Bo Yue L’s world premiere: to inherit, but also to innovate.

August 5, Beilun, Ningbo.

In the "place where dreams begin" of Geely Bo Yue, FX11 ushered in the world’s first show, and has a formal name-Bo Yue L. As Gan Jia, CEO of Geely Automobile Group, said: "Innovation is the gene flowing in Geely’s blood." Geely positioned Bo Yue L as an "innovator of intelligent SUV".

As an innovator, Bo Yue L aims to create a landmark work of China intelligent SUV, and "L" stands for Larger, Luxury and Legend. This time, how does Geely interpret comprehensive innovation?

Bo Yue Family: Innovators in Automobile Industry

In 2016, Ningbo Beilun and Bo Yue went public, and the phrase "Hello, Bo Yue" created a new era of intelligent connected SUV.

Today, people still talk about this "the most beautiful China SUV", and Bo Yue is the benchmark of independent compact high-end SUV in terms of design and quality. Bo Yue is Geely’s pioneering work to open a new era of SUV strategic development, and it is also a key product to help Geely become the global leader of China brand.

"Innovating technology and popularizing the public" is the mission of every generation of Bo Yue to innovate the industry, and the global market has also given a warm response to Bo Yue family: in six years, the cumulative global sales of Bo Yue family has exceeded 1.4 million. It is worth mentioning that, as the first SUV of China brand to fully export products, technology and management, Bo Yue has achieved localized production in Belarus, Malaysia and other places, and sold well in 30 countries and regions, ranking first in many cities, setting a benchmark for China brand globalization.

On August 5th, Ningbo Beilun, the first generation of Bo Yue listed in 2016, was the origin of Bo Yue’s takeoff. Bo Yue L starts from the innovation here, with five smart technologies and ten hard cores as standard, and once again comprehensively innovates the smart SUV standard.

Innovation: Redefining the new standard of intelligent SUV

Bigger, flagship, and the return of the king, Bo Yue L bears multiple missions.

According to the data, Bo Yue L, as the flagship strategic product of "Smart Geely 2025" and "Building a Car with Comprehensive Architecture", has innovated the five world-class intelligent technologies of intelligent architecture, intelligent hybrid, intelligent driving, intelligent space and intelligent safety while inheriting the five global genes of CMA architecture.

Taking the intelligent architecture as an example, in the words of Fan Junyi, general manager of Geely Automobile Sales Company, building a car is no longer as simple as color TV+refrigerator+sofa. Therefore, the comprehensive and innovative CMA architecture gives Bo Yue L the mechanical quality of a luxury brand.

Let’s talk with numbers: Bo Yue L has a braking distance of 35.8 meters in 100 kilometers, and the limit speed of Elk test is 78 kilometers per hour, which is comparable to the performance of racing car, which is the "talent" brought by CMA architecture.

In addition, in terms of intelligent driving, Bo Yue L has achieved "leapfrog", and the new car is equipped with NOA lane-level automatic driving navigation system initiated by Geely. According to reports, this system has centimeter-level high-precision positioning, man-machine co-driving VR navigation and full lane dynamic monitoring technology. Under the blessing, it can achieve full coverage of more than 100 high-speed driving scenes. It is estimated that the price range of Bo Yue L is between 140,000 and 180,000. It is indeed a subversive innovation to be equipped with such an advanced intelligent driving assistance system.

Bo Yue L didn’t stop there. While realizing the innovation and popularization in five core areas, it started with Geely Galaxy OSAir version, 13.2-inch central control vertical screen, 10.25-inch digital LCD instrument, L2 intelligent driving assistance system, 540 transparent chassis of God’s eye, remote control of mobile APP, aerospace 7-series aluminum alloy crash beam, 178LX digital rhythmic LED headlights, racing brake system and integrated boron steel thermoformed door knocker.

Redefining the access standard of smart SUV market-Bo Yue L is serious.

Chinese aesthetics: the blending and innovation of traditional culture

In the digital age, how to inherit Chinese aesthetic expression? How to integrate the sense of intelligence, technology, futurism and oriental aesthetics to interpret the spirit of blending and innovation in China traditional culture?

As the first mass-produced car based on the "Vision Starburst" concept car, Bo Yue L has adopted a brand-new design concept of "Digital Symphony Technology Aesthetics", retaining the dynamic and cool design style and strong sense of digital technology of the concept car. It not only inherits the product design style of "Technology Geely 4.0", but also integrates intelligent technology, futuristic sense and digital concept.

Bo Yue L adopts mainstream designs such as two-color body and suspended roof. The body size is 4670×1900×1705mm, and it has a leading wheelbase of 2777 mm. Combined with the short front and rear suspension design, it forms a leading axle length ratio of 59.5%, achieving a win-win situation of stable handling and ample practical space.

What is striking is Bo Yue L’s sharp and slender arrow modeling design. The digital arrow LED runs through the taillight and consists of 290 LED light-emitting units. The ultra-red LED with a wavelength of 633nm echoes the headlight group at a distance. It is full of digital sense of science and technology and is very tense. I believe it will be welcomed by the younger generation who pursue individuality.

In terms of power, the Bo Yue L fuel version will be equipped with 1.5T and 2.0T turbocharged engines respectively, matching the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

The hybrid version of the car is also divided into two versions: oil-electric hybrid and plug-in hybrid, and is equipped with the Geely Lei Shenqing Hi·X hybrid system. Full-oil and full-charge comprehensive battery life reaches 1300 kilometers, and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is as low as 4.2 liters.

In addition, draw a key point: Bo Yue L is intimately equipped with an antiviral door handle with a sterilization rate of over 99%, which can inhibit the growth of bacterial viruses for a long time, which can be described as intimate and practical at present.

Write at the end:

Gan Jiayu, CEO of Geely Automobile Group, said at the press conference: "Innovation is the gene flowing in Geely’s blood. Bo Yue L has benefited users from the latest, most popular and best-used intelligent technologies, injecting ever-evolving vitality into smart cars. "

This can’t help but remind people of the song "Life in Full Bloom" brought by Teacher Wang Feng at the press conference:

I want a life in full bloom, just like flying in the vast sky, just like walking through the boundless wilderness, with the power to break away from everything.

Evolution brings vitality, which is innovation.

Hello, innovator Bo Yue L!