Xiaomi auto conference, set the file!

The Xiaomi auto conference, which has received much attention from the market, has finally confirmed the schedule.

On December 25th, the official Weibo of Xiaomi Automobile announced that the Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference will be held at 2pm on Thursday, December 28th, 2023. Weibo, Lei Jun, said on December 25th that this time, only technology was issued, not products. According to previous news, Xiaomi Automobile will be listed in 2024.

Poster of Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference

When Lei Jun talked about Xiaomi’s automobile business a few days ago, he said that Xiaomi was doing it in a way of "determined to win"

Determination of vehicle type and battery, etc.

Xiaomi automobile terminal sales and other work to promote.

With the approaching of Xiaomi Auto Conference, recently, the appearance, model catalogue and battery patent of Xiaomi Auto were disclosed. Some Xiaomi homes in Beijing, Shanghai and other places have started the confirmation of the display of cars.

"Our first car invested 3,400 engineers, and the entire R&D investment exceeded 10 billion. We spent more than 10 times. After I have such a grasp, I will do it in a way that I am determined to win. " Lei Jun said that Xiaomi has many natural advantages in making cars, because the essence of smart electric vehicles is the integration of automobile industry and consumer electronics industry, which is a great integration, so entering the automobile industry is challenging for Xiaomi, but overall the difficulty is controllable.

Lei Jun said that in the past six years, the compound annual growth rate of Xiaomi’s R&D investment was as high as 38.4%. It is estimated that the total R&D investment will exceed 20 billion yuan in 2023 and 100 billion yuan in the next five years. High-intensity R&D investment has injected strong impetus into the upward growth of millet.

After completing the training of store managers in some cities, Xiaomi Automobile has also made new developments in terminal sales. Some Xiaomi homes in Beijing, Shanghai and other places have started the confirmation of the display of cars. The staff of Xiaomi Home Store in Shanghai introduced that the Xiaomi show car will arrive at the store in the first quarter of next year. Similar to Huawei’s offline stores, Xiaomi Auto will also become an exhibit in Xiaomi Store.

The Catalogue of New Energy Vehicle Models Exempted from Vehicle Purchase Tax (the 72nd batch) issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on December 12 shows that the manufacturer of Xiaomi SU7 is Beijing Automotive Group Off-road Vehicle Co., Ltd., and there are two versions, the difference lies in the battery pack capacity and cruising range. The battery pack capacity of the two versions is 73.6kWh and 101kWh respectively, and the corresponding battery life is 668/628km and 800/750km respectively.

Xiaomi Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. applied for the patent of "battery and body integrated structure, vehicle" which was also announced a few days ago. The new patent is conducive to improving the integration of vehicles, reducing the weight of the body structure, realizing the lightweight of vehicles and improving the cruising range of vehicles.

At the previous Xiaomi new product launch conference, Xiaomi released the 澎湃 OS operating system, which is not only suitable for mobile devices such as mobile phones, but also will be installed on Xiaomi cars. According to Lei Jun, Xiaomi 澎湃 OS is based on the integration of deeply evolved Android and self-developed Vela system, rewriting the underlying architecture and making a "public base" for the future Internet of Everything.

Catalogue of New Energy Vehicle Models Exempted from Vehicle Purchase Tax (Seventy-second Batch)

New car information is strictly confidential.

The predicted starting price is below 200,000 yuan.

Xiaomi keeps information about new cars strictly confidential. Xiaomi Group recently introduced that it was verified that in November and December, 2023, three former employees of Xiaomi Automobile Department participated in the so-called "Xiaomi Automobile Seminar" organized by external brokers and investment institutions without permission for the purpose of collecting "consulting fees", which fabricated and spread a lot of false and untrue information, seriously misleading the market and disrupting the normal business development of Xiaomi Automobile.

The above three employees, namely Yu Moumou (former employee of the electronic control system and software team), Shi Mou (former employee of the stamping and casting process team) and Zhang Mou (former employee of the mass production quality team), have seriously violated the Code of Conduct for Xiaomi Group employees and the confidentiality obligations stipulated by the company. Xiaomi Group has dismissed them and never hired them, and has been investigated for legal responsibility according to law. At the same time, Xiaomi Group reserves the right to pursue legal responsibility for brokers and investment institutions that organize related activities.

A spokesperson for Xiaomi Company said that Xiaomi Group will pursue malicious leaks, malicious rumors and rumors in the end according to law.

According to the latest research report, Xiaomi’s new car SU7 is positioned as a medium-sized and large-sized pure electric coupe, which is designed for Tesla Model 3, but compared with Tucki P7i/ Tesla Model 3/ Zhijie S7/Han EV and other competing products, the new car price is lower, the estimated starting price is below 200,000 yuan, and the overall price is between 200,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan, and the body size (length 4997mm) and wheelbase (3000mm) are larger, which is in line with Xiaomi’s consistent pricing style. After calculation, the annual sales volume of the car market in the range of 200,000-300,000 yuan is about 1.5 million, which is a broad market for Xiaomi. It is estimated that the annual sales volume of new cars will reach 70,000-80,000. At present, the progress of Xiaomi’s car-making exceeds expectations. In the follow-up, Xiaomi will use the traditional OEM production capacity to achieve rapid vehicle launch and capacity replication through OEM and sub-brands to ensure the growth and explosiveness of the company’s sales.

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Detailed accounts are exposed! This new film with a total cost of 220 million yuan, Xú Zhēng took 87 million yuan alone.

Every reporter Bi Yuanyuan Wen Menghua every editor Zheng Zhi    

Image source: vision china

The pay of stars has always been the focus of people’s attention.

In the past, star pay was not transparent, and people could only guess by the "pay list" circulating on the Internet. Now, with the announcement of Joy Media, Xú Zhēng’s income in the film has been "hammered".

Huanxi Media announced that its subsidiary Huanxi Premiere had reached a film production agreement with Beijing Zhenledao, which is controlled by Xú Zhēng and his wife. The film production cost totaled 217 million yuan. Among them, the director’s fee, producer’s fee, screenwriter’s fee and actor’s fee earned by Xú Zhēng alone amounted to 87 million yuan, accounting for 40% of the total film cost.

It is understood that Lost in Russia is the third work of the "Embarrassing Series" directed by Xú Zhēng, and the Spring Festival in 2020 has been booked in advance. After Dying to Survive’s great success, Joy Media and Xú Zhēng obviously expected a lot from this film.

In addition to the four positions of director, producer, screenwriter and actor, Xú Zhēng’s personal company will also charge film production fees. In addition, another major identity of Xú Zhēng is the shareholder and signing director of Joy Media, and he will also get a share of the profits after the film is released.

Off-screen, Xú Zhēng’s "Business Classics" is also well read. No matter what the final box office of this film is, Xu Zheng, who earned a lot of money, will be the biggest winner.

According to an announcement made by Joy Media on the evening of February 26th, Joy Media’s wholly-owned subsidiary Joy Premiere signed a film production agreement with Beijing Zhenle Road, and Xú Zhēng is qualified to be a director, producer, screenwriter and starring.

Huanxi Media will pay Xú Zhēng’s company Zhenledao 30 million yuan for production, Xú Zhēng 27 million yuan for directing, 10 million yuan for producer, 10 million yuan for screenwriter and 40 million yuan for actor, totaling 117 million yuan. In addition, Joy Media will give another 100 million yuan to Xú Zhēng for third-party payment. The above fees are all tax-included.

To put it simply, of the total cost of this film of 217 million yuan, Xú Zhēng’s remuneration accounts for 18.4%, while Xú Zhēng’s personal income accounts for about 40%.

National business daily (micro-signal: nbdnews) reporter noted that in August 2018, the video website and a number of film and television production companies proposed that the total pay of actors and guests should not exceed 40% of the total production cost, and the pay of main actors should not exceed 70% of the total pay.

Taking this as a reference, every reporter has roughly calculated an account, which is calculated according to the total production cost of Lost in Russia, totaling 217 million yuan, that is, the total remuneration of actors cannot exceed 86.8 million yuan; The main actor’s salary can’t exceed 60.76 million. Xú Zhēng’s actor fee in the film is 40 million yuan, not more than 60.76 million yuan.

The above announcement pointed out that as the largest investor in Lost in Russia, Joy Premiere has the right to enjoy all the benefits of film copyright in the world, including the box office, the benefits from distribution and sale, and the exclusive rights of third-party new media, etc., and Joy Premiere can transfer the exclusive rights of new media to other third parties at its sole discretion.

It is worth mentioning that Qixinbao data shows that Xú Zhēng is the actual controller of Beijing True Music Road, and he and his wife Tao Hong own 51% and 25% of the rights and interests of True Music Road respectively. At the same time, Xú Zhēng is also a non-executive director of Joy Media and the only ultimate beneficial owner of Tairong Holdings, the company’s major shareholder (holding about 15.03% of the company’s issued share capital).

