.

Auto Meta-Universe has compiled eight new cars that are expected to be announced in 355 batches by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, including "Tiggo 8 Pro sedan edition", the first SUV Haoji of Fengshen Mach dual engine, MPV, the first MPV of high-end brand, ideal L9, etc. It is estimated that the minimum cost is only 40,000 yuan, so let’s have a quick look.


Time to market: 3rd quarter

Estimated starting price: 99,900 yuan

Eight new cars, including Chery, are expected to go on sale at 40,000-Figure 1 "src =" https://x0.ifengimg.com/ucms/2022 _ 16/2e90d6E5db350FA1EB2e497A 394636208F9E463 _ size31 _ w680 _ h453.jpg ">

Eight new cars, including Chery, are expected to be sold at a price of 40,000 yuan-Figure 2 "src =" https://x0.ifengimg.com/ucms/2022 _ 16/4EFA 23C 19262 CD B1BFD 4C131 CAE 683AA2BAD 5A9 _ size 28 _ W680 _ H400.JPG ">

Eight new cars, including Chery, are expected to go on sale at 40,000-Figure 3 "src =" https://x0.ifengimg.com/ucms/2022 _ 16/adcf3b6301bd4361a 80567a41565fa644b 567e _ size37 _ w680 _ h404.jpg ".

Eight new cars, including Chery, are expected to go on sale at 40,000-Figure 4 "src =" https://x0.ifengimg.com/ucms/2022 _ 16/A1DC 6bD784326BFCD 7cf149c7b62fb28847b _ size30 _ W680 _ H400.jpg ">


Estimated starting price: 350,000 yuan

Eight new cars, including Chery, are expected to go on sale at 40,000-Figure 5 "src =" https://x0.ifengimg.com/ucms/2022 _ 16/9518769E43F5239CF2880E231Ceba30b 2564EDA 3 _ Size44 _ W680 _ H404.JPG ".

Eight new cars, including Chery, are expected to be sold for 40,000-Figure 6 "src =" https://x0.ifengimg.com/ucms/2022 _ 16/DFC63EA89BC8CEE059CFF6A1830AE1185cc61235 _ Size43 _ W680 _ H400.JPG ">

Eight new cars, including Chery, are expected to be sold for 40,000 yuan-Figure 7 "src =" https://x0.ifengimg.com/ucms/2022 _ 16/337a0c5aabeb0ad4b4358344cb3c05a1a58593d6 _ size44 _ w680 _ h390.jpg ">

Unbounded Pro

It is expected to be released in May.

Estimated starting price: 40,000 yuan

Eight new cars, including Chery, are expected to be sold for 40,000-Figure 8 "src =" https://x0.ifengimg.com/ucms/2022 _ 16/3316E9A6D1A657599868BECC 093C 37Fc9D690 _ SIZE30 _ W680 _ H453.JPG ".

Eight new cars, including Chery, are expected to be sold for 40,000-Figure 9 "src =" https://x0.ifengimg.com/ucms/2022 _ 16/8D2ff98212B 873648B9E7188C702E7B465E138D7 _ size29 _ W680 _ H336.JPG ".

Eight new cars, including Chery, are expected to be sold at a price of 40,000 yuan-Figure 10 "src =" https://x0.ifengimg.com/ucms/2022 _ 16/ae4cdc8c30be7474bb71a785ceba3c7e98d86c59 _ size34 _ w680 _ h402.jpg ">

Feng Shen Hao Ji

Starting on April 13th.

Estimated starting price: 120,000 yuan

Eight new cars, including Chery, are expected to go on sale at 40,000-Figure 11 "src =" https://x0.ifengimg.com/ucms/2022 _ 16/9F64D731D54C297AA3E63E65600D6E563E35F5 _ size35 _ W680 _ H406.jpg.

Eight new cars, including Chery, are expected to go on sale at 40,000-Figure 12 "src =" https://x0.ifengimg.com/ucms/2022 _ 16/2c7F688aa31bf3246993c62ed763a9ab28653 _ size31 _ w680 _ h400.jpg ".

Eight new cars, including Chery, are expected to go on sale at 40,000-figure 13 "src =" https://x0.ifengimg.com/ucms/2022 _ 16/b02f0468175cb5ee5d fadd54c19e266ff9623825 _ size33 _ w680 _ h400.jpg ">

Eight new cars, including Chery, are expected to go on sale at 40,000-Figure 14 "src =" https://x0.ifengimg.com/ucms/2022 _ 16/8970EEBB8DE7C61D DCBEA131D4029004942757E9 _ SIZE28 _ W680 _ H245.JPG ">

New energy C385

Released on April 13th

Estimated starting price: 150,000 yuan

Eight new cars, including Chery, are expected to be sold for 40,000-Figure 15 "src =" https://x0.ifengimg.com/ucms/2022 _ 16/56EEADB0B4619b 054E08C9506270E2CE8974F22b _ Size28 _ W680 _ H400.jpg.

