Is glutinous rice balls really difficult to digest? Pay attention to these problems when eating glutinous rice balls, and be careful of your stomach!

As a symbol of the end of the Spring Festival holiday, the fifteenth day of the first month is full of joy for the whole family. On this day, people will attend temple fairs, and in solve riddles on the lanterns, bowls of fragrant glutinous rice balls or Yuanxiao will be served on the dining tables of every household. Speaking of this, we can’t avoid a problem: they are all soft, waxy, white, sweet and dense, and they all contain happiness, sweetness, reunion and beauty.What’s the difference between glutinous rice balls and Yuanxiao?? Is it true that the heat of glutinous rice balls equals rice?

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Bei yuan Xiao nan sweet glutinous dumplings

It’s not just the region that distinguishes itself.

Although the main raw materials are glutinous rice and stuffing, there are obvious differences between Yuanxiao and Tangyuan in all aspects.

From the name, the title of "Yuanxiao" of course comes from the Lantern Festival. In the past, due to the low yield of glutinous rice in the north,Yuanxiao can only be regarded as a special food for the fifteenth day of the first month, and naming this food Yuanxiao also reflects the tradition of "not eating from time to time". In the southern region where glutinous rice production is more abundant, this kind of useFoods made of glutinous rice stuffing are quite common.Well, the meaning of "glutinous rice balls" is also very direct "dumplings in hot water" Only with the improvement of living standards, ingredients are no longer restricted by regions, and this originally distinct boundary has gradually disappeared. Nowadays, whether in the south or the north, whether around the Lantern Festival or not, we can eat these two kinds of food whenever we want.

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From the production method, the core of glutinous rice balls is "Bao", that is, glutinous rice flour is mixed with water to form dough, and then the stuffing is wrapped. The core of Yuanxiao is "shaking". After putting the cut stuffing into a basket filled with dry glutinous rice flour, roll it on a layer, then moisten it with water added with glutinous rice flour to make its surface sticky again, and then repeat the above steps until the size and shape are appropriate. So, in terms of raw materials,The stuffing of Yuanxiao is usually processed into a solid state with a hard texture, while the glutinous rice balls do not have this requirement, and the stuffing is more moist and richer.In addition to black sesame seeds and peanuts, there will also be salty dumplings such as meat stuffing.

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From the appearance, the surface of glutinous rice balls is smooth because of the good dough, while the surface of Yuanxiao is relatively rough because of the direct use of dry powder. Also due to the use of dry powder, generally speaking, the soup cooked in Yuanxiao is more turbid, while the soup cooked in Tangyuan is more clear. the twoBesides being boiled in water, there are fried dumplings in the north, and dumplings in the south can also be fried..

In addition, there is a kind of "glutinous rice balls" without stuffing in the south, which are directly rolled into smaller balls with good glutinous rice flour balls. Although there is no step of "wrapping" this small dumpling, it can also be considered as a kind of glutinous rice balls because its making process also needs to go through the step of dough making.

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Glutinous rice is rich in amylopectin

People with weak digestive function and children should not eat more.

Glutinous rice flour will be used in the production of glutinous rice balls or Yuanxiao, and glutinous rice is a kind of food rich in amylopectin, which not only gives food stickiness, but also causes some problems. Different from the amylose in ordinary rice and flour we eat,The molecular weight of amylopectin in glutinous rice is large, and there are 1-6 glycosidic bonds in the structure that cannot be decomposed by enzymes in human body, which makes it difficult to be digested and completely excreted in the stomach..

If a large amount of food containing amylopectin is ingested at one time, it will accumulate in the stomach. On the one hand, it will stimulate the continuous secretion of gastric acid, on the other hand, it will promote the continuous high-intensity peristalsis of the stomach, thus bringing a heavy burden to the stomach. If this process is serious, it may also cause esophageal reflux and cause what we often call "heartburn". For people with weak digestive system functions such as gastrointestinal tract,Eating a lot of glutinous rice products will undoubtedly bring a heavier burden to the weak stomach, so it is suggested that these people should try to reduce the number and frequency of eating glutinous rice products such as glutinous rice balls or Yuanxiao..

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Besides,Tangyuan and Yuanxiao are also not suitable for younger children.. On the one hand, children’s awareness of self-protection is poor, and if supervision is not in place, they may swallow and choke their throats. This is because children’s breathing intensity, tracheal width and vital capacity are not as good as those of adults. If the above dangers occur, it will easily lead to serious consequences. On the other hand, children’s digestive ability is also weak, and glutinous rice products are more likely to cause heartburn and acid reflux in children. Moreover, the hot stuffing of glutinous rice balls after cooking is also easy to cause burns to children. If children especially want to eat dumplings and yuanxiao, they must pay attention to the need to cool slightly and eat slowly with small mouths; But it’s not good to be too cold, because it will become more difficult to digest glutinous rice flour after it is cold.


Is it convenient to eat immediately after cooking?

Tangyuan and Yuanxiao are not suitable for breakfast and supper!

Yuanxiao and Tangyuan are delicious, but they are undoubtedly high-calorie foods. Glutinous rice flour and the rice we often eat are all processed from rice, and the carbohydrate content is close to 80%.From the point of view of heat,Eating glutinous rice products is no different from eating rice.. In addition, in order to pursue the taste and mouthfeel, the fillings of glutinous rice balls and Yuanxiao are often nuts with a lot of added sugar, animal fat or a lot of fat. The seemingly cute little round dumplings are actually like a heat bomb.It is definitely not a good choice for people who need to lose weight..

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There is also a lot of families do this, but it is the wrong behavior:Tangyuan and Yuanxiao are not suitable for breakfast in the morning or supper before going to bed.!

In the morning when the gastrointestinal function is poor, eating glutinous rice products that are not easy to digest can easily lead to indigestion and affect the state of the day. From a nutritional point of view, (most) glutinous rice balls/Yuanxiao are foods rich in carbohydrates and fats, but low in protein, which is difficult to meet the nutritional needs in the morning. Similarly,If you eat glutinous rice balls/Yuanxiao as a midnight snack before going to bed, it may also reduce your sleep quality because of gastrointestinal discomfort, which will affect your work and life the next day..

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