Counting the 56 most beautiful scenery in China, it is not easy to go to 10, and it is too happy to go to 30.

In everyone’s age, there has been a longing for travel, a trip that says go. But in reality, for various reasons, this beautiful hope has changed and become a beautiful dream that I dream back every midnight. If you haven’t set foot on that dream trip, you might as well follow this article and visit the most beautiful places in China today!

1. The most beautiful ancient city wall in China-Wan Li Great Wall.

Up and down for more than 2,000 years and over 100,000 miles, the Great Wall is an ancient military defense project in China, a great miracle created by working people in ancient China, a witness to the long history of China, and is regarded as a symbol of China by the world. It meanders like a dragon among the vast mountains, condensing the national spirit of self-improvement and the patriotic feelings of unity and perseverance.It’s not a hero who doesn’t reach the Great Wall. It condenses the wisdom of ancient people, is a miracle on this blue planet, and is the pride and pride hidden in the bones of China people.

2. The most beautiful palace in China-Beijing Forbidden City.

It is the most complete and largest ancient wooden structure complex in China and even in the world. It is the essence of ancient palace architecture in China and is known as the first of the five largest palaces in the world. I don’t know how many people are attracted to stop. Legend has it that there are 9,999 and a half temples and palaces, which are called the sea of temples and palaces. Both the plane layout and the magnificent three-dimensional effect are unparalleled masterpieces. A central axis runs through the whole Forbidden City, resplendent and magnificent, which is a national treasure.

3. Xi ‘an, the most beautiful ancient capital of China.

From Chang ‘an to Xi ‘an, one of the four world-famous ancient capitals, the ancient capital with the largest number of dynasties and the longest history in China, is the starting point of the Silk Road and the birthplace of Chinese civilization, bearing several heights and firsts in the history of Chinese civilization. Every brick and tile and every ruin in Xi ‘an has countless history and stories. For today’s Chinese people, Xi ‘an is the most prosperous and brilliant era sustenance of Chinese civilization, with the charming music of Chinese civilization buried, and it is also the Millennium elegance of an ancient country.

4. The most beautiful spring in China-Linzhi

The silver has not been removed in winter, and it is already an ocean of flowers. Tree after tree, covered with hillsides, stretched out to the banks of the Niyang River, under the snow-capped mountains, and in the valley, competing in full bloom. This is the peach blossom in Linzhi, the wonder of the peach forest in the depths of the plateau, and the paradise surrounded by fragrance, which is as colorful as oil painting.The harmonious beauty of nature is vividly presented here.Meet the most beautiful spring in China with the people you love most.Peach blossom appointment to Linzhi.

5. The most beautiful temple in China-Labrang Temple.

In the secret land of Gannan, Tibet, Labrang Temple stands quietly on the north bank of Daxia River, like a pearl of Tibetan plateau, shining with wise Buddha’s light, waiting for all the people in the world. This is a sacred place in the hearts of believers.Clockwise windingLabuleng templeA circle is a pilgrimage ceremony of Tibetan Buddhism.Walking between the white walls and the yellow eaves,A long warp corridor,Keep turning the warp beam,Whispering Sanskrit,The scent of Tibetan incense,All this is enough to make Labrang Temple deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

6. The most beautiful belief in China-Seda in western Sichuan

Seda is the most remote corner in northwest Sichuan. Some people say that it is a place where the soul wakes up, while others say that it is a pure land without earthly triviality. No matter how many words are used to describe a place that is back to nature and quiet, it is not as good as taking a look at it in person.Its beauty comes from nature, just like Hada is white and pure. This red Buddhist country is a place where thousands of people believe and seek inner peace.From the moment I met Seda, I knew that this would be the place I would miss in my life.

7. Erhai Lake, the most beautiful romantic place in China.

Erhai Lake is not a sea, but it is more beautiful than any sea. Erhai Lake is gentle and free, and it belongs to everyone. Erhai Lake is picturesque, its scenery is beautiful, and its sea and sky are the same color. As long as you come here, they all belong to you. Facing the sea, the poem of spring blossoms seems to be tailor-made for it. Blowing the wind of Erhai Lake, bathed in the sunshine of Erhai Lake, seeing trees and water integrated, immersed in the comfort of mountains and rivers, and heading for the distance, what a poetic life.