Eight new cars, including Chery, are expected to be sold for 40,000 yuan-figure 16 "src =" https://x0.ifengimg.com/ucms/2022 _ 16/f949e319186b6d07c 70b9ba70681fae4b843d94 _ size34 _ w680 _ h396.jpg.

Eight new cars, including Chery, are expected to go on sale at 40,000-figure 17 "src =" https://x0.ifengimg.com/ucms/2022 _ 16/3b2d3998a297a53109af4eeae5cea0d7a8440 _ size33 _ w680 _ h404.jpg ">

Cross-country BJ60

Estimated time to market: October

Estimated price range: 200,000-350,000 yuan

Eight new cars, including Chery, are expected to go on sale at 40,000-figure 18 "src =" https://x0.ifengimg.com/ucms/2022 _ 16/d3a313a6aeac25446 aed4c409e 261a 682bfd70c88 _ size60 _ w680 _ h406.jpg ">

Eight new cars, including Chery, are expected to be sold at a price of 40,000 yuan-Figure 19 "src =" https://x0.ifengimg.com/ucms/2022 _ 16/D0Afc73EEF05758d614b 61bb05f7E00f8590052 _ size59 _ W680 _ H400.jpg ".

Ideality L9

It is expected to be released in May

Price range: 450,000-500,000 yuan

Eight new cars, including Chery, are expected to go on sale at 40,000-figure 20 "src =" https://x0.ifengimg.com/ucms/2022 _ 16/91f3a836074a9100e125e53a24f67ae93f135844 _ size35 _ w680 _ h406.

Eight new cars, including Chery, are expected to go on sale at 40,000-Figure 21 "src =" https://x0.ifengimg.com/ucms/2022 _ 16/787dbe266928547B314d 846a 85884d39e338ba32 _ size27 _ W680 _ H409.

Eight new cars, including Chery, are expected to be sold for 40,000 yuan-figure 22 "src =" https://x0.ifengimg.com/ucms/2022 _ 16/153d71c846e88acae03368d81c7b4e5c18595c _ size47 _ w680 _ h396.jpg ".


Estimated starting price: 400,000 yuan

Eight new cars, including Chery, are expected to be sold at a price of 40,000-Figure 23 "src =" https://x0.ifengimg.com/ucms/2022 _ 16/7D359E8ED3393C 1307A 75B 099999EDEAF 297692811 _ Size61 _ W680 _ H400.jpg.

(The picture below is an imaginary picture)

Eight new cars, including Chery, are expected to go on sale at 40,000-Figure 24 "src =" https://x0.ifengimg.com/ucms/2022 _ 16/597d502da83E2F0D83d58c154c2d85af53a415 _ size33 _ w680 _ h329.jpg ".

Among the above eight models, unbounded Pro will directly compete with Hongguang EV after listing; The M1E interior, which is regarded as the "Tiggo 8 PRO sedan version", is similar; As the first model of the new pure electric "high-end brand", C385 has a larger size ratio; Which one are you looking forward to most?

The Great Wall Gun appeared at Shijiazhuang Auto Show, bringing a new experience of pickup truck.

2021 China Shijiazhuang International Expo on New Energy and Smart Cars and Hebei (9th) Automobile Culture Festival were grandly opened during the Labor Day. In this grand event, the Great Wall Gun also made a grand appearance with its ace models, off-road guns, passenger guns and commercial guns, adding a touch of bright colors to the auto show. The Great Wall Gun appeared at the auto show site and was sought after by many riders, who came to the booth to punch in.

Blending into diverse life scenes such as travel, camping, photography and adventure, it subverts people’s traditional perception of pickup trucks. In terms of Shijiazhuang’s topography, Shijiazhuang spans Taihang Mountain and North China Plain, and the mountainous area accounts for about half of the total area, and there are many unpaved roads. At this time, no matter whether you want to swim in the city or go cross-country on mountain roads, the Great Wall Cannon can satisfy you and take you across the sea and Qian Shan to reach your journey easily.

The Great Wall Gun can be said to have broken through the concept of pickup truck in people’s impression, and can realize multi-function and multi-scene conversion. If you want to sketch or camp in the wild, we have cross-country guns, if you want to swim between cities, we have passenger guns, and of course, if you want to bring goods, this commercial gun can be your best choice.

