Yam Tat-wah: It took two years for unrequited love to know that Sophia Kao was going to send her daughter to Beijing to study.


Yam Tat-wah; Simon Yam

  In the face of a "gangster" who has acted in more than 160 movies and more than 2,000 TV series, and can still eat with charm and eyes at the age of 52, you can’t help but feel awe. In the early morning of the 6th, Yam Tat-wah, who just got off the plane, accepted an exclusive interview with this newspaper in a suite of 8,000 yuan a night. During the nearly two-hour chat, except for a "violent" lock breaking incident because she forgot the suitcase password, Yam Tat-wah was so gentle. Just like when he spoke for Zhonglong International Royal Seal Real Estate at the press conference the next day, the host mistook him for Andy Lau (listening to music), and he didn’t take out a gun from the inside pocket of his suit. And when you see him take out a schedule filled out by himself, accurate to the hour, you may even think that he is so old-fashioned in life, but this is Yam Tat-wah’s real off-stage life.

  Become famous and never forget your roots. Never eat abalone or bird’s nest.

  Yam Tat-wah told reporters openly that his family was poor in childhood and adolescence. He lost his father when he was 11 years old. His mother took three children to live in a crowded corridor, and 30 families shared five bathrooms. In addition to studying, Yam Tat-wah also helps her mother string beads and make plastic flowers to subsidize her family. "The only entertainment is to watch a black-and-white TV at home. At that time, I really want to become a TV person." But the opportunity came at once. In the first year of middle school, Yam Tat-wah saw an advertisement for a model in the newspaper. He usually loves sports and has a strong figure. He signed up and was lucky to be selected. "I remember it was an advertisement for soda. I drank three bottles and passed, and the reward was only 200 yuan. Although it is a supporting role, so many models are popular with me, so happy. " Since then, more and more businesses have started to find Yam Tat-wah, and he can afford his own tuition. Yam Tat-wah’s life today has always been influenced by his childhood. For example, he never eats abalone and bird’s nest. "I tell people around me that it’s useless to eat those every day. I am a person with rice feelings. I must eat a dish every day-tofu, which is nutritious and cheap. I like vegetables and eggs, which is cheap and beautiful." The "boss" who is very affectionate has not been alienated from the friends who lived in the corridor in the past. "We have to get together several times a year."

  When you are popular, you still insist on sacrificing yourself to achieve various roles.

  Yam Tat-wah said several times in the interview that he was very lucky. In 1979, he got a leading role to play the police. "I have always respected the police in my life, and as long as I put on my uniform, the feeling of the police will come out, and I don’t have to play. You can never play like Stephen Chow, even if you play a funny policeman. " Asked repeatedly why there was such a strong police complex, Yam Tat-wah revealed that his father and brother were both policemen, and that "the death of my father was also an accident on business". And his brother Ren Darong is now a senior official of the Hong Kong Police Force. However, Yam Tat-wah said that his brother never commented on his gangster films. Yam Tat-wah also said that in fact, he is more looking forward to playing the police than the murderous gangster boss. "There is no way, I am like a fruit in a fruit bowl, and I will sacrifice myself to achieve various roles." Some people say that Hong Kong’s entertainment industry is now in an era of neglect, and the new generation of Nicholas Tse (listening to music) and Daniel Wu always give people the feeling that they can’t take over. Yam Tat-wah said that this will happen everywhere. "It’s not that they are not good, but that they don’t stick to it well. For example, some of my friends who were very popular more than 20 years ago don’t know where they are now, but look, Du Qifeng and Chow Yun Fat (listening to music) are all insisting, and there are young actors who want to make good movies, so don’t overdo it. Some things come too fast, so we should know how to cherish and enjoy them. "

  Happy family will send her daughter to Beijing to study in the future.

  Yam Tat-wah and his wife, Sophia Kao, one is an actor and the other is a supermodel, who are playing the romantic myth like a fairy couple in the entertainment circle. Yam Tat-wah said with a smile that he had been unrequited for two years before pursuing Sophia Kao. "Love at first sight, hard to chase. I saw Sophia Kao’s photo in a magazine, and I had the idea of making her my wife. But asking questions, no one knows where she is. I looked at the photos for two years, but I finally met her in an Austrian hotel. At that time, I invited her to have dinner with her parents. How do you make it clear about fate? " Now they have a lovely three-year-old daughter, Ren Qingjia. "Being a father is different. I am tired every day, and I smile at my daughter when I get home." He likes buying houses all over the country, and even bought a suite in her name when her daughter was one year old, and planned to use it as her residence when she was studying in Beijing in the future. Yam Tat-wah said that he would never send his daughter abroad to study: "The capital has a cultural atmosphere and historical sites, so why should it be sent out? My Mandarin is still not standard, please ask the teacher to teach, but my daughter’s first language is Mandarin and she speaks Mandarin. " Yam Tat-wah, who is eager to love her daughter, also said that children should not go their own way. "It is too hard to be an actor, and the EQ is very high to perform the trick well. Of course, if she likes it when she grows up, there is no way. I can only teach it by myself."

  Link will personally decorate his home in Changsha.

  This time, Yam Tat-wah made a special trip to Changsha, mainly to speak for Zhonglong International Royal Seal in the real estate project. Yam Tat-wah said that he has invested in properties all over the world, such as Manhattan 58th Street in new york, the second district in Paris, Central in Hong Kong and New World Business District in Beijing, totaling more than 20 places. Yam Tat-wah, who has become a real estate expert, said that he pays great attention to the grade and taste of real estate, and will never speak casually. "This endorsement of Zhonglong International Royal Seal, in addition to my satisfaction with the remuneration, I also bought a house myself. I have learned in detail that the central lake is 6000 square meters, and specially designed elevator buttons, smart cards for the elderly and children, spacious apartment space of 180 square meters to more than 500 square meters and perfect educational configuration. No matter the structure, texture, taste or humanistic environment of the house, it is very humanized. To be honest, this kind of property may not be possible even in Hong Kong. " Yam Tat-wah also said that this is also his first house in Changsha, and he likes to design and decorate his own mansion himself. In addition, Yam Tat-wah, who has been fascinated by photography for many years, said that he will come to Changsha again in a few months, and hold an exhibition of his own photography works in the newly-built clubhouse of Zhonglong International Royal Seal to communicate with fans in Changsha.

Our reporter Wang Lu Changsha reports.


Editor: Liu Liyan