Students who implement running App in a university in Wuhan can pass only after running for 30 times.

  Zhongxin. com, Wuhan, November 2 (Wang Youzhe, Lin Xinyi, Fu Chengcheng) Recently, Hubei University of Economics launched a running App among freshmen to juniors. According to the regulations, students who have run for 30 times will pass. For each additional time, the effective score will be added with 3 points until 100 points. If the substitute runner is found, it will be treated as cheating and the file will be recorded.

  Cui Gaoyuan, vice president of the School’s Sports school of economics and management, said that the scores of freshmen and sophomores using App for running and punching cards accounted for 30% of this semester’s sports scores, and juniors can only participate in the physical fitness test if their scores using App for running and punching cards reach the standard of passing or above. Students have at most one exercise record every day, which is related to sports achievements, and the excess part is only recorded but not related to achievements.

  Cui Gaoyuan said that the purpose of linking the punch card score with the final sports score is to encourage students to get out of the dormitory, strengthen exercise, cultivate students’ healthy concept of loving sports and advocating sports, form good exercise habits and improve their physical fitness.

  Students can check the map and choose the best route to the distribution point according to the site conditions. Photo by Huang Siqi

  "I used to exercise very little. Since the school implemented the running APP, everyone is running and unconsciously wants to run two steps." Huang Ziwei, a freshman at the school, said that he insisted on punching cards every day and his running enthusiasm was much stronger than before.

  It is worth noting that the school has also formulated an effective standard for single exercise. Boys should run for 1 km at a time, and the running pace should be within the range of 3-9min/km. If a girl’s running mileage reaches 0.8 km at a time and her running pace is within the range of 3-9min/km, her performance will be effective. Cui Gaoyuan said that the introduction of this regulation is mainly to ensure the safety of students, and secondly to achieve sports effects.

  Huang Siqi, a sophomore in the school of finance, said that under this sports standard, you can complete punching as long as you walk faster. However, she also said that this punching APP has a task nature and may affect the quality of sports.

  In this regard, Cui Plateau said that in the background, every time the APP is used to run and punch in, it is set to "random allocation", in order to reduce or even avoid the phenomenon of running on behalf of others. In addition, the school will also conduct supervision through inspection teams, student reports, and big data comparison analysis. If students are found to have "violation of discipline" such as running on behalf of others, once verified, they will be dealt with as cheating in the exam and recorded. (End)