The pickup truck for the Great Wall Gun is equipped with the first 8AT gearbox and multi-link rear suspension in the industry. It also has a variety of driving modes such as standard, economy, sports and 4L. TOD intelligent four-wheel drive and rear axle electronic differential system make driving smoother. In terms of safety, it is equipped with the latest generation 9.3 version of ESP, and equipped with a 360-pixel panoramic system, as well as a number of black technologies such as lane departure, parallel assistance, lane keeping, ACC adaptive cruise, AEB automatic braking, semi-automatic parking, road traffic sign recognition, etc., caring for every trip.

Gasoline allocation price parameter: 126800-159800; Diesel configuration price parameter: 133800-166800.

In contrast, as another important member of the "Three Artillery", the commercial pickup truck of Great Wall Artillery is more unique in design and is an inseparable partner of young people who create wealth. With the super loading capacity and unlimited modification potential brought by the deepest container of the same class, it can be efficiently adapted to various commercial scenarios and create unlimited commercial value for users.

Gasoline allocation price parameter: 97800- 121800 range; Diesel configuration price parameter: 117800- 128800.

For off-road enthusiasts, the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck is a "superstar"-like existence. It has more than ten unique off-road equipment with fever level, such as three locks, tank turning, crawling mode, wading throat, off-road expert mode, etc., all of which are the first equipment of China pickup truck, which can tackle the extreme off-road sections and help enthusiasts get through every inch of bad roads smoothly. In addition, the oversized rear bucket can be customized according to the owner’s own preferences, showing its unique personality.

Gasoline allocation price parameter: 169800- 200800 range; Diesel configuration price parameter: 153800- 207800 range.

At the scene of this auto show, at the beginning of the event, led by our "heavy artillery girl", a large number of spectators were attracted to participate enthusiastically. Everyone punched in the booth of the Great Wall Artillery, received exquisite gifts, and participated in the H5 questionnaire to complete the lucky draw. The popular online celebrity anchor broadcast live at two different times in the morning and afternoon, attracting countless online fans to punch in and actively interact with offline audiences, and invited the sales staff at our booth to give you a professional and detailed explanation of the Great Wall Artillery.

In order to thank consumers for their support of the brand, Great Wall Gun specially launched a four-fold gift for buying a car to give back to users. 1. Financial Gift: You can enjoy a two-year zero-interest financial policy when buying a car; 2, replacement ceremony: enjoy a high replacement subsidy of 5,000 yuan; 3, interconnection ceremony: basic services are free for life, entertainment services are free for three years, and exclusive services are free for one year; 4. Service Gift: The engine and transmission enjoy a four-year or 100,000-kilometer long warranty. Full of sincerity, don’t miss it!

Source: Hebei News Network

Huawei held a spring flagship new product launch conference, and more than ten new products were released.

On March 23, 2023, Huawei’s spring flagship new product launch conference arrived as scheduled. Huawei P60 series, the flagship of a new generation of intelligent image and technology aesthetics, and Huawei Mate X3 series, the flagship of a new generation of folding screen, were released. At the same time, Huawei WATCH Ultimate, Huawei Bracelet B7, Huawei FreeBuds 5, Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2+, Huawei MatePad 11-inch 2023, Huawei Enjoy 60, Huawei Xiaozi Ling Parent Route Q6, and Huawei Qingyun, a brand-new terminal commercial brand, all appeared.

The flagship of intelligent image and aesthetics, Huawei P60 series.

The brand-new image flagship Huawei P60 series focuses on the release, which subtly integrates smart images with scientific aesthetics, deduces the classic design language, leads the innovation of mobile images, and brings double sublimation of senses and experiences.

Huawei P60 series inherits the excellent genes of Huawei P series photography and aesthetics, and is equipped with super-focusing XMAGE image system. By upgrading the image architecture in the whole link, the optical system structure of main camera and telephoto is changed, and the super-focusing telephoto lens group is created, bringing extraordinary image experience. On this basis, Huawei P60 series has made a new interpretation of classic colors. In addition to the three colors of feather sand purple, feather sand black and emerald green, it also brings a brand-new rococo white. Rococo white color matching adopts the industry’s first "condensed Fritillaria process", which is made by hand and blended with natural mineral pearl powder to make the fuselage shine and realize the natural texture that cannot be copied like natural Fritillaria. Each branch is unique.

Huawei P60 series brings together advanced innovative technologies, and its product strength has been upgraded. For the first time, it supports two-way Beidou satellite messages, uses four-curved Kunlun glass to be ten times resistant to falling, uses Linxi communication technology, and supports cutting-edge black technology experiences such as 88W super wired fast charging Turbo. The product is also equipped with HarmonyOS 3.1 operating system for the first time, with elegant UX design, which brings the improvement of exquisiteness and quality.

