@ "After 00": Remember these points to enrich your college life!

   With the coming of the school season, the first batch of "post-00" freshmen began to enter the university and officially started their college life. How to plan their college life? Remember that these points will enrich your college life.

   Do you know the time of these textual research?

   College English Band 4 and Band 6

   CET-4 and CET-6 are held twice a year in June and December. The perfect score of CET-4 and CET-6 is 710, and the score of 425 or above is passed.

   Computer rank examination

   The national computer grade examination is divided into four levels, and general majors are required to pass the first level examination, master the basic knowledge of computers and use common office software. Some units will also require to pass the computer level 2 exam when recruiting. Generally speaking, the examination of computer level 3 and 4 is only required for students majoring in computer science. The computer grade examination takes the form of computer test, with a perfect score of 100 and a score of 60 being qualified, among which the first and second grade examinations are held in December every year.

   Putonghua proficiency test

   The level of Putonghua is divided into three levels and six levels, that is, one, two and three levels, and each level is divided into two grades: A and B; The first grade is the highest, and the third grade is the lowest. The examination time of Putonghua test varies from place to place, and the registration time and examination time announced in that year shall prevail.

   There are many types of certificates that can be obtained during college. You can choose according to your own professional requirements and career development direction, and you can also choose according to your own hobbies, such as teacher qualification certificate, psychological consultant certificate, human resources qualification certificate, and minority language examination.

   Life | Have you ever used these dormitory "artifacts"?

   Bedside shelf

   Students who like reading and studying in bed often find it troublesome to take things, but with the bedside shelf, mobile phones and books can be placed directly in the shelf, which is convenient and beautiful.

   Folding desk on bed

   The folding desk can not only adjust the angle at will to meet your sitting or leaning posture, but also be folded back to the bed directly after use.

   Shading bed curtain

   In university dormitories, roommates have different work and rest habits. Sometimes they want to sleep, but they still have the lights on. At this time, the shading bed curtain can meet your needs well. When the bed curtain is closed, you can have your own privacy.

   Non-slip mat

   If you live in the upper bunk, then you need this anti-skid pad. Climbing up and down every day, if you put anti-slip mats on the ladder, you will not only feel at ease when you get on and off the bed, but also don’t have to worry that your feet will be frozen in winter.

   Creative storage box

   Stationery, accessories, and various gadgets are placed directly on the table, which not only looks a little messy, but also tends to be forgotten. At this time, a creative storage box can help you, easily tidy up and have a neat desk.

   Student mini electric cooker

   There are too many people in the canteen? Is the takeaway unsanitary? Then why not do it yourself in the dormitory? The mini electric cooker can cook porridge to meet daily needs. When you are interested, you can also have a small hot pot in the dormitory, but you must pay attention to the wattage of the electric cooker not to exceed the dormitory limit.

   egg cooker

   It takes a few minutes to get up every morning to cook delicious boiled eggs, which are nutritious and hygienic, so you don’t have to rush to the cafeteria to grab breakfast every day! But pay attention to the fresh preservation of eggs in the bedroom.

   Do you know these rules of interpersonal communication?

   Improve initiative

   In a strange environment, we will have a certain sense of distance to strangers. In terms of personality, introverts don’t like dealing with people very much, but extroverts are different. He will take the initiative to deal with anyone and become a leader in interpersonal communication. In dealing with people, we should keep open-minded, which will help you make more friends.

   Consider the feelings of others

   In daily communication, if everything requires others to do according to their own ideas, regardless of other people’s opinions, others will certainly not like it. If you don’t care about other people’s thoughts and feelings and don’t give others face, then others will definitely not be willing to associate with you. Therefore, in the process of communication, we should grasp a degree and consider the feelings of others.

   Don’t force your temper on others.

   Everyone has a bad mood. When we have a temper, we should learn to control our temper, learn to control ourselves, learn to self-channel, and control our temper.

   Improve self-confidence

   Social phobia is a psychological disorder. Many people will have a kind of lonely bad mood because of their inner fear of socializing or self-distrust. In fact, people’s social skills are not innate, but need to be nurtured by the acquired environment and consciously cultivated. Therefore, we should improve our self-confidence and strive to overcome social fears.

   Upgrade | Freshmen Promotion Raiders

   Learn to "break up"

   Just entering the university, many students are easy to fall into ‘ Multi-line operation ’ I am busy every day, but I feel that my life is not full after I calm down. In the end, a person can only choose a life path, follow his heart and live the life he wants, in order to have a full life. In college, do ‘ Addition ’ It is not an endless increase, but it will be done eventually ‘ Subtraction ’ .

   Learn to turn knowledge into wisdom.

   The great difference between universities and high schools is that the evaluation system of universities is diversified. Outstanding contributions in sports, literature and art will be recognized. Many freshmen score well in the college entrance examination, but their goals are not clear. As soon as they enter the school, they will be particularly confused and don’t know where their long-term goals are. Freshmen can no longer stay at the knowledge level as before, but also keep learning to turn knowledge into wisdom and adjust themselves appropriately.

   foster a lofty ideal

   Nowadays, there is a phenomenon of "hollow disease" among college students, which means that some college students feel that life is meaningless, they are very confused about life, they don’t know what they want, they often feel tired, lonely and depressed, they feel that learning and life are meaningless, they have no hope for the future, and they are hollowed out physically and mentally. Rejecting "hollowness", students should learn to govern themselves, shoulder social responsibilities bravely, have lofty ideals, long-term planning and short-term goals, dare to dream, dare to pursue dreams and be diligent in interpreting dreams.

   Accept imperfection

   Some people say that "the post-00 generation" is a "strawberry youth holding a mobile phone", so you can’t press it or touch it, so you should take care of it. There are two main stages for college students, namely, acceptance and establishment. First of all, learn to accept, accept imperfections, accept differences, and accept constant changes. Only by accepting and acknowledging others’ differences can our differences be accepted. This is a process of growth.

   (Comprehensive China Network, People’s Network, China Youth Daily)

[The 6th world internet conference] Shen Xiangyang, global executive vice president of Microsoft: Let the computer "see, think, listen and talk".

Shen Xiangyang, global executive vice president of Microsoft.

Shen Xiangyang, global executive vice president of Microsoft.

  Cctv news(Reporter Luo Chuan, Li Wenxue, Tang Shiying and Li Wenliang) On the afternoon of October 20th, the 6th world internet conference "World Internet Leading Scientific and Technological Achievements Release Event" was held in Wuzhen. Shen Xiangyang, global executive vice president of Microsoft Corporation, released "Unified Natural Language Pre-training Model and Machine Reading Comprehension".

  Shen Xiangyang said that technological breakthroughs have enabled computers to communicate in a natural way like humans. Taking machine reading comprehension as an example, computers can understand the meaning of texts and organize detailed answers to complex questions. Through conversational artificial intelligence, computers can now handle multiple topics and multiple conversations. This technological breakthrough will create many new opportunities, such as intelligent assistant and intelligent search.

  Shen Xiangyang showed breakthrough technologies such as conversational artificial intelligence and machine translation through a video, as well as a case combined with Microsoft HoloLens holographic glasses, indicating that the current innovative technology has turned scientific fantasy into reality — — Let the computer "see, think, listen and speak". "Of course, we still have a long way to go to make artificial intelligence truly reach the level of human beings."

"May 1" online celebrity City Hotel is hard to find a room, and the price of this place has skyrocketed by 112%!

