The Great Wall Gun appeared at Shijiazhuang Auto Show, bringing a new experience of pickup truck.

2021 China Shijiazhuang International Expo on New Energy and Smart Cars and Hebei (9th) Automobile Culture Festival were grandly opened during the Labor Day. In this grand event, the Great Wall Gun also made a grand appearance with its ace models, off-road guns, passenger guns and commercial guns, adding a touch of bright colors to the auto show. The Great Wall Gun appeared at the auto show site and was sought after by many riders, who came to the booth to punch in.

Blending into diverse life scenes such as travel, camping, photography and adventure, it subverts people’s traditional perception of pickup trucks. In terms of Shijiazhuang’s topography, Shijiazhuang spans Taihang Mountain and North China Plain, and the mountainous area accounts for about half of the total area, and there are many unpaved roads. At this time, no matter whether you want to swim in the city or go cross-country on mountain roads, the Great Wall Cannon can satisfy you and take you across the sea and Qian Shan to reach your journey easily.

The Great Wall Gun can be said to have broken through the concept of pickup truck in people’s impression, and can realize multi-function and multi-scene conversion. If you want to sketch or camp in the wild, we have cross-country guns, if you want to swim between cities, we have passenger guns, and of course, if you want to bring goods, this commercial gun can be your best choice.

The pickup truck for the Great Wall Gun is equipped with the first 8AT gearbox and multi-link rear suspension in the industry. It also has a variety of driving modes such as standard, economy, sports and 4L. TOD intelligent four-wheel drive and rear axle electronic differential system make driving smoother. In terms of safety, it is equipped with the latest generation 9.3 version of ESP, and equipped with a 360-pixel panoramic system, as well as a number of black technologies such as lane departure, parallel assistance, lane keeping, ACC adaptive cruise, AEB automatic braking, semi-automatic parking, road traffic sign recognition, etc., caring for every trip.

Gasoline allocation price parameter: 126800-159800; Diesel configuration price parameter: 133800-166800.

In contrast, as another important member of the "Three Artillery", the commercial pickup truck of Great Wall Artillery is more unique in design and is an inseparable partner of young people who create wealth. With the super loading capacity and unlimited modification potential brought by the deepest container of the same class, it can be efficiently adapted to various commercial scenarios and create unlimited commercial value for users.

Gasoline allocation price parameter: 97800- 121800 range; Diesel configuration price parameter: 117800- 128800.

For off-road enthusiasts, the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck is a "superstar"-like existence. It has more than ten unique off-road equipment with fever level, such as three locks, tank turning, crawling mode, wading throat, off-road expert mode, etc., all of which are the first equipment of China pickup truck, which can tackle the extreme off-road sections and help enthusiasts get through every inch of bad roads smoothly. In addition, the oversized rear bucket can be customized according to the owner’s own preferences, showing its unique personality.

Gasoline allocation price parameter: 169800- 200800 range; Diesel configuration price parameter: 153800- 207800 range.

At the scene of this auto show, at the beginning of the event, led by our "heavy artillery girl", a large number of spectators were attracted to participate enthusiastically. Everyone punched in the booth of the Great Wall Artillery, received exquisite gifts, and participated in the H5 questionnaire to complete the lucky draw. The popular online celebrity anchor broadcast live at two different times in the morning and afternoon, attracting countless online fans to punch in and actively interact with offline audiences, and invited the sales staff at our booth to give you a professional and detailed explanation of the Great Wall Artillery.

In order to thank consumers for their support of the brand, Great Wall Gun specially launched a four-fold gift for buying a car to give back to users. 1. Financial Gift: You can enjoy a two-year zero-interest financial policy when buying a car; 2, replacement ceremony: enjoy a high replacement subsidy of 5,000 yuan; 3, interconnection ceremony: basic services are free for life, entertainment services are free for three years, and exclusive services are free for one year; 4. Service Gift: The engine and transmission enjoy a four-year or 100,000-kilometer long warranty. Full of sincerity, don’t miss it!

Source: Hebei News Network