Can Huawei’s visual intelligence drive surpass Tesla? Pure vision confronts the dispute between cost and performance

Can Huawei’s visual intelligence drive surpass Tesla? Pure vision confronts the dispute between cost and performance

Huawei HarmonyOS Ecological Spring Communication Conference was successfully held on the afternoon of April 11th. This conference focused on the new products of Zhijie S7 and MateBook. Zhijie S7, the first car built by Huawei and Chery based on HarmonyOS Zhixing model, was unveiled in November last year.

Can Huawei's visual intelligence drive surpass Tesla?

The intellectual community "returned to the furnace" after half a year, which attracted attention. Huawei chose to re-release it because of its Huawei visual intelligent driving system, which is the first time Huawei has launched a visual driving solution without lidar.

Can Huawei's visual intelligence drive surpass Tesla? Pure vision confronts the dispute between cost and performance

At the press conference, Yu Chengdong said that Huawei’s visual smart driver equipped with Zhijie S7 has surpassed Tesla, which is known as the "originator of vision", in real vehicle performance, showing strong confidence in its own scheme.

Can Huawei's visual intelligence drive surpass Tesla? Pure vision confronts the dispute between cost and performance

How does Huawei’s visual intelligence drive compete with Tesla’s visual intelligence drive on the premise of abandoning lidar? What kind of sensor does its technical strength come from? Huawei revealed the answer at the meeting.

Can Huawei's visual intelligence drive surpass Tesla? Pure vision confronts the dispute between cost and performance

Huawei officially released the first visual intelligent driving product-Huawei ADS Basic Edition. According to Yu Chengdong, the scheme can realize NCA intelligent driving navigation assistance on national expressways and urban expressways, including intelligent driving on and off ramps, coping with complex scenes such as road construction and cone-bucket diversion, and has certain ability to change lanes and avoid obstacles independently.

Can Huawei's visual intelligence drive surpass Tesla? Pure vision confronts the dispute between cost and performance

HUAWEI ADS basic edition is not equipped with laser radar, but realizes environmental perception through three millimeter-wave radars, 10 visual perception high-definition cameras and 12 ultrasonic radars, so as to build a visual intelligent driving scheme without laser radar.

Can Huawei's visual intelligence drive surpass Tesla? Pure vision confronts the dispute between cost and performance

At the press conference, Huawei ADS Basic Edition pointed directly at Tesla EAP(Enhanced Auto Pilot Enhanced Driver Assistance). Huawei claims that the comparative test results show that the coverage rate of Huawei’s visual intelligent driving is as high as 99.5%, the pass rate of ramp is 96%, and there is no degradation in the whole process. At the same time, it has the functions of intelligent speed regulation and identification of water horse cones. In contrast, the coverage rate of Tesla equipped with EAP is only 79%, the on-ramp pass rate is 68.75%, and it has been degraded 14 times, and it is impossible to identify obstacles of the opposite sex.

Can Huawei's visual intelligence drive surpass Tesla? Pure vision confronts the dispute between cost and performance

In terms of intelligent parking, Huawei’s visual intelligent driving has completely surpassed Tesla, which lacks support for different shapes, oblique rows and custom parking spaces.

Can Huawei's visual intelligence drive surpass Tesla? Pure vision confronts the dispute between cost and performance

As an optional function, Tesla EAP includes four functions: automatic lane change assistance, automatic navigation and driving assistance, intelligent calling and automatic parking, which need to be purchased at an extra cost. Tesla’s self-driving products are divided into three grades: BAP, EAP and FSD, of which BAP is the basic version and EAP is the enhanced assisted driving, and the two are free and charge $6,000 respectively. FSD is Tesla’s highest-level self-driving product, which has the functions of navigation-assisted driving, automatic lane change, automatic parking, intelligent calling, traffic signal recognition, and automatic turning of urban roads.

Can Huawei's visual intelligence drive surpass Tesla? Pure vision confronts the dispute between cost and performance

Zhijie S7 has launched five models, with the price range of 249,800 yuan to 349,800 yuan. Among the new models, the Ultra version uses a 100kWh battery pack, while the Max and Max+ versions have a price reduction of 20,000 yuan compared with the initial listing.

Can Huawei's visual intelligence drive surpass Tesla? Pure vision confronts the dispute between cost and performance

It is worth noting that Huawei Vision Smart Drive HUAWEI ADS Basic Edition is only installed in Zhijie S7 Pro rear drive long battery life version. In contrast, the version of Zhijie S7 Max with a price higher than 20,000 yuan is equipped with the same 192-line laser radar as that of Wenjie M9, with the longest detection distance of 250m, which is 20% higher than the industry average. Except for lidar, there is no difference in other configurations between the two models.

Can Huawei's visual intelligence drive surpass Tesla? Pure vision confronts the dispute between cost and performance

From this point of view, whether equipped with lidar has become the main difference between the basic version and the high-end version of Huawei’s ADS intelligent driving scheme, and the price difference between them is mainly reflected in this 192-line lidar.

Can Huawei's visual intelligence drive surpass Tesla? Pure vision confronts the dispute between cost and performance

What is the difference between Huawei Smart Drive with and without lidar? The former has enhanced its omni-directional anti-collision ability. After Zhijie S7 is equipped with laser radar, the effective range of forward active safety AEB is expanded to 4-150km/h, and the maximum braking speed is increased to 120 km/h; The effective range of lateral active safety is increased to 40-130km/h, and obstacles such as water horses can be actively identified.

The existence of lidar significantly improves the safety protection performance of vehicles, especially when dealing with emergencies such as "ghost probe". Previously, an owner of the M7 car in the border area encountered a "ghost probe" accident while driving at a speed of nearly 130km/h at high speed, and a pedestrian suddenly crossed the isolation belt and broke into the fast lane. Fortunately, Huawei’s intelligent driving system equipped with the M7 in Wenjie timely identified and took evasive measures to avoid the tragedy. This successful obstacle avoidance case is largely due to the lidar carried by the vehicle. Under extreme conditions, it is difficult to achieve such accurate perception only by visual sensors or human eyes.

In addition, the advanced version of HUAWEI ADS equipped with lidar has achieved wide coverage of roads in China, covering more than 40,000 towns and villages in China, including main roads, branch roads and even smaller roads. The third-party test data shows that the road coverage rate of the system has reached 99.56%. In contrast, the basic version of HUAWEI ADS-visual intelligent driving scheme is currently only applicable to NCA intelligent driving navigation assistance for national expressways and urban expressways.

Despite this, lidar is still recognized as the strongest sensor to achieve high-order assisted driving at this stage, even Huawei is no exception.

Why do some manufacturers choose to give up lidar? High cost is the main reason. Compared with the Zhijie S7Pro rear-drive long-life intelligent driving version, the Zhijie S7Max rear-drive long-life intelligent driving version is 20,000 yuan more expensive, mainly because of the addition of laser radar. Are consumers willing to pay for this?

In December, 2023, DJI Vehicle cooperated with Chery to launch the mass-produced model iCAR 03. This model adopts 7V pure vision sensor scheme, and the whole vehicle has no millimeter-wave radar or ultrasonic radar, making it the first automobile in China to realize high-order driving assistance function only by pure vision sensing hardware. With the help of pure visual sensor hardware, iCAR 03 also supports high-order assisted driving functions such as cross-layer memory parking, urban memory navigation and high-speed navigation.