  Zhongxin Jingwei Client May 1 ST (Zhang Yanzheng Intern Liu Yi) "Recently, I have always brushed Changsha food videos on Tik Tok, just ‘ May Day ’ During the small holiday, I plan to take my family to orange island to have a look, and try authentic Hunan cuisine by the way. As a result, I opened the booking platform and found that even the cheap hotel chain has risen from the original early 100 s to the price of six or seven hundred yuan, and the middle and high-end hotels have even started at 1,000 yuan, which is really unaffordable. " Ms. Li from Liaocheng City, Shandong Province told the client of Zhongxin Jingwei.

  During the May Day holiday, many people chose to "punch in" in popular tourist cities. According to the data of Qunar. com, the number of domestic hotel reservations during the May 1 holiday in 2021 has exceeded 40% in the same period in 2019, a surge of 8.1 times compared with the same period in 2020. Hotel prices have been rising with the booking volume, with an average price of 458 yuan per night, which is higher than that of 85 yuan in the same period of 2019. The price has increased by 22.79%, and the price of some popular online celebrity city hotels has even increased by 112%. Are you still going to look for poetry and distance?

  Online celebrity City Hotel "City Price Increase"

  Recently, as a consumer, Zhongxin Jingwei client learned that the prices of hotels and homestays in some popular online celebrity cities, such as Changsha, Xi ‘an, Hangzhou and Chengdu, have skyrocketed, and it is hard to find a unique room.

  The staff of Days Hotel Changsha Jiasheng said that the prices of almost all hotels have increased during the May 1 ST period, while in Changsha, hotels will adjust their prices every May 1 ST, 11 th and Spring Festival. “‘ May Day ’ Most of the rooms have been booked during the period, leaving only a few rooms. " The staff member said. The staff of Changsha Pinpin Hotel also said that most of the hotel rooms have been booked in March, and the price of Pinzhi twin room, which usually costs 619 yuan/night, is now 998 yuan/night.

  The Zhongxin Jingwei client looked at the third-party booking platform and found that during the "May 1" period, many hotels and homestays in Changsha were full or only two or three rooms were left. Among them, Changsha Exotic Impression W Hotel has only one room with a 180-degree deluxe river view big bed room. Among the hotel’s characteristic rooms, the Xiangjiang River modern river view twin room with a price of 1320 yuan/night and the 270-degree full river view executive suite-the supreme package with a price of 1329 yuan/night have all been booked.

  Room reservation of a hotel in Changsha and Xi ‘an Source: Ctrip

  According to the "May Day" popular destinations published by Qunar.com, Changsha is the most "online celebrity" city in 2021 according to the current hotel reservations during the "May Day" holiday. Up to now, the hotel reservation in Changsha ranks second in China, with an average price of 385 yuan per night. The number of reservations increased by 1.5 times compared with the same period in 2019, and the growth rate led the new first-tier cities.

  The report also shows that the prices of hotels in Changsha, a popular city in online celebrity, rose by 34%, Xi ‘an by 112%, Chengdu by 23%, Hangzhou by 20% and Zhuhai by 32%.

  The staff of Xi ‘an Yunhe Night Park Hotel said that the price of the hotel room was relatively high during the May Day period, and the price of the elegant big bed room at night park was around 400-500 yuan at ordinary times, and now the price is 887 yuan/night. The Sino-Singapore Jingwei client inquired about the third-party booking platform and found that the hotel’s executive luxury parent-child room with a price of 3,212 yuan/night and the cloud and luxury twin room with a price of 2,908 yuan/night have all been booked. The staff of Hangzhou Weiyuan Hotel said that the only courtyard projection big bed room in the hotel is now priced at 1387 yuan/night, and the pre-holiday price of this room is around 700 yuan.

  Netizen: The price is "outrageous"

  "Some time ago, I unpacked the ticket blind box and got a ticket to Shanghai. I originally wanted to take advantage of ‘ May Day ’ Go to Disney on vacation, once ‘ Princess at large ’ However, the price of the hotel is really a bit discouraged. It is too close to live and it is a waste of time. " Ms. Zhang from Bayannaoer City, Inner Mongolia, told the client of Zhongxin Jingwei that she didn’t intend to travel too far, but just in time for the blind box activity of air tickets to be drawn to Shanghai, she temporarily decided on the travel itinerary. I didn’t expect hotels around Disney to be expensive and difficult to book. "It’s also my fault that I didn’t make plans early, so I have no choice but to consider shortening my itinerary and playing less for a few days."

  Ms. Wu of Chongqing said to the client of Zhongxin Jingwei: "Express hotels are going to look like I can’t afford to live. It was originally a cheap and convenient plan to stay in the seven-day chain next to the scenic spot. When I searched the price, the big bed room would cost nearly 500 yuan a night."

  On the social media platform, many netizens said that the price of hotels during this year’s "May 1" holiday rose significantly, and the price was "outrageous".

  The south wind has not yet started-:Take Xiamen, where I live, for example, there are more than 200 hotels, and it will take 2,000 to get to May Day. It is understandable for hotels to raise prices appropriately during holidays. After all, business is not good at ordinary times, and holidays can make a wave, but this increase is too outrageous. Most of the money spent on accommodation when going out for a visit.

  @ Shh, don’t say anything: it’s outrageous for more than one hundred to rise to seven or eight hundred, and it’s outrageous for small hotels to rise to two or three hundred.

  @ Xiang kaixin: I have been planning the May Day trip for a long time, but it’s outrageous to be turned away by the hotel price of 3 times the scenic spot …

  @ Learn good Xinyi sauce: During the "May Day" period, the price of this hotel is outrageous, and the usual room type of 180 is "May Day" 899.

  According to Ctrip’s report data, during the May Day holiday in 2021, the order volume of Ctrip platform hotels increased by 43% compared with the same period in 2019. Many high-star hotels have been hard to find a room, and the price of hotel orders has risen, surpassing the average price in 2019. Judging from the hotel booking trend of the platform, during the "May 1" period, orders for 4 and 5 diamond high-star hotels accounted for over 50%, and more tourists were willing to buy high-quality travel services in high-star hotels.

  Lan Xiang, dean of the Qunar Big Data Research Institute, believes that as early as this year’s Spring Festival, the "May 1" hotel reservations have increased significantly because a large number of suppressed travel needs have not been released. Lan Xiang said, "Although many tourists visited relatives and traveled during the just-concluded Qingming holiday, due to the length of the holiday, most of them will still choose ‘ May Day ’ Travel on holiday. "

  Expert: it is not appropriate to interfere excessively with the price increase.

  Zhang Yuhao, a lawyer of Beijing Weiheng Law Firm, said in an interview with Zhongxin Jingwei client that as the festival approaches, some homestay hotels balance the profit ratio of the whole year by appropriately raising prices, and such business practices may not constitute an illegal act of "driving up prices". "If the relevant operators join hands with neighboring operators in order to achieve violent profits within a certain period of time, and the price is greatly raised beyond a reasonable range; Or fabricate or disseminate false or related information, deliberately causing the price in this area to increase significantly beyond the reasonable range. If the above two situations occur, it may constitute ‘ Drive up prices ’ Illegal behavior. "

  Zhou Mingxi, founder of Jingjian think tank, believes that the price increase of hotels or homestays is a market behavior that reflects the relationship between supply and demand. "In the period of oversupply, such as when the epidemic is serious, and in the traditional off-season of tourist cities, many five-star hotels sell for only three or four hundred yuan per night, which will definitely lose money from the perspective of operating costs. And the same room, in the peak season and holidays, the price of the room can reach several thousand yuan per night, the difference is multiplied. In the off-season, no one guarantees the income of the operators, and it is not appropriate to interfere excessively with the price increase in the peak season. "

  "It should be noted that the market supervision department should focus on monitoring whether the hotel price is transparent, whether the room is hygienic and safe, whether it is suspected of exaggerating false propaganda, etc., to avoid the situation that the quality is not proportional to the price." Zhou Mingxi said.

