How to solve the problem of foot sand after playing on the beach? Xiamen seaside shower raiders attack

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  ■ A footbath is set up near the beach in the waters around the East China Sea, which is convenient for citizens and tourists to wash off the sand on their feet after playing.

  ■ Foot bath pool near Haiyuntai.

  ■ Foot-washing pool in front of public toilets in Binhai Romantic Line.

  ■ The footbath beside Huangcuo Beach.

  According to the Xiamen Evening News, the most annoying thing about going to the seaside is that you are covered with gravel but have nowhere to wash. Two years ago, the reporter visited many beaches in our city, and found that some of them had shower places, while others did not. Recently, the reporter visited again and found many changes. I will sort them out in detail today to provide you with service reference.

  Baicheng sandy beach

  Public toilets are hard to find.

  Paid shower advertisements can be seen everywhere.

  Recently, the reporter came to Baicheng Beach, which has convenient transportation and good sunset scenery, and has always been one of the attractions that many tourists must punch in. On the way from the parking lot of Hulishan to the beach, billboards of "washing feet and taking a shower" can be seen everywhere, which are basically clearly marked: washing feet once in 2 yuan and bathing in 10 yuan. The reporter observed that these operators basically pulled out a water pipe and opened their business to provide services. A service point near the beach, foot washing business is very hot, and it also sells drinks business.

  There is a public toilet between Baicheng Beach and Hulishan Fort, but it is hard to find. You need to go through the small door and walk through multiple steps. You can only find it after passing through several paid shower points. Only a very small sign is seen along the way, indicating that the public toilet needs to go 30 meters ahead. The public toilet is adjacent to Hulishan Battery Bus Station, with the words Tourist Toilet in Hulishan Battery Scenic Area written on the side. It is open to the public from 7: 00 am to 7: 00 pm. In previous years, when reporters came here for an interview, there were three hand-washing pools and two foot-washing pools outside the door. This time, I found that the foot-washing pools and hand-washing pools were gone and replaced by several pots of green plants.

  When the reporter arrived, it was 7: 02 pm. At this time, the public toilet was closed, and several tourists at the door seemed very helpless. Mr. Zheng, a tourist, said: "The setting of this public toilet is too unreasonable. It took me a long time to find it, but it was closed after I found it. I just wanted to wash my hands. Isn’t this driving people to the business?" Ms. He, a tourist, said, "I’ve been holding back for a long time, but it’s such a situation that I can’t hold back."

  Mr. Li, a citizen, lives nearby. He said that there were indeed several footbath pools with unlimited time in the past, but people often come here to take a bath naked at night, which is really unsightly. In addition, some people carry buckets to steal water, which may be because of this. It was demolished. "But managers can’t dismantle things at once, and should consider the actual use needs of citizens and tourists. It should be changed to a managed public toilet, and the service should be humanized. "

  Yefengzhai area

  Easy to wash, there is a public toilet every few hundred meters.

  Go along the road around the island, and you can see the public toilet sign indicating the distance on the roadside every walk. Generally, there is a public toilet every five or six hundred meters. In some areas where tourists are concentrated, such as Yefengzhai, there are two public toilets within 200 meters. Every public toilet is kept clean and maintained by the administrator, and there are free footbath pools at the door, ranging from 4 faucets to more than 10 faucets. The reporter turned on one of the faucets at random and found that they all worked normally, and the water was quite large, which could easily wash away the sediment on the body.

  Mr. Li’s family is from Longyan. They are very happy while washing the sand and watching the scenery by the sea. Mr. Li said: "Going out to play is to choose a place with complete infrastructure, especially go on road trip, where parking is convenient and facilities are complete, and playing is really enjoyable."

  Next to the public toilet of Yefengzhai Ocean Science Park, there is also a privately contracted shower equipment. The reporter saw that there were five independent shower rooms in the shower room, equipped with water heaters, air conditioners and other equipment. Ms. Chen, the administrator, said: "The price of washing is 10 yuan, an adult and a child in 15 yuan. People often come here to take a shower after swimming on holidays."

  Wuyuanwan beach

  Demand exceeds supply. Tourists huddle in front of the sink.

  There are several public toilets around Wuyuan Bay Beach. The reporter found that, like two or three years ago, these public toilets were still not equipped with flushing equipment, and some green belt water pipes that had been used by tourists for flushing were also blocked.

  The public toilet B064 is the closest to the beach, between the beach and the parking lot, between the footbridge and the bus stop, with a superior geographical position, and there are many citizens and tourists coming in and out. There is not much space in this public toilet, and there is only a sink. In order to use water, tourists huddle together. There is a sign standing beside it, which says: Please don’t wash your feet in the sink. Someone turned a blind eye and still put his feet in the sink to wash. Some people are more gentle and use mineral water bottles to catch water and wash their feet, but the ground is covered with sand and water.

  Mr. Chen, a citizen, often exercises nearby. He said that this public toilet has a good location and receives hundreds of people almost every day. It is estimated that there are thousands of people on weekends. "Some people even carry their children to the table for cleaning, and the sediment rushes into the pool, which is easy to cause blockage, and the ground is often dirty."

  Master Wang, the administrator, said: "Even if you keep mopping the floor, you can’t keep up with the speed of dirt. I hope to set up a foot bath as soon as possible, otherwise this situation will be difficult to improve. "

  Binhai romantic line

  Well-equipped, washing feet, showering and changing clothes are not a problem

  The coastal romantic line around the East China Sea has been popular among citizens and tourists in recent years. Walking all the way along the seaside, the reporter found that you can find a public toilet every few hundred meters here. Some public toilets use gender-free toilet seats, some are single-family rooms, and the design is quite innovative. Some toilets are also equipped with spraying equipment. Because of the large area of a single room, it is not a problem to simply shower and change clothes. There are foot-washing pools and hand-washing pools outside the toilet, so visitors can get what they need.

  Mr. Wu, a citizen, said: "The facilities of Binhai Romantic Line are complete, but there is still a lack of washing facilities at the seaside from Jimei Qiaotou to Langhua Gate of Romantic Line, hoping to increase the construction."

  Rainbow Beach on the Romantic Line of Binhai is one of the popular places to visit. When the reporter came here in the evening, the beach was full of people playing with the sea. The reporter noticed that in this area, in addition to the public toilets, there is a foot bath pool. In addition, there is a foot bath pool every two or three hundred meters between the two public toilets, and there is also a direct water dispenser next to the foot bath pool. According to the reporter’s observation, the foot bath pool and the public toilet cooperate with each other, which relieves the dense flow of people on the beach and reduces the pressure on the public toilet.


  Orderly queuing and civilized flushing

  The administrator of Wuyuanwan shower facilities told the reporter that the quality of citizens and tourists who use washing equipment has improved a lot compared with the past, and some people are not very civilized. It is hoped that citizens and tourists will be able to do civilized washing and orderly queuing when using washing facilities; Turn off the faucet in time after use to reduce the waste of water resources; Turn down the water flow to avoid splashing on others; Take good care of the facilities.

(Text/Photo Reporter Chen Pengcheng Intern Zeng Wenshan)