Visible "sustainability" is the ceiling of pure beauty.

Among them, Eutilly CAUDALIE’s classic "Queen’s Water", as a star product, is also based on grape extracts. With the blessing of multiple essential oils, "Queen’s Water" has achieved moisturizing and makeup spray in one.

It can not only improve the skin’s moisturizing degree, but also converge pores and quickly set makeup. The fresh fragrance of natural plants adds a touch of unique charm from France.

Adhering to the brand concept of high efficiency, naturalness & purity and sustainability, Ou Tili CAUDALIE has always focused on "the beauty power from grapes", and the popular single product "Queen’s Water", which returned with colorful new clothes this year, is no exception, from attractive and elegant rose and orange blossom extraction to green and refreshing grapes, mint and rosemary, with multiple natural plant extracts and pink and green gradient bottles, just like a cup of skin care "cocktail" full of fairy flavor.

"Queen’s Water" with 100% hot weather is natural and gentle, and the combination of six kinds of essential oils makes it an all-round Ace in the spray field. Grape extract moisturizes and resists oxidation, orange blossom water effectively brightens the skin, mint oil refreshes the skin, and the active substances in rose extract moisturize and inject luster into the skin. The addition of rosemary and Melissa leaf oil adds a unique fragrance to the "Queen’s Water", soothing and calming, and sweeping away the sticky and sultry heat in summer. "Queen’s Water" has been selling well for many years. Even many star supermodels and makeup artists are loyal fans of "Queen’s Water", calling it a must-have in the backstage dressing room, and the "secret weapon" behind beauty is not too much.

Clean beauty is in power, consumers are paying more and more attention to the safety and health of skin care products, and purity and efficiency are indispensable. In order to maintain purity, Ms. Mathilde, the founder of the brand, created the "Clean Beauty" standard belonging to Otellini CAUDALIE: six kinds of ingredients were deleted from the product formula: nipagin ester, phenoxyethanol, mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulfate, silicone and PEG. It can be seen that Ou Tili CAUDALIE is committed to creating efficient, natural, pure and sustainable safe skin care products.

The "Queen Water" of Eutilly CAUDALIE, which insists on natural purity, coincides with the theme of "Green New Muscle, Beauty for the Future" of ELLE, the world fashion garden, and is also awarded the "Pure Plant Extraction Efficacy Award". It continues the beauty of green with natural plants, and it is also deeply loved by global star supermodels and professional makeup artists. "It’s like being in nature and feeling green and pure." Zhang Hanyi, a famous Asian makeup artist, said this after using it.

Take nature, but also give back to nature. Otellini CAUDALIE’s products contain all kinds of natural plants, and it is these plants that bring us the opportunity to become healthier and more beautiful. Protecting nature and ecology is actually protecting ourselves. In order to further fulfill her commitment to nature, Ou Tili CAUDALIE decided to invest 1% of her turnover in the great environmental protection cause since 2012.

Participate in afforestation; Committed to the sustainable development of brown oil storage; Assistance to women’s groups in Burkina Faso; Establish a sustainable, organic and fair trade of emulsifiable wood planting industry; Support small manufacturers producing high-quality organic essential oils in Delong, France … By 2022, Eutilly CAUDALIE has planted more than 9 million trees in more than 8 countries around the world.

The "green mission" is awakening.

Now, with Eutilly CAUDALIE,

Let the visible "sustainability",

Be your clean beauty attitude!

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