The Central Radio and Television General Station and Tik Tok Group started the strategic cooperation of live broadcast of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Games.

  On June 21st, China Central Radio and Television Station and Tik Tok Group jointly held a cloud release event, announcing that Tik Tok Group will become the right-holding broadcaster in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in 2022 and the strategic partner of CCTV’s live broadcast. Peng Jianming, member of the editorial meeting of the Central Radio and Television General Station and general manager of the General Manager’s Office, and Zhang Nan, CEO of Tik Tok Group, delivered speeches online and jointly launched the cooperation between the two parties.

  Peng Jianming said in his speech that football is known as "the world’s first sport" and the World Cup is the top feast of this first sport, attracting the largest audience. CCTV has the exclusive TV and new media copyright and sub-licensing rights of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in Chinese mainland in 2022. In order to ensure the broadcast quality and picture effect of this World Cup, CCTV will give full play to its strong ability and advantages in producing sports events, not only will it set up a special World Cup program production and broadcasting area in the International Broadcasting Center in front of Doha, A location studio will be built in Wachoff Square, which embodies rich regional characteristics, and the research and application achievements of new technologies such as 5G, 4K/8K, AI and big data will be fully utilized to realize the best viewing experience of the World Cup. Headquarters and Tik Tok Group have strong complementary advantages in copyright cooperation and new media communication. On the basis of good cooperation in the past, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in 2022 has created a new opportunity for cooperation between us, enabling us to join hands to jointly create and explore new cooperation modes and technical means, and jointly achieve better new media communication effects and greater social benefits. I believe that through the establishment of ties and close cooperation, we will be able to stimulate more innovations and breakthroughs in the coverage of the World Cup and fully release the infinite charm of this top-level event!

  Zhang Nan said in his speech that Tik Tok has become a favorite product for many sports fans. Whether it is the live broadcast of sports events, the re-creation of sports videos, or the knowledge sharing of fitness experts, the sports ecology in Tik Tok is getting richer and richer. For the upcoming World Cup, Tik Tok, like everyone else, is full of expectations, and will work closely with the reception desk to enrich everyone’s live broadcast experience by creating more interactive forms that are loved and creative, and present a wonderful and unforgettable World Cup feast for everyone.

  Cao Yi, director of the Sports Youth Program Center of the Headquarters, Huang Ruigang, chairman and general manager of Zhongguang Film and Television Satellite Co., Ltd., Daniel lee, deputy director of the Sports Youth Program Center of the Headquarters, Yu Qin, deputy convener of the Audiovisual New Media Center of the Headquarters, Tashi Dhondup, Yu Xiaoqing and Xu Lijun, vice president of Tik Tok Group, Lang Fengwei, general manager of media cooperation of Tik Tok Group, Xu Yilong, general manager of Tik Tok Group Information Center, Shi Qiong, head of sports business of Tik Tok Group, and Ye Jueming Online.

[CCTV Review] Where does the real-name report of car violations come from? Is it reasonable and legal?

  CCTV News:Outside a hospital, vehicles are parked on both sides of the road, and there is only one lane in the middle of the road that is not wide. Near a school, vehicles waiting for children occupy two lanes in the same direction, and other vehicles can only bypass them to drive normally … …

△ Wuhan City’s vehicle illegal parking in August. The picture is from Ping An Wuhan

  I believe many people have experienced similar scenes. In order to manage illegal parking, many cities have carried out special rectification of illegal parking of motor vehicles. The Wuhan Traffic Management Bureau recently released,From now until December 31st, there will be a reward for reporting illegal parking on roads in the central city of the city, with a maximum reward of 5,000 yuan.

  Award criteria:

  According to the circular, the traffic control department will conduct monthly statistical ranking on the number of effective illegal parking reports to the public, and give classified rewards to the top 150.

  Number of top 10 and effective reportsMore than 600Per person5,000 yuanReward

  Number of effective reports ranked 11th to 50th.More than 400Per person2000 yuanReward

  Number of effective reports ranked from 51 to 150Over 200 casesPer person1000 yuanGive a reward.

  Informants need real-name authentication.

  Informants need real-name authentication, and the photos provided (three photos that meet the requirements)., should be able to clearly display the illegal vehicle type, license plate number, appearance characteristics, illegal behavior, illegal location, illegal time and other effective information.For the same illegal act reported by many people, the first whistleblower will be rewarded according to the time sequence of reporting registration.

  Not only Wuhan, but also some cities have launched a reward report on traffic violations before. 


  Shenzhen traffic police issued a report bonus of 1.36 million yuan in two years.

  In December 2013, the Shenzhen Traffic Police officially launched a prize-winning report on road traffic violations in the city. As of December 2015,A total of 35,630 reports of various traffic violations were received, and bonuses of 1.36 million yuan were issued. 

  General violations are included in the scope of reward reporting.

  Shenzhen traffic police recently said that they decided to include general illegal acts in the scope of reward reporting.100 yuan will be rewarded for reporting traffic accidents or traffic jams caused by illegal parking.


  The highest reward 100 yuan does not include violations.

  In March 2016, Hangzhou Traffic Police launched a reward mechanism for reporting key traffic violations and clues. Mainly aimed at 18 kinds of dynamic and hidden traffic violations in three categories, The highest reward is 100 yuan.. It should be noted that the scope of the trial reward report is the road within the main urban area of Hangzhou. At the same time,18 kinds of illegal acts do not include violations.

△ Hangzhou tries to report traffic violations with prizes. Citizens can be electronic policemen themselves.

  How effective is the "reward report"?

  Wuhan: Only 40 of the 1,800 photos and video traffic violation reports passed the preliminary examination.

  Since August 15th, Wuhan has reported four types of traffic violations with prizes. By the beginning of September,The citizens submitted 1839 pictures and videos reflecting four types of traffic violations. After preliminary examination, only 40 reports were "qualified".Most of them lack the elements needed for punishment.

  Will the reward for reporting traffic violations make the chaos of illegal parking better? Is it a perfect solution to report illegal parking with real name? Where does the reward for reporting come from? Is it reasonable and legal? Is there any legal risk?

Cctv review

  For a long time, illegal parking is a difficult problem in the management of many cities in China. According to official data, the number of private cars in China reached 86.5 million in 2012.There are 20 cars per 100 families.It has become an "automobile society" in the sense of international standards. However, the rapid growth of private cars has also brought serious congestion, disorderly parking and other quite headache problems. If we want to solve the problem, we really need to "enlarge the trick".

  There can be prizes for reporting, so you should use them with caution.

  In daily management, the traffic police departments in many cities are faced with the problem of insufficient manpower.Wuhan adopts the method of mobilizing the masses, so that every citizen can become a supervisor of civilized parking and a whistleblower of illegal parking, which can not only assist the police in law enforcement, but also give play to the spirit of urban ownership of the general public. In fact, some violations also hinder the normal life of many citizens, and it is reasonable to report them.

  From this perspective, reporting traffic violations is conducive to people’s participation in law enforcement. There can be, butOnce the report is involved with the "prize", it will increase the utilitarian color and easily lead to new problems.. Reward reporting is a double-edged sword and should be used with caution.

  First of all, according to the rules of Wuhan, the traffic control department will give classified rewards to the top 150 people who report illegal parking with real names, whichWhether the implementation will lead to a large number of people complaining and reporting in the first few days of each month, and the rest of the time will make the public lack the motivation to report.

  In addition, members of the public are encouraged to report crimes in order to assist law enforcement. However, in the process of reporting, each whistleblower also needs to provide corresponding photos and evidence.For such reporting materials, it is also necessary to arrange manpower for verification and verification, so that the punishment is justified.This also brings new manpower demand and work pressure. Whether the cost of law enforcement has dropped is unknown.