In addition, Huawei P60 Art was also released in shock, and its products were inspired by the island, shaping the iconic island camera shape, bringing the design concept of "shape with heart" and creating a pioneer of artistic aesthetics.

Huawei has always led the development of mobile image culture. At the press conference, Yolanda, ambassador of Huawei P60 series images, announced the launch of the "Good images are not afraid of the night" image collection activity, calling on users to use Huawei P60 series to discover the beauty of the night, record light and shadow stories and give art to life.

Huawei’s new folding flagship Huawei Mate X3: the era of enlightenment, beyond imagination.

Huawei Mate X3 creatively realizes the integration of pioneering technology, aesthetics and excellent experience, creates a brand-new folding flagship beyond imagination, and forcefully opens a brand-new era of folding screen mobile phones.

Huawei Mate X3 breaks through the weight limit, with a plain leather model of 239g, which is light and weighs the hand. It is the industry’s first four-fold folding fuselage, and it is warm and comfortable to hold. The reliability is outstanding, and the internal and external double screens have obtained the double five-star authoritative certification of Swiss SGS for falling resistance and impact resistance; Equipped with the industry’s highest PPI, Huawei Lingjing TM display large screen, with ultra-high resolution, dual 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, and full color gamut and full link color management, making it the first large-screen folding mobile phone with both internal and external screens certified by TüV Rheinland. In terms of performance, it supports two-way Beidou satellite messages, which brings the peace of mind experience of sending and receiving two-way contact. At the same time, it is equipped with super-strong communication to ensure users’ worry-free signals anytime and anywhere. Open the all-round shooting experience, have a periscope 5 times optical zoom, and support the functions of fast flash and hovering photography; Enlighten HarmonyOS’s folding ecology, deeply optimize the intelligent interaction, split screen experience and large screen adaptation, and achieve extraordinary folding screen experience.

Huawei’s strongest watch to date, Huawei WATCH Ultimate’s extraordinary master, was launched in the world, bringing "breaking the sky" technology.

Today, Huawei’s new high-end flagship smart watch Huawei WATCH Ultimate is released by the extraordinary master. As Huawei’s most powerful smart watch to date, the extraordinary master of Huawei WATCH Ultimate brings users an extraordinary wrist experience with epoch-making communication technology, excellent craftsmanship, extreme professional sports and advanced health management. As the world’s first popular smart watch that supports two-way Beidou satellite messages (receiving function and subsequent OTA upgrade support), Huawei WATCH Ultimate supports one-click transmission of Beidou satellite messages, and can also ask for help without ground network signals; The ultra-strong amorphous zirconium alloy case brings a brand-new wrist craft aesthetics; Support 100-meter deep-sea diving, and at the same time add a variety of diving modes such as leisure scuba diving and technical diving (to be upgraded by subsequent OTA), bringing a new experience of sports performance of smart watches; In addition, Huawei WATCH Ultimate supports basic health monitoring such as heart rate and blood oxygen. At the same time, users who wear it can join a number of health studies in cooperation with third-party medical institutions, bringing users more professional and richer high-level health management services.

Two-in-one bracelet and headset, health monitoring and upgrading Huawei’s call bracelet B7 was officially released.

At the press conference, a new generation of Huawei call bracelet B7 was officially unveiled. Continuing the two-in-one form of Huawei bracelet B series classic bracelet-earphone, Huawei call bracelet B7 is equipped with a 1.53-inch 3D curved flexible screen with a pixels per inch of 326PPI;; The whole machine is as thin as 12.5mm, bringing wrist aesthetics with angular and tough business style design; Equipped with Kirin A1 chip and dual MIC noise reduction, the anti-interference is more stable and the voice call is clearer; Automatic blood oxygen detection is added, and health functions such as intelligent heart rate monitoring, stress housekeeper and female physiological cycle management are supported. With the unique product form and innovative technology of two-in-one bracelet and headset, more people can experience intelligent, healthy and convenient digital life.

A new generation of semi-ear flagship Huawei FreeBuds 5 was officially released.

On March 23, 2023, at the spring flagship new product launch conference of Huawei, Huawei officially released the flagship new product Huawei FreeBuds 5 of semi-in-ear TWS headphones, adopting a brand-new "water drop" shape to interpret the new "sound" of aesthetics. To subvert the traditional full-curved streamline design. 1. Full-link high-resolution sound quality, semi-open comfortable noise reduction and intelligent audio connection meet the needs of users from fashion design, comfortable wearing, high-quality listening to seamless flow of multiple devices, and become a fashionable audio companion for new generations to listen comfortably.

Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2+ was released, and the double measurement of heart rate and temperature brought a new experience of wisdom and health.