The media company with its own share in the stock market gave the film production contract to the cultural company with its own holding, which can be described as "the rich water does not flow outside the field". Therefore, Xú Zhēng personally locked in a considerable profit in advance before the film was released.

Generally speaking, Xú Zhēng will not only receive 87 million yuan before tax, but also receive 30 million yuan for the production of Beijing Zhenle Road, which is controlled by him and his wife. At the same time, Xú Zhēng, as a shareholder and signing director of Joy Media, will also get a share of the profits after the film is released.

Letting shareholders become directors is the core competitiveness of Joy Media, which is also called "director partner system" internally. It is reported that Huanxi Media, which was established less than four years ago, has owned shareholder directors such as Ning Hao, Wong Kar-wai, Xú Zhēng, Chen Kexin, Gu Changwei and Zhang Yibai, and has established close cooperation with well-known directors including Jia Zhangke, Wen Juan, Li Yang and Daming Chen.

This year’s Spring Festival film "Crazy Alien" directed by Ning Hao was produced by Joy Media, with a production cost of over 400 million yuan, and it was also guaranteed by Le Kaihua Film in Wang Baoqiang. On the evening of February 25th, Joy Media announced that the company had fully collected 700 million yuan of guaranteed income brought by Crazy Alien.

As an actor, Xú Zhēng was addicted to drama in 2018.

Stars attend the film "Crazy Alien" conference. Image source: vision china

According to public information, the films released in 2018, Players Behind the Scenes and Living Together in Time and Space, were both starred by Xú Zhēng and acted as a producer, and he also acted as an actor in The Island and Jianghu Children.

According to the data of the Cat’s Eye Professional Shadow List, as of 2019, in the total box office score of the male leading actor in China film history, Xú Zhēng ranked seventh with 13 films with a total box office score of 8.264 billion yuan. According to the data, up to now, Xú Zhēng has participated in more than 100 film and television works.

Over the years, Xú Zhēng has experienced various roles from a drama actor to a TV play, film actor, director, producer and boss. As a businessman, Xú Zhēng’s business map is getting bigger and bigger.

National business daily (micro-signal: nbdnews) reporter inquired about Qixinbao and found that Xú Zhēng is not only the legal representative of Shanghai Zhenledao Film and Television Culture Studio and Shanghai Xú Zhēng Film and Television Culture Studio, with a shareholding ratio of 100% respectively; At the same time, he is also a shareholder of Beijing Zhenledao Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhenledao Investment Management Co., Ltd., Jiaxing Zhenledao Investment Management Partnership, and a listed company, Joy Media.

In 2018, the movie "Behind the scenes player" produced by Zhenledao Culture finally earned 358 million yuan at the box office; In the same period, "Later Us" was a film invested by Joy Media, and the final box office of the film was 1.361 billion yuan. True music culture and happy media also appeared in the Dying to Survive producers who subsequently won the box office of 3.1 billion yuan; In the Spring Festival of 2019, the "Crazy Alien" produced by Joy Media has accumulated a box office of 2.179 billion yuan.

In addition, the low-cost film "Living Together in Time and Space" created by True Music Culture as the first producer earned 898 million yuan at the box office.

Analysis of the highlights of the cool music car Haval Cool Dog

  When you mention the name "",you may first think of a music platform with the same name, but now, the cool music car Haval Cool Dog, which also has an indissoluble bond with music, is born. Haval Cool Dog from Lemon Platform, as the second car of dog category, carries the strategic mission of brand layout to enter the compact urban off-road market. The biggest highlight of positioning the Haval cool dog house with cool music car can be summarized by a multiplication: 4×18. So what exactly do the two mysterious numbers in this multiplication represent? Let’s talk about it first.

Analysis of the highlights of the cool music car Haval Cool Dog

  Analysis of 4×18 Highlights of Haval Cool Dog

  The only self-owned brand selling 1.5T four-wheel drive models:

  What does Haval Cool Dog’s 4×18 multiplication represent? First of all, 4 refers to four-wheel drive. This time, Haval Cool Dog brought us not only the golden power combination of its 1.5T high-power engine and the third-generation 7-speed wet powershift, but also the intelligent and timely four-wheel drive system.

Analysis of the highlights of the cool music car Haval Cool Dog

  Specifically, the Haval Cool Dog inherits the urban off-road gene of the Haval dog category. The intelligent timely four-wheel drive system carried by Cool Dog does not require any operator intervention, and the system monitors the driving state of the wheels in real time and intelligently and dynamically distributes the front and rear axle torques. When a wheel loses its adhesion caused by road icing or sand pit in winter in the city, the four-wheel drive system can still provide stable power output, so as to satisfy the owner’s small willfulness of going out to the wild occasionally.

Analysis of the highlights of the cool music car Haval Cool Dog
Analysis of the highlights of the cool music car Haval Cool Dog

  In addition, with the five driving modes of standard, economy, sports, snow and grass gravel, drivers and passengers are given rich options to effectively deal with various road conditions, further improving driving experience and safety guarantee.

  Relying on the Great Wall Lemon Platform, the chassis performance of Haval Cool Dog has been upgraded in an all-round way. Its approach angle is 24, the departure angle is 26, and the minimum ground clearance is 196mm, which is very close to the approach angle of 24, the departure angle of 30 and the minimum ground clearance of 200mm for big dogs. Such as potholes in Lu Yu, joints between new and old pavements, or the need to get up and down the shoulder when stopping, can effectively avoid the risk of bumping and bottoming.

  Join hands with JVC to build a luxury car-class music cockpit;

  In order to create a luxury car-class audio experience, Great Wall Motor and century-old audio and video equipment manufacturer JVC jointly created a unique 4D burning cockpit music experience for Haval Cool Dog.

Analysis of the highlights of the cool music car Haval Cool Dog
Analysis of the highlights of the cool music car Haval Cool Dog

  And 18 in 4×18 represents the 18-speaker intelligent sound system carried by the cool dog "4D burning cockpit". Haval Cool Dog has created an omni-directional stereo surround sound field with 18 speakers through 4 treble +2 midrange +1 center +4 bass +1 subwoofer +2 ceiling +2 rear surround +2 headrest speakers. Combined with the rhythm function of the seat, the 64-color atmosphere lamp and the car fragrance system that can rhythm with the music, it brings a four-dimensional immersive experience of hearing, touch, vision and smell.

Analysis of the highlights of the cool music car Haval Cool Dog
Analysis of the highlights of the cool music car Haval Cool Dog

  Specifically, Haval Cool Dog is equipped with a 920W 16-channel independent power amplifier, a powerful SOC processing unit and four all-digital amplification chips, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, small distortion and strong anti-interference, ensuring the perfect restoration of high-fidelity sound quality, and supporting the later OTA to create an "evolvable" digital sound system; In terms of speaker design, the high-frequency and intermediate-frequency speakers are designed with strong magnetic NdFeB, which has ultra-high sound pressure, making the sound details richer and the human voice clearer. This laid the "material foundation" for Haval Cool Dog to rival the high-end stereo surround sound of 400,000 luxury cars.

Analysis of the highlights of the cool music car Haval Cool Dog

  It is said that tuning technology is the core to endow the whole sound system with soul. Based on this, after three months of domestic tuning, Haval Cool Dog was airlifted to Europe for testing and more refined debugging and polishing, and finally it was finally completed by an international tuning team composed of dozens of people across China, Japan and Europe and an international R&D team of over 200 people for 12 months.

Analysis of the highlights of the cool music car Haval Cool Dog

  With an excellent sound system, you also need a supporting high-quality experience environment. In fact, in the early stage of product development, Haval Cool Dog took NVH performance as a key topic to study, not just relying on sound insulation cotton to improve NVH performance in the late stage of research and development. It aims at internal damping resonance and external noise, and achieves excellent vehicle-level NVH guarantee on the basis of maintaining its own rigid modeling through front windshield and front double-layer sound insulation glass, powertrain control technology, acoustic package matching technology, air intake system control technology, chassis system control technology and transmission system control technology (four-wheel drive).

  More than 4X18—-Comfort/Technology/Safety Aspects

  Comfortable cockpit:

  With a wheelbase of 2710mm, Haval Cool Dog creates a wider riding space by adopting ultra-short front and rear suspension design, further improving the "car ownership rate" of drivers and passengers.

  In terms of practical space, there are 29 storage spaces in the car, and a cup holder with different sizes, a double-layer armrest box and a super-large storage space under the shift lever are planned, which fully considers the daily use needs of users.

Analysis of the highlights of the cool music car Haval Cool Dog
Analysis of the highlights of the cool music car Haval Cool Dog

  The trunk volume reached 493L, and the space can be expanded to 1298L after the rear row was laid down. It is worth mentioning that, based on the demand consideration of facilitating the daily handling of large items and camping scenes, Haval Cool Dog has created a flat luggage compartment space after being laid down, which, together with the intelligent panoramic skylight of 1.1 square meters in the car, has the taste of "home" for mobile travel.