  More importantly, rewarding citizens for reporting will inevitably breed "reporting professionals".If the reward report is abused, the whistleblower will bet all his money on the prize, and the result may lead to the prevalence of "fishing".There have been cases where a professional photographer deliberately violated the rules, and on the difference between reporting bonuses and simple violations, he started an illegal farce of "one willing to fight and one willing to suffer" to deceive the traffic control department.This kind of behavior undermines the due process of law enforcement and distorts the original intention of law enforcement. In addition, the problems brought by professional counterfeiting are also a lesson from the past.

  Encourage the reporting of traffic violations and prevent legal risks.

  The law cannot be done without authorization. In a modern society ruled by law, any force participating in social governance must take legitimacy as the basic premise.According to Article 47 of the Procedures for Handling Administrative Cases by Public Security Organs: "Public security organs shall promptly accept cases of reporting, accusing, reporting, being turned over by the masses or surrendering illegal suspects, and cases transferred by other administrative departments and judicial organs … …” .Informants subjectively report illegal acts and objectively provide the illegal information to law enforcement agencies. If it is not used for other purposes and is not disseminated in public media,Even if the reported person is punished by law enforcement agencies for the relevant reporting clues, it does not constitute infringement in the sense of civil law.

  But in reality, the introduction of every policy will have certain risks. In the process of reporting traffic violations, people face some legal risks.For example, will it cause information leakage (there are countless problems of personal information leakage now), will there be informants using mobile phones to shoot evidence while driving, or will they be in danger when shooting evidence, and so on.This requires law enforcement agencies to design in advance when formulating policies.

△ data map

  Bonus distribution should be open, objective and fair.

  Once the issue of bonus payment is involved, utilitarian chips are added. Where does the money to reward the people come from? How to distribute it?For example, who was rewarded for reporting what kind of violations? All these should be done.Information is open, objective and fair, and black-box operation is prevented.Moreover, in this process, how to protect the information of the whistleblower and how to effectively protect the whistleblower’s information while making it public need to be carefully arranged.Practically there are laws to follow and rules to follow.

  In addition, what is the effect of the reward-reporting measures? The masses took a lot of photos to report traffic violations, but what was the adoption rate? Can it effectively alleviate road traffic problems? These problems are worth thinking about.If, after the report, the violation of the regulations does not improve, but the resulting fines increase, this may cause the public to question the real purpose of this move.After all, there is basically no public account of where a large number of traffic violation fines go every year.

  Traffic management is a big project, which also includes the management of static traffic. It is of course necessary to punish illegal parking effectively, but at the same time, it should be effectively diverted. How to make a better plan, how to increase the effective supply of parking spaces, and whether the use efficiency of parking spaces can be gradually improved are all related to the effect of our control of parking and misplacing.Reward reporting is not a normal law enforcement, and a society ruled by law needs normal law enforcement. It is expected that a series of combination boxing will be introduced, supplemented by rigid punishment and law enforcement, and the phenomenon of parking will finally be effectively controlled.

  Wen Yi, a special contributor to CCTV commentary, Lin Zhi.

  Yue Shenshan, an expert on legal issues

Tianjin University: The Fashion Password of the Centennial Mechanical Discipline

  Tianjin University Beiyang Power Team participated in the Formula Car Competition for Chinese College Students. Photo courtesy of Tianjin University

  If you ask a candidate who has just finished the college entrance examination, what is "machinery"? Perhaps the answers will be "gear", "lathe in the factory" and "robot", and at the same time, we should think of the impressions of "wide application" and "everywhere in production and life".

  Before learning machinery, Zhuang Zheming’s concept of machinery came from the cartoon "Transformers" he saw when he was a child. He chose the major of mechanical design, manufacturing and automation in the School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University with a vision for robots. He graduated this year and fulfilled his dream of "robot" with a graduation design work of "snake robot". This work also won him the first prize in the 13th Graduation Design Competition.

  Let the students who have just entered the school gate and are still a little ignorant about the concept of mechanical discipline know more about the connotation of machinery when they leave the school gate, and plant a seed of "big machinery" that is "new and new" through "professional blending and advantage integration", and have the ability and experience of innovation and entrepreneurship, which is the concept and practice of "3 integration and 4 behavior" talent training exploration in the School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University.

  "Three-in-one and four-in-one" means to further emphasize and attach importance to the cultivation of compound and innovative talents on the basis of the traditional training objectives of knowledge, ability and quality, put forward the reform concept of integration, sharing and innovation, construct the "three-in-one" guarantee system of professional integration, resource integration and teacher integration, and explore the "four-in-one" training mode with team as the body, scientific research as the source, innovation as the foundation and entrepreneurship as the purpose.

  The dilemma of "3A College"

  In Tianjin University, as a discipline established at the beginning of the school in 1895, machinery is an "old discipline" of the same age as the school. In the view of Wang Tianyou, president of the School of Mechanical Engineering, the development history of mechanical discipline in modern China has always stood at the forefront of history, but compared with a hundred years ago, "machinery" has undergone earth-shaking changes from the outside to the inside.

  The three first-level disciplines of the School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University: mechanical engineering, mechanics and power engineering and engineering thermophysics, were all rated as "A" in the fourth round of national discipline evaluation, so the School of Mechanical Engineering is also called "3A College" of Tianjin University. The college has four undergraduate majors: mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, engineering mechanics, energy and power engineering and industrial design. Each major has a unique historical advantage and a strong disciplinary advantage. "Just like the four brothers in a big family, they are all wonderful and all ‘ Take care of each other ’ Live happily. Daily teaching and student defense, including teachers, are very independent. " Talking about the situation of three disciplines in the college more than ten years ago, Cao Shuqian, vice president of the college in charge of teaching, said that this has caused some problems in student training, the most obvious of which is that students’ knowledge and ability are single, and their ability to cross and cross borders is not strong; The superior teaching resources are scattered, and the students’ innovation platform is poorly shared. However, due to the prevailing atmosphere of emphasizing scientific research over teaching in domestic universities at that time, teachers’ investment in teaching was relatively insufficient and they lacked initiative in teaching reform.

  At that time, the speed of knowledge updating and interdisciplinary research in the international scope was accelerating, the coverage of major in mechanical engineering was getting wider and wider, and the development of new economy and new industry was changing with each passing day. There was an urgent need for compound and innovative engineering talents with cross-border and innovative ability. Obviously, the compartmentalized education and teaching organization model can’t meet the requirements of talent training.

  Tear off the "label"

  On the one hand, under the baton of scores, students’ enthusiasm for participating in innovative and entrepreneurial projects is not fully encouraged; On the other hand, the habitual identity consciousness of "you are mechanical", "I am dynamic" and "he is mechanical" has become an invisible "label" attached to teachers’ hearts, and teachers’ motivation for interdisciplinary teaching to cultivate talents is not recognized.

  In order for teachers to devote more energy to undergraduate teaching and students to devote more energy to innovation, it is necessary to change the meaning of grades and tear off the inherent identity "label" in teachers’ hearts.

  "The first thing to change is the meaning of the score." Cao Shuqian said that when there were only 2 credits in innovative courses at that time, the college increased the weight of scientific and technological innovation in students’ total scores, so that students’ scores were not only the exam results of the courses, whether in the evaluation of Excellence or in the insurance research. For example, the College issued the Implementation Measures of School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University to Encourage Students to Participate in Extracurricular Science and Technology Competition (Trial), which clearly stipulates that undergraduates who won the top three awards in Class A projects during their studies (the weighted scores in the first three years were in the top 60% of their majors), undergraduates who won the top two awards in Class B projects and special group projects in Class C will be given extra points on the basis of the average weighting of students when they are exempted from graduate students. Award-winning for different projects can be accumulated separately. At the same time, the determination of the workload of competition instructors and the recognition and reward of competition award-winning instructors (coaching staff) have also been clearly defined.