At the press conference, Huawei also launched a brand-new TWS in-ear earphone, Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2+.Based on the full-link high-resolution sound quality certified by Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2, it is innovatively equipped with ear heart rate and body temperature detection functions, which can support sports data recording and information broadcasting when used in conjunction with HUAWEI Health App, so that users can easily understand their own sports status and enjoy a more intelligent and convenient sports and healthy life while listening to songs and sports.

Huawei MatePad 11-inch 2023 soft light screen, leading a new experience of paperless learning screen.

Huawei MatePad 11-inch 2023 tablets (soft light version and standard version) were released, and four new color schemes were introduced: streamer purple, island blue, crystal diamond white and obsidian black. Among them, Huawei MatePad 11-inch 2023 soft light version is equipped with Huawei’s first paper-like soft light screen, with the industry’s first German Rhine TUV non-reflective certification and SGS low-vision fatigue gold standard certification. It adopts nano-scale etching process to effectively eliminate screen glare and reflection, and the soft light screen equipped with HUAWEI M-Pencil (second generation) soft light version restores the familiar paper-like reading and writing experience, and writing does not slip more paper; Configure the newly upgraded HarmonyOS 3.1, PC-level WPS Office, Huawei notes, curriculum FA cards and other more professional software ecosystems, and facilitate the collaboration of super terminals, remote PCs and super transfer stations to create a new one-stop learning experience covering both inside and outside the classroom and collaborative multi-terminal devices.

Huawei enjoys 60 long battery life of HarmonyOS mobile phone.

The newly released Huawei Enjoy 60 continues to enjoy a series of long battery life genes, equipped with a 6000mAh (typical) large battery and a 22.5W Huawei super fast charge, which brings a fully charged life and relieves battery life anxiety. Stylish and classic star-shining double-ring design, showing symmetrical aesthetics; Equipped with 48 million high-definition image system, it gives consumers a broader space for image creation.

Huawei enjoys 60 and also has a 6.75-inch audio-visual screen to enjoy immersive viewing; 256GB of large memory to realize free storage of mobile phones; Equipped with HarmonyOS 3, it further enhances user privacy and security, makes application access and device security more transparent and controllable, and makes user data protection simpler and more secure. Huawei Enjoy 60 starts at 1299 yuan, and will be officially launched at Huawei Mall, major authorized e-commerce, Huawei experience stores and authorized retailers at 10:08 on March 24th.

Huawei releases Lingxiao technology to lead the whole house Wi-Fi experience innovation.

In view of the fact that traditional Mesh and single routing can’t solve the problem of high-speed and stable coverage of Wi-Fi in the whole house, Huawei has introduced new Lingxiao PLC technology, Lingxiao super networking and Linxi dual Wi-Fi and other advanced technologies to lead the innovation of Wi-Fi experience in the whole house and provide consumers with solutions to meet the needs of good Wi-Fi in the whole house.

At the same time, as the first whole-house Wi-Fi product equipped with Lingxiao technology, Huawei’s Xiaozi Ling bus route Q6 combines many characteristics such as wide coverage, strong performance, efficient networking, intelligence and safety, which makes the wires turn into fast network lines and solves the wall problems. In terms of price, Huawei’s Xiaozi Ling parent route Q6 power line version is priced at 899 yuan, which was officially launched at 20:08 on March 23, 2023. Huawei’s Xiaozi Ling parent route Q6 network cable version is priced at 1699 yuan, and it is expected to be upgraded in April. Users can log in to Huawei Mall and authorized e-commerce, or go to Huawei offline experience stores and authorized retailers for more details.

Qingyun goes straight to create a new environment, and a brand-new terminal commercial brand Huawei Qingyun is released.

Today, Huawei Terminal released the exclusive sub-brand "Huawei Qingyun" for commercial business areas and products, and at the same time released two Huawei Qingyun G540 for government and large enterprise customers and Huawei Qingyun S540 for small and medium-sized enterprises.

"Go straight to the cloud and create a new world together" is the concept of Huawei’s Qingyun brand. Its purpose is to bring customers into the ultimate "cloud" ideal and future with Huawei’s all-scene interconnection and independent innovation.

It is reported that Huawei’s terminal commercial products have achieved full coverage of office scenes, creating rich customized solutions for customers in different industries, and have been widely recognized by customers, markets and channel partners. In the future, Huawei Qingyun will adhere to the brand DNA of reliable quality, independent innovation, openness and co-creation, and people-oriented. Huawei will continue to play the role of "fellow traveler", devote itself to in-depth understanding of business, provide commercial terminal solutions suitable for user scenarios, promote the transformation of production tools in the commercial field with the advanced technology of the whole stack, and join hands with partners to help the majority of government and enterprise users reach the interconnected digital cloud future, and help China’s high-quality economic development and the construction of digital China.