The intelligent driving solution "Chengxing" launched by DJI Vehicle takes the inertial navigation stereo binocular sensor as the core sensing device, provides 7V and 9V pure vision sensor configurations, and supports extended multi-sensor such as lidar. This scheme can realize a variety of L2+ high-order intelligent driving functions with a computing power configuration as low as 32TOPS. Among them, the 7V sensor scheme includes an inertial navigation binocular vision sensor and five cameras, and the 9V sensor scheme adds two side-looking monocular cameras on this basis.

The hardware cost of DJI vehicle-mounted binocular vision intelligent driving scheme is extremely low. According to Shen Shaoshua, the person in charge of the vehicle in DJI, the hardware cost of the "Chengxing" platform can be reduced to less than 10,000 yuan, even reaching the level of 5,000 yuan, which is roughly equivalent to the price of a long-range lidar.

Both Chery’s cooperation with DJI Vehicle and Huawei’s cooperation have put forward a vision intelligent driving scheme without lidar version, which shows the active exploration and trade-off of domestic automobile manufacturers in the field of intelligent driving, and reveals how to introduce intelligent driving technology into a lower price range through trade-offs.

Although lidar is irreplaceable for its high-precision sensing ability, even Huawei acknowledges its watershed position between the basic version and the high-end version of HUAWEI ADS. However, with the intensification of competition in the automobile market, domestic automobile manufacturers are eager to introduce intelligent driving technology into a lower price range, and enterprises such as DJI and Huawei have achieved mass production of visual intelligent driving solutions that do not rely on lidar.

Therefore, reducing the cost of lidar has become a top priority.

Huawei Mate50 series is equipped with five new products that break the sky.

Yesterday, Huawei released a warm-up video of the press conference. Yu Chengdong said: "Coming soonHuaweiThe series marks the ten-year milestone of Mate series, and will definitely bring you unexpected surprises. Regarding the Mate series, my colleagues collected nine questions that everyone is very concerned about for me to answer. Give you a spoiler, and you will be revealed at the press conference on September 6.Huawei will release a new technology that will pierce the sky.Look forward to it together!"

Now it’s on the shelves, and there are discounts for booking now.> > > click me to make an appointment < < <

According to Huawei’s warm-up these days, I summarized it for you.Huawei officially held the autumn launch conference of Huawei Mate50 series and new products in the whole scene. After a week’s warm-up, Huawei announced five new products of HarmonyOS Ecology, namely: Huawei Mate50 Series, SE Cat’s Eye Edition, Huawei Home Storage, AITO World M5 EV and Huawei MateBook E Go.

Huawei Mate50 series

The protagonist of this conference-Huawei Mate50 series has four models:HuaweiMate50E, Huawei mate 50, and Huawei Mate50 RS.

HuaweiMate50E is equipped with Snapdragon 778G.Huawei Mate50, Huawei Mate50 Pro and Huawei Mate50 RS (Porsche Edition) are equipped with a new generation of Snapdragon 8. Besides,These three machinesEquipped with a brand new self-developed image XMAGE brand,Equipped with a variable aperture,There will be great progress in the image.

According to media speculation, Huawei will join hands with Beidou-3 system to realize the popularization of satellite communication technology, which will be of great significance to the development of global mobile communication.

Huawei Intelligent SE Cat Eye Edition

Huawei’s smart door lock SE Cat’s Eye Edition is a regular upgrade product of Huawei’s ecological chain. SE means that the price is not high, and the camera has become a visual access control with fingerprints unlocked.

Huawei home storage

Huawei home storageIt can be used as a database for the whole family, and photos and videos can be stored in this storage device, which is equivalent to a family version. More privacy, faster storage and speed.

AITO bound M5 EV

According to the picture in the poster, it not only implies the design of Huawei Mate50 Porsche Edition, but also AITO asks M5 EV to have it.I hope to make an appearance at this conference, and the new version of HarmonyOS Car Machine will also be announced at this conference.

Huawei MateBook E Go

Huawei MateBook E Go will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen3 processor. According to the poster, MateBook E Go is a two-in-one device.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen3 processor, which is a 5G chip built by Qualcomm for PC platform. This chip is made by 5nm process, and it is the first 5nm chip on Windows platform. It adopts Armv8 architecture, and its performance is enough for office work.

Xiaomi auto conference, set the file!

The Xiaomi auto conference, which has received much attention from the market, has finally confirmed the schedule.

On December 25th, the official Weibo of Xiaomi Automobile announced that the Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference will be held at 2pm on Thursday, December 28th, 2023. Weibo, Lei Jun, said on December 25th that this time, only technology was issued, not products. According to previous news, Xiaomi Automobile will be listed in 2024.

Poster of Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference

When Lei Jun talked about Xiaomi’s automobile business a few days ago, he said that Xiaomi was doing it in a way of "determined to win"

Determination of vehicle type and battery, etc.

Xiaomi automobile terminal sales and other work to promote.

With the approaching of Xiaomi Auto Conference, recently, the appearance, model catalogue and battery patent of Xiaomi Auto were disclosed. Some Xiaomi homes in Beijing, Shanghai and other places have started the confirmation of the display of cars.

"Our first car invested 3,400 engineers, and the entire R&D investment exceeded 10 billion. We spent more than 10 times. After I have such a grasp, I will do it in a way that I am determined to win. " Lei Jun said that Xiaomi has many natural advantages in making cars, because the essence of smart electric vehicles is the integration of automobile industry and consumer electronics industry, which is a great integration, so entering the automobile industry is challenging for Xiaomi, but overall the difficulty is controllable.

Lei Jun said that in the past six years, the compound annual growth rate of Xiaomi’s R&D investment was as high as 38.4%. It is estimated that the total R&D investment will exceed 20 billion yuan in 2023 and 100 billion yuan in the next five years. High-intensity R&D investment has injected strong impetus into the upward growth of millet.

After completing the training of store managers in some cities, Xiaomi Automobile has also made new developments in terminal sales. Some Xiaomi homes in Beijing, Shanghai and other places have started the confirmation of the display of cars. The staff of Xiaomi Home Store in Shanghai introduced that the Xiaomi show car will arrive at the store in the first quarter of next year. Similar to Huawei’s offline stores, Xiaomi Auto will also become an exhibit in Xiaomi Store.

The Catalogue of New Energy Vehicle Models Exempted from Vehicle Purchase Tax (the 72nd batch) issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on December 12 shows that the manufacturer of Xiaomi SU7 is Beijing Automotive Group Off-road Vehicle Co., Ltd., and there are two versions, the difference lies in the battery pack capacity and cruising range. The battery pack capacity of the two versions is 73.6kWh and 101kWh respectively, and the corresponding battery life is 668/628km and 800/750km respectively.

Xiaomi Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. applied for the patent of "battery and body integrated structure, vehicle" which was also announced a few days ago. The new patent is conducive to improving the integration of vehicles, reducing the weight of the body structure, realizing the lightweight of vehicles and improving the cruising range of vehicles.

At the previous Xiaomi new product launch conference, Xiaomi released the 澎湃 OS operating system, which is not only suitable for mobile devices such as mobile phones, but also will be installed on Xiaomi cars. According to Lei Jun, Xiaomi 澎湃 OS is based on the integration of deeply evolved Android and self-developed Vela system, rewriting the underlying architecture and making a "public base" for the future Internet of Everything.

Catalogue of New Energy Vehicle Models Exempted from Vehicle Purchase Tax (Seventy-second Batch)

New car information is strictly confidential.

The predicted starting price is below 200,000 yuan.

Xiaomi keeps information about new cars strictly confidential. Xiaomi Group recently introduced that it was verified that in November and December, 2023, three former employees of Xiaomi Automobile Department participated in the so-called "Xiaomi Automobile Seminar" organized by external brokers and investment institutions without permission for the purpose of collecting "consulting fees", which fabricated and spread a lot of false and untrue information, seriously misleading the market and disrupting the normal business development of Xiaomi Automobile.