  "All courses are open and teachers are open. Which course do you want to talk about, after passing a series of processes such as training, assessment, class assistance, collective lesson preparation and trial class, you can join the teaching team of the course and walk onto the podium. " Cao Shuqian said, teachers of public courses in disciplines get through, teachers of cross-disciplines in colleges get through, and the professional/disciplinary boundaries are broken … … At the beginning of the reform, the college has set up 17 teaching teams, 35 responsible posts and backbone posts, and teaching posts in several disciplines. Teachers’ performance and promotion are directly linked to teaching. This kind of teacher team integration and curriculum integration, on the one hand, has realized the adjustment and optimization of teaching teachers according to students’ needs, on the other hand, has promoted teachers’ investment in teaching, guaranteed the construction of important teaching projects, and improved the teaching effect as a whole.

  Blend and create new things.

  The team of teachers in the college has been opened, and the problem of sharing teaching resources and innovation platforms has been solved. The scattered 19 teaching laboratories were integrated into 4 experimental teaching centers, of which 3 were approved as national experimental teaching demonstration centers; Establish two national engineering education practice centers; Six national excellent courses and resource sharing courses have been built, and a group of innovation and entrepreneurship platforms has been built. The integration of platform and resources provides students with a broader platform for innovation and entrepreneurship, and also allows students to feel the struggle of youth in the initial experience of innovation and entrepreneurship and find the future direction.

  Liu Songtao, the founder of Chenxing (Tianjin) Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., founded Astro Boy, a high-end parallel robot brand, after studying in the School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University for 7 years, and won the gold medal in the final of the 4th China "internet plus" University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Looking back on his own road of innovation and entrepreneurship, Liu Songtao believes that the experience of participating in the "Beiyang Power" team as an undergraduate made him experience the process of "entrepreneurship" for the first time. When he entered the laboratory in his junior year, he cooperated with his classmates to complete the research and development of a prototype of a new four-degree-of-freedom parallel robot product and won the first prize in the graduation design competition, which encouraged him to embark on the road of innovation and entrepreneurship.

  Compared with the seniors, Zhuang Zheming, who won the first prize in the graduation design competition this year, has the same rich experience in innovation and entrepreneurship: IEEE China Robot Design Competition, National Mobile Internet Innovation Competition (University Group), First Prize of National Renewable Energy Science and Technology Competition for College Students and National Youth Environmental Protection Competition & HELIP; … For Zhuang Zheming, the process of participating in the innovation and entrepreneurship competition is a process of teamwork, continuous learning and self-enrichment.

  "4 for" promising

  "Students’ bi-design comes from scientific research, innovation (college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship training program) comes from scientific research, competition comes from scientific research, students’ cross-disciplinary team cooperation and teachers’ cross-disciplinary guidance run through the whole process of students’ innovative training, and students’ innovative thinking and ability as well as their ability to solve complex engineering problems are fully exercised." In Wang Tianyou’s view, the "four-for-one" training mode with team as the body, scientific research as the source, innovation as the foundation and entrepreneurship as the purpose provides an effective path for the training of compound and innovative talents of traditional engineering majors.

  Today, as the first mechanical undergraduate graduation design competition in China, it has been held for 13 consecutive sessions, expanding from the original college to 14 universities in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and Central and East China. The entries involved more than 10 major mechanical engineering majors, including mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, industrial design, energy and power engineering, engineering mechanics, process equipment and control engineering, and thousands of students participated.

  All students realize the cultivation of basic innovation by participating in teachers’ scientific research projects and carrying out graduation projects; Teachers extract innovation projects and discipline competitions from scientific research projects, and more than half of the students realize the promotion and innovation training by participating in innovation and competition projects; Some students extract entrepreneurial projects from big innovation and competition projects to create technology companies. Student innovation projects have increased from 37 in 2012 to more than 100 projects every year; Students independently set up scientific and technological entrepreneurial teams from scratch, and now there are 14 and 12 registered scientific and technological companies.

  In the eyes of teachers and students, the training mode of "three in one and four in one" promotes the ability and level, and it is also the enthusiasm and passion for continuous innovation and entrepreneurship, which is the fashion password of century-old machinery. (Correspondent Liu Xiaoyan)

Internet use for minors: from entertainment to entertaining.

  On February 27th, 2023, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the Overall Layout Plan of Digital China Construction (hereinafter referred to as "the Plan"). The Plan points out that speeding up the construction of digital China is of great significance and far-reaching influence on building a socialist modern country and promoting the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in an all-round way. The Plan also points out that it is necessary to strengthen the supply of high-quality online cultural products, guide various platforms and netizens to create and produce positive, healthy and upward-oriented online cultural products, and further promote the digital development of culture and implement the national cultural digital strategy. Teenagers are the vanguard force to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the new force to achieve the goal of the second century and build a socialist modern power, and they can’t be absent from the overall layout of the construction of digital China. It is one of the core essentials of the construction of digital China to let minors enjoy the universal and convenient digital culture and get high-quality development in the digital society.

  According to the "Research Report on Internet Use of Minors in China in 2021" (hereinafter referred to as "Report") issued by the Central Rights and Interests Department of the Communist Youth League and China Internet Information Center, the top five online use behaviors of minors are online learning (88.9%), listening to music (63.0%), playing games (62.3%) and chatting (53.4%). It can be seen that minors mainly use the Internet for learning and entertainment, especially through the Internet. According to the report, nearly 40% of minors learn extracurricular knowledge through the internet, and more than 70% think that the internet is helpful for learning. This shows that the internet use of minors is gradually changing from "toys" to "tools" and from entertainment to knowledge.

  Karl Mannheim, a German sociologist, believes that knowledge is characterized by openness and mobility in the process of modern society. The knowledge of short video platform broke the knowledge barrier, changed the linear and self-contained characteristics in the past, and showed the characteristics of networking and knowledge sharing. Through the reorganization and transformation of knowledge, it creates a learning space and platform with diverse contents and rich forms for people, which makes the boundary of knowledge learning in the digital age more extended and integrated, and serves the minors and provides them with an important channel to broaden their horizons and increase their knowledge. The short video is visual, scene-oriented and practical, which is more in line with the cognitive law of minors. Therefore, the Report also shows that nearly half of minors study through short video platforms. Among them, 34.0% are primary school students, 61.8% are junior high school students, 65.1% are senior high school students and 64.7% are secondary vocational school students. It can be seen that the proportion of minors over 12 years old who are exposed to short videos is higher. Minors watch short videos of learning knowledge such as exam counseling and classroom knowledge, accounting for nearly 40%, and watch short videos of interest knowledge such as piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, historical geography, sports and dance, and watch short videos of leisure knowledge such as tourism and food, accounting for nearly half. Moreover, short video platforms such as Tik Tok have also become the main channels for minors to expand their cognition.

  Facing the brand-new learning style of minors in the digital age, how to use short videos scientifically and reasonably has become a new topic for family rearing and school education in the digital age. Some parents worry that their children are addicted to short videos, but psychological research believes that addictive behavior needs six elements: goal, feedback, progress, challenge, suspense and socialization. That is to say, users are more likely to be addicted if there are six elements in the process of using a product: having a goal, getting feedback in time, getting rewards frequently, constantly encountering new challenges, uncertain results and having social attributes. Moreover, whether it is addictive or not is closely related to the user’s living conditions, psychological conditions, interpersonal relationships and family upbringing. Although short videos have increased people’s sensory experience more comprehensively than words or pictures, they also have social and entertainment attributes, but they do not have these six elements at the same time. The shortcomings of the short video platform, which mainly transmits information, in constructing a new field of knowledge learning are mainly the homogenization of content and the diversification of value. Parents, teachers and other adults should help minors to make good use of the knowledge resources of short video platforms, so that children can enjoy high-quality digital culture through entertaining. Short video is rich in content, diverse in forms, strong in story, short and pithy, and it is more convenient to "brush the screen" in free leisure time, so it has also become people’s leisure products. In order to better transform its entertainment into education and fully integrate entertainment and education, adults need to have high digital literacy.Give more practical help and guidance to minors.

