Are overseas users also fascinated by China pickup trucks? No one can bear the charm of the Great Wall pickup truck "global gun"

For a long time in the past, when it comes to pickup trucks, many people’s first impression is the image of a "tool truck" driving on a mountain village road. Until the last two years, domestic pickup truck fans began to grow, and they and all kinds of pickup trucks can be seen in more and more cross-circle activities. Faced with this grand occasion, we have to thank the Great Wall Gun for its persistence and efforts, and since its listing in 2019, it has held high the slogan of "making pickup trucks popular"

200,000 sales base, the Great Wall artillery sword refers to the whole world.

Up to now, the Great Wall Gun has achieved a sales volume of 200,000 in just two years. It is worth mentioning that this achievement also includes important contributions from overseas markets. It has achieved good results in more than 50 countries and regions around the world, such as Australia, New Zealand, Chile, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Egypt, and its market performance has continued to strengthen.

Taking the Chilean market as an example, Great Wall Gun has successfully captured a large number of local pickup fans with its product strength far exceeding that of competing products at the same level. From January to July this year, thanks to the outstanding contribution of Great Wall Gun, the sales of Great Wall pickup trucks in Chile totaled 4,773 vehicles, ranking second in the overall market and the first in China brand. In July, it successfully won the title of the first pickup truck market in Chile.

Take root in the local culture and promote the pickup truck of the Great Wall to continue to rise.

The reason why the Great Wall Cannon can be used in overseas markets like a duck to water has a lot to do with its localization development strategy. It has always been rooted in local culture. Whether it is in Australia, it is a strong alliance with IRONMAN, the most popular triathlon in the local new middle class, sponsoring the women’s netball event Pulse in New Zealand, or combining "desert culture" to unlock new gameplay when it is listed in Saudi Arabia, we can see the intention of the Great Wall Cannon in digging deep into the local pickup culture. No wonder it can win wherever it goes.

Of course, the Great Wall Gun can now rank among the first camp in the global pickup truck market, not only because of its own strength, but also because of the full support of Great Wall Motor. Especially on the technical level, based on the R&D layout of Great Wall Motor in "seven countries and ten places" and the global production layout of "12+5", Great Wall Gun has become one of the few models in the pickup truck field that integrates multi-link rear suspension, 8AT and many leading intelligent driving assistance technologies.