How far is L3 autopilot from us?

As we all know, the "second half" of the new energy vehicle market will be an intelligent competition. Near the end of the year, the domestic city NOA Kaicheng War intensified, and L3 test policy boots officially landed. On December 22nd, Changan Automobile announced that it had successfully obtained L3-level self-driving road test licenses for 17 expressways on November 17th, becoming the earliest enterprise to obtain such licenses at most in a single batch. How far is L3 automatic assisted driving?

"Made in Chongqing" car starts L3 road test.

A few days ago, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other four ministries and commissions jointly issued the "Notice on Launching the Pilot Work of Intelligent Networked Vehicle Access and Road Access", which formally set specific requirements for L3/L4 autopilot access specifications and improved relevant rules. This means that China’s advanced autonomous driving has a clear policy support and responsibility definition.

The introduction of the new policy has opened the floodgate of mass production for the long-awaited smart car industry.

As of December 21st, 17 L3 self-driving vehicles of Changan Automobile have passed the 34-day road test. The L3 self-driving road test was carried out in Chongqing Inner Ring Expressway. The total length of this section is 74.1km, which is very mountainous, covering complex scenes such as construction, long slopes, continuous bends, bridges, tunnels, ramp entrances, etc. The traffic volume is large, with the maximum one-way cross-section traffic of 94,000 vehicles/day and the maximum peak traffic of 7,300 vehicles/hour. The whole section has normal traffic jams in the morning and evening peaks.

According to relevant sources of Changan Automobile, the traffic jam autopilot function of Changan Automobile has undergone a severe test in this road test.

At the same time, a number of "Chongqing-made" cars have also made great efforts in high-speed and urban NOA(Navigate On Autopilot). It is generally believed in the industry that the urban NOA is approaching L3, which is a crucial step from L2 to L3. In short, if you want to go from place A to place B, you only need to enter place B in the navigation, and you can hold the steering wheel to supervise how the vehicle waits for the traffic lights, changes lanes and gives way in the covered area.

On October 9th, Aouita Science and Technology announced that it would gradually open the NCA without map, and intensively carry out large-scale actual road test and user experience. As the core capability of Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving system ADS 2.0, Aouita has taken the lead in covering six cities, namely Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, and the second batch of functions will cover another 16 core cities, with full coverage in China within this year.

The world under the banner of Celestial Automobile was the first to open the push of the city NOA. In July this year, the urban NCA function of the M5 Zhijia version was opened in five cities: Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Chongqing. In December, the new M7 in Wenjie was equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system, and the high-speed NCA intelligent driving navigation auxiliary function of the vehicle can be used nationwide without relying on high-precision maps.

Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of terminal BG, and chairman of smart car solutions, mentioned in the latest order "Battle Report" published on social media in October that the selection rate of high-end packages of M7 five-seat Max version ADS was 70%, and that of six-seat Max version ADS was 68%.

The NOA timetable of car companies has been released one after another.

The competition for the city NOA is not limited to "Made in Chongqing".

On March 31st, 2023, Tucki fully promoted XNGP (Full Scene Assisted Driving) version 4.2.0, and all users of G9 MAX and P7i MAX can get this software version.

He Xiaopeng, CEO of Xpeng Motors, said, "We promise that the first city in China will drive Kaicheng &hellip in 25 cities by the end of November; …”

Subsequently, brands such as Ideal, Weilai and Zhiji have also announced the specific timetable of the city NOA. This means that it has completed 50% of the progress bar of the goal of opening a city in 50 cities.

In addition, Xpeng Motors has publicly stated that the Max version of Tucki G6 has an optional rate of over 80%, and the Max version of Tucki G9 has an optional rate of over 80%.

Recently, Li Xiang, CEO of LI, said on the social platform that the official version of NOA in December covers the national expressway and ring road and 100 cities, and the LCC function will be available worldwide.

Weilai also officially opened the test of NOA function in Shanghai in June.

On December 16th, Zhiji Automobile announced that its vehicles equipped with L3-level automatic driving function have officially obtained the high-speed highway automatic driving test license in Shanghai. At the same time, Zhiji is applying for the L3 announcement access pilot of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and it is expected to be the first vehicle to enter the L3 autopilot access pilot.

On December 12, Gu Huinan, general manager of Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an, revealed: "Ai ‘an is applying for L3 autopilot together with Ruqi Travel, and strives to be the first to launch truly operational L4 autopilot in 2025."

On December 16th, Mercedes-Benz became one of the first enterprises to obtain the road test license of Beijing Conditional Autopilot (L3) Expressway. Two days ago, China’s first L3 test license was spent on BMW — — BMW announced that it has obtained the L3-class self-driving high-speed road test license in Shanghai.

Mercedes-Benz has made it clear that after Germany and the United States, it will promote L3-class autopilot system Drive Pilot in China market, and BMW Group plans to officially launch L3-class autopilot function in late 2023 or early 2024.

In August this year, Tesla CEO Musk revealed that Tesla is developing the last puzzle "Vehicle Control" of the FSD V12. The automatic driving system adopts an end-to-end solution. In November, Tesla has pushed the FSD V12 to employees.

The ideal NOA, NGP of Tucki or NCA of Huawei, under the influence of a dazzling array of technical terms, the "second half" of intelligent driving is really coming.

How far is L3 autopilot from us?

At the end of 2023, L2′ s driving function was gradually optimized. How far is L3 from us?

At the 5th China Automobile and Travel Future Forum, data show that at present, the penetration rate of intelligent driving above L2 will exceed 40%.

Many domestic progressive autonomous driving companies are also realizing data closed loop through mass production and high-order assisted driving scenes, and promoting the rapid maturity of autonomous driving technology; In addition, many key cities in China are also accelerating the construction of "smart cities", delineating pilot areas and promoting the coordinated construction of vehicles and roads.

It is understood that in terms of chips, NVIDIA leads the iteration of smart driving chips, Mobileye and TI technologies are mature, and the distance between domestic players Horizon and Black Sesame is gradually shortened. In terms of domain controllers and solutions, domestic players Desai Siwei, Jingwei Hengrun, Zongmu Technology, Zhixing Technology, etc. have all got on the bus on a large scale, and their technical maturity has been continuously improved. Laser radar: domestic suppliers such as Wo Sai, Tu Datong and Sagitar have a faster pace of mass production.

On November 26th, Hu Yang of Huaxi Securities pointed out that as of August, 2023, the country had opened more than 20,000 kilometers of test roads, and a large number of intelligent networked automobile products were developed, tested and verified. The opening of this pilot will help the intelligent networked vehicles to accelerate the technical level, and also accelerate the industrialization process of the smart car industry. L3/L4 smart driving will also accelerate its landing next year.

As a watershed between assisted driving and driverless driving, L3 autopilot needs not only technical support, but also coordinated support from policies, legislation, infrastructure and other aspects.

Last August, the first domestic regulation on intelligent networked vehicle management — — The Regulations of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on the Management of Intelligent Networked Vehicles was officially implemented. This legislation is the first official management document in China to divide in detail important issues such as the rights and responsibilities of L3 and above automatic driving, and provides a policy basis for self-driving vehicles to legally go on the road. Although it is only exclusive to Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, its significance to the national intelligent networked automobile management legislation is self-evident.

The promulgation of the "Notice on Launching the Pilot Work of Intelligent Networked Vehicle Access and Road Access" has further accelerated the landing of high-level automatic driving.

In the current upgrade war of autonomous driving, mass production capacity is the "key" to cross L2 to L3. According to the above-mentioned Notice, the emphasis on mass production capacity again means that players without mass production capacity can’t even get "admission tickets".

Changan Automobile said that it will continue to pay close attention to the requirements of China regulations and, with the support of policies and regulations, will introduce L3-class autopilot function to the market at an appropriate time.

According to the data released by the Industrial Research Institute, it is estimated that the penetration rate of L3, a new car on sale, will reach 20% in 2023.

According to the agency’s forecast, in 2024, the urban NOA layout process will rapidly expand to 100 cities across the country, and the sales volume of NOA models will reach more than one million.

Upstream journalist Yan Wei

There are 95,000 soft articles in the "Little Red Book" "APP, which is flooded with tobacco advertisements on the Internet.

  Although the state explicitly prohibits it, there are still a large number of tobacco advertisements on the Internet and they are more hidden. Yesterday, Beijing CDC released the monitoring results of Internet impact data in China in 2018. The Internet platform with many young users and relatively lack of supervision has become the hardest hit area of tobacco marketing. In addition, in some lifestyle sharing apps with the slogan of "finding a better life", there are also a lot of tobacco marketing information for women. According to a survey conducted by Beijing Youth Daily reporter, there are more than 90,000 pieces of marketing information related to "cigarettes" only on the "Little Red Book" APP, and most of these information are developed in the form of "evaluation" and "planting grass", which has attracted a lot of readers’ attention.


  Nearly 15% of the Internet tobacco advertisements are flooding, playing a "feeling card"

  According to the "Monitoring Report on Internet Tobacco Marketing Data in 2018" issued by the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, from January to June 2018, a total of 51,892 pieces of information related to tobacco advertisements and promotions, 7,289 pieces of tobacco news and 47,304 pieces of discussion by smokers were captured. Among the information related to tobacco advertising and promotion, tobacco agents have the most sales information, accounting for 39,507, accounting for 76.13%; 1959 pieces of tobacco purchasing sales information, accounting for 3.78%; 1977 tobacco advertising messages, accounting for 3.81%; There are 265 pieces of tobacco sponsorship information, accounting for 0.51% of the total.

  Zeng Xiaoyu, deputy director of Beijing CDC, said that at present, men are still the main consumers of cigarettes in China, but on the Internet platform, women and teenagers are becoming the main targets of tobacco marketing information. The monitoring found that there are a lot of tobacco marketing information (2051 articles) on some shopping guide sharing platforms mainly for women, and on these life sharing platforms, female users account for about 70%. Besides "smoking" and "smoking", "exploding beads", "fine branches" and "loving happiness" have also become the most popular keywords for women to discuss.

  At the same time, the Internet platform with many young users and relatively lack of supervision has also become the hardest hit area of tobacco marketing. Among the 14 monitored online platforms, the most information about tobacco advertisements and promotions was captured from Weibo, accounting for 42,834 pieces, accounting for 82.54%. On March 15th, 2019, Sina Weibo Data Center released the latest "2018 Weibo User Development Report", which showed that young users aged 18-30 accounted for 75% of users of Weibo platform. It can be seen that women and teenagers are becoming the main targets of tobacco marketing information.

  The Interim Measures for the Administration of Internet Advertising clearly stipulates that it is forbidden to use the Internet to publish tobacco advertisements. However, with the rapid development of Internet industry and the change of Internet communication mode, tobacco online marketing still exists in large numbers. It is worth mentioning that, compared with traditional advertising forms, tobacco marketing information on the Internet platform is more embedded in a soft way, which is more concealed.

  The reporter of Beiqing Daily noticed that a large number of soft information and pseudo-scientific information related to tobacco advertisements and promotions were found in this monitoring. Among them, 7766 pieces of sentimental soft text information were captured, accounting for 14.97%. These sentimental soft articles spread tobacco information, beautify smoking behavior and enhance public recognition of tobacco brands by exaggerating the relationship between tobacco and love, friendship and affection.

  At the same time, this monitoring also captured 418 pieces of tobacco-related pseudo-scientific information, spreading pseudo-scientific information contrary to science, so as to strengthen brand awareness and attract more potential customers. These hidden advertising messages will bring difficulties and challenges to the supervision work of relevant departments.


  The "planting grass" tobacco-related soft text on APP attracts a large number of female users’ attention.

  According to a survey conducted by the reporter of Beiqing Daily, there are many tobacco marketing articles in some apps that are mainly female users and were originally used for "lifestyle sharing" and "planting grass", which achieve the purpose of "advertising" through soft communication and mainly promote "cigarettes suitable for women".