HarmonyOS 3 will be upgraded in all HUAWEI departments, and the M5 series advanced intelligent driving version of Huawei will be released in April.

HarmonyOS’s smart cockpit is always new, and all models of HUAWEI will start to upgrade HarmonyOS 3, bringing a smoother, more relaxed and natural interactive experience. After the upgrade, car owners can enjoy rich new functions such as super desktop, smart car search, PC collaboration, small art and no wake-up, and the new privacy mode of the main driver will protect the personal information security of car owners.

HUAWEI M5 and M5 EV advanced intelligent driving versions equipped with the latest Huawei intelligent driving technology will be released in April, bringing users an unimaginable intelligent driving experience. With the blessing of HUAWEI’s full-stack technology, Huawei’s series of cars have excellent driving and control strength with super power and super stability and comfort, ranking first in the new energy brand new car quality ranking in "2022 Passenger Car New Car Quality Report", and the net recommended value of Huawei’s M5 car owners is as high as 86.4%.

There are 10,000 vehicles offline in 45 days. Why is the Haval Xiaolong series so hot?

In recent years, the transformation wave of new energy automobile industry has continued to surge, and China brand has made progress with the dual transition of technology and industry, and bravely rushed to the forefront of the torrent of the times. As a masterpiece of Haval’s new energy in the true sense, Haval Xiaolong MAX (parameter picture) is the first to take a brand-new Hi4, which opens the era of all-people electric four-wheel drive with "the experience of four-wheel drive and the price of two-wheel drive".

Today (July 1st), only 45 days after the launch of the Haval Xiaolong series, it officially ushered in the milestone moment of the 10,000th vehicle off the assembly line. In June this year, the sales volume of the Haval Xiaolong series reached 6,098 vehicles, a significant increase of 97% from the previous month. The rapid rising momentum confirms the excellent product strength of Xiaolong series. At the same time, Haval also released the OTA plan of Xiaolong MAX, helping Haval Xiaolong series to set off a new wave intelligently.

New OTA to build smart cockpit ceiling

Haval Xiaolong MAX has refreshed the smart ceiling in the field of new energy SUV in China with the new generation of Coffee OS smart cockpit and coffee smart driving. Today, the OTA function upgrade plan is ushered in, which further enhances the user experience with technology upgrade and builds an unbreakable smart moat.

It is understood that when the new OTA is upgraded, Haval Xiaolong MAX will add 3D car control function, which can control the opening and closing of windows, skylights and tailgates, and realize the control of HUD display screen. The 3D car model will also show the switching of vehicle driving modes in the form of more scientific and technological sense and e-sports. At the same time, the energy management function is integrated into the car control car design page, and the change of vehicle energy flow is presented in 3D, so that users can truly perceive the power-saving logic of Haval Xiaolong MAX.

In addition, the Haval brand has also completely renewed the car application, deeply developed and adapted to the Himalayas, and the UI interface has been completely renewed, breaking through the voice barrier between the APP and the car. Users can select, play and switch through voice. On-line sound museum function, users can query musical instruments, animals, transportation, life, nature and other sound effects through voice assistants. Add startup animation switch, support custom drop-down panel, and add four shortcut switches: low-speed pedestrian warning sound, power mode, driving mode and smart parking.

In addition, Haval will continue to carry out the second OTA upgrade, and Haval Xiaolong MAX will be equipped with the AI ? ? big model. Through hundreds of millions of data accumulation, the AI ? ? big model will give the vehicle an active travel plan, combined with user preferences and algorithm analysis, to provide car owners with massive travel options.

Haval Xiaolong MAX will also be equipped with handcart interconnection and interaction, including super desktop, navigation relay and other functions. Among them, after the car is paired for the first time, it is detected that the paired mobile phone is on the car, and the mobile phone APPlication can be directly presented on the car screen, and the control of the mobile phone app can be realized through the car terminal. The experience brought by the navigation relay function is that the route follows people, the car screen guides the driving route, and the mobile phone relay is taken when you get off the bus, so as to navigate the remaining routes, realizing the seamless relay between the car navigation and mobile navigation, and ensuring continuous navigation.

Review of Haval Xiaolong MAX model

Compared with young people, the shape of Haval Xiaolong MAX can be said to be very eye-catching. The borderless mesh grille on the front face has a strong sense of the future.

The side of Haval Xiaolong MAX adopts a penetrating waistline to create a visual lengthening effect. The rear of the car looks relatively simple. The taillights do not use the through taillights, but adopt the double-layer light strip design, which has strong recognition. Xiaolong MAX also comes standard with 19-inch rims.