Analysis of the highlights of the cool music car Haval Cool Dog

  In addition, Haval Cool Dog also intimately planned and standard the cockpit cleaning system and CN95 air conditioning filter. Before the driver and passenger enter the vehicle, they can turn on the corresponding functions in advance through the mobile APP to control the vehicle to automatically turn on the external circulation, which helps to reduce the temperature inside the vehicle in hot summer, and also improves the air quality inside the vehicle.

  Intelligent technology:

  As a new car specially built for young people, intelligent technology should naturally not be absent. Whether it is L2 intelligent driving assistance, 12.3-inch multimedia large screen/LCD combination instrument, or 50W super wireless flash charging, intelligent inductive electric tailgate, 360-degree panoramic image and other configurations, Haval cool dog should also be equipped.

  Specifically, Haval Cool Dog is equipped with L2-level driver assistance system, which can realize ACC, AEB, traffic sign recognition, speeding alarm and other functions through 19 detection units including 12 ultrasonic radars, 4 high-definition 360 cameras, 2 millimeter-wave radars and 1 intelligent forward-looking camera.

Analysis of the highlights of the cool music car Haval Cool Dog

  Haval Cool Dog also comes standard with a 12.3-inch LCD combination instrument with a resolution of 1920*720 and a 12.3-inch multimedia large screen, which can realize dual-screen linkage. In addition, Haval Cool Dog comes standard with a super wireless flash charging of up to 50W, which can save more than 60% time from 0 to full state compared with the mainstream wireless charging of 15W on the market, and the efficiency is obviously improved.

  The appearance of intelligent inductive electric tailgate, Bluetooth key of smart phone, 360-degree panoramic image and even transparent chassis has improved the comfort and convenience of car use.

  Security guard:

  In terms of safety, the cool dog comes standard with 6 airbags including main and auxiliary airbags, side airbags and front and rear integrated side air curtains; The proportion of high-strength steel in the cool dog body is over 75%, among which the proportion of ultra-high-strength steel and thermoformed steel with greater strength is 41%. In case of danger, passengers can be effectively protected through high-strength body and reasonable force transmission channel.

Analysis of the highlights of the cool music car Haval Cool Dog

  Summary:Courage is nature. The appearance of Haval Cool Dog, which is born of music and speaks for young people, will surely bring a brand-new choice to Z generation consumers who dare to enjoy themselves and innovate.

AI is coming, and "intelligence" has robbed the "artificial" job?

  Screenshot of AI paintings displayed by Midjourney official website.

  Screenshot of AI paintings displayed by Stable Diffusion official website.

  Screenshot of the result of searching "Thomas Kinkade" in this database. These image data are used to train Stable Diffusion.


  Fear is sudden. In the past year, He Ran, a freelance illustrator, watched the progress of AI again and again, and the speed surprised her. Judging from the works drawn by AI, it has basically reached the level of an intermediate professional designer or illustrator. She studied painting for seven years at school, and worked as an illustrator for five years after graduation, which is only intermediate.

  "If there are companies with art needs and employees who can operate AI (painting), 90% of the artists can be laid off." He Ran said, "At first, we all thought that it would replace the bottom labor force first, to liberate physical (labor) things." Zheng Chujia, the founder of a design company in Shenzhen, told reporters that the emergence of AI painting tools prompted his company to optimize 20% of its employees. "As long as we can use it, it can basically replace most of our painters."

  Originally, many people thought that the art field was difficult to be eroded by AI, but it was one of the earliest areas that suffered from AI impact.

  It once painted a cat in 2012. A picture that seems to be full of mosaics can only vaguely see the outline of the cat’s eyes, nose, ears and face. By the beginning of 2021, the DALL-E1 model released by OpenAI company imitated Monet’s style to draw a fox, and the fox’s head could barely be recognized in a grass.

  In 2022, the AI painting models DALL-E2, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion came out one after another. Ordinary people who don’t master painting skills can also input keywords and direct their creation. This is considered "revolutionary". That year, it was called "AIGC (Generative Artificial Intelligence — — Reporter’s note) The first year ".

  Jason Allen, an American game designer, was invited to participate in the use test of Midjourney that summer, and then he became fascinated by it. "I can’t believe what I saw," he said in an interview with The New York Times. "I think it was inspired by the devil, as if some extraordinary force was involved."

  In August, with the help of the oil painting "Space Opera House" created by Midjourney, he won the gold medal of "Digital Art" in the art competition of Colorado Expo. This caused an uproar in the industry, but the work was created after more than 900 iterations. At that time, ChatGPT had not yet come out, and AI had emerged in the painting world.

  It was only during that time that AI painting was still a little immature. Through the paintings drawn by it, many characters have blurred faces and can’t find their eyes, and some have six or seven fingers on their hands; Let it draw girls to eat noodles, it draws girls to grab noodles and stuff them in their mouths, and chopsticks are gone; The "fallen pedestrian" was twisted into an incredible posture by it, and his arm was also dropped.

  Last year, He Ran also tried to use those AI painting tools. Although it was able to draw beautiful works at that time, for people in the industry, "the business demand of what (it) made was very low" and "it didn’t help much at work".

  Some painters even think that it is not intelligent, but somewhat retarded and ridiculous. It is ironic that it is a tailor and a brainless tool, and that its works are soulless, illogical, patchwork and not real art.

  "What you draw is just like a monster." Zheng Chujia said that his first attempt at AI painting had a poor experience. Most of the time, he could only "pick the tall among the short". At that time, company designers only used it to find inspiration, not directly used to generate works.

  In December, 2022, a painter who has been in business for more than 10 years also told the media that AI painting is not perfect and has not yet posed an obvious threat to practitioners. Soon, however, some painters became nervous — — The evolving AI began to smash their jobs.

  Zheng Chujia noticed that in January this year, many AI painting tutorials appeared abroad. He tried to let designers learn them and found them more and more useful. He remembers that a plane model of a game character was made with AI at that time, and it was completed in an hour or two. "If it is us, it may take more than a week or even half a month to finish."

  He began to feel a little scared, and a group of people in the whole industry might face unemployment.

  In January, He Ran, a freelance illustrator, learned that an Internet company had run through AI mapping. "The new works produced by AI only need to be modified a little manually." By February, the commercialization of AI painting had impacted her livelihood.

  She has a project, which is to outsource a certain game. She needs to design 60 startup pages of games in different cities for Party A, and originally planned to make one page a week. A week later, the second picture was only halfway drawn. Party A gave feedback that "the company ran through AI", and she only needed to do fine-tuning on the picture generated by AI, but the cost plummeted, from two to three thousand yuan to three or five hundred yuan.

  He Ran found that there were still mistakes in the drawings generated by AI at that time. Sometimes the bridges and towers it drew had problems such as structure and perspective, and sometimes something was strangely produced somewhere that was not needed. She needed to spend a lot of energy to revise them repeatedly.

  "It should be Midjourney4.0 in February, and now it has been upgraded to 5.0." He Ran told reporters, "There are very few things that should be repaired in 5.0. It has evolved again. "

  This time, the problem that painters often joke about "AI can’t draw hands" has been solved. The animals it draws are fine, and the portraits it draws are almost the same as those taken in photos, which is enough to confuse the real with the fake. A picture of "China Couples" generated by Midjourney5.0 caused a heated discussion. Many netizens thought it was a real photo, not an AI drawing.

  In Guangzhou, a game outsourcing company began to lay off employees in January, and so far it has laid off more than 20 original painters in four batches.

  "The original painters eliminated by our company are basically junior and intermediate, and the senior original painters are basically left behind." Chen Hua, the company’s special effects technical director, told the reporter of Zhongqing Daily and Zhongqing.com, "To be honest, it’s a bit cruel."

  Originally, the most time-consuming step in creating a painting is the process that the original painter conceived and created the first draft. Chen Hua said that after using AI, the work efficiency of the original painter has been greatly improved. Nowadays, judging from the AI painting tools purchased by the company, it only needs to input instructions, and it can generate 40 to 60 schemes for painters to choose from, and the painter’s main job is to screen and modify the works.

  "The work of revision requires senior original painters, and the primary and intermediate original painters will be weaker in revision." Chen Hua said, "They (the laid-off people) will want the reason that (the market) demand is not enough, and his ability is not enough. AI can really replace his job."

  In the latest recruitment of this company, more positions are reserved for special effects artists who have not been impacted by AI, and only a small number of senior original painters are recruited. In the past few months, this company has only recruited two senior original painters. These two original painters used to work in a big factory. As for the reason for being laid off, one of them didn’t want to mention it, and the other said that it was squeezed out after the project used AI.

  "It (AI) is a factor of acceleration, which accelerates our structural optimization." Zheng Chujia told reporters that the company once optimized the staff last year, reducing the number of team designers from more than 100 to more than 50. This year, the company’s design team has optimized 20%, and he plans to continue to optimize 40% in the future.

  He is aware of the anxiety that designers in the company may be optimized. "We can only actively embrace this technology and make ourselves as valuable as possible to the whole company. If this person’s thinking is too conservative, it is easy to be optimized. "


  In foreign countries, unemployment related to AI has also appeared. In June, the report data of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, an American company that provides re-employment services for retirees, showed that AI caused 3,900 people to lose their jobs in the United States in May, accounting for about 5% of the total number of layoffs in May.