  On an APP called "Little Red Book", the reporter entered the word "smoke" to search, and the page suggested that there were 95,000 "notes". The second keyword was "Ms" and the third was "female smoke". The topic recommended on this page is "E-cigarette". After clicking in, there are 2,656 notes in the topic of "E-cigarette", with a total of 4.916 million views. Search for "ladies’ cigarettes" and you can see 6848 notes. Just open one of them, and you will see that these articles are all tobacco information displayed in the form of "evaluation" and "experience report". And this kind of "planting grass" that doesn’t look like an advertisement has attracted the attention of many readers.

  For example, there is an article titled "Hard-core Young Electronic Cigarette, Rejecting Secondhand Smoke" on the home page. I thought it was to discourage smoking, but after opening it, I introduced an electronic cigarette product. Another article is entitled "Girl’s Heart | I’ve been thinking for a long time whether to buy XXX or not, so I’ll share my evaluation with you". At the beginning of the article, I wrote: "Smoking is harmful to health", and then I introduced a cigarette in more than 1,000 words, which won 4,168 likes and 698 comments, and 4,837 users collected this article. The first comment reads: "A non-smoker has carefully read every word!"

  "This soft implant is hidden, not in the traditional sense ‘ Advertising ’ But in fact, it is still for the purpose of advertising. Many publishers are behind tobacco marketing agencies. " A staff member who has been engaged in tobacco control public welfare for a long time told the reporter of Beiqing Daily, "And these lifestyles share APP, and the main target is women, and women have become the main target of tobacco online marketing."

  The reporter of Beiqing Daily learned that in 2016, China issued the Interim Measures for the Administration of Internet Advertising, which prohibited the use of the Internet to publish tobacco advertisements. Previously, Article 13 of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control stated that tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship were completely prohibited. The newly revised Advertising Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) in 2015 also clearly stipulates that "it is forbidden to publish tobacco advertisements in mass media or public places, public transport and outdoors; It is forbidden to send any form of tobacco advertisements to minors. "


  Continue to monitor tobacco marketing information and deal with suspected offenders.

  The reporter of Beiqing Daily learned that this Internet tobacco marketing data monitoring was jointly carried out by the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Social Media Research Center of Peking University New Media Research Institute. The monitoring adopts the technology of automatic keyword recognition by web crawler, and conducts a preliminary investigation and research on the advertising and promotion release status of some tobacco enterprises on the Internet in China. The monitoring time is from January 1 to June 30, 2018, mainly from four aspects: the number of tobacco advertising and promotion information released, the characteristics and new trends of tobacco advertising and promotion information on various network platforms, the case analysis of typical online tobacco advertising and services, and the characteristics of tobacco information publishers. After three rounds of argumentation by tobacco control industry experts, legal experts, market supervision experts and network management experts, the information is classified, judged and prevention and control measures are sorted out, with a view to providing help for tobacco marketing information supervision on the Internet platform in China.

  The Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that the next step will be to conduct in-depth research from the following three aspects to provide a basis for purifying China’s Internet tobacco control environment: First, continue to monitor the Internet tobacco marketing situation, dig deep into monitoring data, collect typical cases, and publish monitoring results regularly; Second, strengthen the cooperation of relevant government departments, screen typical cases, and submit cases suspected of violating the Advertising Law to relevant departments for handling; The third is to organize experts to sort out and refute pseudo-scientific information, make full use of the Internet to strengthen tobacco control education and legal education for the public, mobilize social supervision forces, and purify the Internet environment.

  Text/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Zhang Xiaomei

New research says Covid-19 can attack testicles and kidneys; Summary of infection cases and anti-epidemic policies in enterprises that have resumed work in many places (February 17)

On February 17th, titanium media compiled a summary of relevant national policies to deal with the epidemic.

Titanium Media February 17th news, February 16th 0— At 2400 hours, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 2048 new confirmed cases, 105 new deaths (100 in Hubei, 3 in Henan and 2 in Guangdong) and 1563 new suspected cases.

On that day, 1,425 new cases were cured and discharged, 28,179 close contacts were released from medical observation, and 628 severe cases were reduced.

By 24: 00 on February 16th, according to reports from 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, there were 57,934 confirmed cases (including 10,644 severe cases), 10,844 discharged cases were cured, 1,770 died, 70,548 confirmed cases were reported and 7,264 suspected cases were reported. A total of 546,016 close contacts were tracked, and 150,539 close contacts were still under medical observation.

Executor of the first autopsy of the deceased in COVID-19:It is expected that the pathological report will be available within 10 days.

Titanium media reported on February 17th that the autopsy of two cases of COVID-19 deceased was completed in Jinyintan Hospital on February 16th, with the permission of legal policies and the consent of patients’ families. On the evening of the same day, Liu Liang, a forensic pathologist who participated in the autopsy and the president of Hubei Judicial Appraisal Association, told the China News Service that each case took nearly three hours, and the anatomy and pathology had been sent for inspection. It is expected that a conclusion can be drawn within 10 days. He introduced that through pathological anatomy and follow-up examination, the distribution of the virus in the human body can be observed most intuitively under the microscope, which organs, tissues and cells suffer the most damage, and where are the weaknesses of the "enemy", thus providing clues for the diagnosis and treatment of clinicians.

New research:Covid-19 can attack kidneys and testicles, so we should pay attention to the fertility of young male patients.

According to The Paper, in addition to pneumonia, some new studies have pointed out that novel coronavirus infection may also attack intestines, liver and other organs. However, a paper recently uploaded by Fan Caibin, a urologist in Suzhou Hospital affiliated to Nanjing Medical University, on the preprinted platform medRxiv puts forward two potential targets: kidney and testis. In view of the fact that some antiviral drugs have some nephrotoxicity, and the virus may target the kidney, the team suggested that renal function evaluation and special care should be carried out during the clinical treatment of COVID-19 patients. In addition, doctors should pay attention to the possible risk of testicular tissue and make appropriate assessment and intervention on the fertility of young patients.





Chen Quanjiao of Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences stated:Never released any relevant report information.

On February 17th, researcher Chen Quanjiao of Wuhan Institute of Virology, China Academy of Sciences declared: Regarding the so-called report published in my name on the Internet today, I solemnly declare that I have never published any relevant report information, and I am extremely indignant at the act of fabricating report information by using my identity. I will investigate the legal responsibility of the rumor maker according to law. Recently, a series of rumors have had an impact on our front-line researchers’ scientific research. Please guard against related conspiracy and sabotage activities.

Foreign Ministry talks about Japanese COVID-19 epidemic;Willing to share information experience and provide support and help.

On February 17th, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Geng Shuang said that China is paying close attention to the development of COVID-19 epidemic in Japan, and we feel the same way. The Japanese government and all walks of life have so far provided sincere and friendly support and assistance to China in fighting the epidemic, and China is deeply grateful for this. Although the current epidemic situation in China is still grim, we are willing to further share information and experience with Japan while striving to fight the epidemic in our country, and actively provide support and help to Japan according to its needs. In fact, the two sides have already started to carry out specific work in this regard.

National Health Commission:The proportion of severe cases in Wuhan has dropped to 18%

On February 17th, the titanium media reported that the joint prevention and control mechanism in the State Council held a press conference on the progress of medical treatment. Guo Yanhong, inspector of the Medical Administration and Hospital Authority of the National Health and Wellness Commission, said that the situation in Wuhan has changed a lot. Through early diagnosis and treatment, and through continuous observation of mild patients after admission, it can be seen that the proportion of severe cases has dropped from 38% in the initial stage to 18% at present.

Ministry of Science and Technology:It can be confirmed that chloroquine phosphate has a curative effect on COVID-19. 

On February 17th, Sun Yanrong, deputy director of the Biological Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, said at the meeting that after careful discussion, the curative effect expert group finally reached an agreement that chloroquine phosphate is an old drug that has been on the market for many years, and the safety of treatment for a wide range of people is controllable. Based on the clinical research carried out by the previous clinical institutions, the results show that chloroquine phosphate is effective in treating COVID-19. Based on the urgent need of clinical treatment, experts unanimously recommend that chloroquine phosphate should be included in the new edition of the diagnosis and treatment guidelines as soon as possible to expand the scope of clinical application.

Hubei requires suspected patients to be cleared on the same day of nucleic acid testing:Hubei province’s residential areas are strictly closed 24 hours a day.

Titanium Media reported on February 17th that yesterday, Hubei Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and Hubei Provincial People’s Government issued opinions, demanding that the two key links of treatment and isolation should be grasped around the goal of improving the admission rate and cure rate, and reducing the infection rate and death rate, and three "full coverage" should be implemented, namely, screening, closed management of communities (villages) and control of public areas, and efforts should be made to promote the formation of "two closed loops" of data information and admission work, so as to ensure that every separation should be made. Accelerate nucleic acid detection, so that the confirmed patients are admitted and the suspected patients are cleared on the same day. All villages, communities, communities and residential areas in the province implement the strictest 24-hour closure measures, resolutely cut off the source of infection and block the route of transmission.

The United States informed:40 Americans aboard the "Diamond Princess" were diagnosed with Covid-19.

On February 17th, AFP reported that Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), revealed on February 16th that 40 American passengers on the cruise ship "Diamond Princess" who were being quarantined in Yokohama Port were diagnosed with novel coronavirus. According to the report, Fauci told CBS on Sunday that Americans who have developed symptoms will be treated in hospitals in Japan and will not return to China with American charter flights. "They won’t go anywhere," he said. "They will stay in hospitals in Japan."

Supreme law:Suspend the implementation measures for the units undertaking epidemic prevention and control.

Titanium Media reported on February 17th that CCTV reporter learned from the Supreme People’s Court that a few days ago, the Supreme People’s Court issued the Notice on Conscientiously Implementing the Spirit of the Third Session of the Central Committee for Comprehensively Administering the Country according to Law and Doing a Good Job in Trial Execution during the Prevention and Control of the Pneumonia Epidemic in novel coronavirus, requiring local courts to suspend the implementation measures for the units, personnel, places, equipment, materials and funds that undertake the epidemic prevention and control tasks, and not to seal up, freeze, detain or transfer the funds and materials specifically dedicated to the epidemic prevention and control.

Two departments:During the epidemic prevention period, the wages and benefits of public institutions are inclined to front-line staff.

On February 17th, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Ministry of Finance issued a notice on the salary and treatment of public institutions during the epidemic prevention and control in novel coronavirus. The circular requires that during the epidemic prevention and control period, human resources, social security and financial departments at all levels should, under the leadership of the local Party committee and government, increase the total performance pay to medical and health institutions with heavy prevention and control tasks and high risk according to local conditions, which will not be used as the base of the total performance pay. The required funds will be arranged through existing channels and will not be implemented after the epidemic ends. It is necessary to promptly guide the relevant units to tilt towards the frontline staff who dare to take responsibility, shoulder heavy burdens and work overtime to participate in epidemic prevention and control, especially those who have made outstanding achievements.

Hubei adjusts the members of the provincial prevention and control headquarters, and should be the commander.

On February 17th, according to Hubei Daily, on the afternoon of February 16th, Ying Yong, secretary of the provincial party committee and commander of the epidemic prevention and control headquarters in COVID-19 Province, presided over a meeting of the commanders of the provincial prevention and control headquarters, adjusted the composition of the provincial prevention and control headquarters and the division of responsibilities, and optimized the functions of overall coordination, supervision and inspection, and implementation of the headquarters to ensure decisive and rapid response, efficient and orderly operation and firm implementation. Wang Xiaodong, deputy secretary of the provincial party Committee, governor and commander of the provincial prevention and control headquarters, attended the meeting. Entrusted by the Central Steering Group, Gao Yu, Deputy Secretary-General of the State Council and Director of the Supervision Office of the General Office of the State Council, attended the meeting.

