There are 10,000 vehicles offline in 45 days. Why is the Haval Xiaolong series so hot?

In recent years, the transformation wave of new energy automobile industry has continued to surge, and China brand has made progress with the dual transition of technology and industry, and bravely rushed to the forefront of the torrent of the times. As a masterpiece of Haval’s new energy in the true sense, Haval Xiaolong MAX (parameter picture) is the first to take a brand-new Hi4, which opens the era of all-people electric four-wheel drive with "the experience of four-wheel drive and the price of two-wheel drive".

Today (July 1st), only 45 days after the launch of the Haval Xiaolong series, it officially ushered in the milestone moment of the 10,000th vehicle off the assembly line. In June this year, the sales volume of the Haval Xiaolong series reached 6,098 vehicles, a significant increase of 97% from the previous month. The rapid rising momentum confirms the excellent product strength of Xiaolong series. At the same time, Haval also released the OTA plan of Xiaolong MAX, helping Haval Xiaolong series to set off a new wave intelligently.

New OTA to build smart cockpit ceiling

Haval Xiaolong MAX has refreshed the smart ceiling in the field of new energy SUV in China with the new generation of Coffee OS smart cockpit and coffee smart driving. Today, the OTA function upgrade plan is ushered in, which further enhances the user experience with technology upgrade and builds an unbreakable smart moat.

It is understood that when the new OTA is upgraded, Haval Xiaolong MAX will add 3D car control function, which can control the opening and closing of windows, skylights and tailgates, and realize the control of HUD display screen. The 3D car model will also show the switching of vehicle driving modes in the form of more scientific and technological sense and e-sports. At the same time, the energy management function is integrated into the car control car design page, and the change of vehicle energy flow is presented in 3D, so that users can truly perceive the power-saving logic of Haval Xiaolong MAX.

In addition, the Haval brand has also completely renewed the car application, deeply developed and adapted to the Himalayas, and the UI interface has been completely renewed, breaking through the voice barrier between the APP and the car. Users can select, play and switch through voice. On-line sound museum function, users can query musical instruments, animals, transportation, life, nature and other sound effects through voice assistants. Add startup animation switch, support custom drop-down panel, and add four shortcut switches: low-speed pedestrian warning sound, power mode, driving mode and smart parking.

In addition, Haval will continue to carry out the second OTA upgrade, and Haval Xiaolong MAX will be equipped with the AI ? ? big model. Through hundreds of millions of data accumulation, the AI ? ? big model will give the vehicle an active travel plan, combined with user preferences and algorithm analysis, to provide car owners with massive travel options.

Haval Xiaolong MAX will also be equipped with handcart interconnection and interaction, including super desktop, navigation relay and other functions. Among them, after the car is paired for the first time, it is detected that the paired mobile phone is on the car, and the mobile phone APPlication can be directly presented on the car screen, and the control of the mobile phone app can be realized through the car terminal. The experience brought by the navigation relay function is that the route follows people, the car screen guides the driving route, and the mobile phone relay is taken when you get off the bus, so as to navigate the remaining routes, realizing the seamless relay between the car navigation and mobile navigation, and ensuring continuous navigation.

Review of Haval Xiaolong MAX model

Compared with young people, the shape of Haval Xiaolong MAX can be said to be very eye-catching. The borderless mesh grille on the front face has a strong sense of the future.

The side of Haval Xiaolong MAX adopts a penetrating waistline to create a visual lengthening effect. The rear of the car looks relatively simple. The taillights do not use the through taillights, but adopt the double-layer light strip design, which has strong recognition. Xiaolong MAX also comes standard with 19-inch rims.

The interior style of Haval Xiaolong MAX is quite exquisite. The multifunctional three-position flat-bottomed steering wheel with a 12.3-inch triple screen is very attractive. In addition, Haval Xiaolong MAX has mobile phone holders on both sides, all of which support wireless charging. The car system is equipped with Snapdragon 8155 car chip to ensure the smoothness of the operating experience.

In the new energy era, intelligence is standard. Haval Xiaolong MAX is equipped with a new generation of Coffee OS intelligent cockpit system, which is the leading industry of Great Wall Motor. The voice assistant wakes up 300ms, responds 400ms, and the vehicle control skill responds 900ms, crushing competitors. Vehicle control covers 12 fields, including vehicle control and vehicle setting, system setting, navigation, multimedia and air conditioning.

In terms of power, the Hi4 intelligent electric hybrid four-wheel drive system carried by Xiaolong MAX consists of a 1.5L engine and front and rear dual motors. The comprehensive power of the system is 279 HP and the comprehensive torque is 585 Nm. The transmission system is matched with a 2-speed DHT gearbox. Commuting in the city, pure electric drive mode has become the first choice, which can achieve 105 kilometers of "zero fuel consumption" pure electric cruising range, and the fuel consumption of the whole vehicle under comprehensive working conditions is as low as 1.78L/100km.

Set a new benchmark for technology research and development

The new energy era is accelerating industry changes, and profound intellectual strength will help brands win the future. As a car company that loves technology, Great Wall Motor has always insisted on excessive investment in R&D. In 2022 alone, the R&D investment has exceeded 12 billion yuan, and technological innovation has helped the core competitiveness to continue to improve; By 2025, the cumulative R&D investment will reach 100 billion yuan.

In terms of channels, Haval New Energy Network opened 100 stores, creating a business ecology that is not limited to cars with the new model of "service+products", and helping Haval New Energy to open a new era. Up to now, Haval New Energy Network has completed the deployment of 326 Haval New Energy Network stores in major sales regions across the country; It is estimated that by the end of 2023, Haval’s new energy brand channel will cover 200+ prefecture-level cities nationwide and 800+ stores will be officially put into operation.

As the most successful SUV brand in China, with the good reputation accumulated by the brand and the strong product strength of Xiaolong series, I believe that Haval brand can occupy a place in the new energy market. Haval, which is full of vitality, strength and influence, will bring users a low-carbon and environmentally-friendly travel experience with the strength of leading hybrid technology, and inject a strong force into the revitalization of China’s automobile industry.