What are the top ten most popular mobile games of Netease in 2023?

1. "Against the Water"

At the end of the Northern Song Dynasty, a tragic night fall story unfolded in Sanqingshan area. This beautiful place is the headquarters of Zimen, located in the rich Jiangnan East Road. The founder of Zimen is the great Wei Qingqing. It deeply involves many elements such as river’s lake grievances, court disputes, gang vendettas, emotional entanglements, and various market situations, and vividly depicts a picture of life in the Northern Song Dynasty.

Now the quality of most games is almost the same, and the games recommended by many platforms are very similar. Although they are some mainstream games, they ignore the feelings and real needs of some players, and how to operate them is the key. Some game manufacturers will cooperate with major domestic platforms, such as the old driver base, dazzle-raccoon-tour-drama-official-net-. Give a start of 5000 and a real charge of more than 648 per day. This may be the ultimate experience that players want to have. However, the daily quota is limited, and those who are often short of games can use the case number-one-wipe-red-dust-come and try their luck.

2. "Egg Party"

In the game, players can become cute eggs and challenge various fantasy levels with friends; At the same time, you can also pick up various props in the scene to hinder the actions of other eggs. The game provides all kinds of interesting props, such as bombs, freezing, electric shocks and even farting. In addition, the game also provides an egg workshop, which allows players to use their imagination and create more interesting levels and props.

3. "Fantasy Westward Journey"

This game is a role-playing game. In the game, players can control different characters to fight and go through one level after another. There are many unknown levels in the game waiting for players to unlock. These levels are very exciting, and players can experience many simple and interesting ways to play.

4. The Master of Yin and Yang

Is a card game, players need to collect all kinds of monster cards, through training and matching, to create a strong lineup to meet various challenges. Each monster has unique skills and attributes, and players need to make reasonable choices according to the actual situation. In addition, "Master of Yin and Yang" is also a card-collecting game. Players need to gradually cultivate their own small gods and improve their level and combat effectiveness. In the game, players need to use strategies to choose the right cards and gods in order to win in the battle.

5. The Fifth Personality

Players will play detective Orpheus. After receiving a mysterious entrustment letter, they will step into the notorious manor and uncover the truth of a missing case. In the process of searching for evidence, Orpheus, played by the player, will use deductive method to deeply analyze the case. In the case review session, players can choose to play the role of supervisor or survivor and launch a fierce confrontation. However, with the deepening of the investigation, when the truth gradually surfaced, it revealed more and more incredible facts.

6. "Ghost Story"

It is a real-time role-playing game developed by Netease Thunder Fire Studio. This game was officially opened for public beta on May 19th, 2016. The script of the game is adapted from the story of Nie Xiaoqian in Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio. In the game, in the late Ming dynasty, all beings suffered and the world fell into chaos, which originated from the awakening of Pangu Yuanshen. Only by rediscovering and sealing the Yuan Shen Zhu can we calm this storm.

7. Light Encounter

Light Encounter is a unique social adventure game. The game has unique settings, warm style and pleasant plot. In the game, players can enjoy different scenery and be free to explore and take risks. Although the game has no dialogue, it can be deeply rooted in people’s hearts and arouse the resonance of players. Players can join hands with their friends to complete the cloud adventure and enjoy the free and warm journey in the cloud.

8. Battle for Peace in Beijing

The decisive battle of Ping An Jing is a non-attached competitive MOBA mobile game launched by Netease. This game has unique skill setting and rich tactical play, so that players can experience the lovely and efficient collocation of Yin and Yang and the fun of free collocation. In addition, the game also incorporates the elements of Netease’s exclusive IP "Yin Yang Shi", bringing more freshness and benefits to players. The launch of Ping An Jing, the decisive battle, provided players with a richer and more varied game experience and was warmly welcomed by the majority of players.

9. "A Dream of Rivers and Lakes"

Recommend a Netease game: A Dream of Rivers and Lakes. This beautiful role-playing game adopts the beautiful picture texture of the national style. In the game, you can experience the life of rivers and lakes with pleasure and enmity, and have a drink with heroes from all walks of life. The characters in the game are rich and colorful, with both the demeanor of a late-life hero and the heroic attitude of a young knight. If you love the beautiful painting style and martial arts theme of mobile games, then "A Dream of Rivers and Lakes" will definitely bring you a unique game experience.

10. Forgotten Sichuan Scenery Record

Netease games strongly recommend "Forgotten Sichuan Scenery", which is a mobile game with unique national charm and leads people to explore the heyday of historical celebrities. In the game, excellent games continue to be exported, and they have achieved great success in overseas markets recently. Role-playing is unique, the characters are lifelike, and the costumes are meticulous. The plot is rich and full, which makes people indulge in forgetting Sichuan and appreciate the elegance of historical celebrities and the stories behind them.