  Parents and teachers should empower minors and create a digital environment suitable for their development. At the World Digital Education Conference held in February 2023, the Ministry of Education issued "Teachers’ Digital Literacy", requiring teachers to make good use of digital education resources to guide students’ learning. Similarly, parents also urgently need to improve their digital literacy, enhance their digital thinking, digital cognition and digital skills, and make good use of the digital cultural resources of the Internet platform with their children to develop a green and intelligent lifestyle. Parents and teachers should pay special attention to the following relationships in order to make children benefit from opening books to opening screens, and from simple entertainment to entertaining:

  Balance online life and offline life. The development of the Internet has increased the inclusiveness of knowledge and brought new learning experiences and knowledge acquisition channels to children. Parents and teachers should pay special attention to guiding children to balance online life and offline life. We should not only pay attention to enriching children’s online life, so that children can live a quality digital life, but also pay attention to children’s offline leisure, social, family life and campus life, so that children can have a healthy and positive offline life, which is more conducive to children’s online life and offline practice.

  Balance entertainment and education. Knowledge in the visual and interesting packaging of short videos makes children feel more interesting and easier to learn. However, in the eyes of many parents and teachers, they always feel "unlike" learning, because in the eyes of adults, they should "learn from the sea and work hard." As the children of the Internet aborigines, it seems that fun is the last word. Parents and teachers should pay attention to balance the relationship between the two, not only to meet the needs of the network generation for learning change, so that children can gain a sense of participation and belonging in their studies, but also to increase education in entertainment, so that children will not get lost in the network in joy, thus dispelling the "heavy feeling" of learning.

  Balance short and systematic. Shortness is both an advantage and a disadvantage of short video. Short knowledge is more convenient for students to watch and more suitable for children’s short attention time. However, learning knowledge also needs to be systematized, so as to avoid "the blind touch the elephant". Parents and teachers should make good use of their advantages, and at the same time, they should consciously guide their children to build the knowledge system they need, and conduct multi-dimensional and multi-level discussions around a certain topic and a certain kind of problems, so that children can overcome the problems brought by short video learning.

  Balance child practice and child protection. The barrage, comments and live broadcast of short videos are more interactive, which is also a "double-edged sword". The advantage is that children have more opportunities to participate, think and interact when learning online, but the problem is that it may also bring risks to minors. Therefore, we should not only encourage minors to participate in more practice, but also do a good job in protecting the rights and interests of minors. In particular, parents and teachers need to enhance their awareness of child protection, improve their digital literacy and that of minors, so that every child can enjoy the fun of knowledge learning.

  Text/Sun Hongyan

  (Director, Institute of Children and Adolescents, China Youth Research Center)

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the "Mid-stream Hit the Water" produced by the reception desk premiered tonight!

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), a major revolutionary historical TV series "Midstream Hit the Water" produced by the Central Radio and Television General Station, filmed by the TV Drama Documentary Center of the General Station, and contracted by the China TV Drama Production Center Co., Ltd. landed on CCTV-1 for its prime-time premiere tonight!

Guided by the "Red Boat Spirit", the TV series Hit the Water in the Middle Stream tells the historical process of the birth, development and growth of the Communist Party of China (CPC) during the ten years from the May 4th Movement in 1919 to the victory in Jinggangshan in 1928.

An epoch-making road-finding journey

With the theme of "Finding the Way" and narrative from Mao Zedong’s perspective, Midstream Hit the Water portrays more than 100 historical figures with distinct personalities and different fates, vividly shows their thinking and enterprising, ups and downs and choices in a specific historical period, and highlights the great initiative, struggle and dedication of communist party people.

Everything is for the country and everything is for the people. The TV series "Hit the Water in the Middle Stream" focuses on the "initial heart" and "mission" that the Communist Party of China (CPC) kept at the beginning of the founding of the Party.

For this "initial heart" and "mission", the older generation of communist party people threw their heads and shed their blood, pioneered the world, dared to be the first, stood firm in their ideals and persevered, and finally found the correct path of the China revolution.

  If you don’t forget where you came from, you can open up the future. Only by being good at inheritance can we innovate better.Tonight, follow the TV series "Hit the Water in the Middle Stream" produced by the main station.Tread on the waves and trace this path-finding journey together!

  The dream glory of a generation of revolutionary pioneers

In order to reproduce the history of the Communist Party of China (CPC) from 1919 to 1928 in a panoramic view and deeply interpret the "Red Boat Spirit", the main creators of the crew uphold the craftsman spirit, adhere to the standards of profound thinking, exquisite art and excellent production, reproduce major historical events with artistic creations of the new era, and strive to hand over an answer sheet that satisfies the audience.

  Yeming Song, the general director of the play, has directed masterpieces such as Diplomatic Storm, Marshal Peng Dehuai and Ode to Yan ‘an. Screenwriter Huang Yazhou is a national first-class screenwriter, who is good at creating major revolutionary historical themes. His representative works include Deng Xiaoping at a turning point in history, Creation of the World, Sunrise in the East and so on.

In addition, young actors such as Wang Renjun, jeremy, Xi Wang, Kevin Yan, jungle, Qi Kui, Liu Mengke and Terry joined hands with powerful actors such as Wang Zhifei, Dong Yong, Song Jialun, Ma Shaohua, Sun Qian, Liu Zhibing, Xu Yongge, Ding Liuyuan and Yu Yang to explain the revolution for you.The pioneer’s purity of initial heart, truth of doctrine, firmness of belief and beauty of personality.

"Do you remember that when you hit the water in the middle stream, the waves stopped the flying boat!"Lock in the prime time of CCTV-1. Tonight, the TV series "Mid-stream Hit the Water", a major revolutionary historical theme produced by the main station, premiered heavily!                  

Awesome, my C919! The first flight of China big plane is in sight.

  Wu Guanghui, chief designer of Comac C919 and ARJ21, has won the national special prize for scientific and technological progress and the first prize for national defense scientific and technological achievements. A key model won the first prize of China Aviation Industry Corporation I and the first prize of the National Defense Science, Technology and Industry Committee.

  "Many aircraft parts are made in China and fly in the sky every day. C919 has gone through nearly seven years, and has done a lot of design, calculation and experiments. I am definitely willing to take this plane first. "

  — — Wu Guanghui

  These days, in the commercial aircraft test center of China Commercial Aircraft Corporation, the newly-built Zhuqiao test hangar in Pudong is spacious and bright. In the hangar, the landing gear that originally supported the domestic large passenger plane C919 was all put into the landing gear cabin, and three air springs like "jacks" lifted the plane into mid-air. What is going on here is the ground resonance test and modal coupling test of the whole aircraft that must be completed before the first flight, which means that the C919 has officially entered the final sprint stage before the first flight.

  C919 is a domestic large passenger plane independently designed and developed by China. It is a short-haul single-aisle narrow-body passenger plane with more than 150 seats. In the future, it will compete with internationally renowned commercial aircraft such as Airbus 320 series and Boeing 737 series for orders. The manufacturer China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd. recently announced that the C919 plans to make its first flight in the first half of 2017 and will fully launch the wide-body passenger aircraft project. It can be said that after nearly 10 years of hard work, China people’s dream of "big plane" will soon become a reality.

