The annual output value of Sichuan tea has exceeded 100 billion yuan for three consecutive years.

Tea base in Panyao Village, seven buddha Township, Qingchuan County.

Overlooking the ten thousand mu tea garden in Meiling Village, Naxi District, Luzhou City.

Tea Garden in Jinping Town, pingshan county City, Yibin City.

Emeishan tea garden.

After the water-saving irrigation project of tea garden in Juexi Town, Xuzhou District, Yibin City was completed and put into use, the local tea production and output value showed an increasing trend.

Chashan Road Network, contention village, Huishan Town, wutongqiao district City, Leshan City.

At the end of the year, millions of acres of tea gardens in Sichuan are brewing a new season next spring.

On December 15th, the e-commerce live broadcast base of the national tea industry was officially unveiled in the Science Park of Chuancha Group, Jinqiuhu Town, Cuiping District, Yibin City. As one of the earliest spring teas listed in Sichuan, the pre-sale information of Yibin morning tea was released simultaneously on the whole network in 2024.

In 2023, Sichuan tea achieved gratifying results: the tea garden area in the province was stable at about 5.9 million mu, and the comprehensive output value was 120 billion yuan. This is the third consecutive year that the annual output value of Sichuan tea has exceeded 100 billion yuan, and it continues to maintain a high-spirited attitude of steady progress.

The construction of high-standard bases continues to advance, the intensive processing continues to break through, and the "Sichuan tea leaves Sichuan" runs out of the "acceleration" … In 2023, Sichuan tea handed over a high score answer sheet to help the rural areas revitalize in an all-round way.

The construction of high-standard bases continued to advance.

At the end of December, in Sanguan Village, Wuchang Town, Jiajiang County, Leshan City, the tea trees all over the mountains were green and green. Sanguan Village is the largest export tea filing base in Jiajiang County, and just finished picking this summer and autumn tea a few months ago. Promote standardized planting, machine-picked summer and autumn tea, and supply products to overseas markets. Sanguan Village was rated as "National Rural Characteristic Industry 100 million Village" by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs a few years ago.

Behind the completion of the "100 million yuan village" is the unremitting efforts of Sanguan Village to standardize and scale up the tea base.

According to the insiders, Sichuan tea was once faced with the dilemma of large area but scattered planting, many tea farmers but few large-scale operations. It is a key step to realize modern operation and improve economic benefits to build a small-scale, scattered tea garden into a large-scale, standardized, green, improved variety, digital and mechanized high-standard tea base.

Nowadays, in Sanguan Village, pieces of standardized tea gardens can be seen everywhere, and large-scale tea gardens have been formed, which has promoted the development of tea industry in the county. Jiajiang tea industry base has been built on a larger scale, with a tea planting area of 300,000 mu, including 100,000 mu of export tea filing base. In 2022, Jiajiang County’s tea export volume and export volume ranked first in the province.

In Sichuan, such tea bases are multiplying.

Since the beginning of this year, Sichuan has focused on the provincial-level projects such as the superior characteristic industrial cluster of morning tea in southwest Sichuan, the industrial cluster of black tea in Gongfu, and the strong town of agricultural industry, strengthened cooperation with academicians and scientific research institutions such as Sichuan Agricultural University, Tea Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Tea Research Institute of Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, strengthened Industry-University-Research’s collaborative research, popularized technologies such as machine mining, machine tillage and machine defense, and comprehensively applied the "two substitutes" green production and low-yield and low-efficiency tea garden transformation technologies. At the same time, implement integrated facilities of water and fertilizer in suitable areas, and vigorously promote the scale, standardization, greening, improved varieties, digitalization and mechanization of industrial bases.

A piece of high-standard tea garden is rapidly formed. The data shows that in 2023, the area of clonal tea gardens in the province reached 5,244,900 mu, an increase of 110,600 mu over the previous year; The area of low-yield and low-efficiency tea gardens in the province has reached 1.7 million mu, the area of mechanical tea gardens has reached 2.7637 million mu, and the area of green prevention and control has reached 4.615 million mu.

A batch of demonstration bases has accelerated. This year, tea bases in Rongxian County, Zigong City and Pingwu County, Mianyang City were selected into the list of high-quality development bases for agricultural international trade in the whole province, Shuang Fu Town, Emei Mountain City and Jiezi Town, Chongzhou City were selected as national agricultural industrial strong towns, Tuanba Town, Dazhu County, Caoba Town, Yucheng District, Ya ‘an City, Xintian Town, Yingjing County, Bazhong City, Yunding Town, wangcang county Mumen Town, Guangyuan City and Kuiduo Town, Jiulong County, Ganzi Prefecture were selected as provincial agricultural industrial strong towns.

The deep processing of tea has been continuously broken through.

Near the end of the year, a large number of agricultural industrial projects in Sichuan have been accelerated.