According to the report, Ying Yong, the new secretary of Hubei Provincial Party Committee, has served as the commander of the epidemic prevention and control headquarters in COVID-19, Hubei Province. The working group under the provincial prevention and control headquarters has also been adjusted. After the adjustment, the provincial prevention and control headquarters has five working groups, including office and comprehensive group, medical treatment and disease control group, material and market security group, publicity group and social stability group.

The central bank lowered the one-year MLF interest rate to 3.15%

On February 17th, the People’s Bank of China announced that on February 17th, 2020, the People’s Bank of China launched a medium-term loan facility (MLF) operation of 200 billion yuan and a seven-day reverse repurchase operation of 100 billion yuan, in order to hedge against the influence of factors such as the expiration of the reverse repurchase by the central bank and maintain liquidity in the banking system’s reasonable abundance. The winning bid rate for one-year MLF operation is 3.15%, compared with 3.25% last time.

Two cases of unconventional cases in Xinyang, Henan Province, the source of infection is not clear.

Titanium media reported on February 17th that 15 new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in Henan yesterday. Xinyang County, Henan Province reported two confirmed cases yesterday: two confirmed cases have long latent time, unclear source of infection, difficult diagnosis and strong infectivity.

The confirmed case Wu Moumou has been tested for nucleic acid three times, and the first two times were negative; It lasted for 19 days from January 28 to diagnosis. It took 34 days from returning to Xinxian County from Wuhan on January 14th to being diagnosed. After Wu returned to Xinxian County, he attended family dinners twice, with 10 people attending, 2 of whom were diagnosed and 3 were identified as suspected cases or hospitalized for observation.

The confirmed case Ning Moumou has been living in his father-in-law’s home in Baiguoshu Neighborhood Committee of Jinlanshan Street in Xinxian County since November 13, 2019, taking care of his father-in-law Zhang Moumou who returned from Wuhan for treatment; After Zhang Moumou died on November 30th, Ning Moumou continued to live in his father-in-law’s home until January 31st, 2020, when he and his wife and son returned to the family hospital of Chendian Township Government, which is opposite to the county vocational high school. After that, Ning Moumou only went out to buy food twice and medicine once, and had no other outdoor activities. He developed fever symptoms on February 12th, and was admitted to the county people’s hospital for observation on February 14th. Ning Moumou has been taking care of his father-in-law for 94 days since he was diagnosed. After tracking its infection trajectory, it is difficult to determine the source of infection so far.

Supreme law:Severely punish the manufacture and sale of fake and shoddy epidemic prevention articles.

Titanium Media reported on February 17th that a few days ago, the Supreme People’s Court issued the Notice on Conscientiously Implementing the Spirit of the Third Session of the Central Committee for Comprehensively Governing the Country according to Law and Doing a Good Job in Trial Execution during the Prevention and Control of novel coronavirus’s Pneumonia Epidemic, and strengthened the guidance on trial execution of epidemic-related cases in people’s courts at all levels. The Notice covers criminal, civil, administrative, enforcement and litigation procedures. In view of the problems widely concerned by the society, such as contract performance, medical disputes, product quality, labor disputes and other civil cases, this paper puts forward guiding opinions, and highlights the requirements of paying equal attention to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of workers and maintaining the healthy development of enterprises, strengthening the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of medical personnel, and severely punishing the manufacture and sale of counterfeit and shoddy epidemic prevention articles. In terms of implementation, local courts are required to suspend the implementation measures for units, personnel, places, equipment, materials and funds that undertake the task of epidemic prevention and control, and not to take property preservation measures and enforcement measures such as sealing up, freezing, detaining and transferring funds and materials that are specifically used for epidemic prevention and control, so as to fully guarantee the epidemic prevention and control work.

Wuhan’s prevention and control measures are upgraded again:Scan code in and out of public places that must be opened.

Titanium Media reported on February 17th that yesterday, the epidemic prevention and control headquarters of COVID-19 issued a notice, saying that it would further strengthen the epidemic prevention and control work in public places. Measures include: public places such as culture, sports and tourism in the city are temporarily closed, and religious places are temporarily closed to the outside world; Public places that must be opened shall be managed by scanning code in and out; Implement the registration system of drug purchase in retail pharmacies; Strict hygiene management in public places; Strict handling of epidemic situations in public places.

The cumulative number of cured and discharged cases nationwide has exceeded 10,000.

Titanium Media February 17th news, February 16th 0— At 2400 hours, 1,425 new cases were cured and discharged on the same day, and more than 1,000 people were cured and discharged for five consecutive days. Up to today, 10,844 cases have been cured and discharged nationwide.

The army supported Hubei medical team members and materials to set off for Hubei for the fourth time.

According to CCTV news, today (February 17th), the Air Force dispatched several transport planes to take off from seven airports, including Shanghai Hongqiao, and urgently airlifted troops to support Hubei medical team members and materials to Wuhan Tianhe Airport. Previously, the army had sent medical teams to Hubei three times. The CCTV reporter at the general station followed the Yun -20 plane to record the night of the soldiers’ expedition.

Wuhan Fangcang Hospital will open 13,001 beds in the next three days.

According to CCTV news, it was learned from the epidemic prevention and control headquarters of COVID-19, Wuhan City, that Wuhan City has made use of the existing resources of various districts and universities in China to speed up preparations for the construction of various "shelter hospitals" for treating patients diagnosed with mild diseases. At present, 11 "shelter hospitals" have been built. There are 20,461 planned beds, 7,566 beds have been opened, 6,971 beds have been used and 595 beds are available. It is planned to open 761 cards today (16th) and 6,801, 5,500 and 700 cards respectively in the next three days.

After the epidemic, the first city encouraged automobile consumption, and Foshan subsidized bicycle buyers by 2000-5000 yuan.

Titanium Media reported on February 17 that Foshan became the first city to introduce an automobile consumption incentive policy in 2020. Recently, the official website of the Foshan Municipal People’s Government issued the Notice of the Office of the Foshan Municipal People’s Government on Printing and Distributing Several Measures for Promoting the Consumption Upgrade of Foshan’s Automobile Market, proposing to encourage the consumption of "National Six" standard displacement vehicles and give each vehicle a subsidy ranging from 2,000 to 5,000 yuan. The incentive policy will be officially implemented on March 1.

Investigation report on epidemic impact:Seventy percent of the cash flow of enterprises can last for more than three months.

On February 17th, the International Business School of the University of International Business and Economics released a survey report entitled "The Way for Enterprises to Survive and Develop under the novel coronavirus Epidemic", which showed that 70% of enterprises can maintain their cash flow for more than three months. It is suggested that enterprises make good use of the supporting policies given by the government, reduce costs, broaden financing channels, encourage entities to open online business channels, re-examine their business models, and better integrate smart internet technologies into them.

Dangdang confirmed that an employee’s family was infected with COVID-19.

Titanium Media reported on February 17th, yesterday, according to Weibo netizens, COVID-19 was diagnosed by "Dangdang employee’s mother". As a close contact, the employee still went to work for many days, and Dangdang "did not insist on requiring employees to go to work according to the national 14-day isolation regulations."

In response, Dangdang confirmed the fact that the employee’s mother was diagnosed as COVID-19. At present, the Dangdang employee’s nucleic acid test is negative, and he will continue to pay attention to the physical condition of his office colleagues, the employee and his family. At the same time, Dangdang said that the situation reflected in Weibo was "untrue".

Dangdang said: "After learning the news, we were divided into several ways. Some colleagues assisted her and her children in the quarantine area. Some people contacted the CDC in several districts to cross-check whether our measures were in place. Some people arranged for multiple disinfection in the office area."

Dangdang said that before going to work according to the requirements of Beijing’s return to work on February 10, Dangdang counted the whereabouts of people leaving Beijing and the date, method and contact history of returning to Beijing; Arrange some colleagues to be isolated at home.

Dangdang said that it was ready to purchase protective materials such as masks and disinfectant on February 10; In the office area, the office epidemic prevention measures such as colleagues entering the office area, non-contact punching, non-contact work, meeting, and reducing the seat density of personnel were arranged. And a lot of work has been done to prevent and control the ventilation, disinfection and disposal of masks after use in office areas. On Friday, February 14th, Beijing issued a new quarantine requirement after returning to Beijing, and we immediately updated it accordingly.

Gree Electric:A driver who picks up employees is a close contact of COVID-19, and once had dinner with colleagues.

On February 17th, Gree Electric Trade Union announced through Guanwei that on February 15th, the company’s leading group for epidemic prevention and control received feedback from the transportation company, and the bus driver Feng was a close contact of COVID-19’s confirmed case. After receiving this feedback, the company immediately arranged for the driver and his colleagues in the team to stop work and isolate, and simultaneously investigated and implemented isolation measures on the line that the driver was driving. Up to now, the investigation and isolation work is still under intense development.

During the investigation, it was also found that on February 12th, Feng and his colleagues Hu, Sun and Zhang had a dinner together at Hu’s home, which was a serious violation of the company’s requirements of "no visiting relatives and friends, no gathering for meals during the epidemic prevention and control period", and its nature was bad. Moreover, because this group was engaged in the shuttle service for employees to and from work and had a wide contact area, it further expanded the company’s potential epidemic prevention risks and had a serious impact on the company’s production and operation.

The leading group for epidemic prevention and control in Gree Electric said that four people, including Feng Mou, a transportation company, ignored the relevant laws and regulations and let themselves go, which caused great epidemic prevention risks to the company. According to Article 3.3.2 of the Company’s Management Measures for Resignation and Dismissal of Employees QG0205 16-02, the transportation company was required to dismiss the four people, and this case was taken as a typical example to educate all the staff. Wu Zhenhua, the person in charge of the passenger transport section of the transportation company, was dismissed; Management responsibilities involving other personnel shall be reported to the company for study after the epidemic situation, and then punished; If this behavior causes serious consequences to the company’s epidemic prevention and control work, it will be reported to the relevant government departments for further legal responsibility. The circular requires leading cadres and all employees at all levels in the whole group to take this as a guide, implement the principle of "joint prevention and control, prevention and treatment by groups", and strictly implement the disciplinary requirements such as "four mornings, four more, four fewer, and four prohibitions" in the company’s "Guidelines for returning to work for epidemic prevention". If there is any violation, the responsible leaders and responsible personnel at all levels will be held accountable strictly and severely.

Yushi Technology:An employee has a fever, and now he is in a designated hospital for observation and treatment.

Titanium Media reported on February 17th that the President’s Office of Zhejiang Yushi Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yushi Technology"), a technology company in Binjiang District of Hangzhou, recently issued an internal notice saying that a research and development colleague of the company’s Binjiang Wanlun Science and Technology Park had a fever, and now the designated hospital is observing and treating, and this colleague has not left Hangzhou since the end of 2019. The information has confirmed that he has not been exposed to confirmed cases and suspected cases.

It is understood that Yushi Technology began to resume work on a small scale on February 10, and February 12 was the first day for the above-mentioned R&D colleague to go to work. During the Spring Festival, he had no contact with other employees. This colleague was sent to the designated fever hospital by ambulance at 18: 00 on February 12, and in order to take measures, the company disinfected the R&D 4 floor and isolated the personnel on the corresponding floor.

At 23: 55 pm on February 14th, good news came. According to Hangzhou Daily, the feverish employee was diagnosed by a designated hospital and tested by a laboratory, and COVID-19 infection was ruled out. In addition, on the morning of February 15th, Binjiang Publishing, the authoritative information publishing platform in Binjiang District of Hangzhou, also reported that there were no confirmed cases of new epidemic in Binjiang.

Cluster infection after returning to work in Beijing

According to CCTV news reports, on the afternoon of 16th, Beijing held the 22nd press conference on epidemic prevention and control, at which the Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention informed the public of recent infection cases.

A confirmed case drove by car years ago, and the family returned to their hometown for the New Year. During the Chinese New Year, get together with relatives and friends for dinner. Although some relatives had cold symptoms at that time, they didn’t care, and they didn’t wear masks at dinners and parties. On the Lunar New Year’s Day, my family returned to Beijing. Just after the Lantern Festival, I heard that a relative of my hometown party was diagnosed.