  AI has made some people unemployed, but it has also created some new jobs. On the recruitment website, there are new positions such as AI retoucher, AI draftsman, AI original painter and AI illustrator. However, at present, there is no data to show whether AI has caused more unemployment or created more jobs.

  Many illustrators around He Ran are unwilling to retouch AI. In her view, compared with the original painting, the compensation for AI retouching is only one-fifth of the original in the same time, and there is no sense of accomplishment. Before, she finished painting a work, although the price was not high, but the work was her own. "But like this (AI painting), you can’t get it at all, saying it’s your work."

  During this time, she often felt confused and confused, and once she didn’t know what to do in the future. The demand for outsourcing is decreasing, even the demand for posters by e-commerce companies is decreasing, the overall business volume has decreased by 50%, the unit price of orders has been lowered by the market, and the overall income has nearly halved.

  More than 70% of her income originally came from the game outsourcing business, but now she is forced to transform and operate new business on the Internet, trying to find more personal design needs of smaller people.

  In the past two months, she felt a little stressed, and her monthly income dropped from 20,000 to 30,000 yuan to about 10,000 yuan. "For the time being, it has little impact (on daily life) because there is still some savings, but it will definitely not work in the long run." He Ran said, "Based on reality, houses, water and electricity, eating and drinking Lazar, and raising kittens are all money."

  One of her friends is a 3-D animator, which has not been affected by AI. Recently, there has been a surge in single volume. "He said, why don’t I study 3D? He gave me his list, but I don’t really want to. I know that thing makes money, but I don’t want to do it. "

  "People who have been painting for several years actually do it because they like it." She said, "If you don’t make money like this now, it’s useless to like it again." She is not sure whether she wants to continue to develop in the industry. "It’s especially sad that people like us who have been abandoned by the industry are stuck in the middle and can’t get on."

  Unlike painters, those companies of Party A and outsourcing companies are not confused about AI.

  As the person in charge of a company, Zheng Chujia thinks very realistically. His first thought is how to deal with the impact. "If your company does not actively embrace AI, the overall development may be affected, or it will soon be eliminated by peers." Zheng Chujia said.

  Soon, he established the "AI Exploration Alliance" within the company to explore the application mode of AI, and began to explore how to integrate resources and technical tools, introduced the popular AI painting tools Stable Diffusion and Midjourney, and then conducted AI technical training. He compared AI technology to Jenny machine. "Its appearance is a subversive efficiency improvement tool." Introducing AI can improve his production efficiency by 40%-60%.

  Since the company’s main expenditure is manpower expenditure, despite the recent loss of original design customers and the reduction of orders by 30% to 40%, the overall efficiency of the company has increased by 20% to 30% after the layoffs. Nowadays, the company has been equipped with a special AI retoucher. In the future recruitment, he is more interested in people who can embrace new technologies.

  "Now, the commercial use of AI is very common." Chen Hua said that some Internet companies already have teams that specialize in researching and using AI to create. "It can save a lot of money." Now, after Party A’s company started to use AI, the game outsourcing company where Chen Hua works can’t meet the demand of the original painting, but in the past six months, the team AI painting technology and industrial chain have become more mature.

  Although AI has not threatened Chen Hua’s job, he is still scared of the current era. "Technology is progressing a little too fast." He is worried that AI will continue to evolve in the future and "replace other positions in art". By that time, happy artistic creation will become monotonous technical creation.

  He has a friend from the Academy of Fine Arts who doesn’t like AI painting very much and thinks that "it is destroying the ecology of this industry". When they discussed this topic, the other party felt that it was a tool without thinking. In just 10 minutes, it replaced a person’s painting experience for more than 10 years. "Do you think this is reasonable?"

  "I feel unreasonable, too, but what can I do for me?" Chen Hua said, "I can’t act like it too much, and I can’t act like it too much."

  "This kind of thing is the company’s demand. In fact, it has little to do with its own wishes. The company still focuses on economic benefits." Chen Hua told reporters, "After all, you are a migrant worker. Even if there is a contradiction (in my heart), there is no way. "


  After AI hit the painting world, it was popular and resisted almost at the same time.

  Some painters claim on the internet that AI painting is based on the feeding training of a large number of picture data, which may contain copyrighted pictures, but they did not get the corresponding copyright when training AI models. This training method was satirized by painters as "an alchemist without copyright" and was openly opposed by many painters.

  "It’s equivalent to embezzlement. He uses our paintings to produce (commercial) value, but he won’t tell you or let you authorize it, and there is no profit sharing." He Ran said, "We get paid by copyright." This situation has also caused great controversy abroad, which is usually considered to involve moral and legal issues.

  In order to find out which pictures are used to train AI painting models, Andy Baio, an American technical expert, and Simon Willison, his friend as an AI researcher, have captured more than 12 million image data used to train Stable Diffusion.

  After indexing these data, they found that about 47% of the pictures came from 100 domains, including more than 1 million pictures from Pinterest, a photo sharing website. Other image data sources include WordPress, Flickr, 500px, Getty Images and Fine Art America.

  There are also many artists’ works in the database. Of the top 25 artists, only three are still alive, among which the artist with the highest frequency is Thomas Kinkade, an American painter, whose 9,268 images are in the data set, but he died in 2012.

  Someone found five of his paintings in the database and asked Andy Beo if there was any way to get them deleted. Andy Beo said: "As far as I know, there is no way to delete images from training data or make models forget what they have learned."

  Andy Beo himself is also very ambivalent about the use of such emerging technologies. "Its ability makes people feel like they can summon magic, but it has caused many moral problems and it is difficult to track them." He said.

  Before the potential moral and legal problems caused by AI copyright disputes have been solved, some art communities and photo agencies began to ban the emergence of AI-generated works. Getty Images has publicly stated that it is forbidden to sell AI works generated by using Stable Diffusion through its services. There are also some organizations that allow AI to generate works, but it is necessary to indicate that the works are generated by AI.

  One day in December 2022, the homepage of the famous art website Art Station was occupied by pictures with the logo of "NO AI". In March of this year, there was also a wave of "boycotting AI" in China. Some painters publicly stated on social platforms that my works are forbidden to be fed to AI.

  Jason Allen said in an interview with The New York Times that he sympathized with artists who were afraid that AI would make them lose their jobs, but their anger should not be directed at individuals who used AI painting tools to create art, but at companies that chose to replace human artists with AI.

  Not long ago, a friend of Zheng Chujia also put on the head of "NO AI", but in his view, the boycott of AI is mainly due to copyright, not the boycott of this technology. "This (technology) is definitely unstoppable."

  He is also worried about the copyright of AI painting, but the copyright he refers to is that when his company explores a new painting style, once it is taken by others to feed AI, "our style will instantly become popular".

  Abroad, Paizo, a veteran game publisher, said in March that they would update the contract to make it mandatory that any submitted works must be created by human beings, and artistic works and words generated by artificial intelligence are not popular in their games.

  The publisher also claimed that "as long as the moral and legal environment surrounding these procedures remains vague, we are unwilling to associate our brand with this technology in any way."

  Chen Hua feels that this is a company with backbone, and it is good for the industry environment to want to contribute to this industry. "But if you want my boss to do this, it will definitely not work." Chen Hua said. He Ran sometimes feels ambivalent. She is very resistant to AI’s "stealing" those image data for training models, but she has to face the reality that her income drops sharply under the impact of AI.

  "History shows that new technologies can bring huge benefits to our economy, but they are not painless for some people and communities. The overall impact will largely depend on social systems and policies. " Hong Pingfan, director of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, said when talking about AI.

  Zheng Chujia feels that in the future, the government may need to vigorously support AI-related training and incorporate relevant courses into the student training plan of colleges and universities. He is also worried that after the impact of AI, junior designers will find it difficult to receive orders and projects, and their ability will not be exercised, resulting in the loss of new people in the industry, and there may be a "talent gap" in the next 5-10 years.

  In his view, AI does replace a lot of manpower, but we can’t ignore the cultivation of people’s basic ability and creativity. "Otherwise, when it is made, he can’t judge (good or bad), which is also a terrible problem." Chen Hua also felt that in the past six months, company designers have become more and more dependent on AI painting tools. "His personal creativity has indeed declined."

  Recently, He Ran has stopped resisting AI as she did not long ago. She is planning to learn how to use AI to assist her painting.

  "Last month was very resistant because it broke my financial path." He Ran said, "But I realized this month that you can’t resist it. You have to use it as soon as possible."

  (At the request of the interviewee, He Ran and Chen Hua are pseudonyms)

  Zhongqingbao Zhongqingwang reporter Li Qiang Source: China Youth Daily

[CCTV Review] Where does the real-name report of car violations come from? Is it reasonable and legal?

