"Youth is only a few World Cups" Pickup national team played.

As a four-year football event, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 has finally arrived! A grand opening ceremony opened the curtain of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. During this half month, people gathered by football enjoyed the happiness and passion of "once every four years" and felt the charm of the World Cup. "Now is All" is the slogan of this World Cup. Every four years, the whole world will enjoy the happiness that belongs to football because of the empathy of football.

Although our national football team failed to participate in this World Cup, many China elements are shining in Qatar. With divergent thinking, if pickup products from various countries are organized into a "pickup world cup", what kind of lineup can our country send to be more competitive? Let me, an amateur fan, make a selection for all riders!


A striker is the player in the front position and closest to the opponent’s goal in a team. There are many different ways to score goals, so there will be many different types of strikers. However, forwards have some physical and psychological characteristics in common. A striker must be extremely fast (at least in a short distance), show outstanding courage and have the instinct of a shooter. Outstanding shooting ability is the first priority, but the skills of heading, passing and passing are also very important when creating scoring opportunities in the frontcourt and mobilizing the opposing defender. At present, the more common lineup in football is 433, and the striker will appear in the form of a trident. Like the former Barcelona attacking trident Messi, Suarez and Neymar.

In recent years, because there are many excellent pickup truck models in China, it is really difficult to choose the best among them. Therefore, this striker selection is not limited to the number of traditional rules.

List of strikers: SAIC Chase T90, Great Wall Gun Pickup Global Edition, Radar RD6, China Heavy Duty Truck VX7.

  Speed and explosiveness are the essential attributes of strikers, and SAIC Chase MAXUS T90 can be said to be remarkable in explosiveness. Torque refers to the average torque output from the crankshaft when the engine is running, commonly known as the "turning strength" of the engine, which is an important parameter of the engine performance. The greater the torque, the greater the "strength" of the engine output, the faster the change of crankshaft speed, and the better the climbing ability, starting speed and acceleration of the automobile. The biggest highlight of SAIC MAXUS T90 is the 2.0T twin-turbo diesel engine. The overall parameter level of this engine has reached the top level in the same displacement level, with a maximum power of 160kW and a maximum torque of 500N·m, both at home and abroad.

The popularity of the Great Wall Gun in China in recent years can be said to be unparalleled, and it should also be a "Mero" superstar in the center and front court. The reason for choosing the global version of the passenger pickup truck is that it is extremely balanced, not only has a relatively high level of configuration, but also has the attributes of high-end products for passengers, with front and rear seat heating and L2 automatic driving. The interior of the vehicle has also been upgraded, and you can feel the ingenuity of the Great Wall pickup truck at your fingertips.

  Radar RD6 is the first new energy pickup truck based on pure electric platform in China, which is synonymous with intelligence and comfort, and it also supports high-power external discharge mode. As a synonym for domestic new energy pickup trucks, RD6 is a product connecting tradition and future. On the court, it can be responsible for the position of the middle and front court in series, with both ability and technology.

  China Heavy Duty Truck VX7, as the representative of the new brand of pickup truck in China, China Heavy Duty Truck VGV VX7 is a load-bearing body pickup truck and also an SUV-class pickup truck. Both hard core configuration and power capability can be said to be excellent. In last year’s annual pickup truck model test, China Heavy Duty Truck VVVX7 had an advantage in acceleration. The average starting acceleration time of 40km/h was more than 0.3 seconds, and the fastest starting acceleration time had reached 2.96 seconds. Such speed is a necessary ability for a striker.


As the saying goes, the midfielder wins the world. The midfield is a very important and complicated position in the football match. Midfielders have more responsibilities. They are left midfield, right midfield and midfield. If the division is fine, there will be defensive midfield and offensive midfield. The defensive midfield is called the back. The attacking midfielder is called the front waist. Midfielders need more wise minds and the ability to attack. More famous players, Zidane, Harvey, Makelele, etc.

  Midfielders’ list: Great Wall Gun Off-road Pickup Mount Everest Edition, Jiangxi Isuzu D-MAX, Jiangling Domain Tiger 9, General Futian, Huanghai Mengniu (N7), Ruiqi 7, Jianghuai Hantu Bobcat Edition.