8. Lugu Lake, the most beautiful oriental daughter country in China.

Walking into Lugu Lake is like entering a mysterious world outside. There are blue lakes, strange-shaped mountains, wonderful lakes and mountains, and Mosuo people who are passionate, romantic, hardworking and kind live here. What is shrouded here is quiet, peaceful and wonderful, just like being in a mysterious country. Walking between the mountains and rivers of Lugu Lake, looking up is the blue sky. Squinting, enjoying under this blue sky, feeling that reaching out can touch happiness. The sunshine is slightly oblique, and the warm light covers the lake, which is full of charm.

9. Xishuangbanna, the most beautiful tropical rain forest in China.

Xishuangbanna, which is famous far and near, is full of green everywhere, with Buddhist temples and pagodas dotted all over the place, and the chanting of Brahma music is full of natural simplicity, tranquility and peace everywhere. This is an ideal and magical paradise for Dai people. Numerous rare birds, animals, exotic plants and grasses thrive in this paradise. It is a paradise for animals and plants and a beautiful oasis on the Tropic of Cancer! The graceful figure of Dai girls, the beautiful peacock dance, and the symbiotic things are bathed in poetic spring scenery and picturesque autumn wind.

10. The most beautiful and pure paradise in China-Daocheng Aden

People who have never been to Daocheng will be fascinated by a photo, and those who have been to Daocheng will never forget it at a glance! But when you get there, you will know that all the beautiful scenery is imagined, but it is unexpected. Wan Li Changfeng blows over the top of the snow-capped mountains, endless greenery covers every inch of meadow, the blue of the sky pours into Haizi, and the flowing Milky Way sheds vast splendor. When all this is happening together, Daocheng Aden can afford all the admiration in the world.

11. Kanas Lake, the most beautiful lake in China.

Kanas is a lake with a story. Whether it is obsessed with its legend or its color, it is full of mystery and charm. Kanas Lake is known as a fairyland on earth, with its snowy peaks towering over the green slopes and the beautiful lakes and mountains. The lake is blue and the peaks are hidden.Xiangyun fairy spirit permeates it,Just like walking into a three-dimensional painting of the Wizard of Oz, every minute is a dream feeling of entering the depths of the forest. The purity and splendor of the northwest are vividly interpreted, which makes nature fill the body and mind and gives people a sense of elegance and dust removal.

12. Luoping, the most beautiful karst landform in China.

The magical and beautiful Luoping Peak Forest has vast peaks. Against the background of blue sky and white clouds, a golden world comes into view. Rape blossoms compete in the sun, stretching all the way to the distant dark blue hills and finally blending into the blue sky.Each peak, viewed from different angles, can appreciate the charm is also different.Standing on the top of the mountain and looking around, the cone-shaped hills with different shapes are dotted in the endless sea of green and yellow, and the blue peaks and golden waves set each other off, which is extremely beautiful.

13. hulun buir grassland, the most beautiful grassland in China.

In the northern country, there are endless greens, rolling Daxing ‘anling Mountains and beautiful and rich lakes in Hulunbeier.There are too many beautiful scenery that people can’t forget.The wind blows grass and cattle and sheep are low. The sky is as blue as washing, and it is connected with green grass in the sky. Lakes and rivers crisscross and shine under the blue sky and white clouds. Being in the harmonious landscape of heaven and earth, the fragrant smell of vegetation comes to the nose, which makes people feel relaxed and intoxicated.existHulun BuirThere is a kind of trip that is worthwhile, and I don’t want to leave when I come.

14. Lhasa, the most beautiful hiding place in China.

Everyone has a dream called Lhasa. Did you realize it? I must go to Lhasa once in my life, to see the blue sky and white clouds there, to feel the culture where faith is supreme, to taste the highland barley wine butter tea with my own eyes, to listen to the lamas’ serious debate, to take a pious turn of the scriptures and to see the blue sky floating with clouds with my own eyes. Tibet is the ultimate dream in many people’s hearts. Only when you have been there and felt it with your heart can you feel the sublimation of one’s heart, which is something you can’t feel anywhere else.

15. Hemu Village, the most beautiful fairy tale village in China.

A river, a forest and grassland, an ancient nation and village, here is the beautiful Hemu, the fairy tale world of Kanas.Far away from the hubbub, it has always maintained a simple and honest folk customs, with long mountains, winding paths, curling smoke and leisurely cattle and sheep.Rows of neat Tuwa cabins are so natural and harmonious with the surrounding environment.Being in a fairyland, tasting a pot of tea, listening to a bird song, browsing a roll of idle books and enjoying all the stars, everything is so beautiful.