The above three employees, namely Yu Moumou (former employee of the electronic control system and software team), Shi Mou (former employee of the stamping and casting process team) and Zhang Mou (former employee of the mass production quality team), have seriously violated the Code of Conduct for Xiaomi Group employees and the confidentiality obligations stipulated by the company. Xiaomi Group has dismissed them and never hired them, and has been investigated for legal responsibility according to law. At the same time, Xiaomi Group reserves the right to pursue legal responsibility for brokers and investment institutions that organize related activities.

A spokesperson for Xiaomi Company said that Xiaomi Group will pursue malicious leaks, malicious rumors and rumors in the end according to law.

According to the latest research report, Xiaomi’s new car SU7 is positioned as a medium-sized and large-sized pure electric coupe, which is designed for Tesla Model 3, but compared with Tucki P7i/ Tesla Model 3/ Zhijie S7/Han EV and other competing products, the new car price is lower, the estimated starting price is below 200,000 yuan, and the overall price is between 200,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan, and the body size (length 4997mm) and wheelbase (3000mm) are larger, which is in line with Xiaomi’s consistent pricing style. After calculation, the annual sales volume of the car market in the range of 200,000-300,000 yuan is about 1.5 million, which is a broad market for Xiaomi. It is estimated that the annual sales volume of new cars will reach 70,000-80,000. At present, the progress of Xiaomi’s car-making exceeds expectations. In the follow-up, Xiaomi will use the traditional OEM production capacity to achieve rapid vehicle launch and capacity replication through OEM and sub-brands to ensure the growth and explosiveness of the company’s sales.

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Detailed accounts are exposed! This new film with a total cost of 220 million yuan, Xú Zhēng took 87 million yuan alone.

Every reporter Bi Yuanyuan Wen Menghua every editor Zheng Zhi    

Image source: vision china

The pay of stars has always been the focus of people’s attention.

In the past, star pay was not transparent, and people could only guess by the "pay list" circulating on the Internet. Now, with the announcement of Joy Media, Xú Zhēng’s income in the film has been "hammered".

Huanxi Media announced that its subsidiary Huanxi Premiere had reached a film production agreement with Beijing Zhenledao, which is controlled by Xú Zhēng and his wife. The film production cost totaled 217 million yuan. Among them, the director’s fee, producer’s fee, screenwriter’s fee and actor’s fee earned by Xú Zhēng alone amounted to 87 million yuan, accounting for 40% of the total film cost.

It is understood that Lost in Russia is the third work of the "Embarrassing Series" directed by Xú Zhēng, and the Spring Festival in 2020 has been booked in advance. After Dying to Survive’s great success, Joy Media and Xú Zhēng obviously expected a lot from this film.

In addition to the four positions of director, producer, screenwriter and actor, Xú Zhēng’s personal company will also charge film production fees. In addition, another major identity of Xú Zhēng is the shareholder and signing director of Joy Media, and he will also get a share of the profits after the film is released.

Off-screen, Xú Zhēng’s "Business Classics" is also well read. No matter what the final box office of this film is, Xu Zheng, who earned a lot of money, will be the biggest winner.

According to an announcement made by Joy Media on the evening of February 26th, Joy Media’s wholly-owned subsidiary Joy Premiere signed a film production agreement with Beijing Zhenle Road, and Xú Zhēng is qualified to be a director, producer, screenwriter and starring.

Huanxi Media will pay Xú Zhēng’s company Zhenledao 30 million yuan for production, Xú Zhēng 27 million yuan for directing, 10 million yuan for producer, 10 million yuan for screenwriter and 40 million yuan for actor, totaling 117 million yuan. In addition, Joy Media will give another 100 million yuan to Xú Zhēng for third-party payment. The above fees are all tax-included.

To put it simply, of the total cost of this film of 217 million yuan, Xú Zhēng’s remuneration accounts for 18.4%, while Xú Zhēng’s personal income accounts for about 40%.

National business daily (micro-signal: nbdnews) reporter noted that in August 2018, the video website and a number of film and television production companies proposed that the total pay of actors and guests should not exceed 40% of the total production cost, and the pay of main actors should not exceed 70% of the total pay.

Taking this as a reference, every reporter has roughly calculated an account, which is calculated according to the total production cost of Lost in Russia, totaling 217 million yuan, that is, the total remuneration of actors cannot exceed 86.8 million yuan; The main actor’s salary can’t exceed 60.76 million. Xú Zhēng’s actor fee in the film is 40 million yuan, not more than 60.76 million yuan.

The above announcement pointed out that as the largest investor in Lost in Russia, Joy Premiere has the right to enjoy all the benefits of film copyright in the world, including the box office, the benefits from distribution and sale, and the exclusive rights of third-party new media, etc., and Joy Premiere can transfer the exclusive rights of new media to other third parties at its sole discretion.

It is worth mentioning that Qixinbao data shows that Xú Zhēng is the actual controller of Beijing True Music Road, and he and his wife Tao Hong own 51% and 25% of the rights and interests of True Music Road respectively. At the same time, Xú Zhēng is also a non-executive director of Joy Media and the only ultimate beneficial owner of Tairong Holdings, the company’s major shareholder (holding about 15.03% of the company’s issued share capital).

The media company with its own share in the stock market gave the film production contract to the cultural company with its own holding, which can be described as "the rich water does not flow outside the field". Therefore, Xú Zhēng personally locked in a considerable profit in advance before the film was released.

Generally speaking, Xú Zhēng will not only receive 87 million yuan before tax, but also receive 30 million yuan for the production of Beijing Zhenle Road, which is controlled by him and his wife. At the same time, Xú Zhēng, as a shareholder and signing director of Joy Media, will also get a share of the profits after the film is released.

Letting shareholders become directors is the core competitiveness of Joy Media, which is also called "director partner system" internally. It is reported that Huanxi Media, which was established less than four years ago, has owned shareholder directors such as Ning Hao, Wong Kar-wai, Xú Zhēng, Chen Kexin, Gu Changwei and Zhang Yibai, and has established close cooperation with well-known directors including Jia Zhangke, Wen Juan, Li Yang and Daming Chen.

This year’s Spring Festival film "Crazy Alien" directed by Ning Hao was produced by Joy Media, with a production cost of over 400 million yuan, and it was also guaranteed by Le Kaihua Film in Wang Baoqiang. On the evening of February 25th, Joy Media announced that the company had fully collected 700 million yuan of guaranteed income brought by Crazy Alien.

As an actor, Xú Zhēng was addicted to drama in 2018.

Stars attend the film "Crazy Alien" conference. Image source: vision china

According to public information, the films released in 2018, Players Behind the Scenes and Living Together in Time and Space, were both starred by Xú Zhēng and acted as a producer, and he also acted as an actor in The Island and Jianghu Children.

According to the data of the Cat’s Eye Professional Shadow List, as of 2019, in the total box office score of the male leading actor in China film history, Xú Zhēng ranked seventh with 13 films with a total box office score of 8.264 billion yuan. According to the data, up to now, Xú Zhēng has participated in more than 100 film and television works.

Over the years, Xú Zhēng has experienced various roles from a drama actor to a TV play, film actor, director, producer and boss. As a businessman, Xú Zhēng’s business map is getting bigger and bigger.

National business daily (micro-signal: nbdnews) reporter inquired about Qixinbao and found that Xú Zhēng is not only the legal representative of Shanghai Zhenledao Film and Television Culture Studio and Shanghai Xú Zhēng Film and Television Culture Studio, with a shareholding ratio of 100% respectively; At the same time, he is also a shareholder of Beijing Zhenledao Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhenledao Investment Management Co., Ltd., Jiaxing Zhenledao Investment Management Partnership, and a listed company, Joy Media.