  CCTV News:Outside a hospital, vehicles are parked on both sides of the road, and there is only one lane in the middle of the road that is not wide. Near a school, vehicles waiting for children occupy two lanes in the same direction, and other vehicles can only bypass them to drive normally … …

△ Wuhan City’s vehicle illegal parking in August. The picture is from Ping An Wuhan

  I believe many people have experienced similar scenes. In order to manage illegal parking, many cities have carried out special rectification of illegal parking of motor vehicles. The Wuhan Traffic Management Bureau recently released,From now until December 31st, there will be a reward for reporting illegal parking on roads in the central city of the city, with a maximum reward of 5,000 yuan.

  Award criteria:

  According to the circular, the traffic control department will conduct monthly statistical ranking on the number of effective illegal parking reports to the public, and give classified rewards to the top 150.

  Number of top 10 and effective reportsMore than 600Per person5,000 yuanReward

  Number of effective reports ranked 11th to 50th.More than 400Per person2000 yuanReward

  Number of effective reports ranked from 51 to 150Over 200 casesPer person1000 yuanGive a reward.

  Informants need real-name authentication.

  Informants need real-name authentication, and the photos provided (three photos that meet the requirements)., should be able to clearly display the illegal vehicle type, license plate number, appearance characteristics, illegal behavior, illegal location, illegal time and other effective information.For the same illegal act reported by many people, the first whistleblower will be rewarded according to the time sequence of reporting registration.

  Not only Wuhan, but also some cities have launched a reward report on traffic violations before. 


  Shenzhen traffic police issued a report bonus of 1.36 million yuan in two years.

  In December 2013, the Shenzhen Traffic Police officially launched a prize-winning report on road traffic violations in the city. As of December 2015,A total of 35,630 reports of various traffic violations were received, and bonuses of 1.36 million yuan were issued. 

  General violations are included in the scope of reward reporting.

  Shenzhen traffic police recently said that they decided to include general illegal acts in the scope of reward reporting.100 yuan will be rewarded for reporting traffic accidents or traffic jams caused by illegal parking.


  The highest reward 100 yuan does not include violations.

  In March 2016, Hangzhou Traffic Police launched a reward mechanism for reporting key traffic violations and clues. Mainly aimed at 18 kinds of dynamic and hidden traffic violations in three categories, The highest reward is 100 yuan.. It should be noted that the scope of the trial reward report is the road within the main urban area of Hangzhou. At the same time,18 kinds of illegal acts do not include violations.

△ Hangzhou tries to report traffic violations with prizes. Citizens can be electronic policemen themselves.

  How effective is the "reward report"?

  Wuhan: Only 40 of the 1,800 photos and video traffic violation reports passed the preliminary examination.

  Since August 15th, Wuhan has reported four types of traffic violations with prizes. By the beginning of September,The citizens submitted 1839 pictures and videos reflecting four types of traffic violations. After preliminary examination, only 40 reports were "qualified".Most of them lack the elements needed for punishment.

  Will the reward for reporting traffic violations make the chaos of illegal parking better? Is it a perfect solution to report illegal parking with real name? Where does the reward for reporting come from? Is it reasonable and legal? Is there any legal risk?

Cctv review

  For a long time, illegal parking is a difficult problem in the management of many cities in China. According to official data, the number of private cars in China reached 86.5 million in 2012.There are 20 cars per 100 families.It has become an "automobile society" in the sense of international standards. However, the rapid growth of private cars has also brought serious congestion, disorderly parking and other quite headache problems. If we want to solve the problem, we really need to "enlarge the trick".

  There can be prizes for reporting, so you should use them with caution.

  In daily management, the traffic police departments in many cities are faced with the problem of insufficient manpower.Wuhan adopts the method of mobilizing the masses, so that every citizen can become a supervisor of civilized parking and a whistleblower of illegal parking, which can not only assist the police in law enforcement, but also give play to the spirit of urban ownership of the general public. In fact, some violations also hinder the normal life of many citizens, and it is reasonable to report them.

  From this perspective, reporting traffic violations is conducive to people’s participation in law enforcement. There can be, butOnce the report is involved with the "prize", it will increase the utilitarian color and easily lead to new problems.. Reward reporting is a double-edged sword and should be used with caution.

  First of all, according to the rules of Wuhan, the traffic control department will give classified rewards to the top 150 people who report illegal parking with real names, whichWhether the implementation will lead to a large number of people complaining and reporting in the first few days of each month, and the rest of the time will make the public lack the motivation to report.

  In addition, members of the public are encouraged to report crimes in order to assist law enforcement. However, in the process of reporting, each whistleblower also needs to provide corresponding photos and evidence.For such reporting materials, it is also necessary to arrange manpower for verification and verification, so that the punishment is justified.This also brings new manpower demand and work pressure. Whether the cost of law enforcement has dropped is unknown.

  More importantly, rewarding citizens for reporting will inevitably breed "reporting professionals".If the reward report is abused, the whistleblower will bet all his money on the prize, and the result may lead to the prevalence of "fishing".There have been cases where a professional photographer deliberately violated the rules, and on the difference between reporting bonuses and simple violations, he started an illegal farce of "one willing to fight and one willing to suffer" to deceive the traffic control department.This kind of behavior undermines the due process of law enforcement and distorts the original intention of law enforcement. In addition, the problems brought by professional counterfeiting are also a lesson from the past.

  Encourage the reporting of traffic violations and prevent legal risks.

  The law cannot be done without authorization. In a modern society ruled by law, any force participating in social governance must take legitimacy as the basic premise.According to Article 47 of the Procedures for Handling Administrative Cases by Public Security Organs: "Public security organs shall promptly accept cases of reporting, accusing, reporting, being turned over by the masses or surrendering illegal suspects, and cases transferred by other administrative departments and judicial organs … …” .Informants subjectively report illegal acts and objectively provide the illegal information to law enforcement agencies. If it is not used for other purposes and is not disseminated in public media,Even if the reported person is punished by law enforcement agencies for the relevant reporting clues, it does not constitute infringement in the sense of civil law.

  But in reality, the introduction of every policy will have certain risks. In the process of reporting traffic violations, people face some legal risks.For example, will it cause information leakage (there are countless problems of personal information leakage now), will there be informants using mobile phones to shoot evidence while driving, or will they be in danger when shooting evidence, and so on.This requires law enforcement agencies to design in advance when formulating policies.

△ data map

  Bonus distribution should be open, objective and fair.

  Once the issue of bonus payment is involved, utilitarian chips are added. Where does the money to reward the people come from? How to distribute it?For example, who was rewarded for reporting what kind of violations? All these should be done.Information is open, objective and fair, and black-box operation is prevented.Moreover, in this process, how to protect the information of the whistleblower and how to effectively protect the whistleblower’s information while making it public need to be carefully arranged.Practically there are laws to follow and rules to follow.

  In addition, what is the effect of the reward-reporting measures? The masses took a lot of photos to report traffic violations, but what was the adoption rate? Can it effectively alleviate road traffic problems? These problems are worth thinking about.If, after the report, the violation of the regulations does not improve, but the resulting fines increase, this may cause the public to question the real purpose of this move.After all, there is basically no public account of where a large number of traffic violation fines go every year.

  Traffic management is a big project, which also includes the management of static traffic. It is of course necessary to punish illegal parking effectively, but at the same time, it should be effectively diverted. How to make a better plan, how to increase the effective supply of parking spaces, and whether the use efficiency of parking spaces can be gradually improved are all related to the effect of our control of parking and misplacing.Reward reporting is not a normal law enforcement, and a society ruled by law needs normal law enforcement. It is expected that a series of combination boxing will be introduced, supplemented by rigid punishment and law enforcement, and the phenomenon of parking will finally be effectively controlled.

  Wen Yi, a special contributor to CCTV commentary, Lin Zhi.

  Yue Shenshan, an expert on legal issues

Internet use for minors: from entertainment to entertaining.

  On February 27th, 2023, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the Overall Layout Plan of Digital China Construction (hereinafter referred to as "the Plan"). The Plan points out that speeding up the construction of digital China is of great significance and far-reaching influence on building a socialist modern country and promoting the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in an all-round way. The Plan also points out that it is necessary to strengthen the supply of high-quality online cultural products, guide various platforms and netizens to create and produce positive, healthy and upward-oriented online cultural products, and further promote the digital development of culture and implement the national cultural digital strategy. Teenagers are the vanguard force to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the new force to achieve the goal of the second century and build a socialist modern power, and they can’t be absent from the overall layout of the construction of digital China. It is one of the core essentials of the construction of digital China to let minors enjoy the universal and convenient digital culture and get high-quality development in the digital society.

  According to the "Research Report on Internet Use of Minors in China in 2021" (hereinafter referred to as "Report") issued by the Central Rights and Interests Department of the Communist Youth League and China Internet Information Center, the top five online use behaviors of minors are online learning (88.9%), listening to music (63.0%), playing games (62.3%) and chatting (53.4%). It can be seen that minors mainly use the Internet for learning and entertainment, especially through the Internet. According to the report, nearly 40% of minors learn extracurricular knowledge through the internet, and more than 70% think that the internet is helpful for learning. This shows that the internet use of minors is gradually changing from "toys" to "tools" and from entertainment to knowledge.