16. Ejina, the most beautiful Populus euphratica forest in China.

China’s most fascinating autumn scenery, Ejina’s waiting for 3,000 years, is only for your arrival. An autumn wind makes a pen, drawing the wind and sand all over the sky.The most tenacious Populus euphratica in the wasteland changed its posture after the autumn frost hit, dotted with blue sky and lakes, and met the dazzling Populus euphratica forest.For this place where the beauty is only 20 days in a year, Ejina in autumn has the most beautiful scenery and stories. It is a place where you can only travel once a year. If you miss it, you will have to wait another year for the next meeting.

17. The most beautiful forest in China-Daxinganling

Daxinganling. The northernmost side of China, the rivers and mountains, are not as spectacular as the snow-capped mountains in the west, nor are they as eye-catching as the Five Mountains.If you are infatuated with Daxinganling, it must be the forest!The golden autumn here is full of golden fruits,Autumn is too beautiful here to be on earth.The vast and beautiful forest,Playing a most beautiful autumn fairy tale,The colors of all life are released in this forest. When you enter the autumn in Daxing ‘anling, the leaves are yellow and fall, and the flowers bloom and fade. Watching migratory birds fly south, you will feel a reincarnation of life.

18. The most beautiful gallery in China-Three Gorges of the Yangtze River

The Three Gorges of the Yangtze River has a unique landform, and its natural scenery is famous at home and abroad. It is the essence of the Yangtze River scenery and the treasure of China’s landscape, shining with charming brilliance. The strange peaks in the gorge area are abrupt, the cliffs are lined up and continuous, just like a winding gallery, full of poetry and painting, with scenery everywhere and scenery connected.Since ancient times, the Three Gorges has written too many beautiful legends, just like a hearty ink painting, which is novel and beautiful.The beauty here is more breathtaking than many famous mountains and rivers.

19. Lijiang River, the most beautiful landscape in China.

There are thousands of paintings in the Baili River, and the landscape of the Lijiang River is the best in the world. It is the most beautiful karst landscape in the world, a pearl of China’s splendid rivers and mountains, and the essence of Guilin’s scenery. There are mountains and green mountains, beautiful waters, strange caves, beautiful rocks, green continents, dangerous beaches, deep pools and waterfalls. The Lijiang River has a variety of flavors in different weather, with the reflection of Qingfeng on sunny days, misty clouds on cloudy days and dreamy rain on rainy days. There are surprises everywhere in this landscape. Wandering the Lijiang River, watching the reflection of Qifeng, the clear water and green hills, the pastoral songs and the quaint countryside, everything is so poetic.

20. The most beautiful ink painting in China-Wuyuan

Wuyuan isA place naturally full of poetry,This ancient village surrounded by clouds is as beautiful as a dream. The quaint building with white walls and tiles is like a slowly unfolding mountain ink painting. An abbreviated version of the Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival, surrounded by thousands of ancient trees and 10,000 mu of terraced fields. View the rape flower sea in spring, follow the stream in the summer play canyon, enjoy the ancient village in autumn and enjoy the rural agricultural customs in winter. In the brewing of time, it has become more and more charming and has become the most ancient village in China, which makes people think infinitely.

21. The most beautiful scenery in China-West Lake

If you want to compare the West Lake with the West Lake, it is always appropriate to put on light makeup and heavy makeup. There are too many beautiful and moving legends about the West Lake.The beauty of the West Lake infected Su Dongpo, and Su Dongpo infected everyone. For thousands of years, many people yearn for the West Lake, stroll through Su Causeway and enjoy it. The West Lake has the spring dawn in Su Causeway, the wind and lotus in Quyuan in summer, the autumn moon in Pinghu and the broken bridge in winter. In the West Lake, there is spring dawn in Su Causeway in the morning, willow waves singing warblers at noon, sunset with Leifeng sunset, and the night with three pools and the moon at four o’clock. The scenery is different and picturesque.