In 2018, the movie "Behind the scenes player" produced by Zhenledao Culture finally earned 358 million yuan at the box office; In the same period, "Later Us" was a film invested by Joy Media, and the final box office of the film was 1.361 billion yuan. True music culture and happy media also appeared in the Dying to Survive producers who subsequently won the box office of 3.1 billion yuan; In the Spring Festival of 2019, the "Crazy Alien" produced by Joy Media has accumulated a box office of 2.179 billion yuan.

In addition, the low-cost film "Living Together in Time and Space" created by True Music Culture as the first producer earned 898 million yuan at the box office.

Overseas for the first time! ! !

Aluminum alloy assembled maintenance base station is an aluminum-based material, customized and assembled tent product developed by the company. The product is made of aluminum-based components with light weight, convenient transportation, rapid deployment, rain and wind resistance, beautiful and practical, and can meet the needs of rapid response, high maneuverability, high concealment and different scenes in other fields. The aluminum alloy lifting gate fills the gap in the corresponding field in China. The product scale can be customized for different customers and different equipment. At present, the company has successfully implemented several cases.

Tianjin University: The Fashion Password of the Centennial Mechanical Discipline

  Tianjin University Beiyang Power Team participated in the Formula Car Competition for Chinese College Students. Photo courtesy of Tianjin University

  If you ask a candidate who has just finished the college entrance examination, what is "machinery"? Perhaps the answers will be "gear", "lathe in the factory" and "robot", and at the same time, we should think of the impressions of "wide application" and "everywhere in production and life".

  Before learning machinery, Zhuang Zheming’s concept of machinery came from the cartoon "Transformers" he saw when he was a child. He chose the major of mechanical design, manufacturing and automation in the School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University with a vision for robots. He graduated this year and fulfilled his dream of "robot" with a graduation design work of "snake robot". This work also won him the first prize in the 13th Graduation Design Competition.

  Let the students who have just entered the school gate and are still a little ignorant about the concept of mechanical discipline know more about the connotation of machinery when they leave the school gate, and plant a seed of "big machinery" that is "new and new" through "professional blending and advantage integration", and have the ability and experience of innovation and entrepreneurship, which is the concept and practice of "3 integration and 4 behavior" talent training exploration in the School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University.

  "Three-in-one and four-in-one" means to further emphasize and attach importance to the cultivation of compound and innovative talents on the basis of the traditional training objectives of knowledge, ability and quality, put forward the reform concept of integration, sharing and innovation, construct the "three-in-one" guarantee system of professional integration, resource integration and teacher integration, and explore the "four-in-one" training mode with team as the body, scientific research as the source, innovation as the foundation and entrepreneurship as the purpose.

  The dilemma of "3A College"

  In Tianjin University, as a discipline established at the beginning of the school in 1895, machinery is an "old discipline" of the same age as the school. In the view of Wang Tianyou, president of the School of Mechanical Engineering, the development history of mechanical discipline in modern China has always stood at the forefront of history, but compared with a hundred years ago, "machinery" has undergone earth-shaking changes from the outside to the inside.

  The three first-level disciplines of the School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University: mechanical engineering, mechanics and power engineering and engineering thermophysics, were all rated as "A" in the fourth round of national discipline evaluation, so the School of Mechanical Engineering is also called "3A College" of Tianjin University. The college has four undergraduate majors: mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, engineering mechanics, energy and power engineering and industrial design. Each major has a unique historical advantage and a strong disciplinary advantage. "Just like the four brothers in a big family, they are all wonderful and all &lsquo; Take care of each other &rsquo; Live happily. Daily teaching and student defense, including teachers, are very independent. " Talking about the situation of three disciplines in the college more than ten years ago, Cao Shuqian, vice president of the college in charge of teaching, said that this has caused some problems in student training, the most obvious of which is that students’ knowledge and ability are single, and their ability to cross and cross borders is not strong; The superior teaching resources are scattered, and the students’ innovation platform is poorly shared. However, due to the prevailing atmosphere of emphasizing scientific research over teaching in domestic universities at that time, teachers’ investment in teaching was relatively insufficient and they lacked initiative in teaching reform.

  At that time, the speed of knowledge updating and interdisciplinary research in the international scope was accelerating, the coverage of major in mechanical engineering was getting wider and wider, and the development of new economy and new industry was changing with each passing day. There was an urgent need for compound and innovative engineering talents with cross-border and innovative ability. Obviously, the compartmentalized education and teaching organization model can’t meet the requirements of talent training.

  Tear off the "label"

  On the one hand, under the baton of scores, students’ enthusiasm for participating in innovative and entrepreneurial projects is not fully encouraged; On the other hand, the habitual identity consciousness of "you are mechanical", "I am dynamic" and "he is mechanical" has become an invisible "label" attached to teachers’ hearts, and teachers’ motivation for interdisciplinary teaching to cultivate talents is not recognized.

  In order for teachers to devote more energy to undergraduate teaching and students to devote more energy to innovation, it is necessary to change the meaning of grades and tear off the inherent identity "label" in teachers’ hearts.

  "The first thing to change is the meaning of the score." Cao Shuqian said that when there were only 2 credits in innovative courses at that time, the college increased the weight of scientific and technological innovation in students’ total scores, so that students’ scores were not only the exam results of the courses, whether in the evaluation of Excellence or in the insurance research. For example, the College issued the Implementation Measures of School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University to Encourage Students to Participate in Extracurricular Science and Technology Competition (Trial), which clearly stipulates that undergraduates who won the top three awards in Class A projects during their studies (the weighted scores in the first three years were in the top 60% of their majors), undergraduates who won the top two awards in Class B projects and special group projects in Class C will be given extra points on the basis of the average weighting of students when they are exempted from graduate students. Award-winning for different projects can be accumulated separately. At the same time, the determination of the workload of competition instructors and the recognition and reward of competition award-winning instructors (coaching staff) have also been clearly defined.

  "All courses are open and teachers are open. Which course do you want to talk about, after passing a series of processes such as training, assessment, class assistance, collective lesson preparation and trial class, you can join the teaching team of the course and walk onto the podium. " Cao Shuqian said, teachers of public courses in disciplines get through, teachers of cross-disciplines in colleges get through, and the professional/disciplinary boundaries are broken &hellip; &hellip; At the beginning of the reform, the college has set up 17 teaching teams, 35 responsible posts and backbone posts, and teaching posts in several disciplines. Teachers’ performance and promotion are directly linked to teaching. This kind of teacher team integration and curriculum integration, on the one hand, has realized the adjustment and optimization of teaching teachers according to students’ needs, on the other hand, has promoted teachers’ investment in teaching, guaranteed the construction of important teaching projects, and improved the teaching effect as a whole.

  Blend and create new things.

  The team of teachers in the college has been opened, and the problem of sharing teaching resources and innovation platforms has been solved. The scattered 19 teaching laboratories were integrated into 4 experimental teaching centers, of which 3 were approved as national experimental teaching demonstration centers; Establish two national engineering education practice centers; Six national excellent courses and resource sharing courses have been built, and a group of innovation and entrepreneurship platforms has been built. The integration of platform and resources provides students with a broader platform for innovation and entrepreneurship, and also allows students to feel the struggle of youth in the initial experience of innovation and entrepreneurship and find the future direction.