In Fenghuanghu Village, Dadukou Town, Naxi District, Luzhou City, the agricultural and sideline products processing park (tea processing factory) in Naxi District will speed up the decoration and equipment installation, and it is planned to be put into operation before the end of the year. After the park is put into operation, the annual processing capacity will reach 5,000 tons, which will effectively solve the problems of local tea planting, processing and sales, further enhance the tea processing capacity of Naxi Tea Modern Agricultural Park, extend the industrial chain, and cultivate and expand the scale of Naxi tea trading market.

As the "hometown of early morning tea in China", Naxi District is the earliest area where tea trees germinate at the same latitude in the world. In recent years, Naxi District regards the tea industry as one of the leading industries in the whole region, and based on the development idea of "early and organic", it cultivates refined Sichuan tea and builds a billion-dollar tea industry.

In view of the problems faced by Sichuan tea, such as low comprehensive utilization rate of tea deep processing and insufficient development of high-tech products and high value-added products, it is listed as an important matter for the high-quality development of Sichuan tea industry to improve the processing level of refined Sichuan tea. This year, Sichuan has further promoted the clean and standardized construction of tea enterprises, promoted the continuous, automatic, digital and intelligent transformation of production lines, improved the grading and product packaging capabilities, and improved the production efficiency and processing level of processing equipment. Around the construction of enterprise raw material base, guide the nearest standardized layout of processing workshops, transform and optimize processing equipment, and realize clean production.

The proportion of high-end famous tea continues to increase. This year, the province’s famous tea output reached 258,000 tons, the output value reached 35.49 billion yuan, the clean processing rate reached more than 75%, the mechanism rate reached 92%, and the facilities and equipment such as storage, preservation and cold chain logistics were more perfect. The output of characteristic craft teas such as yellow tea, white tea and purple tea continued to increase. This year, the output of yellow tea and purple tea in Guangyuan reached 70 tons and 1.2 tons respectively, with an output value of 1 billion yuan and 0.2 billion yuan.

The development of extended chain products continued to accelerate. This year, Guangyuan introduced the team of Liu Minru, a master of traditional Chinese medicine, to develop the value of brand tea, and Ya ‘an and west china hospital jointly studied the value of Tibetan tea, continuously extending the industrial chain and strengthening the value chain.

"Sichuan tea leaves Sichuan" runs out of "acceleration"

On November 15th, at the first China (Heilongjiang) International Green Food and National Soybean Industry Expo, the billboard printed with "Tianfu Longya Quality Sichuan Tea" was particularly conspicuous.

"This is Sichuan Tea’s’ Kanto’ after four years!" A comparison of the participation of Sichuan tea made Jiang Ningshan, deputy secretary of Sichuan Sichuan Sichuan Tea Brand Promotion Association, happy-four years ago, at the seventh Heilongjiang Green Food Industry Expo, there were only four tea enterprises in the province participating in the 200-square-meter exhibition area. In this activity, the 288-square-meter exhibition area occupied two-thirds of the product display, and the remaining space was crowded into 10 tea enterprises.

Not just an exhibition. This year, in Harbin Dafa International Tea City, as the first "stagnation point" of Sichuan tea in Northeast China, the Harbin Marketing Promotion Center of "Sichuan Tianfu Longya Quality Sichuan Tea" officially opened, which will exert its strength in the fields of Sichuan tea culture communication, Sichuan tea brand marketing, market development, regional investment promotion and joining, and form a complete three-dimensional service system. In addition, at the end of November, the promotion activity of Tianfu Longya Micangshan Tea in Urumqi was held in Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone (Toutunhe District), and the pace of Sichuan tea leaving Sichuan was more intensive.

The relevant person in charge of Sichuan Chuancha Brand Promotion Association introduced that this year Sichuan established an operating mechanism for the development, promotion, protection and utilization of Sichuan tea brands, built a brand system of "regional brand+enterprise brand+product brand", and promoted the construction of national and provincial geographical indication product protection demonstration zones. At the same time, adhere to the "Tianfu Longya" provincial public brand as the guide, and jointly promote the creation of regional public brands such as "three mountains and one red in the morning", establish and improve the brand standard system, increase the intensity of standard implementation and use, and conduct enterprise self-inspection, government sampling inspection and social supervision on products.

"Sichuan tea leaves Sichuan" runs out of "acceleration" This year, we continued to intensify the promotion of brand and quality Sichuan tea, and successively held tea events such as Sichuan Tea Mining Week, the 12th Sichuan International Tea Expo, the 4th International (Leshan) Green Tea Conference, and participated in exhibitions and sales activities such as China International Tea Expo and China (Chongqing) International Tea Industry Expo. During the Chengdu Universiade, Guangyuan Huangcha held a promotion activity of "Join hands with the Universiade to play in Guangyuan", and Yibin, Guangyuan, Ya ‘an and other places held promotion activities in Beijing, Urumqi and other major sales areas to further promote "Sichuan tea out of Sichuan".