22. Huangguoshu Waterfall, the most beautiful celestial fairy spring in China.

Huangguoshu Waterfall is famous as the largest waterfall in China, and many words of praise can’t describe the magnificence of its pouring down. Pentium river from the cliff, rushing straight down the rhinoceros pond, making a deafening noise, such as thousands of people beating drums, Ma Benteng, sound like thunder, miles away from the earthquake, sound into the ear, sound into the heart. The spray from the waterfall soared like rain and fog,Under the refraction of the sun’s light, it is like colorful ripples splashed in circles, fixed on the mountain canyon, full of poetry and painting, which makes people relaxed and happy.

23. The most beautiful Danxia landform in China-Zhangye

Don’t look forward to the snow on Qilian Mountain, and mistake Zhangye for the south of the Yangtze River. When you come to Zhangye, you will find that there are too many beautiful things hidden in this ancient silk town on the Hexi Corridor.When you climb slowly in a hot air balloon, the sun shines brightly, and a huge color painting spreads before your eyes.The wonderful peaks and gullies are as colorful as flowers, as bright as the sun. I didn’t come here in person, I didn’t see it with my own eyes, and I couldn’t imagine it. This mysterious region, which has exceeded 100 million years, is beautiful and magnificent.

24. the ancient town of xitang, the most beautiful water town in China.

The water in the Spring and Autumn Period, the towns in the Tang and Song Dynasties, the buildings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the modern people are the most appropriate descriptions of the ancient town of xitang. Standing in the depths of Xitang scenery, it seems that time has stopped or flowed back to a past node. Streets are built by the river, and houses are built by the water.Blue bricks and tiles, white walls and ink ceilings, deep alleys, vicissitudes of corridors and sheds, sparkling boat shadows and dreamy water towns are amazing.Fascinated. Everything in Xitang water town exudes a romantic atmosphere. In the long years, there is always a scene that can be remembered when you taste the mellow taste of time.

25. The most beautiful garden in China-Humble Administrator’s Garden

Humble Administrator’s Garden, the largest classical garden in Suzhou, has strong characteristics of Jiangnan water town, whichIt is the memory of an era in China, with winding paths in the garden.Taking water as the center, the mountains and rivers are lingering, the halls and pavilions are exquisite, and the flowers and trees are lush.A stone wall with many porches and hollowed-out patterns can be said to be a step by step.Bamboo fence, thatched pavilion and thatched cottage are integrated with natural landscape, simple and elegant. Even after more than 400 years, you can still feel the elegant circulation. Everywhere is full of poetry and painting. It is true that you don’t know the beauty of gardens until you reach Suzhou!

26. The most beautiful ginkgo village in China-Tengchong Ginkgo Village

From the first touch of new green blooming branches, to the last golden leaf quietly ending, from the new village in the southwest border, to the poetry and distance that everyone yearns for, with the striking golden romance, comfortable and leisurely poetic residence. The autumn wind is slowly blowing, and the ginkgo leaves of a tree are blown into golden yellow, which sets off the antique villages.Everything the eyes can capture is dazzling golden yellow, in full bloom.The city is covered with the peerless beauty of golden armour.,Woven into an intoxicating beauty of the village in the forest, trees at home and people in the painting.

27. Danba, the most beautiful beauty valley village in China.

The Tibetan area here is inhabited by Jiarong Tibetans, whose ancestors were aristocrats, and many of them have their own watchtowers. Legend has it that it is the refuge of Xixia royalty, and there are beauties everywhere.Accompanied by the gentle breeze, overlooking the scattered Tibetan towers and enjoying the scenery of Dadu River Valley. The ancient watchtower with a long history, various forms of pot dance, solemn ancient Tibetan opera, gorgeous and gorgeous Jiarong Tibetan clothes, steaming buttered tea, crispy and delicious steamed buns are all so lively and fragrant that people feel like strolling in Xanadu.

28. The most beautiful Hakka building in China-Fujian Tulou

It is a unique residential building in the world, dotted with earth buildings at the foot of the mountain, beside the stream, in the fields and even on the swamp, telling the warm past of Hakka people.Like pearls, like happy doughnuts, the earth buildings are scattered among the green mountains and green hills in southwest Fujian, blending the elements of heaven and earth, living in harmony with each other, bearing the sky and clouds, meditating in the years like water, with stars and stories lying in your arms, fermenting a steaming, lively and fragrant fireworks life, which is extremely fantastic and spectacular.

