Commodity evaluation of 2021 krypton ZEEKR 001 new car

As the leading third-party automobile quality evaluation platform in China, Chezhi. com launched the column of "New Car Commodity Evaluation" based on massive automobile product test samples and scientific data model. Every month, according to several models on sale that have been listed in China for less than two years, and the mileage is less than 5,000 kilometers, through the two dimensions of objective data and subjective feelings, senior appraisers use professional equipment to systematically test and evaluate, so as to comprehensively display and analyze the overall commodity level of new cars in the domestic automobile market and provide objective and true opinions for consumers when purchasing vehicles.

As a pioneer of its own brand’s impact on the high-end electric car market, the extremely krypton ZEEKR 001 has been a topic model in the new energy automobile circle since its listing. Whether it is a rare hatchback shape, rich intelligent configuration or a hard-core acceleration performance of 3.8 seconds, it all shows its extraordinary product charm. According to the data of Chezhi. com, as of April 2022, there were 27 complaints about the pure quality of 2021 ZEEKR 001, and the short-term word-of-mouth performance is worthy of recognition. Then, can the 2021 extremely krypton ZEEKR 001 continue the existing word-of-mouth performance? Will there be some new problems that ordinary consumers can’t find? This issue of "new car commodity evaluation" will clear the fog for you, and restore a real 2021 extremely krypton ZEEKR 001 through objective data and subjective feelings.

I. Objective data

This project mainly shows the new car’s commercial performance in an all-round way in the form of objective data through the field tests of 12 items, such as body technology, paint film level, air quality inside the car, noise inside the car, static vibration inside the car, parking radar and lighting/vision.

In the process of body testing, 10 key parts are selected for the whole vehicle, and 3 key points are selected for each key part to measure, so as to evaluate the uniformity of gaps in each key part. From the test results, although the average gap data of most parts of the 2021 extremely krypton ZEEKR 001 vehicle is at a relatively low level, there are still cases where the gap values of some parts are too large. The maximum gap value is located at the joint between the right front fender and the engine compartment cover, reaching 4.4mm, which leads to the gap uniformity on the left and right sides is inconsistent, and the gap uniformity in other parts is good, and the process level is basically satisfactory.

In the test of paint film level, it can be found from the test results that the average thickness of paint film of 2021 extreme krypton ZEEKR 001 vehicle is about 154.5μm, and the data level has exceeded the standard value of advanced vehicles (120μm -150μm). According to the test data of key parts, the engine hood has reached the standard value of advanced cars, the front and rear doors are higher than the standard value of intermediate cars, and the average paint film thickness of other parts is over 150 μ m. Although the coating thickness of the whole vehicle is worthy of recognition, there is still room for improvement in coating uniformity.

In the test of indoor air quality, the vehicle was placed in an internal ground parking lot with few vehicles. No formaldehyde was detected in the 2021 extremely krypton ZEEKR 001 vehicle, and the content of PM2.5 and other inhalable particles was relatively low, which was in line with the "Guide to Air Quality Evaluation in Passenger Cars" jointly issued by the former Ministry of Environmental Protection and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (national standard GB/T27630 of the People’s Republic of China)

In the static noise test, the 2021 extremely krypton ZEEKR 001 shows excellent quietness in the car at rest, and the test result has dropped to the lowest value of the test instrument of 30dB, which can almost be isolated from the external environment. Because of the motor drive, there will be no obvious noise after the vehicle is started, and it will not cause any interference to the occupants in the vehicle.

In the air conditioning noise test, the test instrument is placed about 10cm away from the air outlet of the air conditioner, and then the air volume of the air conditioner is increased from small to large, and the noise value of the driver’s position in different gears is measured. According to the actual measurement, the air conditioning of the 2021 extremely krypton ZEEKR 001 is divided into five grades. When the highest grade is turned on, the measured noise value is 70.3dB, which is still in the tolerable range of human body and will not cause too much interference to drivers and passengers.

After actual measurement, the vibration values of the steering wheel and the front and rear seats of the 2021 pole krypton ZEEKR 001 are all zero at idle speed. However, under load, the vibration values of all the tested parts are slightly increased, but the somatosensory sensation is not obvious.

In addition, we also tested the parking radar, lighting/vision, control system, tire hub, sunroof, seat and trunk. After testing, the overall performance of the 2021 extremely krypton ZEEKR 001 has reached the level of the same class. The steering wheel and driver’s seat have a wide adjustment range, which can adapt to drivers of different heights, and the rear seat backrest also supports electric adjustment, which makes the ride comfort satisfactory. In addition, the hatchback design ensures a considerable trunk opening area. However, during the test, the expert jury found that the skylight area of the 2021 extremely krypton ZEEKR 001 was small and could not be opened, and its practicality was average. In addition, there is a big gap between the distance recently suggested by the rear radar and the experience value, so you need to pay more attention when reversing.

Second, subjective feelings

This project is evaluated subjectively by several judges according to the actual static and dynamic performance of new cars. Among them, the static aspect includes four parts: external, internal, spatial and human-computer interaction; Dynamic aspects include acceleration, braking, steering, driving experience and driving safety. Finally, the total score is given by comprehensively referring to the subjective evaluation opinions given by the judges, so as to reflect the actual performance of the new car in terms of commodity from the perspective of subjective feelings.