The Everest Edition of the Great Wall Gun Off-road pickup truck can be regarded as an advanced version or a second-generation upgraded version of the Great Wall Gun Off-road pickup truck. It has all the hard-core configurations of off-road guns, and the four-wheel drive system has been upgraded, including three modes: two-wheel drive, high-speed four-wheel drive and low-speed four-wheel drive, and it has front and rear differential locks, and the overall configuration is very powerful. Both software and hardware have obvious advantages in domestic pickup products, and it has all the potential of offensive midfield.

  The new D-MAX adopts a brand-new dynamic driving platform "ISUZU DYNAMIC DRIVE PLATFORM", which changes the design concept of the previous non-loaded body pickup truck, integrates the engine and the frame for R&D design, and moves the position of the engine backward, so that the weight distribution of the whole vehicle can reach an excellent balance. The new frame is designed with 8 beams and made of steel with higher strength and torsion resistance. In the actual driving process, good road riding comfort can be guaranteed. In the face of some bumpy off-road sections, the toughness and stability of the overall vehicle are also worthy of recognition. The position of defensive midfield is none other than it.

  Jiangling Domain Tiger 9, General Futian, Huanghai Mengniu (N7), Ruiqi 7, and Jianghuai Hantu Bobcat Edition are the best pickup trucks in China. Their greatest feature is their balance, that is, their ability to fight tough battles and their delicate technology. Pass and control, prevent counter-attacks, and put them on the court, they can perfectly execute any tactics.


  The defense line is collectively called the defender and is located in the backcourt. There are full-backs and central defenders. The main task is to defend, grab and stop the opponent’s attack. When changing from defense to attack, we should organize the attack and pass the first pass. In total football’s kicking method, it is an offensive force hidden behind, so we should wait for an opportunity to intervene and directly participate in the attack of the forward line.

  List of defenders: Great Wall King Kong Gun, Jiangxi Fifty Rinrin Tuo, Domain Tiger 7.

King Kong Gun is a brand-new pickup truck model built by Great Wall Gun, which is oriented to fashion and commerce. It is young at the same time. Putting it in the middle and back court can not only play an active role in series, but also play a great leap-forward advantage.

  Jiangling Domain Tiger 7 is currently positioned between Domain Tiger 9 and New Collection, but the overall style is closer to "Big Brother" Domain Tiger 9. Jiangling Domain Tiger 7 is a pickup truck product with high cost performance and a wide range of functions, which can perfectly take care of both home and business. The defender is the most comprehensive position on the court, and Domain Tiger 7 is more like a seasoned "defender", rushing around to help on the road to wealth creation.

  As a mid-market product of Jiangxi Isuzu brand, Lingtuo is the first choice for many Isuzu fans. With the iteration of product technology, Jiangxi Isuzu continued to broaden its product ideas and officially launched a brand-new Lingtuo gasoline version. Since then, Jiangxi Isuzu has realized the product layout of "diesel and gasoline dual standby". Connecting the preceding with the following, Yishang IKEA is synonymous with Lingtuo, which can give consideration to both offensive and defensive ends when placed on the court.


  The goalkeeper is located in front of the goal and is the last line of defense of the team. The main task is to guard the goal and prevent the ball from entering. When the defense turns to attack, the attack is organized with fast and accurate passing. He is a team member who can handle the ball by hand in the penalty area, plays the role of the third central defender in the competition for the high-altitude ball in the penalty area, and is also an indispensable backbone of the whole team’s defense and counterattack.

  Goalkeeper: Shanhaipao

The goalkeeper is the most critical presence on the court, and its necessity is better than all the positions on the court. To say that the most popular medium and large pickup truck in China at present is the Great Wall Shanhai Cannon which has not yet been listed. The car was officially unveiled at this year’s Chengdu Auto Show. The new car was built on the platform of intelligent professional off-road tank, equipped with 3.0T V6+9AT power system, and equipped with Borgwarner 4A+LOCK four-wheel drive system as standard, and it has a lot of fresh inspiration in container design. 3.0T V6+9AT power system, Shanhai Gun pioneered the domestic pickup truck, and its existence is irreplaceable.

  Conclusion:The above content is a small joke, please forgive me if there is anything wrong. "Youth is only a few World Cups" is a very popular phrase these days. The opening of the World Cup has increased the attention of domestic fans to football, and we also hope that our national team can appear on the stage of the World Cup as soon as possible.