29. Yuanyang Terrace, the most beautiful terrace in China.

The Hani people, who have lived in Yuanyang Mountain for generations, have used ancient wisdom to build thousands of terraces vertically distributed in this flat land, and wonderful lines and gorgeous colors have become a scenic spot. During the irrigation period, Yuanyang terraced fields, like countless mirrors broken and scattered on the earth, reflect the colorful sky, and the amazing curves under the light and shadow are as dreamlike as the sky, recording the sunrise and sunset at every moment, like an extremely elegant ink painting, which is indescribable and fascinating.

30. Chaka Salt Lake, the most beautiful sky in China.

Yes, there is a place called the mirror of the sky in Qinghai.The sky is close at your fingertips, and all your troubles will be forgotten in this blue country.The lake is like a mirror that can shine on the sky, making the lake dream like a fairy tale world. In this beautiful scenery of water and sky, for a moment, you can’t even tell where the sky is and where the lake is. Here, people always have an illusion that reach for the sky is stretched out and the stars are scattered all over the earth. This beautiful scene can reveal the truest beauty in the world.

31. The most beautiful blue in China-Qinghai Lake

Water and sky are the same color, and the sea and sky meet, which is probably Qinghai Lake.A huge jade jade plate is horizontally embedded between mountains and grasslands, and the lake is a vast grassland. The mountains, lakes and grasslands set each other off. When the sea of rape blossoms is in full bloom, the white clouds turn into marshmallows, the blue sky seems within reach, the lake level is like a mirror, and the blue becomes deeper and quieter. Yaks are strolling everywhere, sheep are grazing, and a picture of the pastoral of cattle and sheep is low.At first glance, it is vast, ethereal, magnificent, poetic and refreshing.

32. The most beautiful no-man’s land in China-Hoh Xil

This is the roof of the world of the world,When a ray of goose yellow is rubbed into the cyan, it gives people a sense of desolation. This desolate and mysterious forbidden area of life has made countless people wave upon wave and vowed to conquer this land.This is a forbidden area for human beings, but it is not a forbidden area for life. It is a paradise for all kinds of wild animals. Wild yaks and Tibetan gazelles can be seen from time to time in the vast world, and everything is quiet and peaceful. Although the beauty of Hoh Xil is fascinating, we must understand that life is paramount, and we must not rashly enter the no-man’s land where the crisis is four.

33. The most beautiful ghost city in China-Wuerhe Fengcheng

The world’s beautiful Yadan, carved by wind and rain, is a masterpiece of nature, but also a strange product under the changes of time. Looking up from afar, it seems to be a dreamy maze world, and all kinds of landscapes are exquisite and vivid. This is the Wind City of Urhe.In the ravines with different depths on the ground, the stone layers are grotesque, such as temples, pavilions, castles, people and animals, which are spectacular and mysterious.Shuttle through the magic maze world, feel the dream and mystery of the brilliant Yadan, amazing.

34. The most beautiful Millennium Watch in China-Crescent Spring in Mingsha Mountain.

A piece of green is hidden in the arms of Mingsha Mountain, and the crescent spring lies in the oasis, which is a unique spectacle of sand and water in China. For thousands of years, I don’t know how many people have climbed and slid down, but Mingsha Mountain still stands tall and the sound of singing sand is still heard. Crescent Moon Spring is surrounded by Mingsha Mountain, which looks like a crescent moon, rippling, as blue as jade. The spring is in quicksand, and the drought is not exhausted, and the wind blows the sand, which is quite spectacular.Being in such a beautiful scenery with blue sky and white clouds and clear sand and spring, I feel the magical charm of nature.

35. The most beautiful highway in China-Duku Highway

This miracle highway, hidden in the depths of Tianshan Mountain, spans 10 rivers, crosses 4 high-altitude Daban, which is covered with snow all year round, passes through 3 beautiful grasslands, and runs through the top scenic spots in northern and southern Xinjiang. No highway can match it! You ask local people in Xinjiang how to appreciate the beauty of Xinjiang in a short time. The answer must be to drive by car on the Duku Highway! During the driving, it only takes one second to conquer your eyes and shake your heart. Look at the four seasons all the way, and you will never really understand its exquisiteness if you don’t go once in your life!

36. Meili Snow Mountain, the most beautiful snow mountain in China.

Meili Snow Mountain is famous for its majestic and mysterious nature.It is a sacred place in the hearts of countless people. Lancang River and Nujiang River flow from the foot of the mountain on the east and west sides.The looming sea of clouds has put a mysterious veil on the snow-capped mountains.existUnder the kawakarpo, the glaciers are continuous, like a jade dragon, and the ice and snow are dazzling. Meili’s Rizhao Jinshan is a rare scenic spot that many people dream of.The golden light fell from the sky and shone on the top of the snow-capped mountains.Between the clouds, it only takes a brake, and the sky is golden and moving beyond words.