  Karl Mannheim, a German sociologist, believes that knowledge is characterized by openness and mobility in the process of modern society. The knowledge of short video platform broke the knowledge barrier, changed the linear and self-contained characteristics in the past, and showed the characteristics of networking and knowledge sharing. Through the reorganization and transformation of knowledge, it creates a learning space and platform with diverse contents and rich forms for people, which makes the boundary of knowledge learning in the digital age more extended and integrated, and serves the minors and provides them with an important channel to broaden their horizons and increase their knowledge. The short video is visual, scene-oriented and practical, which is more in line with the cognitive law of minors. Therefore, the Report also shows that nearly half of minors study through short video platforms. Among them, 34.0% are primary school students, 61.8% are junior high school students, 65.1% are senior high school students and 64.7% are secondary vocational school students. It can be seen that the proportion of minors over 12 years old who are exposed to short videos is higher. Minors watch short videos of learning knowledge such as exam counseling and classroom knowledge, accounting for nearly 40%, and watch short videos of interest knowledge such as piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, historical geography, sports and dance, and watch short videos of leisure knowledge such as tourism and food, accounting for nearly half. Moreover, short video platforms such as Tik Tok have also become the main channels for minors to expand their cognition.

  Facing the brand-new learning style of minors in the digital age, how to use short videos scientifically and reasonably has become a new topic for family rearing and school education in the digital age. Some parents worry that their children are addicted to short videos, but psychological research believes that addictive behavior needs six elements: goal, feedback, progress, challenge, suspense and socialization. That is to say, users are more likely to be addicted if there are six elements in the process of using a product: having a goal, getting feedback in time, getting rewards frequently, constantly encountering new challenges, uncertain results and having social attributes. Moreover, whether it is addictive or not is closely related to the user’s living conditions, psychological conditions, interpersonal relationships and family upbringing. Although short videos have increased people’s sensory experience more comprehensively than words or pictures, they also have social and entertainment attributes, but they do not have these six elements at the same time. The shortcomings of the short video platform, which mainly transmits information, in constructing a new field of knowledge learning are mainly the homogenization of content and the diversification of value. Parents, teachers and other adults should help minors to make good use of the knowledge resources of short video platforms, so that children can enjoy high-quality digital culture through entertaining. Short video is rich in content, diverse in forms, strong in story, short and pithy, and it is more convenient to "brush the screen" in free leisure time, so it has also become people’s leisure products. In order to better transform its entertainment into education and fully integrate entertainment and education, adults need to have high digital literacy.Give more practical help and guidance to minors.

  Parents and teachers should empower minors and create a digital environment suitable for their development. At the World Digital Education Conference held in February 2023, the Ministry of Education issued "Teachers’ Digital Literacy", requiring teachers to make good use of digital education resources to guide students’ learning. Similarly, parents also urgently need to improve their digital literacy, enhance their digital thinking, digital cognition and digital skills, and make good use of the digital cultural resources of the Internet platform with their children to develop a green and intelligent lifestyle. Parents and teachers should pay special attention to the following relationships in order to make children benefit from opening books to opening screens, and from simple entertainment to entertaining:

  Balance online life and offline life. The development of the Internet has increased the inclusiveness of knowledge and brought new learning experiences and knowledge acquisition channels to children. Parents and teachers should pay special attention to guiding children to balance online life and offline life. We should not only pay attention to enriching children’s online life, so that children can live a quality digital life, but also pay attention to children’s offline leisure, social, family life and campus life, so that children can have a healthy and positive offline life, which is more conducive to children’s online life and offline practice.

  Balance entertainment and education. Knowledge in the visual and interesting packaging of short videos makes children feel more interesting and easier to learn. However, in the eyes of many parents and teachers, they always feel "unlike" learning, because in the eyes of adults, they should "learn from the sea and work hard." As the children of the Internet aborigines, it seems that fun is the last word. Parents and teachers should pay attention to balance the relationship between the two, not only to meet the needs of the network generation for learning change, so that children can gain a sense of participation and belonging in their studies, but also to increase education in entertainment, so that children will not get lost in the network in joy, thus dispelling the "heavy feeling" of learning.

  Balance short and systematic. Shortness is both an advantage and a disadvantage of short video. Short knowledge is more convenient for students to watch and more suitable for children’s short attention time. However, learning knowledge also needs to be systematized, so as to avoid "the blind touch the elephant". Parents and teachers should make good use of their advantages, and at the same time, they should consciously guide their children to build the knowledge system they need, and conduct multi-dimensional and multi-level discussions around a certain topic and a certain kind of problems, so that children can overcome the problems brought by short video learning.

  Balance child practice and child protection. The barrage, comments and live broadcast of short videos are more interactive, which is also a "double-edged sword". The advantage is that children have more opportunities to participate, think and interact when learning online, but the problem is that it may also bring risks to minors. Therefore, we should not only encourage minors to participate in more practice, but also do a good job in protecting the rights and interests of minors. In particular, parents and teachers need to enhance their awareness of child protection, improve their digital literacy and that of minors, so that every child can enjoy the fun of knowledge learning.

  Text/Sun Hongyan

  (Director, Institute of Children and Adolescents, China Youth Research Center)

A hundred years’ experience of football in China 142

Chapter one hundred and forty-two: Robert in his hometown was kicked out by the Brazilian Football Association.

After the 2014 World Cup, the Brazilian Football Association office

"Your hometown Robert, you are fired. What’s the matter with you? Twelve years ago, you performed very well. This year, your performance is so disappointing that you have humiliated our Brazilian football."

"David Genk, how did I lose the face of Brazilian football? I admit that my performance this year is a little poor, but I also led the team to complete the goal of securing four titles."

"I haven’t lost face, and my face has been thrown into the Pacific Ocean by you. I was defeated by Germany 0: 7 and the Netherlands 0: 5. You told me that I didn’t lose face, and I was so angry with you, you know?"

"These two games were accidents. It won’t happen again in the future. Don’t worry, but then again, my contract has expired anyway. It doesn’t matter."

"It doesn’t matter, haha, it’s killing me."

"Chairman Genk, what are you laughing at?"

"I tell you, your coaching career is over, hometown."

"What do you mean, make it clear?"

"I don’t know on other continents, at least in Europe and America, you can’t be the head coach of any national team, including the club team, and your home has been closed, which means you have no place in Brazil."

"What, who gave you the power, you are just the president of the Football Association?"

"President Barkson, he said to let me punish you, but he kicked you out of Brazil so that you could not coach in any team in Europe, America or even the world. I think it is the best punishment for you, Robert."

"What you said is true? I don’t believe it. "

"No, you don’t. Well, I’ll put President Barkson on the phone with you now."

After that, the phone was connected, and Barkson’s voice came: "Robert, leave Brazil now, or the consequences will be unimaginable."

"President Barkson, is it true what President Genk said?"

"Yes, it’s true, and Genk has reported it to me, and I agree with his decision to punish you."

"President Barkson, I didn’t break the law. Why confiscate my property?"

"You are not breaking the law, but it is similar to breaking the law, which is equivalent to breaking the law. Think about it, Brazil is a football kingdom and hosts the World Cup at home. As a result, you led the team to lose 12 goals in the semi-finals and the third and fourth finals, and lost the face of our country. " After that, Buckson hung up the phone.

"Did you hear that? You know, fans are scratching everywhere in China now, and many people have died. Do you think it’s your responsibility?"

"Well, I’ll leave. I’ll go. You’re too hard. As a player, I won the World Cup for my country. You didn’t mention my merits. This time, I did. You did this to me. I’m not reconciled."

"It’s because of your past contributions that your merits and demerits are at the end, or you may have to go to jail according to President Barkson’s meaning, understand?"

Robert slammed the door angrily in his hometown. Later, he found many national teams and clubs that were turned away, and he ran into a wall everywhere. He had no choice but to take a good trip and relax himself, and his chosen destination was China, an ancient oriental country.

Walking on the street in Sioux City, China, Robert of his hometown was ecstatic and shouted, "What a beautiful city. No wonder people say that there is Suzhou and Hangzhou under heaven, so it is really unnecessary to spread his name."

Awesome, my C919! The first flight of China big plane is in sight.

  Wu Guanghui, chief designer of Comac C919 and ARJ21, has won the national special prize for scientific and technological progress and the first prize for national defense scientific and technological achievements. A key model won the first prize of China Aviation Industry Corporation I and the first prize of the National Defense Science, Technology and Industry Committee.