What is more noteworthy is that this patient did not wear a mask when chatting with colleagues who lined up together during the process of handling plates after meals in the unit canteen. Results This colleague (at that time) was also identified as a close contact. Yesterday (15th), he was tested positive, and dozens of people in his unit were isolated.

Company-wide isolation of COVID-19 cases in an office building in Guangzhou:A family of three was diagnosed.

Titanium media reported on February 17th that according to the official WeChat released by Guangzhou Tianhe in the early morning of February 16th, a staff member of the East Tower of Tianhe Tianying Plaza near Liede Bridge was diagnosed with COVID-19.

According to the circular, the Guangzhou Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that two close contacts of COVID-19 in Tianhe District were asymptomatic. After verification, the two asymptomatic infected persons were the wife and son of Zhu Moumou, a confirmed case on February 14, and they worked in Tianying Square from February 10 to 13.

According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, the above two asymptomatic infected people work on the 13th and 32nd floors of the East Tower of Tianying Plaza respectively. At present, both companies are closed.

Guangzhou Tianhe announced that after Zhu was reported as a suspected case at 23: 00 on the 13th, his wife and son, as close contacts, were sent to the centralized medical observation place in Tianhe District for medical observation, and their living place had been strictly disinfected. Zhu’s wife and son worked in Tianying Square from February 10 to 13, and Tianying Square and its workplace have implemented epidemic prevention and control measures for resuming work and production.

The District Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that the close contacts of these two asymptomatic infected people have been isolated to the centralized medical observation place for the first time, and their workplaces have been strictly disinfected.

Earlier, on the morning of February 15th, Southern Reporter saw from a notice letter headed Guangzhou Qisheng Property Management Co., Ltd. that an employee of one unit on the 13th floor of East Tower of Tianhe Tianying Plaza was diagnosed with COVID-19. It is pointed out that all the staff of the company have stopped working in isolation on February 14, 2020, and at the same time, the management office and the CDC have come to the door to carry out comprehensive disinfection work on floors and units.

Beijing police:From now on, the on-site processing of the Beijing Pass for passenger cars from other places will be suspended.

According to Weibo, the official of the Public Security Traffic Management Bureau of Beijing Public Security Bureau on February 17th, in order to effectively strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic situation and ensure people’s life safety and health, from now until the end of the epidemic, the on-site handling of passenger cars from other places will be suspended, and all will be changed to online application. Drivers and friends who plan to drive a minibus from other places to Beijing are requested to understand and strictly abide by the requirements of the Beijing epidemic control notice in time, and APPly for a permit to enter Beijing online through the "Beijing Traffic Police" app in advance, and then drive to Beijing after being approved. At the same time, the traffic control department will open up a green channel to ensure the timely transportation of people’s livelihood and emergency materials.

Civil Aviation Administration:As of February 16th, during the civil aviation period in Spring Festival travel rush, 38.061 million passengers were transported.

According to China Civil Aviation Network, as of February 16th, the cumulative passenger traffic in Spring Festival travel rush was 38.061 million, a decrease of 45.1% compared with the same period in Spring Festival travel rush last year. Among them, on February 16th, 215,000 passengers were transported in a single day, which was 88.1% lower than that in Spring Festival travel rush last year, and was higher than that on February 15th. The passenger load factor was only 46.74%, which was 38.78 percentage points lower than that of Spring Festival travel rush last year.

From now on, you must wear a mask when taking buses and taxis in Shanghai.

According to the news of February 17th, according to the release of Shanghai, the Shanghai Road Transportation Bureau issued the Notice on Further Strengthening the Epidemic Prevention Measures for the Bus, Tram and Taxi Industries in this city this morning. From now on, ① passengers who do not wear masks are not allowed to take buses or taxis; ② Encourage passengers to use non-contact payment methods; ③ Taxis are not allowed to provide all cross-city travel services.

Guizhou has fully restored traffic in the province.

Titanium media February 17 news,,According to the Guizhou Provincial Department of Transportation, as of 18: 00 today, 1,976 urban and rural traffic quarantine points have been removed in Guizhou, including 467 high-speed quarantine points, and no card points have been set between cities, counties and villages, thus fully restoring traffic in the province. At present, the quarantine points leading to the airport and high-speed railway station in Guizhou Province are operating normally, but the inter-provincial long-distance line has not been restored yet. The next step will be to further open road transportation to promote the resumption of work and production.

The network car industry jointly launched a safe travel initiative and launched a temperature-measuring disinfection car.

On February 17th, titanium media reported that China Communications and Transportation Association’s Shared Travel Branch, together with Gaode Map and 47 online car-sharing platforms, jointly issued the initiative of "Travel with Peace of Mind in Fighting Diseases with One Heart" and launched the "Travel with Peace of Mind Month", promising to disinfect the operating vehicles every day, take the temperature of the drivers on duty every day, wear masks throughout the operation, and post a notice of disinfection and temperature measurement in the vehicles.

Ministry of Education:It is strictly forbidden to set up charging items without authorization in the name of online teaching.

Titanium Media reported on February 17th that according to the announcement of the Ministry of Education in official website, the Office of the National Joint Conference on the Control of Arbitrary Charges in Education recently issued an "Early Warning on the Prevention and Control of Online Charges Fraud in the Name of Online Teaching during the Epidemic Prevention and Control Period". It is mentioned that it is strictly forbidden to set up charging items and illegal charges without authorization in the name of online teaching during the epidemic prevention and control period.

The "Early Warning" pointed out that during the extension of the school term, the Ministry of Education integrated the high-quality teaching resources of the country, relevant provinces and schools, and opened the national primary and secondary school network cloud platform, the China Education TV air classroom and some provincial online learning platforms, all of which were provided free of charge.

Education departments and schools at all levels should earnestly safeguard the vital interests of teachers, students and parents. For WeChat groups and QQ groups established in schools and classes, it is necessary to strictly implement the management responsibility of group owners, strictly verify the identity of all members, strictly implement the real-name system, strictly approve and verify the group entry, put an end to the phenomenon that strangers join the group at will, and clear out the group as soon as possible if they have doubts about their identity. For compliance fees that really need to be paid online, students and parents are advised to confirm with schools and teachers, and online payment is not allowed blindly.

The office of the joint meeting of governance and education at all levels should seriously investigate and deal with arbitrary charges during the epidemic prevention and control period; Once the charging behavior involving fraud is found, the relevant clues should be handed over to the public security organs in time.

Ningbo issued opinions to promote enterprises to resume work and production, and enterprises can get a subsidy of up to 300,000 yuan for recruitment.

Titanium Media reported on February 17 that the Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government jointly issued "Several Opinions on Promoting Enterprises to Resume Work and Production" on the 16th, and the opinions rewarded enterprises for recruitment. Encourage enterprises to expand the scale of recruitment in various ways. After the outbreak is lifted, the number of enterprises participating in social insurance in the month will be increased by one person compared with the same period of last year, and enterprises will be subsidized according to the 500 yuan standard per person. The total amount of subsidies for each enterprise will not exceed 300,000 yuan. If the human resources institution transports 50 or more employees to the enterprises in this city and has been employed for more than 3 months, it will be subsidized according to the standard of 500 yuan per person, and the total subsidy of each institution shall not exceed 500,000 yuan.

Commuting and returning to work in Shanghai will gradually return to normal.

On February 17th, a press conference was held in Shanghai to introduce the situation of epidemic prevention and control in COVID-19. "Today, 21 COVID-19 patients were discharged from the hospital. At present, the number of discharged patients has reached 161, and the cure rate is nearly 50%, which further enhances our confidence in preventing and controlling the epidemic." Zheng Jin, spokesman of the Municipal Health and Wellness Commission, stressed, "But we should be soberly aware that in the coming week, the traffic at the crossing, commuting in the city, and returning to work will gradually return to normal. The situation of preventing import and non-proliferation is still grim. We still have to adhere to full prevention and control, scientific prevention and control, and precise prevention and control, and do our utmost to ensure urban public health safety and citizens’ lives and health. "

Heilongjiang:From March 2nd, each class will not exceed 30 minutes.

On February 17th, according to CCTV news, it was learned from the Education Department of Heilongjiang Province that in view of the situation of epidemic prevention and control in COVID-19, Heilongjiang Province proposed that all primary and secondary schools should tentatively start school on March 2nd, and those primary and secondary schools that do not have the conditions to start school after March 2nd should integrate education and teaching resources to carry out online courses, and each class should last no more than 30 minutes.

Jiangsu’s return to work has reached 65%

On February 17th, the press office of the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province released a message in the morning: As of February 16th, 29,230 industrial enterprises above designated size in Jiangsu had resumed work, with a resumption rate of 65%, which was 15 percentage points higher than the national average, ranking among the top provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China. In particular, the number of industrial enterprises above designated size resumed work accounted for about 17%, ranking first in the country.

Shandong will launch a health pass card for people returning to work, valid for 5 days.

On February 17th, the titanium media learned from the Shandong Provincial Health and Wellness Committee that in order to further prevent and control pneumonia in novel coronavirus, promote the resumption of work in an orderly manner, and ensure the smooth travel of people in Shandong Province, Shandong Province will launch a health pass card for those who have resumed work. Eligible applicants declare their own personal health-related information, which will take effect after being audited by the community (village) prevention and control team and stamped with the official seal of the community (village). The validity period is 5 days. All localities and units will pass all cardholders, and will no longer implement isolated observation. After the outbreak in COVID-19 was lifted, the health pass card stopped being used.

Guangzhou issues guidelines for real estate agents to return to work;No more than 3 brokers arrive at the store every day.

Titanium Media reported on February 17 that recently, Guangzhou Housing Transaction Supervision Center issued the Notice on Guidelines for Real Estate Intermediary Industry to Do a Good Job in Safe and Orderly Resumption of Work (hereinafter referred to as the Guidelines), clarifying that enterprises should regard epidemic prevention and control as the primary task related to social stability and industry development, so enterprises can resume work only if they meet the five conditions of prevention, control and investigation.

Specifically, the conditions for enterprises to resume work include: prevention and control mechanism in place, staff investigation in place, facilities and materials in place, internal management in place and publicity and education in place.

Chongqing:Enterprises that return to work and resume production can use government reserves to build temporary facilities free of charge to prevent and control the epidemic.

On February 17th, Titanium Media reported that in order to reduce the burden on enterprises and give priority to ensuring the land for epidemic prevention and control, Chongqing introduced measures to clarify that enterprises that have resumed work and production can use the land reserved by the government for free to build temporary facilities to implement the requirements for epidemic prevention and control, and the construction projects of epidemic prevention emergency support can be "built first and then reported".

Hangzhou opened the first customized train for returning workers in China, and it started in Chengdu today.

According to the news of Titanium Media on February 17th, at 22: 07 last night, the G4138 train with nearly 300 Guizhou passengers arrived in hangzhou east railway station from Guiyang North Station, which was the first customized train for people returning to work in China. The reporter of Cailian Association learned from an interview with Hangzhou Economic and Information Bureau that the bureau issued the "Emergency Notice on Opening a Special Train to Organize Employees to Come to Hangzhou". The first batch of special trains were set in the direction of Guizhou and Chengdu, with the first train starting from Guiyang and the second train starting from Chengdu today. The subsequent flights were optimized according to the needs of enterprises. The opening of the special train was coordinated and borne by the Hangzhou Municipal Government, and the transportation expenses of passengers were free.

The 2020 Beijing Auto Show will be postponed, and the organizers said that the final time is "still being carefully evaluated"

On February 17th, titanium media reported that beijing international automotive exhibition officially announced that the 2020 (16th) beijing international automotive exhibition, originally scheduled to be held in the new and old exhibition halls of Beijing China International Exhibition Center from April 21st to April 30th, will be postponed according to the needs of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control, and the specific time after the postponement will be announced separately.

The national primary and secondary school network cloud platform was opened today.