37. Mount Everest, the most beautiful mountain in China.

Mount Everest, located on the roof of the world,The title of the top of the world is not a privilege that can be enjoyed by any mountain peak, attracting countless climbers to climb it every year.Pyramid-shaped mountains, majestic and majestic, hold their heads high in the sky, and the whole body of ice and snow shines in the sun. This is the closest place to the sky, the mysterious sacred mountain in everyone’s heart, and the place that countless people yearn for. The sky here is blue and spotless, and the mountains in the clouds are towering, shocking people, and the mountains have never been so appropriate.

38. Emei Mountain, the most beautiful Buddhist shrine in China.

On the southwest edge of Sichuan Basin, Mount Emei is the best place in the world. The mountains are endless and winding, and the mountains are covered with clouds all the year round. There are four seasons in one mountain and different days in ten miles. Looking at the snowy peaks in the west, the mountains are connected with the sky, looking at the top of the Buddha in the south, the clouds are rolling, and the north is a hundred miles flat, like a splendid shop.Overlooking the whole sea of clouds at the foot, like the shore of the sea, boundless,A mirage in the golden palace is like a fairyland in heaven.Like a thousand years, like a thousand years, the sun rises and the stars set, and so on,Bring people into that dreamy magical realm.

39. Laojun Mountain, the most beautiful paradise on earth in China.

Go to the world for a grand banquet and see the world’s prosperity. The peaks of Laojunshan Mountain are beautiful, and the ground is pulled up to the sky, with various poses and great momentum. In spring, the mountain flowers are full of fragrance, in summer, they are fresh, thorough, cool and pleasant, and in autumn, they are more sage-like. In winter, the snow scene in Laojun Mountain is vast, and heaven and earth meet Qionglou Tiangong.The cloud takes the mountain as the body, and the mountain takes the cloud as the clothing. It changes endlessly, ups and downs, and it is full of fantasy and elegance.Standing on the top of the mountain, the mountains far and near are under your feet, the sea of clouds is rolling, and the peaks are looming, like a perfect picture of a fairyland where heaven and man are one.

40. The most beautiful color in China-Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhai is a dream, which is too beautiful to be true, but it really exists in the world.The scenery of the four seasons here is different, and people are amazed at it all the time. In spring, the buds are green and the waterfalls are brisk. In summer, the lake is surrounded by greenery, and the birds fly and dance. In autumn, the red leaves are paved with mountains, and the colorful forests are everywhere. In winter, the mountains are covered with snow and the ice waterfalls are like jade. Trees are born in water, and water flows in trees, which is better than fairyland on earth and is full of the most beautiful colors in the world.The colors you have seen or have never seen seem to gather here and become a colorful world.

41. Fanjing Mountain, the most beautiful city in China.

There is a place that is full of dangers and wonders. It depends on a pious heart to capture its elegance. This is China’s sky city, floating in the sky like a green ark in the vast sea of clouds, standing in the towering Wuling Mountains stretching for thousands of miles, telling the vicissitudes of more than one billion years. This is Fanjing Mountain in the dreamland of Buddhism.Only the ingenuity of nature can create this unique and shocking masterpiece like myths and legends!The unpredictable beauty makes people intoxicated with the infinite Zen of Brahma Pure Land.

42. The most beautiful desert in China-Badain Jaran Desert.

The desert is lonely and straight, and the long river falls in the yen. It is the Badain Jaran Desert. Although it is not the largest, it is a desert with the highest value. Before you came to Badain Jaran, you might be afraid of the vastness of the desert. After you went to Badain Jaran, you fell in love with the desert. It’s not very barren, and here you can see Sha Feng, the lake and the blue sky inexplicably blended together, which is a fantastic charm.The leisurely camel bell is telling the story here, and no desert is more beautiful than Bataan.

