Exercise is a good medicine to cure everything.

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Go to exercise, life lies in exercise, life does not stop, exercise does not stop

I have a friend who complained constantly about work problems some time ago, and the whole person smelled of depression.

I can see him again recently, only to find that his mental state has changed greatly, and his eyes are no longer cloudy and depressed.

I teased him about what good things happened to him recently, and he was stupefied and said nothing happened.

"Then how do you feel that the whole person has taken on a new look recently? You didn’t return it last week …"

"It’s really nothing, just last weekend, I thought it was not the way to worry about work all day, so I followed my cousin, a sportsman, to run and play ball. After running for a few days in a row, I felt much better and wanted to open my work."

Leonardo da Vinci said that sports are the source of all life.

When I really understood this sentence, it was the day when I was so busy that I insisted on going to the gym for an hour.

It is always said that when going to work every day, where there is still time and energy to exercise, I will lie on the sofa when I get home, so tired that I don’t want to move.

But the reason why a person really has no energy is precisely the lack of exercise.

The busier you are, the more tired you feel, the more you need to exercise, run, dance and hit a ball heartily, and the whole person’s sense of fatigue will be swept away.

Even if you go back to the office to face the work, the depressed mood will be relieved a lot.

Exercise is the best medicine to cure everything.

Hippocrates said: the best doctors of mankind are air, sunshine and exercise.

Indeed, we can often see those elderly people who are in high spirits. Every morning at the first light, we can see them dancing Tai Chi, skipping rope and kicking shuttlecock, or jogging and climbing mountains. They are in high spirits, far more energetic than some young people who are listless and yawn repeatedly.

And every night, the square dance begins with the rhythmic movement.

Many elderly people say that they didn’t like square dancing at first, and they felt noisy, but after they really tried, they found that getting their bodies moving would make them feel much more comfortable, and those minor illnesses such as colds and coughs also left them.

Socrates once said that the health of the body is destroyed by immobility and maintained for a long time by exercise.

Exercise can strengthen people’s physique and forge your figure. The more people who exercise regularly, the healthier their bodies and the younger their faces.

For example, Zhang Junning, a runner, insists on morning running and other exercises every day. Although she is 37 years old, her face and figure are still as pretty as a girl, which are the best gifts that sports bring her.

For another example, Eddie Peng Yuyan, a master of self-discipline, used to be a frail little fat man with asthma. After years of self-exercise, he finally grew into a handsome, muscular, powerful and healthy male god.

Regarding sports, he once said: "Sports don’t make me excellent, but give me more opportunities.

Although exercising for half an hour or an hour every day will not bring any change at the moment, over time, you will find that you have a strong heart and people will become happier. "

The more people who have exercise habits, the more they will find that the pride that arises after exercise can remove all the depression, and it can purify the inner garbage mood.

An exercise, like a detoxification and redemption, eliminates physical and emotional toxins and redeems the gradually exhausted soul and spirit.

Perhaps many people know that exercise is very important, it can secrete a kind of "happiness element", so that the body, spirit and psychology can be full of vitality quietly.

But everyone knows the truth, but they just can’t do it.

But in fact, it’s really simple to start exercising. You just need to set a goal: to exercise, even for 5 minutes or 10 minutes, is closer to your desired state than sitting or lying down.

Go to exercise, life lies in exercise, life does not stop, exercise does not stop

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