Eat well and live a good life! CCTV Finance and Economics New Year’s Eve party, accompany you to prepare for the New Year’s Eve!

"Prosperous New Year, a tea and a meal to report the spring." On New Year’s Eve, the most important thing for China people is to have a New Year’s Eve dinner, which is also the most important meal of the year. On February 11th (New Year’s Eve), in response to the call of celebrating the Spring Festival on the spot, CCTV Financial Channel will launch a special Spring Festival program — — "Going home for dinner, New Year’s Eve party" celebrates New Year’s Eve with everyone and pays tribute to a better life with "China Dinner".

"One set has a Spring Festival Evening, and the second set has a dinner night. After dinner, watch the Spring Festival Evening." This "Dinner Night" presented by CCTV Financial Channel will be divided into five New Year’s Eve menus: Big Coffee’s New Year’s Eve Menu, Prosperous New Year’s Eve Menu, Mom’s New Year’s Eve Menu, Tasty New Year’s Eve Menu and Scientific and Healthy New Year’s Eve Menu. Let’s watch the Spring Festival Evening with our rice bowls.

At the "Dinner Night" site, the "original people" who celebrate the New Year on the spot will be taught to do it through cloud connection.Mama brandFried rice with eggs, with the simplest and most delicious dishes, connects the warmest and strongest New Year’s Eve dinner all over the country. The party will also invite Li Shufu, Liu Yonghao, Dong Mingzhu, Xia Hua and Zhong Fangda to bring you a "story-telling" New Year’s Eve menu, and the chef team of "Go Home for Dinner" will launch ten big dishes, and invite Li Xueqin, who is deeply loved by young people, to try them and bring you back memories of New Year’s Eve. Professor Kang Zhen will also take you to chew the fireworks taste in China Chinese characters … … A delicious New Year’s Eve dinner is waiting for the audience to taste.

Several corporate coffees cook in person and bring a "story-telling" New Year’s Eve dinner.

Li Shufu, Liu Yonghao, Dong Mingzhu, Xia Hua and Zhong Fangda, the names of these corporate coffees often appear together with China’s economy, industrial development and entrepreneurial responsibility. On the "dinner night" on New Year’s Eve, they will wear aprons and cook a dish that is indispensable for their New Year’s Eve dinner table. What do these dishes mean to them? What’s the story behind these dishes? It will be announced one by one at the "Dinner Night".

Employees of Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Holding Group, called him Shufu, who turned into a chef with an apron and brought a roasted chicken with chestnuts, which meant good luck. Shufu brand chestnut roast chicken must taste special!

Liu Yonghao, the chairman of New Hope Group, came to the kitchen of Go Home for Dinner with his own pork belly. In his mind, it’s hard for anyone to claim the first place in this forever good brand of Sichuan style pork, if he does the second. What kind of place does this dish have in his heart, so that he must cook it as soon as he arrives for the New Year?

Dong Mingzhu, who grew up in Nanjing, has been in Guangdong for more than 30 years. Although when she thinks of the New Year’s Eve dinner, she still thinks of salted duck and bacon that she loved when she was a child, but this time she is going to cook Sister Dong’s brand clay pot rice. What kind of clay pot rice will she produce? Is it an authentic Cantonese flavor?

For Ms. Xia Hua, the chairman of Yiwen Group, the New Year’s Eve dinner should be delicious and the clothes should be beautiful! To this end, she specially made the most beautiful apron and brought the most beautiful tableware, and her exclusive innovative version of bean fish also has a story about beauty!

Zhong Fangda, the chairman of Xijiu Company, made a famous dish of Xishui, braised Guizhou North Ma Yang. Good food with good wine is also the key to learning water in a good place with good mountains and water, and the glass of wine in a big dish is also the key!

 Big coffee’s New Year’s Eve menu has a story, a temperature, and a thick and delicious juice!

Chef Tian Tuan’s ten big dishes are booming, and Li Xueqin shares exclusive memories while eating.

Tian Tuan, the chef of Go Home for Dinner, has also carefully prepared a "menu for the prosperous New Year’s Eve": braised laba garlic with fat sausage, jiaoyou meatballs, Sweet and Sour Mandarin Fish, cloisonne red soup hotpot, crispy chicken, shredded fruits and vegetables, and northeast stew … … A total of ten dishes, including cold dishes, hot dishes, stewed dishes, north and south, sweet and salty, and finally a jiaozi with ten fresh fillings!