43. Nujiang Grand Canyon, the most beautiful canyon in China.

This is the longest, most mysterious, most beautiful, most primitive and quaint Oriental Grand Canyon in the world, and it is the original ecological secret of China’s possession.The flowers and trees here recite the rhythm of life, and echo each other here carries the triumph of civilization. The Nujiang Grand Canyon is high in mountains, deep in valleys and urgent in water, with fragrant white flowers on both sides, lush virgin forests on the mountainside and picturesque scenery covered with snow and ice in winter and spring. Its natural ecology is like heaven. For thousands of years, the Nujiang River has maintained its unique purity, and every sound of it is enough to wash the soul.

44. Huangshan Mountain, the most beautiful natural bonsai in China.

It is the best evaluation of Huangshan Mountain to return without looking at the mountains and Huangshan Mountain without looking at the mountains. Huangshan mountain has one peak and one posture, one stone and one state, one pine and one painting.Enjoy a good reputation in ancient and modern times. Huangshan Mountain, with its beautiful peaks and majestic valleys, is famous for its wonderful pines, strange rocks, sea of clouds, hot springs and winter snow. The four seasons of Huangshan Mountain are picturesque, with fantastic pines and rocks in sunny days, clouds changing in cloudy days, flowing springs and waterfalls in rainy days, beautiful trees in snowy days, and pines in empty valleys in the wind.There are thousands of beautiful scenery in Huangshan Mountain, just like a fairyland on earth. There is always a place where you want poetry and distance.

45. Guo Liang Village, the most beautiful cliff family in China.

As far as the eye can see, the Taihang Mountain is towering, and the cliffs stand tall and steep, and between the mountains and rivers, there is poetry and painting.Here is the best village in China, which is located on a steep cliff. It is known for its precipitousness and is called a village hanging on the precipice.The villagers here still live a life of sunrise and sunset. This simple feeling is hard to find in today’s fast-paced era. If you feel that life is too complicated, you might as well take a nap here for a few days and feel the slow time here quietly.

46. Chengdu, the laziest city in China.

Chengdu is a city that you don’t want to leave when you come. In Chengdu, sunbathing, playing mahjong, drinking tea and chatting are the serious things.About Chengdu, a thousand people have a thousand opinions, but the only thing that is the same is that they are moved by the life here.When you come to Chengdu, just slow down the hasty pace and take a walk in the streets of Chengdu. Kuanzhai Lane, Jinli and Chunxi Road are all places worth tasting slowly.When you set foot on this land of Chengdu, you can always slow down unconsciously, and the world suddenly becomes quiet, simple and happy.

47. Chongqing, the most beautiful mountain city and foggy city in China.

Chongqing is a famous paradise for eating goods, and the world-famous hot pot is spicy and delicious, attracting countless diners to compete. Whether standing on the Nanshan Mountain or overlooking the Yangtze River cableway from the air, you can enjoy the bright night known as Little Hong Kong and have a panoramic view of the scenery of the two rivers. Magic terrain, dreamy night scene, it makes countless people come here, gather here, eat hot pot to watch the night scene, simply kill time and live happily.Bayu is as beautiful as a splendid land, so maybe you can get some leisure and walk into Chongqing with beautiful mountains, beautiful water and more beautiful people.

48. Weizhou Island, the most beautiful island in China.

Weizhou Island is bordered by Guangxi Beihai in the north and Leizhou Peninsula in the east. It is an island formed by volcanic eruption, with marine erosion, marine deposit and lava landscape. It is the youngest volcanic island in China with rippling blue waves and beautiful scenery. The marine erosion landform and volcanic lava are absolutely amazing. Riding an electric donkey on Weizhou Island hit the sea breeze, shuttled through the dense shade, and occasionally came across some exotic buildings. Walking along the silver beach with the sea breeze and walking leisurely along the coastline, the waves are undulating at the feet, away from the bustling and noisy, which is really a kind of enjoyment.

49. The most beautiful waterway in China-Xitai Jiner Lake Highway.

This is a section of water highway located in Xitai Jinaier Lake. The G315 National Road passes through Xitai Jinaier Lake, splitting the lake in half to form a unique two-color lake. The lakes on both sides, emerald green on the left and Tiffany blue on the right, are completely different, with distinct left and right sides, which are extremely strange and beautiful. The blue sky is like a huge mirror under the reflection of the lake. It is a real water and sky, and the atmosphere is quiet and like a fairyland. Even if you simply take a picture with your mobile phone at any time, you can take amazing photos.

