Gudong outdoor running APP

Gudong outdoor running is a sports mobile phone software, which can track your sports data in real time, provide you with the most reasonable, healthy and effective sports plan, and monitor your sports speed and sports data in real time, so that you can have one more partner on your sports road. Interested friends come and download it ~ ~ ~

The most popular sports fitness and weight loss app in China has been upgraded! Let you experience happiness, technology and fashion, and easily get a bodybuilding figure! Glug exercise to create a revolutionary mobile phone exercise fitness and weight loss system. Not only can you accurately record all kinds of sports, but you can also watch your sports achievements through Weibo, WeChat and other "show" friends, and you can also ask friends around you to exercise, PK and challenge your limits! Chase your dreams! Three major functions set off a wave of overall exercise, fitness and weight loss!

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1, record every progress, accurate running and cycling record statistics and sports data analysis, to motivate you to become stronger.

2, sports achievement sharing, running track creation, star big coffee, network red man … You are not the only one on the road to sports.

3. You can sign up for famous marathons and cycling events at home and abroad, and you can also send a surprise gift.

4. Brand-new featured pages, all kinds of sports dry goods feed you and become a real runner.

5. How can sports be so professional without equipment? Recommended by elite runners and carefully selected by officials, the quality is guaranteed.

6. Join a suitable running group, keep exercising with the coach, and it is more fun to run together.

7. Professional coaches set courses and make training plans scientifically, and there is always a suitable exercise intensity for you.

8, sports can receive red envelopes for gifts, rewards belong to you who are persistent, and you can also withdraw cash.

9, the introduction of sports grade title system, measure the level of sports, witness the growth of future athletes.

1, the movement is more worry-free, the movement route is tracked intelligently, the movement data is monitored in real time, and various movement types are supported.

2, it is more convenient to get together and run with millions of sports enthusiasts, and sports are no longer difficult to persist.

3, the activity is more fun PK other sports experts, get cards, awards, sports music. Run.

"Data Record" is an accurate record of running, riding and walking and an analysis of sports data to accompany you in your exercise.

"Talent socializing" basks in the news, tells jokes, sends videos, plays live broadcasts, and makes online celebrity … The headline hot spot has been reserved for you.

"Events" is a great fun online and offline event, with a lot of prizes and free equipment evaluation … all kinds of benefits are waiting for you to take away!

"Discover the running field" to find the nearest running holy place to users and show their sports strength. You will be the king of running field in the next city.

Is it difficult for a person to persist in "running a group activity"? There are a group of people here to accompany you! Join the running group, and the road to sports will never be lonely.

"Equipment optimization" one-stop sports equipment shopping experience, I feel conscience; There are more smart equipment to let sports and technology go together, give you more scientific and effective sports guidance, and be your private intelligent sports expert.

"My wallet" beans and various coupons are waiting for you to collect! Who says running can’t make money? Give you a red envelope and slap them in the face! -Intelligent sports, all in the splash-more interesting and fun to discover, we are waiting for you!

"Sports Encyclopedia" sports dry goods (professional knowledge), online celebrity private goods (sports stories), discount good goods (information comments) … all kinds of goods are available.

The "Training Plan" professional coaching course makes a scientific training plan tailored for you to help you avoid detours in scientific sports.