Grateful for food, respectfully face a cup of tea and a meal! This "dinner night" invited Li Xueqin as a tasting guest, chatting while eating, and sharing her unique memories of the New Year’s Eve. A dry fried meatball is an indispensable dish in Xue Qin’s memory of New Year’s Eve. Do you feel the same way when she recalls the "meatball socialization" of children in Northeast China? Whenever you see a dish of silk-spun fruit, is it necessary for your New Year’s Eve to verify how long the silk-spun fruit can be pulled? Jiaozi made by every mother is the best jiaozi in the world. What kind of jiaozi does Xueqin think is the best jiaozi? What kind of jokes will Li Xueqin blurt out when facing his favorite food?

In order to help you remember the recipe of this New Year’s Eve dinner menu, the program group specially invited two dish delivery staff, namely "Tomatoes" and "Eggs", to announce the names of the dishes in the form of doggerel couplets. "The spring breeze is green and Jiang Nanan, and the fat intestines have to burn garlic; Like a pouring of large and small pearls into a plate of jade, thirty meatballs to solve the problem; Peach blossoms are flowing, mandarin fish are fat, and squirrels are drooling; Advise you to drink a glass of wine more, because its moments of beauty are just then … …” This kind of creative vegetable name is not only full of creativity, but also catchy, popular and easy to remember, which explains the beautiful meaning of New Year’s Eve.

Yun Lianxian teaches "Mom’s fried rice with eggs" and should chew "the taste of Chinese characters in China" in doubt.

This year, many people will celebrate the New Year in their own land, and netizens call this "the original year’s people". This year, many children will miss the New Year’s Eve dinner cooked by their mothers. On the "Dinner Night" site, a kind cook mother will be specially invited to teach children who can’t go home for the New Year in 11 cities across the country to make a mother’s brand New Year’s Eve "fried rice with eggs" on behalf of all mothers. A simple but delicious New Year’s Eve dinner is full of the strongest thoughts, and it also gives a mother’s taste to those who also choose to celebrate the New Year on the spot in front of the screen.

At the party, there will be fire officers and soldiers in Zunyi, Guizhou, Chengdu girl in Shanghai, Henan girl in Harbin, and a 12-year-old girl in Shijiazhuang who wants to cook for her mother on duty in the hospital. This fried rice with eggs is the simplest and most satisfying. Whether it’s a young couple who have never cooked or a fire officer facing a lot of ingredients, the children who can’t go home will definitely be full after reading this "Mom’s New Year’s Eve menu" this year!

"Professor Kang, this ‘ Fried ’ Next to the word fire is a ‘ Less ’ Word, but my mother was so angry when she was cooking. Why should I say less about this word? This diner ‘ Bowl ’ Next to it is a stone ‘ Stone ’ Was the earliest ancient bowl made of stone? " In the "New Year’s Eve menu with flavor" session, Professor Kang Zhen will answer questions for two young children, analyze those Chinese characters related to diet, and tell the cultural code deeply embedded in them. Every word of this rich Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner has a taste, and every stroke has a reason. The story is waiting for Professor Kang to come together for you to chew the smell of fireworks in Chinese characters.

Scientific and healthy New Year, big screen and small screen work together.

After the special year of 2020, the epidemic prevention and control should be normalized, and the epidemic prevention measures should be kept in mind. In this year, everyone developed a good habit of washing hands frequently, wearing masks and not gathering, and also remembered more epidemic prevention books and health science knowledge. People should know how to spend the New Year scientifically and healthily, how to supplement protein, how to improve immunity and how to protect themselves and their families. In order to let everyone have a scientific and healthy Spring Festival, "Dinner Night" specially brings a scientific and healthy New Year’s Eve menu, so that everyone can eat healthily and live with peace of mind.

"The New Year’s Eve dinner that is not in my hometown is the same as reunion!" "Going home for dinner", written by ci writers Jiang Shiming and composed and sung by musician Zhao Zhao, has simple and sincere feelings and has become a melody that wanderers have been lingering in their hearts. This year, many people responded to the call and chose to spend the New Year in the same place. Mr. Jiang Shiming specially re-created the special edition of "Go Home for Dinner" in the Year of Xin Chou, and the black duck group sang the first song at the New Year’s Eve party.

In order to meet everyone’s viewing needs of quick barrage, quick spit and quick lyricism, "Dinner Night" also prepared a new media synchronous live broadcast channel. In addition to the live broadcast of CCTV Finance and CCTV video, the party will also be broadcast on platforms such as bilibili, Tik Tok and Toutiao, and the large and small screens will be linked through the interaction of new media. In addition, the party will also launch a "watching and answering" session, where the audience can win prizes at the same time as the barrage.

"Take a look at China’s economy with China’s dining table and tell a better life with delicious dishes."At 15:30 on New Year’s Eve, the CCTV financial channel "Dinner Night" will accompany you to celebrate the New Year!