On February 17th, Titanium Media reported that in order to support the all-round victory in epidemic prevention and blocking war and serve nearly 180 million primary and secondary school students in the country to study and use at home, after close preparation, the Ministry of Education integrated the high-quality teaching resources of the country, relevant provinces and cities and schools, and the national primary and secondary school network cloud platform was officially opened today, which is free for all localities to choose and use. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology deployed Baidu, Ali, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, NetScience, Huawei and other enterprises to provide comprehensive technical support and coordinate 7,000 servers with 90T bandwidth, which can be used by 50 million students online at the same time.

Guangzhou Automobile Group’s vehicle companies will resume production tomorrow. 

According to the Securities Times, following the resumption of work on February 10, today’s factories of Guangzhou Automobile Group’s complete vehicle enterprises: Guangzhou Automobile Honda, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota, Guangzhou Automobile Passenger Car, Guangzhou Automobile New Energy and Guangzhou Automobile Fick will also resume production one after another, contributing to the gradual restoration of economic order.

Nanjing introduced measures to encourage enterprises to return to work in an orderly manner. 

According to the website of Nanjing Municipal People’s Government, Nanjing issued a notice of "supporting enterprises to organize migrant workers to return to work in Nanjing in an orderly manner", and introduced a number of measures to encourage enterprises to resume work in an orderly manner. Nanjing also provides travel convenience for migrant workers returning to Nanjing. Enterprises can contact Nanjing Public Transport Company or Yunmanman Customer Service Hotline to solve the problem of migrant workers’ travel by means of customized public transport and chartered commuting.

A number of joint venture car companies will resume work and production.

Titanium media reported on February 17 that following the large-scale resumption of work on February 10, joint venture car companies will also usher in a "resumption of work tide" on February 17, and the automobile industry is accelerating its return to normal operation. According to the statistics of China Automobile Association, as of February 12th, 59 of the 183 vehicle production bases in China have started to resume production. With another batch of joint venture car companies welcoming the resumption of work on the 17th, the proportion of the whole auto industry will be further improved. 

Korean media:Samsung’s TV factory in Tianjin, China will resume production.

Titanium media reported on February 17 that the Korea Economic Daily quoted unnamed sources in the industry as saying that Samsung may be allowed to resume production in Tianjin TV Factory this week. It is estimated that production may resume as early as February 19th. Most Korean factories in China resumed production on February 10, including Samsung’s power plant in Suzhou.

TOCOG:The Olympic Games will be held as scheduled, and we have no plan B.

Titanium Media reported on February 17th that the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee and the International Olympic Committee said that although there are still more than five months before the opening of the 2020 Summer Tokyo Olympic Games, "but we don’t have ‘ Plan B ’ 。” The number of people diagnosed with Covid-19 infection in Japan has exceeded 400. Among them, the number of patients diagnosed on the cruise ship "Diamond Princess" has increased by 70 to 355, and the number of patients diagnosed in Japan is currently 55.

(This article is the first titanium media App, written by Wang Wei)

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Hot search first! Young people should also pay attention to this disease after "Yang" →

  "Today, my heart suddenly beats faster.

  It is easy to get flustered when you move. "

  "My heart is beating a little fast. Do you want to go to the hospital?"

  … …

  Recently, various statements circulated on the Internet.

  Arouse a new round of worries of "Yangkang people"

  The topic of "Beware of viral myocarditis after yang"

  Once rushed to the top of the hot search list.

  Jin Dongyan, a virologist and professor at the School of Biomedicine, Li Ka-shing Medical College of the University of Hong Kong, told the reporter that acute myocarditis really needs attention among the complications of COVID-19.

  What disease is myocarditis?

  According to Beijing Daily, myocarditis is an inflammatory lesion of myocardium, which can be caused by infection (such as viruses, bacteria or fungi) or non-infection factors (such as autoimmune diseases), among which various viruses causing intestinal and upper respiratory tract infections are the most common.

  Clinically, myocarditis is mostly caused by virus infection, and the common cold can also be induced.

  Myocarditis can launch an "indiscriminate attack" on people of all ages and sexes, but young people aged 20-40 are more likely to be recruited than the elderly and children.

  After the virus enters the blood, it reaches the heart with the blood circulation. If the patient’s resistance is weak, it may cause myocarditis. Viral myocarditis refers to acute or chronic inflammatory pathological changes caused by viral infection, which belongs to infectious myocardial diseases.

  Viral myocarditis has the following manifestations according to the severity:

  Early myocarditis: manifested as fatigue, chest tightness, shortness of breath, palpitation, dizziness, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, dyspnea, chest pain, etc.

  Mild viral myocarditis: symptoms such as arrhythmia, tachycardia or bradycardia appear, and myocardial ischemic changes can generally be found by ECG;

  Severe viral myocarditis: the condition is dangerous, and the mortality rate is extremely high, which can reach 70%~80%, and death or sudden death occurs within hours or days.

  Is the heartbeat accelerated after "yang" because of myocarditis?

  Why do many people’s hearts beat faster after "yang"? There are eight possibilities:

  1. fever

  Every time the body temperature rises by one degree, the heart rate increases about 10 times/minute. If accompanied by symptoms such as chills and shivering, the heart rate may increase even more. After the body temperature drops, the heart rate will slowly return to normal.

  2. All kinds of drugs taken

  Some of the drugs used to relieve symptoms may cause the heart rate to increase. For example, caffeine and aminophylline in cough medicine, antiasthmatic medicine, some drugs inhaled by atomization, etc. These drugs can relieve symptoms, but they can’t kill the virus. Therefore, you should take medicine when there are obvious symptoms, otherwise taking medicine will not help much.

  3. Physical reaction of hypovolemia

  After infection, due to insufficient food, diarrhea, vomiting, infection or gastrointestinal reaction caused by drugs, it may lead to a certain degree of hypovolemia, and the heart rate will be compensated and increased.

  Therefore, during the period of infection, we should appropriately increase drinking water, eat less and eat more meals, and even drink oral rehydration salts. Be alert to dehydration and seek medical advice in case of thirst and oliguria.

  4. All kinds of pain may also cause the heart rate to increase.

  Many people have experienced various pains after being infected with COVID-19, such as "craniotomy above, leg sawing below, waist cutting behind, laparotomy in front, and throat cutting with a knife", which is enough to stimulate the heart rate to increase.

  5. Body’s stress response to virus infection

  After being infected with the virus, the human immune system is activated, and the immune activation itself may be accompanied by an increase in basal heart rate.

  6. Severe hypoxia

  This is a relatively serious cause of rapid heart rate increase, usually accompanied by shortness of breath, severe cough, lung image changes, etc., commonly known as severe infection. According to the national diagnosis and treatment standards, if the respiratory rate exceeds 30 beats/min and the blood oxygen saturation continues to be lower than 93%, you should be careful of severe infection.

  7. Accelerated heart rate induced by aggravation of basic diseases.

  For example, patients with basic chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (commonly known as emphysema) and patients with basic heart disease (especially chronic heart failure) should be paid attention to if there is sustained increase in heart rate in these patients. The more obvious the heart rate increases, the more dangerous the condition may be. You should go to the hospital for examination and evaluation as soon as possible.

  8. Myocarditis

  Like other viral infections, Omicron has a certain probability of inducing myocarditis after infection. However, myocarditis usually occurs in the late stage of virus infection or 1-2 weeks later, which is related to virus-related immune response. In addition to the increase of heart rate, ECG will change and myocardial markers will increase significantly.

  What circumstances should be suspected of viral myocarditis?

  Pan Hongying, director of the Infectious Diseases Department of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital, said that the course of myocarditis may last for hours to months, and serious complications such as cardiac arrest caused by dilated cardiomyopathy or heart failure.

  If you have discomfort such as palpitation, chest tightness and shortness of breath, you need to be vigilant. It is recommended to seek medical advice in time, have an electrocardiogram and blood test. Generally, young people who love to stay up late are more likely to get fulminant myocarditis. If not found early, it will easily lead to cardiac arrest and multiple organ failure. It is suggested to rest, sleep more and not do strenuous activities within two weeks after infection.

  Zhang Lei, deputy director of the Respiratory Department of Shanghai Children’s Medical Center affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, said that it is necessary for the recovered people in COVID-19 to rest in 1-2 weeks. Zhang Lei said that after Covid-19’s infection, human immune function will appear obvious disorder, that is, the number and function of lymphocytes will decrease in the acute stage of infection, and then slowly return to normal with the recovery of the disease. Most people will have this "immune disorder period" lasting for 1-2 weeks. During the period, other viruses, bacteria, etc. are very easy to take advantage of.

  If you are isolated at home alone, it is best to keep in touch with friends and relatives around you at any time, so as to avoid discomfort and go to the hospital in time.

  Can you get myocarditis immediately after Yangkang?

  According to the Life Times, the online saying that "it is easy to get myocarditis after recovering from yang kang" is actually exaggerated.

  Even if you suffer from myocarditis after "Yangkang", the more direct reason is that Covid-19 has invaded the myocardium, and exercise is a fuse. In other words, the virus can only cause myocarditis if it invades the myocardium.

  Li Dong, the chief physician of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Beijing You ‘an Hospital, once said that after COVID-19 recovered, it would take a week or two for many people to return to their previous physical condition, and it was suggested not to take strenuous exercise in the early stage of recovery.

  China Youth Daily (finishing: Chen Yishan) Source: Beijing Daily WeChat WeChat official account, People’s Daily, Health Times, Life Times, and Metropolitan Express.

"Love Evolution" Zhejiang Wei conference Ruoyun Zhang scene anti-string female No.1, Crystal domineering leave.

At 14: 00 on July 26th, producer Huang Lan and screenwriter Baoqing joined hands with Crystal, Ruoyun Zhang, Timmy Xu and Viva to attend the release conference of Zhejiang Satellite TV’s light comedy "Love Evolution". The founders dressed in school uniforms returned to high school, and attended a unique open class of love evolution. From the initial stage, to the rebellious stage, to the formative stage, they returned to their initial heart with the audience and explored the true meaning of love in the place where love sprouted.

For the first time, Crystal challenged to play a high school student, and the anti-string role and Ruoyun Zhang exchanged acting skills.

At the press conference, the masters in school uniforms talked about shooting high school scenes, and everyone was moved. Recalling his youth, Crystal revealed that he was not as gentle as his appearance, and once became famous for "bullying" his male deskmate and overbearing personality every day. Ruoyun Zhang always remembers the feeling of the deer bumping into each other at that time, but he couldn’t help blushing when he was over 30 years old. Timmy Xu laughed easily. Although he was not like a school grass in the play in high school, the shooting process seemed to be 17 years old again, and his face was full of happiness and excitement. Viva, a baby face, said that he often did "bad things" behind his teacher’s back, and fans shouted: "Never imagined that you were like this outside the play!"

At the same time, the audience received a lot of big benefits. Crystal and Ruoyun Zhang "exchanged acting skills" on the same stage, recreating the classic fragments of high school acquaintance. Crystal tapped Ruoyun Zhang on the forehead, but he was cute in naughty. The audience said in succession, "Crystal is really skin-deep." Later, Crystal plays the role of Android in the cross-talk plot, and Ruoyun Zhang in the cross-talk plot restores the scene in the play, only to see the sofa Ruoyun Zhang shyly waiting for Crystal to kiss. Crystal, who is ignorant of interest, replied coldly, "It’s getting late, so I’ll go first." He casually picked up the clothes next to him and turned around and left, leaving only a daze in the Ruoyun Zhang wind. The audience shouted, "Mr. Zhang, please take me away." The atmosphere at the scene reached a climax.

Timmy Xu was ridiculed by Crystal, and the screenwriter Baoqing explained the meaning of the play.