Brand value continues to improve. This year, in the national tea regional public brand value selection, "Tianfu Longya" achieved excellent results of 4.321 billion yuan, and regional public brands such as "Mengdingshan Tea" and "Emeishan Tea" were among the best. In the list of 100 "Tianfu Granary" boutique (cultivated) brands released in 2023, 29 tea regional public brands, corporate brands and product brands were selected.

The new track boosts Sichuan tea "out of the circle". In April this year, Sichuan Shucha Industrial Group Co., Ltd. launched a new tea brand "Tea Tea Master" in Taikooli, Chengdu; In September, Sichuan Tea Group Co., Ltd. created a new Chinese tea shop "Chuanyan Tea Language" and opened four stores in Yibin at the same time; In November, during the Wuzhen Summit in world internet conference, the new tea "Freeze-dried Flash White Tea Coffee" under the regional public brand of "Dazhu White Tea" in Dazhu County was officially released.

Live broadcast with goods continuously enhances the influence of Sichuan tea. Sichuan Tea Industry Group Co., Ltd. relies on the advantage of "tea industry e-commerce live broadcast base" to realize the transformation of traffic and sales through high-frequency exposure of e-commerce live broadcast, accelerate the development of market-oriented branding, attract the concentration of external capital, resources and talent elements, open up the internal and external circulation of tea industry chain, and help "Sichuan tea leaves Sichuan" and brand break through.

Promote the high-quality development of refined Sichuan tea

"By 2030, the annual comprehensive output value of Sichuan tea will exceed 200 billion yuan, basically building a strong province of modern tea industry." Nowadays, it is getting closer and closer to achieving this goal, and the idea of accelerating the high-quality development of refined Sichuan tea is clearer.

Promote the improvement of tea garden quality and efficiency. We will continue to implement the construction of the dominant characteristic industrial cluster of morning tea in southwest Sichuan and the industrial cluster of black tea in Gongfu, Sichuan, guide the modern tea industrial park with foundation to establish a national modern agricultural industrial park, comprehensively promote the upgrading and transformation of low-yield and inefficient tea gardens, build a number of demonstration films of famous and excellent tea by machine, and build a record base for export tea. Promote the application of equipment such as fertilizer and water integration and smart tea gardens in areas where conditions permit, and improve the modernization level of tea gardens.

Improve the processing level of refined Sichuan tea. Support the initial processing into the base, build a processing workshop based on the specifications of the raw material base, and comprehensively improve the level of initial processing in the place of origin. Encourage refined processing into the park, improve storage and preservation facilities and equipment, improve the ability of grading and product packaging, and improve the quality, quality and commercialization of refined Sichuan tea. Accelerate the development of "new tea", expand the application of tea in medicine, health care products, food and cosmetics, and extend the industrial chain. Support the development of characteristic products such as yellowed tea, albino tea and purple tea.

Cultivate and expand the main body of market operation. We will promote the close cooperation and development of state-owned capital and private enterprises around primary, refined and deep-processed tea products and upstream and downstream related industries, and encourage powerful enterprises to integrate resources across regions. Relying on the working mechanism of "specialized and innovative" small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises and groups, we will develop a number of key benchmark tea enterprises with strong rural revitalization and driving force. Support leading tea enterprises to actively participate in the construction of tea industrialization consortium led by village collective economic organizations, farmers’ professional cooperatives, family farms and tea farmers, and promote the action of "prospering thousands of villages with Sichuan tea".

Create a famous brand in tea industry. Continue to implement the brand-building strategy of "regional brand+enterprise brand+product brand", and support the provincial-level regional public brand of "Tianfu Longya" to hold promotion activities in the main sales area to enhance brand value and product sales. Support the creation of regional public brands such as Mengdingshan Tea, Emeishan Tea, Micangshan Tea, Yibin Morning Tea and Chuanhong Gongfu Tea, and enhance the visibility of regional brands.

Build a marketing network. Establish and improve the marketing system of Sichuan tea, and explore the market-oriented and long-term operation mechanism of Sichuan tea marketing promotion center. Make Sichuan International Tea Expo a well-known tea industry exhibition in China. Organize key leading enterprises to actively participate in "China International Tea Expo", "China (Heilongjiang) International Green Food and National Soybean Industry Expo", and other major exhibition and sales activities to expand the market share of Sichuan tea. Open up direct sales channels for consumers such as live broadcast and delivery, and guide the standardized development of tea e-commerce.

Continue to promote the integration of tea tourism. Promote the construction of tea gardens as scenic spots, and develop a "tea tour" economy that integrates tea garden sightseeing, tea making experience, tea art appreciation and leisure and health preservation. Unify the development of tea industry with the construction of livable and suitable industries and beautiful rural areas, improve service facilities, empower tea, and promote the integration and mutual promotion of production villages and production cities. Dig deep into promoting Sichuan tea culture and tell good stories about Sichuan tea.

Looking to the future, Sichuan Tea, which stands at a new starting point, aims at a new goal and continues to help the rural areas to revitalize in an all-round way!(Xialv Image courtesy of Sichuan Sichuan Tea Brand Promotion Association)