  Liu Songtao, the founder of Chenxing (Tianjin) Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., founded Astro Boy, a high-end parallel robot brand, after studying in the School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University for 7 years, and won the gold medal in the final of the 4th China "internet plus" University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Looking back on his own road of innovation and entrepreneurship, Liu Songtao believes that the experience of participating in the "Beiyang Power" team as an undergraduate made him experience the process of "entrepreneurship" for the first time. When he entered the laboratory in his junior year, he cooperated with his classmates to complete the research and development of a prototype of a new four-degree-of-freedom parallel robot product and won the first prize in the graduation design competition, which encouraged him to embark on the road of innovation and entrepreneurship.

  Compared with the seniors, Zhuang Zheming, who won the first prize in the graduation design competition this year, has the same rich experience in innovation and entrepreneurship: IEEE China Robot Design Competition, National Mobile Internet Innovation Competition (University Group), First Prize of National Renewable Energy Science and Technology Competition for College Students and National Youth Environmental Protection Competition & HELIP; &hellip; For Zhuang Zheming, the process of participating in the innovation and entrepreneurship competition is a process of teamwork, continuous learning and self-enrichment.

  "4 for" promising

  "Students’ bi-design comes from scientific research, innovation (college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship training program) comes from scientific research, competition comes from scientific research, students’ cross-disciplinary team cooperation and teachers’ cross-disciplinary guidance run through the whole process of students’ innovative training, and students’ innovative thinking and ability as well as their ability to solve complex engineering problems are fully exercised." In Wang Tianyou’s view, the "four-for-one" training mode with team as the body, scientific research as the source, innovation as the foundation and entrepreneurship as the purpose provides an effective path for the training of compound and innovative talents of traditional engineering majors.

  Today, as the first mechanical undergraduate graduation design competition in China, it has been held for 13 consecutive sessions, expanding from the original college to 14 universities in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and Central and East China. The entries involved more than 10 major mechanical engineering majors, including mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, industrial design, energy and power engineering, engineering mechanics, process equipment and control engineering, and thousands of students participated.

  All students realize the cultivation of basic innovation by participating in teachers’ scientific research projects and carrying out graduation projects; Teachers extract innovation projects and discipline competitions from scientific research projects, and more than half of the students realize the promotion and innovation training by participating in innovation and competition projects; Some students extract entrepreneurial projects from big innovation and competition projects to create technology companies. Student innovation projects have increased from 37 in 2012 to more than 100 projects every year; Students independently set up scientific and technological entrepreneurial teams from scratch, and now there are 14 and 12 registered scientific and technological companies.

  In the eyes of teachers and students, the training mode of "three in one and four in one" promotes the ability and level, and it is also the enthusiasm and passion for continuous innovation and entrepreneurship, which is the fashion password of century-old machinery. (Correspondent Liu Xiaoyan)

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the "Mid-stream Hit the Water" produced by the reception desk premiered tonight!

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), a major revolutionary historical TV series "Midstream Hit the Water" produced by the Central Radio and Television General Station, filmed by the TV Drama Documentary Center of the General Station, and contracted by the China TV Drama Production Center Co., Ltd. landed on CCTV-1 for its prime-time premiere tonight!

Guided by the "Red Boat Spirit", the TV series Hit the Water in the Middle Stream tells the historical process of the birth, development and growth of the Communist Party of China (CPC) during the ten years from the May 4th Movement in 1919 to the victory in Jinggangshan in 1928.

An epoch-making road-finding journey

With the theme of "Finding the Way" and narrative from Mao Zedong’s perspective, Midstream Hit the Water portrays more than 100 historical figures with distinct personalities and different fates, vividly shows their thinking and enterprising, ups and downs and choices in a specific historical period, and highlights the great initiative, struggle and dedication of communist party people.

Everything is for the country and everything is for the people. The TV series "Hit the Water in the Middle Stream" focuses on the "initial heart" and "mission" that the Communist Party of China (CPC) kept at the beginning of the founding of the Party.

For this "initial heart" and "mission", the older generation of communist party people threw their heads and shed their blood, pioneered the world, dared to be the first, stood firm in their ideals and persevered, and finally found the correct path of the China revolution.

  If you don’t forget where you came from, you can open up the future. Only by being good at inheritance can we innovate better.Tonight, follow the TV series "Hit the Water in the Middle Stream" produced by the main station.Tread on the waves and trace this path-finding journey together!

  The dream glory of a generation of revolutionary pioneers

In order to reproduce the history of the Communist Party of China (CPC) from 1919 to 1928 in a panoramic view and deeply interpret the "Red Boat Spirit", the main creators of the crew uphold the craftsman spirit, adhere to the standards of profound thinking, exquisite art and excellent production, reproduce major historical events with artistic creations of the new era, and strive to hand over an answer sheet that satisfies the audience.

  Yeming Song, the general director of the play, has directed masterpieces such as Diplomatic Storm, Marshal Peng Dehuai and Ode to Yan ‘an. Screenwriter Huang Yazhou is a national first-class screenwriter, who is good at creating major revolutionary historical themes. His representative works include Deng Xiaoping at a turning point in history, Creation of the World, Sunrise in the East and so on.

In addition, young actors such as Wang Renjun, jeremy, Xi Wang, Kevin Yan, jungle, Qi Kui, Liu Mengke and Terry joined hands with powerful actors such as Wang Zhifei, Dong Yong, Song Jialun, Ma Shaohua, Sun Qian, Liu Zhibing, Xu Yongge, Ding Liuyuan and Yu Yang to explain the revolution for you.The pioneer’s purity of initial heart, truth of doctrine, firmness of belief and beauty of personality.

"Do you remember that when you hit the water in the middle stream, the waves stopped the flying boat!"Lock in the prime time of CCTV-1. Tonight, the TV series "Mid-stream Hit the Water", a major revolutionary historical theme produced by the main station, premiered heavily!                  

"Post-90s" wildlife photographer Chu Wenwen: Their real destination is nature.