The creators did not forget to talk about the roles in the play and the relationship between them. Crystal said excitedly that he was very grateful to Ruoyun Zhang. They were not familiar with each other before shooting. In order to get to know each other quickly, Ruoyun Zhang offered to get along with each other outside the play, which was very helpful for them to get into the play quickly. Viva said that although she and Crystal are "rivals in love" in the play, she has always admired Crystal outside the play. "Outside the play, she is often seen studying the plot and discussing it with the crew until late at night. Seeing her hard work and seriousness, she has found a role model for herself, which has great motivation for filming." The founders did not forget to tease each other all the time. When Timmy Xu talked about Ding Yuyang as a senior in the play, Crystal added in time: In high school, Lu Fei was the first friend of Ai Ruoman. "Friendship is precious, and love is more expensive." She asked Lu Fei to help her pursue Ding Yuyang. The students thought that Lu Fei liked Ding Yuyang, only to see a surprised Timmy Xu shouting: Are we playing a play? The audience burst into laughter, and they appeared in this drama with high value and humor, which made the audience look forward to it.

At the press conference, producer Huang Lan talked about his "indissoluble love" with this drama. He was first attracted by Baoqing’s drama style: delicate emotions and humorous lines. With the in-depth understanding, he thought that many people lacked a love lesson when they grew up, but they wanted to fall in love in their beautiful youth, leaving many regrets. I hope to use this drama to talk about the love of adults. When talking about why we chose this drama, screenwriter Baoqing said readily, "We have always taken a fancy to this kind of theme, inspired by" I may not love you ",and finally chose to create such a story to present to the audience". In addition, producer Huang Lan explained the moral of this drama "Love Evolution". This drama shows the emotional anxiety of mature young men and women in modern cities, hoping to bring you relaxed and happy feelings, share life philosophy with you, and believe in yourself and embrace love more.

The drama is delicate and lively, and the inner monologues of each character in the drama dare not be said at the moment. The audience can feel the ups and downs of the plot more intuitively and explore the mystery behind the emotional choices with them. With the sharing of love experience and emotional expression in the play, the puzzle of love will be gradually solved, and the play will be produced by the famous Xinli Media team, with Huang Lan, the gold medal producer, and Xu Di, the best supporting actress in Hundred Flowers Award, joining in, full of expectations! This summer, "Love Evolution" will land on Zhejiang Satellite TV’s "China Blue Theater" on August 2, and it will be updated at 19:30 every day! Love, let us become better people!

Detailed accounts are exposed! This new film with a total cost of 220 million yuan, Xú Zhēng took 87 million yuan alone.

Every reporter Bi Yuanyuan Wen Menghua every editor Zheng Zhi    

Image source: vision china

The pay of stars has always been the focus of people’s attention.

In the past, star pay was not transparent, and people could only guess by the "pay list" circulating on the Internet. Now, with the announcement of Joy Media, Xú Zhēng’s income in the film has been "hammered".

Huanxi Media announced that its subsidiary Huanxi Premiere had reached a film production agreement with Beijing Zhenledao, which is controlled by Xú Zhēng and his wife. The film production cost totaled 217 million yuan. Among them, the director’s fee, producer’s fee, screenwriter’s fee and actor’s fee earned by Xú Zhēng alone amounted to 87 million yuan, accounting for 40% of the total film cost.

It is understood that Lost in Russia is the third work of the "Embarrassing Series" directed by Xú Zhēng, and the Spring Festival in 2020 has been booked in advance. After Dying to Survive’s great success, Joy Media and Xú Zhēng obviously expected a lot from this film.

In addition to the four positions of director, producer, screenwriter and actor, Xú Zhēng’s personal company will also charge film production fees. In addition, another major identity of Xú Zhēng is the shareholder and signing director of Joy Media, and he will also get a share of the profits after the film is released.

Off-screen, Xú Zhēng’s "Business Classics" is also well read. No matter what the final box office of this film is, Xu Zheng, who earned a lot of money, will be the biggest winner.

According to an announcement made by Joy Media on the evening of February 26th, Joy Media’s wholly-owned subsidiary Joy Premiere signed a film production agreement with Beijing Zhenle Road, and Xú Zhēng is qualified to be a director, producer, screenwriter and starring.

Huanxi Media will pay Xú Zhēng’s company Zhenledao 30 million yuan for production, Xú Zhēng 27 million yuan for directing, 10 million yuan for producer, 10 million yuan for screenwriter and 40 million yuan for actor, totaling 117 million yuan. In addition, Joy Media will give another 100 million yuan to Xú Zhēng for third-party payment. The above fees are all tax-included.

To put it simply, of the total cost of this film of 217 million yuan, Xú Zhēng’s remuneration accounts for 18.4%, while Xú Zhēng’s personal income accounts for about 40%.

National business daily (micro-signal: nbdnews) reporter noted that in August 2018, the video website and a number of film and television production companies proposed that the total pay of actors and guests should not exceed 40% of the total production cost, and the pay of main actors should not exceed 70% of the total pay.

Taking this as a reference, every reporter has roughly calculated an account, which is calculated according to the total production cost of Lost in Russia, totaling 217 million yuan, that is, the total remuneration of actors cannot exceed 86.8 million yuan; The main actor’s salary can’t exceed 60.76 million. Xú Zhēng’s actor fee in the film is 40 million yuan, not more than 60.76 million yuan.

The above announcement pointed out that as the largest investor in Lost in Russia, Joy Premiere has the right to enjoy all the benefits of film copyright in the world, including the box office, the benefits from distribution and sale, and the exclusive rights of third-party new media, etc., and Joy Premiere can transfer the exclusive rights of new media to other third parties at its sole discretion.

It is worth mentioning that Qixinbao data shows that Xú Zhēng is the actual controller of Beijing True Music Road, and he and his wife Tao Hong own 51% and 25% of the rights and interests of True Music Road respectively. At the same time, Xú Zhēng is also a non-executive director of Joy Media and the only ultimate beneficial owner of Tairong Holdings, the company’s major shareholder (holding about 15.03% of the company’s issued share capital).

The media company with its own share in the stock market gave the film production contract to the cultural company with its own holding, which can be described as "the rich water does not flow outside the field". Therefore, Xú Zhēng personally locked in a considerable profit in advance before the film was released.

Generally speaking, Xú Zhēng will not only receive 87 million yuan before tax, but also receive 30 million yuan for the production of Beijing Zhenle Road, which is controlled by him and his wife. At the same time, Xú Zhēng, as a shareholder and signing director of Joy Media, will also get a share of the profits after the film is released.

Letting shareholders become directors is the core competitiveness of Joy Media, which is also called "director partner system" internally. It is reported that Huanxi Media, which was established less than four years ago, has owned shareholder directors such as Ning Hao, Wong Kar-wai, Xú Zhēng, Chen Kexin, Gu Changwei and Zhang Yibai, and has established close cooperation with well-known directors including Jia Zhangke, Wen Juan, Li Yang and Daming Chen.

This year’s Spring Festival film "Crazy Alien" directed by Ning Hao was produced by Joy Media, with a production cost of over 400 million yuan, and it was also guaranteed by Le Kaihua Film in Wang Baoqiang. On the evening of February 25th, Joy Media announced that the company had fully collected 700 million yuan of guaranteed income brought by Crazy Alien.

As an actor, Xú Zhēng was addicted to drama in 2018.

Stars attend the film "Crazy Alien" conference. Image source: vision china

According to public information, the films released in 2018, Players Behind the Scenes and Living Together in Time and Space, were both starred by Xú Zhēng and acted as a producer, and he also acted as an actor in The Island and Jianghu Children.

According to the data of the Cat’s Eye Professional Shadow List, as of 2019, in the total box office score of the male leading actor in China film history, Xú Zhēng ranked seventh with 13 films with a total box office score of 8.264 billion yuan. According to the data, up to now, Xú Zhēng has participated in more than 100 film and television works.

Over the years, Xú Zhēng has experienced various roles from a drama actor to a TV play, film actor, director, producer and boss. As a businessman, Xú Zhēng’s business map is getting bigger and bigger.

National business daily (micro-signal: nbdnews) reporter inquired about Qixinbao and found that Xú Zhēng is not only the legal representative of Shanghai Zhenledao Film and Television Culture Studio and Shanghai Xú Zhēng Film and Television Culture Studio, with a shareholding ratio of 100% respectively; At the same time, he is also a shareholder of Beijing Zhenledao Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhenledao Investment Management Co., Ltd., Jiaxing Zhenledao Investment Management Partnership, and a listed company, Joy Media.

In 2018, the movie "Behind the scenes player" produced by Zhenledao Culture finally earned 358 million yuan at the box office; In the same period, "Later Us" was a film invested by Joy Media, and the final box office of the film was 1.361 billion yuan. True music culture and happy media also appeared in the Dying to Survive producers who subsequently won the box office of 3.1 billion yuan; In the Spring Festival of 2019, the "Crazy Alien" produced by Joy Media has accumulated a box office of 2.179 billion yuan.

In addition, the low-cost film "Living Together in Time and Space" created by True Music Culture as the first producer earned 898 million yuan at the box office.



The prisoners organized a small band to play songs (Source: Beijing Evening News)

The prisoners are feeding rabbits (Source: Beijing Evening News)

    It is located at the foot of the Great Wall and beside the Guishui River, where the vegetation is lush and the flowers are delicate and charming. However, the unique symbols of the sentry standing guard and the high-wall power grid make all the plants and trees here wear solemn and mysterious veils. As a special prison in Beijing’s prison system, Yanqing Prison specializes in holding old, sick and disabled criminals. Among them, more than 100 male psychopaths in Beijing are concentrated here. Manic, depressed, paranoid … almost all kinds of mental disorders exist. They are prisoners and patients, so it is difficult to manage and treat them. How can these special prisoners reform and cure their mental and spiritual diseases? With all kinds of questions, the reporter walked into the 11 th section of Yanqing Prison yesterday.

  Psychopaths are afraid of boredom and trouble.

    There is a classic mental hospital scene in the Chinese New Year blockbuster "Big shot", in which patients are either rolling around or shooting with their mouths full, which makes people laugh and cry. However, as soon as he entered the gate of the sub-prison, the reporter was surprised that not only did he not see the noisy and noisy scenes in the movie and imagination, but it was so quiet that people questioned whether there were really more than 100 mental prisoners living here. Prisoners look no different from normal people. Six people live in a cell, reading, resting, tidying up the house or strolling in the tunnel.

    The reporters were greeted by Shen Bingyu and Zhu Kuncheng, two district heads of sub-prisons, who worked together in the psychiatric ward for five years. Many people don’t understand that mental illness can be exempted from criminal responsibility, and how can it be put in prison? Shen Jian’s introduction first explained this problem to the reporter: "The mental patients here are mainly intermittent mental illness, and they belong to people with limited capacity. They are prisoners who are given a lighter or mitigated punishment according to law, and 70% are heavy criminals with no life and suspended death. The remaining part is mentally ill after entering prison because it can’t adapt to the life of losing freedom. "

    "These more than 100 mental patients are divided into three types: treatment period, rehabilitation period and stable period. For us, prisoners who are getting sick and noisy are the easiest to manage." Shen Jian’s words were very unexpected to the reporter. He explained: "For example, we have a prisoner here who is schizophrenic. After he was in prison, he was transferred to prison four times and committed suicide four times. He hit his head anytime, anywhere and unconditionally, and he was transferred to our prison area with a helmet. Diagnosed by the doctor, he suffers from schizophrenia and bipolar affective psychosis of mania and depression. In a situation like this, we can only give him medicine first and restrain him with medical measures. It is those who are silent and can’t see the signs that make people nervous. "

    Zhu Jian said that a prisoner was very normal when talking with the police. After talking, he got up and bowed to the police and said thank you. But at this moment, he turned and started to run outside, and the captain chased after him, running away with his shoes. Finally, he caught him at the gate of the prison area. "Psychiatric prisoners have strong concealment, so in addition to full-time psychiatrists who are responsible for treating them here, we have also set up a system of nurses on duty. Let healthy, well-behaved prisoners be caregivers, patrol the tunnel with the police for 24 hours, report any abnormality immediately, stop and control the situation in time for suicides, injuries and other diseases, or double-monitor. In order to ensure the safety of prisoners, the heating in the cell is wrapped, and the windows and doors are pasted with stickers to prevent them from breaking into sharp weapons after impact.