In the evaluation of external feelings, the 2021 model ZEEKR 001 performed well as a whole, and was highly affirmed by the expert jury in terms of lighting configuration and the convenience of opening the electric engine room. The test model is equipped with matrix full LED headlights, which have ideal illumination brightness and range, and support functions such as automatic headlights, adaptive far and near lights, and headlight delay turn-off. The opening mode of the electric engine room is very convenient. Just pull the switch twice, the hatch cover can automatically pop up, and because of the support of double hydraulic rods, the opening force is lighter.

In the internal evaluation, the 2021 ZEEKR 001 adopts the mainstream dual-screen design, and the center console only retains some commonly used function buttons. The irregularly shaped center console and the small and exquisite shift lever create a touch of luxury. In terms of materials, the center console is made of a variety of materials, the upper and lower parts are soft materials, and the special texture decoration in the middle area looks quite textured.

The 2021 ZEEKR 001 provides four USB ports, of which two USB ports in the front row are located in the central armrest box, including a TYPE-A and a TYPE-C port, and the rear USB port is located under the air outlet of the air conditioner, which is also a TYPE-A and a TYPE-C port to meet the charging requirements of different devices. Although the front central armrest cannot be moved, it can provide sufficient support for the driver’s elbow because of its considerable length and width.

In terms of ride space, the overall performance of the 2021 extremely krypton ZEEKR 001, which is positioned as a medium and large car, is satisfactory, and the leg space of the front and rear passengers is sufficient. However, due to the slip-back style, the head space performance in the back row is obviously inferior to that in the front row. In terms of storage space, there are relatively many storage spaces in the front row of the 2021 extremely krypton ZEEKR 001, and the hollow design is adopted under the central passage of the front row, which is convenient for storing large items. However, due to the narrow distance between the central passage and the seat cushion, it is a little inconvenient to take items. In addition, the front cup holder adopts cylindrical design, and a slightly larger cup/water bottle cannot be put in.

The 15.4-inch central control panel is equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong 820AP chip +5G signal network, which runs smoothly. The UI design style of the vehicle system is simple, the operation logic is similar to that of a smart phone, and most functions are integrated in the central control panel. In terms of human-computer interaction, the intelligent voice system can not only support the opening of wake-up words, but also realize the operation without wake-up words in specific scenes, and the controllable functions of intelligent voice are also very rich, including multimedia, navigation, air conditioning, windows and skylights, which can be operated by voice. Unfortunately, voice interaction does not support continuous dialogue mode.

The 2021 Krypton ZEEKR 001 tested this time is equipped with a single motor system, with a total motor output of 200kW and a total torque of 384N·m, which is ahead of the same class. With excellent dynamic parameters, the vehicle starts and accelerates very quickly, and the adjustment of the accelerator pedal is not particularly sensitive, creating a comfortable driving atmosphere.

The test model provides three driving modes, except that the sports mode can give you a stronger sense of pushing your back, the other two modes have little intuitive difference, and even in the economic mode, overtaking can still be done easily.

In terms of braking performance, although the front section of the 2021 extreme krypton ZEEKR 001 brake pedal is soft, the actual braking force release is still relatively linear. The energy recovery system supports three-level adjustment and is equipped with a single pedal mode, which can meet the driving needs of different consumers.

Although the body length is close to 5 meters, thanks to the variable steering ratio, the vehicle steering is more flexible. The overall size of the steering wheel is moderate, while the shape is relatively thick, with relatively accurate directivity, and the control feel is excellent.

The 2021 extreme krypton ZEEKR 001 adopts the combination of the front double wishbone independent suspension and the rear multi-link independent suspension, and the overall adjustment of the suspension is biased towards comfort, which can fully filter the impact caused by the fine bumps on the road surface. However, when encountering large ups and downs, the suspension performance is somewhat "stiff" and the comfort will be slightly reduced.

The 2021 Krypton ZEEKR 001 is equipped with a comprehensive driver assistance function. ACC adaptive cruise supports intelligent car following in full speed domain, and can realize braking and automatic start, with timely system response, no sudden acceleration and braking, and a more comfortable experience. The lane departure warning system is more accurate for lane line identification. When the vehicle deviates from the driving lane, it can give feedback through sound, vibration and display, and the degree of intervention is slight, so there will be no situation of "grabbing" the steering wheel with the driver.


Based on the above test results, it is concluded that the overall performance of the 2021 extreme krypton ZEEKR 001 in terms of objective data and subjective feelings has reached the expectations of the expert jury. On the objective data level, the overall performance of body technology and paint film coating thickness is excellent, but the gap treatment and coating uniformity of individual parts are not good, and the skylight lighting area and radar spacing control need to be optimized and improved. Subjectively, the 2021 ZEEKR 001 has shown extraordinary strength in lighting configuration, interior materials and human-computer interaction, but there is still room for improvement in driving comfort. On the whole, the commercial performance of the 2021 extreme krypton ZEEKR 001 is at the upstream level among the tested models of the same class.