Wenhai Lingyun Primary School held a series of New Year’s Day activities to welcome the new year.

  China Education Online Zhejiang Station News (Editor Qiu Binxin correspondent Rong Roujia)The rabbit leaves the blessing, and the dragon comes to send the spring. At the beautiful moment of bidding farewell to the old year and welcoming the new year, Wenhai Lingyun Primary School held a series of colorful New Year’s Day activities to celebrate traditional festivals, create a harmonious and progressive campus atmosphere, allow students with special skills to show off, allow creative students to show off, join hands with home and school, and let teachers and students Qi Xin spend a happy festival together, leaving a beautiful memory.
  "Yunbao Supermarket" brings real consumption experience
  In the jubilant days, the much-anticipated "Yunbao Supermarket" officially opened. Teacher Xue Enping from Quality Education Department of Qiantang District Education Bureau and Cui Jiabin, Vice President of Hangzhou United Bank Xiasha Sub-branch, and other guests attended the opening ceremony to witness this grand moment. The "small staff" of "Yunbao Supermarket" are gloriously employed, and from the moment they receive the letter of appointment, their responsibilities will follow.
  By creating a real consumption scene of "Yunbao Supermarket", the school let children gradually understand the degree of consumption in practice. At the same time, as an indispensable part of financial literacy education, the school specially built a "wealth tree" in front of Yunbao Supermarket, and Grandpa Li Jinchang, Party Secretary of Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics, wrote an inscription for the stone carving. Teacher Xue Enping and President Wu Bin jointly unveiled the ceremony, wishing the children thrive in the pursuit of wealth and morality.
  New Year’s Day show shows talent and passion.
  The New Year’s Day show kicked off with dynamic notes and beautiful melodies. The children vividly interpreted the wonderful programs with their full passion and enthusiastic actions. There is not only a song and dance feast on the stage, but also the power of example. At the second Dream Sports Art Festival, the students fought bravely and forged ahead, which drew a successful conclusion for 2023.
  The class get-together is very lively.
  Each class held a unique get-together, and the students showed themselves and displayed their individuality in a festive atmosphere. Fun games are interspersed among them, making the whole campus full of laughter. The children are enthusiastic and share delicious food and happy time.
  Say goodbye to 2023 and welcome 2024. All teachers and students of Wenhai Lingyun Primary School look forward to the new year together.
  (Editor Yu Xinhua Zhao Honghe)