The interior style of Haval Xiaolong MAX is quite exquisite. The multifunctional three-position flat-bottomed steering wheel with a 12.3-inch triple screen is very attractive. In addition, Haval Xiaolong MAX has mobile phone holders on both sides, all of which support wireless charging. The car system is equipped with Snapdragon 8155 car chip to ensure the smoothness of the operating experience.

In the new energy era, intelligence is standard. Haval Xiaolong MAX is equipped with a new generation of Coffee OS intelligent cockpit system, which is the leading industry of Great Wall Motor. The voice assistant wakes up 300ms, responds 400ms, and the vehicle control skill responds 900ms, crushing competitors. Vehicle control covers 12 fields, including vehicle control and vehicle setting, system setting, navigation, multimedia and air conditioning.

In terms of power, the Hi4 intelligent electric hybrid four-wheel drive system carried by Xiaolong MAX consists of a 1.5L engine and front and rear dual motors. The comprehensive power of the system is 279 HP and the comprehensive torque is 585 Nm. The transmission system is matched with a 2-speed DHT gearbox. Commuting in the city, pure electric drive mode has become the first choice, which can achieve 105 kilometers of "zero fuel consumption" pure electric cruising range, and the fuel consumption of the whole vehicle under comprehensive working conditions is as low as 1.78L/100km.

Set a new benchmark for technology research and development

The new energy era is accelerating industry changes, and profound intellectual strength will help brands win the future. As a car company that loves technology, Great Wall Motor has always insisted on excessive investment in R&D. In 2022 alone, the R&D investment has exceeded 12 billion yuan, and technological innovation has helped the core competitiveness to continue to improve; By 2025, the cumulative R&D investment will reach 100 billion yuan.

In terms of channels, Haval New Energy Network opened 100 stores, creating a business ecology that is not limited to cars with the new model of "service+products", and helping Haval New Energy to open a new era. Up to now, Haval New Energy Network has completed the deployment of 326 Haval New Energy Network stores in major sales regions across the country; It is estimated that by the end of 2023, Haval’s new energy brand channel will cover 200+ prefecture-level cities nationwide and 800+ stores will be officially put into operation.

As the most successful SUV brand in China, with the good reputation accumulated by the brand and the strong product strength of Xiaolong series, I believe that Haval brand can occupy a place in the new energy market. Haval, which is full of vitality, strength and influence, will bring users a low-carbon and environmentally-friendly travel experience with the strength of leading hybrid technology, and inject a strong force into the revitalization of China’s automobile industry.

A grand event! Huawei Smart Photovoltaic Distribution VAP Annual Meeting Held Solemnly

On January 6th, 2023, Huawei Smart Photovoltaic Distribution VAP Annual Meeting was held in Shenzhen. Eight distribution VAPs attended the event, including Hou Jinlong, President of Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Yang Yougui, President of Huawei Digital Energy Global Marketing Service System, Zhou Jianjun, President of Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in China, and Zhu Ke, Minister of Huawei Digital Energy Supply Center. The conference carried out leaders’ speeches, business review in 2022, discussion and discussion, signing of military order for performance in 2023, awarding flags, and awarding prizes at dinner.


Legend: Huawei Smart Photovoltaic Distribution VAP Annual Meeting Event Site

Looking back at the glory, we will achieve good results together.

In 2022, with the joint efforts of distribution partners, Huawei Smart Photovoltaic exceeded the annual target, successfully built a "100 million yuan" club, and at the same time emerged a number of distribution stars such as growth "kings" and newcomers "kings". Among them, SUN2000-50KTL-ZHM3, as an explosive product, its sales performance in just four months is close to the total distribution performance in 2021.


Legend: Hou Jinlong, President of Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd. delivered a speech.

At the event site, Hou Jinlong, president of Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a speech, expressing affirmation and gratitude to the distribution partners for their support and contribution all the time. He said that the energy industry is an ecological industry, and Huawei Digital Energy brings its partners together to fully enable them to build product competitiveness through continuous technological innovation, and work with global partners to build an open, symbiotic and win-win industrial ecosystem.


Legend: Yang Yougui, President of Huawei Digital Energy Global Marketing Service System, delivered a speech.

Yang Yougui, president of Huawei Digital Energy Global Marketing Service System, said in his speech that Huawei Digital Energy will insist on making good products, building a good channel team, creating digital combat tools, supporting partners to achieve real results, truly achieving a win-win situation, and working hand in hand with partners to create greater glory.


Legend: Zhou Jianjun, President of Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in China, made a summary of the discussion.

During the discussion session, the distribution partners spoke enthusiastically, and the senior leaders of Huawei Digital Energy responded around the overall strategy, product situation, personnel training, support services and other issues. The atmosphere of on-site communication was warm.

