Did you enjoy your reunion dinner? Provincial Market Supervision Bureau raided food safety.

The Spring Festival in 2020 is coming, and having a reunion dinner has become the most anticipated moment for many families in a year. Do you prepare your own New Year’s Eve dinner at home or choose to go to a restaurant to enjoy the feast? How to ensure food safety? On January 14th, the reporter followed Hubei Provincial Market Supervision Bureau to Wuchang Dacheng Road Market and Hujin Restaurant for food safety surprise inspection.

Pictured: Market supervision staff are sampling.

In Dacheng Road Market, the staff carefully inspected the meat quality inspection certificate and animal quarantine certificate of each pork stall, and then conducted on-site sampling inspection on all kinds of vegetables in the market to check whether the pesticide residues were qualified. The reporter learned that before 7 o’clock every morning, the market supervision staff in the area will randomly select 10-12 varieties of vegetables in the market for on-site inspection. All the test results will be published on the "vegetable test results publicity" display screen in the market, and the name of the dish, the booth and the test results will be clearly written. And this kind of work will be staged in the major farmers’ markets in Wuhan every day.

Pictured: Dacheng Road Vegetable Test Results Publicity Display Screen

Many families choose to have dinner in the restaurant for the Spring Festival reunion dinner. The reporter followed the market supervision staff to Hujin Restaurant and made a surprise inspection of the implementation of the food safety management system in the restaurant, such as environmental sanitation, equipment and facilities, procurement and storage of raw materials, tableware cleaning and disinfection, and sample retention. According to the inspection results, the hardware facilities of the restaurant are good, the cleanliness of tableware is kept at a good level, and the hygiene management is in place.

Pictured: The staff is carrying out sanitary inspection on tableware.

Hubei Provincial Market Supervision Bureau issued food safety consumption tips for Spring Festival dinners to remind consumers to pay attention to food safety for holiday dinners.

First, we should pay attention to the hygiene of dining places. Consumers are advised to choose a safe and hygienic catering unit to eat, and try to eat in a restaurant with a food business license, good sanitary conditions, complete facilities, high quantitative level (smiling or laughing face) and the implementation of "bright kitchen". The video of the "bright kitchen" catering unit can supervise the post-kitchen processing and production process. Try to avoid going to restaurants that rank and turn over too many tables to eat, and prevent food safety problems in cleaning and disinfection due to super reception.

The second is to pay attention to the safety of dishes and ingredients. Holiday dinners should pay attention to a balanced diet, a combination of meat and vegetables, and reasonable nutrition. The ingredients should be mainly fresh in the season, and more hot foods should be cooked and cooked. High-risk foods such as bright-colored stewed vegetables, cold dishes, raw seafood, green beans and wild mushrooms should be carefully selected. When eating, pay attention to distinguish whether the color and taste of food are abnormal, do not eat foods with abnormal senses, "novelty" and "game", do not overeat, and limit drinking.

The third is to pay attention to personal hygiene habits. Establish a scientific and civilized consumption concept, pay attention to personal hygiene, wash your hands before meals, use sterilized tableware, advocate sharing meals with public chopsticks and spoons, and reduce the risk of cross-contamination at dinner.

Fourth, we should pay attention to safeguarding our own rights and interests. When food safety problems are found, the problem food and consumption bills should be kept well, and complaints should be made to 12315 or the local market supervision department in time. In case of suspected food poisoning, you should seek medical attention in time and keep relevant evidence so that relevant departments can investigate and collect evidence.

The fifth is to ensure the safety of self-hosted family banquets. For collective dinners hosted by rural families, chefs with health certificates and trained qualifications should be selected to host the banquets. Rural dining places should be clean and hygienic, the purchased and used food and raw materials should be of clear source and qualified quality, the food should be cooked thoroughly, and the perishable food and cooked food should be stored in a reasonable way.

Reporter: Liu Qu

Correspondent: Zeng Li Guo Shanshan

Original title: "Do you have a safe reunion dinner? The provincial market supervision bureau raided food safety.