Three commonalities of women that men need to understand!

In a small town, there lived a girl named Xiaoyan. She has a pair of bright eyes, and smiles like the sunshine in spring, which makes people intoxicated. However, her fate is doomed to be extraordinary.

Xiaoyan was born in a patriarchal family and was neglected by her parents since she was a child. Her existence seems to be a burden to her family, and her dreams and hopes are ruthlessly deprived. However, she didn’t give up. She tried to change her destiny with her own hands.

Xiaoyan’s first love happened in high school. She fell in love with a boy named Xiaoming in her class. Xiao Ming is sunny and handsome, and he is the master of his class. Xiaoyan watched him silently and gave everything for him. However, when Xiao Ming knew Xiaoyan’s family background, he chose to leave. He is afraid of being dragged down by Xiaoyan’s family. What he wants is a partner who can walk side by side with him, not a poor person who needs his rescue.

Xiaoyan, who is lovelorn, understands a truth in tears: the first commonality of women is tenacity. No matter how much suffering life gives them, they can stick to it and find their own light.

Xiaoyan met a boy named Xiaogang when she was in college. Xiaogang is a warm person. He knows how to care for Xiaoyan and take care of her. They spent many wonderful times together. However, when Xiaoyan took Xiaogang home to meet her parents, she was strongly opposed by her parents. They think Xiao Gang’s family condition is not good enough for their daughter. Xiaoyan was caught in a painful choice: whether to listen to her parents or stick to her love?

At this critical moment, Xiaoyan realized that the second commonality of women is sacrifice. They are willing to give up everything for love, including family, friends and even their own lives.

Xiaoyan finally chose love. She left her hometown with Xiaogang and came to a strange city. They worked hard together and spent many difficult days together. However, fate played tricks on them again. Xiaogang was injured in an accident, resulting in disability. Faced with the burden of life, Xiaoyan did not choose to leave, but chose to tide over the difficulties with Xiaogang. She used her shoulders to support this family and Xiao Gang’s hope.

Accompanied by Xiaoyan, Xiaogang gradually stepped out of the shadows. Together, they opened a small shop and lived a quiet life. At this time, Xiaoyan understood the third commonality of women, that is, guardianship. They are willing to protect their lives for their loved ones, with no regrets.

Time flies, Xiaoyan has changed from an ignorant girl to a strong woman. With her own story, she told the world three commonalities of women: tenacity, sacrifice and guardianship. She also used her own stories to make those who look down on women understand the greatness of women.

In this world, every woman is a treasure, waiting for the discovery of a willing heart. What men need to do is to understand these three commonalities of women, cherish them and love them. Only in this way can the flower of love bloom forever.