  Let "dumb" criminals speak

    Because of their special diseases and crimes, some mental prisoners are not tolerated by society and some are despised by their families, but it is precisely in prison that no one is abandoned. I wish the warden gave an example to the reporter: Wang, a prisoner, was already suffering from schizophrenia when he was transferred to Yanqing prison. He was very withdrawn and never spoke. Every time his father came to the prison to meet, the two men held the phone face to face, and his father kept talking. Wang never said a word. When the father finished speaking, the two men put down the receiver and sat opposite each other until the end of the meeting time. Many people think that he is a mute.

    After asking Wang’s family, the police learned that Wang had been able to speak before, and he had not spoken for three years since he got sick. The affirmation of family members gave the police motivation. Later, the police consciously approached him, cared about his life, talked to him every day, and asked the prisoners in the same group to talk to him. Although they didn’t hear Wang say a word, the police always felt that they could make him speak like a normal person.

    During his time in prison, Wang was also observing the police. He found that he was not bullied, and no one looked down on him. The concern of the captain also made him feel very warm. But after all, I haven’t spoken for three years, and I have to use a special method to make him speak. When the captain was on a patrol, he suddenly called his name in front of Wang, and Wang actually subconsciously answered "to". This word is not only an inspiration to the police work, but also breaks the barrier of Wang’s autism. Although the language function has been seriously degraded, Wang gradually resumed his desire to communicate. For example, knocking on the table is called "Captain Mu", and drinking water represents "Captain He". When he saw his father again, Wang first called "Dad" and then reported his life in prison to his father. The father who hadn’t heard his son talk for more than three years suddenly burst into tears.

  The courage to let the sick man regain his life.

    Shen Jian said that because these prisoners have long prison terms and suffer from mental illness, many people are prone to suicidal thoughts because they hurt their families. Therefore, while treating their diseases, the police should also help them find the courage to live again.

    The prisoner Liang once participated in the theft and escaped. After committing the crime, he "flew" outside for more than a year. During his escape, he panicked every time he heard the siren. The fear of fleeing eventually made him suffer from mental illness. After being reported, Liang was arrested and sentenced to 15 years. After entering the psychiatric ward, Liang secretly picked up a piece of broken glass from the ground when he released the wind, which was discovered by the police in time. The police asked him what he was going to do, and Liang said that he wanted to cut his pulse and commit suicide at an appropriate time. During the conversation, the police learned that he liked sports and "excited" him to say, "Do you dare to compete with me in basketball?" At first, Liang felt that the police were joking with him. Who knows that he was really recruited into the basketball team in the prison area and often participated in some sports activities. Through physical exercise, Liang’s spirit is getting better and better day by day, and people are much more excited, restoring the vitality of young people, and he has never been ill until now.

    Appreciation and encouragement is a principle of reforming prisoners in psychiatric ward. Zhao, who is working as a nurse for sick people in the prison area, was sentenced to death with a suspended sentence for robbery. He always felt that he could not walk out of the prison door alive, and every day he clamored to pull him back and shoot him. The police and paramedics watched him for 24 hours. In contact again and again, the police realized that Zhao did not really want to die, but was desperate for the prison life in the second half of his life. "He has the skill of haircut and has to give him a chance to restore his life." The police asked him to use his skills to give haircuts to other prisoners every Saturday. Zhao not only felt that life had hope, but also became a nurse for sick people after two years.

  Enjoy beautiful scenery, listen to music, raise small animals and cultivate healthy personality

    It is not the purpose of the prison to just watch over the accident. The prison for mental patients is to restore the healthy personality and self-control of mental patients on the basis of stability and by means of correction, and then put them into reform after self-restraint. For this reason, the police have not tried to find a way.

    There is a warm name-"Love Paradise" in an open space surrounded by iron nets in the center of the prison area. More than a dozen "big mushrooms" of various colors are Bunny’s dormitory, where prisoners raise small animals, enjoy beautiful scenery and listen to music, so as to resolve bad emotions, cultivate normal thinking and restore healthy personality. In addition, the prison has invested a lot of equipment to establish a chess room, a reading room, an audio-visual room, a physical therapy room, an arts training room and an agricultural therapy base. These five rooms, one park and one base have become the most distinctive places for the rehabilitation of mental patients. "Prisoners are now playing bridge, and the level of Go is also the highest in Yanqing Prison. Healthy chess activities are helpful to their thinking and intelligence; They have also formed a small band, which is practicing songs these two days and will tour in various prison areas next month; The vegetables in the agricultural treatment base should also be mature. Although the output is small, giving each of them a tomato can be regarded as the fruit of their labor. Through a variety of corrective methods, the proportion and incidence of unstable conditions of mentally ill prisoners have dropped significantly in recent years. " Shen warden said with a big smile.

    Looking at their healthy and active lives, it is really hard to imagine that these are all mental patients. They lost their freedom here and secretly repented for their irreparable mistakes; But it is also here to regain dignity and find a healthy life in the people-oriented management mode of prisons. Although the reality that the reporter saw was not as exciting as expected, but calm and serene, and the police were not imposing but amiable, this is the image of a modern prison and the best evidence that this special prison area has not had an accident for more than ten years. Author: Sun Ying

Editor: Wang Xi

Zhongguancun Digital Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance was formally established.

  Zhongguancun, as a concrete and important carrier of high-tech enterprises in China, has gathered a large number of leading enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence, and has shown good technology-driven ability in promoting the deep integration of artificial intelligence with various fields of economy and society and accelerating the digital transformation of traditional industries. In order to give full play to the leading and radiating role of advanced technology enterprises and cultivate a good artificial intelligence industry ecology, the Zhongguancun Digital Intelligence Industry Alliance was formally established under the guidance and support of the Zhongguancun Science Park Management Committee.

  On April 9, 2020, Zhongguancun Digital Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance (hereinafter referred to as "Alliance") held its first general meeting in Shougang Park, Beijing. Bai Weichang, Deputy Director of Industrial Development Promotion Department of Zhongguancun Science Park Management Committee, Cui Baoqiu, Vice President of Xiaomi Group and Chairman of the Group’s Technical Committee, Sun Mingjun, Director of Artificial Intelligence Department of Yunda Institute of China Information and Communication Research Institute, and representatives of more than 30 first-time members attended the conference.

  At the meeting, Bai Weichang, deputy director of the Industrial Development Promotion Department of the Zhongguancun Science Park Management Committee, said that the Zhongguancun Management Committee attached great importance to the establishment of the alliance and supported and encouraged the alliance to carry out industry-related research, exchanges and support. At the same time, he put forward three hopes for the future work of the alliance: first, he hoped that the alliance would build a sharing platform for the government and enterprises, effectively connect the development needs of the government and enterprises, and form an industrial innovation ecology with rich resources, active innovation and efficient coordination; Second, actively carry out various exchange activities in the industry to promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence with the real economy and traditional industries; The third is to continuously explore international cooperation, provide services for overseas business development of innovative enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence, and support enterprises to accelerate their growth into leading enterprises with international influence.

  Bai Weichang, Deputy Director of Industrial Development Promotion Department of Zhongguancun Science Park Management Committee 

  At the meeting, the Report on the Preparatory Work of Zhongguancun Digital Intelligence Industry Alliance, the Articles of Association of Zhongguancun Digital Intelligence Industry Alliance (Draft) and the Election Method of the First General Meeting of Zhongguancun Digital Intelligence Industry Alliance were adopted by a show of hands. By secret ballot, the "Administrative Measures for the Collection of Membership Fees of Zhongguancun Digital Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance" and the "Candidates for the First Council and Supervisory Board of Zhongguancun Digital Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance" were adopted.

  Member of the Board of Directors of Zhongguancun Digital Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance:


  Cui Baoqiu, Vice President of Xiaomi Group and Chairman of Technical Committee of Xiaomi Group

  Executive vice president:

  Sun Mingjun, Director of Artificial Intelligence Department of Yunda Institute, China Information and Communication Research Institute

  Vice chairman:

  Yuan Jinhui, CEO of Beijing First Class Technology Co., Ltd.

  Fu Xiaoming, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd. 

  Wang Yanfeng, Vice President of Beijing sogou Information Service Co., Ltd.

  Chi Qiang, Chairman of Beijing Hayek Technology Co., Ltd.


  Wilson, Deputy General Manager of CTV Kehua Co., Ltd.

  Secretary General (full-time):

  Jia Hao

  Cui Baoqiu, Vice President of Xiaomi Group and Chairman of Technical Committee of Xiaomi Group

  On behalf of the Council, Cui Baoqiu, the new chairman of the Alliance, introduced the overall situation of the Alliance and future work ideas to the enterprise representatives, and put forward relevant requirements for future work. First, the alliance will fully support the government’s decision-making and put forward high-quality targeted and operational policy suggestions around the implementation of the national, Beijing and Zhongguancun strategic plans; Second, work together to expand industrial space, give full play to the bridge role of the alliance, and enhance the international discourse power of China’s artificial intelligence industry; Third, efforts should be made to form brand effect, strengthen the self-construction of the alliance, pay attention to the use of innovative thinking and spirit in system construction and activity planning, and form characteristics and create brands nationwide; Fourth, strengthen exploration in the innovation and application of artificial intelligence technology, support the development of artificial intelligence industry in Beijing and Zhongguancun, and accelerate the application of artificial intelligence technology in various real economic fields; The fifth is to play a good role as an industry link, focus on artificial intelligence products in key areas, and build a platform for the cooperation and development of artificial intelligence in Beijing and Zhongguancun.

  Since the formal establishment of the alliance, it has actively carried out various tasks in a normal and orderly manner. In the next step, the alliance will build a public service platform for the development of artificial intelligence industry in accordance with the relevant requirements and deployment of the country, Beijing and Zhongguancun, relying on a sound operating mechanism, focusing on key areas, rapidly promoting the application of artificial intelligence technology in manufacturing, health care, life service, urban governance and other scenarios, and enhancing the ability and level of industrial development. In view of the lack of talents in the industry, relevant personnel training will be promoted. At the same time, it will integrate Zhongguancun enterprise resources, promote the accumulation and transformation of artificial intelligence scientific and technological achievements and resources, build a platform for display, publicity and exchange, create an excellent industrial ecology, and accelerate the healthy and rapid development of China’s artificial intelligence industry.

  At the same time, the alliance invites leading enterprises, universities and research institutions of artificial intelligence nationwide to actively join in and join hands with the alliance to contribute to the development of China’s artificial intelligence industry.

A hundred years’ experience of football in China 142

Chapter one hundred and forty-two: Robert in his hometown was kicked out by the Brazilian Football Association.

After the 2014 World Cup, the Brazilian Football Association office

"Your hometown Robert, you are fired. What’s the matter with you? Twelve years ago, you performed very well. This year, your performance is so disappointing that you have humiliated our Brazilian football."

"David Genk, how did I lose the face of Brazilian football? I admit that my performance this year is a little poor, but I also led the team to complete the goal of securing four titles."

"I haven’t lost face, and my face has been thrown into the Pacific Ocean by you. I was defeated by Germany 0: 7 and the Netherlands 0: 5. You told me that I didn’t lose face, and I was so angry with you, you know?"

"These two games were accidents. It won’t happen again in the future. Don’t worry, but then again, my contract has expired anyway. It doesn’t matter."

"It doesn’t matter, haha, it’s killing me."

"Chairman Genk, what are you laughing at?"

"I tell you, your coaching career is over, hometown."

"What do you mean, make it clear?"

"I don’t know on other continents, at least in Europe and America, you can’t be the head coach of any national team, including the club team, and your home has been closed, which means you have no place in Brazil."