Nature is selfless, and she shows everything to human beings unabashedly. On April 22nd, Chu Wenwen, a wildlife photographer born after 1990s, and Wang Yuheng, a water brother, visited Sisyphus Bookstore with their new book "Chu Tong: My Wild Animal Friends and I" and accepted an exclusive interview with a reporter from The Paper.
On April 22nd, Chu Wenwen (right), a wildlife photographer born after 1990s, and Wang Yuheng (left), a "water brother", visited Sisyphus Bookstore with their new book "Chu Tong: My Wildlife Friends and I". Photography Huang mingrui
"The real situation is even more cruel than in the movie."
Chu Wenwen, who was born in Altay, is 25 years old. Because of an animal protection scientist’s father, she was taken to the wild at the age of 2; At the age of 7, I began to pack my bags, climb mountains and mountains, cross rivers and wear forests; When I was in my teens, I went to the disaster relief with the team, carrying frozen wild animals all the way in the snow. While other children were busy reciting ancient poems, Chu Wenwen tried hard to remember the names of each plant on the plains of Karamay.
At the age of 7, my father gave Chu Wenwen her first camera and took her to take the first photo of wild animals, which was also an important page in the history of wildlife protection in China-the wild horse of Platts in 2001. From then on, Wenwen often walked in the wild with her camera. At the age of 23, she and her partner also set up the Pupil’s Beginning Nature Image Studio and developed it into Pupil’s Beginning Nature Conservation Association.
Chu Wenwen and the early Red Army. Photography: Zhang Qi
At the beginning of the pupil, the Nature Conservation Association has a fixed team of about 10 people. The team based in Altay includes rangers who monitor and rescue wild animals and professional video teams who shoot wild animals. "We are not only doing imaging now, but also doing nature education and endangered species protection."
"I have been telling my team an idea. Whether the film is good or not is not the most important thing. The bottom line and principle you have to respect is to ensure that the animal’s body and mind can’t be hurt. You have to keep it in a complete and normal state, so that what you shoot is a photographic work." Chu Wenwen told The Paper that there are too many pictures similar to "a bird standing on a straw" in the photography circle.
In the story of Wulin owl in Inner Mongolia, Chu Wenwen mentioned that some bird-patting grandfathers did whatever it took to get an ideal picture. Two of them got the GPS positioning point of Wulin owl’s nest privately and went straight to the owl’s nest without saying hello. They wanted to take pictures of a blackbird flying, so they tried their best to drive away a blackbird resting in its nest, and even threw branches, plastic bags and stones at it. One of the stones also hit the owl’s eyes, and finally the owl flew away with a moan.
What happened to this black owl later? At the beginning, Wenwen heard that a friend found it in a forest far away-although one eye had stopped bleeding, the broken wound was visible, and the eyeball could not be seen, and it was obviously blind.
"When shooting wild animals, you can’t force them to look like you want. You should give them more time and patience, waiting for them to show the most harmonious side in nature, not those things that attract people’s attention."
"These photos of Wenwen that everyone saw, for a moment, she may have stayed in water or even ice for more than ten days." At the event site, Wang Yuheng specifically mentioned Chu Wenwen’s father, the animal protection scientist Chu Hongjun. "Have you seen Hoh Xil? Many real situations are even more cruel than in movies. To protect a protected area, we must struggle with many aspects. Mr. Chu Hongjun is a particularly respectable person. "
Platts mustang. Wang Yuheng, a painter
"Any part that is peeled off is just blood-stained pain."
The stories behind those photos written by Chu Wenwen are warm-hearted and shocking. What she lets people see is not only the brilliance of nature, but also the scars left by nature after being hurt by human beings.
For example, because of eating "breath-holding pills" (a poison invented by a dog dealer in China) by mistake, the big wolf in Inner Mongolia fell in the snow ten centimeters thick, and his claws and toenails were covered with blood scabs. For example, because it is to be made into "chicken wine", Hainan brown-winged Jay can only struggle in the hunter’s bag.
It takes at least 30 such lovely minks to make a mink coat-a painful number.
The beginning of photography
White shoulder carving. The beginning of photography
Maybe someone will say, doesn’t that person always eat fish and meat? In response to this, Wen Wen responded: "In order to survive, human beings need enough food sources, so they are already raising animals. But domestic animals can already satisfy their food and clothing needs, so why should they consume wild animals? Domestic animals are far away from the native land and can multiply indefinitely, and their survival will not be endangered. Wild animals are different. "
At first, Wenwen felt that, what’s more, the "consumption" of wild animals by human beings is also dangerous. "Parasites on wild animals, except in the digestive tract, will also be under the skin, and then you can see the worms, but you can’t see the eggs, and it can’t be killed by high temperature. The so-called medicated wine and medicated diet have no scientific basis, but the idea of always playing wild animals is actually harmful to people’s health. "
As for some places, people believe that spike, wolf’s mustache and wolf’s skin can ward off evil spirits. At first, Wenwen thought it was nonsense.
"In fact, those are only a small part of the body. The real soul of the wolf has disappeared from the moment it died. How can these two bones protect you?" Chu Wenwen said, "once any wild animal loses its integrity, then any part that is stripped off is just a pain covered with blood, which has no meaning."
Wolves. Wang Yuheng, a painter
"Humans and wild animals have the possibility of coexistence."
According to the latest data, there are 162 Mengxin beaver families in China, with an estimated population of 500. The above figures represent Mengxin beavers in Altay, Xinjiang, and even in China-less than the national treasure panda.
Chu Wenwen said that at present, the beaver population is stable, and more shrub willows are needed to further grow. In addition to beavers, cattle, sheep, camels and other domestic animals in the valley wetlands also eat shrub willows. So, is it possible for humans and wild animals to coexist?
Beaver is in the Ulungu River Valley, the only hometown in China. The beginning of photography
"I think there is." Chu Wenwen told reporters in The Paper that this is exactly what they are helping the local government to explore. Because the shrub willow is the main food for the beaver in Mengxin, their team wants to solve the food shortage problem of the beaver in Mengxin by replanting the shrub willow, so they have a "beaver canteen" public welfare project. Through the joint efforts of caring people, 50,000 shrubbery willows provided by the local forestry department were planted near about 10 beaver families in Mengxin to provide enough food for beavers.
"The place where we want to plant trees is the pasture of herders. Therefore, the project launched this year is that we will distribute saplings to herders, let herders plant them, and we will give subsidies. Herdsmen can choose to plant or choose not to plant. "
Chu Wenwen told The Paper that this subsidy involves two inspections. The first inspection was in autumn to see if the cattle and sheep raised by herders had eaten the trees planted in spring and summer. The second acceptance was when we went to plant trees in the following spring. "If you can guarantee that the tree is still there these two times, I will send you all the subsidies."
"This is tantamount to giving herders a choice-choosing to plant this tree will not let cattle and sheep go in to eat, and the subsidies they get are enough for herders to buy grass for cattle and sheep to eat. Or herders don’t want this subsidy and let their own cattle and sheep eat it. In short, there are many ways to guide positively. "
For another example, at the beginning of this year, Wenwen and her team will do a nature education project, and they will also take many children to the wild and really participate in wildlife protection. "In this process, we will let them eat and live in herders’ homes, which will also increase the income of herders and let them know that wild animals can bring them real benefits in this place. Because sometimes herders are not wrong, after all, they have lived in this place for generations, and most people can still communicate, which is very kind. "
Chu Wenwen said: "You let them get something, and they are willing to pay. It is more reliable to let him spontaneously have the awareness of protecting wild animals through this method. "
That’s how beavers build dams. The beginning of photography
"You don’t know if the next person who comes into contact with it has good intentions."
When it comes to the coexistence of human beings and wild animals, many people will think of the animated film "How to Train Your Dragon"-Vikings live with dragons, and people can provide food, accommodation and even companionship for dragons.
"But this is not the case." Chu Wenwen said that for wild animals, the real destination is nature. "What you think is’ good for it’ is not really good for it."
"In my eyes, the animals in zoos and wildlife parks are already domestic animals, because they can never go back (to nature)." Chu Wenwen told The Paper that under normal circumstances, they don’t want wild animals to contact people. "Because you don’t know whether the next person who comes into contact with it has good intentions."
But there are always some "abnormal situations", such as what should I do if I meet an injured wild animal? Chu Wenwen said: "Wild animals are injured, so don’t raise them yourself, but hand them over to the right institutions. For wild animals, reproduction and survival are the most important, rather than staying with their parents all the time. Even if you do get it back, the fetters will have adverse effects. Therefore, we will avoid too much contact with them during the rescue process. "
In Altay, Chu Wenwen is known as the "chairman of the Wildlife Disabled Persons’ Federation" because she has saved many "orphans of nature", such as the white-shouldered sculpture with broken wings because of bumping into the barbed wire fence of herders, the flamingo without half a flipper and the jerboa with amputated limbs. Chu Wenwen said with emotion: "The best hope to save them is to let them eventually return to nature."
At the event site, a student reader asked, "What can college students do for wildlife protection?" Wang Yuheng responded that everyone can actually do it. At present, there are also good protection organizations, but it is a bit mixed. "Many students don’t lack knowledge, what they lack is judgment. Sometimes our kindness will be taken advantage of. The most terrible thing is that once they are found to be used, some people may never want to do good again. "
Wang Yuheng donated all the royalties of "First Pupil" to "Beaver Canteen". At the scene, readers also asked questions about stray cats and dogs. Wang Hao responded: "For stray cats and dogs, I personally suggest not to feed them. Either take it home or send it back to the professional center after sterilization. If you want to choose an animal, it’s like choosing an object. Throughout his life. " Photography Huang mingrui

A number of new regulations will be implemented in July: full implementation of ID card acceptance in different places.