50. The most beautiful ink and wash scenery in China-Zhangjiajie West Sea Peak Forest

There are thousands of stone peaks in Shentang Bay in Wulingyuan, which are endless. It is a unique peak forest landscape in the world. It is magnificent, magnificent, ingenious in shape and beautiful in artistic conception, which can be called nature’s masterpiece.Between the peaks, canyons and waterfalls can be seen everywhere. The clouds and vapours in the valley are hovering among the mountains, the sea of clouds is thick and light, the stone peaks are hidden and present, and the scene is changeable.Beautiful, just like ink painting, walking in the meantime, such as in Traveling in a pictorial world, amazing.

51. Utsu, the most beautiful water Yadan in China.

This is an unparalleled beauty hidden on the Qinghai Plateau, and few people know it so far. In the endless desert Gobi, a piece of Wang Yang emerges out of thin air. Yadan landform stands on this piece of Wang Yang. Yadan of different sizes is all over the blue water surface, forming a magnificent water Yadan group, which is magical and mysterious, with unparalleled stunning scenery. Here, every stone is like an illusory piece of pure land of immortals. Looking around, there is no end in sight, giving people unlimited freedom to daydream.

52. The most beautiful glacier world in China-Cuojia Glacier.

Cuojia Glacier is an ice blue world deep in Tibet, a mysterious and little-known place, but it is the best accessible land mountain glacier found at present, which can be contacted at zero distance. All kinds of icicles and ice cracks stand in the glacier in a strange way.The towering glaciers, under the irradiation of sunlight, emit crystal blue, which is unforgettable at first sight.. Into the primitive glaciers,It’s like walking into a crystal palace.It’s like going back to the ancient ice age.As if through time and space, came to another planet.

53. Old Town of Lijiang, the most beautiful ancient city in China.

On a plateau platform under Yulong Snow Mountain, the ancient city is built by mountains and rivers. It is an ancient city without walls.People who like Lijiang, in addition to nostalgia for its beautiful scenery, the most attractive thing is the carefree and slow life here. Between the green hills and the tiles, by the small bridge and the flowing water covered with green flowers, enjoy the warm embrace of the sun, the gentle caress at night, let the mood fly freely, experience the true charm of life, and flow all expectations in time to bloom more brilliantly.

54. Zada Tulin, the most beautiful Martian world in China.

When you see this scene in front of you, you will definitely sigh at the ingenuity of nature. There is nothing but sand here. The rivers that once existed have long dried up and disappeared, and the oases that once existed are hard to trace, leaving only silence. The north wind of the plateau blows out the rough land of western Tibet, but it is so exquisitely crafted, extremely barren and also the ultimate temptation. This is the unique scenery of Tibetan Ali, full of mysterious dreaminess. This is a place that will make you worthwhile, and you will find that desolation can be so beautiful.

55. Zhagana, the most beautiful pure land on earth in China.

This is a magical secret place in Gannan, and it is a complete natural stone city. Simplicity, tranquility and primitiveness are the first impressions of Zhaga Na, just like the Peach Blossom Garden in Tao Yuanming’s works. In the eyes of local people, this is the place created by immortals; In the eyes of anthropologists, this is the most typical rural settlement on the eastern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. In the eyes of photographers, the scenery here is as beautiful as a fairyland. Under the blue sky and white clouds, everything is poetic. Zhaga is a sacred place where half fireworks and half immortals go at least once in their lives.

56. The most beautiful colorful canyon in China-Anji Sea.

There is a magical secret place in Tacheng, Xinjiang, which is called rivers and canyons flowing out of modernist abstract paintings and is the source of color hidden in the northern foot of Tianshan Mountain. The surging Anji Haihe River rushes along the canyon, flying down and sweeping the bottom of the valley, forming a colorful landscape of abstract paintings of the earth. The ever-changing light and shadow rendering is dazzling and spectacular. Facing the Anjihai Grand Canyon and having a panoramic view of everything, you have to admit that any words are pale and powerless.

Only when a person is traveling can he hear his own voice. It will tell you that the world is wider than expected. go toLooking forward to the distant place, you don’t have to envy foreign countries, you don’t have to go abroad, you just have to travel around China and see the beautiful scenery of the motherland, and you are also a super traveler!

These unique beautiful scenery in China can amaze all your time. Let’s go through the 56 most beautiful poems and distant places in China! How many of these places have you been to? Which do you think is the most beautiful? What other beautiful places in China have you been to? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area. Let’s talk together.