  ① Rigorous test to ensure safety.

  To fly into the blue sky, a plane must first practice a pair of steel bars and iron bones. For the C919, which carries the dream of a big plane for Chinese people, the significance of the test is even more significant. This is the first large passenger plane made by China people, and its safety cannot be lost.

  For this reason, C919 has undergone a series of tests like "torture". Among them, the 2.5g static test of the whole aircraft started in early November last year is the most severe and significant one since the birth of the C919.

  This test mainly tests the strain and deformation of the "skeleton" of the body under constant external loading. In layman’s terms, this kind of test is to let the aircraft simulate the stress situation when challenging air flight on the ground, and go beyond the natural limit to verify how much force the aircraft can bear.

  Before the start of the experiment, the researchers covered the whole body with white adhesive tape, which is a resistance strain gauge that can sensitively measure stress and strain close to the surface of the body, just like doing electrocardiogram for the plane. During the test, the load starts to rise at the level of 5%, and the load must be kept for 3 seconds every time. "The structure must be able to withstand the ultimate load for 3 seconds without damage." Zhou Liang Dao, deputy chief designer of the C919 passenger plane, said that the preparation behind the team took more than 300 days for this short three seconds.

  With the continuous loading, the aircraft began to show obvious external reflection, and the wing began to tilt up a little. Finally, when the load reaches 100% of the test outline, the wing tip tilts up to nearly 2 meters, which is highly consistent with the strength analysis before the test, which shows that the test is successful and its strong "bones" and body are enough to support flying into the blue sky.

  This is just a small step in the long March before the first flight of the plane. A passenger plane has to complete 13 static tests in 48 working conditions, including pressurization in the booster cabin, front lifting connection, main lifting connection, whole aircraft condition, vertical tail and rudder, as well as "three-bird test" such as iron bird, copper bird and electric bird and joint test of the whole aircraft system. Therefore, researchers have made independent innovations in system integration experiments.

  In the comprehensive test hall of Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute, the iron bird test-bed with little difference from the C919 real machine looks like an eagle with wings spread and its tail stuck high. Don’t underestimate this test-bed. Its full name is "Integrated Test-bed for Flight Control Hydraulic System", which mainly tests the landing gear, wings and other mechanical systems of aircraft. In order to ensure the authenticity of the system test, the iron bird test-bed is designed according to the 1:1 ratio of the real aircraft, so that the mechanical installation interfaces of the flight control, hydraulic and landing gear systems are the same as those of the aircraft.

  Next to the Iron Bird Test Bench, there is also a "Copper Bird" that tests power supply systems such as power generation and distribution, and also restores the real state of the machine to 1:1 for equipment installation. "Iron Bird", "Copper Bird" and the avionics system test called "Electric Bird" will eventually be all connected, thus forming a "three-bird joint test" to simulate the state of the aircraft.

  In the experiment, researchers conducted a comprehensive test on the aircraft system. Take the avionics system as an example. At most, there are more than 100,000 parameters in a test. These parameters should be tested one by one to find out the possible omissions in the design. "Our goal is not to take the fault to the sky." Yu Shenghui, senior engineer of the General Aerodynamics Department of Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute, said.

  According to the plan, six testing machines are carrying out joint testing of the whole machine system, and customer service engineering and airworthiness work are also being carried out simultaneously.

  ②C919 is genuine China goods.

  As the first large passenger plane with completely independent intellectual property rights in China, C919 has been frequently questioned since it was established in 2006: an aircraft whose engine, avionics core processing system and some materials all depend on foreign products or technologies, why should it be said to be "made in China"?

  In fact, to evaluate the innovation of C919, we may need to draw lessons from a fairy tale named Pony Crossing the River. This story is about a pony crossing a river. A cow next to it said, "The water is very shallow, just without a calf, so you can cross it." But the squirrel in the tree said, "The water is deep and will drown." So, is the river deep or shallow? Finally, the pony got off the river by himself and carefully waded to the other side. It found that the river was neither as shallow as the cow said, nor as deep as the squirrel said. The same is true for the development and innovation of C919. Everyone should not only see the major innovations achieved in the process of aircraft development, but also objectively admit the existing shortcomings.

  According to international standards, judging whether an airplane is made in China or assembled depends on whether it meets three conditions. 1. Who owns the property right of the whole machine? Second, who is the core team to develop the whole machine? Third, who holds the key link in the development of the whole machine? For C919, the answer to these three questions is China.

  The person in charge of Comac in China said that the property right of the C919 is owned by Comac in China. The team of Comac in China is the core of the development, and the key links such as aircraft design, final assembly, test flight and sales are in the hands of Comac in China.

  As for foreign companies providing parts or technology, this is a common thing in the global aviation manufacturing industry. Aviation manufacturing giants such as Boeing and Airbus also use foreign products on many key components when developing aircraft.

  However, for equipment like engines, the C919 chose the LEAP-X1C engine jointly developed by the United States and France, which is the only foreign starting power device selected by the C919. It should be said that the engine is indeed a major constraint in the development of China’s large aircraft, and it can only be sought from people at present. However, I believe that in 10 to 15 years, China will be able to develop its own advanced aero-engine for large aircraft.

  ③ Have a number of scientific and technological innovations.

  Experts said that the C919 was completely designed and integrated independently, with outstanding technical indicators. It is the persistent innovation of researchers who have sharpened their swords for ten years that has led to the high-tech C919, which integrates many key technologies.

  However, what did C919 look like when it was approved as one of the 16 major projects in the national medium-and long-term science and technology planning in January 2006? What difficulties may be encountered in the development? Due to the limitation of western aviation powers in technology introduction, China researchers have no idea and can only cross the river by feeling the stones.

  In November 2008, the C919 project was launched. A large passenger aircraft joint engineering team composed of 468 experts from 47 domestic and foreign units, plus a large passenger aircraft expert consulting group composed of 20 academicians and experts, started from sketches and gradually sorted out the first batch of 14 special technical research projects that need to be started.

  Among these key technologies, there are several that must be mentioned. For example, the "supercritical airfoil" that makes airplanes more fuel efficient. A large passenger airliner is an out-and-out "oil tiger". In order to reduce fuel consumption, the wing design of C919 uses a supercritical airfoil, which improves the cruise aerodynamic efficiency by more than 20% and reduces drag by about 8%.

  Another unique innovation is the adoption of the third generation Al-Li alloy materials. It is the first time in China that the world’s advanced third-generation Al-Li alloy materials are widely used in the main structure of C919. Compared with ordinary aluminum alloy, this lightweight metal material with high damage resistance has greater strength and lighter weight under the same strength, which is very important to realize the weight reduction of aircraft structure and greatly improve the service life of aircraft.

  In addition, as the "brain" of the C919, the avionics system of the aircraft has realized "giving all the work to the network". Compared with the old version of the network, which was widely used before but had limited bandwidth, the new aviation bus communication protocol adopted by C919 not only has high bandwidth but also shares resources, which means that the signals that originally needed to be transmitted through several cables can now be transmitted by one cable. Experts said that this is like we need to run 10 trains from A to B, but we don’t need to build 10 railways. We only need a set of double-track railways and a reliable signal system.

  According to Wu Guanghui, the chief designer of C919, the developers have planned 102 key technical problems, and many advanced materials have been applied on a large scale in domestic civil aircraft for the first time. The development process of millions of parts and airborne systems is highly parallel. In order to overcome these technical difficulties, 22 provinces and cities, more than 200 enterprises, 36 universities and hundreds of thousands of industrial personnel participated in the development of C919 large passenger aircraft, and 16 material manufacturers and 54 standard parts manufacturers including Baosteel became suppliers or potential suppliers of large passenger aircraft projects.