  "Many aircraft parts are made in China and fly in the sky every day. C919 has gone through nearly seven years, and has done a lot of design, calculation and experiments. I am definitely willing to take this plane first. "

  — — Wu Guanghui

  These days, in the commercial aircraft test center of China Commercial Aircraft Corporation, the newly-built Zhuqiao test hangar in Pudong is spacious and bright. In the hangar, the landing gear that originally supported the domestic large passenger plane C919 was all put into the landing gear cabin, and three air springs like "jacks" lifted the plane into mid-air. What is going on here is the ground resonance test and modal coupling test of the whole aircraft that must be completed before the first flight, which means that the C919 has officially entered the final sprint stage before the first flight.

  C919 is a domestic large passenger plane independently designed and developed by China. It is a short-haul single-aisle narrow-body passenger plane with more than 150 seats. In the future, it will compete with internationally renowned commercial aircraft such as Airbus 320 series and Boeing 737 series for orders. The manufacturer China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd. recently announced that the C919 plans to make its first flight in the first half of 2017 and will fully launch the wide-body passenger aircraft project. It can be said that after nearly 10 years of hard work, China people’s dream of "big plane" will soon become a reality.

  ① Rigorous test to ensure safety.

  To fly into the blue sky, a plane must first practice a pair of steel bars and iron bones. For the C919, which carries the dream of a big plane for Chinese people, the significance of the test is even more significant. This is the first large passenger plane made by China people, and its safety cannot be lost.

  For this reason, C919 has undergone a series of tests like "torture". Among them, the 2.5g static test of the whole aircraft started in early November last year is the most severe and significant one since the birth of the C919.

  This test mainly tests the strain and deformation of the "skeleton" of the body under constant external loading. In layman’s terms, this kind of test is to let the aircraft simulate the stress situation when challenging air flight on the ground, and go beyond the natural limit to verify how much force the aircraft can bear.

  Before the start of the experiment, the researchers covered the whole body with white adhesive tape, which is a resistance strain gauge that can sensitively measure stress and strain close to the surface of the body, just like doing electrocardiogram for the plane. During the test, the load starts to rise at the level of 5%, and the load must be kept for 3 seconds every time. "The structure must be able to withstand the ultimate load for 3 seconds without damage." Zhou Liang Dao, deputy chief designer of the C919 passenger plane, said that the preparation behind the team took more than 300 days for this short three seconds.

  With the continuous loading, the aircraft began to show obvious external reflection, and the wing began to tilt up a little. Finally, when the load reaches 100% of the test outline, the wing tip tilts up to nearly 2 meters, which is highly consistent with the strength analysis before the test, which shows that the test is successful and its strong "bones" and body are enough to support flying into the blue sky.

  This is just a small step in the long March before the first flight of the plane. A passenger plane has to complete 13 static tests in 48 working conditions, including pressurization in the booster cabin, front lifting connection, main lifting connection, whole aircraft condition, vertical tail and rudder, as well as "three-bird test" such as iron bird, copper bird and electric bird and joint test of the whole aircraft system. Therefore, researchers have made independent innovations in system integration experiments.

  In the comprehensive test hall of Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute, the iron bird test-bed with little difference from the C919 real machine looks like an eagle with wings spread and its tail stuck high. Don’t underestimate this test-bed. Its full name is "Integrated Test-bed for Flight Control Hydraulic System", which mainly tests the landing gear, wings and other mechanical systems of aircraft. In order to ensure the authenticity of the system test, the iron bird test-bed is designed according to the 1:1 ratio of the real aircraft, so that the mechanical installation interfaces of the flight control, hydraulic and landing gear systems are the same as those of the aircraft.

  Next to the Iron Bird Test Bench, there is also a "Copper Bird" that tests power supply systems such as power generation and distribution, and also restores the real state of the machine to 1:1 for equipment installation. "Iron Bird", "Copper Bird" and the avionics system test called "Electric Bird" will eventually be all connected, thus forming a "three-bird joint test" to simulate the state of the aircraft.

  In the experiment, researchers conducted a comprehensive test on the aircraft system. Take the avionics system as an example. At most, there are more than 100,000 parameters in a test. These parameters should be tested one by one to find out the possible omissions in the design. "Our goal is not to take the fault to the sky." Yu Shenghui, senior engineer of the General Aerodynamics Department of Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute, said.

  According to the plan, six testing machines are carrying out joint testing of the whole machine system, and customer service engineering and airworthiness work are also being carried out simultaneously.

  ②C919 is genuine China goods.

  As the first large passenger plane with completely independent intellectual property rights in China, C919 has been frequently questioned since it was established in 2006: an aircraft whose engine, avionics core processing system and some materials all depend on foreign products or technologies, why should it be said to be "made in China"?

  In fact, to evaluate the innovation of C919, we may need to draw lessons from a fairy tale named Pony Crossing the River. This story is about a pony crossing a river. A cow next to it said, "The water is very shallow, just without a calf, so you can cross it." But the squirrel in the tree said, "The water is deep and will drown." So, is the river deep or shallow? Finally, the pony got off the river by himself and carefully waded to the other side. It found that the river was neither as shallow as the cow said, nor as deep as the squirrel said. The same is true for the development and innovation of C919. Everyone should not only see the major innovations achieved in the process of aircraft development, but also objectively admit the existing shortcomings.

  According to international standards, judging whether an airplane is made in China or assembled depends on whether it meets three conditions. 1. Who owns the property right of the whole machine? Second, who is the core team to develop the whole machine? Third, who holds the key link in the development of the whole machine? For C919, the answer to these three questions is China.

  The person in charge of Comac in China said that the property right of the C919 is owned by Comac in China. The team of Comac in China is the core of the development, and the key links such as aircraft design, final assembly, test flight and sales are in the hands of Comac in China.

  As for foreign companies providing parts or technology, this is a common thing in the global aviation manufacturing industry. Aviation manufacturing giants such as Boeing and Airbus also use foreign products on many key components when developing aircraft.

  However, for equipment like engines, the C919 chose the LEAP-X1C engine jointly developed by the United States and France, which is the only foreign starting power device selected by the C919. It should be said that the engine is indeed a major constraint in the development of China’s large aircraft, and it can only be sought from people at present. However, I believe that in 10 to 15 years, China will be able to develop its own advanced aero-engine for large aircraft.

  ③ Have a number of scientific and technological innovations.

  Experts said that the C919 was completely designed and integrated independently, with outstanding technical indicators. It is the persistent innovation of researchers who have sharpened their swords for ten years that has led to the high-tech C919, which integrates many key technologies.

  However, what did C919 look like when it was approved as one of the 16 major projects in the national medium-and long-term science and technology planning in January 2006? What difficulties may be encountered in the development? Due to the limitation of western aviation powers in technology introduction, China researchers have no idea and can only cross the river by feeling the stones.

  In November 2008, the C919 project was launched. A large passenger aircraft joint engineering team composed of 468 experts from 47 domestic and foreign units, plus a large passenger aircraft expert consulting group composed of 20 academicians and experts, started from sketches and gradually sorted out the first batch of 14 special technical research projects that need to be started.

  Among these key technologies, there are several that must be mentioned. For example, the "supercritical airfoil" that makes airplanes more fuel efficient. A large passenger airliner is an out-and-out "oil tiger". In order to reduce fuel consumption, the wing design of C919 uses a supercritical airfoil, which improves the cruise aerodynamic efficiency by more than 20% and reduces drag by about 8%.

  Another unique innovation is the adoption of the third generation Al-Li alloy materials. It is the first time in China that the world’s advanced third-generation Al-Li alloy materials are widely used in the main structure of C919. Compared with ordinary aluminum alloy, this lightweight metal material with high damage resistance has greater strength and lighter weight under the same strength, which is very important to realize the weight reduction of aircraft structure and greatly improve the service life of aircraft.

  In addition, as the "brain" of the C919, the avionics system of the aircraft has realized "giving all the work to the network". Compared with the old version of the network, which was widely used before but had limited bandwidth, the new aviation bus communication protocol adopted by C919 not only has high bandwidth but also shares resources, which means that the signals that originally needed to be transmitted through several cables can now be transmitted by one cable. Experts said that this is like we need to run 10 trains from A to B, but we don’t need to build 10 railways. We only need a set of double-track railways and a reliable signal system.

  According to Wu Guanghui, the chief designer of C919, the developers have planned 102 key technical problems, and many advanced materials have been applied on a large scale in domestic civil aircraft for the first time. The development process of millions of parts and airborne systems is highly parallel. In order to overcome these technical difficulties, 22 provinces and cities, more than 200 enterprises, 36 universities and hundreds of thousands of industrial personnel participated in the development of C919 large passenger aircraft, and 16 material manufacturers and 54 standard parts manufacturers including Baosteel became suppliers or potential suppliers of large passenger aircraft projects.

  Our reporter Peng Xunwen

How should humans and wild animals get along?

  Author: Zhang Wenjuan (Senior Director of China Ecological Civilization Research and Promotion Association)

  The severity and complexity of the COVID-19 epidemic far exceeded people’s expectations. Today, the host or intermediate host in novel coronavirus is considered to be related to wild animals such as bats or pangolins. Throughout the world’s major epidemics in human history, almost every time is related to wild animals, which further forces us to reflect: how do humans and wild animals coexist and coexist?