  Zhongxin. com, July 1 ST, a number of tax reduction and fee reduction policies were implemented, car dealers were not allowed to increase the price of cars, and the acceptance of ID cards in different places was fully implemented &hellip; &hellip; A number of new regulations will be implemented today, which will soon affect all aspects of people’s lives.

  A number of tax reduction and fee reduction policies will be implemented today.

  According to the decision of the the State Council executive meeting, a number of tax reduction and fee reduction policies will be implemented today. In terms of tax reduction, the value-added tax rate was reduced from four to three, and the 13% tax rate band was abolished, forming a three-band structure of 17%, 11% and 6%. The pilot policy of pre-tax deduction of personal income tax for commercial health insurance will be extended to the whole country, and the expenses of individuals purchasing qualified commercial health insurance products are allowed to be deducted before tax according to the maximum annual limit of 2,400 yuan.

  In terms of fee reduction, we will further clean up and standardize the deposit in the field of engineering construction, clean up and standardize the government’s non-tax revenue surcharge in the field of energy, temporarily exempt the two supervision fees of banking and insurance, and reduce the radio frequency occupation fee.

  Simplify the handling of tax administrative licensing matters

  The Announcement on Simplifying the Procedures for Handling Tax Administrative Licensing Matters will come into effect today. The "Announcement" clarifies five measures to degenerate and optimize the procedures for handling tax administrative licensing matters, including simplifying the acceptance of documents, providing agency forwarding services, simplifying application materials, realizing the appointment of consulting services, and improving the delivery methods of documents.

  81 airports opened the "military priority according to law" channel.

  The Civil Aviation Administration and the Logistics Support Department of the Central Military Commission jointly issued a notice to open the "military priority according to law" channel at 81 civil aviation airports nationwide from now on, and encouraged other airports to open as appropriate according to their own conditions, so as to provide thoughtful and efficient services for military personnel in check-in, security inspection and boarding.

  All coal mine safety production work in China will implement the new standards.

  The State Administration of Work Safety and other departments jointly issued the Notice on Vigorously Promoting the Standardization of Coal Mine Safety Production. The "Notice" puts forward a number of requirements, including organizing new standards publicity training, creating an incentive mechanism for standardization work, and coordinating and promoting standardization construction.

  Full implementation of ID card acceptance in different places.

  From now on, the Ministry of Public Security has fully implemented the "three systems" of accepting resident identity cards in different places, reporting the loss and claiming them for loss. The Ministry of Public Security pointed out that public security organs should issue resident identity cards within 60 days from the date when citizens submit the Registration Form for Acceptance of Resident Identity Cards in Different Places. In areas with inconvenient transportation, the processing time may be appropriately extended, but the extension time shall not exceed 30 days; Where conditions permit, the period of making and issuing certificates can be shortened according to the actual situation.

  Handling ordinary passports and underpaying 40 yuan.

  The National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance issued a notice to reduce some administrative fees, which is expected to reduce the burden on enterprises and society by 2.6 billion yuan. The "Notice" stipulates that starting from today, the fees for citizens’ entry and exit documents, the cost of motor vehicle driving license, the cost of temporary entry motor vehicle number plate and driving license, the compensation fee for soil and water conservation, the actual (trial) inspection fee for pesticides, and the protection fee for integrated circuit layout design will be reduced. According to relevant standards, ordinary passports are reduced from 200 yuan to 160 yuan.

  Since July, the new regulations on automobile sales have been implemented, and it is clear that dealers are not allowed to sell cars at a higher price. The picture shows the data map. Photo by Zhang Yun, a reporter from China News Service

  Car dealers are not allowed to sell cars at a higher price.

  The Measures for the Administration of Automobile Sales promulgated by the Ministry of Commerce will be implemented today. The measures have made clear provisions and requirements for increasing the price of automobile sales, providing three-guarantee certificates, and indicating the source of accessories. It stipulates that dealers are prohibited from raising the price of cars in all forms, and dealers must clearly indicate the prices of cars and accessories, and must attach certificates with the car when picking up the car.

  According to the "Measures", it is no longer necessary for automobile brands to authorize the sale of automobiles, and two modes of authorized sales and unauthorized sales are allowed to be parallel, and new automobile sales forms such as automobile supermarkets, automobile stores and automobile e-commerce will blossom.

  Travel tax increases

  The tax ceiling for various types of vehicles has generally increased since today. The annual tax standard for large buses will be adjusted from 480 yuan to 660 yuan, for medium buses from 420 yuan to 660 yuan, for small buses from 360 yuan to 660 yuan, and for ordinary cars from 180 yuan to 360 yuan. At the same time, the tax targets have also been adjusted, and all kinds of buses that were originally tax-free will also pay taxes at the same standard as private cars.

  Strengthen the "seller’s responsibility" for securities operating institutions

  The Measures for the Administration of the Suitability of Securities and Futures Investors will be implemented from now on. The core requirement of the Measures is to strengthen the requirement of "the seller is responsible" for securities, funds and futures operating institutions, so that the operating institutions must bear the obligations stipulated by law while obtaining operating income, ensure the equality and unity of rights and obligations, effectively prevent one-sided pursuit of economic interests, and promote high-risk securities and futures products to investors with insufficient risk tolerance, resulting in damage and influence on the legitimate rights and interests of investors.

  Increase penalties for illegal acts of traditional Chinese medicine.

  The "People’s Republic of China (PRC) Chinese Medicine Law" has been implemented today, with five highlights: (1) the important position and development policy of Chinese medicine are clarified; Establish a management system that conforms to the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine; Increase support for the cause of Chinese medicine; Adhere to both support and standardization, and strengthen the supervision of Chinese medicine; Increase penalties for illegal acts of traditional Chinese medicine.

  50,000 domestic cash transactions need to be reported.

  The Measures for the Administration of Reports on Large-value Transactions and Suspicious Transactions of Financial Institutions issued by the Central Bank will be implemented today. The Administrative Measures adjusted the RMB reporting standard for large cash transactions from "200,000 yuan" to "50,000 yuan", and the reporting standard for large cross-border transactions denominated in RMB was "200,000 yuan", and for the first time, non-bank payment institutions were included in the scope of responsibility.

  New invoice regulations: only the name of the enterprise can be filled in for office invoicing, and it cannot be reimbursed.

  According to the announcement of State Taxation Administration of The People’s Republic of China, starting from today, the purchaser must provide the corporate taxpayer identification number (i.e. "tax number") or the unified social credit code when issuing corporate invoices, otherwise it will not be used as a tax voucher to handle tax-related business. The announcement also requires that when the seller issues an invoice, it should truthfully issue an invoice that is consistent with the actual business; When the buyer obtains the invoice, it shall not request to change the name and amount.

  Mobile phone pre-installed software must be uninstalled.

  The Interim Provisions on the Administration of Preset and Distribution of Application Software for Mobile Intelligent Terminals will be implemented today. According to the regulations, production enterprises should restrict the sales channels, and should not install application software in mobile intelligent terminals without the consent of users, and all software except basic functions can be uninstalled. The application software of mobile intelligent terminal involved in charging shall strictly abide by the relevant provisions such as clearly marked price, express the charging standard and charging method, and express that the content is true, accurate and eye-catching, and the fee can be deducted only after being confirmed by the user.