  Our reporter Peng Xunwen

Why do people get sleepy easily in spring? What is the way to eliminate the spring sleep?

This article is transferred from: Southern PLUS
As the saying goes: "Sleepy in spring, sleepy in autumn and sleepy in winter", there are sleepy periods in a year, but sleepy in spring is a common phenomenon, and it also has the unique seasonal characteristics of spring.
Professor Wang Qinghai, a famous Chinese medicine practitioner in Guangdong Province and director of the Second Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Guangdong Province, said: "Spring is the main source of growth, and everything grows. After beginning of spring, the yang in the human body began to rise. In summer, the yang reached its peak, while in autumn it converged, and in winter it stored essence and yang. "
Why does spring make people sleepy? "It’s mainly because in the winter and spring seasons, the human body’s yang changes from Tibet to hair, and blood gas increases. If people who are full of qi and blood can better adapt to this change, there is no feeling. If the human body is insufficient blood gas, it is prone to symptoms of spring sleepiness, mainly because the yang in the human body can’t keep up with the rising pace of the yang outside. ".
Warm and humid areas are more prone to spring sleepiness.
Residents in Guangdong are more likely to fall asleep in spring, because it rains gradually in spring, especially in Lingnan area, where the ocean monsoon blows, making this area wet and rainy, with more water in the air and high relative humidity, so the human body is also prone to signs of dampness and heat. Water is wet and trapped in the spleen, and yang in the body cannot rise, which is similar to hypoxia in the brain, so people will be sleepy easily.
Specifically, the yang in a day is also divided into five stages: "being born, growing up, being strong, being old and being exhausted", and 9-10 am is the moment when the yang rises, and at this time, the original balance of yin and yang is broken due to the dampness of the spleen. Therefore, 9-10 am is a very difficult hour for people who are wet and sleepy.
Spleen deficiency, dampness and hyperactivity of liver fire are easy to fatigue.
Yang can melt moisture, just like when the sun comes out, the moisture disappears. Therefore, people with heavy yang are full of qi and blood, energetic, ruddy and quick-witted. There will be no dampness in such people, and spring sleep is unlikely to occur generally. But there are two kinds of people who are particularly prone to spring sleep.
The first type: spleen deficiency
This kind is relatively troublesome, mainly manifested as fatigue, drowsiness, heavy head, dizziness, and some even have nausea and loss of appetite. Generally, the tongue coating is thick and greasy, and the tongue quality is light, and tooth marks can be seen. "Spleen deficiency can’t transport water and dampness, and water and dampness in turn aggravate the symptoms of spleen deficiency. The combination of external dampness and internal dampness aggravates the symptoms of spring sleepiness." Wang Qinghai said, "In Guangdong, there are many people with spleen deficiency and phlegm-dampness constitution."
The second type: hyperactive liver.
It is advisable to soothe the liver in spring, but if the liver fire is on the high side at ordinary times, such as impatience, palpitation, insomnia, dizziness, headache and other symptoms, it is also easy to feel sleepy due to physical weakness at this time.
It is worth noting that it is particularly easy to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases for patients with hypertension due to damp-heat in the liver and gallbladder and hyperactivity of liver fire. Wang Qinghai said that in the last 1-2 weeks, the hospital has treated more than a dozen stroke patients, three of whom are only 30-40 years old. Experts remind that patients with high blood pressure who have symptoms such as listlessness, laziness, dizziness, fatigue and heavy limbs should not just think that they are sleepy in spring, but may have a stroke.
Jianpi Qushi Diet Conditioning
Spring sleepiness was originally just a physiological reaction of the body. If the situation is not too bad, you can use diet first.
spleen asthenia
You can use lean meat, pig bones, Beiqi, Radix Codonopsis, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Poria and other medicinal materials to make soup. This medicated diet is mainly for strengthening the spleen.
Examples of medicated diet: Dangshen Huangqi ribs soup
Ingredients: 30g of Codonopsis pilosula, 30g of Astragalus membranaceus, 5g of dried ginger and 250g of ribs. (2 persons)
Practice: Wash the above Chinese medicines, blanch the ribs, put the above ingredients into the pot together, cook for about 1 hour, and add salt.
Efficacy: Warming yang, dispelling cold, invigorating qi and warming.
Suitable for people: people with yang deficiency.
Codonopsis pilosula and Astragalus membranaceus are warm, which can tonify yang, dry ginger is pungent and hot, and can warm the middle and dispel cold. The three together have the effects of warming yang, dispelling cold, invigorating qi and warming warmth, and are suitable for people with cold hands and feet in summer who are weak in yang.
clear dampness
If you are sleepy, sleepy and heavy, you can use Pogostemon, Cardamom, Coicis Semen, Euryale Semen, Lentils, Red Bean, etc. to make soup for drinking. This medicated diet is mainly based on dampness.
Example of medicated diet: Qushi Sidou drink
Ingredients: 30g of adzuki bean, 30g of coix seed, 15g of lentil and 30g of eyebrow bean.
Practice: the above four flavors can be boiled as tea or rice porridge.
Liver fire flourishing
Food for clearing liver and purging fire can be edible wax gourd, Chinese cabbage, white radish, cold melon, etc.
Examples of medicated diet: cold melon and crucian carp soup
Ingredients: 2 melons, 50g soybeans, 1 crucian carp, 10 dried oysters, 1 candied date and 3 slices of ginger.
Practice: Cut the melon into large pieces, and wash and fry the fish. Wash all the ingredients and put them into the soup pot, add appropriate amount of water, boil for 5 minutes on high fire, then simmer for 30 minutes, and season with salt.
Efficacy: Cold melon tastes bitter, cold in nature, clearing heart fire and relieving liver heat. Soybean promotes digestion, lowers blood sugar and lipid, and regulates cholesterol. Carassius auratus can tonify deficiency by harmonizing middle energizer, removing dampness and promoting diuresis, warming stomach and tonifying deficiency. Dried oysters can reduce blood fat, protect liver, tonify spleen and adjust umami flavor. This soup has the functions of clearing away heart fire, liver heat and removing dampness, and at the same time, it does not hurt vital qi when clearing away heat, and has the functions of invigorating spleen, tonifying deficiency, reducing blood fat and eliminating sugar and protecting liver. It is edible for people with hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol, and it tastes delicious. It is suggested that people with seafood allergy and deficiency-cold constitution should eat less.
Exercise health
Besides diet, the second trick is exercise. Wang Qinghai said: "In spring and March, the earth’s atmosphere rises and the weather drops. At this time, people’s yang gradually tends to the epidermis and is on the rise. It is most suitable for going out for an outing, absorbing the essence of heaven and earth and adapting to the growth of spring."
In this season, the more lazy you are, the more sleepy you will be, and the more sleepy you will be. Being lazy is not conducive to the rising of yang. Therefore, in order to adapt to the climate change, you should go to bed late and get up early in your daily life, and often go for a walk and outing outdoors in the Woods to integrate with nature.
The temperature changes greatly, so it is best to wear clothes with a thick bottom and a thin top.
In spring, the temperature changes greatly, and there are often cold waves, and there are more cold and warm weather. In addition, the skin of the human body has begun to drain, and the resistance to cold evil has weakened. Attention should be paid to adding clothes in time.
The ancient people’s experience in keeping in good health is that it is best to wear clothes "with a thick bottom and a thin top". "Thick at the bottom" is beneficial to the rising of the qi of the spring sun, and "thin at the top" is to prevent the yang from rising too much. ■
[Source: Guangdong Second Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, medical guidance: Director Wang Qinghai]