  On November 16, 2019, at the Daqinghe Bird Rescue Station of Laoting County Wildlife Conservation Association in Hebei Province, the staff released an ordinary horseshoe crab. Xinhua news agency

  Wild hosts of deadly viruses or bacteria.

  The struggle between human beings and viruses or pathogenic bacteria has never stopped.

  Plague is caused by a microorganism named Yersinia pestis. Besides mice, there are other common rodents and wild carnivores as the host animals. Besides these animals, there are fleas parasitic on them. The first recorded plague pandemic in human history occurred in the 6th century A.D., originated in the Middle East, and spread to North Africa and Europe through Egypt, killing nearly 100 million people. At that time, the total population of the world was only over 200 million. The second plague began in the mid-14th century, and in 300 years, the European continent lost 1/3 to 1/2 of its population. The third plague pandemic began in the second half of the 19th century, and it first broke out in Yunnan, China, and then broke out in South China, North China, Northeast China and other countries such as Europe, Asia and Africa.

  Macaque Guangming Daily reporter living in Qianling Mountain Park, Guiyang City Xu Tanshe/Guangming Picture

  In 1976, a terrible disease broke out in Sudan and Zaire in West Africa, and the patient died quickly after high fever and systemic bleeding. Scientists found a new virus in the body of the deceased and named it after Ebola, a beautiful river in West Africa. This is a typical zoonotic infectious disease, and mammals such as humans, apes, porcupines, antelopes, monkeys and fruit bats may be infected. Scientific research suggests that fruit bats may be the natural reservoir of Ebola virus.

  Marburg virus is a close relative of Ebola virus. The virus first appeared in Germany in 1967, 31 people were infected and 7 people died. The source of infection was traced back to a group of African green monkeys from Uganda. The largest Marburg virus epidemic on record occurred in Angola, Africa in 2005, when the mortality rate was as high as 90%. At present, there are 12 outbreaks of Marburg virus, the most recent of which was in Uganda in 2017.

  SARS, a disaster that is still fresh in our memory, has a mortality rate of 11%. SARS coronavirus is the same as novel coronavirus coronavirus. At first, some people thought civet cats were the host of the virus, but after more than ten years of follow-up research, scientists detected the gene residue of SARS virus in the body of Jutoubat, and thought that Jutoubat might be the real culprit of SARS virus.

  For thousands of years, as the oldest enemy of human beings, viruses have been coexisting with human beings. Viruses are always threatening human beings, and human beings are constantly developing medicine to conquer viruses. Nowadays, plague has become less attractive, mainly due to the advent of plague vaccine in 1908 and the development of modern biomedicine. However, new viruses are still emerging one after another, and some old viruses are also making a comeback in a mutated way. We have to be on our guard at all times.

  Pandora’s Box was opened.

  The deadly virus or bacteria infected by human beings are actually permanent residents of other species. For example, bats carry a variety of viruses, including hundreds of coronaviruses; Wild snakes carry a variety of parasites in the body. If humans are infected, they can cause peritonitis, septicemia, pericarditis, iriditis and other diseases. In severe cases, they will damage many organs and even endanger their lives. Raccoon is the natural host of rabies virus, and many parasites carried in it can cause damage to human intestines and stomach. The wild groundhog, which became popular on the Internet because of the "expression pack", also carries Yersinia pestis and other germs that can cause intestinal, liver and brain damage.

  Generally speaking, without human intervention, these viruses or bacteria only exist in wild animals. One of the unique qualities of bats is that they are more tolerant of viruses than other mammals. As the only mammal that can fly, bats have a special immune system. In this regard, there is a popular expression on the Internet: "Bats have a high fever of 40 degrees for a long time, and they have sealed the virus for thousands of years by themselves, staying up all night and trying to play a lonely Pandora’s box, so that the virus can coexist peacefully with itself."

  However, as human beings at the top of the biological chain, they sometimes do the opposite, attacking and hunting wild animals for their own selfish desires, and causing many innocent creatures to suffer.

  In some people’s eyes, bats, mice, snakes, pangolins, monkeys and other wild animals are all edible and delicious. Wild animals such as Chinese sturgeon, civet cats and pangolins are on the verge of extinction in many areas due to human overfishing and eating. The populations of giant salamander (giant salamander), wild sea cucumber, wild frogs, wild birds, muntjac, musk deer, gecko and other species have declined sharply.

  Human’s aggression against animals is not only manifested as appetite. In the documentary "The Secret of the Billionaire’s Wardrobe", there is a pair of shoes, only ten pairs are sold worldwide, and the valuation is 20,000 US dollars. The special feature of this pair of shoes is that they are made from the skins of nine kinds of animals, except ostrich skin, crocodile skin, snake skin, and even lizard skin and elephant skin. Luxury brand Hermes has a white platinum bag of Himalayan crocodile, and its flawless leather is actually peeled off from the crocodile.

  In addition, in the process of rapid industrialization and urbanization, forests are cut down, wetlands are squeezed out, and the habitats of wild animals are artificially occupied and separated … … Human activities increase the probability and speed of viruses or pathogenic bacteria in wild animals spreading to human bodies, especially in cities with high population density, which are more prone to epidemic diseases.

  It can be seen that we humans have crossed the border of peaceful coexistence with wild animals, destroyed the original balance of nature, and opened the Pandora’s Box for the spread of epidemics, so that viruses or pathogenic bacteria that originally lived in a closed loop can invade the human body, and constantly mutate and recombine, weaving new strains of viruses or bacteria with stronger toxicity and tolerance, which will inevitably give human beings a painful lesson.





  The principle of not disturbing is to keep a scientific and reasonable distance. Just when novel coronavirus was raging, wildlife management stations in some places drove away wintering bats on a large scale; In some places, the dogs in the whole village have been killed, and the number of stray cats and dogs in the city has increased in an instant … … It is our human fault to simply and rudely transfer the blame to other animals. From a painful experience, we should think deeply: what kind of distance should we keep between human beings and wild animals? Wild animals grow freely in their own territory. If it is not human intrusion, how can viruses or pathogenic bacteria invade and endanger human health and even life?

  The root of not disturbing is to establish a correct value concept. With the continuous expansion of human greed and the increasing ability to capture nature, when what is claimed exceeds the output of nature, the ecological balance will be broken and human beings will face the crisis of losing their survival safety. The rapid development of industrial civilization for hundreds of years has degraded the earth’s biosphere to the brink of collapse. We must establish correct values, take the idea of ecological civilization as the guide, accelerate the formation of green production methods and lifestyles, consciously protect wild animals, maintain ecological balance, and realize friendly symbiosis and harmonious coexistence between human beings and wild animals.

Students who implement running App in a university in Wuhan can pass only after running for 30 times.

  Zhongxin. com, Wuhan, November 2 (Wang Youzhe, Lin Xinyi, Fu Chengcheng) Recently, Hubei University of Economics launched a running App among freshmen to juniors. According to the regulations, students who have run for 30 times will pass. For each additional time, the effective score will be added with 3 points until 100 points. If the substitute runner is found, it will be treated as cheating and the file will be recorded.

  Cui Gaoyuan, vice president of the School’s Sports school of economics and management, said that the scores of freshmen and sophomores using App for running and punching cards accounted for 30% of this semester’s sports scores, and juniors can only participate in the physical fitness test if their scores using App for running and punching cards reach the standard of passing or above. Students have at most one exercise record every day, which is related to sports achievements, and the excess part is only recorded but not related to achievements.

  Cui Gaoyuan said that the purpose of linking the punch card score with the final sports score is to encourage students to get out of the dormitory, strengthen exercise, cultivate students’ healthy concept of loving sports and advocating sports, form good exercise habits and improve their physical fitness.

  Students can check the map and choose the best route to the distribution point according to the site conditions. Photo by Huang Siqi

  "I used to exercise very little. Since the school implemented the running APP, everyone is running and unconsciously wants to run two steps." Huang Ziwei, a freshman at the school, said that he insisted on punching cards every day and his running enthusiasm was much stronger than before.

  It is worth noting that the school has also formulated an effective standard for single exercise. Boys should run for 1 km at a time, and the running pace should be within the range of 3-9min/km. If a girl’s running mileage reaches 0.8 km at a time and her running pace is within the range of 3-9min/km, her performance will be effective. Cui Gaoyuan said that the introduction of this regulation is mainly to ensure the safety of students, and secondly to achieve sports effects.

  Huang Siqi, a sophomore in the school of finance, said that under this sports standard, you can complete punching as long as you walk faster. However, she also said that this punching APP has a task nature and may affect the quality of sports.

  In this regard, Cui Plateau said that in the background, every time the APP is used to run and punch in, it is set to "random allocation", in order to reduce or even avoid the phenomenon of running on behalf of others. In addition, the school will also conduct supervision through inspection teams, student reports, and big data comparison analysis. If students are found to have "violation of discipline" such as running on behalf of others, once verified, they will be dealt with as cheating in the exam and recorded. (End)