Zhou Jianjun, president of Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in China, said at the summary of the seminar that we should always be ready to meet the outbreak of industry opportunities, develop the ability of traders through systematic empowerment of partners, and continue to exert our efforts in policy, business environment and brand building around the three dimensions of capabilities, supply and products, and establish a transparent system to fully enhance the ability of partners.


Legend: Xing Qing, Vice President of Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in China, spoke.

Xing Qing, vice president of Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in China, reviewed and summarized the overall business situation in 2022, and looked forward to the future. He said that Huawei Smart Photovoltaic is committed to creating value for customers and partners. In the future, it will build a full-scenario full-business model partnership system to empower partners and improve land fertility. At the same time, with the help of digital means, we will provide strong support to our partners through online digital energy marketing materials and combat tool platforms.

Give food and soldiers, and send them with heavy gifts.


Legend: 50K Racing Awards Presentation Site


Legend: "Strategy" Award Presentation Site

2022 is an extraordinary year. All distribution VAP partners work hard and live up to their mission to achieve the highest distribution performance in history. On the road of co-creation, symbiosis and common prosperity, many partners and regions with excellent abilities stand out and surpass the challenging goals. In recognition of outstanding individuals, teams and traders, 50K Racing Award, "Strategy" Award, Ultimate Challenge Award and many other awards were specially set up. Many distribution VAP partners won awards, and the scene was full of stars and prizes were overwhelming.


Legend: Wen Jie M5 and Wen Jie M7 appeared at the dinner.

In the event awarding session, with the appearance of the asking team at the dinner of Intercontinental Hotel in Shenzhen OCT, the shining appearance of the asking M5 and the asking M7 pushed the atmosphere to the climax, and the distribution partners at the scene were eagerly looking forward to it. Under the joint witness of the senior leaders of Huawei Digital Energy Company, the winners of the ultimate challenge award, the M5 and M7, were announced, and the distribution partners who made outstanding contributions in 2022 were rewarded and encouraged.


Legend: Ultimate Challenge Awards Ceremony

2023 will be the first year for China’s smart photovoltaic to grow at a high speed, surpass history, create brilliance again and take off again. With the release of the "double carbon" policy to various industries, the introduction of the EU carbon tariff policy CBAM, the rural revitalization has become a national plan, the development of photovoltaic industry chain will be more stable, and the dynamic changes of policies such as electricity trading marketization can be predicted, and the installed capacity of photovoltaic will soon usher in a spurt growth. Grasping the opportunity of rapid industrial development, I believe that more distribution partners will join hands with Huawei Smart Photovoltaic, and in 2023, we will achieve greater success and emerge more excellent partners!

BYD Han-street shooting exposure is expected to be 180,000/the front face looks like Jianghuai S7.

The online auto market has obtained a set of street photos of BYD Han, which is a plug-in hybrid version of Han. From the front face design, the Chinese plug-in hybrid version uses a hexagonal grille with horizontal chrome decoration, which is very similar to JAC Ruifeng S7. The online auto market recently learned from 4s stores in Beijing that Han will be listed as early as June, and the plug-in hybrid version is expected to start at 180,000 yuan.

BYD’s Chinese plug-in hybrid version adopts coupe style as a whole, and the front face continues the family-style "Dragon Face" design. It is worth mentioning that BYD’s wind drag coefficient is only 0.233Cd, which benefits from the design concept of "front circle and rear". There are many netizens who ridicule and drive BYD Han, and the return rate will definitely not be low.

It is understood that the more "round" the front section of the vehicle, the faster the wind hits the vehicle, and the more "square" the rear section, the faster the wind can leave the vehicle. As BYD’s flagship car, this car has a mass of 2020kg, especially the black model, which gives people a heavy feeling. In addition, the Chinese plug-in hybrid version also uses a penetrating taillight design, which echoes the LED headlights and is full of layers.

In terms of body size, BYD’s Chinese plug-in hybrid version has a length, width and height of 4980×1910×1495mm and a wheelbase of 2920mm respectively. In terms of power, the Chinese plug-in hybrid version uses a combination of a 2.0T engine, a lithium nickel cobalt manganate battery and a permanent magnet synchronous motor, with a maximum output power of 180kW and a maximum torque of 330N.m. In pure electric mode, the NEDC comprehensive cruising range of the car is 81km, and the power consumption per 100 km is 17.1kWh.

In addition, in addition to the plug-in hybrid version, Han also provides a pure electric version. Hanchun has two forms: single motor and double motor. The maximum power of the single motor version is 163kW and the maximum torque is 330N.m;: On the basis of the 163kW motor, the rear drive motor with the maximum power of 200kW and the maximum torque of 350N.m is added. It is understood that the car’s acceleration time of 100 kilometers is only 3.9 seconds.