"Beauty +AI", Shantou or Power Card?

Virtual makeup test chart on the network

Text/Guangzhou Daily All-Media Reporter Chen Xin

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A few days ago, the "White Paper on Beauty +AI Smart Marketing" (hereinafter referred to as the White Paper) jointly issued by the artificial intelligence company defiance technology and market research institution GfK pointed out that beauty merchants are caught in "communication anxiety" with consumers. On the one hand, online marketing blindly pursues "explosive models", a large number of homogeneous content and "unreachable" pain points, which makes consumers fall into anxiety of difficult choices; On the other hand, offline information acquisition has some shortcomings, such as low efficiency, especially in the special background of the epidemic situation, and there are more health concerns. In this regard, the white paper gives a solution: "Beauty +AI", especially the virtual makeup test based on AI technology.

In fact, many companies have already entered the game on the track of "Beauty +AI". Previously, L ‘Oré al launched a cosmetic virtual trial system, an AI foundation adapter, Meitu launched an "AI open platform", released Meitu Mirror Online, and Tmall Elf launched Queen smart beauty mirror … This attempt has also achieved initial results. The data shows that the total sales of beauty products have been greatly improved after an e-commerce platform launched a virtual makeup trial program.

Insiders pointed out that at present, the application of AI technology in the field of beauty still has the problem of "gimmick is greater than strength". For example, the lipstick color test project developed under the banner of AI has uneven edges and no deep integration with skin texture. Floating on the surface. At the same time, it also faces difficulties such as imperfect AI development tools, high technical threshold and scarce talents. It can be predicted that "beauty +AI" will generate more new forms in the future. However, as the "Z generation" consumers who are indigenous to the Internet, it is increasingly difficult to be fooled by all kinds of gimmicks, and they want to really "poke" the hearts of young consumers, and the fresh marketing methods will eventually return to the question of whether their strength is "hard core".

Source: Guangzhou Daily