"What, who gave you the power, you are just the president of the Football Association?"

"President Barkson, he said to let me punish you, but he kicked you out of Brazil so that you could not coach in any team in Europe, America or even the world. I think it is the best punishment for you, Robert."

"What you said is true? I don’t believe it. "

"No, you don’t. Well, I’ll put President Barkson on the phone with you now."

After that, the phone was connected, and Barkson’s voice came: "Robert, leave Brazil now, or the consequences will be unimaginable."

"President Barkson, is it true what President Genk said?"

"Yes, it’s true, and Genk has reported it to me, and I agree with his decision to punish you."

"President Barkson, I didn’t break the law. Why confiscate my property?"

"You are not breaking the law, but it is similar to breaking the law, which is equivalent to breaking the law. Think about it, Brazil is a football kingdom and hosts the World Cup at home. As a result, you led the team to lose 12 goals in the semi-finals and the third and fourth finals, and lost the face of our country. " After that, Buckson hung up the phone.

"Did you hear that? You know, fans are scratching everywhere in China now, and many people have died. Do you think it’s your responsibility?"

"Well, I’ll leave. I’ll go. You’re too hard. As a player, I won the World Cup for my country. You didn’t mention my merits. This time, I did. You did this to me. I’m not reconciled."

"It’s because of your past contributions that your merits and demerits are at the end, or you may have to go to jail according to President Barkson’s meaning, understand?"

Robert slammed the door angrily in his hometown. Later, he found many national teams and clubs that were turned away, and he ran into a wall everywhere. He had no choice but to take a good trip and relax himself, and his chosen destination was China, an ancient oriental country.

Walking on the street in Sioux City, China, Robert of his hometown was ecstatic and shouted, "What a beautiful city. No wonder people say that there is Suzhou and Hangzhou under heaven, so it is really unnecessary to spread his name."

Not all plays and movies can be goodbye mr. loser.

Poster of "Donkey’s Water"

Special feature of 1905 film network Mahua FunAge’s second film, The Water of the Donkey, was released last Friday. This low-cost film, which has no big director, no stars and no special effects, has actually held the first place in the box office, and has been well received. Some people even call it the best domestic feature film this year.


After "Charlotte" and "Donkey’s Water", there will definitely be more and more film and television companies aiming at drama adaptation of this IP pond. A few days ago, Rao Xiaozhi’s "Hello, Crazy" just held a final release conference in Peking University Centennial Lecture Hall; Ying Huang’s "French Dinner for Two" also appeared in the project announcement of the Film Bureau in early October, which is likely to become the third film produced by Mahua FunAge; Earlier, it was reported that the drama "Treasure Island Village" co-produced by Lai Shengchuan and Wang Weizhong will also be made into a movie.

Lai Shengchuan, known as the "leader of Asian theater directors", and Wang Weizhong, the "father of Taiwan Province variety", collaborated on "Treasure Island Village"

In the face of a new wave of drama adaptation, we interviewed Zhou Shen and Liu Lu, two directors of "The Water of the Donkey", and Mr. Zhang Chiyu, the screenwriter of Mahua FunAge’s drama "The Iron Fist of Shame" and "The Story of a Prison Friend", to talk about the advantages and sufferings of drama adaptation.


Drama and movies have become the most familiar strangers.

Both drama and film are diachronic arts, both lasting about two hours, and the process of adaptation is basically 1:1 presentation. Commercial films are generally arranged in four stages: beginning, turning point, crisis and ending. The most classic drama is also a four-act play, so the rhythm of the two is very similar, and it is easier to realize transformation. From this point of view, it is less difficult to adapt a drama into a film than a literary adaptation, or even less difficult to film a TV series and an online drama.


The performance systems of the two schools are the same, and they are divided into two schools: one is the Experiential School of stanislavski in the former Soviet Union, and the other is expressionism in Brecht. The French New Wave movies, represented by Ge Daer, like to break the fourth wall and let the actors perform in front of the camera, which comes from Brecht’s expressionism. Therefore, it is easier to adapt drama to film at the performance level.


Director and screenwriter Zhang Chiyu of Mahua FunAge

Dramatic works have experienced the tempering of the stage. Zhang Chiyu concluded that Mahua FunAge’s core creative mode is collective creation and rehearsal audition. This is actually the mode adopted by most drama groups. At the beginning of a work, the director puts forward the general idea, and then all the actors work together to improve it and create collectively. After the script comes out, it has to be rehearsed, revised while arranging, and further improved through internal audition. Zhang Chiyu believes that the rehearsal plays a very important role in promoting the script. "If a book was originally only four points, it can reach at least six points after rehearsal." After a long stage performance, the script is improved day by day according to the feedback from the audience. In this way, the works tested by the audience are put on the big screen, and the success rate is higher.

The adaptation of a drama into a film has to go over more than one hill.

Although there is a natural affinity between drama and film, which makes it easy to transform them, they are two completely different art forms after all, and they will encounter many problems and difficulties in the process of remake.


Some drama themes are not suitable for adaptation into movies. For example, the earliest film project planned by Mahua FunAge is actually not Charlotte, but Earl of Wulong Mountain. However, this drama does not quite conform to the structure of genre films, and the content involved is sensitive and easy to fail the review. For example, the heroine is a transgender, the first half is a man, and the second half is a woman, which is not suitable for adaptation into a movie.


The influence of Earl of Wulongshan once spread to CCTV.

Drama emphasizes hypothesis, while film emphasizes realism. As Zhou Shen said, "Some things are true on the stage of drama, but they are not true in front of the camera of the film." Therefore, the stage is more inclusive, and the exaggerated burden and crazy creativity will not make people question. For example, in "Shameless Iron Fist", the heroine played by Mary came out of the toilet, which the audience might not accept in the movie. Therefore, in the second half of the film, some crazy plots were deleted to make it closer to reality. Therefore, hypothesis is often the primary problem to be overcome in the process of adapting drama into film.


Movies adapted from drama are often weak in lens and editing, and the "film sense" is not very strong. There are similar problems in "Charlotte" and "Donkey Water", which rely too much on fixed shots and scene scheduling, and are immature in the use of shots and clips, and only stay at the narrative level. All this needs to be overcome by the director’s accumulation of shooting experience and long-term exploration.

Facts have proved that from drama to film adaptation, love and hate are in an instant.

1. The Water of the Donkey (2016)

Zhou Shen and Liu Lu graduated from Chinese opera directing, and their major dramas include If I’m Not Me, Water from the Donkey, Biography of Van Gogh and so on. The water of the donkey was originally a movie outline created by them in 2010. Because of infringement, Zhou Shen and Liu Lu arranged the water of the donkey into a drama in order to make it meet the audience faster. Unexpectedly, it became an instant hit in the commercial drama circle, gained a good reputation and box office, and was staged in Chaoyang 9 Theater for five consecutive years.


Director and screenwriter Zhou Shen and Liu Lu of the film "The Water of the Donkey"

Zhou Shen and Liu Lu never gave up the idea of making "The Water of the Donkey" into a movie. They took the script to many film companies, but they didn’t make it because of their insistence on their works, and the most serious one almost went to court. Finally, I chose to cooperate with Mahua FunAge because Mahua is very tolerant in creation and has a high tolerance for creators. However, compared with the IP of Mahua, the film is too cold and has no popular commercial elements at present. Therefore, although Mahua has great confidence in it, it does not have high box office expectations, and it is not expected to achieve the box office results of goodbye mr. loser.


The film adaptation of "The Water of the Donkey" should be regarded as relatively successful. The second half of the drama is a little long, and the whole stage is almost out of control, getting crazier and darker, which makes the audience breathless. These problems have been solved in the film, and the media transformation of the original drama actors has been completed well, although the photography and editing of the film need to be strengthened.

2. goodbye mr. loser (2015)

Mahua FunAge was founded in 2003, and his first work is "I’ll give you a twist if I want to eat", starring He Jiong and Nana. Until the Earl of Wulong Mountain in 2011, Mahua gradually formed its own comedy style and brand. At the end of each year, Mahua will launch a New Year’s comedy, and their works are between traditional drama and movies: they don’t follow the classic "three unifications", and they frequently hide behind the scenes and change scenes, which is somewhat similar to the transitions and editing of movies. This makes their works more suitable for film adaptation.


Goodbye mr. loser directed by Yan Fei and Peng Damo.

Yan Fei and Peng Damo first wrote "Charlotte" just to make a movie. Unexpectedly, it has become the most successful drama of Mahua, which has reached the 33rd round in Beijing and has also toured many cities in China. Although the film version of "Charlotte" rose suddenly and won a great victory last year, its shortcomings are also very obvious. Most people who have seen the drama think that the film version is not as good as the drama version. The main reason is that the film has simplified many details, which makes the plot in the second half of the film not coherent enough and looks a bit like a sketch.


3. Gorgeous Office Workers (2015)

The Gorgeous Office Worker, which was released last year, was adapted from Lin Yihua’s musical Life and Survival of Gorgeous Office Workers. Lin Yihua is the most famous drama director in Hongkong, and his main work is the adaptation of Four Great Classical Novels. The film version is directed by Du Qifeng, starring Zhang Aijia, Chow Yun Fat, Eason Chan, Tang Wei, etc. Zhang Shuping contributed gorgeous dance beauty and costumes, while Tayu Lo was responsible for original music. However, the luxurious lineup and hundreds of millions of investments only brought in less than 50 million box office.


The main reason is that the film fails to deal with the relationship between the assumption of the stage and the realism of the film. "Workplace", which is very realistic and suitable for adaptation into a movie theme, has been turned into a staged musical by the director, with symbolic characters, ritualized songs and dances, and conceptual scenes, and there is no real scene at all. All of them are filmed in the shed, and with the performances of actors sometimes dubbing and sometimes lip-synching, it is really difficult for people to have a sense of substitution, and they can simply dance in minutes.

4. Twelve Citizens (2015)

There were many versions of Twelve Citizens before, including film version and drama version, and now the Shanghai Drama Art Center is still putting on a stage version of Twelve People. Xu Ang, the director of Twelve Citizens, is the drama director of People’s Art Theatre, and his masterpiece is The Sorrow of Comedy starring Chen Daoming and He Bing. This film also absorbs the old drama bones of a number of drama stages, such as He Bing, Han Tongsheng and Qian Bo, who are all excellent drama actors.


The story "Twelve Citizens" is actually very suitable for the drama stage, because it is extremely complex with "three unifications" and the time, place and plot are highly unified. Tell the story of twelve jurors discussing the case in a room for two hours. Therefore, it is very difficult to adapt this story into a movie, and the fixed scenes and characters are easy to make movie audiences tired. But the completion of the film is still very good. First of all, it completes the localization of the script well, which makes the story neutral in the contemporary social background of China. Secondly, the director took advantage of photography to highlight some details, such as the band-aid on He Bing’s head, the sweat behind Gao Dongping, and so on, which made enough intriguing foreshadowing.


5. (2014) (2015)


Both films directed by Deng Chao and Yu Baimei are adapted from the drama of the same name by Bai Mei Studio. Deng Chao met Yu Baimei through his senior graduation work "Cui Hua, Pickled Sauerkraut". Later, the two became good friends, and they also engaged in drama together. Now public opinion generally believes that the two films they directed are 100% rotten films.


In fact, these two works are typical farce on the stage of drama, but this does not prevent them from being loved by the audience. Although the style is not high, they are vivid and funny. Because the stage of drama is more inclusive, their exaggerated jokes are easily accepted by the audience. However, it was different after being put on the movie screen, and their exaggeration was further expanded, which eventually led to the disgust of the audience.


In a word, although drama is rich in IP resources, there are many convenient conditions for drama adaptation of movies. However, the transformation from one art form to another is not simply copying and pasting. It is necessary to dig deep into the core and spiritual connotation of the story according to the characteristics of different media and break the boundaries of different art forms. Only in this way can we create a well-known work, and we hope that the works adapted from drama to film will get better and better.