  Encourage and support the provision of disability prevention and rehabilitation services for the disabled.

  The Regulations on Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons will come into effect today. The regulations clearly stipulate that the state shall take measures to provide basic rehabilitation services for the disabled and support and help them integrate into society; Prohibition of discrimination on the basis of disability; The state encourages and supports organizations and individuals to provide disability prevention and rehabilitation services for the disabled, donate to the cause of disability prevention and rehabilitation for the disabled, and build relevant public welfare facilities; The provision of rehabilitation services for the disabled shall protect the privacy of the disabled and shall not discriminate against or insult them.

  The lifelong responsibility system is implemented for soil pollution control and remediation.

  The Measures for the Management of Soil Environment in Polluted Plots (Trial) will be implemented today. The method points out that according to the principle of "whoever pollutes will treat it", the unit or individual that caused soil pollution should bear the main responsibility for treatment and restoration. In principle, the treatment and restoration project should be carried out at the original site. During the treatment and restoration, measures should be taken to prevent secondary pollution to the plot and its surrounding environment. The lifelong responsibility system is implemented for soil pollution control and remediation.

Is glutinous rice balls really difficult to digest? Pay attention to these problems when eating glutinous rice balls, and be careful of your stomach!

As a symbol of the end of the Spring Festival holiday, the fifteenth day of the first month is full of joy for the whole family. On this day, people will attend temple fairs, and in solve riddles on the lanterns, bowls of fragrant glutinous rice balls or Yuanxiao will be served on the dining tables of every household. Speaking of this, we can’t avoid a problem: they are all soft, waxy, white, sweet and dense, and they all contain happiness, sweetness, reunion and beauty.What’s the difference between glutinous rice balls and Yuanxiao?? Is it true that the heat of glutinous rice balls equals rice?

Tuchong creativity


Bei yuan Xiao nan sweet glutinous dumplings

It’s not just the region that distinguishes itself.

Although the main raw materials are glutinous rice and stuffing, there are obvious differences between Yuanxiao and Tangyuan in all aspects.

From the name, the title of "Yuanxiao" of course comes from the Lantern Festival. In the past, due to the low yield of glutinous rice in the north,Yuanxiao can only be regarded as a special food for the fifteenth day of the first month, and naming this food Yuanxiao also reflects the tradition of "not eating from time to time". In the southern region where glutinous rice production is more abundant, this kind of useFoods made of glutinous rice stuffing are quite common.Well, the meaning of "glutinous rice balls" is also very direct "dumplings in hot water" Only with the improvement of living standards, ingredients are no longer restricted by regions, and this originally distinct boundary has gradually disappeared. Nowadays, whether in the south or the north, whether around the Lantern Festival or not, we can eat these two kinds of food whenever we want.

Tuchong creativity

From the production method, the core of glutinous rice balls is "Bao", that is, glutinous rice flour is mixed with water to form dough, and then the stuffing is wrapped. The core of Yuanxiao is "shaking". After putting the cut stuffing into a basket filled with dry glutinous rice flour, roll it on a layer, then moisten it with water added with glutinous rice flour to make its surface sticky again, and then repeat the above steps until the size and shape are appropriate. So, in terms of raw materials,The stuffing of Yuanxiao is usually processed into a solid state with a hard texture, while the glutinous rice balls do not have this requirement, and the stuffing is more moist and richer.In addition to black sesame seeds and peanuts, there will also be salty dumplings such as meat stuffing.

Tuchong creativity

From the appearance, the surface of glutinous rice balls is smooth because of the good dough, while the surface of Yuanxiao is relatively rough because of the direct use of dry powder. Also due to the use of dry powder, generally speaking, the soup cooked in Yuanxiao is more turbid, while the soup cooked in Tangyuan is more clear. the twoBesides being boiled in water, there are fried dumplings in the north, and dumplings in the south can also be fried..

In addition, there is a kind of "glutinous rice balls" without stuffing in the south, which are directly rolled into smaller balls with good glutinous rice flour balls. Although there is no step of "wrapping" this small dumpling, it can also be considered as a kind of glutinous rice balls because its making process also needs to go through the step of dough making.

Tuchong creativity


Glutinous rice is rich in amylopectin

People with weak digestive function and children should not eat more.

Glutinous rice flour will be used in the production of glutinous rice balls or Yuanxiao, and glutinous rice is a kind of food rich in amylopectin, which not only gives food stickiness, but also causes some problems. Different from the amylose in ordinary rice and flour we eat,The molecular weight of amylopectin in glutinous rice is large, and there are 1-6 glycosidic bonds in the structure that cannot be decomposed by enzymes in human body, which makes it difficult to be digested and completely excreted in the stomach..

If a large amount of food containing amylopectin is ingested at one time, it will accumulate in the stomach. On the one hand, it will stimulate the continuous secretion of gastric acid, on the other hand, it will promote the continuous high-intensity peristalsis of the stomach, thus bringing a heavy burden to the stomach. If this process is serious, it may also cause esophageal reflux and cause what we often call "heartburn". For people with weak digestive system functions such as gastrointestinal tract,Eating a lot of glutinous rice products will undoubtedly bring a heavier burden to the weak stomach, so it is suggested that these people should try to reduce the number and frequency of eating glutinous rice products such as glutinous rice balls or Yuanxiao..

Tuchong creativity

Besides,Tangyuan and Yuanxiao are also not suitable for younger children.. On the one hand, children’s awareness of self-protection is poor, and if supervision is not in place, they may swallow and choke their throats. This is because children’s breathing intensity, tracheal width and vital capacity are not as good as those of adults. If the above dangers occur, it will easily lead to serious consequences. On the other hand, children’s digestive ability is also weak, and glutinous rice products are more likely to cause heartburn and acid reflux in children. Moreover, the hot stuffing of glutinous rice balls after cooking is also easy to cause burns to children. If children especially want to eat dumplings and yuanxiao, they must pay attention to the need to cool slightly and eat slowly with small mouths; But it’s not good to be too cold, because it will become more difficult to digest glutinous rice flour after it is cold.


Is it convenient to eat immediately after cooking?

Tangyuan and Yuanxiao are not suitable for breakfast and supper!

Yuanxiao and Tangyuan are delicious, but they are undoubtedly high-calorie foods. Glutinous rice flour and the rice we often eat are all processed from rice, and the carbohydrate content is close to 80%.From the point of view of heat,Eating glutinous rice products is no different from eating rice.. In addition, in order to pursue the taste and mouthfeel, the fillings of glutinous rice balls and Yuanxiao are often nuts with a lot of added sugar, animal fat or a lot of fat. The seemingly cute little round dumplings are actually like a heat bomb.It is definitely not a good choice for people who need to lose weight..

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There is also a lot of families do this, but it is the wrong behavior:Tangyuan and Yuanxiao are not suitable for breakfast in the morning or supper before going to bed.!

In the morning when the gastrointestinal function is poor, eating glutinous rice products that are not easy to digest can easily lead to indigestion and affect the state of the day. From a nutritional point of view, (most) glutinous rice balls/Yuanxiao are foods rich in carbohydrates and fats, but low in protein, which is difficult to meet the nutritional needs in the morning. Similarly,If you eat glutinous rice balls/Yuanxiao as a midnight snack before going to bed, it may also reduce your sleep quality because of gastrointestinal discomfort, which will affect your work and life the next day..

Author | Superb and High-quality Associate Research Fellow, Institute of Nutrition and Health, China Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Audit | Song Shuang Associate Research Fellow, Institute of Nutrition and Health, China Center for Disease Control and Prevention

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