Nordic politicians! Try Volvo 07 S80 V8 all-wheel drive version.

  Many publications publish a series of retrospective articles on "the past year" every year to commemorate all the remarkable events in the past 12 months. My personal year-end summary is the screened car candidate list that really caught my attention in the past year.

"『Volvo’s front face modeling"

  Among these candidate models, the first 2007 model that I approved in mid-March is. As the company’s flagship model, this car adheres to the simple design language. It hasn’t changed much the style of the first generation S80, which debuted in 1999, so it may not be obvious to many onlookers.

  In fact, my V8 engine test car is a brand-new model, and the price including optional equipment is higher than 75,000 Canadian dollars. In fact, speaking of this car, it is probably the most powerful car I have ever driven. It looks a little too much like a younger brother who is smaller and cheaper than it, and lacks the visual luxury of a high-end car like ().

"Tail styling of 『Volvo S80"

  Although S80 is not very distinctive, at least it is very attractive from S60. The important feature of the new model 07 is smoother lines, which makes it look smaller than its predecessors, but in terms of numbers, it actually increases by about 25 mm in length and width and by about 38 mm in height.

  There is nothing new in the interior except the fashionable "floating" central instrument area and the flowing lines on the top of the instrument panel and the door panel. These organic shapes help to adjust the right-angled parts that are common in stylish interiors. The dominant light cream-colored leather and plastic have wisely replaced the original tone with black background and added a little black, which seems to be the favorite style of many European automobile manufacturers.

Interior of 『Volvo S80

  My test car is a well-equipped S80 V8 engine all-wheel drive version. Besides its starting price of 64,995 Canadian dollars (about 456,900 yuan), it also includes options worth 7,600 Canadian dollars. The luxury kit provides perforated leather sports seats, four-C active chassis, 18-inch wheels, front and rear parking assistance systems, rain-sensing wipers and heated rear seats, with a total value of 3,250 Canadian dollars.

  The $3,150 safety configuration package adds an adaptive cruise control system with collision warning and brake assist functions, a foldable rearview mirror with lights, a Personal Car Communicator with keyless drive and Volvo’s blind spot information system (BLIS).

  The 12-speaker Dynaudio sound system is a stand-alone device of 1,200 Canadian dollars. If you are a hi-fi enthusiast, this device is still worth it.