Huawei Watch GT 3/Runner watches have added support for the M5, BYD car keys and door key functions.

On August 29th, Huawei WATCH GT 3 and Watch GT Runner watches were gradually introduced recently, which mainly added the functions of car key and door key, and optimized the accuracy of swimming distance and stroke recognition.


1. Add the car key function, the watch can unlock the car door, and can also remotely control the car.

2. Add the NFC car key function, and the watch can open the door when touched.

3. Watches can also be pawned. Touch the door lock and easily open the door (Huawei Smart Door Lock and Huawei Smart Door Lock Pro are currently supported).

4. SMS supports receiving and replying emoji expressions.


1. Do not disturb mode can set multiple time periods.

2. Optimize the swimming mode interface of the swimming pool. You can select the default swimming pool length or user-defined length by rotating the crown in the swimming preparation interface of the swimming pool, which is more convenient to operate.

3. Optimize the accuracy of swimming distance and swimming gesture recognition.

4. You can enter and execute a custom running course or an intelligent running plan by rotating the crown and pressing the key.

5. User-defined running course and intelligent running plan add intensity interval indication, which is convenient for observing and adjusting training status at any time.

Precautions for updating:

1. The functions of car key and intelligent door lock key are limited, and they need to be opened in the "wallet" function in the "Sports Health" application (only mobile phones with EMUI, HarmonyOS and Android systems support this function), and the remote car control function of the watch needs to be downloaded and used together with the AITO application.

2. In order to get a better experience, it is suggested to update the "Sports Health" application to the latest version through the application market before updating.

3. Please keep the Bluetooth connection during the update. If the update fails, please try again.

4. The updating process of wearable devices may take a long time. Please wait patiently for the progress bar on the device side to be completed, and the device will automatically restart after the system is updated.

If you encounter any problems during use, please call Huawei’s service hotline or go to Huawei’s customer service center for support.

At present, the update has been pushed to some users. If the IT home partner can’t receive the update, you can try to wait for a while and then check the update.